The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 2, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 2, 1937
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHfcVlLLE, (ARK.) COURIEfi NEWS WESDAY, FEBRUARY 2,, Social Calendar v WEDNESDAYS EVENT °i Mrs W H Mlnjard having Wetoesdaj Bridge dull Delphlans meeting Hotel Noble, 9 30 ft m Executive board, of the Siidbury p T A meeting at the school 3 o'clock bible slud\ Chuicli of Christ meeting with Mrs E D Baker 3 20 P M THURSDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. C.'.F. Tucker having Town and countrj club HUD4YS EVENTS Golden Rule Sunday School da^s, First Christum chinch lm\ ing bunco party at home o( James Tcrrj I 30 P M Every Block a Butterfly Sen Born A son was torn this morning to Mr and Mrs Alton Thorn i' at the home of Mrs Ihoma 1 ; itircnis Mi and Mrs O D. Parks en E»st Chcrrs Tlie bibs who weighs seicn rounds, has teen named Glenn Ray Thomas Mrs Thomas was formerls Miss Gleiui•'.- Parks. Diughtei Bom A daughtei was bom Sunday Bits of News Mostly Personal to Mr ind Mrs Bill Ingram a their home 229 Dougan avenue The babj, who weighs clgh pounds, has been nan ed Magda lene Ann In'ram Before lur mar Novices of Washington Social Scene riage Mrs Ingram was Mis. -Magdalene: McKumon. Busmcis & Profession »1 Club Has Legislate Program Mrs Frank WhJtworih wa>; leader of n leglslathe piogiam at a meeting of the Business and Pro fessional Women's club Monday night, at (he Hotel Noble She ; (•hciised the Social Secuillj act • Mrs H L Reynolds told of the flaces now open to women In business because of legislation and Mrs Howard Proctoi took up the merits of the Civil Service system It .was-voted to contribute 510 to the Red Cross relief fun in the brief business session, presided o\er bv Mis W 1" Obersl Mctliodlst Women Submit flcpa'-'s Reports of officers chclc crmii man and committee chatimcn or the Woman s Missionary Society of the > Fitst Methodist church submitted m a meeting Monday afternoon at, the church,.showed that the group is coopeiatmg in a , plan to go forward in the seal's \ aclivitiw _ . v , '• In'takRig up the JctrViltcs 4 to be earned ou^ by the Christian social relations committee,- Mrs. A.. B. Fairfield, chairman, j outlined;' the year's program on the board. Mrs. H..Lynn Wade told of tho organization : of a ' business' women's .group, lo be; known us circle 5 which meets one Thursday night of each month. The Rev. Mr Wade spoke of the need of coop eration in all branches of the 1 church. He conducted the devo tional, reading from Phlllipian 4. The/group had an unusuall large atlehdance at^this incctinc due to the" efforts of Mrs. C. S Winter time Is q»IU making time, so whs not rtart now to embroider a colorful butterfly quilt' Oulline the buttcrnlis ind floucis K sou like but for a quill of unsurpassed beauts do them In solid Number C2839 bungs >ou a hot Iron transfer of 35 diflcient butte)files wind will stamp on jour material in the colois lo be worked There I also nn iddltional bulterlb quilting design foi the ilttrnatlng plain blocks. To order, nsl' for No 02B30 01 tcai out Illustiition and send willi 25 cent* stamps or coin Address join ordei lo Courier News Male Yourself Patldm Bureau, Box-160, Kansas ' Clly,. Mo. to..give name and complete address. Be sure Throw-In Forces Lead That Gives Declarer [Us Game K\ WM t 'McKfcNMJ Secretary, American Bridge League Holding three .cards of a suit, to the ncc, in no trump, It is ijencr illy accepted as good, piny to" hold up the controlling card until the hird round, on Ihe theory that ie partner of the leader will then 'ie void of the suit. However, there ive hands In' which this course alns nothing, and might - prove isaslrous. , .. ! ^ . : Spilth, vviien'. he! saw the dummy id-noted-ihe 'distribution,' hart no Stevens, . who though phoned the -'members. ill, tele A 10.1 •V.AKQ3 *.Q1075 *974. South 3N.T. V743 « A K 8 •S.A10G 'Rubber— Ail vul. West \orlh Puts ' :> V !