Quad-City Times from Davenport, Iowa on August 11, 1904 · 10
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Quad-City Times from Davenport, Iowa · 10

Davenport, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 11, 1904
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THE DAVENPORT DESToORAT AXD LEADER. nnnirs'day, Aug. 11, 1904. hck Island and PHOBABLY FORGOT HER 01 NAME "Adrian Anderson" Was Adrian Peterson, Father of Lost Girl. sol . . V The Eleven-Year-Old Girl Cared For By the' Chicago Police Fully Identified. Through the publication of the Item regarding little Nina Anderson being lost la' Chicago and taken in care by the CbJeago police, the young lady Is now in safe bands with her lather lo cated. and her aunt's name, discovered. As iintf il In vesterdav's naner. the Chicago superintendent of police telegraphed the Moline authorities stat ing that Nina Anderson, i aged u yearswas being detained there; that sh bad foreotten her aunt's name and address where she expected to go, aid that her fathers name was Adriai Anderson and hla place of residence Moline. " - ' ! Inquiry was made along every available line to locate Adrian Anderson, but ifi vain. Tuesday night Adrian Petersen"! .1528 Seventeenth avenue read ;in the evening paper the facts as stared above and at once communi-catedJwith the police.. His daughter, Nina,4a gone to Chicago to visit an aunt v It w as undoubtedly she who wa3 bfcing- held by the police, Mr. Petersen"c6uld not understand, however, why the girl had not come home again a 'She had mohey enough to do so:- ' : - . Chicago police were then notified and the aunt's addrefis given them.'.j So Miss Peterson after having quite'an experience for so young a 5 ? DAVENPOR.T BUSINESS DIRECTORY ACCIDENT INSURANCE. TUB PREFERRED ACCIDENT COM-pany 'of N. Y., pays all claims prompt mil in foil. Blrchard & Reading, BOB 1-t dradyBt. Real Estate and Insurance. ACCOUNTANT. J. tl GRABBED nutte 68 McManus iiidtg. lxing Distance 'Phone 9334. Au-rtHlna and accounting tn all branches. hi and lu' all parts of the U. 8. and Foreign iountttew.--.r - a .; An Old-Line. Company. GUARANTY MUTUAL LIFE INS. CO. OF DAVENPORT. IOWA. INCORPORATED as an old line legal reserve company by the f tate of Iowa. Kvery JHx) of liability of this Company Is secured by (282.25 of assets. Investigation will nove that the contracts which are issued by this company are more uoerai and up-to-date than those of any - old line Cftmpjiny In the state. Write, call or 'Pon the Company's office, Whlta- aer uuuaing. V ART STUDIO, MRS. 8. D. POOLE - 1514 Fifth Ave., Moline. A full line of China for decorating... faints, Gold, all art materials, i'uplla,, received. China fired. ARTISTIC CARPET CLEANING. WE'RE AT THE "TOP." We clean carptits thoroughly without Injuring them; also lay them properly. Those that have out-Jived their usefulness as carpets we make Into beautiful, soft, downy rugs, tno charge for cleaning rug material). Ask your neighbors about them, they all have ,'thera. Uoth 'Phones No. 594. Economy Rug Co., 722 Harrison St. BREWING COMPANY. ALWAYS ask for our brands, none better? Independent Malting Co., Davenport, Iowa. !; BUFFET COLUMBIA. Chas. A. Gallagher, Proprietor. CorPer Third and Perry Streets. 'Phone 754. BUFFET OPERA. Finest Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Comer Fourth and Perry Streets. . Miles Brubaker, Prop. Phone, Old, 11M.T. BUILDERS' SUPPLIE8. Bash, Doors, Blinds and Mouldings. Dealers In Plate and Window Glass. 4 P. J. Stelling & Co. B9-1(E3 W. Sixth St. 'Phone, Old 63. CpNSERVATORY OF MUSIC. OratTy'alKonsalsn "(yT Mo? and of' the Anna Morgan ecnooi or lixpreumon ot Chleuo teacher of elocution, reading, dramatic art, physical culture, fencing and iltnclrig. Btudlo opens September 1st, kW Sixteenth street Moline, lit CONTRACTOR PAINTING AND " - GRAINING. First clans work and satisfaction guaranteed. Olve fno a rail. WM. MCKLL8, 814 W. Fourth Bt CONTRACTORS AND BUILDERS. ' Koltzau & Myers. 