Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on July 28, 1964 · Page 19
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 19

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 28, 1964
Page 19
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ftased Wire IService of i kociated Press Lake Charles American EDITION o CENTS LAKE CHARLES, LA., TUESDAY, JULY 28, 1964 18 PAGES Partly Ctnudf Mostly cloudy and warm through Wednesday with scattered showers and thundershowers. Low tonight 74. High Wednesday 85. Lake: Very tow bacteria conn! NUMBER 25,778 ew Trial Set for Wilbert Rideau N FLORIDA Moon Shot Set Today CAPE KENNEDY, Fla. (AF) j miles to the mocn in 68Vis hours -The United States tries again i and crash-land on the surface '•"ftoday to launch the Ranger 7{Friday morning. As the 806- Spacecrat't on a picture-taking'pound craft approaches the riissio/i to the moon. , moon, its six television cameras The Atlas-Agena booster rock- I let was to vault skyward in a fa- A/vorable launching period bc- are to take and transmit more than 4,000 closeup pictures. The flight control center at 1ween 11:50 a.m. and 1:58 p.m. |GoIdstonc, Calif., hoped to ma- 'Eastern Standard Time. ! neuver Ranger 7 to an area The shot was postponed Mon-1 west of the moon's center where <Iay when static-like noise devel- lighting conditions are most fa- oped in a ground transmitter | vorable for photography. A IN E. FRANCE Hope Fades For Miners . W. KIPLING Ell Kites Thnrstlay CHAMPAGNOLE, France (AP)—Hope began to fade today for 14 men entombed for almost 24 hours in a limestone mine in the .Jura Mountains of eastern France. A drill pipe sunk through 128 feet of mud and rock broke through into an intact part of the mine. Rescuers lowered a ; highly sensitive listening device One official said it was possible that the area of the mine under the drill pipe was cut off from where the men were sheltered. But in that case the rescuers face new and formidable j difficulties when they break i through into the mine! • The drillers had w o r k e d through the night at one spot without making a breakthrough. > used to send radio commands to the guidance system after the ' rocket is airborne. The problem was corrected. j The National Aeronautics and , Space Administration counted prime target was the huge Mare Imbrium, the Sea of Showers. Apollo planners want pictures of the maria because they appear to be flat and thus are possible astronaut landing areas. on Ranger 7 to end six years of -Examination of the photos disappointment during which i may determine whether the the United States has failed on j maria arc dust bowls, solid sur- 12 straight moon shots. \ faces or something else. The in Last Rites Set For Pioneer \/*Alli jLUUI " rvw%1 i down the 6-inch tube but heard j Then they moved the rig sever- only the sound of dripping \va-! al yards up the hill and started ter and falling stones. ! again. Officials said the absence of; The men had been entombed The failures have hampered gathering seriously i formation is needed for design- information lo support the Apollo rnan- to-the-moon project, which aims at a manned lunar landing late in this decade. ing the landing gear on the Apollo moonship. The cameras were geared to Funeral services for Philip W. Kiplinger, 86, of 641 Cleveland St., will be held Thursday in the Hixson Funeral Home cha- take pictures from an altitude of! P cl al . a 1-hne to be announced. " ' 1,120 miles to the moment be- & \ Ranger 7 is to streak 228,522 j fore impact. Mayor Wagner, King Hold Talks NKW YORK (AP)—Dr. Mar-[against demonstrations by Ep- tin Luther King Jr. conferred ; ton's group, the Harlem Defense with Mayor Robert F. Wagner j Council, today about New York's racial | while King and Wagner were situation, and Harlem leaders j meeting, an aide said that no expressed anger that King did I statement would be made until not consult them first. King said after the 3^-hour meeting, which ended at 2 a.m., a news conference at..4 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time today. The aide said Wagner, King that he would meet with "sum- j and others would meet again at mit leaders" in the riot-torn | City Hall before the news con- sections of New York City. ference. Also taking part in the "Matters of national impor- discussions was Bayard Rustin, lance" were discussed by King le ,ader of last