The Marion Star from Marion, Ohio on October 21, 1898 · 4
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The Marion Star from Marion, Ohio · 4

Marion, Ohio
Issue Date:
Friday, October 21, 1898
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THB MARION DAILY STAR, FBIDAY, OCTOBER 21, 1898. 4V KM.IV.MAIIKS. Ciiialii Sis . . . An immense assortment of all the new weaves, new patterns an J new fashions. Confirmation Suits With LoDg Pants $4.00, $5 00 $7.00 $9.00. $10.00, $13.50, $14.00. Fine blue or Muck Cheviots, Serges or Clay worsteds, with single or double breasted coats, silk stitched and tailored as carefully as men's. Knee Pants Confirmation Suits Tastefully made up from Clay Worsteds, Cheviots, Tricots and Uiitinislied Serges all excellently tailored and remarkable values at the prices. ' Confirmation Outfitting. We show a complete line of Shirts, Collars, aids, Ties, Hose, Hats and (i loves suitable for dressing the hoys from head to foot. ON THE COKMR. RAILROAD AFFAIRS. Jack Kollcy, nlsrlit operator at Uic Krie's junction office, is able to be out after a two weeks' Illness. Gus Grand, car insioct()r at the Horkine Valley, was at Columbus Thursday a guest of friends. L. W. Morrison, traveling passenger agent, of the C. anil E., with headquarters at Huntington, Ind., was lu the city today. General Freight Agent L. S. Sulli-vant and Traveling Passenger Agent U V. landman or the C, H. V. and T., with headquarters at Columbus, arc in the city. SOCIAL AFFAIRS. The regular meeting of the Embroidery club was hrld HI the home of Miss Bernice Christian Thursday afternoon, at hor home on east Farming strtM-t. Light refreshments were served. Next Tuesday afternoon, the club will give a linen shower to Miss Jessie Fisher at the home of Mrs. F. S. Keller of east Center street, which will be quite an jjjh $400 M y $500 ncf $6o lUmI $875 event, and an elaborate menu will be, during his vacation preached a sermon served. Miss Pearl Berry of WindsorjOn the horrors of scant bathing suits street will be hobtess at the regular, when he got home. He said: "I sat jneeting of the club Thursday. for one hour watching one of those . - - . i i i .. THE DAILY STAR. By V. Q. HARPING. Founded 1877. Keestablished 18H, Issued Every Evening Except Sunday. TEPMS OF SUBSCRIPTION! Single copy ....... Uehrered by carrier, per meet. . By mill, postage paid, peryesr. Weekly edition, per year .10 c ft MOO . il.00 Entered at the Poatollice, at Marion. Ohio, as second-class matter. Pertona desiring the DAILY STAP de, llvrrrt la their hornet can secure It by postal card request or by order througn i telephone No. 51, Prompt complaint ol ir regular aery ice it requested, colmim; koom t'iiom; m Advertising rates on application. The STAR guarantees its advertisers more than itmihle the circulation ol any daily paper in Marion or the Thirteenth Congressional District, and the largest Weekly circulation in Marion County. EIGHT PAGES. FRIDAY OCTOBER 21 THE WEATHER. Rain followed tonight by clearing and colder; Saturday fair, brisk southerly, scifling to westerly winds. Local News on Pages 3, , 5. 7. President Mi Kinley seems to be car rying the rainy muson right with him. Tim "war mismanagement" Investi gation Htill lacks excitement enough to make It a good campaign issue. Tom Watson's Georgia newspaper Is now being run by the sheriff. Thus Tom is deprived of his medium of talking Populism right when he feels tho worst. In the absence of any gold Democratic demonstration this year Gen. Palmer Is toasting hi a. shins at tho He-publican firctdde. If the people vole at the coming con gressional elcetions as thev now vocif erate when the president talks, there will be no question about his vindication. Chairman' Marker of the Democratic state committee Is said to lie short of funds. lint it hadn't ought to take much money to run the kind of show that Is being given. It Is not worth the price of admission. The outstanding Cuban bonds are said to amount to ?W,G0O,0O, with an annual interest charge of $tfi.7ti5,-000. And "the lawyer from Canton" smiles grimly every time the Spanish peace commissioners suggest forcing this debt upon I'ncle Sam. Is tln'ie a Republican within the sound of our pencil who has the temerity to say that remonetizatioa of silver would not help the price of wool? Marysville ournal. Go tell your troubles to Judge Lawrence of llellefontaine. He knows more about the