'I'hnne UW: realdence 'phone 1K18Y. Spi'flal attention given tn ail kinds of building work and estimates cheerfully turnlplnd. CAFE. SENATE CAFE-Warm lunch dally. Conrrt every Hntuntay evening. Foreign and Domi'Stio Wet Goods and Ci- VlT, Ttilrd St 'Phone 812. CAFE DIAMOND. Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars. U Hot Lunch every day. O. C. Hansen, Proprietor. , 217 Harrison St. 'Phone 222, CIGARS AND TOBACCOS. Kof Smokers Supplies try City Hall iinokr Itouiie. Schwartx & Potts, Proprietors. 23 Harrison Bt. 'Phone, Old X21. CONTRACTORS OF BRICK WORK Uarstang. Valentine Co.. Managers, rhorte 4H4 lfO W. Second Bt. platk Hawk Brick Company. I hJstlmstes rheerfiill riven. . PHILADELPHIA WOOLEN MILLS. HARK Y OHKKNBRK-42ft W. Seenn f. Our fMhes r right. Union mads. lt f ot a Stilt worm IMi, niai is orattr, girl, is now safely in her aunt's arms and home. How the mixup In names occurred U not understood, but it is supposed either that the girl was too flustered to remember her name, which seems Improbable, or that the Chicago police got things mixed in the telegram. TIRED OF THE SOLDIER'S LIFE Bert Taylor has returned from a long service in the regular army during which time he saw service in Cuba and the Philippines, He served in the islands during the many cam paigns following the Spanish war and twice went out from San Francisco for service in the far Pacific. Now he says he has had enough of the army. During the last year since he returned from service in the field he has been working in the west and has been lately employed at Deere & company's branch house in Omaha. He is at the home of his mother, Mrs. Mattle Taylor In Moline. SUGAR FACTORY ORDERS STONE An order for a carload of fine white atone has been received by the Moline Stone company, from Schilllngor Bios., ' of Lincoln, Neb., for use in their immense beet-sugar factory. Orders from afar which the local company lately have received have come in in encouraging numbers and the firm is establishing quite a widespread reputation. The white stone just ordered Is to be shipped this, week,- ltjsjiot for use in building construction, but in the preparation of carbonic acid gas with wlijch the beet sugar people bleach their beets to Insure a good white color for their sugar. Ten parts of water and one of bromo chloralum is an excellent disinfectant for the breath, and month; rinse. the mouth thoroughly and a little of the wash may be swallowed. - A , CLASSIFIED ALPHABETICALLY Estimates furnished on Application. John 8oiler. G3 Kirk wood Boslevard. Davenport, lows, DUNCAN'S DAVENPORT BUSINESS COLLEGE. J. C. Duncan. Both 'Phones 140. 112-116 K. Becond Bt. Has no gold bricks for sale. DAVENPORT PATTERN 8HOP. Christ Anderson. Old 'Phone 7G02. New 'Phona 108L 721 West Becond Street. Wood and Mel uUl Patterns. Also Model Making. DAVENPORT CREAMERY. Will minnlv vmi with mire Cream. Milk and Butter. vChlpptng Cream a specialty. Special attention to parties and entertainments. , j 207 hi. Third Bt 'Phone, Old TSbi. DANCING PAVILION. Second and Rock Island 8treets. 'Moving Pictures and Illustrated songs every night Brick Munroe, , proprietor. Try a package ot ( self-rising Blue Ribbon'iSraham. FURNACES. ' k F. Claussen. Phone 9G03. 617 W. Second Street. Agents, for Richardson & Boynton Co., Furnaces. ...... GEORGE'S GROCERY. Both 'Phones B2. 402 E. Locust St. "Uneeila Hlscuit." I for Wc Strictly fresh eggs 150. HAY, FEED AND STORAGE. D. Regennltter's Sons', Co. Old 'Phone 95. 709-713 Harrison St. Denier In loose and baled hay, straw and feed. We have storage for goods. HORSE SHOEING. Particular attention to horses' feet I shoe thorn right, v . Paul Severln. 324 W. Third St Davenport la. HARDWARE. 