The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 24, 1932 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 24, 1932
Page 2
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PAGE. TWO BLYTHEVILLE. (ARjCVjcmiRlRR NEWS FlltST PRKSBVTERIAN CHUEC1I -Marsh M. Calluway, MlnWer Sun-Jay Church School, 0:15 a.m. J. Nick Thomas, superintendent. Morning worship, 10 Sermon subject "The Churches' Resources," Evening worship. Sermon .subject, "The Greatest of These Is Love." of Netis Mostly Personal ."'.fciluLly The \VO:I;B.:I'; >,to:x'.rny J. Klelndienst and two daughters will return next week from St. Louis wlicrc they have been sjcivjlnu the summer. Mrs. J. A. Ciiapin, who has besn miltc ill for Mvcral days, was taken to ti:e Memphis Methodise hospital yesterday, Mrs. nllcy Armstrong and daujh- ttr Shirley l:avc returned W their ast v,-as v.iveJ cy by M;;-; Mi.'* Delia I'urib Is wsm?):.' \ ft mmyi-.-f '-4ti fivj days. M:t* .•lil," s^iitci 1 of the pjum. home In flouston, Texas, after a visit with Mayor ami Mis. Neil! Uce-J. They were accompanied to Mem- Pli'.s by Mrs, llecd and Mrs. R. L, Bradley. Mis. C. C. Thompson, who hns been with Mr. Thompson at the Memphis Baptist hospital, has returned liome for :i brief stay. Roy Head underwent n lonsll- rctcmy at the Blythcvllle hospital today. Mrs. I.. O. Chamblin. Mrs. Lucy McAdams and Miss Lucy McAdams were in Memphis yesterday. Mrs. W. D. Chamblin, Jr., will 30 lo Evening Shade, Ark., Monday t: be v.lth her father who Is \cry ill. Mrs. Victor Bray was in Mcm- _SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 2-1, 1932 =WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON Moses Honored In Death Tcxl: Unit. 31:45-$!; 3I:S-S The International Unifcrm Sun- ilW School Lcssoc fur Sept. 25. HV WAI. K. 011.1(0V. I). I>. Kililor cf The Coiifrecalloii.-illst The circumstances of llic death I, ...... »IM 1JJILII, lilt; plfMJ YU11U1J UI ~ - " *•* >' s my shepherd 1 shall > h!s 11Ie - "Is upbringing at the court l!e ta<1 committed (he sin cf ;. 123-1 | of rharaoh, his discovery of his ">6 <»s faith and cf railing Interest with his oppressed people, '. his illsapMJlntmMil against rilOlHST CHURCH and Ills forsakin ot the court to peole whom he had been ca Mld-wtsk service Wednesday eve- °' MO£ CS were us remarkable as his nlng 7:30 p.m. [life. His birth, the nroFiTvaiion of "The Lord is i not want." PS. TJRST MKTIIOIHST CHURCH .Main and Seventh Streets V. <(. Korle, pastor Wor.siiip and sermon, fl a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Sunday school, 9:45 a.m. Junior church, 11 a.m. mllity that side of his character is stressed In Scripture more than was really Just or necessary. At any rate, the representation Is that though he led his people to the kordarc of. the Promised Land and was privileged to see the laud of their future home, lie was denied the privilege of entering tecaiife on one occasion at least he had committed the sin cf los- and Ills forsaking ot the court become the leader of the oppress I in their effort toward freedom, are 'all dramatic incidents in the cf a Great 'man. . Deeper in Die drama was life the chaiaclcr of the man himself— the _ ..... „. „ ..... t --, „ „.,„. Young Peoples meetim-. CM5 p.m. 