price of wool and rams than anybody In the Eighth congres- sionnl district. The supreme court of Texas has do- dared a curfew ordinance unconslitu tional. Tho court says "We regard this character of legislation as an at tempt to usurp parental functions, and as unreasonable, and we therefore hold the ordinance lu question as illegal and void. I'lThp Texas supreme court is slow. Solicitor Crlssinger and tho .Marion city council practically reached ihe same conclusion some time since, when an effort was made to have this ciiy adopt a curfew ordinance. SL1NTII l.ATIOISS. Detroit News: The Spaniards In Cuba are willing to get out, but appear to Ik; waiting for excursion rates. Now Wk World: General Benja min Harrison of Indiana gracefully de-. dines to run for governor of New-York. Detroit Journal: It looks as if Mr. Wansmaker would h unable to tell all his troubles by Ihe time tho election arrives. Atchison Globe: When a man scolds his wife doesn't hoar half be says through wondering if tho neighbors are listening. Chicago News: With Senator Ma son Introducing songs in his campaign spoeehes it. may not l long In-fore he does a serpentine dance on the senate floor. St. Joseph. Mo.. Herald: No one can say that President Mi Kin ley's speeches smell of the encyclopedia. There is a freshness, a vigor and an originality about them that makes ilic-m attrac tive. Kansas City Star: A Missouri preacher who visited a bathing beach (nameless women disporting herlf In the waters of the lake." IX-nver Republican: Emperor William's Journey is not to 1m all Joy. When bo tries to remember in which of bis 110 trunks lis put- his tooth brush there will be trouble in the car avan. Washington Star: Mr. Cleveland is said to be engaged in another real es tate singulation. He will probably never extend his transactions in this field to the point of taking an interest In any Honolulu sub-divisions. New York Sun: The Hon, Horace Holes of Iowa has returned to the stage and declaimed with creditable fervor a piece wherein the tariff is said to bo tho chief Issue of the hour. What hour? t'nele Horace ought to mind his clock. THE CITY IN BRIEF The funeral of the late Iscah Krause occurred at tho Christian church thi afternoon at 2 o'clock, Rev. A. Skid more officiating. The remains w'ere pi am In the vault. While playing with a number lKys, a son of Rev. Snow of west Cen ter street had the misfortune to break his left collar bone Thursday after noon. Dr. A. Rhu rendered surgical aid. John Huffman of Mark street while engaged in trirumlug trees at the Hane residence on east Center street, Thurs day, Injurd his' right eye, a chip o wood flying Into it. Dr. J. A. McMur ray rendered the necessary surgical as sistance. Wm. Buckley of Columbus was tak en sick on the streets this afternoon and taken to the city prison. Tho old man is suffering greatly with pleurisy He will lie eared for by the Odd Fel lows and Masons, being a member of these orders and also a civil war vet eran. The Yankee chicken-pie supper giv en by the ladies of the Kpworth M. K. church Thursday evening in the church parlors was a decided success. The menu Berved was an elegant one and was partaken of by a large mini her. The ladios realized a nice sum foi their treasury. The first rehearsal of the opera Kgypla," to be rendered by the Fran cm Willard W. v. 1. v., was Held in the Y. M. C. A. auditorium Thursday evening. About 150 of those invited to participate were present. The various assignments of parts were made and tho chorus was drilled. A rehearsa will be held hi the opera house dance iall this evening. Newton Harr arrived in the city at 10:30 Thursday night from Waverly O., In thei custody of M. M. Scully, the C, H. V. and T. detective. The prisoner was given a hearing in the court of 'Squire Gompt this - morning. He -waived examination and was bound over to court In tho sum of $.100 bond In default of which he was placed in the county jail. R. H. Spring of north State street rrorived a day or two ago from his son, Harry, who is a memlsT of com pany G, Fourth 0. V. I., a box contain ing about twenty different articles from Porto Rico. In the collection was all of the silver and copper coins of different denominations, shells, play ing cards and a huge cigar sent to J, Adam Rice. Mr. Spring says he would not like to give ihe size of the cigar for fear, the fish and snake liars might think he was exaggerating. LITTLE