8. M. REYNOLDS CO.-Brsdy Bt. Headquarters for Hardware, Cutlery, Hporfng Goods, Bicycles and Sundries. LAUNDRY. yulck work Always on time. Electric Steam Laundry. BUCK & CO., Proprietors. Phone 227. 213 E. Third Btreet. Joe R. Lane. (X M. Waterman. LANE & WATERMAN. ATTORNEYS ft COUNSELORS AT LAW No. 220 Main Street, Daven port, Iowa. Second floor. LAWNMOWERS 8HARPENED AND REPAIRED. LAWNMOWERS SHARPENED AND repaired by experienced mechanic. Called tor ana aouverea tree ot cnarge. line phone S7!K. LAUNDRY. We sr prepared to put a gloss or dsll tlntsh on your laundry work and do It right. Meyer JJron., ibis Harrison Bt. MERCHANT TAILOR. Just opened. No old roods on hand. Everything new. First class work and satisfaction guaranteed. i Butts and Overcoats, 115.00 and up. R. J. Zacher. 14 Harrison Bt Davenport, la. MILLINERY. A, C. ENOLAND ft CO.-4M W. Becond Ht. Vnr new siiriim stvles In Black Chif fons, Turbans, Toques, etc. Call and see us. REAL ESTATE." COW BROH.-217 Brndy Bt Oanads Lands a specialty, 160 acre farms free in western Canada. DANCING ACADEMY. F. L. Clendenerv Instructor, S 229 East Fifteenth street. Moline FIRST BRIDGE IS ACCEPTED .v 1 no h I ros terI'' City Council Makes Inspection of the Work of Contractors. It is Calculated to Stand the Strain of the Heaviest Traffic of Interurbans. The Hock Island city council was out to Milan Wednesday afternoon and inspected the first of the bridges acroRS Rock river rebuilt in pursu-ance of the well-understood plan to replace all the existing structures with bridges which are capable of bearing the-heaviest traffic, with'an eye parti- cularly to their utilization by the elec tric railways, city and interurban. The bridge Just completed by the Clinton Bridge & Iron Co. at a cost of $;.9O0 spans Mill creek, adjacent to Milan. It is 280 feet In length, and 23 feet in width. ample for a double- track railway and drive. Besides erect ing a new superstructure, the work done Included the strengthening of the pier , in the center of the creek bed. which now as at most seasons of the year, contains only a tiny stream. which can be forded anywhere by a child, but which during the rainy seasons runs bankful. The bridge proved satisfactory and when the council returned to the city, it -was formally ao cepted, and the bridge company was ordered paid. This bridge disposed of, the council ordered the mayor and clerk to en ter into contract with the Clinton Bridge & Iron Co. for the construction of the bridge across Itock river, the contract having been previously i J. J. Slattery. " ' Just opened Come see me. Estimates furnished and work promptly done, Sat- Hructinn guaranteed. m Harrison. Old 'Phone 1259 Y. PETERS & CANNIFF, 49 McManus Building. Seven per cent first mortgage sold bonds, 80 of above coupon tends, each it $J dsacoitiatlon, Interest October and April, PHYSICIAN. THOMAS BYRNES. M. D. - Eloer'a Drug Btore, Mound Bt. Hours: 9:30-1U;SO :3U-6:UU. Wliltaker Klug. Rooms 4-6. Hours, 11-12. 2-4. Res., 310 Bridge Ave. PLUMBING & WATER HEATING Contractors for Steam and Hot Water Heating, Repairing of all kinds. DeHart & Steckel. 1510 Harrison Bt. 'Phone 6113. REAL ESTATE, INSURANCE AND LOANS. In Union Savings Bank Bid. South east corner Third and Brady Bt. Third street entrance. Chas. A. Keeler Co. Phone 18. Davenport, Iowa. RUYMANN & RUYMANN. C. J. Ruymann. Adolf Ruymann. ATTORN KY B-AT-LAW 305 1-2 W. Sec ond street. Attorneys for Security Savings Bank. SAMPLE ROOM. A. Karl, proprietor. Full line of Beer. Wines. Llauors and Ciciira. 'Phone 671. 'Mi East Second Street, .Davenport, Iowa. SAMPLE ROOM. Fine Wines. Liquors and Clsars. Warm lunch every day. Give me a call. C N, Muxteidt. 