>,!!;-, • ,1'iis-' Pass Pats Guild Names Officers Mrs. J. D. McDowell was re-' elected piesidenl of the SI. Sic-' phen Guild and Mrs: Mabel Walts, secretary and treasurer, m a meeting Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. A. Conway. In the social hour n ' dessert course was served. ' This group, which meets monthly, will be entertained by Mrs. P. L. Engler for the March meeting. .•Has Eridge ,Luncheon Mrs: P. L-. Erigler had a Valentine party Friday -when she had eight guests for lunch and bridge. A centerpiece of mixed 'spring flowers, red tapers in crystal can- .delabra and Valentine place cards, which held heart shaped mints, were in keeping with Ihc February 14 holiday. In Ihe card games Mis. A. li. Feirfield won pillow slipi for high .scoie prize and the cut pilze, a double deck of cnrdb in n heart shaped package, went to Mrs. H A. Taylor/ * »• »• Baplist Women' Tiansacl Buiiriess' The 42 members of the Woman's Missionary Union ,ot 'the Firs Baptist church, '; .who attended the meeting at the chuich Monday afternoon, . .held ' A business session. Mrs Leslie Mooie presided. For the devotional, Mrs. John Buchanan read from Galatians 6 and prayers were, offered by Mrs. Walter Bishop, Mrs. H. H. Brooks. Mrs. John Buchanan. Mrs. 'Leslie Moore and Mrs. Hattic Recce. Opening lead— i 5. a Today's Conirucc Problem Noi'lli is playinc the con Inset at six no Innnp.. He can count 10 sure tricks. Ho 1 should- ho ploy the static ::uH to make his contr.-ict'. V A K 4 2 <• K .1 '.'• c, Q in 5 . ino in s s V87?- '.'• o m« t H WE S Dealer * A 9 8 7 V'C5 ' 4' A Q4 3 , * A K •! AU vul. Opener—V 8 SoluUoivin next issue. IV'rs f '^ i/ngjei and 1 er r.cpluyv, Jack ^'Inles Elobui oh <.n\ l( Ilcinuhls Sunday .'.o.-bc vvdli Mrfi. Ci.gBvi".'- aunt, Mf,s L. W. Gosncll, nt l)ie.. Bapils u ' iul and a« em) ilited lh ix-mainii home th.t. itfteinoon , Mr. and Mrs Bill Richardson of Memphis aie guests of Mrs Cafy Wocdbiirn Pheency ai)d her mother. Mrs. J. p. Woodbuni. Miss Pearl Lee has recovered from beveial days Illness from influenza. E. A, Fisher IB convalescing af» ter a five week 1 ; Illness caused > j a stroke of paialysik f N F Moore.has recovered-frobv 1 a week's Illness from Influenza. Mrs. Wolf Arlan has recovered roin a v»;ck's Illness from in- luenza. Mrs. C. M. DUck and daughters, Misses Pollyarin and Churchill, were m Memphis Saturday >*j Mrs. Lillian Dlcus and children; of Braggadocio. Mo., have moveg hero and arc.ill home wilh. Mrs, Dicus 1 sister, Mrs Ocoigc Carney ( and family. Mrs. J. A. Leech and Miss Peggy McKeel sere in Memphis terdas accompanying * Mrs \v]l Norman who returned to her home In Maylield, Ky aflei having Lecn hcic for several day" following her return from IJic mctor tilp taken to MCMIO Clly litid. other soul hern points bj lh A G Littles, the A Conway aiid Mrs. Leech. Mrs Lillie Moseley, of .Hollam has arrived to make her horn with Mr atid Mrs. George. Car ncy. She Is Mrs. Carney's mo- thei Mrs. Clyde Drane returned Sunday :to her home In Dyersliurg, Tenn. afler spending a monlri will! her daughter, Mrs. J W. Adaiiis jr.,-and family. .She .was accompanied home by her niece, Miss Belly Colhran, of Lepanto. E. II. Jones, who recently underwent a major operation at tt]e Memphis Baptist hospital, underwent a second operation today. Mrs. Jones is with him. Miss Dinii Mae Sallba is 11' from influenza. Drover Ashley, who is ill, at Campbell's; Clinic, Memphis,-.' ij Steele,- Mr. and Mrs. J. : Rolpli Hutchinson and 'soil .Jack, of Caruthcrsville, have gone, to' Ft. Myers, Fla. whefc they will spend .several weeks' with 'friends- and relatives. . . ' Harry Darnell, who has been ji sick wilh-pneumonia, is, better.; •' i! Mrs. H. A. Spence Is visiting In *\ the home of Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Greer of Harrlsburgh, Ark. Mrs. Henry Howpll and Mrs. .