The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 2, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, February 2, 1937
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS • ' T!1E DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTirEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOUTU \if VVVTIT vr> 071 Blytheville Courier Blylnevillc Dally News , "" "' """"•• v()L. AAAlll^ iNU. HA Dlythevllle Herald Mississippi valley l-cader BLY niHVll/IJO, ARKANSAS, TUKSDAY KlCllllUAllY 2 1137 • . . . ' . . ' ~ '-'• • ; . : .'•''", ^ -'''-/ '-"• -' ............... II - . - .*~~~ ~ , ,-., •'" •— "^\< SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS '' — , _ . __ — , __ — —". ' SEND REFUGEES TO MELLWOOD LEVEE SLIGHT RISE II Baby Birns to Death | Hasn't (I Dollar \ fl[[[p Dll I in Hot Springs Home' tojfer Name ' ulILI! DILI HOT SPRINGS. Fcb. 2 (.UP) — Al Joe, 20-monlhs-old .son of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd D, Castle jr., burned to d. : a!li this morning in a fire which destroyed the home of his parents on Malvcrn road. Two oilier children, Edgar, 4, land Nancy Lee,. :t, were rescued f ry ry I] ! lj y employes of ' llie Gldts stave 01 Dig l\;ver Up:, r .nj nearby. Tlie children's mo- 3 ill 24 Hours' Week lhei ' - W8S visllm S nl " neighbor's lind Will Bl'ina Cresl i lievccl C0llse d from a defective " Hue, broke .out. The Mississippi river rose .3 of a foot al Darfield in Ihe 24 hours ending this morning:, reaching n stage of 2G8 feet (al rve sea level). Al C'aruthersville Ihe river u*a': up .4 of :i fool to a slage f:f 45.5 (above mean low water). Ktiglneerx prediel cresl Friday or fialunliiy at about 47 feel. At Big Lake the waler fell .2 of a tool (o 250.7. Al llo::eland ditch bridge the water from Ihe slate line levee hrfaks was about on a stand. The rise in the Mississippi river at Barfield in the past 24 hours was only .3 of a foot, less than half of the .7 rise recorded In the previous 24 hours. The -stage on the gauge there this morning was 268 and engineers believed lhat LI5 1D_PE75 Life-Long R e s i cl e n t of County. Succumbs at Memphis Hospital Mrs. Cullie Wagner- Oosnell,' 15, native of Mississippi county and widow, of the late L. W. Oosnell. died at noon today at llie Bapllst hospital in Meninhis after several •dP's of serious Illness uuu Ultll V»51,I^1.1O Ul;ul->t\l tllUb „» ' f, ' ' ,, ' I the crest, expected about the end! .. Ml 'f' • 9.°f e . " was removed to of Ihe week, would be about 289.5, hc , "ospltal last Friday after she! i;even and one-half feet below the Jevee top at that point. Conditions along the levee remained satisfactory. Work, now going forward is putting the dike in condition to hold a crest substantially higher than is Indicat- 'cd. Low 1'iaccs Built Up Tiic levee at Barfield, it is explained by LI. James V. Hagan, in charge from the Missouri line to Luxora, is somewhat higher than at many points along this 27-mile stretch. At no point, l\ovr- - ever, is the -levee top less than three and one-hnlf feet above the expected ,crest and where less than. ' tivfj and one-half feet'^of ''~~ '..(rjjeSpSrdl .:Is" in "pl'ospebt'"at J ; cresl the levee has been built up to that grade with" sandbags. (For the benefit of those interested in calculating how much a levee break might put had been ill for several days at her home here, 1031 West Main street. Prior to her illness she had been active ^despite her years. '•'•' Bo'rn-at Barfieid.- the daughter ; of pioneer residents ' of the I county, -Mrs. Oosnell was one of Ihe besl known of the -older natives of this community. Her own family well known, she married Dr. W. H. Oglesby, one of the pioneer physicians; of the county After his death- she -married L. W. Cornell, prominent landowner and banker. . Known to many of : the older residents of the city as, 'lAunt.Cul- lie." .Mrs.'. Cosiiellj-.wus actiye in the 'management' of' her ' property interests?fq'r : years,.j .