The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 3, 1938 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 3, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Run the Government No Effort Made. To Minimize Family Relationship In James' Position BY W1LUS THORNTON JvTA Service SUIT Correspondent WASHINGTON, Jan. 31. — Tl«> telephone Jangled In the ynator's office. His .sccretai'y answered. "A cull from the White House' she said. "Mr. Roosevelt wishes to speak lo you." The senator took the phone and . answered eagerly. Then Jits face fell. 'The caller was James, the 'President's .son! But the sfnnt'ors nre getting used to tills now. Six months ns tin official ^secretary to Die President, and more- than a year of more Informal relations as 1111 assistant, have rat, for James Hoosevelt definite niche In the governments executive structure. Son James lias had to cut, that) I niche himself, for he took the Job ftmld considerable skepticism among those who muttered: •. "Nice fellow, and all Unit, but iiVcx)>erleiv:e<l, young, and after all, just' p'a'paV boy." * * , * Made Himself Useful The tall, sliln, smiling figure who rises'to greet you In the plain while-walled office across the hnll from the President's ollice In Ihe White House, is very plainly his father's son. The Infectious smile, the easy assurance, the quick knack of putting the culler at his case— these are oil Immediately apparent family traits. The-large portrait of the President hanging above the fireplace, the family group picture on the mantle, tile copy ol Mrs. Roosevelt's "Tills Troubled. World" on the desk., nil show Mint there Is no effort to minimize (be family relationship. . But that is far from all of the picture. .James Roosevelt In six months • has very definitely made hlinself useful, not only to his father bill lo the heads of a score of independent executive organizations of the government, who regularly confer with him. He is nlso useful to a large number of members of Congress and miscellaneous people having business with the executive. » * * He Isn't Marking Time There are still some veteran congressmen who fee! that they merit, direct access lo the presidential car, and who have been annoyed at having, lo deal with f.on James. But even some of these have become reconciled to find lliat it is .better to talk to James and gel action oh what they want, than to tiy for days or weeks to retich the President in person and have their business lost in the deluge of administrative detail which dally engulfs the President. James is nol simply marking time at the White House. He believes there is a job to do there, and Is trying hard t o do it. .Will he run tor governor of Massachusetts, where he lias established residence at Frjimlnc- hamv "Not in 1938!" comes the direct and unequivocal answer, leaving an unspoken implication that it might come later. For James keeps actively hi touch with Massachusetts state politics by telephone and occasional trips, and is definitely interested in political affairs on his own hook. There Is No Preference Twenty-one independent agencies of the government have a regular half hour a week reserved for them at young Roosevelt's office. There heads of those agencies discuss matters of coordination of their work, of relationships, with Congress, and administrative decisions that they think ought to have the ear of the Preside/it. James has a card Index for each one of them, which his secretary keeps up to date with each call. A different color of card tells just THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 1938 dave business witlrione or more of the oxermlve departments. Much of the Job of getting to- the recent oddly-assorted parties of 'builni'<';-la.'x>r callers at K While Utilise was done through j business In Washington find them- si-lvcs dealing with tlic TVA, the W'.'fj and three other agencies oil a .-.Ingle mailer? It Is James' Job lo try to gel them nil together and w.'iip up Die whole matter In » simUe package. lines the Federal lioiislnB"~AiT- ministration need wjnie small Uig""' "' Ifl'Matlon pufseil ti> ifd « ]ircjr-i'l moving? II Is J '"'"-''' J''' 1 lo <'<>nwel ili>> mn- 6' ''vwu alloclcd. nnd f.lari. the l.:in Diploma Repays Youth For 10-Year Struggle! CLEVELAND cUPj _ George Mlnnello, 21, was handed his high school diploma after HI years, during which lime lie divided approximately 4'2,(Mfj hours Uf-ivrt'fii ^(<a:iy or part-time joU nnil hi'. , H« worJ:fd mi iiwjtRp of C2 ; hours a week in tiikl jobs lo hup-i j Port his father and three cif five ! brothers, .studied and .scored av-1 Jil.s .school