The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 3, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 3, 1934
Page 7
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SATURDAY, NOVEMBER ' 3, •'• 1934 BLYTHEViLLB, (ARK.) 1 COURIER NEWS JPAGE SEVEN l " Business Directory Why Buy Coa| From U$? CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally 'rate per line for consccu- ive insertions; . .. ' (Five average words to a line) 3ne time per line 10c ''wo times per line per day.:.' 08c lliree times per line per day .'. 08o Six times per line per day ..We UonUi rate per line ;....,... 60o Minimum charge 1 50o AdSiOrperea lor three or jlx lines and stopped before cxplra- ion will be charged Ior the num- )or of times the ad appeared and iduslment o! BUI maae All Classified . Advertising copy iubmitWd by persons residing out- ilde ot [lie city must be accoat- paiiled by cash. Rates "may'.be :asily computed from above table. No responsibility wiu be-taken or more than one Incorrect insert! ou of any classified an. Advertising ordered for irregular nsertlons take the one time rate. PHILLIPS' USED CARS 930 FOUIV'4-DOOK SEDAN §105 933 FOltl) I)E LUXE COUPE $475 933 CHEVROLET MASTER COUI'E HIS 1832. PLYMOUTH COACH .. 5Z95 933 FOKI1 TUDOK 5»5 TRUCKS .'trU TRAILERS XING HAM TRAILER, Tires Like New S225 1930 G. M. C. TKUCK. Large Boily $109 1923 CHEVROLET TRUCK .. ? 98 1932 CHEVROLET T R II C K. U. W. C. C '...... ? 1930 FORD C. C. I>. U. TRUCK §1155 'WE PAY CASH FOR GOOD USED CARS PHILLIPS' USED CAR LOT Corner Walnut & 1st Streets" Phone 813 OPEN NIGHTS UNTIL 3 P. M. L argest Stock of Used Cars to Select From 1933 CHEVROLET SEDAN 1933 CHEVROLET COUPE ...... 1933 FORD TUDOK 1333 FOR I) COUI'E 933 DODGE COUPE 1931 AUBUKN COACH :93l CHEVROLET ricK-ur 1933 CHEVROLET V/, TON TRUCK .... 'CHEVROLET U4 TON TRUCK ... 1933 DODGE 154 \ TON TRUCK Shouse-Little Chevrolet Co, Jlicn ;fl Niglit rhoi $485 $445 $445 $425 $445 $285 $450 $395 phone G33 Shoe Repairing May We Dye It'our Shots? SEE OUR SAMPLES E. E. Ratcliff Across from Hubbard Hdw. Co. Try our 3000 mile SOLES—proof of the pudding Is the eating. When you get a good thing remember ivherc you got it. • . . PROGRESSIVE SHOE SHOP 103 South 2nd si. . W. J. KNOX laving m,i<le all kinds ot shoes for ABNORMAL Icel, can repair rtiocs to correct ABNORMAL fee',. YOU mm CiRCULAtlNG HEATERS WASHiNGllAeHlNES Gas anil Klectrk AMMUNITION Quail, duck & squirrel loads HARNESS our stock is IMPLMENTS and repairs for AVERY.MOLINE VULCAN & BLOUNT Pay us a visit and be convinced PAULBYRUM ;'." 120.East .Main I AM I'AYING BUST PIUCES TOR PLOW UP OPTIONS J. E. HASSON Ornnd Lender Uldg.—Phone « Automotive • tor ™ L '» of. S'oin- first two Ions of COAL purchased from us if you will tell us (lie reason yon bought it (rotn this linn. •Some rtciuious why You Should Triulo With U»— 1—30 years 111 business. 