The Marion Star from Marion, Ohio on August 13, 1907 · 5
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The Marion Star from Marion, Ohio · 5

Marion, Ohio
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 13, 1907
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THE MARION PATLY STAR, Tn-SPAT, AlT.rST IS.'lftOT. PAGE F1VI. E T Strelitzs Odd and End Sale of Suits $4.98, $7.98, $9.98 and $11.98. Strelitzs Trouser Sale, $1.39, $1.98. Preserve Kettles, Buckets, Coffee Pots, Dish Pans, Etc. This is the most opportune time and this is the store for replenishing the kitchen with these articles. Granite Preserve Kettle 4-quarts 19c ' , . " " 6 " 25c " " " 8 " ' . ....35c " 10 " 39c " "12 " 48c Coffee Pots.... ,25c and 35c " Dish Pans 10-quarts . ..35c " , " " 14 " 39c " 17 " 48c " " 21 " 60c Buckets 25c and 48c " Cups, white lined .....10c Lllason Glass Cans Never Sold so Cheap Mason Glass Jars, pints " quarts " 2-quart THE RACKET STORE. Reiriprators at a Price. We have but a few of the famous Glacier Refrigerators on hand, which we will sell at very reasonable Prices. If you have not Jet purchased do so now The Kling Hardware Co. . i lave you seen those Oxfords we are selling for 1.9 They. were $2.50 and $3.00 values. If trmi. -! -- J wui anc IS f here they are bar- S gains. g ; V iNty&Starrj a Sot !CkW,e11 is "eed with ' EL1. or SCO yards per dozen 35c " - 39c " " 45c THE CONTRACTORS MUSI BO THE WORK PROPERLY Residents of North Grand Avenue Make Complaint. City Engineer and Members of the Service ltonrd Visit the Scene and (Jive the Street Iiisjicrtor Some A'ery Pointed Instructions. A number of residents along north Grand avenue rose in their wrath, this morning, and (protested against the way P. Drake & Sons are prepar ing the thoroughfare for paving. They complained that the specifica tions were not being compiled with by the contractor, and that the inspector, Joseph Ilerr, iwas permitting the work to be done in spite of his instructions to compel the contrac tors to do what the specifications called for. The result was that City Engineer George Dwyer was notified. The city engineer, togetner with jiemner a. F. Waples, of the board of public ser vice, visited the scene of trouble and viewed the work. It was found that the contractors were not properly rolling the street and in several In stances not following the specifica tions. Inspector Her, who was aptpolntea by the service board at the request of nronerty -owners along Grand avenue, was told to make the con tractors come up to the plans and specifications to the very letter, and thai If there was any more trouble it should be reported to the city en gineer or the members of the board of public service at once. HENRY HOVERMAN TAKEN TO INFIRMARY Is Brought from the State Hospital at Columbus. Henrv Hoverman, aged about for ty years, who was taken to the state hospital for the insane at uolumnus eight years ago, U now an Inmate or the county infirmary, l ue condition of Mrs. Minera Tanner, who was to have been brought here in exchange fnr .loKouh Sereno, the violent Ital ian, was such that she could not be removed at this time, and Hover- man was brought instead. lie is suffering of a melancholia that com-nletelv veils his memory. He recog nizes no one. His wife and four chiMron live west of the city. Hoverman lost hia mind as a result of studying the problem of per petual motion. Crime Seek Him Out. Raleigh, N. C, Aug. 13. Requi-sistlon was made today by Governor ci.nn nn the, pnveraor of Ohio for the return of Pinckney Fulton, who was arrested in Columbus Saturday night. Fulton is accused of beating a boy in a convict gang so seriously, seven years ago, that the youth died. MANY MERCHANTS ARE OF Clerks Want To Secure Fairbanks Excursion Date. TWO COMMITTEES WILL MEET SOON Clerks Will Call on Executive Com miltee of tlit Retail Men haul Association unit Will Try To A range To (Jive Clerks Full Day for an Outing. A great many of the merchants of the city like tlie proposed Idea closing their stores the day of the Fairbanks Steam Shovel excursion to Cedar Point, this to take the. place o the annual merchants' excursion. At a recent meeting of the mem bers of the Retail Merchants' asso- ciation it was decided not to run the annual merchants' excursion this year, but instead to close the places of business on the afternoons of the last two Wednesdays in the month of August. This action was taken