LOCALS Auction Saturday.Odaffer's old stand. Lieutenant Colonel Adams of the Fourth Ohio returned to his home in Delaware Thursday night. He came in advance of the regiment, bearing dispatches to the war department. Richard Robinson of east Center street is carrying his right arm in sling as the result of an accident which he suffered in Chicago one day last week. He stepped on a banana peel slipped, fell and dislocated his should er. ' 1 ' t ' ; : f :': John McNally went to Columbus Thursday and told his client, Charles Nelson, the disagreeable news that he was unable to discover any method by which he could be saved from electro cution November 4. Nelson was con victed of the murder of Grocer Zim merman of Bowling Green on the 9th of June. 1 he friends of A. Ritzier will learn with regret of the death of his mother, Mrs. C. Ritzier, which occurred at hr home in Kenton early Thursday morn ing. Mrs. Ritzier was eighty-seven years of age. Mr. Ritzier and son are at, Kenton where they will remain un til after the funeral, which occurs at 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon. I'OSl ,fMI4l ! Tho Daughters of America benefit entertainment is postponed on account of bad weather. All who have purchased tickets retain them. Watch daily papers for time and place of en tertainment, t D. of A. Much in Little Isespeclnlty true ot Hood's Pills, for nn medi cine ever contained so great curative power in so small space. Tney are a whole medicine tMlood's chest, always ready, at- apsfe. m a ways efficient, always sat- JLJ ill A Isfactory; prevent a cold III .3 or fev.r, cure all liver Ills, sick headache, lauiidtce. constipation, etc. 55c. Ihe only i'Ms to take with Hosd's Samrarili. , THE WAX FIGURE And a LaRue Maiden Are Mar ried Here. PARENTAL 0BJECTI0N8 IGK0EED William Leonard TrliM-ll and Mlu Kdn. Pauline Ia.i Mrry-MoK To Elope, Though Their Acquaintance Ws Very, Very Limited -4 LaKu. Sen tatlon of th. Hour. "Oh! Ah! Isn't it nice! How per fectly natural! What if it would fall and break? Where do they keep It during hot weather?" Thus the crowd around the Climax show window Saturday evening com mented upon the wax figure. Tho stage name of the wax figure is Prof. Golden. His other name is William Trlssell. His postofflce ad dress is Dixon, 111. Sunday morning Mr. Trlssell left Marlon for LaRue, where he met Miss Edna Pauline Davis, a young lady of that town who has since become his wife. The marriage occurred in thfs city this morning, 'Squire Chas. Gompf performing the ceremony at his office. Mr. Trissell and Miss Davis never met until Sunday. Mr. Trisseil had known of Miss Davis for about seven months, however. The story of their romantic courtship is best told by Mr. Trissell himself as he' related it to a Star interviewer, at the Rupp House, after their marriage this morning, tlie bride smiling her approval. Mr. Trissell met a young man by the name of Crowley, of IaKue, near Dallas, Texas, last fall. From him he first learned of Miss Davis. Crowley was an intimate friend of hers and the two young people corresponded. Trissell was shown a photograph of Miss Davis and he at once fell in love with the picture and decided to write to her. She replied and he at onco began working his route toward the village of I-iRue. As stated, Trissell wont to LaRue Sunday, but all was not easy sailing there. Miss Davis" parents objected to hej having 'anything to do with him. They disliked his profession. Trissell did not get to see Miss Davis Sunday, and had a hard time to see her at all, her parents lieing determined that she! should have nothing to do with him. They two met Moliday and planned for her to meet him Wednesday evening, when they would make a quiet departure. The young lady's parents learned of the plot and when Miss Edna wanted to go up street Wednesday evening her mother locked the door and her father threatened to mop all the streets of LaRue with Trissell should the lat ter put .in an appearance. Trisseil lidn't appear, however, but Miss Davis kicked the front door open and escaped. The fond lovers met, and in a livery rig drove to this city. Mrs. Davis started with a horse and buggy to intercept them, but the pac was too fast and the mother gave up in desnair. The lovers came to this city and went to the Rnpp House on west Center street, where they remained un til this morning before having their marriage consummated. They are still