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The Daily Times from Davenport, Iowa • Page 1

The Daily Times from Davenport, Iowa • Page 1

The Daily Timesi
Davenport, Iowa
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Seven Volumes Now ready to the Famous Rooncvelt Eeriea. O'CLOCK EDITION. FOURTEEN Tn YEAR DATES FORT, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20. 1900. TRICE THREE CENTS. MOVES 01 as now enjoyed under the present administration. Prosperity seems to tK-the only issuo in t)hio the tariff, sil vr question, and other issues being secondary considerations." Republican Plurality in New York. New York. Sept. 20, It was announced on Wall street today that I v. STOPS THE MARCHING Exports is spreading south of the Schuylkill region, and several hundred men at Minersviile decided to strike last night. Hazleton, Sept. 2C President Mitchell made the fol lowing statement concerning the strike 'situation last Light: In this region more men hai been added to our ranks todav. Der-ringer and Gown are closed tight and Tomhicken hardly working at all. Hour by hour, day by day, we are gaining. From all three districts coim? cheering reports. There will be no violence, but there will be victory for the miners. JOHN M. MITCHELL. President United Mine Workers of America. Organizer Dilcher made this statement: Hazleton, Sept. 25. Every washery in the Scranton district was $1,394,186,371. Accounts 1394. 5,545,867. 1899. 7,605,411 "II DEADLY TORNADO IN MARSHALL COUNTY. OF CHINA. United States Takes Aotion to Withdraw Its Troops from Pokin. RETAINS ONLY GUAM) Instructions in Keeping With the Pledge Made to Russia. MIKES ITS POLICY CLE All Retention of Merely a Civil Guard Shows Administration Does Not Favor Plan Conquest. Washington, Sept. 20. Tho FnitcJ Stale go eminent hn taken the first step towards the redemption of its pledge, made to the Hussian government on Aug. 2.S last, by cablegram In- run ton to General Chaffee to reduce the American forces in China to the proportions of a legation guard. Will Not Act With Allies. This -action marks tho beginning of the disappearance of the American army from China, for although somo military force la to remain it will not be of the character of tin army, hut under the conditions laid down in the order to General Chaffee, and, especially under Its flic in I desfgnatlon na a "legation Kimrd." will be rather of the naturJ of a civil guard. This small force will not. bo included in any military operalloun which may be conducted by tlti allied armies, mid ill not fall subject to tho direction of the Field Marshall Count Jl'm abler thf' li) About 1,400 Troops Retained. Much thought ha been given to the proper number of troops to be allotted tor this purpose, and it Is ho- llevcd the 1.400 men selected will be dulie siifllclent to protect the American legation agalnut any force that emtid be brought against it. It. is estimated that about a week will lie required to brine the 3.600 sol diers away from Pekln. huf as the start cannot lio made immediately It will be at least about th end of the first week In October before the movo-ment can be completed. Conger's Instructions Not Issued. 1 The instruction to Minister Con-sor relative to establishing rebttlons with the Chinese envoys In still with hold, presumably to allow the presi dent to ndd some fiiimhlng touches. I bis Instruct ion is regarded of much imKU tanee and will make a part of the case of the gov rnment and Im laid before eongri ss at the next session, Is settled that Minhtcr Conger Is to be a member of tho commlsBion to Relib" the various uuestlons re maining lo be adjusted. Members of Peace Commission. Washington. Sept. 2fi. It in understood that bewiden Hon. Seth Lew of New York, who has been nuked tf become one of the Fulled States negotiators with China, General James If. Wilson of Delaware, who In now in I'o-kin witli the American forces, will bo appointed to assist Minister Conger in piocuiing a