The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 3, 1938 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 3, 1938
Page 7
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 1938 BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIRR NEWS PAGE8KVE* CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per lino for coiisecU- Uvc Insertions; fine time per line loo fwo times ptr line p« day ...08e fhree times per line ptr day ..Otfo Kx times per line,per day ,...l)Sc fconth rate per lluo 60e lirds of Thanks S0c & 75o Minimum charge- 50c /Ids ordered for Ihrco or stx lines and stopped before cxplra- Furnlshcd 5 room house, 1'hone 55 fu Uo Ion will be charged for the imm- fcer ot limes .the add appeared »nd iljuetment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy lubmllted by persons residing out- tide of tlio city must be accompanied by easli. Rates may be lastly computed from above table. Advertising ordered for Irregular *settloiffi lakes the one time rate. No responsibility will be taken or more than one Incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. Business Directory HARRY BAILKY'S CURVE IN CAFE G««d Food at Good I'ritus All Kinds Sea Food Fresh Cr;i[>iiic Cigar-cites 2 for 25c HARRY BAILEY'S Holland. Mo. Phones S-F-.J & 878 Coal Sly (,'aal Is Black lint I Treat You While. LOOAI, UAU.1NU Juliu Huchunan Blythevllle, Ark. Phone 101 Announcement For Rent For Sale 4 room furnished apartment wllli uit by K uei>(» for hole! bills bath. 110 West Ash, Dosha Mick, | Drown leather Gladstone IMR 'i room unfurnished house. 801 s. " ' 3-pk-8 Lake. H-pk-Tiuiuck seal fur coat and brown' PUHLIO HATCHING. JUiullyn " ' "" """" "' Hatchery, Hlylhevllic. - Ark., ll.W. inluk fur coat. Oleucoc Ifolol. phone C38. l-ck-4 or VU3 alter 6 p.m. 31-pk-Y ._'^-_ 3 or •! room furnished uimtinctit, rent reasonable to permanent party. 'JC9 W. Kentucky Phone 465-w. M-ck-a-aa rvloctcm D room home at 305 N. Broudvniy, Call 853-J. I'rice $25. 20-pk-S ; room furnished apartment. 80<J lleitrn. Mrs. C. I!. Wheeler. 2S-ck-5 burnished apartment.. Lights and water furnished. Private balh. $3.50 a. week. 1G01 W. Asli. 29-cktf 2 unluini.slied rooms. Outside entrance. AcUoinltii; until. Couple only, 516 S. Franklin, cull niter 5 P. M. 28-ck-4 ?omi>tctc 10 volume Bet of Standard Reference Books willi looso cat binder. Call 233 or-'193. .' •;. . 15-la-fa MULES FOR SALE DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. 0 Acres land. Require stock, feed, tools. D. R. GariiL'r, Armorcl. FOU HEN'l—Modern a fc 4 room furnished apartments, call 280. i(i-ck-tr Nicely furnished room entering Into ball). liuiorspi-iiij,' Will eivc 3 mcnls u day. Call R3G, 81S Chickasawba. 25-da-da Furnished bedroom. 022 W. Main Mrs. McMullms. 2'2-ck-U Comfortable bedroom in private home. IIS East Kentucky. " EAGLE STAMPS PiCKARDS GROCERY 1H4 Chlckaontba I 1 hone 6U ., Radio Service KADIO' SEUV1CL) Complcfe Line Of V^ARTS, TUBES, B'TEKIKS Hardaway Appliance Co. HENRY WEKNER Main & 5th I'hone i' 3 room furnished apartmctil. 10B 108 W. Kentucky. Phone UB3. _ 13-ck-lf Modern :! room lurnishcd npavi- Kicnl. IL'O JJugau Avc. Mrs. Uelle \Voo<l. Phone 785-J after li p.m. 17-ck-tf 3 room fin n. «pt. with bath. Newly decorated. Call 2!M, 1117 W. ^••1^ 8-ck-2-8 2 or 3 room turn. apts. One 2 room apt. upstairs. 