121 Brady St 'Phone, Old 1252 Y. STOVES AND RANGES. All knds of roofs, manufacture metal cornices. Large line of Stoves A Ranges. i: a. nuHKtio, u w. iiura tit. STORAGE AND EXPRESS. HtoraKe and hsullng of nil kinds. Ajtents for leading safes. New fireproof tirt'lHIUBH. i'rlvate lockrooms for storage. Ewert & Richter. 122-24-28 E. Fourth 8t 'Phone 598. SAMPLE ROOM. Wines, liquors and cigars. Harrison Street Exchange, 818 Harrison St 'Phone 1095M old. Ed. Binder. SPOT CASH GROCER. J. P. HKENN AN 'x'hone 67-Corner Sixth and Hock Island St. Drslcr In Rood tliliiKS to eat. Your children will reoelve courteous treatment. , TRUNKS & LEATHER BAGS. J. V. WIKTHL-320 Urartv Bt. Trunks nnd Leather Hai?s made, sold and repaired nt Wlrtel Trunk Factory. 'Phone mt oid. UGO. Hlood Purifier and Rheumatism Cure Holit iy all Druggists and by Fritz T. Schmidt dl Sons Mfs. 116 K. Third Bt. Davenport, Iowa UNDERTAKER EMBALMER. 11KMIY RUNOR-Promnt attention to calls, night or day. Tel. 597. I4 W. Third t. l.ivttry in connection. UPHOLSTERING & REPAIRING. Itennlrlns of all kinds. Mntremn-a mnitp to order and renovated. Chris. W. Mehl. Phone, old 14f3. 1 W. Third Btreet. VlAVI. a non-surglcnl home trcntment. m Kast luth Bt. WHOLESALE & RETAIL, LIQUORS lllKh grade Wines and Liquors. Mineral Waters, Mottled Heers, etc., for family nml medicinal use a specialty. Purity Buuruniurii. Ferd Roddewlg 8ont. Moth 'Phones 1K4. 4H9-411 Harrison St. WALL PAPER. Wall Paper, Points, oils, Ulasi, Paper KIHIIHUIS BIIU flllllllllK. J. V. Spink. 'PUoqs fit 110 Harrison Street. awarded 'to the company at their bid of 414.765 and 18.73 per cubic yard for extra concrete work, in the strengthening of the pier. The plan pursued is to expose the existing stone pier down to us rocK iounuation, and then buna up around it a solid 'concrete jacket of the desired thickness. This bridge is 2(u feet in length and probablv costs more because it is more difficult to carry on tho work of rebuilding tn? bridge without interruntins: traffic when It must be done above the rapid ouript.,of Kqrk, river, than when the same worn is aone above a dry creeK bed, where a great deal of the work Js simpiiuea. CONFLAGRATION . AT NEW SHOPS New ShODS wan viaitn.t hv a fipree blaze last nieht whirh fnrtiuiatpiv . re. suited in only a small destruction of railroad property. The fire started nhrmt m nV WU in a car filled with barrels of rejected oil, which with four .other cars some filled with empty barrels and some loaded with railroad ties; was standing on the tracks near the oil-house where they had been loaded. The flames snread with erear rani rim- r.n nrnnnt of the oil and in a few minutes the cars and the platform , were ablaze. Prompt service by the' New Shops fire-fighting system resulted in the confining of -the fir6 tothe immediate vicinity, i ne cars and platform were destroyed and - the woodwork about the doors and wujdows ot the oil bouse was ' burned hut Ihn rinmatrp will not be great. ' The fire smolder ed, witn occasional flashes of flanio, until s o clock this morning. The damage is estimated at S3.50Q to 4,000. TURNER CASE IS DISMISSED William Turner, charged with the embezzlement, f goods and money to tho value 01,1251 from 8. M. Arndt & roiiipany by whom he. was employed as. clerk in their Moline store was t,iven a hearing before Magistrate An drew Olson in, Moline on Wednesday pltf rnoon. Mr. Turner it appears, has Icen employed at the store since it was opened on. June 10 and the testi mony elicited the fact that he had no knowledge of the exact . amount of stoc- on han4 when jie took charge. Although the..; Inventory showed an apparent shortage pf $251 in the stock and cash, the evidence did not show that if there was , a shortage that Turner was responsible for it. At the conclusion tf the hearing the mag Istrste dlwm'ssed the-' rase. State's Attorney Weld appeared for the prosecution while W. L. Ludolph and W. . Meese appeared "for Mr. Turner. TWO CARS STRUCK BY LIGHTNING Two cars belonging