woi-k ami maintained -. r.niicr routr. nil ill the same; lime. rou died l^iilil March 1st WI'ION'AI, ;W,UKS'fl(,' IM.KASURK OAKS, COMMERCIAL CARS and TRUCKS Mull ItnllhiK :' Dries I he I iil.'ur Oi/urtniPlit |ilan I t« HI t up mi r-xliin stive n-iiort on i veil's j;,!, iu bee lliul. une Is in- A i,ratr.f.n It:^, or oilier budily Iny. v/ill caiiM ttfjk .'intii-r;; on 'I* t-r. iflrmcij «,f ij»> work of (he oilier, .living cxii'u way. iin-.i Hie con-' | fusion. ()o cft'ltf In \ift\ju 1 f (*o/ii|)f[|i(i"i BETWEEN Make of Ca Rqnip. & Condi. Motor and Tires A-l Chevrolet New Tires Motor A-l Fordor Sedan M, S. Kelts H. B. Mitchell Witt. O. Douglas A. J.. AUmeyer r«a. Ke>, Boon! Civil S*m CouiDi. 8EO. SN>.flee..BOM* Chevrolet Already Passed Safety Lane Town Sedan Chevrolet Passed Safety Lane Master Coach H»\«**/VS»VOI'<^V JMMM «m I^M JIVHB, A . JM ••^••^BBf^ Jofin HTTahey Wm. L. Nlyers JosephKeimcay C.F, Hosford, Jr FHDB Bontd F«m Credit AHm ;»«l«me . Conmi. Nut. Coal Motor. Overhauled State Inspection Chevrolet New paint, seat covers State Inspection Tires Like New Del. Coupe Chevrolet Town Sedan Chevrolet II. K. Tollcy Aubrey Williams | flirty-seven slates of IDe Union llmve national fon-sl* wllhlr, tholr | Read Oourter Ne«s Wniit Ads. THIS COUPON KNTITf.KS VOll TO A ITKRY ' 2oc SAKKTY AND i'l,AJN AUTO CLASS INSTALL!')!) WHOU:.SA1,K AM) KlvTAIt. /''. L. KNGLKR AUTO PARTS J.'IS li. .\IalH .M. I'lioup 818 Around tin' axis of Jnme.s Roosevelt revolves the White House influence upon independent, government ngencies. Heads of 18 of tl\e igencies arc pictured nbove. vhich mutters arc actively pend- autl ivtilcli require immediate iccision. When tlie head of nn liutapcn- ent, offlce. say Hobert. Fcchncr of he CCC. mnkcs his regulnr call. complete set-up of pending mailers is ready, with n notation of lie exact status of all matters dismissed In the past, Eacli such •allcr gets exactly a half hour's ime, so there Is no jealousy or preference. Anywhere troin five to eight congressmen call each duy on mat- ters, some of which are trivial, seme highly important. James' job is to smooth over the trivial ones, nnd pick out the really Important one.s for his father's nl- lenlion. Me has in the past done much active liaison work Uelwcen the President and Congress in urcss- InK Administration legislation, nils phnsc has now teen subordinated to the co-ordination of executive detail bt'lwcpii agencies, lo avoid duplication, and lo spm! Hie work of callers troin out. of town who lluick! for STOPPEDUP NOSTRILS MENTHOLATUM <.-.rv COMFOR.T Announcement We wish lo announce to our patrons that \ve have moved from 112 East Alain street to out- New Location in the Lee BIdg. Corner Main and Lake Streets. Where \vc arc now open for luisi- »CRK with our complete line of PURINA FEEDS HIGHKST PRICES PAID 1-OU POULTRY L. K. ASHCRAFT CO. "Rlytheville's Only Exclusive Feed and Rood Store." 154 .10 j f,;_ Ma j,, Oldsmobile Chevrolet Chevrolet Chevrolet Buick 40 Hudson 8 Ford Chevrolet Ford Ford G.M.C. Ford 85 Intentional Chevrolet Buick Chevrolet G.M.C. 1937 1934 1936 1933 1935 1934 1937 1934 1936 1936 Touring Coach Coach Sp, Sedan Coach 2 Door Sedan Sedan Coach Deluxe Coupe Tudor Vz Ton Pick Up Deluxe Tudor Trunk Pickup Pickup Trk. Sedan Master DeLuxe Town Sedan Pickup Trk. Clean Throughout Passed Safety Lane Looks and Runs Like New Heater and Other Xtras A good car with lots of transportation Perfect Condition New Paint Good Motor Built In Trunk New Tires and Seat Covers Radio Passed State Inspection Wheel Base Safety Lane Radio - Heater - Good ~ Like New A real good Jruck cheap New Tires »«-. A Good Hcay Car Absolutely Clean Real Buy $675 $269 $395 $135 $650 $140 $325 $145 $325 $175 $450 $525 $295 $265 $275 $445 $325 For Sale By Phillips Motor Company Lee Motor Sales, Inc. Babcock Motor Company Tom Little Chevrolet Co. Lee Motor Sales, Inc. Babcock Motor Company Phillips Motor Company • Phillips Motor Company Tom Little Chevrolet Co. Babcock Motor Company Lee Motor Sales, Inc. Tom Little Chevrolet Co. Tom Little Chevrolet Co. Phillips Motor Company Lee Motor Sales, Inc. Babcock Motor Company Tom Little Chevrolet Co. Phillips Motor Company Tom Little Chevrolet Co. Phillips Motor Company Lee Motor Sales, Inc. Babcock Motor Company Phillips Motor Company Tom Little Chevrolet Co. Lee Motor Sales, Inc. Babcock Motor Company Tom Little Chevrolet Co. ••M^B^^^^^^^^^^^M -•••"^^^^^"^^^^^^^^^^^^^••••l Phone 810 329 1000 633 3?9 1000 810 810 633 1000 329 633 633 810 329 1000 633 810 633 810 329 1000 810 633 329 1000 633 •••PMMM 1

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