settlement with th empire. Dr. Angell, president of the Ann Arbor university, of Michigan, has been suggested as the third member of the proposed i otninifision. He helped to shape the tioaty with China, one Icate.ic id' which the exclusion of the Chinese from this country. DEMONSTRATION OF THE BRITISH Squadron Dispatched From Shanghai Id Fried rate linssin Designs. Shanghai, Sept. Admiral Seymour bus ordered the baliloshlp the Mac-hip, and other British warbips here to proi oed northward. Il Is ii poil' il the order (H due to the (net thai Russia Is inlrlgulng for the im riiiiitietit I'ossesrlon of the l'ckln-Tien Tsin railway, German Minister Goes to Taku. Kept. 20. llerr Miimm Yon Schwai teimtcin, tb" pew Gei nuni minister, ft today for Taku. He Mils i sci ied lfNlie ici mini Ironclad Kpiadrou. Americans In China. Shanghai. Sent. -It. la otib lally iiimoiin; ed that tin- Amoibnns known to have been mi'ssai led In Chlloi number i iiese iticlmlini: 22 missionaries and I 1 1 children. BRITAIN'S REPLY NOT MADE. Intimate Piinlhhmetil, Should Not llttcll'eie With Negotiations. London, Sept. 20 It has been learned aut In-lit it iiliv that cngland has not replied officially to the Genmiti note, but. a rough draft of tho reply huH been drawn up. In thin Fngbind uc-cepts lh" principle of Germany's proposition, but Kays the punishment of the ringleaders of I he Chinese out- l'ajne Van Antwerp, stock brokers have $5,000 to bet evvn ibat the puldican plurality in New York stat will be SO.oi'O. Prominent Democrat Bolts. Baltimore, Sept. 20. Allan Mt Lane, a prominent lawyer and Democrat who has taken a leading part in Democratic campaign, publish es a letter in which he savs Hryan's so called anti-imoerialism Is a bugaboo, that liryan has no foreign policy to propose that is as good ns that of the present administration; that he attempts to set class against class and appeal for-national dishonor and stagnation as against national honor and progress. Mr. McLane concludes: "Until the Democratic party reject-! Bryan and all of his doctrineg I cast my vote in the ay best calculat ed to defeat him. and this year shall vote for McKtnley and Uoosevelt." CONNER NAMED IN TENTH. Nominated For Congress by Republi cans on Ninety-fifth Ballot. Fort Dodge, Sept, 26. (Special. 1 The Tenth district congressional convention nominated Judge J. V. Conner on the ballot. He receiv ed SO votes, 77 being necessary io nom inate. Deadlocked Yesterday. Ft. Dodge, 2(1. The Republican convention to nominate a candidate for congressman for the Tenth distiiet to Miocood Senator Dol-liver was in a deadlock when it adjourned last night until today. All day long the leadois seemed to bo feeling delicately ior the delinlle pnrposo that animated the. delegates who wire piling complimentary votes to favorite sons. U'tien the, convention adjourned for supper these efforts had not claritied the situation. The only visible effect was that the opposing camps, for it is now admitted that the convention is dominated by Connor and anti-Connor factions, were lined tip more definitely. Fre-conventiou skirmishing found many delegates loth to identify themselves with any concerted movement Connor, but as the balloting proceeded they seemed to enjoy the x-erejse of their power. There is little doubt now that the opposition to Oon-nor could defeat him. but they are unable to agree on a candidate, and there is little prospect of improvement of the situation in this respect. The Connor fori ex regard this as most fa vorable to them. Sixty-six ballots were taken yesterday, but vhe-i the convention adjourned over night there was no subslan tial (linage from the iollowing showing on the first; ballot: Connor 20, Ingham 10, Kamrar 13. Stevens IS. Mc Vay 12, Salinger 12, Do Wolf 17, Wich-man 11, Brown 10, secor 9, Cum 7. DEATH ENDS LOCOMOTIVE RACE Engine Jumps Rails and Crashes Into Train on Parallel Track. Springfield, 111., Sept. 20. The Chicago, Peoria, St. Louis and Chicago and Alton trains were racing to the fair grounds on parallel tracks yes tcrday, when the locomotives of tho first mimed road jumped the track and struck the Chicago and Alton cn cine, badly wrecking both. Knglneer John liyan and Fireman Jerrv Hull of the Chicago and Peoria train were instantly killed and Brake-man Mack seriously hurt. Only a few passen-gers were aboard and none was badly injured. TO CLOSE CAM! 