to the Trl-City Railway company were struck by lightning during the storm Tuesday evtning. One of them was on Elm street in Rock Island and tho other one was? In ' Moline. ' .Fortunately no one was Injured, btit lhe cars were damaged to the extent of f!50. HIS GENEROSITY BECOMES KNOWN John Goethals, the young Belgian who lost his life in Itock river be low the Watch Tower Sunday, though earning only a modest, wage, bore a heart which beat -warmly ior those In want. During his residence In Mo line he made the acquaintance of a Belgian family on the bluff living in want, and for some time he contribtit- er. the sum of $2 a week toward their support. . '., ... The beautiful part of this work ot charity was that the sum was sent the family through tne Daughters ot Isabella and to the time of his death they knew not but that the Daughters themselves were giving the amount. TRINITY PARISH CALLS A RECTOR Rev. Dr. Sherwood of St.reator, 111., has received a call to hocome pastor of Trinity Episcopal church In Rock Island. The vestry will not receive a definite reply from him until after he has visited the church. Dr. Sher wood has consented to come Sunday and conduct the services morning and evening at Trinity. MISS WOLTMAN TO SING AGAIN Mrs. Margaret Woltmann and daughter, Miss Pauline Woltmann, have ame to St. Louis, where Miss Woltmann Is to make her second appear-iintuv in a concert at tho World's Fair. Friday afternoon she will be a soloist at the 10th symphony concert., and on that occasion will render two anas, accompanied by an orchestra selected from the leading musicians or the six best orchestras In , the country and conducted by Alfred Ernst, of St. Louis. MlsstWoltmann. who is a mem ber of the faculty of the New England Conservatory , of Music; has been spending her summer .vacation bore. MRS. FULLER JOINS HUSBAND Mrs. .T. It. Fuller dennrted nn Tues day evening for Cedur Rapids ,tn join Mr. Fuller, wno was prommoa recent ly to a position in the Kock Island s iIIvIhIoii nfllco . af that rmiiit. Mrs Puller was accompanied by her moth er. Mrs. Hurrt, who will make her home with ner daughter in Cedar Ra plds. , , , , FAIR STOCK IS ' ' GOING NICELY Tim rninttiltteo of hiittlnnua mnn which had In charge the placing of im.iiuo stock in tne l ounty Fair as uiiolntlnn la linvlnif Ann uunnaa infi it Is expected that all of the stock win no suuscriuiHi ueiore tills week is over, rociay a mmmuiee conslslln nf I. 11 Million. T. P. I .a II In nr., I t., Senator Payne started for a trip over the country tp plnce the subscription lists before the farmers of the county. "I TO KNOW HIM An attempt was made at 2 o'clock on Tuesday morning to bold up H. "if. jUartlett, a Muscatine attorney, who ia uu ui way Home, ne wan aiiai-ft ed by two men. who felled him and also Frank Lang, of South Muscatine, who happened on the scene. But Bart- lett managed to escape, pursued by Lang; and. thewo others, until he met tyb'jmen wi p protected him,- from further attack, and assisted ,the, police in arresting the three men. . Lang's companions gave their names as Harry Howell of St. Louis and E. It. Bragg of Rock Island. They claimed that they thought Lang was trying to rob Barllett, but didn't explain why it was necessary to knock the latter down. Bragg claimed Rock Island as his home and asserted that he had come to Muscatine to take a place in Cherry's shoe store. The name of E. R. Bragg does no tappear in the Itock Island directory and the police also have no knowledge of such a person. Bragg and Howell got 15 days in jail. ...... INCORPORATION ARTICLES FILED The articles of incorporation . of the Rock Island Daily News Printing & Publishing Co. was filed for record in Circuit Clerk Gamble's office . in Rock Island on Tuesday. The object for which the company is founded is to pul.lish a daily and weekly newspaper