The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 11, 1954 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 11, 1954
Page 7
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SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 1954 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGI SEVEN in Southwestern Conference— Same Old Story-Texas Is Ruled the Favorite AUSTIN, Tex. (AP) — With a few exceptions, it seems the same old story at the University of Texas. For one thing, the Longhorns are favorites again. That is. not Coach Ed Price's choosing, although he admits he will field one of the leading contenders in the Southwest Conference. Regular Polar Flights to Begin In November Bui the story has a familiar ring for other -reasons. Seven of the players likely to appear in the starting lineup against Louisiana State nine days hence were regulars on last year's co-championship team. And fifteen other of the current candidates lettered on the team that made a strong finish after losing three of its first six games. The Longhorns face a schedule that ranks with the toughest in the country. They play a nonconference schedule that includes the nation's most consistent winners for the past decade — Notre Dame and Oklahoma. Sandwiched in between is Washington State, while * LSU, the first foe, is a notorious early season nemesis. Only 6 Loses Texas has lost only six regular- season, nonconference games within the past five seasons. Those losses were to Oklahoma, Notre Dame and Louisiana State. Sophomores furnished the spark for Texas' surprising success last season, and -it appears those youngsters 'will be looked to for most of the punch this year. There is a shortage of .senior strength, and the sophomore talent is far beyond that of last season. ' • As of now the probable starting lineup numbers just three seniors, seven juniors and only one soph. The ratio i« quite similar on the No. 2 team. Although graduation took few in number from the ranks, it took a lot of qualit:/. Current replacement problems involve the two end positions, right guard and fullback. It appears that two juniors, one soph and a senior will have the responsibility of taking over the chores performed so. ably last year by Seniors Carlton Massey, Gilmer Spring, Phil Branch and Dougal Cameron. Massey was a consensus all America, while Spring and Branch were all - Southwest Conference, and Cameron was the t team's leading ball-carrier. Leaders at those vacated positions now are Ends Menan Schriewer an -Don' Jones, junior lettermen; guard Ben Woodson, a sophomore, and Billy Quinn, a converted right halfback who was all - Southwest Conference as a soph. Except at fullback, where let. terman Bill Long is impressing, sophomores appear to be the next best replacements at four spots. Ends Morton Moriarty "of Dallas and Mike Trant of Tyler are showing up well as is Guard Vernon Person of Gonzales. K his arm injury, which cost him more than half of last season, mends properly, Howard Moon, a 2-year letterman, may be at one of the ends. Texas' tackle combination Ofni uck Lansford and Herb Gray is being acclaimed one of the best in collegiate football. Both are potential all - America players. Competition appears keenest at left guard, but as of now Kirby Miller, 2-year letterman, is running ahead of Jim Rosser, also a senior, and Fred- Skidmore, a junior who never has lattered. Johnny Tatum, an aggressive leader, appears entrenched as the No. 1 center if his repaired knee holds up. With Quinn in the starting backfield will be two of last sea_son ? s brightest sophomore stars-^Quarterback Charley Brewer and Delano Womack—and the surprise of spring training camp, George Robinson. The latter distinguished himself at right half last year when he pinch-hit for Quinn in the Rice game. Brewer, shrewd, with a good . arm and a flair for daring, is show- j ing exceptional poise for a 19 - j year - old. His chief rivals are j Dick Miller, a squadman, and Pat j Tolar, who has looked fine this I fall after spending half of last sea* j son and all of spring training at j fullback. Chester Simcik, a crazy-legged runner who had the team's best i ball-carrying average last fall— a ; neat 10.2 — is Womack's closes! ' rival for left half. One of the .most j versatile players on the squad is Langford Sneed, a junior letterman ! who might wind up at either end, Ra? Pirett * * Championship Match To Feature Mat Card Blytheville wrestling fans are being offered a once-in- a-blue-moon treat Monday night — a chance to see a National Wrestling Alliance sanctioned heavyweight championship match. The championship bout, which generally is reserved for the large cities, will bring together Bay Pi- rect ,the French-Canadian who currently holds the southern junior heavyweight title, and challenger Eugene (Bed) Boberts, who lost the belt to Pirett in a bout in Nashville, Tenn.. a couple • of months ago. Under NWA rules, any champion who is uncrowned must be given a chance within a reasonable time to regain his title. Roberts, who has been touring this circuit of late, challenged Pirett last week and the bout was arranged. Pirett is a relative newcomer to southern wrestling. After establishing quite a record for himself in the north and wid-west. he came South shortly after the first of the year and took on Boberts for the louthern