'A KIN British Send Strong Force In Pursuit of the Boers Under General DeWet. Pretoria. Sept. 20. A strong force under Colonel Dellsle has gone in pursuit ol General DeWet. PINES FORHER BOY HUSBAND. Young Benedict Supposed to Have Taken French Leave. New York. Sept. 20, Sighing and worrying, Mrs. Hutchinson, the 7H iir-old bride of the gro eery buy and actor. William II. Hutch- ipsoii. was at the Pari, Avenue hotel ostci-ibiy. wondering why be bad imt been near her fur the past Ihrei weeks and hoping that be will return They were married bint Yaleiil day--lie was pour and she was repit: (d to be iviulh or more. we'll never (jiiainl over money Matters," said Hutchinson in an inter view i lie day after his man lace, "for my has nin tne h'-r pioportv and I'm going to be the tnasier of the Nil 1 1 f' ieudsiif Mrs. Iluti'liiiisoii say the uheo nor a( retains all cash, while his Hired bride enjoys the benefit nf the om i jetn e. LAUNCHING OF THE DECATUR. Torpedo Boat Destroyer Christened by Commodore's Descendant. Norfolk, Sept. 20. The torpedo I do' trover Decatur. launched i Ito lini'in'l today lit the presence of nnn -ojile. It was chrli-icned Mi- irla Tnievck. of Decatur i ef Noi folk, ttrciil great niece of the Commoilore liecalur. of tin-navy. FIREMEN HOME FROM EUROPE. Kansas City Chief rnd Members Ar-rive in New York. Now York. Sd.t, L'0 ---Fire Chief II, 'if Kansas City mid the 111 Kan Citv firemen who acciitiipanled him on a tour of Furone. returned to-dav on the tamer Knrnosla. rM-: "4, Sort o' Looks as if I'd V.tvt to Expand." tady. Mrs. Robert Keevan, Robert Krevan Hazel H'ei-van, Jasper Rlckri, Anton Hasten, J.imes Mtnhiii. W. H. Robinson and vvife and a man named Tavlnr. is the -agent of the C. SI. Paul, and Mullan is the night operator. Miraculous Escape. The llobinsons'had a miraculous escape, having a sleeping apartment In the depot. Huge timbers fell on to them, but they protected thorn from the falling chimneys. Property Less. i'i'iie Hotel Hut son, the dwelling 'j -i ef Robert Keevan and Peter the Milwaukee depot ami, the ft -tin office of L. G. Boale were demolished, while ffeight ears, sheds, were s'rewn iipjr a lane in me path of the storm. JiEIiRASKA IN D0UKT Republican Committeeman Thinks the Prospects Are Good for Carrying That State. Chicago, 23. National Committeeman Schneider of Nebraska and Kilvvard. Kosowater, of Omaha, were at Ut-publican national headquarters yesterday. They both reported thai Hryan is likely to iose bis own state this year. "I don't claim to be a prophet." said Mr. Sihneidcr, "hut I think 1 can see a Republican victory written all over the broad hcids of Nebraska. A change, cf four votes to the precinct will ns rbe state. We are not los- any votes anywhere, and in some precincts our gains run as high as 30." Editor Rosswater's View. "Bryan had a plurality of 15,000 In (lie state four years ago," said Mr. Uosowaler. "Tlvro is not the slightest doubt but thai the Republicans have reduced that by 10,000 already, of the remaining they have a much botier chance of getting (hem than the fusioitistP. Wo will elect our entire IcarislssUvo ticket, and do the rame in county, Hryan's home." Mount in the Trusts, ilte. Sept. 20 Governor Vnunt in the oily, ami war. on by a number of pi esetita: is liepu'elii Asked what i'o though' of the ot Senate, 1-. --1 theie were no I 1 1 i he said "li Ilr.nna made that on-lit hil not now what be as talUr.u al.oar. or wanted to fool 'be people of count ry. There are in ci.t-.i.ti-y. 