y ear>s marcn on and Wagner, said one of the Washington, mayor's aides. Before leaving Atlanta Monday night, King had urged Negroes in New York to halt violence and lawlessness, warning that they could set back the civil rights movement. He also said he might make peace tours in Rochester, N.Y., this weekend. Rochester had its first quiet night since Friday, when rioting and looting broke out, but a state of emergency and a curfew still were in effect. Property Sale Ruling Issued Burial will be in Highland Memory Garden Cemetery. The Rev. Cleburne Quaid, pastor of the Simpson Methodist Church, will officiate. Masonic graveside rites will be conducted. Mr. Kiplinger, a resident of Lake Charles for 60 years, died ; Monday night in a local nurs- 1 ing home. i He aided in the establishment of Boy Scout Troop 1, which the first troop in the more than 50 years ago. The troop established is still existing and is sponsored by the Simpson Methodist Church. - Mr. Kiplinger was awarded the Silver Beaver award and other scout honors, was a member of the Simpson Methodist j Church where he served as su- i perintendent of Sunday School for 35 years, and was a permanent member of the Salvation Army board of directors. ; He was secretary of the Lake ! Charles Rotary club for 25 years and was a native of Clark- human sounds was "very dis- i turbing." They said the men would have come to the point where the pipe pierced the mine roof if they were alive and well. Man Injured In Sulphur Mishap Dies ALEXANDRIA, La. (AP) James Edward Bordelon, 20, Pineyille, died in a Beaumont hospital Monday of injuries received in an industrial accident near Sulphur. Authorities said he was struck by a chain which slipped when he was helping to unload piling to be used in a ship channel job between Lake Charles and Cameron. FOR GOVERNOR within the 30 - mile labyrinth more than 12 hours when sensitive special equipment, flown in by helicopter, caught what seemed to be faint tapping. ; The rescue squads were 1 trying to sink a ventilation shaft about 6 inches wide and G5 to i 100 feet deep. This would assure 'a supply of air to the trapped men and would enable surface ! workers to get : food to them. ; Scores of tearful relatives and friends stood by as the work went on through Ihe night under floodlights. The mine burrows deep within the 2,575-foot mound known as Ml. Rivel, a source of limestone for more than a century. The only entrance lo the mine was blocked for more than 1,600 feel bv the cave-in. Arkansas Demos To Pick Nomiinee win nomination to a LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP)Arkansas Democrats vote today straight term over three oppo-: mittee says. KEBECCA KlN(i Wins (Irani MSC Student To Study At TheSorbonne Rebecca Kint;, McNeese .State College language major, h a s been awarded a French govern- enable surface mc ,,t fellowship for advanced messages and study at the So.bonnc, University of Paris. Jacques B. Ligcr-Helair, assistant French consul in New Orleans, in a letter to Dolive Benoit, McNecse professor of languages, says that the fellowship, awarded once a year to a Louisianian, includes expenses from Louisiana to France and return, free tuition at a French university for one academic year, a monthly stipend for living expenses in France and other incidentals. The fellowship is sponsored by ; the French government in con< junction with France-Amerique . de la Louisiane, an organization dedicated to the promotion of j American-French relations. Francc-Amertque de L a k e Charles plans to contribute to Rebecca's year of study in i France through a special dona- j lion to supplement her monthly I living stipend, Mrs. Walter ' Cade Sr., chairman of the local sixth I organization's .scholarship com- E. Baton Rouge Parish Chosen As New Site The new trial for accused murderer Wilberl Rideau of Lake Charles will be held in East Baton Rouge Parish. No date has been set. for the trial. District Judge Cecil Culrcr, complying with, decisions by the U. S. and Louisiana Supreme Courts, ordered the trial changed to • the 19th Judicial District . , p . Assistant Fire Chief Elected By Starks CD District Monday afternoon. The order granting I h o change of vcmio was read by Dist. Judge Clement Moss for Judge Culrcr who is on vacation, Rideau is charged with t h e February 16, 19GI, slaying of a hank employe following a $14,00(1 