there and will prob ably remain until Mr. Trissell, who is a comedian, decides whieh of two of fers to travel with a theatrical com pany he will accept Mr. and Mrs. Trissell were quite happy when seen this morning and do not regret their action in the least. Mrs. Trissell is awaiting anxiously for her parents to forward her clothes to her, a thing which they persistently refuse to do. There Is a story nfioat in LaRue which Mr. Trissell denies. It is to the effect that another young lady in that village became enamored of him during his short stay there and was planning to become Mrs. Trissell her self. The rumor also states that she thought so much of him that she loaned him two dollars with which he hir ed the conveyance in which he and his bride drove to this city. Auction Saturday.Odaffer's old stand. RUPP-SUPER Mr. Wesley Knpp and Mls Maggie Super Wed Thursday. Married at the resilience of the of ficiating minister, Rev. J. L, Uensloy of Cherry street, Thursday, October 20. Mr. Wesley Kupp of this city, anil Miss Macg'e tuper of I lensant town- hip. Mr. Rupp is an employe of the Marion Malleable Iron company. Mr. and Mrs. Kupp will reside in this city making their residence on Uncaphor avenue. The Moiialiittli Lecture. The ladies enjoyed a treat yesterday afternoon in tho lecture at the Y. M. C. A. auditorium given by Miss Mona-smith. A large and appreciative au dience was present. Her statements of plain facts in such forcible and ion ise language could not fail to interest. aiiss Monasnnth is a talented and enthusiastic speaker and is muster of hor subject. Mrs. Charles Seehrist of Pearl street received the sad news Thursday morn- ng that her mother, Mrs. W. C. Phili ps of Zanesville, died that morning at her home in that city. Mrs. Seehrist went to Zaneeville Thursday and will remain until after the funeral, which takes place Saturday. Mr. Seehrist will go to Zanesville Saturday morn- ng. REAPACHEcerod In20 rolnptestyrr V!W Pain "Ouacvut aiiike." Atdrueiiists. I WJ HUnrtwni J Kojojred l.y . A. Kruk' HHvlog; Animal Toewlay Night T). A. Frank's horse indulged in a runaway Thursday afternoon about 3:45 o'clock, as a result of which the animal's heels were slightly bruised. The horse was hitched at the rear of the store on Prospect street, and. Incoming frightened at a piece of paper, started to run south, dragging the block to which It was tied. The horse had only proceeded a short distance when it was stopped. No damage, other than above stated, was done. The horse again indulged In a runaway about 6:30 o'clock Thursday evening. ilarry Postal was driving the horse down north Main street and at the Christian church was run into by a fanner's rig. The buggy was turned over and Mr. Postal thrown out, Injur ing his leg. The horse ran as far as the court house where it was stopped by Ed. Tonguet. The horse's legs were badly skinned. BELIEVESHE'SGOD Henrv Hoverman of Lewis Street Is Violently Insane. WILL BE TAKEN TO COLUMBUS H'in Inventive Ceniui and Can Make Almost Anything, but Comes to Ori.f Trylne; To Perfect a Perpetual Motiun Machine Mind Ileean To Fall About Five Weeks Ago. Henry Hoverman of Lewis street who has teen slightly unbalanced mentally for about five weeks, was taken violently insane Thursday and now. has to be carefully guarded to keep him from doing himself or fam ily bodily harm. Hoverman Is a machinist by trade and up to the time of his losing his reason was employed in the. Strobel Manufacturing company's shops. 'He was a genius in his line and it seems ould make anything he tried, except-rflL however, a perpetual motion ma chine. For ten years he labored on this and, like all before him, he failed. AlKjut five weeks ago his mind began to fail him and since then he has grown steadily worse. At times he had lucid periods, but soon he would again imagine he was making all sorts of machines. Another thing he imagines is that he is a machine himself and he then claims to be God. Dr. Miller has been attending him. He will be given a hearing' Saturday morning ami sent to tho state hospital at Columbus. His brother, N. W. Hoverman of Kossuth was sent for at once and is here taking care of him. His wife and two children are almost broken-hearted over the serious turn his condition has taken. EGYPT A'S SCORE Is Pleasing to Local Singers--Much F.n- thnNlitsni Shown. Pedestrians last night in the vicinity of the Y. M. C. A. building were amazed