The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 3, 1955 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 3, 1955
Page 8
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PACK EtGHT (ARK.V cotn?TRR itrws MOWAT, OCTOBER X. 1958 THE BLVTHEVILLK COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NBWS CXJ. H. W HAINES, Publisher HARRY A HAINBS, Editor, Assistant Publisher PAUL D. HUMAN. Advertising Manager iolc National Advertising Representatives: Waflac. Wlmer Co.. New York, Chicago, Detroit, Ailanta, Memphis. Entered as second class matter at the post- office at Blythcville, Arkansas, under act ot Congress, October 9, 1917. SUBSCRIPTION RATES: Bv carrier in the city of Blytheville or any suburban town where carrier service is mam- ta'ned ' } 5c per weefe. 'Bv'mail'irithin a radius ot 50 miles, $6.50 per vea>- S350 (or six months, S2.00 for three months: by "maii outside 50 mile zone, *12.50 per year payable in advance. ^_____ MEDITATIONS For he brinsclh down them that dwell on hitrh; the lofty cits, he laycUi it low; he layclh it low. even to the ground; he bringeth It even to ihe dust. — Isaiah 36:5. * * * God has been pleased to prescribe limits to His own power, and to work His ends within these limits. — Paley. BARBS That race-track expression "They're off" seems to apply to the bettors mosi of the time. if- * * Young folks who now are dancing about wild won't be so wild about dancing as they set older The main thing thai shoots a nice bank balance all w pieces is being quick on the draw. * 1- * An Oregon woman has left her husband seven Times and always returned. Sometimes they can't live with 'em or without 'em. Speaking about v.'inler colds, we get tired of hearing so many people do it. Whither Socialism? Disunity is nothing new in the British Labor Party, but it looks like the harassed Socialists will have another round of intramural combat next month. That's the occasion of the annual party conference at .Margate, England. The outlook is for conflict over both leadership and policies. To us Americans looking on from across the Atlantic, the policy battle is the more interesting. For, as recent British elections seem to demonstrate, the events of tlie past, four years have taken a good deal of the political sex appeal out of the Labor party's socialism. And the party doesn't quite know what to do about it. Reports from London indicate that many rank-and-t'ile Laborites will demand what they term a "pure socialist policy" rather that a middle-of-the-road program. Presumably this means more drastic steps. If such demands were given heed, it would greatly strengthen the leadeship of Aiieurin BeVan, the party's perennial left wing bad boy. But there is no strong evidence that demands for a heavy dose of socialist doctrine will prevail at Margate. The more temperate, and thus far dominant wing of the party is dead set against them. And tlie emerging leadership of Hugh Gailskell, who may replace Clement Attlee as party head, evidently will reinforce this opposition. Tht trouble is, Gailskell and Co. don t know what to put in place of pure socialism. Realistically, they appreciate that Britain's record prosperity under the Conservative Party outmodes the old doctrines. Vet it is hard to sec how such a route can differ much from the middle course tlie Conservatives are now following- It might be a bit leftward of it. hut only a little. If that should be the choice, it will he take;! o\er the die-hard resistance of l'ne left wiiiKL-rs. And the party thereafter will be hard pressed to convince British voters that there is supreme virtue in a policy that so closely resembles that of