holdup of a South Lake Charles branch hank. The 22-year-old Negro was found guilty of murder in 14th Judicial District Court here on April 17, 1961, but in June 1%3, the U. S. Supreme Court overthrew the verdict and ordered a new trial. The nation's highest court said the local trial turned into "kangaroo court, proceedings." The court decision r e a d in part, "The due process of law in the case required a trial by a jury drawn from a community of people who have not seen and heard Rhleau's tole- 1 vised interview." Soon after his capture, Rideau appeared on a local television station with Sheriff Henry A. Reid and allegedly confessed to the crime. In January of this year, Disl. Ally. Frank Sailer filed for a change of venue before Judge Cutrer. Judge Cutrer refused the change and termed the case at a "judicial impasse." STARKS (Spl.t -Carl Wasch- cr was elected assistant tiro chief to Roy Barrett at a recent meeting of the Civil Defense volunteer fire department. Other board members elected to serve were Leroy Perkins and Joseph Ray Johnson. The fire department is composed of volunteer workers. They are soliciting the support of every family in the community in the project. Visits to eac'i home will be made soon by local Civil Defense personnel t<> explain the plan and operation of the department, also will give information on how to contact the department in case of a fire. During the visits a contribution will be accepted to help defray the expenses of the truck and other equipment The truck is owned and operated by Wascher. A minimum lee of five dollars per fire or one dollar per . l The judge ruled that Louisi-! mile for onc wa y distance which- ana law specified that any j cvcr is greater was approved change of venu» granted must I l)v " le l)oard t(1 be paid Waseh- be transferred to a court in an County, Ohio, and a member | on whether to send Gov. Orval; nents in the state's quietest of No. 165 Scottish Rites, Knights j E. Faubus or a new face against j Democratic primary Templar. \ Republican Wmthrop Rockefell- ATLANTA (AP) - A federal district judge, in an opinion of possible far-reaching signifi- New York City policemen tes- i £ ance '. h f enjoined the state of - - - - - S(a(e Su ., Georgia from racial discnmina- tified Monday in a ^^,^ ^ , .. . ,. , , preme Court hearing that WiI-j* J . on jn . th ? sale> lease or other liam Epton. a Negro and self- \ dls P° sal of Property of described Communist, told a secret Harlem meeting last week . that 'the state must be , b >'. Jud .ge Frank A. Hooper, i owned Jekyll Island. The injunction, issued Monday For many years, Mr. Kipling- cr operated the Jones Printing ' Co., and was more recently as- 1 sociated with his son, Lester , L. Kiplinger, in the office sup- i ply business here. i , He served as a member and president of the board of commissioners of the First District Sewerage Board of Lake Charles for more than 25 years. Additional survivors are his state-! wile - Mrs. Nora B. Kiplinger; another son, Philip W. Kip- er in the gubernatorial election next November. The daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. « of Lake adjoining parish or district, all of which were within viewing range of the television station. Sailer appealed the denial of a change to the Louisiana Supreme Court and (he state's er as a compensation for time lost from his job while fighting a lire. The truck am! equipment is furnished only un a part time basis since the .same is used by Die owner in .wollier otrupa- in years. , Less than half of the state's I her academic work earned her _. F ™. bus was expected toeasily ! 633,000 voters were expected to | Mc JJ C< ^ [ S . hon ,° r ,4! T P n Cuiincs R, ui'iu ui \* a iv *; ;. — * * ~ - -•-".