- '«.i...,• •Mrs. Gos'neir'is survived by" three daughters, Mrs. Warner Hawkins. Mrs. Sam Thomas and Mrs. Henry Lunsford,' and 'several-grand r.chil- dren ah'd-other-relatives'.*... .'\.' v •Funeral, arrangement's,, in charge of the 'Cobb Funeral Home" ave incomplete. .'.•'"•''' Sc< kino Ncu s of Loved Ones Measure Would Make Slate the Sole Whole sale Distributor R. J. Pillow Bound walev into Blytheville, the surface of the. river al its present stage is 12 to 13 feet above the level of the ground at Blytheville. That does not mean, however, lhat a levee break would send 12; feet of wa- ler or anything approaching- it in-1 lo Blytheville. Three feet of wa-! ler is probably the maximum j • R • j pj|] ow was ordered h»i,i which could reach this city tarn to await «*ton of he t n major crevasse at a point which, j Wy by Municipal ji'ut ™ U ? ^ nd .,^ he wate '' tlkectl * <°-iHcnderson yesterday' in connec- Diana* granddaughter of : the famous shipping magnate, gave up the name 'of Dollar when the married Joseph C. Hickings- bolham, Jr , m San Francisco and stepped from the church for this pretty picture. And all the . Dollar-.dollars. couldn't get her a ' ' " ' [TITLE ROCK, Fel). 2 (UP)~ A new.liquor measure v>as iulro ducc'd • simultaneously ;ln the house j and senate todnv I'V Rep Raj j.Uluir and-Senators Luclen Cole ' inpii and Hall Smith. The measure would plice tl(e jstnlc In the position or being a wholesale distributor of liquor rtnd place retail store's' uudei a closi prpmlslon. The: mrasnie In the house was given first and second routing, and referred to the coni- mlltoi. on revenue and' tavallon Wint'nr procedure wns followed -In the senate. Harvey Thorn, ini'lhor of the (ir.senl liquor law, passed In 1035. slimated .that Hie., new measure, would. produce revenue In cxc°ss or J.f.COO.CCQ annually. The, revenue under the new iB.ep.sure would lx>. ntacr'd "to (lie credit of llie. old age pension fund. The house during lhe"'mornlng 'iour passed Bill No 226 by Rep r 0. jPurvlanee of Union- ccuh- tv .celll!>i; the period foi collec tini or automobile license fees- 1 from January 1 to April 1 The measure was passed by : a vole, of 78 to 0. In the senate the measure to abolish horse racing at Hot Springs' • "5 introduced, by Alfred -Feath.- crston of Murfreesboro. The men- sire, atler -first; and second • readings, wa? referred to the senate commillee on leicmie and (nxa lion Mid-West, Co. Fined • $1,000 in Truck'Cases . over for Robbery Fines ward this city). No Danger at t'otfoim-oud The levee above the Missouri line, in the vicinity of Cotlomvood Point, concerning which ..some alarming reports have reached Blytheville, was inspecled yesterday by C. M. Buck. The danger Ihere, if any, Mr. Buck said this tion wilh 'the robbery' of Ji Seicton '-on Railroad street, near Ash, street, Saturday night. ' : Bond was. set at'$1.500'and lin- able to make .bond : .Pillow was placed-in-Ihe'county jail. '. ' ' . Pillow is .alleged to have' struck Sexton over the' head 'wllh a whisky bottle, knocking him down morning, is lo the old levee near'and laking his money, the rwer bank, nol to.the new and [ S. H. oilmore has been held to , .._ _ . ... . await action of the grand jury on a charge of violating llie overdraft law. Roosevelt Lane and Ossie Simpson, negroes, have been fined $25 each on charges of petit larceny. larger levee built years ago some distanc back from the river. The old levee has been sandbagged in an effort to protect fie farms betwen the two levees. Mr. Buck said, and there is every indication that it will hold. Should it go out it would not send water against the new levee wih sufficient force to endanger it, he reported. by plane to Memphis and Little Reck and announced that Red Cross Hood emergency activities in the Chickasawba district ol No dvelopmcnts of importance j Mississippi county had been Ihor- were reported from this