the mling party. The I.ahorites' problem is not unlike that of our own Democrats, who are hunting hard for issues with real bite. Prosperity and peace are a tough combination to beat. Not too many voters are eager lo wave the banners of dry political doctrine wiien they've got meat on the table and cash in the wallet. ker like ford believe* it »ee* ««W-in(«re*t in human B*fely. In the coming yaar Ford wit! oiler cars that for the first lima stress driving safety instead of just speed, chromium and garish colors. They will feature safety belts, s flexible steering wheel, interior padding for protection in crashes. All these items, company engineers indicate, should combine to make the tough steel car body a ''suit of armor" for the motorist, instead of a weapon against him. "H is a weapon only when its driver, by negligence or ignorance permits it to be," said L. U. Crusoe, Ford vice president. Presumably this means when a driver fails lo fasten himself firmly within the "suit of armor," and take advantage of its other protective possibilities. For many fatalities come because motorists are banged around inside a car at the moment of crash impact. VIEWS OF OTHERS Take Your Pick Tills is the nine of football predictions and all acrttes the land the socalled experts arc coining forth wiih All-Aniencan picks, nimibei one team picks, and picks just to be picking. The real experts in football today are the onei who can think up the kind of all-team* which nobody has thought of before , The latest among these is the "Unsung Squad." This is a pick of All-Americans who aren't going to be picked. Ttien there's the All-freshman team, the All- sophomore, ihe All-Junior, the All-Senior, and sometimes an All-American of both the offense and defense varieties. Take your pick. If your favorite player isn't on one he is sure to be on the other. The big schools place the All-Americans and the more press agents pev squad the more All- Amerirans. Time was when to be named All-American you were really something. Now, if you're going to be an All-American, you have a good chance. And it is amazing how "the" Alt-American pick can change in authority, .season by season, all according to whether our favorites land on one team or the other. This is the tune also when all the football experts, or the word coiners, set out on their annual trips around the football camps telling the mournful stories of the individual schools. The biggest mourers are rated number one in their respective conferences. If there is no mourning, it's a good sign that ihe coach has plenty of work to do making his team a t-on- tender—he has no time to mourn. That's a good sign, we think, it you want to become an expert. The coach who has no time for mourning is not burdened with an easy schedule and a squad of All-Americans to push buttons on. This: is ihe coach who musi work to see ihal non-All-Amencans get in ail their work .HO That they can perform to the best of their little abilities. Tins is the team to watch. Nov. you can sit back and enjoy the football season.- LaGrange 'Ga.i Daily News. Read All About It Erskine Johnson IN HOLLYWOOD Peter fdson's Washington Column — Unification of Gennamy Is Key To Big Four Geneva Conference WASHINGTON 1 — ' NEA i— When the Big Pour foreign minKier-. meet HI Geneva next month. Wash-: ingion and ihe other Western tal.s will he deeply concerned over the future of Germany and rela lion to general European curiiy. Chancellor Adenauer's vis:! to Moscow did no; taut in faci co'iipiicaied the Western task. . No one should be fooled . oy Wusmim ton's ns.- : t->r lions thai Adenauer .-cored a UI'L-UL vit .orv at Mo?eo\v. The h.u-dhc.'