'Shrinking and unselfish spirit Prayer meeting, Wednesday 7-30 ' ' ll1 " 1 k from seeking any p.m. Choir rehearsal p.m. Wednesday 3:15 Hlory on honor^for himself, Uielack ot c °nfidencc in his own powers th 111 made him hesnaw nhoul ac| cep.tlng responsibility, but the splcn- ' in the called The punishment seems out of proporticu to the temporary lapse cf a courageous and generous leader. However, that is not for our determining. We have the record as It reads, and instead of dwelling upon (lie errors or shortcomings of Moses it is well' that ihc lesson should be made an occasion for the just appreciation -- . sponsty, ut e spcn- F1UKT BAPTIST Clll'KCH ' lild ccm '<»8e thai led him forth - at 11 a.m. on "The isinass licquirjs Haste." Subject, for 7:45 p.m. "Christ or Collapse." Sunday school, 0:15 a.m. Alvin llollcy, superintendent. B. Y. P. U. 6:15 p.m. Miss Luna Wilhelui, director. Ti-.c W. M. s. meets at the church Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons at 2:30 for state mission program. Monday's -topic: one else who t-ould perform it better. No man was more conscious than Mox's of his own shortcomings and his u\ui weakness. It may be that through his own liu- of his )ife. If we were to dwell punishment that came to Moses upon Ihc in the frustrating circumstances of his death, H might be to stress Ihc inevorable standards of God's demands. The 'recognition of this constituted (lie jrpatncss of Moses himself, lie was a man of moral vision and moral standards who saw thai the life of maintained ?ISTER /MARTS KITCHEN recognition anil practice of certoi i moral requirements. The selfishness of the individual, ai:tl his spirit of profiteering at the expense of the n'elfaie o/ all the wo- pie, the turning [o false wcrshlp from the true worship of devotion lo the commonwealth: these were • Ihe things that defeated a plop!:. Moses had lo combat the lure oi Idolatry, which was not merely the worship of false gods, but the manifestations of falsities of life und character, destructive of the Integrity of home and family relationships and fam to the interests of na ional unity and the ccnumm welfare. Moses, apparently recognized the validity of the judgment concerning himself. He seems to Have been reconciled to his fate Th- circumstances of his death liavc been glorified by the well-known poem of Mrs. Hcmans. As his ca )| and his vision cuine in the mountain top. so the last revelation came to him there. It was well that Israel should mourn for him, for he so served them that ns their greatest leader and prophet his name and his fame have survived to the modem world, and the power of his moral earnestness and vision has quickened the legal foundations and tin .Joseph B. Ely of Mas-.achiisetts feels "blue/ 1 he buys li!m."lf a new necktie. Invariably, he claims this lifts him out-of-the.-doldrums. iiu^ tu fjiiint. iiiL'ir nuiut?, - •"•'•"i-'f a ivj/iv . , Mr. and Mrs. Sam Manatl spent ! E - King, leader. yesterday in Memphis. ' Sunday school omcers and (each- Mrs. C. C. Stevens spent yes- j eis mod Wednesday, 1 p.m. Bv SISTKI! MARV : Spanish Chocolate tnxluy In Memplils. • t | Mltl-ireefc s^rvicd Wedu«cluy, 7:-is Nearly every mciicri) honseivife ; one square bitter chocolate Mrs. H. Huff, of Memphis, Is I'-m. • ' ' ; has some kiiowbclac of the facu tabicspoons couc'snsed milk i cup conneclcii lvith lile |i:cduction end ; evaporated milk. 1% cups'strong I'-m. Choir rchearsnl, . H:-i!sl3B, TSMS an: . . . Woldoij cf th:.--, city, who Is m&v!r. E:an jo Memphis. Mtpjr: four ijro^re.'.iicns o! \>--.\t Mrs. VC. 0. C.HK::!| v.-as avi.-.ili'' tl'.e l:sifli score p:iz->. cir:X ar.d Y.y.'i Ellis';' !i'ji',.-r r^ooi;::ii b:ib:i i .:•.-.•• e!s. ?ri:'j. i-y:incy Wilson :>nd Mrs Eleaart We:/!cr, cf Knni '!•.:'•- Tc»n:;.'iicu£e"aiicsts oi -Mr:;. L. Wl[ba hcrchif'f-. Mrs. A'.iri'.sr.) S.:-.!:'i Mar!:u in sevvina coifce^and salted N'civ ^. Hoovor- J'jows for .Needy II. Huff, of m/i M.-C rni-i i olinlr mhdarcii \u n /j nn ..*i-.. n .on! connected with ..., ,-. _ • jut\,i:i:i >u. Acvciiti un}j>. IK-'"- mirj. rum !