Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on July 29, 1964 · Page 32
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 32

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 29, 1964
Page 32
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(MASON ON EDUCATION Self-Control Is Essential Trait By LESUE J. NASON, Ed. D. University of Southern Calif. Vacation provides an ideal opportunity for a child to develop •elf-control under his parents' guidance. The true meaning of self-control or discipline is training, not punishment. Training through punishment alone will not pro•duce results. • Of course, there are situations i where the handling of small children must be positive — New Arena Plans Show For Sunday Weeping Willow Arena, the area's newest horse show enclosure, will open with a 28- event horse show Sunday, at 9 a.m. Two highlights of the day long program will be jackpot roping contest and a jackpot cutting horse contest. An open quarterhorse halter division includes classes for fillies foaled in 1964, 1963, 1962, 1961 and older; for stallions foaled in 1964, 1963, 1962, 1961 and older. There will also be a class for geldings of all walking horses. ages and for Competitive events include reining, western pleasure, pole dodging, barrel race, flag race and pickup race. Divisions will be for peewees, up ,to nine years of age; juniors, 10-14 years of age; and seniors, over 15 years of age. Trophies will be presented all fir:• t place winners, and ribbons w ' ? awarded for second, lliir-'i and fourth places. Weeping Willow Arena is lo- caU'd on Tekel Road, off Gulf Hallway. Anniversary Fete Set By LSU Service The Louisiana State University Agricultural Extension Service, a brancli of the LSU College of Agriculture, will observe its anniversiry Monday, according to Job" E. Jackson, county agent here. The celebration will be held beginning at 10 a.m. in the John M. Parker agricultural center on the LSU campus at Baton Rouge. Dr. John A. Hunter, LSU president, will be the principal speaker. The founding ol the extension service will also be commemorated with a special program to be held in connection with Home and Garden Week at Southern University in Baton Rouge, Jackson said. This program will take place at 7:30 p.m. Monday in the university chapel. Dr. Hunter will be the principal speaker at Southern also. "This belongs to daddy and is not a toy for you to play with," or "Do not touch, it is hot and will burn you," or "Do not go into the street." A quick slap on the buttocks may be necessary occasionally at the beginning to make a child realize there are some things he must not touch or must not do. Bnl. punishment as the only means of discipline handicaps children for success in school Mrs. Green consistently used the negative approach to training with the result that when her Johnny first entered school he held back from entering the games on the playground. In the classroom he never asked a question and could seldom be coaxed into answering one. He seemed afraid to do anything that was at all different from the things he had done at home. His mother had built in k! a fear oC frying anything new. If lie touched the wrong thing lie got his hands slapped. If he said the wrong thing he got scolded. Through a trial and error existence he learned how to avoid punishment; in fact, his life consisted primarily of living in such a way as lo avoid punishment. Consequently, in school he took the attitude that if he did noth ing he wouldn't be punished. He probably didn't think it out that way, but this was the habit pattern back of his behavior. This child's lack of success in school followed directly from his faulty training. If a child is to develop self- control he must have opportunities to touch certain things, to play with certain tilings and to do certain things without fear of punishment. He must be able to decide in do things as wel as to restrain from forbidden ac lions. During the summer a chile should