.c-.rd es.pci'1-i are agreed he aid not. But the ~3- year-old Gt' leader i.s a >Ml- wari friend of the West, and N? can do not hint: publicly to dani^e; his prestige and position. j 1:14:1 v. can hardly be of more than trols East, Germany. The West can -ccondary .-mmncance to the Rus-i merely propose it. offering such .•K',;:.-. And there are si^ns Mo.-oowi lures as general European security may i^ve the East German Com-i pacis to calm Russian fears of an By KKSKLNK .JOHNSON .humor." .SKA Staff Cori-ttspniulcnt ! HOLLYWOOD --,NKA»-- Kxfhi- Mvcly Yours: Dolls who wore uniforms during World War H and those .still wearing 'em—Auensliun! A mo\ie qupen agrees with you thai a woman has [rouble looking .sexv in uniform, , • Sheree North is baiiened down in :nm GI khaki these tiius as Tom Swell's COMIU' in a romeciy; "The I.ieuienam Wore Sitin~" and if it uen-n'i for a couple of neyu- gpe scones— ! '•Well. 1 ' siivs Sheri'*. "there should he ;i hi iv against uniforms tor girls. Von put on five pairs ol'j bust pads and you'vr still K»t noth-, iiiR. It's terrible for a Rirl to look, down and see her SHOHSl'* The movie is unoiher ai 20th, Century-Fox in winch Sheree is playing a role intended for the; suspended Marilyn Monroe. The \vi>.y things are going Sheree may even \v;nd up starnsvj in "The Brother.-, Karama/.ov." Jerry Lewis bruiM\i hi.^ spine ana medics are luvum him daily, ^hot.s :n houfh of nvoiumg suryery. . . . Evti Gabor and Ty Power are; ::miiu it so thai they'll he back in : New York lo^eiiier when he com-j pit'teH "Tne Kridy Diichai iSlory.": She exiencieri her Holhuuod si.ay' and the yue.-..siug is thai it's all; becau»e or him. . , Greta Garbo has been living ii up off Cannes aboard the yacht 01 Greek shipping millionaire Aristotle Onassis . . Don't be suipri>-eci if Jack Lenimon r\nd Beuy Gavreii, i\ flic kin "My; Si»ier Eileen." are cos'.arred a»;u:r in Columbia's musical remake of; "Mr. Deeds Goes io Town." | Previf\v Flash: pEtrarnouir.'s "The Desperate Hours" is THE; suspense movie of the year. Fred-; ric March. Humphrey Boeart and' Director William Wyler co'. er :-'ou: with souse pimples and then pop 'em—one at a time. The Witnct: After a fiirht seeiie \\itit the und("'r^ea moniier in "The Creature Walk.s Anion^ Us." Jef! Morrow wailecl it: "\V"r.\ can't I be in a .picture titled 'Marilyn Mon-1 roe Walks Among Us'?'' j. ' A nuu-it-rav.-be-iolci short, short story about Gary Cooper's 19M movie hu, "!Hsh Noon." Ther« \\ere only two u'omen in ihe cast and it \uts decided Hint Katv Jurado uas the one headed for siar- dom. Publicity drum bfa'.ci's \vpnt to work on Kan. :i:norins ihe other iictie.^s and her siand-iu. Thft tiiushcd-t'ff dull: firacp Kfl- ly. Her stand-in: Dorothy Towns, now Mrs. Jack Webb. Popi'om Ma;i of !he Year Award. just estubli-jhed by the Popcorn Associaiion. Ls one I'll never butter up to. It's for the be>t display find handling ot the noisy .stuff by a theater owner. A tune bomb concealed in this award would be just dandy with me . . . Jnck Palancn is headed for sreen pastures. His 20 per cent of the Rross of "The Bit; Knife" is exnected 'to be a. S-fCO.OOO cut . . . Ted Lewis' nephew. Ted Jordan "hubby of Lih St.. Cyri, is a contender for liie Silver Lining man in "The Ted Lewis Story" . . . Olive Carey asked for a. double for a horse-jumping scene in "Pillars of the Sky," on locr.uon in L:<Grandt\ Ore. An expert horsewoman, ihe Jocal mor- ticiun's wife, uas hired for the job. Said Olive: "She doesn't look much like me. but at least she can afford to die." CBS-TV is tossing a dmner-danq* "comma'-out" puny for Ronnv Burns, son of George and Oracle. He debuts as a regular on their show Oct. 10. Andy Devine grew up in Kingman, Ariz., where his parents operated a hotel. One of Andy's duties after school was to help .with the janitor work. Since the Wild Bill Hickok telefilms became an Arizona favorite, this sicn now han?s outside the hotel: "ANDY DEVINE SWEPT HERE.'' Adenauer agreed io establish diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union. He explained this partly on '.'le ground thai Germany cannot .i;r.'