_,, iij)[on, leader ' ~~*—•">"" of ciuir.rd milk in us i cofTec infusion, fe\v grains salt 1-3 II. Baib returned lo S( Loui^' Mls * Elfe abctli Haley at tlii organ.' . var!o " s Ion "s. S!ie realizes thai. teaspoon cinnamon, toilny alier liavin- spent several i We wl " appreciate having y c, u lllcM Products have ilie advamas? Melt chocolate over hot water and cliiya In Ihc city .us lh c "gueati worship with us. " , of absolute purit;- •" '--•••- - J ' -- cf the Rev. H. J. Klclndieiiit. . • D^- ',Vcili)0;t'av ^f nin ekly, hav; the ^.i: Ward u lirr,t !a;!y o: the land hns .Inken the lead in Hie Red Cress • for cb'.lus to; [he needy. Here is Mrs. )leaver her J.caaiu; Us: needle's r.:,ici:i-j. while Mrs. P. J. Allizcr' ar.i Mi;. J. H. Fishlao;: o! ihc Red Cross Icok en. Engaged? Marilyn Won't Say •Mli^^^- Evangelist Will Talk Sunday on The causes that 13d to the Hick- • ; man crime will be the subject of' »n address at ihc Sunday school I | LIKE STREET METHODIST CHURCH W. J. LeRoy, pasior . Sunday school, 3:15 n.m. i Preaching, 10:50 i a.m. Subje < "The Church Going Visilinf " | ms was a great visitor and y ishould hear .. purity. Ail manufactur-: add condensed milk. Add colfce ers uphold high st-n-.dsrds of clean- ] slowly, stirring constantly Acid lines. In aGdltlsn, the process of; evaporated milk, and salt ant! heat , manufacture requires rapid heal- I Ing to a high tempjrature which Is [ destructive to clangorous bacteria. This makes these .T.: . i tangiiM. 0:30 p.m. Preaching, 7:15 j, -!n . .. . the Buck or Am I Count- ( world. .... : long periods of , and arc partlcula Subject:. travel and campli most product.-, n i it entirely d> j oi reuictc parti'l almost to the boiling point, beating with a tlover beater. Add dn- uamon just before serving or omit ii3i5 without ice rly convenient for preferrcd. One or two drops "* vanilla can be added if liked Tomorrow's Menu BREAKFAST: Sliced p.'aches, cereal, cream, crisp bacon waffles' honey, milk, coffee .-' LUNCHEON: Open-salmon and and vival service for the past two u-eeks. Plans are being worked out to care I for fit least 250 at this special rally Sunday morning, she will also state ""' y Hickman. who committed liic Brlns your ™GRIM LUTirERAN CHURCH i »• -f- Kleindi c «( ; r asl , r : : ch «™l> "hool and Bible da«s ' 9 ' ^'crship. 10 a.m. Subject sufflc ?nt^ to • n T a ' "™ cla *° f " l)lc ' (la « rs ' ex « lk ' n * wl «> "'»'» " 11 p:ctk ' C " unilsuall i' ' DINNER: Planked fish with border of potatsei and bsets arid pep-c P^s, . cucumber silad, chttcolatc' cream roll with fudge saiic^'mllk codec. without breaking his neck. Tills address will lie a special • feature- of the rally. Every young person. ».s well as th3 children and older ople arc urged to be present. A large and apprcciativa audience has been present at each of (he services during the week. The v. ami Mrs. London who arc in charge of the music, havj b^cn singing lo. the- delight of all. Tries' evangelistic services will continue ever the c;min ? Sabbath. ?irst Commercial Generator Re-started DETROIT, Mich. (UP)-AltllOi:al: the hand of f.ic master invcm-i was not there to help. Old Jumbo No. 0, (he first generator whir!: ever furnished commercial power for electric light, cams to life recently HI Henry Ford's Greenfield Village. Th; occasion was li-.e dedication in New York of a plaque :it the side of the old Pearl SlrcM stn- -All are cordially invited to thcs- serv,c;s at the St. Stephen Eofa- cliiuch. FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH t. K. r.atimer, Minister Church school, 0:45 Holy Communion and sermon n a.m. Vesper 'services, 0 p.m. The minister will prcnch at both services. A cordial welcome always. CHL'RCH OF THE N'AZAKKXK Scftml anil Vine Slrcrls K. S. Rushing, pastor Sun jay school, 9:45. Nforniiig worship, 11 o'clock N. Y. p. s., 6:45. Evening service, 7:30. A Sunday scliDol rally Is plannj.1 for Sunday, nt which time Rev. Mrs. Eupha Bcaslcy who lias been in charge of the revival services for the past two weeks, will lecture on -rhe- Causes That Led lo th? Hickman Cr'inc." She will also stale Hickman Hung Fourteen tion which housed the generator 50] Minutes Without Breaking His years ; igo. Neck." ,\ j», K >,;,; be g iv. n ' to the ..'