county's | oughly co-ordinated with all other west flood front. The fall at Big agencies cngaacd in flood relief Lake continued. Tlie stage this morning was 250.7, down .2 of a foot ill 24 hours. There was no appreciable rise at Roseland ditch in the water flowing south from the slate line levee breaks. E. A. Rice, in charge of rescue opera- G T a n t s Injunction for Evacuation_ of Flint Body Plants i rTOtl j operating ' a thick, without license | and operating a -trailer''without I license. A flue of $600 . was assessed on the. truck license charge and $400 on tlie trailer license charge The company made ho defense at Ihe. trial no representative ap pearing in -its : belialf; John Wagner was,, fined $10 for operating a car: without'a chauffeur's license and Paul Coomb, drew a similar line for the same offense. FLINT, Mich.,' Feb. 2, (UP) — Circuit Judge Paul. V. Gadola today granted General, Motors Corp. an injunction ordering the evacuation 'of two Fisher: Body Corp. plan's by 'approximately 1,000 sit- down strikers affiliated with Ihe United . Automobile Workers of America. . . - . : In approving Ihe petilioh ol the corporation Ihe court paved Ihe way for legal evacuation of the plants by Genesee county authorities. who .were unable to enforce a Tearfully for It might cbnlaln the mimes of rclntiies nnd loved ones, C C Murphy of Wilson, ArL, iclds his sleeping-, granddaughter, Gloria, on his lap and reads tlie Hood death list The aged man and the baby, typifying flood sufferers, old and joung, aie just tvo of Iho thousands who (led to Red Cross refugee camps In Memphis when flood vmlers llirealened Ihclr lowland homes. Egypt Believed "'.Goal ; of Flight to Unannounced Destination REBELEEIRI Italy Will Be ' Franco's Model If He. Wins Spanish Civil War' .._ ,_ .. .' NEW YORK, Feb. 2. <UP> — previous Injunction Issued last Spain will become a totalitarian ROME, Feb. 2 (UP)—Col. and Mrs Charles A. Lindbergh landed at Lltloiib, airport here at 5:05 n.,m. today' from Pisa, Ilaly, where they had [spent 'last! night,' after lyintj fioin England. , IJndbergh j'afid his wife, flying *he colonel's, .new. monoplane, a Miles Mohawki left the airport', at Pisa; at 3 p. m. Tl|cy made the no-mile .flight south along the west const of Italy lo Rome in two hours and five minute; \yltli- qut incident ' . ' •; \ : '..' , The-fly\ng couple left ,Lympnc airdrome in southern England yesterday, giving no details of their destination or route. Officials be- lleyed the Lindberghs'; were bound for Egypt on a holiday' jaiml. On landing at Llltorio Lindbergh taxied twice, around the field to avoid n crowd of Journalists. He then slopped qulckjy, left Ihe machine, and was 1 grcetdd by Capl. Thomas White,- U, S. air allache. and Capl. T. A. Thompson, naval altache. Lindbergh shook his head and France Will Nationalize Manufacture of Munitions PARIS, Fcb 2 (UP)—The government Inlenils: to nationalize ue- fore"Ma'rcir 31" the section of^the Schni'ider-Creusot,—.steej"? 'workers engaged- liv tho manufacture of war materials,' Edouard Dalnler, minister-or national defenses, told Die chamber of deputies today. Dalaler said that nationalization of the inamifaclnrc of all war materials was being Crushed ^ \\ that several other pla'nls would be nallotmllMd. before March 31. He.told Ihe chamber that France wiv-S net able to compete' with Germany In manpower' and Dial it; Ihcreforc was essential to intensify ^organization of a fast and ultra modern army equipped with the latest in war materials. JOE I. CUtlNjfi Urges Reinstatement ol $15,000,000 Deficiency Appropriation WASHINGTON. Fcb. 2 (UP) — month. '- ! stele on the order of Italy si?n s(lld - "»°. »°. no," when ncwspa- a concordat AviUi the Vatican, and I ? erm <:n hurled questions at him. Toledo Sends Strike Aid igenc work and high water fights. Mr Cunningham said he had conferred with the state revenue commissiontr, officials of the state highway