'Old they ar ftril ii-inuiiir, lif. in or American 'i: 1 iiope the peo)le will ilso hi flu-ir and crush them." Republican Bettors Confident. Now Vtij Sept. 20. 1-Mward Was otioioil in Will r.lreet. in flO.IHM) 1.0 Olid llli- it'd will be can led bv McKinl' and liinmi'v i. Cooper, Crnmp H''ad stone (i)lered In pit uOil to that t'dya'i will carry I'liimis. Indiana 'Mill unicky. to Soc-ik. Chicag-i. tary nf nili'i "II I a be (it Hirnlay en to 'Luieka, Kali, win i be in a uochI roads 'i ii 1 iim 1 le.t 1. i 11 1: (f I be pnlit il II It inn ho sec s.r: id I I.e. in o)ib the la we and Iim! i be an party in 'oidiMon. I met a In rue I. umber fai lie there iim! tin tt II bat tin .10 nut want a I. i I v.cre with tv-lioial proslierl' itiniM'iil endo'-s -d by Governor Sii.ven, an Clara Ibirloii, of the lied Cross I so- b'tv, be cent i ii'iiMons of money to tho iiVioutit of I from the I'onntry Storm Havoc Reviewed, 1 the effects of tb" storm, the enrni.ii'tce --ays He- ba'l number 0 mm. ahini- the are 2.0IHI houses ilotallv (leninl: -hod while the property 'loss Will be not br.i than Il 3 Report that Soldiers are to Go to Hazleton Has That Effect MILITIA UNWELCOME Strikers Contend that There Is No Demand for Its Presence. CONDEMN MAIIKLE OFFER. Miners Do Not Take Kindly to the Arbitration Proposition of the Operators. Hazleton, Sept. 26. Perfect quiet prevailed in this region this morning and the statement that the soldiers will soon ho here has had the effect of stopping the marching and parading of the strikers. Governor Stone's final decision regarding the bringing of troops here has not yet been received. Three Miners Arrested. Three Hungarian miners were arrested at Colliery No. 3 by the coal and iron police. this morning. Their offense was in to dissuade the miners from going to wo. Soldiers Not Welcome. The report that an effort was to be made last night to bring the troops to Luzerne county caused surprise and indignation here, for since the strike began there has been but one arrest for assault. The prisoner in that case was a mine superintendent, who attacked a miner while the latter was on JUyajr. to church. Seveial strikers have been arrested for trespassing. There have been a number of parades, but they were not tuibulent. Hazleton the Storm Center. Since the soldiers failed to get the men to go to work at Shenandoah, the strikers do not fear their effect here, where the real battle of the strike is being fought. President Mitchell Talks. "There has been no violence or infraction of the law," said President Mitchell today, "and I don't see on what grounds they base the call for soldiers." The common belief is that since the raid was made on the Philadelphia Heading mines in the lower Selmykili district, which were thought to be invulnerable, the operators will concentrate their efforts in this county. Markle Proposition Condemned, The arbitration proposition of 'Mar-kle has been roundly condemn ed by the strikers, while the opinions of others in regard to it vary radically. It is said however, that, the employes of two of the Markle collieries will vote to resume work. It is known that the Ebervale colliery will not accept the terms, and the others are doubtful. Strikers Seek Railroaders' Aid. Wilkesbarre, Sept, leaders of the miners' unions in this vicinity are endeavoring to today to enlist "the active aid of the Lehigh Valley. Central railway and the Pennsylvania railroad trainmen in their strike, in order that the supply of soft coal and nard coal from the Lehigh region to this section may be stopped. With the tie-up here as complete as it now is, the miners have every chance of getting many concessions from the operators before going to work, If the influx of coal from the Markle mines at Joddo can bo stopped. Only One Way to Stop It. Several more carloads came in this morning. There Is but one way to stop it. and that Is to induce the rail road men not to handle it. The rail road brotherhoods have already declared their sympathy for the strikers. and the strikers are now eager to sei if