-•••. - ( Charles, Rebecca'is a graduate I l »K hcst «' url "rdc'red J u d g «, "»>• I he use of the equipment of LaGrange High School, where tlllrcr >'? L-onj.uly with the U.S.! «!» be limited to home tires and smashed," and "we're going to! mak es it possible for Negroes have to kill cops and judges." j to lcase homesites on the island. . linger Jr. of Houston, Tex.; one j daughter, Mrs. Mohans Thorn- i ton of Birmingham, Ala.; six N. Y. Ordered To Reapportion Its Legislature , . ,, . ,„. . • ' She is a candidate for the cast ballots, lhe polls opened at! bachelor of arts degree in lan- 8 a.m. and close at 6 p.m. . guages at MeNecse's com- h*. wnd „,, tdc,,»n SiriTl™ "5jrt just once and closed his formal campaign last Friday, five days after he opened it. His opponents, Joe Hubbard Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges. Called "Cotirs dy Civilization," the course of s'.tidv chosen by Justice Gerald P. Culkin con-1 once a retreat for some of the linued a restraining order ' nation's wealthiest families. Ben \V. Fortson Jr., chairman of the Jekyll Island Authority, i said about 400 homesites are ! available now for lease. The normal homesite lease is 40 years, Fortson said, with 10- year renewal periods after that. The court injunction does not cover those presently holding leases from the state, but only concerns future disposals of property. grandchildren grandchildren. and two great- ol Russellville, R. I). Burrow of Rebecca is designed especially Walnut Ridge, and Odell Dorsey for foreign students al the Sor- ot North Little Rock all were | bonne and covers all phases of wnwvnnw /AD, »r , 1 "™8 thejr first statewide po-1 French culture, including Ian- NEW YORK (AP) - A feder- htical campaigns. Only Dorsey guage , literature, art and his- al court has ordered the Repub- ran any semblance of a tradi-j t0 ry. Classwork nl the Univer- lican-controlled New York Leg-jdonal race. He closed his cam-Uity of Paris begins on Novem- courl's decision and grant the;"" 101 ' Personal property lines change to a district outside the! " ial might endanger a dwell- viewing area ol the television i '"8 P'acc. station. The case will now be. placed on the docket in the 19th Judicial District in Baton Rouge i and a date set lor Ihe new trial, i It is expected Sailer will be ! named special prosecutor by Ihe Kast Baton Rouge district attorney in order that he may prosecute Hie c;m> for the state. Living Mode By Causing Cor Crashes Toledo Bend Dam Strike Meef Held Hunter to Speak At Field Day Event in Crowley CROWLEY, La. (AP) -Presi- dent John A - Hunter of Louisi- islature to pass a reapportion- {paign Monday night with , ment measure by next April 1.! statewide telecast, his first The special three-judge court directed Monday that senators and assemblymen be elected Nov. 3 on the basis of present legislative districts. It ruled, i however, that those elected in ,,,. , . lhe race ior governor was the contest on the Interest in the governor's race was at an all-time low in a state her 1 and concliii.'cs on June Miss Benoit says Alter further trawl in Kurope during the summer of 19(i5, Rebecca plans to return to the U.S. in September where .she will < j /ii roll in graduate school Alligator Sparks Riof At Beach LEESV1LLE, La. (APi - Officials of Texas and Louisiana met here and in Burkevillc, Savannah \Wrnp« ,.-hr, cn ,,,,\,t > . .- „ .„ Tex, Monday in an attempt to'S^,^^ ^ght ; station staff will clear the way ior resumption ot work on the two-state Toledo ana State University will speak at the annual field day in the rice experiment station here two-state Bend Dam project. The conferees declined to comment on the discussions. A citizens con.mitlee's picket line has refused to permit traffic to enter or leave the construction site near Burkevillc. The committee has complained that too few job* on the $tW million project went to local labor. 5 MINUTES 25c •>•> HIGHEST PROFIT OPPORTUNITY Si Coin c&crcled Cor V.'asn Model At'h Vacuun-!. Ui.e onlv 10 cp 1 VVaTer per Car. tocaiioni Hiqh Reiurn. Invtslors coll R, L liMTfiitc lor Iniorrr.ation Pnonf <:>3-a?'Jl E»t. 52, or *rite 5022, Grecnviiie Ave , Dallas, BUSHKL PEACHKS Krcih Sbipincin Arkansas Elbertas Received this niurniu {.HOKGE THKR1OT der as unprecedented. "f don't recall any similar decision. This could set an important precedent." she said. The group which sought the injunction was led by W. W. Law. a Savannah oflieial of lhe National Association tor the Advancement of Colored People Hooper's decree restrains the state from "enforcing any policy of prohibiting Negroes from using and enjoying al! the facilities ot the island state park." November can serve only one i which traditionally has elected year instead of the normal two- i its chief executive in the Demo- year terms. cratic primary. Only once since „,, . ... Reconstruction have the Repub-^ The unanimous decision set i icans produced more than to- the first timetable for putting., ken opposition for the Demo- into effect the U.S. Supreme j