>ie the reality of so vast a ~rie touched on another aspect of ::,;-• matter—and this is the one ih:u .should worry the west. By rs:abi:>hing- relations with Russia. West Germanv can deal directly This is Hollywood. Mrs. Jones:, uavid Wayne, here for Judr Gar- •_ . . , . ,.:„* i land's •viimi'iiM resume, not Adenauer.! independent unified Germany. | "' ^ debu( _ smdving Ws j K.n-edii for the prisoners' release. That is what Western ministers| ^..^ besWe the ' Bevcr i y miton 1 -•; In expanse for this dubious »™ J^""' VL^Z' ^'"fj Hotel pool from behind a smog; 75 Years Ago In BlytheYtllc the nation from the Western orbit. This they will never get while Adenauer is in command. What, frightens the West, and many Germans, too. is what may confer jiionre iroin the Rus -..u->. ; and hi.^ visit seemed on!;, to . emphasize Soviet sirenyih. j The Kremlin promised TO r:-;u;":i somewhat k-.-s 10.000 Ge.' pri.-nncr.- iro:ii World War II. Tr.f-iv; faie, hov.'t-vrr important 'o Ocr- j v.-ith th? Kremlin on the vital issue; hal)pen af!er Adenauer dies. The reunUwaiwn. f-Ceirnnuntotj si'.a'.v every evidence stress Russia's of having ihe patience to wait, believing that their advantages will one day pay off. The West had to toil hard and long to win Germany to its side, an even This uf unity. a^ie on the question only nption which can hope to deal,first hand with both East and West Germany. __________^ by Mr. Craiton Vnai couon ginners j sponsoring entrants in the contest. When the king fell, there was no] will gain much free publicity for further problem. Declarer had to| themselves, especially if their en' give up one trump trick, but his' slam was safe. tries are winners. Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Seal, and the Doctor Says — Written fur SEA Sen-ice Bv tDWIX P. JORDAN. M.D. JACOBY ON BRIDGE The play of the ace of trumps I family, former residents of Blylhe- was a sateu phiV. H the king; vl i; P u -ii! nio\"e soon from New didn't drop. Mandersuheid planned; Orleans, their present home, to a to enter dummy with a diamond! suburb near New York Ciry. Mr. and lead a heart towards the;s ca i has accepted a position with queen. This would make the slam i eastern utility interests with head- if the ?ia;n could possibly be made.| quarters in New York City: and it would ni-eveni ihe loss of ai 0{ the fjne hogs , ho , vn in lhe trick to a singleton king. sulne df ,p artmen ; O f the Livestock ] A Real Optimist Optimism is a wonderful thing. An can Hike i\vo bad things and because one may be less bud. can almost make it look: good. Out ai San Dieao, Calif., recently, P>aeraJ ,tiid;;e Jacob Weinberger ran inio a real opnmist. HP was a Mexican alien charged with bein^ in the United Stales illegally. With the ?.id of an interpreter, .the judge po;-t-d questions IP EiigiL-h. goi hi^ answer- in Spanish, had them translated into English. Why. asked the iudye, did the Mexican enter the Unit-id states illegally? "Your honor," me n'r.en replied, •There are ditticulues in Mexico." "Bui." countered tin- judge, "when yoii come to this couniry there are diificuliies, too; such as gome; to jail." The siren had to admit that logic was on rhe judge's side, but insisted there were extenuating circiin;si;\nces. "Yes." he said, "but in ihe liiii'.fd States the dm'icuiues are better." Now. there's an op;iniist. \Ve will have to agree with him on hi$ eva;u- .i::on of ;he United States. Even with cuflicu!