department and representatives of other, state agencies as well as federal officials and been assured of whatever lions at Rowland, reported, that j had ___,„. all=vt;l one of his boat crews failed to help might be necessary in relief rcltirn from a trip down river' last night. He said that no fear .is felt for their safely/however, as they are experienced boatmen. work in Ihis section. Before going to Little • Rock Mr. Cunningham flew to Mem- and discussed relief work Thy probably were resting at with Albert Evans, regional Red some inhabited house in the flood- Cross official, ed area, he said. It is estimated] that fully two-thirds of the residents of the Lost Cane country Up .4 at Carulhersville CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo. —Tlie Mississippi rose A of a foot .here,--.- „ •• In the 24 hours ending this morn- ledo manufactories. Ing. the gauge reading at 8 a. in.' '— south of Highway 18, are slill iii their homes, preferring the hardships of flood conditions to abandoning their property. M ng 45.5. Three-fourths of the Maj. Gen. Edward Mark ham, I total rtse occurred during the chief of army engineers, Harry L.| night. Indicating lhat tomorrow Hopkins, WPA administrator, and morning's gauge. reading may re- TOLEDO. O., Feb. 2. (UP)—Five hundred United Automobile Workers, employes of the City Auto Stamping Co. laid down their tools loday and left for Flint. Mich., lo aid Ihe striking General Motors unionists. \ • Company officials announced the shop committee had asked for a day's vacation when a shift of 600 reported for work. ',-. . ,• • V?hen it was. refused, the company said, the men walked out. At 3 p.m. the shift of 400 was undsr- slood lo be scheduled for work as usual. , I The union estimated 500 had left. j Union officials declined to be quol- rd directly but said they estimated 3.000 Toledoans were now In Flint, representing workers in various TO- safezuard the interests of all classes .when his forces win the civil war, Gen. Francisco Franco said in response to a question n ire by Roy W. Howard, edilor the New- York World-Telegram, published today. The questions were carried by courier lo Franco at Salamanca, where the general In command of the trooos attacking Madrid wrote his replies. A similar quesllonalre was senl at Ihe same time to Fran? cisco Largo Caballero. premier of the loyalist government; but lie In not yet replied. Howard's questions and Franco's answers were copyrighled by ihe Scripps-Howard newspapers. New Orleans Cotton He and Mrs. Lindbergh entered Captain. While's automobile and left for. .Rome nfler giving inslruc- llons about pulling his plane in a hangar. , ' .'•••• Drainage District Suits Show Delinquencies Few .Foreclosure suits have been filed in .chancery court here .in behalf of the Grassy .i-nke,.and .Tj'ronza DraJnage District No'.! 9 and Us age sub-dlslricls. No..'-.3.. 9 and and No. against lands , on which 1936 dis- lrjct s taxes have .not been paid. a $15.000.000 cul in Re settlement" Administration funds ordered by Ihe senate appropria lions committee, Senate Majority leader Joseph T. Robinson sough tcday to avert Ihreatcncd 'admin Istrallon defeat on the issue. Robinson carried the brunt o an oratorical baltie which pro vided an Inilial lest of his lead crship in llie seventy-fifth con grcss; Robinson warned the senate o the need for " promptness" I passage 1 of Ihe deficiency bill I order' to provide flood relle funds. He rc-emphasizcd his belief tha it was : necessary to reinstate 'th S14.0CO,COO fund - for Rcsettlemen Administration' projects and $1 ptfl.COO for'cenlral administrate pun>oses. Both Items were cl Cairo Slill Safe Behind Seawalls as Ohio Reaches a Stand There. HELENA Alk, Pel). 