-•• Bell Burden arc visiting Mrs. Iln ; Statler of Memphis. Mrs. H. B. Spence and children, Herbert and Bertie McBrlde, are 'visiting relatives in Memphis this week. . Mrs. Walter Wilson and daughter of Franklin, Tenn., are the ', guests of Mrs. C. C. Wilson and ' 'amily this week. Mrs. Lester McBride has returned to her home in Laurel,'Miss. "', after a visit here with her' par- . enU, He.v. and Mrs. .M. A. Massey. , Mrs. A, L. Jordan and daughter , Jill are visiting relatives at At- . " lanta, Ga. Mrs.' John Bishop and son and " Miss Lonnic Tucker are visitinr '" relatives in Clifton, Tenn. Mrs. Cico Garrett and son are "'. visiting relatives at Priendshin V Tenn. •Every (.bin; For Tour Entertainment;' and Comfort? Among the women confionted with the double soe'o-pchtlcal pioblems or life m' Washington are these, novices of the capitil scene wnes'of newly-elected sEiialors, At lop.;left to right, are Mrs Ernest limdeen of Minnesota Mrs H H Schwartz ot Wyoming, Mrs. Joshua Lee of Oklahoma, Mrs. Cljde Honing' of Iowa Mrs Henn Cabot > Lodge III., of Massachusetts, below Mis Allen Ellender of fouislana, Mrs.-Edward C. Johnson of Colorado, Mrs. James H. Hughes ; of • Delaware and Mrs. Guy . M. Gillette of Iowa. Wives of New Senators Find Capital Holds Many Pitfalls resting well. Mrs. Ashley to find that he had only lliree ti'ichs there. -' Apparently there remained only If yet with him and his. mother. .Mrs'. J. T. Ashley, of Tw'ibt, Ark. i is with Ihe children" at Armorel airs. W. M. Williams lias returned from Memphis where sht visiled Mr. and Mis. Wilson Hemingway. ' Mrs. Oabtlel Shibley and fam- ilS', of New Madrid, are visiting relatives hero. . Mrs. J. L. P!akc ; and daughter, Miss Bcttye; have; gone lo Tennessee to visit. relatives.; Mrs, Arthur;'-Vance and son, THad, have -returned 'from •Mem- Ihc spade finesse lo - make nine tricks, biit South found ^' a much bctte: fi'Ol three -remaining clubs, but was forced lo lead a spade, which gave (he declarer his contract. The 'throw-in play had won, where the finesse would have lost, • on , v ad ben saved for iond6, if both -suits :broko< evenly. n ji nll i.icad n addition, lie- held : uotli ace 'andj L ubeh of spades. , He could hot take more lhau 11 '.ricks if everything broke, so he A East's queen hold the first rick. A club was : returned, and phis where. : the;;--spent ii \vcck. J. P. Holland'lias,gone lo Gracey ncK?. uut ouiuii luuim . ,i IIUILIL i . , . .^i- .. ,- r '• .ctter play. He led Ihe last cUl b! Ky.,.'accoitlpa^»li 9f hi.-j gTan.Uall,- •rom dummy.- West cashed his >'. John L.-Thiirmond, home. a? ; ;-i- wut-Tt: tiie lineage w ear for his conlrscl. .He-litid oiie, Qnd • , hb , ; wns Jlub four hearts, and .. four dla- ^Because :a club had Greenhouse Is Moved Without Loss of Pane :darcr saw no 'purpose in wait- } MARBLSHEAD. Mass, ill! 3 ) — Ing any longer to-, win the club ; Mcun ting it on a . rubber-wheeled :rlck. as the spade .finesse, if tak- i framework. Frank W. Gcodwin rc- n, was into the hand of the ; cently moved a greenhouse — -IE ilayer who had - length in clubs. feel long and 17 feet high— rive After winning the second club miles without breaking a singli :ad. South took • three rounds of pane of glass. leails and 'learned that he could , He also has moved a factor;. vin only three tricks in that suit. ' chimney on cannon tails and a 5exl he tackled Hit diamond suit, j house over roofs of other houses. FLAPPER FAh4NY By. Sylvia Chinese Cavalry Seeks Mounts in Philippines MANILA (UP) -iTrioroughurcd horses for China's fevalry units arc on the buying list of t5r. Grc- igorio