because too much time and attention was required on the part of the mer chants to make the excursion a sue cess. The Thursday following the last Wednsday in August the Fair banks employes will run their annual excursion to Cedar Point. Monday several business men ex pressed their willingness to close on the date mentioned. A committee representing the clerks of the city will call on the executive committee of the Retail Merchants' association within a day or two in regard to the matter. DENNIS O'KEEFE IS HIT BY AN ENGINE He Is Injured About His Face and One Leg. Dennis O'Keefe, of Davids street, was struck by a awjlch engine and injured, while in Hellefontaine, Mon day. lie escaped with a badly bruis ed leg and face. O'Keefe, with his wife, had been in attendance at the funeral of the late John Cotter, which was held at Bellefontalne, Monday. In the early evening they went to the Big Four station to await the arrival of a train to bring them to their home in this city. It was while at the depot that O'Keefe stepped on the tracks in front of a slowly moving switch engine. When struck O'Keefe was thrown to the side of the tracks. alighting on his face in the cinders His leg was Injured by being hit by the engine. ANNUAL MEETING OF STOCKHOLDERS Oflicers Elected To Serve During the Year. The Monarch-Republican company held Its annual meeting, Monday evening. After the general routine business had been transacted and the business reviewed for the year, a dividend of six per cent, was declar ed. George 11. Knapp was re-elected president and treasurer; H. II. Stone, vice president and secretary. These oflicers, with J. A. Knapp, E. K, Vhler ar.dA. H. llouefanger, com-I o.-,c the hoard of directors. Moving a Store. The Bowman & Schoenberger fur niture store is being moved from the Denman blo-k to the Hcgan block, on west Center g rc.t. The room in the blo-'k now occupied by the furritiir p :o:le will be re- inod'lej and la'er occupied by the I.enmd-.i-Jfnnf r company, who will cnlaiga their Hoar tpace owing to increasing business. Watches. 15 17 1 Tewel 20 vear lewel 20 vear 1 gold case watch gold case watch warranted. warranted. $10 $15 Were it not for the fact that we sell so many watches this price would not be possible. NELSON & SONS. FILES-AN AFFIDAVIT Miss Hazel Wrenn Appears Be- lore ine Mayor. NO INTENTION TO . BEAT BOARD BILL Young Woman Explains That She Iutend To Pay Itill nml N Work ing to That End 1. W. Murphy Given Time To Abate n Serltn of NutMMicoit Police Votes. Mrs. Maggie Moore filed an affl davit in the mayors court, Monday afternoon, charging Hazel Wreu with attempting to defraud her out of a board bill amounting to nine dollars. The Moore woman gave Miss Wren two weeks 11 which to pay the amount, but on receiving Information that the hitter was going to leave the city, she filed an atli davit against her. The girl appear ed before the mayor and stated that she did not Intend leaving and was working to pay the bill. I'nder the circumstances Mrs. Moore withdrew the affidavit. D. W. Murphy appeared before the mayor, Monday evening, to answer to a charge or fulling to abate a nuisance existing on several resi dence projierties owned by him ou Uncapher avenue. The affidavit for the arrest of Murphy was sworn to by Health Officer I.utz. Murphy claimed to the mayor that he had not been notified to abate the nuisances. H was served with a notice at once and given twenty-four hours in which to comply with the order. Murphy was also ordered to appear before the board of health at the meeting, this evening, to answer to another citation against him. People's Hand dance, concert and lawn fete at Schwinger'g paviliou Wednesday night. 220-t2 CONVICTS ESCAPE IN DARING STYLE Boldest Delivery Attempted in Itecent ' Years, Madrid, Aug. 13. The boldest Jail delivery in recent years occur red at the Zurogoasa prison, today, when twenty-four convicts, in broad daylight, overpowered the wardens and got away. Soldiers and police are now In pursuit of the prisoners, There was a fierce fight in the prison. but the officers were outnumbered and quickly overpowered. Several were badly hurt. All of the escaped convicts are murderers. ROBINSON CHS IS 111 The Only One Out of the Trust at Present. Xot Only Will This Show Continue the Csc of the Ilijr Parade Feature, hut Fitch Year Will Strive To Im prove It. All the really big circuses of this country can be counted upon the