Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on July 30, 1964 · Page 16
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 16

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 30, 1964
Page 16
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JULY jQ, 1964,^ Sfofe Demo Leader To Back Barry SHREVEPORT. La. (API State Public Service Commis- j sioner John Hunt of Monroe, a i Democrat, says he will cam- j paign actively for Republican presidential nominee B a r r y | Goldwater. i t Hunt, in a prepared statement ! issued here Wednesday, said! (ioldwater's typo of leadership! "Is our only salvation. ' "1 am a Louisiana Demo-! crat," Hunt said. "I am not! changing my party affiliation; j 1 will just vote for the man and i not the party. I am joining j thousands of other Democrats j who are dissatisfied with the na-1 tional Democratic Party and its j role in leading us down the road , to socialism and destruction." \ i Hunt is believed to be the first i major officeholder in this heavi- j )y Democratic state to publicly announce for Goldwater, although Gov. John McKeithen i said last Friday he might vote i for the Republican nominee. j Loco/ Youth Wins Merit Scholarship Arthur Edwards, 19-year-ol di 0rambling College student, has i been awarded a Merit Scholarship, he was informed by Arlynne L. Cheers, chairman of! the college's merit scholarship ; committee. | Edwards, who completed his j freshman year this spring, with j an average of 3.3 is an honor student at Gramtling, and thus earns a scholarship worth $600 per academic year for his meritorious work thus far. I A graduate of Sacred Heart! High School, Edwards must! maintain a 3.0 average per se- j mester to enjoy the scholarship i through his remaining college i studies. ; He must also participate in the total college program and continue to exhibit leadership qualities on the campus, where he lives in a dormitory. Under the merit scholarship he will he ineligible for any other financial scholarship aid. cither from state or federal sources, the announcement read. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Edwards, 2014 Winterhalter St. Sale Street Baptists Set Youth Film A religious youth film, '"Seventeen," will be shown at 7:30 p.m. Friday at Sale Street Baptist Church, according to Wilton Anthony, director of Area Youth for Christ. It tells the story of a typical American high school in which i a group of students decide to meet for Christian fellowship and study the Bible. The impact of the meetings on ihe top students in the school is shown Youth Films, a division of Gospel Films, Inc. of Muskegon, Mich, produced "Seventeen" which is available for; tree high school showings along; with other films as "Goal to ; Go," "Going Steady," '"Teen- 1 afe'e Rock," and "Monkey Busi- : ness." KC Officers Are Installed At DeRidder DERIDDER (Spl.) — District Deputy Percy Monceaux of Oberlin installed the new offi-1 cers for the DeRidder Kniglils i of Columbus Council No. 3857. i Monday night. The installation was held in the St. Joseph's CYO hall, with a dinner being served after the ' installation. The officers installed were Grand Knight Ray Vaughn, Deputy Grand Knight H. S. Brum- j it-Id. Advocate Bob Finn, Recording Secretary Alvin Gidlow, Financial Secretary Joe Garo- j iolo, Chancellor Charlie Cover- i fiale and Inside and Oubide: (Juards 1'ony Marsalise and Leonard Sternburg. Disinct Depuiv Percy Mon- ctaux was assisted in the installation by Warden Darrell Reed, also of Oberlin. l VARIETY... QUALITY ...FRIENDLINESS ALL PURPOSE BOIL 'EM-MASH 'EM-FRY 'EM Potatoes U.S. MO. 1 All WHOSE REDS Lettuce 10 IBS. FOR 39 HEAD 19t Celery 2 LARGE STALKS Cantaloupe !,;'!;;; 3 For 89c Peaches .FREESTONE LB. Cucumbers E^T 0 - 1 Lb . !9c Plums Red Blueberries MICH. PINT 25* 19e 391 Boston, Red Tip, Romalne or Salad Bowl Fancy Lettuce Hcad 19c COUPON EXTRA FREE BONUS STAM coupon and pure Carrots GOLDEN FRESH 2 1-LB. PKGS. CLIP THIS VALUABLE COUPON Devil Food Cake Pineapple Clusters MILK