acd do a general job printing business. The capital stock is $20,000 divided into 200 shares of the value of $100 each. The incorporators and members of the first board 4f directors are Jeremiah P. Looney, James L. O'Connor, William C. Looney -and Thomas O'Neill ; Jones. John Peter Looney is not listed among the stockholders. The business office ot the company will be at No. 1817i Second avenue in the Star block which was recently purchased by John P. from the Skinner estate. w , . A NEW PATTERN ' SWITCH LIGHT The Burlington road has placed in commission in its yards in Rock Island a modern switch light. Instead of daily cleaning of the lamp and refilling of the oil tank, the new lamps are cleaned and filled every eight days and they burn day and night, without any attention being necessary in the interim. The new light is not unlike other yard lamps, yet the construction of the feeder of the oil tank, which i economizes the oil, makes it a valuable appliance. Inside the lamp is the small wick and glass globe, and although of tiny dimensions furnishes a sufficient quantity ot light. JUDGE PARMENTER ' WILL TRY CASE The Fourteenth avenue ' improve ment matter is to be heard by Judge. I Parmenter without the intervention, of a jury. The parties to the case on Tuesday morning agreed to dispense with the , jury and. consequently the panel was discharged. The hearing was then postponed until 9 a. in. on Friday. LIKE THEM IN HOLD HENGLAND -The Moline Pump Co, received notice last week from T. G. Slipper & Co., Brundall, Norwich, England, who are Great Britain agents for the Moline Pump Co., stating that at the recent Peterboro show they were awarded the medal for the best gasoline engines. They say. further, that this award has given them a first-class advertisement. They took one of the Eli en gines to pieces to show the judges the simplicity, etc., of its construction. WHEN VISITING IN NEW YORK. In the old aristocratic section near Grace' Church in New York City, is located the Van Rensselaer. Hotel, which is generally considered to be the most convenient and satisfactory location for visitors to New York. The house is new, modern and home-like catering to refined patrons who 'desire to ne near shops, theaters and transit lines. During the summer months extremely low rates are made to transient guests an example or which may be noted In the proposi tion that Is now being made of an ele gantly furnished parlor, bed room and private bath, with electric lights and private telephone at the rate ot only $12 weekly for two persons. "TEDDY'S" HAT. This Year's Styles of Headgear Have the Cowboy Dents in Them. One evidence of the manner in which Theodore Roosevelt has im pressed the spectacular phase of his personality upon the public may be seen in this year s style of masculine headgear. The fashionable undress hat this season is a modification of the style' of headwear almost exclusively affect-t cd by the Western cowboy and later! adopted by the rough riders. Tho' width of the brim lias been lessened. to harmonize with conventional ap parel, but even this concession to1 Knstern taste is nullified by the te- qulrement that the hat shall be worn with the brim turned down In front I and up behind and the crown Indented at the cardinal points of the Compass. Possibly In no other way is the popular opinion of Mr. Roosevelt so clearly expressed as by this sartorial accessory. The average American thinks of Theodore Roosevelt as "Ted dy''nnd , tjie popularity, JuA"0 new stylfl! hat ivuVcts In a meusure his own popularity' In the role of a spectacular hero. Chicogo Chronicle, THE DEATH PENALTY. , A little thing sometimes results In death. Thus a mere scratch, Insignificant cuts or puny bolls have paid the death penalty. It Is wise to have Riicklen's Arnica Salve ever handy. It's Hie best Salve on earth