914 Hearn. 12-PH-2-1' Ftirniplicil comfortable bedroom 515 Walnut. Phone 351. 10-ck-tl Modern furnished room, hcalcc v.'ilh BUS. Privntc telhroom am garnge. Phone '110. G-ck-2- Onft.. __cpii)rprtan)e bedroom. Cai Mrs. S. S. Sternbcrg 984 1209 Holly,' • ' -- ' 2 comfortable bedrooms, private brtlh. Gentlemen preferred, phone 704-W or 1C1. Glass S A V a' The Top Of Your Furniture With Glass All designs cut & finished. C."LL US Blytherillc Paint i Wallpaper Co Phone 880 Batteries SATTKRT SERVICE J. Ben Clune Phone 8 at Tom Jartjon"» torn nnd Alfalfa and Soybean hay. n. n. Gitrncr, Annorcl. Wesllnghoiise Klcclrlc priced low. Phone G29-J. Grocery store, cheup. Mrs. Herb Thompson, Kill \v. Rose. 11-cK-a-ll Personal MKN OIA) AT 40! OCT Pill'. Nc :\- Cslrcx 'i-onlc TdbfcU ronlnlii ;aw o.vsler Invigoriilor.'i and nlher itlmnlnnis. One, dose starts nc'.v icp. Vnliie $1.00. Special price Me-. Call, write Klruy.Bros. Drug filoie Kirby's Active Liver Pills Arouse Sluggish Livers Hevfn MIlQiiftnM*, cor.nlliml'.on tnd illrhci. Jtllvs Liter I'llln s,d it Ihr fal CMUO ot your alugglalitu'M Mia i»ke yon ,'p«-l like n new ivorftoa. Kid onr tjatetn of nirplui uouom wjtk \cliTB U»«r rill«. H»ru.lei., (until. <old at ill Klrby r>ru» Slori>». For Sale or Rent room house. 1510 \V. Ash. tic- cenllv remodeled from front lo back. Will .sell on easy terms or to responsible parly, l.mits Applebnuiri, plionc 1U7, 10'; S. Snd. St. 28-ck-l KOOIH and Board Sti'iun heated room nith bonrd 003 W. Ash. I'honc 181. ll-ck-2-ll Hatchery Baby Chicks leru In iho three-headed club ol I JU-milw. The vlnbii of plnyliu;j K :in- In Imltallon 01 u llnre. ' fS'd I'luviT. , lit Noilli, J'lionc 'Ma. Found foWeTwUir^ cr emi 1mvo same by paying coat of Ihls lid. Blnck leather key holder conlalh- onc key. Owner can liuve by paying cost of (his ad. Courier News. FARM POWER UNITS l.!K»il I'lllUl 11(1 V«H — aOlW Wait I'WVKR Kll' SAW Second Hand Hnft-si BARKSDALK MFG. CO. -01) No. Second St. Sell-Accused, St If-Jailed But There's No Leniency PORTER.V1LLE. Oal. (UP) —Km- erald Brady Is coivvlnced IHaL co- 'mcraUon wllli police docs not always inrrlt leniency, lie iineslcil him:clf, lo:lue<l himself In (he cl^v Jail. i\nd-sls!»ed,|i eomplulnt chara- Injl'lf with lutoxlrallun. <in<l received the usual sentence for the. ollense. Judge H. E. nldgtvny ruled lhal lually slioiihl remain lo \vurk on thu city ch^ln (J!»UB to earn his INXI uiKl board wlilcli had been provided lu Um jail niter his idl- arrest. Tlic word "clover" soiues from Ilic Lnlln word for "clubi" R»d ro- FOWLER DRUG CO YOUR PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST Main WANTED CORN SOYHKANS So. K.It. SI. Illylhcvillr, Aril. Maiden Grain Co. W. O. Itcevi-s, Agi-nl I'liono M5 WELDING AT BK.1T P1HCES PKOMIT BEIIVKJB Barksdale Mfg. Co, PI1ONK 10 Special Prices Arc Ntnv Iking OITt-ri'd on All Winter Auto Accessories Visit our modem purta store. Hero you will linil ovi'i-ylliinif (in display l« nmhle yiiu 1" nuiki' oiisy svlvelions ul" your parliniliir tit'cds. (.'ail (;:i:! Tom Little Chevrolet Co. Hubert Utley's Service SUlion and Cafe All U'lulliif Hrauil^ vt H«r, Whiskey, Wine, Gins And Cuiilluts I>K,1I,KK IN fual — liny -. ,v _ (iralns 'I'AX I'All) '4 pk. iTn or ¥1,15 vri Carto 2\ Hour Service HAMILTON TRUSr IUJNI) Kpoivsoml By irwiijltim Dfposllora Corp. Also city propertlet DON H, KASSEBMAH ThoRuui Uii\ii GO. oftiw r, 9. BOX 410, phone ya. Hemorrhoids-Piles CURED WITHOUT SURGKItY & tiUAKANTUBU «»f«, iijr* >nd »tlh «lw»K» «tid rool «ilmni|» cw*fl «t our , of nfrw«« oiljjln, c»ncer» Uuted »nd Kit DKS. N1ES & NIKS Wroimthlo I'lijrtldaiu «*•»• 08 Hljllicvlllf, KUKR INSTUIXITIONS In latest Styles Knlttlnij "BKICNAV KNVITINCI VAHNS Mrn. U'Slie |(ou[ie r HOff (.