it Is practical sympathy: Rfciiaoad Men to Meet. The railroad men are to have a big meeting in a few flays, and the sub ject will then be brought before them Soft Coal a Factor. Scranton. Sept. 20. The only new element In the strike here the introduction of bituminous coal, and a great deal of coal is coming in from the soft coal fields. This feature ap pears to affect the operators more than It does the strikers. The riper nlors have millions to lose bv the sub nidation of soft for hard coal, even the abandonment of dozens of paying collieries, The Individual miner thrown" out of work can easily secure employment In the bituminous re-Rions. Strike Spreading Near Schuylkill. Mnhnnoy City. Sept. 20. The strike situation at Shenandoah and Mahalioy City during the past 24 hours was uneventful. All the coll icrles in both district are hll." except a small Individual concern, which In BitpplvltiR the local trade. The rjrike closed yesterday. This means that hundreds more miners have struck. There is nothing to be said, save that everything Is satisfactory. FRED DILCHER, National Organizer, Scranton District. See Victory For Miners. Wilkesbarre, Sept. 26. This was a quiet day among the strikers in the Wyoming region, the only incident ot interest being the meeting held in this city by the presidents and secretaries of the various local mine workers' organizations, which lasted four hours. Reports from every place af fected by the strike were encouraging and each member expressed confidence that the strike would result in a victory for the employes. Sheriff Understood Situation. Hazleton, Sept. 2G Sheriff Har vey gave out a statement today setting forth his position. He says lie has been on the go day and night from one end of the county to the other and thai he demands for protection became so numerous that he thought the situation was getting beyond his com trol. He is not. so anxious for troops today, and will not press his request. One -thing in his statement is interesting, It is this: Will Not Fire on Miners. 'Under no circumstances will I fire upon miners, nor allow my deputies to shoot at them. I will not make the fatal mistake made 'at Latimer three years ago. Gotham Pays Higher Price. New York. Sept. 20. A jump of 25 cents since Monday night and 50 cents since. Monday morning marked the price of coal yesterday. Red ash coal is now retailing for $7.50 a ton, an advance of $1.75 a ton since the strike began. Coal dealers say coal will continue to climb upward, with a gradual advance of 25 or 50 cents a ton. The price of coal is a direct reflection and barometer of the peaceful or disturb- conditions in the strike region. WILL NEVER SEE HEK rATHER. Wife of King Humbert's Assassin Gives Birth to a Child. New York, Sept. 2fi. A stork visit ed the home of Mrs. Gaetano Dresci, wife of the assassin of King Humbert of Italy, yesterday, and brought a new- baby girl. Mrs. Bresci has had mentis write her husband of the event, and to assure him that she will bring the child up to think well of the father it will never see. CHICAGO WOMAN IS MURDERED. Husband Under Arrest Charged With the Crime. Chicago, Sept. 2C Mrs. Mabel O'Neil was shot and killed at her home at 4 o'clock this morning. Her husband has been arrested, charged with the murder, but he says his wife killed herself. The body was in bed when discovered. The couple quarreled frequently. RACE TO SOUTH POLE British and Germans Arranging for a Rival Dash to the Antipodes Next Year. London, Sept. 2fi The British and Germans will next year start in a rival pursuit of the south pole. Money lias been raised for the expeditions, and the ships are being fitted out. British General Dead. London. Sept. 2fi. Lord Howe died today in his year. Lord Howe entered the army when he was It! years old. and saw much service in Africa and India He was made a general in 1SS0. Wales May Open Parliament, London, Sept. 20. The London Truth reports that the Prince of Wales will probably open the next parliament. Plague in New South Wales. Lon :1 on. Sent. 2. It is stated that Hie plague in Sydney In New South Wales has caused an appalling situation. Only a small section of the town is free from the scourge and 10(i persons have died In a few weeks. Count Tolstoi Excommunicated. Sept. 2fi. The Gazette re purls that the Russian church has ex communicated Count Leo Tolstoi. 