have times when he cai choose an activity for himself—always within given limits. For example, he may decide to play "catch" with a friend knowing the activity will meet his parents' approval, provided the play is conducted so that a ! missed ball will not carry into ! the street or through a window. ! Or he may decide to drag out ! his paints, "brushes and paper, i knowing that his efforts will win approval; yet that he must clean up and put the materials away when finished. What he decides to draw and what colors he uses are, of course, his own decisions. These are but examples of he kinds of situations in which children can exercise self-c o n- trol. They vary greatly, with the age and interest of the cliil- dren. The essential thing is that parents remember not to dictate every minute of their children's lives but allow them some chance to develop on their own! (You can get Prof. Nason's helpful booklet for parents by sending $1 to Help Your Child, Box 1277, General Post Office, New York City.) English and American commissioners signed the peace treaty ending the War of 1812 on December 24,1814, and the Battle of New Orleans was fought on February 17, 1815. V/ffff/ffff/OWffff/«fffffff//ffff^ GOREN ON BRIDGE ey////////37/r/////^^^ BY CHARLES H. GOREN i West opened the 10 of spades, t. HMI »»Tte cuu» Tribune! taken by declarer's ace, and Neither vulnerable. West lhere appeared to bs nothing deals. - NORTH AKJ5 <y A 10 s 3 0 102 + A1084 WEST EAST 41093 AS742 O Q J 4 3 O None + QJ7 +K9C!>3 SOUTH 4AQ6 9K5 '/ A K.9 8 7 6 5 Thabidduig: West North Pass 1 * Pasi 2 NT Pas* 3 <? Pass Pass East Pass Pass Pass Pass South 20 3O 60 Opening lead: Ten of A South's disappointment at the highly unfavorable trump break nature dealt him in his six diamond contract blinded hhn to the possibility that the slam might still be within his' grasp, and bis bitter concession of defeat turned out to be premature. South'* band fe worth 19 points, counting high cards and distribution, and witn a virtually solid salt be b Cully warranted in flashing the slam signal by making a jump shift response. South took full charge of the subsequent proceedings and, after his pariaex showed the heart suit he proceeded diamonds. to the hand if diamonds broke in any reasonable manner. When South played the ace of trumps, however, East showed out—which %as a most bitter blow. In fact, it so unsettled the declarer to find all of the diamonds banked behind him that he bluntly conceded two trump tricks to West and proceeded to inform everyone of the odds to \\hich he had paid off. When the dummy was spread, South was roughly an 8-to-l shot to succeed, but the supreme irony of the deal was that, even after the horrendous division in diamonds, it was still in his power to make the slam. His prospects hinged on being able to reduce his diamond holding to the game length as West's and then endplaying his opponent in the trump suit. At trick three a club is led to dummy's ace and a small club is ruffed. The king and ace of hearts are cashed and another dub is trumped. The appearance of West's quaen on the third round of clubs suggests the abandonment of that suit, so the remaining two gpades are cashed, ending in the -N'orta hand, and a heart is ruffed. South is cow down to the king- 9-« of diamonds, wiiila West retains the Q-J- 4. A small trump lead throw i V.V-t in with the jack and he mu^t surrender th« last two tricks t? th« declarer. THE KARDOFSOVEKNOKS WILL f»tCK Wf 8UDC6S90R TOMORROW MORNING.,. AND WITHOUT M£ RECOMMENPATiON.' YOU CAN GO WALK INTO THAT KQOM, LEAVE YOUE CONSCIENCE OUTSIDE' I'VE DONE MOKE THAN ATTAIN WEALTH, MY RH! IONCE WIELDEDENOUSH POWER TO NOMINATE A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDVTE/ ANDNOW.