2 (DP)— The Arkansas .National Quard: today conscripted an additional -1,000 able-bodied men fiom letugde camps to help save, the Mclhvood , levee 45 mllc.s'jKlow heie. The record-breaking , Mississippi ilvei flood waters, Ihreatenlng tho levee foi mole Ihan u week, d, now e\el wllli Ihe lop of tlie old aillien embankment and beating,] malnst n live-foot bulkhead pro- ecllng 100,000 acres of faun land. The addlltonal 1,000 men swell- 1 cd the total levee force to aboijt- * 1000 In that niea The night shlfl been doubled niuli coabt guaul cutleis have been oidcied i to ', ' stand by' Ihcy aie needed to remove -Workers. The cicsl of the river will not ouch tlicie foi at least ten days. Seepage Cau.ics .Concern . ; Meantime two deep water dlv- eis anlral from the U. S cilgiii- r| ecu, office In Memphis to investigate seepage at Ihe bottom of, tho ,' evce They may attempt lo pjlcll he base with sandbags ' ^ >,' Englneeis feared a fresh'Jslnk- ',| ing of the giound would tear~*o, "^ holo through the entire .buiktie'ad. •" Mounted guardsmen iiatioled. the '• levee front Feiguson to Elaine, A Ark, to prevent dynamiting • by rival faimeis on either side of the Mississippi whose lands are thieat- • i ened Guardsmen established an outpost at Elalno with, orders to evacuate 7,000 lov?Ifmd ipsldenta should trouble develop 1 at Meil- wood. - , , . 4. i mpoit Duties Will Be Gifts From OtHeiOiCouritries ; •'11. ;• i.-.-f; J ' : WASHINGTOff, Fcb. 2 (UP) — President IRoosevelt Issued a pro- lamiillon "today ,-mithoriziii(f ac- leplance of glfls froih foreign lourcc.s lo the' Red Cross, fund for tood refugees. Al llio- \\Hille House It was ex- >lained (hat Canada and othci 'ounlries were offering donations nd that the proclamation wpuli authorize Ihe treasury to waive lulies such as would be ,Imposec under nonnnl-circumstances. The Red Cross meanwhile an- lounced that it has received a olal of $11,453,725 but sltll needs iiore. Tlie White House revealed lhat he Dominican ' Republic already has contributed $20,000 lo Ihe Red China Sends $30,000 SHANGHAI, Feb. 2. (UP)—-Tile Chinese central government telegraphed $30,000 today to llie American Red Cross for use in Ihe flood emergency. They called It "as an expression of the Chinese pc oole's aonrecia- tion of the traditional friendship of Ihe American people toward Chl- W.IRO Plr/Cd' « At tlcnllv, full foice today against. \l CalioV ccannlls— ^nd (he ba'uI-,'^1 cades Mh'ch a 1-1 -nil." Fl'lp of c'rv land tit the confluence of Ilia Ohio and Mlssit- sippl livers stood frm. '_' Mil II. I) 1'imllck in c'^.r^c of 41 HI' ongiiu»it defenc'inc i!|3 illy, announced nt 'loon: "The Ol,l(. ilvei has_ reached a Icfimti' sland ft^Calro. the iu,.pe lihvlnr read. 5S.D loathe unit ?J nurdirk said Iheiirlver miyhi "rise a, tenth or trjibrjf during, U.e next 24 hours" buv^'Ht Is'evident that the crest ia In sight." Weather Slays Favorable WASHINGTON, -Feb. 2 . (UJP.) — The U. 8.-weather bureau repSrt- • ed today that weathei condltiims In the Ohio and Mississippi valley flood areas continue quite favorable." ' ' ' The bureau forecast that:'fair weather will continue over Ihe entire flood area and reported that; there has been no precipitation lii- llie last 2-1 hours , W. J. Moxom of Ihe rivers 1 and floods division repoiled Ihe. Ohio river had risen one-tenth of/ln* foot in 24 hours at Cairo, III., and is now at a stage of 59.5 feet. Ho predicted a crest of "about JO feel" tomorrow or Thursday; 'nt Cairo. Above Cairo llie Ohio river, is falling rapidly. Moxom said. Belbvy at of The money will bs followed wllh Uikansas City. Aik, 496 feet, up another $30.000 worth of relief sup- 9 of n foo t; Vicksburg, 46 feet, up piles .as soon as transporlattou Is! 8 of a foot, and New Oilcans av "" a))le - _ _ 1 154. up 3 of a foot The Mississippi river .will -reach cresl - at Memphis In abonl a v /}/„„• r»i » n ' It* cresl - at Memp Closing Stock PnceaU«*. Moxom saw. Tlie delinquent lists are prob-i from the bill by the appropria-1 Flint. Mich, ably the smallest ever filed by] (lens committee. ~ NEW. .YORK.. Feb. 2 UP) Tlie slock, market rushed to. new