San. Agiistin, director.ol the Bureau of Animal Industry, vho has sailed, for India. Chinese authorities asked Dr Agustin to, buy a few breeding horses for China during his trip in scorch of Impnncd breeds of livestock, for Hie Philippine' Commonwealth. S« l& . cheese • wouldn't last e so good .without'the holes The', fine . flavor of tins cheese icsults/wlien •' the curd is brown oui by hole~ forming gas produced IJy bacteria. -Y /A>Xw, y ^,\:', vy '. •^myi^m&x-^ cr a visit libr'e. E. H. Cobb, who. was al a Hoi Eprih's hospital for some iirhc now able to bo out but wil return to the "hosuital, .within -z Ehorl '.iine for ltlrtl\r. lrc.i.',- mrnl. Marjcrie Stevens is, ill Iron limmrs at Ihe home of her par enls, Mr. and ^^rs. Ross Stevens Mrs. E. A. Erdhhian, of Coluin bia City, Ind., is ill at the horn of Mr. and Mrs. M. Jpnlz. Robert Ann Proctor, daughte cf Mrs. Howard • Proctor, from mumps. Herbert Hughes, of Proctor Ark., has arrived here to make his home and is now connects' with the Phillips Molor company. Mrs. Hughes was the former Mist Sctma McKinnon. Mv. and Mrs. David Epcnce have moved from 1317 Holly lo 1200 W. Ash street. Mrs. Edgar Barnelt underwent an operation yesterday at Eaten Rouge. La., hospital.. Her | condition loday is excellent. By NBA Service , WASHINGTON—Pity the wi\eb of the 15:-newly-elected senators who are. making their debuts on Capitol Hill this winter. Official society offers such a multitude of pit falls for tbc-undoing^of a newcomer. ;•- ., . No matter solid her social standing is back honie, the wife of the new senalor! must, ever he on guard against doln'j Ihe- wrong thing. She is lernbly conscious of her responsibility for making the right enhance her husband's prestige. Envied at-home, in Washington she. is outranked on every hahd, : unnoticed: except' for her small circle of intimates; .Nearly everything in Capital so :iety is done differently -Uian-else? .vhcrc. So those new Senate wives wjll have to leirn a lot of new tricks,.'even those like Mrs Hen rj-;.Cabot .Lodge Jr , vino has en viable social recognition through out Ihe east. -..Gelling Acauainlcd Anywhere else women hurry to call on a new arrival - in town Sometimes they carry a little hain per with fried chicken or .-molasses cookies, just in case the newcomer's stove hasn't been connected yet. So they are amazed'tolfind lhat It Washington,,newcomers 11» expect ed : to call first Jiitish Mails Once Accepted Halved Stamps ACS do is look around for a good 'ashlngton address. -Some of Ihem ke houses in Georgetown, .t'he der part of Washington. Bul'on- •llie'initialed know tliat while ne street in Georgetown may be ery exclusive the one at right an- es to it mas be equally bad. Many ewcomers lake ths easy way out y leasing a house keep! iij suite in ne of the expensive hotels' But keep'within-their rental budget le discouraged couple must sac- flee spaciousness for a good ad- ress Tl(eJ net around Ihis b; igagnig rooms at a club or a smar otel for entertaining on a grand cale heir wears \\ues of new gne up Irjmg to ftgh alone gUe.up the naw lion • at Ihe Blylhevllle hospila ast week, was returned to : hei ionic Sunday and is gelling along veil. Mrs/E. Casey'-and daughter \fiss ,Va|lie,'.j are visiting Vernot ind Nelson'. Casey arid families a Memphis this wcck: ; .,"' Miss Lorcne Rushing who has )een attending college • al Jones- bbrp, has i-pturnedlto her home in Scoter! for an extended visit with iier 'mother, Mrs. L. L. Rushing. Mis. Basil MeClure and son Jiin- mic'arc leaving lonigh't for an extended'.visit with Mr. a'lid Mrs. W. last iveck Mrs. L. II. Aulry was:' calitd for Ihe ST5.CO—But she was -' not presenl—Making BANK DE---'- L'CSIT Tonighl ;51CO.OO! • '< —ON THE'SCREE.V—' .