rr. CHOCOLATE 030 OVEN FRESH 29c French Sticks Champion Bread 2 CELLO 31 c 2 1-Lb. ne Loaves &VV DETERGENT WITH 2.50 PURCHASE OR MORE BEHIND TURNSTILES Pork & Beans ELNA BRAND 3 NO. 300 CAMS n ' our GIANT BOX Boned Chicken KT" 3 «* $1.00 Upton Tea FOOD CLUB «LB. PACKAGE VITAMIN ENRICHED tipton Tea Bags PKG. OF 23$ Borden Coffee aE™™* 1 SUCED 87* Uncle Bon Rica OR HALVES FOOD CLUB-NO. 2'/ 2 CAN Waldorf Tissue !Xs R 4^ 35* Jewel Shortening 3 CAN; 49* Pard Dog Food 25 TALL CANS 89t sson Oi Plum Preserves S3S 3 ]&*• 1.00 Food Clib Rico Lunch 24-OZ. BOTTLE 29 ASST. Gayla Drinks Ice lemonade Green Peas 12 89t Sweet Pickles POOD CLUB MIDGET-8 OZ. 33* Grope Jiicr /5£ l B&u PREM 12 OZ. CAN 27* Pi»k Salmon 39' PtNK BEAUTY TALL CAN ream SWEET CREAM ASSORTED FLAVORS Vi GAL. CTN.-SAVE 20* 8 itk 1.00 Herskey Kims 1.00 Sun Maid Raisins 5SOI. PACKAGE 25* Bonomo Sour Balls 25* Kraft Caramels 10 OZ. BAG 14 OZ. BAG 27* 33* aeon Alcohol 70% ISOPROPYL 16 OZ. BOTTLEI Bayer Aspirin BOTTLE OF 100 THURS., JULY 30, 1964, IOWPRICES...AMP BIG BOHUSSKMPfl Crown YOUNG 'N TENDER VEAUB. Veal Brisket Chopped Sirloin Stew Meat IDEAL FOR BARBECUE YOUNG AND TENDER LB. U.S. CHOICE TENDER HEAVY BEEF LB. TENDER BONELESS QUALITY VEAL LB. ^ -—PWWWW*** 69* Rib Chops YOUNG AND TENDER VEAL! SHOULDER STEAK YOUNG AND 39* Breaded Shrimp White Gulf Shrimp TOP FROST-2 LB. FAMILY PACK MEDIUM SIZE . AA 1 .07 EXTRA FREE BONUS STAMPS coupon ond pv With Purchase o! $5.00 or Moro Behind Grocery Check Stands at Weingarien's. Coupon Expires Sat., Aug. 1st. Prlcu Goad In Lake Charles Thun.>$ot., July 30-Auq. i. Right reserved to limit. ckenHe Dry Salt Bacon LEAN-SLICED LB. 35( Dry Salt Bacon tEAN-PIECE LB. OR ROASTERS FRESH 4'/ 2 LB. TO 7 LB. AVERAGE IB 29$ Swift Smokies FARMER BROWN Cooked Ham Cotto Salami Korn Dogs Pizza Pies Sliced Meats OSCAR MAYER 6 OZ. PKG. OR PICKLE & PIMENTO OSCAR MAYER-EACH JOHNSON PKG. OF 4 COUNTRY KITCHEN 22 OZ. 89$ 12 OZ. FARMER BROWN J *• ASSORTED 6-Ofc.' 69* 39* 39* 59* 29* Borden'* Pineapple ALL MEAT Cottage Cheese Armour Franks Armour Star 12 OZ. PKG. 30c 12-nz Cln. Vacation Set By Goldwater In California By WALTER R. MEARS WASHINGTON (AP) Republican presidential nominee Barry Goldwater, counting on new-look campaign debates with President Johnson, begins a week-long California vacation today. The Arizona senator will fly west aboard a private plane. Aides sail he wants the journey to be a vacation trip and nothing else. Goldwater's first California stop is an exclusive, 2,600-acre retreat called Bohemian Grove, 80 miles north of San Francisco, v The senator plans to slay < there through Saturday as the guest of retired Gen. Albert C. Wedcrneyer. The retreat is divided into about 125 separate | camps. Goldwater will be stopping at one called the Caveman Club. On Saturday, Goldwater plans to fly to Newport Beach, south of Los Angeles, to rest with hl» ] wife, who is vacationing there. •! He expects to fly back to Washington next Wednesday for a round of talks with GOP ! members of the House and Sen- j ate Aug. 0 and 7. | Goldwuler told newsmen on the eve of his departure he was not surprised there was no quick response from the White House after his Tuesday declaration he was "ready, willing and able" to debate Johnson. "I think when the time cornea he'll be willing to debate," J Goldwater said. ! He said that Inte In August ' IflfiO, Richard M. Nixon still had I not made up his mind to face j John F. Kennedy in the series of television eampiiign debates. Goldwater has said the de- bales were a mistake for the Republicans, and one that contributed to Nixon's defeat. The senator said ho is still apprehensive about debates in- ! volving Johnson because he fears U.S. secrets might be aim! in I ho heat of a live televi- i sion debate. He suggested n revised formal, skipping the reporters' questions that were a fixture of the Kennedy-Nivop debates. Instead, 'Goldwater said, his staff and Johnson's could discuss in advance material that could be covered "without having to fear