at the great waves of melody that flooded all the neighborhood. Investigation proved it to be the great festival chorus of adult singers busily rehearsing the "Egypta" music in the Y. M. C. A. hall. The lare room was well filled and the inspiring music aroused the greatest enthusiasm. It certainly speaks volumes for the ability of our Marion singers that they were able to read the difficult score almost at first sight. The next rehearsal of the adult choms will take place Monday night at the same place. Everyone interested is invited to attend. The children's chorus will take place this evening- at 4 o'clock at the opera house. All these rehearsals will be at this hour. Children will not be asked to eomc out later than 4 o'clock. THE SICK. A child of Mr. and Mrs. Winfleld of Sugar street is ill. A daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Brown of Silver street is sick. . Miss Ubbie Zeig of Cherry street is seriously ill with typhoid fever. The condition of Mrs. Kennedy of Jefferson street is about the same. Mrs. Edward Holverstott residing east of Marion is very seriously ill. Mrs. Mary Campbell of Cherry street is suffering from a severe attack of quinsy. Mrs. William H. Schaffner of Pros- prct street is reported among those who are ill. A child of Morgan Mozlngo on Del aware avenue is suffering from a ser ious illness. Miss Ada Barker of west Cente street is confined to her home, on ac count of illness. W. Z. Davis' condition Is greatly im proved. Mr. Davis will he able to gel out as soon as the weather is favora ble. Dr. C. T. Wiant was called to Ham ster today by a telegram stating tha the aged David Ilarpster was considerable worse. The condition of John A. Wolford i not materially changed today. Report;-, from the skk room say that a er slight change for the better is perceptible this afternoon. o t'otnnetltinn. "Yonng Eoobykins is awfnlly stncl on himself. " "Well, he had a good chance to select his location. Nobody wns ahead of him. " Chicago Triboua THE. OVERCOATS AND ULSTERS WILL PREVENT SICKNESS. 10 SHIELD for precaution in "Warmback" overcoat supplies such a shield in the most convenient form possible. It will prevent many of the winter ills usually brought on by exposure and insufficient protection of the vital organs. It is receiving the strongest endorsement. NOTE. Ak to see the "Waruibck'' overcoats and ulsters. 1). A. FRANK & CO. Hew (Hisses' Jackets. Fifty sample Misses' Jackets on sale today, the best styles of a large New York maker, a lot that we got under value and that are going to be sold very cheap. These Jackets come up to the Frank requirements in every respect--are perfectly tailored and come in the new shades of blue and tan. There is a big range of styles and prices. $5, $7.50, $10, $12.50. P. A. FKfiflK 6 CO. WANTED An experienced saleslady at once. HAVE YOU PURCHASED THAT FALL SUIT ? DAVIES yTUf fElIIIIISlI3IlSIIlIlIiIII!IS3i:iIIIIIIi:rlIEISmiIIIUlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiIIIIIIUfin I Tie Best The Boys H At Prices that all Parents Will Appreciate E5 We've been waiting until now to make a special effort in our Roys' Clothing Department-waiting for certain lines ot s extra good things. Now we've got 'cm! They are just what r your boys want right now. . Knee Pants Suits. $2.50 $3.00 $3.50 $4.00 $4.50 $5.00 liluc, black and brown cheviots and fancy cassimers excellent all' wool goods at $2.50. Plaids and checks and mixtures at $3.50. Serges and unfinished worsteds at $.00 and $4.50. A very fine line at $5.00. 5 See what we can do for you in our Furnishing g r Department. I Climax Clothing Co., 123 East Center Street, -s Masonic Klock. g 3flliEHHrimC!IITmHlIinilll!I!lItl5iII!iinIIItIiniltIEIIiIT!'IilII!tlIlllI,n,'S I EXCELLENT VALUES 1 ST Are to be found in our line of Turses, Pocket and Hill Hooks, with a very superior assort-ment to select from. Bookseller C. G. Wiant Stationery the back is an excellent cold weather. The STRELITZS. at DON'T DO IT UNTIL YOU SEE THOSE Tailor-made suits at. ...$12.00 Ready-tailored suits.... 6.50 Boys' ready-tailored suits 6.50 TAILORING CO., Long Pants Suits. $600 $6.50 $7.50 $10 and np to $15 All wool service-able suits at $.M suits that you'll pay $8 and 8.50 for at other stores-hcre for $(i.5(, and if you will look all over town at $10 suits and conic here we will show vou as good for $7.50

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