- '.it-.-. ;;"s beuer. — Ch.uun.ooga N*e«,s-Free Pre5a. ! certain operations ran be per! jonr.ed without resorting to loss of ! consciousness. ! Rsgardle.-.s o; what auesiiienc i^ I used, it must be given with gre.-: ! care and :H by ao means a simple ; matter. To rencier p. pc-ivon unron- ?ciG',:s tor a long period involves cor..-';ric:"::b:e respor.sibmty. It is a tribute to tho=e who 2;-. e ruie~:he;- ! :cs that :t !.= done , ; o weii and •-'.ith • sue:: : ;vn:ence;:.- he:p and safety : to the suffering patient. South Dakotan in Neat Slam By OSWALD JACOBF Written for N'EA Service i to 'he iovi ;';• p:::'T o; ":!•' i ::pr ; :n ihe lov.rr ::;-.r: ot t: i Willie kv.\ :r.^: :;::• I3::::r :i: CO ' and i? so-riO'.iir.c.,- ; ;~:>: ::: I birth. I: Mrs. M :•..-• • ..•: j in her -'iro'on. •.'•;•.:,•:; .-'::<• Makes Rugs In Retirement Tweniy '/ears ago. of; America's fine bridge players liven j in New York or Phik-ideiphia. and( le'.v players in the M invest hr.d- - ever s?en a bridge Tournament. 1 Today -hrre :rt;od briciirc p!ny- - ors a!! over ihe>. anci I hundreds of experienced tourjia-i \ men- pia;. er.= '-vill turn i;n in Sioux j - Fails S.D- rhi-s '.'.-eei: end io plays ! in a Canadian-American regional! ; tournament! j j Many of these piayer? ;sre sii-oni;! i enough to give a .^ood account of | i ihemselves in aiiv lournament. For Q — The bidding has been: North East South West 1 Heart Pass I Spade Pass I N.T. Pass ? You. South, hold: AAQ982 *Q"65 4K102 A2 What fin yo;: do? A— Bid three hearts. You have excellent trump support, a sin- jleion. and 11 points in high cards. You can v.x!l afford to give srour partner this stronsr invila- tson to game. TODAT'S QtESTION The bidding is the sa.r.e r-s ir; the cue.-licn just sr.iv:ered. Voj. Soiii'i. hold: V.'hat do VOL: do? Answer Tomorrow Diesel Engines Taking Over ! DECATUR. 111. .? — Tne Wabash j Cannon Ball ha> blown Us last i ne.-id ,01 steam. Steam power on I ihe Vrp.hash Railroad encied with j \lie re;ive:r.ent of a 56-year-o!d lo, comotive. No. 573. The road now : is completely d:e=c::zed. I A: O~P time, rhe Wab.i^n had 3r>0 ' stiMm Ioc3:r.otive.> in service, an ; official of :"ne road said. Since j d:e--e".urr:on began m 1939. ihe 1 r,T::ro;;d ha> scrapped or disposed oi approximately 300 steam loco• niouves. DAKOTA. IK. :.]'• — FYar-k Boi- I endvr. ST. a re'ireci carpenier. says he hr,5 foi:..;i Ihe secret of gl-o^:::g old gracefully. : "I? you're ^oi:;^ to >it in the corner and fx'iariie you:' tiiuiribs. you'll either drive >oi:r=e!r ei~£. 7 .y or six fee! iir.cier." he says, ; SO THEY SAY Ti:er: in 1 star'cri to seep scrap- cr,jk.> o: r.t'.vspac^r ciipp'.iias or. ; Tvhich interc-stec him a"d he ' bega: 1 . to ir.Ake hcflkeri n;cs. When. he feels r.n-.biMoiis. Boiencer works ( or. a rug :ro::l six to sever, hours a ; day. Ar rh:s rate i* takes him four ' d:.y.= to ;:r t ;.-h or.e. i The Economics of Auto Sofety No one imagines that any American manufacturer is in business for his health or anybody else's, he's making drugs or bandages. But it, in nevertheless heartening when a big motorma- I! .-n«i:!<i b* made absolutely rlfar tiia: it « a .-!•.*<:.;•;• o£ :::d'.iferer.ce io ihe Democratic P^iny Ah-.-hcr P:r.-;rient E:seiihowcr nins or nol. We aie :ir.;ipy to rake on the best the GOP hafi to ..':«•;•.-George M. Leader «D». governor of Penn- j \Ve f*r,oii;d cor.;::-.',!