fin gers of one hand, and all but one of them are now in a combine known as the circus trust, and has for Its primary object the suppression of all legitimate competition and the curtailing of expenses by doing away with parade and other features that ave become so established that the circus would indeed seem sadly lack- ng without them. The only firsi-class circus -that did not enter the combine this year is the John Robinson shows, and the management states that they wi'l positively not be led by -this asaocia- Ion of trust builders. They will not only continue the use of the parade a feature, hut will see that, each ear adds some new and attractive ovelty for the approbation of its ost of patrons and admirers. Their action is thus standing out alone against the combine ought to win them many friends, and It Is safe to predict that their appearance here on ugust 16 will be greeted with capa city business at both the afternoon and night performances. ' 7 v - The Baby Ijerd with John Bolii Harry Reed, uperlutenIent ot 7 1 1 1 11 1 i i TTTtiV a 'mt IS PREACHING IN CITY Work Aimed at the Gambling and Drinking Elements. EVANGELIST ALSO WARNS THE BOYS The Preacher I Keformed Gambler with a Full Knowledge of the Trick of the lWesxIon He Makes an Exposure of Some of the Gamblers' Tricks. , Evangelist Schm-Wt, who has charge of two important missions Cleveland, and who has worked all over the country as an Independent evangelist, laboring wholly withou pay for the uplifting of humanity spoke at the Hotel Marion corner, Monday evening, and was heard with Interest by p. fair-sited, assemblage The evangelist has In 4ils time been a man of the morld and at one time was a "professional rambler with a record for expertness that is seldom equaled. He reformed some ten years ago and has since that time been preaching God's word with all his strength and power nd warning men against drinking and gambling by practical demonstration of the evils, such as can only b given ly one who has seen the seamy side of life and knows the conditions a,i they really exist. Mr. Schmidt throughout the course of his addresses exposes many of the tricks of the professional gambler and explains why it is Imposidble to beat a man at his own game, That he knows what, he la talking about he Is ready and willing to prove at any time. While his sermons are di rected chiefly to the drinking and gambling element, he labors to meet the boys of an understanding age and -warn .them of what the world holds 1n the way of evil and to In duce them to read the bible and study it. The evangelist, takes no ollectlons, but lives and travels sole- y on the voluntary contributions which he receives In every place he visits. He will speak this evening on the southwest corner of the courthouse square. UNCLAIMED MAIL. The following mall remains unclaimed In the local postofilre: Hurson Brady, Richard Bensley, Frank Cornwell, Frank Cerson, 8ld ney Chapman, Tommy Collins, Frank Dumlco, William Everly, H. D. Fair- child. W. II. Gunder, M. A. Grimes Johuathnn Green. Elmer Graham J. 11. Hamilton, O. C. Hucker,, B. Johnson. Frank Lefller, W. J Lance, William McDonnell, Y. P. Ma rlon, Pete Mauley, R. F. Martin Link McKarland, J. C. M. Klvett, II M. Metzger, Harvey L. McKee, E. II Mason, Aaron Morgan, Pearl Postal William Rooney, J. W. Riffle, F. V Summers, O. J. Stelner, Douglass Woodward, Aaron Wlneberger. Miss Allle Byers, Mrs. Eugene Adrlance, Mrs. Milton Tyo, Miss I-ella O. Rusk, Mrs. Ollvo Brocklesby, Mrs. J. R liurlott. Mabel Charles, Mrs. I.Ida Cramer, Mrs. C. E. Demor, Mrs. Em ma Francis, Mrs. Harry Hunt, Mrs, Lizzie Howard, Miss Nettle Hopper, Mrs. Emma Jones, Miss Susan Kline, Mrs. Ida Koenlg, Mrs. Florence Ken nedy, Mrs. Charles Lane, Mrs. F. Llpuskl, Mrs Jessie Long, Mrs. 8, B. McLarn, Mrs. ii. V. Mounts, Mrs. Ktta Mason, Mrs. Mevers, Mrs. W. K. Putnam, Federal Advertising Co., Marion Clay Co. M. B. Dickerson, P. M. WOMAN DOES STALL FOR PICKPOCKETS Embrace Victim, Crying 'I Ixive Yon." St. Louis, Mo., Aug. 13. "l love you!" with an - aceomrmnyitig wn brace, in the newest thing in street car pocket picking. It. was roported to the police Monday night by J. F. Sullivan of 11 Franklin square, Bos ton. Mr. Sullivan says a woman uttered the words and gave him 'he embrace, and her two male confederates extracted $60 from his pocket. They then accused him of mashing and threw him off the car. t ? i eV -MsdhL A. nsou'tn li t us. The picture also shows auUiuib, auJ Ut cliu wlnlatcr. -"IT W j : 1 K:? j 1 2 t 1 .iWI rrllMW UK- mil I m i HIHIMI T Yoeman Hat New Fall Styles We Are Exclusive Agents All Styles of Stiff and Soft Hats Hughs & Cleary COAL: Brick. PortUatf n4 HysuBc CasMata, Bock ftmUn, Cyptsnft, Ivory m4 hup. OTTKX OPEN SATURDAY EVtNWG flat. .We also sell baled hay and straw, together with all kinds of grain for stock or chicken. Prompt deliveries. THE OHIO MILLING & The finest, best equipped, modern dental parlors in Marion. All work guaranteed. W. T. WITHOFT, DENTIST. 