cratic nominee - when i's of the experiment j Lou rt decision of June 15, which' Faubus seeking his first term : -"-••"-•- • I ordered that seats in the legis-' defeated Mayoi lature be reapportioned to rep- of Little Rock sults of tests in such as disease control, seed treatment, i resent the population more fair- nitrogen placement, timing and , '>'• The Supreme Court held that sources, rice field ' insects, rice breeding and fertilization, rotation with soybeans and other crops. the state's apportionment mula was unconstitutional. lor- HANKS .1. R. (PAT) DONOVAN P(,r Oono-.'On <JLD FASHION J\,\ '•f i 5 P r. r n L a * e P oa d prone • 477-5JC3 \Ve<.lne>day Grand Opening U iu(.r fit.v '.'.i.Ti'jqem^fi* SPKCIAL FINAL CLEARANCE Over 2.000 yards beautiful rotton. Reduced Iroin .-tork V vyrd.s — SI.IJO ': jii> id f 45 v, ;.,,'-.' i i ! C K ' - UA'JCJJ ( \\DID\TK JAC< C. WATSON TONIGHT 10:15 - Channel Democrats hud asked the led- era! court here to order immediate redistrjeting. which would havt affected the fli-rUon-, tins November. Some Republican-, leaders har| hoped to delay re- apporlionrnt'iit ior two years. The ruling was praised !>\ spokesmen for both the Republicans. Mho are expected to lose legislative seats through re- ajjportionnient. and the iJemo- •rats. who are expected to gain i ' " "J, ^, ,.,.f,,,, : : / ~ ! "Ti <!i".; AM\(; 's M.K i The Ihreat jx/.se<J bv Rockefeller, brother of Gov. Nelson A Rockefeller of New York, ^wiiehed the emphasis Ibis \eur I'uli! u;a] oij.ieiAi-rs believed the pro.ipc<-ts o! an expensive primarv cMinp;n;;n against Fan- t/u-, tm the nuht io make an e.x- pensive wimpaigu against. Rockefeller seared ol! Democrats who iii^'jit hau- seriously dial- Stan Laurel Is Released By Hospital HOLLYWOOD (Al'i Stan Laurel is out of the hospital alter 10 days of tests to coned hLs insulin do^igc for ihabele:-.. The 73-year-old comedian was discharged Sunday front Valley Doctors Hospital and returned to his apartment in nearby San ta Monica, when- he lives wiih his wile. Ida Laurel aod li>i- late Oh\ei i Hardy lorine'i >jii<' ol lin 1 mov lies' rnosl famous coined;, teams. /-. 3 BIG PEOPENING SALE GFORGE'S BARGAIN STORE Laciii-- l;it--c-.-. diK.' Shur- SubU'CH diu.! e!i I';,.,'- SV.n I- o;ii . B!n;itl Strm. l,aki: t IM-> of Fall and VViuiiT Sk;rt..-, Sweak-iv Ulou Men !UIIKJ:-,V .-- Coal-, l ildivn's. Urt'SM'f, Skirls, .l Mii.<:h IJoii't MJ.HS '1 bib Sale -lianui^i- For The Kutirc .lati.L-1- SAN D1KGO, Calil. (AI'i Writer-humorist James Thurber would have loved this. It was like the last act of a play from the theater of the absurd Everyone was around and having a fine time at. La Jolla Shores Sunday, when suddenly a child yelled, "Daddy, there's an alligator in the ocean'" .Sure e/iouf,;h n -!'.--loo( al l.'gator dogpaddled into view and women and children ran hhritking from the sur 1 . A swimmer plunged in. ihm emerged hi.ldiny the bea.-.i nin- gerl> b\ ii-. tail an 1 ! oin- l'»ot A man in >wim Irnnki aii'l .-.!iaw liat stepj.ii'd limn the (.'aliiei'ing (.'I'liwl ciiid an liOUiM u'i Thai's m 1 . jlhgy'or <;e.,rge A Trelikes. 43. i.t San Diego shp})ed a inlnii li'a.^h over his pet's neck, boarded a rubber rail and began paddling oil" io M-a, tin' alhyatnr paddiing fanhfull;, behind. l,:ic^ lards later cited Treiiki-.s f'ir having an animal on a citv beach. KANSAS CITY, Mo. iAI J ' -A Kansas City man has colli'i-ted about $10,000 insurance by iie- libcrat(.'ly causing ir.ori' Hum 35 automobile accidents in lour yt'ais. a prosecutor said Joseph Lewis Appk-by. in, piradod guilty 1,1 Circuit Court Monday lo a grand jury indict- IIIMH of collecting on a false injury flaim Donald L Ma-.on. assistant prosecutor, said the state had 42 witnesses ready to U-slify thai swimming Applcby operated in this" man- SI HI- uas ner Driving an old car, Appleby would .slarn on the brakes deftly so (hat his car rammeil trmu ihe ),-;n 1 (nick. Then he would li-ll th back hurt and iie w;i- -jcin G. L. BARGAIN S STORE d]' Sul(H!i un '!'•', 'lays lei i in which to open vour bank free c ii r c k i K g account a 1 Lar.i .-ule's new McNi-cM- .•.tore u 1 just i e -tucked u u t v.iiJi l.ilj jnd uiniei (•.'I' liie enlir,.' /JA Uiid Lif*0 da,' la PU, are jr.d in pun!) lu • Haul i 'jin.'' i Q-jf iO' . tiOA'l Oft'J '/.j^usay pian u »ver> week-v.|;i> llru Sat- ii .'JU-ti:UU Mai

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