1 1 is declared to be a disobeying, hostile critic of the orthodox church and a heretic. Tolstoi is 72 years old, and in precarious health. Premier Msrchand Montreal. Sept. 2. Premier Mar (hand died here last niulit. aged 70 lie becanle premier in Profes sor Kobldeux. of McGill university will nrobaiilv be bis successor. EMBALMING FLUID IN STEAK. That's What a Toledo Butcher Uses in Hamburger, T.iledn (1 Sent. 2fi IT Si bultZ a wealthy grocer and butcher, was yesterday sentenced to 10 days in the ulnun Viirit find cmtill Sue nil the charge of using embalming fluid to preserve hnminirger steak. Marshnlltoun. Sept. 2ii. (Special) A tornado, small in scope but terrible in its effects, through the village of Feignroi), nine miles south of this city, Tuesihiv evening at 8:20 killing rvo ptrsons outright, fatally injuring two more and less seriously hurting 11 others. Two Children Killed. The dead are: GEORGE LOVELADY, aged 3. ELMO LOVELADY, aged sons of John Lovehtdy, propritor of the Hotel Hut son. Fatally Injured. Mrs. John Love-lady, Mamie H. Oliver and Thomas Billing are dangerously injured, the first two probably fatally. Others Injured. The other injured" are John Love- PENALTY IS DEATH Howard Declared Guilty of Goebel Murder and His Life Is Forfeited By Jury. Frankfort, Sept. 2(1. The jury this morning after being out since yesterday afternoon brought in a verdict declaring James Howard guilty of tiie murder of Senator Goebel, and fixed the penalty at death. Jury Files Into Court. At 0:30 o'clock the jury filed into the court amid a solemn silence. "Gentlemen, have you reached a verdict?" aiked the judge. "We have," replied tho foreman. The verdict was then handed to the cleik, who read: The Fateful Verdict. "We, tho jury, find the prisoner guilty as charged, and fix the punish ment at Death. Howard sat unmoved as the verdict was read. He was very pale, and sat. in deep silence -for a long time. At torney Little and John G. White were at his side, hut neither spoke a word. Judge Cuntrill congratulated the jir.y, and then discharged them. Howard's Alibi Fails. The trial haw been in progress shier Sept. 10, and during that lime nearly 100 witnesses were examined. How nrd attempted to prove an alibi, am: on the stand be admitted killing Geo. Baker for which he is under indict ment. Howard's Attorney Will Appeal. Frank foit. Sept. 20. lb-ward's attorney will r.t once pn pare an -ip peal. When he was led bio Howard appeared an unconcerned the trial, lie will probably taken to the pt nitentiary at once, i i terest in the Henry Yontsey for complicity in the Goebel murder i-now on the increase, and it will begin at Georgetown next Monday. FIRE IN AN ILLINOIS TOWN. Alton Depot and Elevator at Will iamsville Destroyed. Williamsvi'le. 111.. Sept, l'ire a' midnight destroyed the Cbb-nr" Alton depot and the grain eh va'or ol W. 11. Couriil. The bucket In ii. ad-had hard work in '-aving tie im ne. portion of the town. CUBA'S NEW CHIEF JUSTICE, Rafael Cuis Perez of Havana Re ceives the Appointment. Havana. Sent. Hafael Cni, Perez has bed) appointed chief t-cc of Cuba. He was formerly jud' cf lb" sin. i tne court of Havana. MAKES ANOTHER APPEAL Galveston, sulli cieiit funds can soon be raised fnH' in. ruin persons will lie left ahsnlu'on homeless and destitute. The fund al ready raised for the Ga-veston vnlf -r ers will pay for the tnn-lal of the c.i ml the romoin! of the debris, and pressing ami mm lie doii" to Ktro the worthy re: id' ni a rhaireo to beirlti life nnew. in The local committee has sent out

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