secret or top secret disclosures." "I think it would be better to have a problem stated and then both sides present (heir solution," Goldwntor said. Goldwiiler said that his meeting with Johnson last Friday convinced him that civil rights tensions wilj not be injected Into the campaign by either nominee or the men around him. OR SWIFT OR RATH 12 OZ. HOT DOGS OR TEXAS HOTS-UOZ. MILD-BY THE PIECE LB. CHEDDAR CHEESE Midget longhorn 39t Baby Govda 53( Roth Ctrvelat 67$ Brick or MutMtor CHEDDAR CHEESE' BORDEN'S-IXj LB. BORDEN'S 70Z.SIZE BLACKHAWK LB. CHEESE PIECELB., PKGS. FOR Chtddar Choose Midflit loiflkorn S^ S 5 L T SE 69$ Dug an English Miff Ins 2 FOOD Qtil SLICED AMERICAN OR PiMENTO-EACH SLICED INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED-12 OZ. PKG. 99* 39* 59* 69* Right Guard Deodorant NEW! FAMILY SIZE! lu* ax myA>it COUPON FREE! 100 EXTRA BIG BONUS STAMPS > witH this c oupcn end purchase c? BMCWI Shampoo. Ciems Rinse, Bubble Both Quart 5lt«.. , 79? at Yfeirtgarten * • Coupon Expires Aug. 1, 1964. COUPON* Subject to stock 0:1 hand at each store. 24" Mat treibrs 36 Ot. MOM lee Chest \ M. LHoM Picric AUGUST WHITE SALE Fruit of the Loom Mislin Sheets "x!08" 1 ML 81"xl08" 1 LL Pillowc««f. twinfittw) I • C tU prdoubUfiHtdl •UO f^-o(2 Jumbo SU« Molded Foam RubUr B*d pillows 2 for 5*00 22i, Boys 'Western' LUEJEANS SUMMER CLEARANCE TM Vi W. WMM Piak J* ?..,.m< («* R.g.i.99 1.44 2 M. AlflM Me Jbf R. g .s.w 3.W R« 9 .1.99 1.44 CUUrn'i SIMM Hiywi* 2 f« 1.00 Sin, 10-18 1.00 CHECK THESE FEATURES: •Slirn 2. Regular •Sanforiz«dl «Htayy 13% Oz. Cotton Denim • Proportioned to (it •Bartacked and rivitod at points of strain True Wt-Mern Trim tapered legs. SIZES 1 TO 16.. REG. 2 46 LOW DISCOUNT PRICES Special Group for rice Sole! Costume Jewelry . _ _ EHTJWIWOCK OF SUI«MER JEWELRY! ' 1.00 R^ IJB 2 Gk-CTv. Toothpaste ..<•., LO.3. Sue 49e Five Day Deodorant Pads ?5'» 76$* Jergen's Lotion )<*•/ 0«. 71^ Alka Seltzer tioirW of 25 39f Exceunri Tablets E.'rio O f 60 73? 'Plus Federal Tax Aquo Net Hoir Spray 17 Oi, 77?' Prell Liquid Shampoo tar-jo su» 74? Cloirol Loving Core 112" Toni Permanent R« 8 .,G«mi«, s.pcr 126* SquUdbVigranMultiVito/nins loy* 1.99 (Plut Fed, hu) IJGlrlsDrMst* Sff l.ft Glrlf £S* Panties ft; 3 Fo-1.00 wm mi ^•P^ ^iWl.^Mni Suit Under New Rights Act Filed by RFK TUSCALOOSA, Ala, (AP) U.S. Ally. Gen. Robert F. Kennedy has filed the first federal suit under the new Civil Rights Act against 15 eating places here. The action, filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Birmingham, charged that owner* arid managers of (In; 15 places have violated the law by refusing to serve Negroes. Karlier Wednesday, Negro attorneys in South Carolina filed suits against two Orangeburg movie houses. The lawyers charged that Negroes were turned away from ticket windows where whites were accommodated. The Tuscaloosa suit demanded that restaurants and lunch counters in the university city h« forbidden to discriminate against Negroes. It also re- qur-.ted a preliminary injunc- [ lion against the defendants. There was no immediate ruling Court sources said a hearing would not be held unti] October because of a crowded court docket for the three federal judges in Birmingham. The suit covers virtually every sizable restaurant and lunch counter in Tuscaloosa, except a hotel restaurant and a cafeteria that dropped their racial barriers after the law tuck effect. In the suit, Kennedy is resorting fur the first time to a provision of the Civil Rights Act which permits him, rather than private individual*, to initiate a suit when he find.> a "pattern or practice" of discrimination. It also marks the fourth major legal tt.ii ui ihe controversial public acrummodaiiuns section. There have I veil rulings so far »n Uo teala ut Hie public ac- coinnuxlati'ini becUun of the nvii rights act, signed by Presi- dr.':! Ju.'t/iMjn less than four ago. In buth cases, a three-judao tt-U-.-ral court in Atlanta upheld the law.

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