-": Kochelle Hudson a nil a Michael Wrialcn in "' :; "Woman Vilisr J With Thomas Heck MJ and Alan -Diiicharl •''' She led wilh a right to lib chin (UP)— Three of ths rarest British stamps in exisleno- jnsl been discovered In a Hull solicitor's olfice. Windy-six years ago. soon aflcv the adhesive stamp had com™ tntc list, a solicitor's clerk In Hull, apparently finding himself short ol iininy stamps, thought half a two- penny one would serve the purpose. Curiously enough, Ihe pcs.1 office seems lo have though) so loo. for Ihe letters were duly accepted and delivered. How many stamps were cut in this way .is not known, but when the three discovered al Hull were brought to the notice of Kob.M>n Lowe. London authority en postal history, he recognized it as a plii- iatelic discovery 'of the greatest Importance, and Ihe Manmti have They-call at the White House they call on the wives of liie jii iiciary, on ihe wife of Ihe Speate of the House, on the wives of for ejgii diplomats. Then they oirde nother hunrtrcd engraved card and-callon the wives of all th senators who outrank them. 'It is not unusual for, a riutilu lady of the Scmtc to make fit teen calls in one;aflernooh. Onl on days at.home or when esirecialiy iinitcd to tea do the ca! ers c^jrect lo see their hostess. An should they, fail tp turn down corner the Washington code di. tales must be turned .down, the nouse of calling cards will con tumbling lo the ground. A few fledgling ssnatc wives a content to make a favorable in pressio;i on the wives of senior sci ators. Their only handicap is til the intricacies of Ssnatc politi are as puzzling to lliem as a poe in Sanskrit. Which cenior wiv are to lie cultivated and which on may be pasted by with a nod. is a • problem which coniplctely baffles them. Usually they play safe by being excessively nice .to everyone they' meet,' at th: beginning:. . Lucky .Mrs. I'eppcr . Mrs. Claude Pepper, bride of the Senator froin Florida, had more hick than most, she met and was tucked under the wing-of kindly Mrs. William Borah, wife of Ihe dean of Ihc Senate. Mrs. Borah has (lie distinction, for'a senator's wife, ot having been on (he guest list for tV.o -diplomatic retention . al ; the Whlta House and for Evalyn Wafih McLean's $50.000 New Year's Eve Ball. These parlies opsned the season for local and official society. • The distraught.Mrs. pepper confessed to Mrs. Borah that she didn't "know a soul.":she was horrified at the older; woman's suggestion that she attend a party at the swank Sulgravc Club,.where Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins was receiving that, afternoon, and then look in an Mrs. Farley's "al home" later.- ; .... "But I haven's teen invited." she at ind frock they had. promise hemsehes and hire a tuaal sec- etars Mrs. Win. Laird ? (Bessi3) Dunlop, Jr.. and Hclen-'liay. Hagler top lie list rhej will arrange 'kiiock 'em dend tuppei dancs, vith.two orchestras, a buffet sup per, . champagne punch and cayiai "or any number of guests the 1'i'os- ess'specifics Or vouhg' i-oiiien who mow 1 the ropes can. be. engaged at ess expense, for a'part of each day, or. for a special occasion. With or without, assistance, the wife of a new Senator is hopelessly confused. One and all thes take their social duties with pathetic seriousness. Stcelc-Cooler Society — Personal Mrs. L. W. Cecil, who has bee: visiting her mother, >Irs. Doi Glgsbn' and other relatives, let over the weekend for her horn at Hominy, Okla. She had, bee here since before-'Christmas. Mrs: L. C. Hpencer is in Menphis this week with her mo'llic Mrs. c. N. Sanders, and lv son,-Paul Eugene Milbrodt. Mr Sanders has been qiiite ill to seme time and her daughter an grandson look her lo Memphis t olay until all danger of'high wa ter is over. Miss Iliiuyc Ashley,. Englisl. teacher of sicclc . high« schol, Is >-, visiting her brother at Artnorel, Ark.. Ihis week as school has been dismissed due lo the'high wnler. Mrs. J. R. Jones has 1 been quite .11 with nu at her '.