3—Prompt service. 2—Quality of coal handled. 4—Courteous treatment, C—Yon gel nil yon pny for. "QUALITY GROU1' 1 ' Is Distributed by GAY & BILLINGS Pliono 70 HAVE YOUfi BATTISHY IIH- OIiAUGED BUKMtl'! COLD WEATHER J. Ben Chine BAITERY SERVICE At Tom W. Jackson's Station Ash & 2nd Phone 8—Residence 2Tf-\V All kinds jxunt and body work done, Clicaiwst prices. JOHN 1IBARN Barncti, Auo Sales Co. SEE ..OUR DISPLAY OF Arkansas Pottery Lowest priccs=Lovely. gifts Parkhurst's WE SELL CHEAPER OUR STOCK IS COMPLETE MECHANICS' SWPVJIKS, REPLACEMENT PARTS.'' TIRES, ' TUBES & ACCESSORIES Free Service Hubbavd Hardware Co. Automotive Dcpt. .Thcne 476 We will give 11 discount of 25 cents <nt (lie tlnie (lie order Is TWO nicely FURNISIIKD BEDROOMS, moderately priced. Mre. E. A. Hilicr, 101 E. DiU'ta. Kcal Estate nenlr conueUi highway, inllo ot Mimlln. 1'OU SALE Two Miuill all purpose FARMS, clear of debt—lo trade lor city residences. Give and expect bnr- Bililis. J, I,. MCKAMEY, IMUODEN Ark. FOR SALE 2 splendid HOMES, Can move In tlie <iuy yuu oign the contract.. ' "TRUE . VALUE" RADIOS Battery & Elcc(rio Sets Best Value for the Price Oberst Store Co. Factory Authorized FH1GIDAIRE SERVICE Factory Trained Mechanics !)iiy 67—Phone—Night 382 ' 1 ' 407 Main SI. E. B. GEE SALES CO. Salesmen Wanted Youni! men to work this locality hclpini! manager. You ,c;iu earn $25.00 per week. Si>c Mi: Miller Sinidny, 10:00 to 12:00 a. in. Goff Hotel. a-p-k-5 Solicitors to sell {jemima Drilliant and Nelson Ci'cck Coal. Apply Ash and Railroad, Phono 139. 2c kO FARMERS! Have your TAX FREE COTTON made .into., excellent mattresses. SPECIAL PRICES UPHOLSTERERS J. W. Jenkins & Son 116 S.' Railroad . - . Chitvvoocl & Weidman ELECTRICAL WIRING Sheet Metal Work Metal Flues SPECIAL PRICES Between V. O. &, Crevrolet Bldg. Phono 266 - AUTO GLASS - ARK-MO LUMBER CO. PHONE 40 PERMANENTS IS'ono Better - - Special Prices Barrett's Beauty Shop 600 N, 5th - - Telephone 580 Cobb Undertaking Co., Inc SERVICE & QUALITY AMBU'LAKCE Phone 26 FOR BEAUTIFUL FLOORS RENT OUR FLOOR SANDER ARKMO LUMBER CO. BUYING IN CAR LOAD LOTS MAKES CHEAPER PRICES FOR THE CUSTOMERS. J. F. LIVINGSTON SEEDS, FEEDS, GROCERIES WHOLESALE & RETAIL TRUCK BEDS PANEL BODIES TRAILERS OP ALL KINDS BUILT TO ORDER BARKSDALE & PAGE 200 N. Second MODERNIZE YOUR COUNTRY HOME WITH A DEMING WATER SYSTEM. $40 UP. HUBBARD HDW. CO. SAW FILING of all kinds With Hiilomntlo nilng machine BARKSDALE & PAGE • 200 N. Second BE ECONOMICAL BUY IT RIGHT A COMPLETE LINE OP FANCY & STAPLE GROCERIES, FRESH MEATS, VEGETABLES, : PRO. nnOE, FLOUR, MEAL, ETC AT Wanted WHITE HOUSE KEEPER in motherless home. P. o. Box 655, "" le: 20-jik-5 WANTED-Blds for 4 Inch or 6 •nch well, about COO feet. CHAPMAN & DEWEY LUMBER CO _ : :.MajkeC Tr<?e, -rA'Hi:- •:--/.:' "'"" : '"'~ I'Oc "k!'J RITE PRICE_GROCERY In Old p. o. Bldg. 210 Missouri, Corner Franklin. B room stucco irttli 3 bedrooms. SEOO C:isll - 51G monthly Let us slioiv you llicsc places. Thomas Land Co. Solo Agenls. Jalesnian with car. Sales cxperl- '" Blytlicvillc, encc desirable. $100 weekly. limits; 117 s. Bronrtway—P. O. Box 148 Personality Essential BOOTS ~ANn HER HUDIJIES 102 E. Kentucky, Corner First. Beautiful home with hiuchvoort flotrs. 3 bedrooms. Slwrty Lot. I'rice reduced from 53,500 to $2,500. C%, •, 523(1 Cuslr - . 522.5ft-'Uiluliy ' 0001) LAND AT LOW 1'RIOES •100 ncres nil In wood, between levee and river. Inxos ulmcwt uathlne, ci\n sell for cash, or itert cnsli mid terms Ior bnhuicc, prlco from $12.00 lo $15.00 per acre, will sell 20 ncrcs or more 'to one party, wood mid timber on Iniid ciwiuli to imy for if p[uc«! on market. Lnml lies between Lcveo & To ninio, Ark. W. M. Bums Agency •„..,' J'lipne. 243 or ! ai2 ' ' Olllce Orarid Lender Unlldlns Farms lor Sale! Terms Reasonable ETHEL 13. THOMPSON, Cariitricrsvlllc, Mo. SEE ME FOR BARGAINS In Hie Jollowiiij; ica) Dslate o(Tci'ings: Smnll acreage tracL^ . but outside city 42 acres JBIKI near nara road soutlnvcst. Eoynlon; 20 nurds land, E. M. 'I'criy CHOICE OliAKK FARMS ON GOOD TERMS. J. C. CIIAPIN, MANILA, ARK. 20|> k5 For Kent Tlircc room furnlslied nparlmenl 209 West Kentucky. Mrs. Elsk. 2-c-k-lO FUKNISHEO" DO U a AN. APARTMENT, room MENT, g»r«ge, ! »ll 3J5-W. C»«l Ii Black but I tr«t you while. Kill up now. JOHN BUCHANAN - VIIONK 107 FURNISHED APARTMENT. 10B W, Kentucky. Phono 083. 21o Xlf Filling Stations A_OUSAN_OOAL- - LOW 1'iiIOlim MAKK MONEY COPYING NAMKs", Southern Service Station Stccle, Mo. Phllll|M 6(1 Products ANTI-KNOCK OASOLINK TAX I'All) ir Hour Service Wanted To I'ECANS of nil varieties, will jmy pi'lcM. W. H, Dycss, Box 133, Luxom, Ai'k. • a l)k-S Ulail OUADK KENTUCKY COAL, ill sizes; ALAliAMA 1{EI) ASH Jte QUICK FIRE,ALABAMA. WOOD, KINDLING, COUN, HAY 'If you itru down ', In (lie mould, tlilnk of Joimh; lie cnnw out iililghl." Coal & Wood WINTER IS HEREI I'll! ynur bins nuw with lln> Fn- niuu< yfurut Rtd Ash (;o;il—liljli I" licat, Iftw' i:i asli; <ir Mujestli <|uallly circle. i(U(<ol!i Coal, Utsl ' all I'lvc room house, furnished or unfurnished. About Dccc'niber 1st. L. E. 'Hill, 1302 Hcani Street. 2pkG Two rooms furnishedForilghi housekeeping, 207 N. Fifth, Pimiic SK-W. 3t-p-fc-5 SIMON APARTMENT. PiirnLshcil linpioved, or unfurnished, riionc 764. SOcktf (rom Wfdttrn Kflllurhy. PEED—SEED ' , DRY WOOD—KINDLINC! Wo solicit your pntronago on trrr uasls o( hlgJi quality products, low cash prlcc.s, prompt service und honesL drallnf. You eel what you u«y for here Fanners Cash Feed ' & Seed Co. J. W. Parker, prop. Pliouc lav BUST COAL FOR MONKY "Acme Alabama" "Black'Koynl Kentucky" N. W, Trantham