title. Monday night's championship bout will be under the immediate direction of the National Wrestling Alliance. Bepresentatives of the organization will be in attendance t the bout and will have full authority. While Boberts is a veteran to Blytheville fans. Pirett has appeared here only once before. He wrestled here last month but did not put his belt on the line. The championship bout wiH be best two of three falls, no time limit. In addition to the main event, a preliminary bout is also on the card. This bout will mark the return to Blytheville of Bed Byrd, a light heavyweight who was a regular performer here a number of years ago. Byrd is slated to meet Don Fields in a 90-minute time limit, best two of three falls. tackle, guard or center. (Tomorrow: Texas A&M) Thomas Is Funny To All but Brave* CINCINNATI (fl — Although he is noted as a funny man in the clubhouse, the Cincinnati Bedlegs' Frank Smith, 26, is a serious headache to rival teams as a relief pitcher. And especially is he unfunny to the Milwaukee Braves. Smith has been called upon eight times this season to stop rallies by the Braves. Each time he held them hitless during his relief stint. Smith is so much a comedian that Manager Birdie Tebbetts won't permit him to go to the bullpen until time to warm up. "Frank makes the guys in the bullpen laugh so hard that they are liable to forget about the game," Tebbetts explained. THESE Have got to go — We're Offering them to you at cost! ! APPLIANCE REPAIR SERVICE ROY BAKER . .. our service repairman, invites you to call on him for all types of appliance repair job*. Whatever the job may be—water pumps, electric irons, electric stoves, washing machines—your man is ROY BAKER. General Hardware and Appliance Co. 1*9 W. Main Ph. 3-4585 WAIT!- Don't beat your head against * brick wall until You've tried . . . BOB'S GYPSY RUB LINIMENT Electric Just 3 left. Be the first to get in on thit Big Savings. See them now at-— BERRY ALLEN PLUMBING & HEATING CO. 317 S- 2nd St. Blythevillt, Ark. Scandinavian Lines To Start L.A. to Copenhagen Run NEW YORK tf)—At five minutes after midnight on a cool November morning, a commercial airliner will take off from Los . Angeles and head north for Europe. Twenty-two and a half hours flying time later, the Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) plane is scheduled to land at Copenhagen, Denmark, after making history's first commercial flight across the polar wastes. The flight will inaugurate twice- weekly service via the top-of-the- world short cut to Europe. SAS figures that going the longer way, via New York, would take a good 27 hours, assuming fast connections here. 32 Passengrt SAS will use DC6Bs on the flight The maximum load will be 32 passengers, eight of whom could be sleeper passengers. Eventually, the airline expects to put DC7Cs into the polar service. Their larger capacity and greater range will make tourist class flights possible. Nov. 15 has been selected for the first flight, subject to government approval. The polar plane will land en route at »Winnipeg, Canada, and at Bluie-West 8 Airfield in Greenland. Winnipeg is 1,654 miles from Los Angeles and the flight will take 6 hours, 30 minutes. The 1,984-miles leg to Bluie-West 8 will take 7 hours, 50 minutes. The final 2,162 miles to Copenhagen will be covered in ~8 hours, 15 minutes. Arrival at Copenhagen is scheduled for 9:25 a. m., local time. The fare: $1,034.50 for the round trip. And if you want to go via the Pole and come back by way of New York, says SAS^ you can do it for approximately $20 more. Handy Short Circuit LOS ANGELES (£) — A Wilshire District resident has found a way to silence his neighbor's TV set whenever he wishes. The idea came to him during a recent hot spell When he Was unable to sleep because of the blare of commercials from the set next door. He stuck a metal fish pole out his third story window and leaned it against the antenna on the neighbor's roof. It did a beautiful job of shorting reception. He resorts to the fish pole now as often as necessary, removing it in the morning; The neighbor and a TV repairman, he reports; are slowly going nuts. Lowest Lands Palestine's Dead Sea is 1286 feet below sea level and is rimmed' by the lowest land surface in the world. Death Valley, in California, lowest land in the Americas, is 275 feet below sea level. American's May 'Shop Around' When Buying, But Not for Borrowing By ARTHUR MERIMS NEW YORK (AP) — Most Americans believe in "shipping around" before buying a new car, carpet or television set. But when it comes to borrowing money, financial expert! say people tend to be careless. STRINGING HIM ALONG—With puppeteer parents like Bill and Cora Baird, little Peter Britton Baird will never want for playmates. The two-year-old is shown on the stage of the Bairds* workshop in New York City, getting acquainted with Captain _ Scorn and Jackson while his parents pull the strings. The business of borrowing money is a highly competitive one. Different institutions offer varying services at a wide variety of interest rates. Principal lenders to i individuals on a personal basis are commercial banks and small loan companies. 