1ELD MINSTREL SHOW PLEASES BIG CROWD Audience Packs Three Floors of the Grand. SOME ROUGH SPOTS BUT SHOW IS FINE "The Finest Show Flehl Ever I'ul Out" l the Verdict of the Piitroim. The NIioh- Ik Niinipliioiily Htngcil. I'oHtuuieH Are Bli h 11 ml In Nplen- llil TaMe A Big llll. "The finest how Field ever put out." That .was the verdict of the audience which packed tho three floors of the Grand, Monday night, for the Field premier of the season. As In 11 Drat performances, (there was a Httlo drag occasslotiftlly, and there ore some rough spots which will be ironed out as the season progresses, but, as a whole, the show Is far ahead of anything Field has heretofore given, and It Is bound to take." 1 The first part tha entire show for that matterIs sumptuously staged. Nothing finer has been een here. The Mage setting Is thing of beauty, nd the costume rich and In nplen- dld itaste. Field' hart broken away front the hoi colors and gone In for cool. From Interlocutor Carnes In gold and while to the orchestra In pale green, .while and gold, the cos tumes are superb. The Tocalltfts wore nlnk and light blue, wnd the dozen "end" men appeared in green lined with' while. The vocal numbers are excellent, soloists and choruses alike being all that could be desired. Bright par ticular gems In the program are the "Sweet Kathleen" of Walter Sher wood. "I'd .Live or I Would Die ror You" by fieorge T. Martin, the vari ous opera.Me selections, and the most artistic bit of all, the "My Rosary" of John C. Dickens. The afterpart ls,a decided depart ure from the ordinary olio, tending a the mcen!c. Field simply has scenic and tranformailon errects ,-o burn, many of hem novel, and all of them good. The hit of th afterpart easily the musical number put on .by the "Five Musical Marines." Al. O. Field, though a prince 01 eood Mlows to meet "on 'tha out side," lets 4he audience see a little too much of him as the "filler In" between the first part and the olio. People sometimes tire of even a good thing. Some friend should advise him to eliminate about ten minutes of himself from the program. As an owner and director, he's a star, but he's a very ordinary ialn-strel. Following the performance, the local Shriner's club, which attendeJ the performance as a body, entertain-1 ed Field at a luncheon at the Commercial club. Out In Springfield. Springfield, Ills., Aug. 13. Western Union and Postal operators out. Nt one remained at work . H E i LEFFLER BLAND. ELEVATOR COMPANY are some August prices you surely cannot resist, if quali ty is considered. Men'i 25c underwear Mc Men's 50c underwear J9c Ladies' f5c 1 auze rests 10c Ladies' 19c - " 1 for 75c Ladies' 25c jrauze vests 19c " Ladies' 25c knit pants 19c Ladies' 50c vests or pants J9c Ladies' 19c fast black nose pr, 10c Ladles' J5c white lace nose 25c ' Ladies' 35c black or tan hose 2Jc Children's 19c fast black hose pr ti'Ac Children's 15c drop stitch hose i pr for 25c. Children's 10c drop stitch hose pr 5c Men's food socks, pr 5c Men's 19c fancy hose, 2 pr for 25c The Ark Cor dm Mjn .ad Church Slmfc - ' Long Silk Gloves Our new shipment of long silk gloves comprises the most complete assortment we ever had. You'll find them in dark and light blue, daik and light brown, tan, (fray, pink, black and white; with the famous double finger tips. Price $3.00 We also have them in black or white at $1.25 to $2.50 Long lisle gloves now $1.50 Short silk gloves, double tips. .' 50c J.P.LUDWIC MARION'S SPECIALTY STORE Promise of Immunity. ,c Washington. Aug. 13. The re-port i circulated here, that the Chi-eaifo ft Alton railroad officials can not be punished for their connection with the Standard Oil rebate eases In Chicago without Attorney General Bonaparte violating an obligation of Immunity made by his predecessor, William M. Moody. . , , J

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