Coal Co. Parks Bros. Coni Co, : trci von "Hi-Lo Alabitniii" Kuyul Kcnlucky" 1-XiR BALK—Hough iWhovllle Canning Co, . soc kO MULIiH, JIAUNHS3, WAQON3 ff TOQI,S for fnrining 'ID acres, WSJ. M. C. Cutujliraii, wilhlte liirm on Pint, L;ike jond isp kl) Help Wanted Hardin-Bnrron Co«] Co. Yards ill 8Unnl)C;rfc' Oln rl lone 11(1 ADDItpSSES TOB MAIL OH- DER FIRMS, SPAI1E TIME. EX-' 1'KIMENCB UNNKCt'SSAHY, NO CANVASSING. W1UTR ,UNI'1'1!D ADVElVl'iaiNO, 1'JU DcKALl) AVKNUE, JJIJOOKLYN, N. V. Personal Set! KB About Your Coal Blytheville, 'Gin Co. Ull-l "itudiuiit/ "Premium Kentucky" CALL 3H Restaurants I will not bo TOixmtilblG for miy (IcMs mnde ijy my wife niul ran, Knox Crnlg.' |j> kt Courier Noiva Wiiric'Atts. ^Iksl Oysters Hi Klver Cat FIsU \ Chicken Dinners livery Day v v, Jiiniuie O'Bvicu •'., 105 S. Second ladles' Uniudriil Sllk'-i'Jo-Wi Sll«tit- pald, Siillsfncllon riinininfey!,l(;Kc(ii|i^ oiny Hosiery (Jo., 1 ! Asliclx)l'6, y SV; flj.' ly ; Imperfect, .5 pnlrs Sl.OU I' THACTOR ()\VNI'.KS! Trnclor FUEL Ior sulo nt pliuil or delivered. NO TAX. UAIiNSDALl, OIL CO. Doll Itoud - - Phono •)()!) O. M. Wilson, EAT THIS IS THE 1M.ACI'. WHERH YOU OAN fJLT ANVTII1NG. YOU WANT. I'Yesli ('rnppic, Kratu Uet'lfoof liitkc Oysters , High Grade T-Howj Slonks Kriwl Chicken Ilonsls of All Kinds, Cold I'liitc [^niches C[IAN«;I: or .MENU DAILY OKOIK.ii; WKUillT, CIIKI- 1 ' JIARRY Service Stalitii OF "WE TUKV »\t coov.0 OTPER t \ COUPLE OF OTHER FELLOWS! s WASH T"BBS tfOM HXJR LOTER, THEV REftCH THE BORDER. DRIVER'S PR/END ISN'T OfJ OUTV.-AVl- OTHER OFFICIAL, A SURW BOZO, GLARES SUS- PICIOUSLV AT THE HAV/ AND JABS IT VICIOUSLY WITH »* fl STREET COR, AM '«utb, OK AM OFFICER OP "'" ' " ALL tHR6fc= ROLLED TA OMB, SAMMV' TH 1 ' HE HAS IT_ALI, FIGIJIIEJ) OUT! P6AP.W flNl' ~\ (-JAVE 'ITLD ; I COULD GET ALOMfi OS C06U. / SftV I HAVE ' I<UE YOU AM' KfTfY OOf 6Y THE ) THOUGKT ft (JYER - FHECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS* /~ Blythevllle Phone 234 — We Deliver \\P \Y COPPER WEATHER STRIP . . Saves .fuel .at small '•Arkmo'Ldrtiber VJELLiSHAWSIDE TRIMMED'LEESBURCi,)By THE OKAY/TOO BAD r-^WAV,8IFF Vou WEREM'r y^iVE LEARNED • HERE'S VWAf I PISURSO FFJECKLES! )-)AYBE THE TIME __„ L..___THJi HKST QV l't.,Ai\'S; , ;.'• IT-WAS i SV<E LL CF YOLl T&~ " i GET..THIS Lisf OF SIGNALS ( P°P.ME,BIRP, Sp's-l,<^M i L-fecr," up y^ iWH AT THE IS i COINS'.'/.' AN'THAT'S TH' REASON ( DOM 1 !' FORC5St:IT,klD...V/E'Re GOIMS OUT OW ;fHE FIELD TO W(3HT, AWD|YO.U'f?E 60WKJA RL'W A P5W OF TUoSS ,3R ME.. AND I'LL > I SEE How YOU DO I I IKI ' THE CLUB: HOUSE BOYS r OfJE OF (-ty LISTS OP SK3WALS IS M|5S1MG..-I DOffr KlJOV^-V/HO HA3 IT BUT" 7O A'/OID HAVIHS SOME RIVAL SCHOOL LEARH CUR SIOMALS, IVE CMANiSEC TMEM ALL HERE-ARE NEW LISTS. roR \>.L O= YOU .' m }£$ (7 -'•v

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