3ut industrial banks (Morris Plan) and credit units are in the business to. Personal loans should not be confused with sales credits, though both involve repayment on a regular monthly basis. In a personal loan, an individual borrows money with only his signature as security. A sales credit finances a purchase, like a refrigerator, which can be confiscated if payments are not met. The personal loan Business is one of the safest. Banks reported that during the 1920-21 and 1929-33 depressions, losses from personal loans averaged less than 1^4 per cent of total volume. Today, lending institutions say defaults are less than i per cent. Of the 15.000 commercial banks in this country, nearly 12.000 make personal loans. Bank discount rates range from 3 to more than 6 per cent a year. However, figured on monthly installments, the simple MIAMI, Fla. Iffl — When Hurricane Edna makes up her mind and moves off the weather scene, names ai^ ready for 18 additional iropical storms this season. Edna is No. 5, so named for the r ifth letter of the alphabet. Her predecessors were Alice, Barbara. ?arol and Dolly. That makes a .otal of 23 names. Grady Norton, chief storm forecaster in the Miami Weather Burau, said tfiat number should be more than sufficient since the reatest number of tropical storms ever recorded in the Atlantic-Caribbean-Gulf of Mexico area was 21 in 1933. The entire list of names is selected by the Air Coordinating Committee on Meteorology made up of Air Force, Navy and Weather Bureau men at Washington. In selecting a name, they study how it will transmit by radio to ships and airplanes at sea with a minimum of confusion. Gilda, for example, formerly was called Gail, but that confused with gale winds Read Courier News Classified Ads i DELCO WATER PUMPS Pump • Wat«r ***P* Softeners WATER PUMP REPAIR SERVICE General Hardware and Appliance Co. 109 W. Main Ph. 3-4585 Texaco Cotton Picker and Spindle Oil For AH Types Cotton Picking Machines Delivered Anywhere In Mississippi County Finest Quality . . . Rust And Oxidation Resistant . . . Priced Right Dirtributor For FIRESTONE TIRES THE TEXAS CO. -—Bob Logan Consignee Blytheville Phone 3-3391—Joinei Phone 2421 (or true) borrowing fees art «!<wwr to twice that amount. There are more than 8,000 coa- sumer finance offices licensed in. 37 states and, Hawaii under variations of the uniform small loan law. This law protects the borrower by limiting interest charges and requiring companies to state singl«, all-inclusive rates. Hidden service fees, traditional with "loan sharks," are prohibited. Licensed small loan companle* charge from 2 to 372 per cent interest per month on unpaid balances. That's usually more than bank rates figured over the year. But finance companies claim their overhead is higher than a hank'* i in. processing small loans. Also, they often will grant a loan whea a bank refuses. Though the Indians of Quebec described copper to Cartier in 1535, the mineral was not rediscovered there for almost four centuries, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica; and the name was changed. Names remaining after Edna are Florence, Gilda, Hazel, Irene, Jill, Katherihe, Lucy, Mabel, Norma, Orpha, Patsy. Queen, Rachel, Susie, Tina, Una, Vicky and Wailis. Norton frequently gets requests to name a hurricane after a favorite, girl friend or someone's wife. "I can't do it," he replies. "I receive a list of names and orders to use them in sequence. I follow orders." LITTLE L/Z— Mixed eompotry fe what you on In when you think of o good story you can't teH ther* ' •**• DO YOU KNOW —What is the first name and middle initial of Mr, Manser, manager of BLACK & WHITE STORE located on Main Street? .. Who are tht salesmen? The more folks with whom you "get acquainted "—the mon enjoyment of life will be yours. In business *nd in social contacts "knowing th« persons B! THEIR NAMES" it most important. "LET'S GET ACQUAINTED" ... will featiir* PEOPLE, thorn friends of yours *i ow place* of business who serve yo*r daily need*! ! I ••••I^H^WM^mMHMMH^Wiai^^^MH^^^^^B^^^MMHi^^^^B^^MMMM^HlWm^^H Complete Photo Supplies • FILM • MOVii FILM • FLASH BULBS • COLOR FILM • POLAROID FILM BARNEY'S DRUG STORE See Color Television 90-Minute Musical Presenting BETTY HUTTON in "Satin and Spurs 2006 W. Main Phone 3-3647 rr Ninety minutes with the fabulous Betty, making her TV debut in an original musical comedy written especially for her. All live, all fun, all full of song, dance and bounce. . . ail in exciting color television. See rt FREE. Sunday, Sept. 12-5:30 to 7:00 P.M. Presented In SHOWROOM Of STILL MOTOR CO., Corner Walnut & 1st Sis, \ Shown on RCA Victor Color Television For the best in eolor or Black & White Television See RCA Victor Now! ! This Picker Can Be Installed on the Following Makes of Tractors: • Massey-Harris 33, 44 and • Farmall H-IVI and Super 44 Special H & M • John. Deere A & TO • Minneapolis-Molinc Z • Case DC * Oliver 77 & 88 ONLY 3750 00 Installed On your Tractor N". Highway 61 "The Farmer's Home of Satisfaction" Ph. I-J412 Electronic Lab Itl W. Walnut Phone POplar 3-3531 Cones 5c & lOc SHERBET Dispensed Directly From Our Own Machines or in Pints £ Quarts KREAM KASTLE Drive In GUARD'S... Headquarters For All Your PHOTOGRAPHIC GOODS • Camera* * Projectors • Flash Attachments • Film Authorized Distributor For Eastman, Revere, Bell it Howe]], Poloroid, Rollicord and Gtmflei COLOR PRINTS — FILM for AH Corner* Flash Bulb* As Low Ai lie Etch We illow Ic for your old Bulb*

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