•tilckn.wivbft I'lioiiB Y(j:i USED TRUCKS CARS AM, TRUCKS CUARAN- TKI'H) TO I'AHS STA'I'K INSI'KCTION Phone.802 Delta Implements, Inc. OPEN FOR BUSINESS (NKW MANAWEMKNT) NEW WNING ROOM AT UNCLE BILLIE'S TOURIST COURT NOtlrll (;iiv MMITS ON IIKiilWAV Bl 1-rlvnto i)lnln H Ho,,m MlBlo t ^ Home Cookh)« 0rmMn! ' [ "«l UUicult ull Iho "«''l"'0"e<l Kite tt ' " K Hlt '" l!5 l.unehn IMKTIKS INVH'i;i)_l'HONH HU I'l.KNJV VI 1 I'AKKlNO ,SI'A(;i; 01 "8l)OUJ Urlnks located at lot North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU BON KUWAUDS, rroprlcl»e I makri «f Re |, u |n Tj.i, cwr it» r ». MMni( yi tMain a CalcDlators—Itrpalrlnr—l'«n»— KlDbon, COBB FUNERAL HOME " »™i Lost One pair natural color doc . Courier. Reward for return to Chinese Barricade ' HORIZONTAL I, 6 Lengthy , man-made ) barricade, of . China. 9 Less reluctant ill Intention. ,12 Away. f!3 Flax- derivative. ila Moor. HC Befalls. • J8 Railroad. J9 Third-rate <9ctor. 20 Form of "be." «nt is 2550 long. 23 Vertical. 27 Ingenuous. 23 Tea, 31 Slow (music). Answer to Previous Tuzzlc 38 To ma rcudy. by — labor 50 To observe. 28 Q 51 fixed courses 30Sidc bone . 40 Circle part. of study. 32 Drone bee. 41 To maintain. VERTICAL 34 Three. 43Council. i Grain. 35 Arid. 45 Successive 2 TO ascribe-. 38 One that . relief .supply. 3 To merit. 33 To come in. 33 Rubber wheel -17 Prophet. 4 Slir. -12 To bail, pad. •!!) Inclitialion. 5 Musical note. 44. Part of * 34 U was built 51 Piovcrb. in n,(, —- S2 To. soak flax. C Written document. 4' century B C. S3 Otherwise. TDcposilcd. 48SheUeiccl \ 3G Needy. ' ' ' JTGod of war. 5} Lot'in slack' ening biiv. WELL. G1RL5-SINCE YOU'VE ELGCTEPME LEAPEe. IT 5EEMS OMLV RI6HTTHAT I DJCTATEOURPOLICIES- DOESTHAT MEET WITH / THAT3Y GO'—x VOUE APPROVAL? ,-{ RIGHT J AHEAD) ^ ^-f-.\ ^/^^.. ^_ _S ALL RIGHT- MOW.RCSi; MOW THAT WE'VE SETTLED OKI TK THAT WE KEEP OUR LITTLE CLU& SECft&T- THAT 15. FrO LIKE TO SUGOEST THAT, JUST WE ADOPT 5QME AW OFFICIAL 6ARB- -_r-n_, i• mi i-j, r»-i*- ,•• ^vr jrl/M D A TIME, AWVWAV - ^(AVE: f A LOVELY ; 'w» '9ia8Y»CASCBViei BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES r I'M SURE. BUT, Wo ;\ . 00 Wi I A,"bKtO - KJOV 3. MUST WASH TUBBS HO 110! HOWS THIS Rfc OUTSN\^RTI^!0 MELONS ,A08? (XNCHOR.^ WEIGH. ' FULL SPEED . DOESN'I MOVE, HEY! . SHES OM A. SANOBftR.' TKEV'tlE TRY1M6 TlMiN ,VHOUT ELL,WHAT ARE VOU I WAITIWG ?=£>!=>, Jos? START) THE MACHWERY.': DOWY BELIEVE THERE'S DOWWTHERE.' THE PUMP IS DOWU -iERE CALLIWG FOR IT, BUT IT DOESH'T SEETM TO COME' SVj'IWDLED THAT'SWHAT....aviWDLEDHOV/ SHOULD WHAT c>oYou KWOW /krwov/?you WERE GOWWA SHOW ME HOW TO GET OIL , WOT ASK ME.'.' SHAFT TO FfWD OUT .' 10 Type of lig. 14 Fiost bilel 15 It c.vlcnds ;ilong Ihe Northern ^ of China 16 Bundle. 17 Dad soft coal. 19 Bees' home. 21 Marvels. 22 Plotters. 23 Sycophant, 24 Chart. 25 Wide.sf. shaft. 40 Epoch.

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