-home near Cooler the past week., Mr. and Mrs.v Prank Northcul ire visiting relalivcs at'Savannah, Tenn., this week!Mrs. E. E. Wright ; atid children pf near Stccle, her daughters "Mrs. Sam Burdine of Hayti-'and Mrs. Kquert Burdine of benton, * * A. -.-Howies of Memphis. Mis5'; k 'irehc Wallace is vislling iicr i-nio'thcr .'in- Carulhcrsvllle this week. Miss;Louisc Steele.'who has been sick the past week with flu is belter Claude" Jones .look"his .wife aiid childien,to Aikadelphia, Ark, last «eelc to. spend'seioral weeks wilh relatives i i a Claude Clark and Ralph Hushing wenl ,lo Pa'ducah, Ky., last eek.. to get the former's daugh- r, :Miss Evelyn, who. had been at- ending college there. Mr. Clark as -uiiabjci''to gel in touch with is "daughter, unlil'he went there Mary Anna; and -Helen McCann, Irs. Corine Giimore, I.irs. Mary Vright and ^'children left last week or'an extended visi^.wilh rela- ives in TRiine.ssec. Mr. and- Mrs. Jess Weingfield nd children 'are visiting relatives, t Arkadelphia, Ark. Word ^ was received here Monday that Mrs. Charles Menard o. Cooler,";who Is visiting relatives ii 'aragoiild, Ark., is very sick wit! ineunionia. * Mrs.' Sidney Miller and son.< Buck,and Skipper, left Sunday fo several L 'wccks visit with relative in Tennessee. Mr. aiid Mrs. Frank Crawford have moved from Steele lo the Carl Reid house at Cooler. Mrs.' Sims Michie .and daughter. Mary-Anna, Mrs. J. -W. Reno, of 2nd a Icfl lo his hear!. Also .Selected Sliorls -—Admission— Malincc—10 K 2tlc ' NiBht^lfi * ?,fic < rred "The Champagne r! Waltz" ' " f! With: Jack Oakip, Velo/. &^£, Yolanda, Herman Uiiig aiulV i. Vivicnne Osljorne. -"n Rcmuuuc thai stalls in w:iitx-tlnio--r..i and whirls into swih^:! % ;^ y - ALso . Pflraniount. News and Novelty Shorts '".^'^ —Adniission—, m A Matinee—10 & 2fic N'ight—Ifi ft 3Ge ROXY Adm.—Always 10 & 25c—lo Tas • Show Every Night , ''; Hatinces Friday, Saturilay, Sunday::;; Friday & Sunday nlatinces—2t.li5^ Saturday Matinee — Continuous.... Showing — 1:00 Till 11:00 P. »| protested, she wa-<> told that nolle of the other women she would see (here had been invited'cither'.'Mrs. Borali suggested that, Mrs. pepper "AnJlluVcto.U'cponi'!.v..-..v-mv «IJ winter coat six weeks uwre because this i armint is jcarcJ ol his ihauoivj" now been added to his collection. Onr of the letters bears llir noMiiuirk March 27. 1841, and another Jan. 11. 1842. II. may be "light be happier If .she. look along thai between these two dale:; X!r5 - Andrews, wife o{ the other other cut stamps were used, but senator from Florida. But that was- so far none lias licen discovered.I "t much help because Ihc wife of H I the new senalor didn't, know the Aboul 55 per cenl of Ihc earlh wife of her husband's colleague. gets Us* lhan 20 Inches of rain- ] Homing Is Big Vroblem fall annually. The first Ihlng the new Senate Tue«-Wei-Thur, over the weekend for a visit wilh relalivcs in Murray.. City, Tenn. Mrs. Pansy Hopper of Jackson, Tciin, is the guest of -Mrs.' Rubye Brooks Bamett at, Cpbter. Mrs. , . . —--s Barnett, .who -underwent: on oper- ^^ 666 checks COLDS and FEVER flrsl day Llciuid, Tablels, Hcadaclie, Salve, >!osi!. Drops mihuies Try "Kiili-My-Tlsm"—World's Best Lininitnl MINERVA YARNS "Aristocrat of Knitting Yarns' l-'REE INSTRUCTIONS WEDNESDAYS & FR-1DAYS MRS." A. C. HALEY Pride subdivision Adults .Admitted fo Romance.wrifien in sfeef and fire . . ; . ond f/ie fears,of a woman in bvcl NIX! I'M IN A HURRY I'M FULU OF , i PEP AMD FINE MlLKFRO'M. "' CRAIG'S DAIRY ChlWrcn like our pure, rich milk hcsl, and :its good for them because healthful and (icurisliing. (JUADE Qiiarl I'inl Butlci'iiiilk. Ql

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