* 1 :o deal from strength, but Rj^avf show our pt-acolul intentions. The Riis- siaiii ii.ue a genuine "ear of our hydrogen bomb. —Hop. aPincK J. Killing? iR., Calif.!. Inspiration through o:s.Mpat;on seems to b* the motto of the day. T don't hfce it.—Bernard Berenson. lamed art h;sionan, on tc<iay's yoiing ar.ists and * rners. * ¥ * If anyone bciiete* our snrlcj involve abandonment of the teachings of Marx, Engels and Lenin, he deeri\es himself poorly. Tlias* 1 who wait for that must waii until s shrimp learns to whistle.—Nikita Krushchev. Communist party bow. done wLtr.o',;- btT.f-J't -, •-; ra;Ti-! coi::sc. ,'. :c:i\::c ,ir,;o.i; : : bo'h; thf pat Wit ^r.d «:;rj:ro". "r. 1 em-: ad van" a cos and sorr.e d ;•;-..-, van-; i;ige.«. and she cho:re o: -.-.., h onej to lieper.d? or. :"Actors." ;-;r.d -::e prois^v:;. --; ;* :nc| surgeon a:;d'.c-.^L-; j O:her ariesihei:; s ran be ;r,;i»ct€d jnto the root? o: The ::e:vvs ar.d will cai;f? tors of i&-~.;r.c ir, areas which cftn be uorsfd en -;rhout affect in? the ro.s: of ::^ body- Local rti.t?stheucs n:-o h; maTiy tises. Such aru^theiics oe in- : jected into a small .ire- ,n> that, THERE IS very little sympathy for :^e Kt-ntuc;;:. 1 .:: found by fed- , Opening lead— t er.\l oiricers pa^ed o;:: nisi 5t:il after he had sampled his O-ATJ j prod;;c:. He should have '^no^ii: examp ; e> Ea - Ke todav's hand, played " nT ' by Clitf Manderscheid of Sioux NORTH ID) 2 A KQ * --% J 3 A AJ 109 \\-EST EAST A J 10 963 A87o-;2 V K V J 10 S 48752 *9^ A6-.2 ,*S53 SOUTH A A V A Q 7 6 3 • K Q id 6 AKQ7 Neither side vul. East So nth West No 1 * 6 * Fs*s Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass 2V 4 N.T. SN'T. Pass Pass Pass Pass r Dinner Bell 1 Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS fO35i Of 2 Bread spread 3 Revolutionist fa€Cf •i Portion 8C-JI (var) 12 Mait beverage ' 13 Curvtei 5 Askew fi Raised 7 Afternoon social e-.ent 8 ::or;S , 9 Hun i() Pronoun 20 Ledger er.tnes _ correlatives 14 Kesound 15 Ir.dian weigh 16 Ship drag ISSscder TTf SiNME ^l^L ^ ! t RlAif 22 Shade ii ee* 24 Daybreak 26 .'e'A'isn n' 27Uniied States' 24She usi;s;:y 27 \Vhst a gc-od dinner 23 Kind of bomb 29 French seas 19 Finnish poems 31 Evergreen 23 Household trees :h.u ^u;:Ts made for seliiriC. <*r;n'>:i!ig. — Greenville (S. Piedmon:. not i )v _. C.) lls. Most I LITTLE LIZ Why is it so mam,' oimless gu>s like to rccm the woods with o gun? good partnerships walo. to reach a contract of six] hearth on the North-South cards. j Mar.derscheid was interested in aj grand slam until his partner^ showed only one king, by bididng] six diamonds in response io live: no-tnimp. (North would have bid! six hearts with two Wrcgs. under: the Blackwood Convention, and! then South would have bid seven. >| The trick was to mate the small! slam. Most players woaid lead the] first trump irom dummy to finesse] the queen. This would lose; to the sngleton ting, as the cards) lie. and South would later lose ai second trump trick. ! Manderscheid won the first trick j with the ace of spades and im-l mediately led th* ace of trumps. • ur.c.* 30 Each 32 Turn 34 Soldiers' meais 35 Newspaper executive 3S Ir.sect 37 Specks 39 Points a weapon 40 Ke serves dinner 41 Measures of land 42 Viper 45 Decanlerc 49 Interchange 51 War god X Alight 53 Leave out 5H Wiener schnitzel and . poached 55 Followers 56 Venture 57 Distress signs! DOWN 1 "Please — «te butter' 33 33 City :n V.'asninston -»2 Gudrun's •husband (myth.) 43 Miio exp'.elivt 44 He might live in Copenhagen 46 Saudi Arabian district 47 Therefore COOKS 25 Unclosed 40 Waits decision 48 Droops 26 Fable writer 41 Mountain spur SO Pea container I

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