!.', °'. d B c ." cr -'>t<K'. rebuilt and I one \iho brings the most new pu- _ I housed in ihe Ford museum, swung nction a descriiition of the scene ivas conveycti lo tSe Ne;v , York dedicatory group by raiia. H-. now Di'cstcicnv of the U C[r0 l t EJ^OH company, hjniiled the valve ulieel. !te recalled that . wl-.en Tliomas A. Edison first j : tin tied on the generator tmcl pro- i "ted electric IMu to 400 N C -.V York homrs. he was ntudylnj i;ndcr liickcrins lamp it s «t in Liverpool ( As Osv turned the valve, the samsr: one Edison iwnrtlrd n |> [ c -n- tiiry ;ig.i. the old Bcii:rat=r. sire t3 | a 'l il-e great power plants ot to. day. lM 1K d into acliou and current weiu through the circuits !o a do-zen o'.tS Usc.hwd ligli- plls. Mrs. nraslcy wi:l prcaci- at b=th morniii; and evening services. At the evening service her subject \\-itl be, "Ths Signs of the Time, and as a richness and ; BOSTON (UP)-tohen Governor smoothness of tcxiii« that it, undiluted, abncst lik? cream. Condensed milk, which is a sweetened, evaporated milk, supplies sugar for desserts, cakes and beverages in addition to its oivn flavor. The milk powders arc satisfactory in many Instances. When they lire dissolved in waier, they form a "reconstituted" mi! k which can scarcely t>2 distinguished from fresli milk. Tire canned crc.ims—both die" corres and whipping—have b;en sterilized alter sealing in the can and will keep indefinitely befnrc opeiiiilg. Aftor 0]>eli!Ms. th";y must be treated just like fresh "creaai. Since these canned milks can bs kept on the ciiuieency shcH uu- opsned until i!r«!r:l, there is no waste from sourinj as is cften (he case with fresh milk. Spanish chocolate is a delicious drink made with condensed and evaporated mitt, u ClU , >,, sciwd hot- or chilled as the weather dictates. 80 ACRE FARM, ON GOOD ROAD Near School and Church, good improvements, sand loam .soil, well drained. §30.00 iicr acre, small casii puyinciit, balance terni.s. i his is good, if yon want to own a farm. W. M. BURNS COMPANY, INC. the Second Cominz of Christ." Prc- fes^r and Mr:-. Haskcll LondDn will sing at each service. The jnibiic is given a hearty welcome to attend three closing services of the revival. GO NOW Read t:^^s \VaiH Ads. \'.»! ^-^ .^•'. t -,' '..jj.. :.'j.' J ' ' '^_ -"^"." 1: ' | :cii,-.(, ecu: Want Afs p.^r. . icri-.'.pr v;:e I ": : -. CL Jack \:no>l? player, to set the date. Often on upv,i\«,.xl.Ey iooa wculrt \vcu. Mi-i Milier. Swccl Cream IJullcr 2f)c U. Bennett's Pasteurized Milk 10c Qt. Delivered 1'lione 71 arian Hnflcrniilk lac ()l. to t'htncli Snntlav FRISCO DEPOT Here Vntil Sunday Night The ThrillQfaLifeiime! THIS MONSTER OF THE DEEP CAPTURED AFTER 16 HOURS / VOUIL GAZE'IN AWE AND WONDER AT THE MIGHTY LEVIATHAN OF THE'SEAS OF OEATH-DEFVIiNG COMBAT EC P5 Uerincctl Prices -. - Children—Id c - . Ailulls—lac Going places this fall will be more fun if your clothes are well CLEANED (j'isp. cool days and nifj'nts are almost li ci ' P > so you can really "tires., up" ami feel comfortable in your fall vvooloii.s. You'll fee! lictter and look Ijctlcv if yon allow us 1° take care of your dry cleaning. We take special cure in cleaning felt hats - - try us, Blytheville Laundry I'honc • 327 for a White Truck

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