and will prevent fatality, when Burns, Sores, Ulcerg and Piles threaten. Only 25c at the Ballard Drug and Dental' Co. . NO ONE SEEMS SUICIDE PREVENTED. The startling announcement that a preventive of suicide had been discovered will Interest many. - A run down system, or despondency Inva- riaojy precedeg suiside and some-i. thing baa been found that will prevent that condition which makes sui 'cide likely. At the first thought of self destruction take Electric Bitters It beilng a great tonic and nervin will strengthen the nerves and build ,np the system. It's also a great Stomach, Liver and Kidney regulator .Only EOc. Satisfaction guaranteed by j the Ballard Drug and Dental Co. STRONG SHOES AT WEAK PRICES. We are offering to you thb anJ next week children's lace shoes, sizes 6 and C1, at Ladies Oxfords .j.. , Misses' Tie ' Slippers 49c 98c 79c Genuine Bargains, every one of them. , When you paint think more of what you get than of what you pay. There is a "Best'Mn everything and Paint Is no exception to the rule. We have a large and complete stock of all kinds of . PAINTS AND WAIL PAPERS G, RANZOW & SON 528 532 W. THIRD STREET. iter. 1904. Spring and Summer PATTERN'S FOR MEN'S APPAREL. Thos.McCullough& Sons $ Merchant Tailors. 111 W. Id. Davenport. Ice and Cold Storage Go. Dealers in Pure Channel Ice Ice houtti it Bctteadorf and Corernmet Harbor at Rockingham. Your trade aoliettea ana good aerrice guaranteed. Both 'Phones 485. T.V.M'ClellandGo. MANUFACTURERS OF I Sash, Doors and Blinds ! D1ALIR8 Lj Home-Made Sausage. Is our Specialty. All kinds ot choice sansace of our own manufacture furnished our customers. THREE DELIVERY WAGONS. '' One Leering the Market every nouf. HELBIG & EHLERS IM II1 I. th SL 'Phone ill Hard and Soft : 86 v dixon ':h Vt Yard 601 ' ' - rX EThlrd tXvtf MAKING .FRIENDS EVERYDAY This can truthfully be ujd of JELL-O It jt CKEAJ4 POWDER, the new product for pakinf , . , . " , - . , . jyjlt .ic r,r " Hcitm icecream yoa ever te: ever; , .urn m iua pacKtee. AnUiillE Uatea o in Hot weather. All grorn are purine It in Muck, twit wMlhM .1 - , - , .... . . j your erocer eau't miiply yoa ri " vim air putrme H in ftWK K. J T r eao't aupply yoa aeadjisc. flr uu-kf Iftll. Four kiiulA V'.T.,tl. t'i.J.-.:,r ii'.i'y hiii and Lrnlarored. Addrew. The tnuiMt fore Food Co.. Box m. La Kn. Hi v Don't IForgot to call upon J. M. LAIRSEN Contractor and' Builder. ' ? Will do your work at small . expense. All sorta of plans and specifications for dwellings and business blocks. General line of carpenter contractile. 1716 Iowa Street Old 'phone 1402 X. ' j , , . - . Free Trip to the ; - World's Greatest " ' : Exposition St. Louis for somebody I " . .lu Call on WYLIE FUEL CO. 116 West 3rd Street or telephone No. 1 , ' for f nil particulars. Tri-CityTrarisfer and Fuel Co. to Hauling and Moving of all kinds LARGE OR SMALL AT REASONABLE RATES. : We also handle . the best grade ot - , Hard and Soft Coal A portion ot your patronage la respectfully solicited. Satisfaction guaranteed. . Both Phones 130. Office and yards 221-223 East Second St l Mi KRELL&CO. Cater to the most critical and serve your table and guests with tbs finest delicacies to be had in the three citiesi A .happy hostess is she who can serve : such delicious ." . v Ice Cream 'or ' ' Fruit Ices in brick, melon, individual fruits, flowers, baskets filled with fresh strawberries, cards and comic figures to add to the siiccess of her party as she can always find at Krell's Parly Supply House Huyler's, Lowney's and Allegrstti's Chocolates and Bon Bons. 'PHONE 632. 218 BRADY ST. Livery Stable Carriages for Partlea and erals a Specialty. Fun- PINK HORSES ANt FINE RIGS. Funeral purposes at reasonable prices. John C. Ploebn Commercial Alley. 'Punn, asst. , A, FIT! all Orders -V ' ri1 j

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