^I'M GOING TO F&SS OK A err. JOB-BUT REMEMBER ONE THMS.CMN'U JOE PALOOKA I/THE wrraav / 6ET5 NECTAR uwme FLOWER THERE IS A. TO STOP... BUTTERFLV,ABflLlfR06EAT5 THE DRAGONFLY, ^ SNAKE EAT-STHEBWiFROSANDA EATS OUT OF IT.' A FEW MINUTES USTBR •VES.NCW, DRILL// KNOWING WATS SO SPECIAL ARETHE/AU. INSERT TWESE UNCONSCIOUS? LIL' ABNER THE FJUM 15 A , BUT *>t) j CAN DUCK OUT A AFTER WE MIKE BIT AT THE FRONT CAlt THE HOTEL. FLORIST...I WANT AN OfcCHID 'SEblNd THAT CANYON GIRL. we've SET UP AN APPEARANCE TDNleHT ATTHEOPfiNINeoP JJEW BEHEMOTH- ITS RCTUEE STEVE CANYON T 1 TELL 1M THAT FLORRIE'SJ I IOTA IMC / ^r ONLY WA5HIN V THE CUKTAINS ' ANDY CAPP MR. DITHERS IS ON VACATION BUT YOU SHOULP AN EXAMPLE FOR THE OTHER PEOPLE IN VOUR OFFICE HOW NOT TO ACT WHEN THE BOSS IS ON VACATION I AM SETTIUQ THEM AN EXAMPLE POESN'T MATTER IPX AM YOU LL BE UATE FOR WORK THP/SWOOPED A / HOW DOWN ON MY J I CORN FIELD < \ VESTIDDVAN' ) \ DINQNI OrFHAND, ID JtDGE ABOUT THimy GALLONS DADBURN CROWS/ CALEB!! WHAT AILS YE, SNUFFY? YE LOOK MADDER'N A OL' WET SNUFFY SMITH 10U CAN mL&fJUST CCUill fWANJKfS StoWUgR &it il'ti/f, BRENDA STARR r.\ CECTAtN WE'RE Ot*5£RVE£? AT YrRY MOMENT/ TWO HOURS LATER HOW MUCH FURTHER fiT? Will CONCEAL THE CAR ANP CONTINUE ON ALBANIAN WEREN'T BLBLT FOR DAN FLAGG WED., JULY 29, 1964, Loke Charles American Press 33 ACROSS 1 Tributary of the Moselle B Pleased 9 Spanish dwelling 18 Exhort 14 Hindu queen 15 Pine — IS Gather 17 Skinh tl Nearly: ? «nrd.i 19 Erroneous; itlM 21 Mrraherg of t.hc ballet S3 Sheep 24 Nrz —: Western Indians 25 Type size 2R Naval officer 32 Voiceless S3 Connective 34 •Western state 35 Isle 38 Eggy dessert 38 Worn growe 39 Zigzag ski rnce 41 One or another 42 Allot 43 Famod volcano 45 Also-ran 4fi Inaugurates 47 Pale 48 Cocktail container! 51 Croo* 55 Airman 5(5 Mosque prayer 61 Department in France 6Z SHipshape 63 Land west rf Nod 64 Indigence DOWN 1 Waves 2 HiM.rirt 3 Rprlmiin hpadhanrt 4 Tull r> Christian virtue 6 T1t.lo of nobility 7 Conjunction R Crown 9 Acknowledge 10 Strte 11 Scorch 12 Vipers 15 New Hampshir* . capital 20 Revcrtincm 22 Array of weapons 24 Entrances rurale of Tuesday, , July 28, 25 Accumulflt* 26 Colpabill^v 27 Essence of rdsei 2B lettuce 29 Fairy tal» viQaina 80 Way Rl MatrictfHt« 33 Digit 36 Vie 37 Blackbird 10 Crew's nest 42 Perwdic wind In Asia 44 Football term: 2 worfls 45 Sctentiric tcwkroom 47 'The — "; Clare Luce plftf Air :/ af t? On: 49 Employ 50 Seaweed £1 Create 52 'Weary 53 Thrall 84. Bartten 57 58 Tributary or Seine Debate 60 Nobleman L. ) ON DRUG TRAFFIC Senate Probers Hear Testimony WASHINGTON (AP)-Federal narcotics commissioner Henry L. Giordano charged Tuesday that drug peddliiiu mobsters hide behind a loophole in the federal law while using threats of murder in efforts lo silent wit- against them. FII testimony prepared as a leadoff witness in a new Senate probe of the illicit traffic in narcotic drugs, Giordano said federal law now provides no penalty for threatening a potential witness in advance of the formal start of judicial proceedings in which he would testify. The commissioner appealed to the Senate Investifiations sub- committpfi to bark legislation to imptse severe penalties on surh intimidation tactics. He also endorsed a bill by the subcommittee's chairman, Sen. John L. Me- Clellan. D-Ark,, which would legalize telephone wire tapping by the police but only if authorized by secret court order. Even without these requested new laws, Giordano said, his worldwide network of undercover agents has been making "substantial progress" in its war on the drug peddling underworld, particularly the traffic in the dangerous narcotic drug heroin. However, he said, there has been a disturbing rise in the smuggling of addicting coraine to the United States from Cuba. COUNT HOUSE * * 814 THIRD AVI. * * THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY »pe«iol$! 1^^ •• •/":"-• ...'•'" ,-•.•>''. 65 REG. 98, USTERINE 1,03 Sudden Beauty HAIR SPRAY 57c 99c Lanolin Plus CREAM RINSE! 59c I.V. VALW: WITH FREE AJAX COLGATE TOOTHPASTE ONLY 45c 87c Fresh SUck DEODORANT 53c 1.00 Value VO-S SHAMPOO 59c VALUE GILLETTE FOAMY 62c WE RESERVE IHE RIGHT TO LIMIT •••-•<*?

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