highs since 1931 loday as General Moiors corporation was granted an Injunction for. evicting sit-down strikers In Fisher Body plants at •I olher members of President Roosevelt's flood committee passed through Blytheville Ihis morning, en roule from Memphis to New Madrid. They stopped only momentarily, however, and did not interview any of those engaged in flood work here. Capt. Hans Kramer, In charge of levee work In I his region for the army engineers, left the Markham-Hopkins party here. ' . • , Work Co-ordinated ' O. A. Cunningham, Red Cross disaster relief chairman he're, returned Ihis morning from a veal a slightly increased rise. Army engineers here said'that the flood crest would reach. Caruthersville Friday or Saturday and would probably be about 47 feet, five feet below the top of the sea- ^, wall protecting this 'city. p^ Levee work In southeast' Mis- Jan souri was being concenlratcd today on an eight-mile stretch north and south of Point Pleas- 1 New York Cotton NEW YORK. Feb. 2. (UP) — Cotton closed steadv. open high low close Mar. 1272 1272 1264 1270 May 1256 1256 1248 1255 J"'y 1231 1237 1231 1235 Oct 1182 1183 1176 U80b NEW ORIEANS, Feb. 2 (UP) — Colton eased off 3 lo 5 points today under pressure of moderate liquidation and hedge sellln?. based on weaker foreign markets and reports that only a very small' amount of loan cotton was being withdrawn. opsn high low close Mar. May July 1186 Ellas' 1182 1184b'ocl. 1183 1183 1179 1180b Spols closed steady at. 1330. off 4. '" P para " on Dec. Jan. 1278 1278 1259 1259 1241 1241 1186 1187 1181 1181 1180 1180 1269 1251 1234 1239 1180 1175 1175 1275 1257 1184 1177 1176 Spot ArWc Is 1300 The average prlci of 7-8 inch middlin(r '<*«»" "°n U,e t«, d«- ignated spot markets today was ' w.l.TSm. in "^ SCIKt a "' r - "-CO, according. : .to Ihe Blythe- May 1047-8 rent against the Missouri levee, i vllle Board of Trade. July 993-4 Chicago Corn open high low close. 105 1-4 101 1-4 105 1-8 the. districts because of the high percentage • of tax : collections since the districts' bonded indebtedness was refinanced through RFC loans. J. T. coston of Osceola is al- torney for Ihe districts. Scolt on' 4-Yfar Hike BULAWAYO. Rhodesia (UP) — Ex-Sergeanl J. Scott, a Scotsman who left London on Oct. 1. 1933, to walk to Cape Town, 'Is now on his way through Rhodesia, having completed two-thirds of his journey. Early next month he hopes to reach Livingstone, and to complete the remaining 1,650 miles of nls journey by next June. Chicago Wheat . open ',- high . low close May 1267-8 128 l-« 126 3-8 128 • Robinson said lhat It would be impcnslble 'for Resettlement to complete various . projects—including some transferred from WPA— unless the cut was restored. Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS. III., Feb. 2. (UP)—Hogs: Receipts, 8,000. Top. 10.00. 110-230 Ibs., 10.35-10.50. ; Light weights, 6.25-10.25. , Bulk sows, 9.35-9.60. ' Caltle: receipts, 3,000. , Mixed heifers and yearlings, 0.009.00. .. : ' '. ,: Slaughter' heifers. 5.25-10.75'..'.".' Beef cows, 4.50-5 50. Cutlers and low cutters, 3.25-4.25. •It costs; almost $12,000 to covei 1 an. acre.bT .groimd w^th glass for A T and T '.... 183 3-4 American Waterworks .. 26 3-8 Anaconda Copper .. 55 Bethlehem Steel 821-8 .Chrysler ' Cilies Service Coca Cola 131 General American Tank -— ; General Electric '.. 64 1-8 ^General Motors 663-4 Inlernalloiiiil Harvester 106 1-4 McKesson-Robblns . Sues for Divorce Nfrs.'.Edna Flellz has filed-suit In chancery court against Johnny Fleitz, asking 'a divorce on the ground of desertion: Her attorney Is Virgil Greene. Mrs. tcls Smith has been grant'? «t n dliorce decree from Paul Smith by Chancellor J. F. Gaut,126 5-8l new of JouesVoro in vacation. 4 1-2 WEATHER .New York Central ..... Packard ..' i. .Phillips Petroleum .. Radio Corp St. Louis-San Francisco Simmons Bed Standard of N J .Studebaker 163-4 Texas Corp ..... ... 57 1-2 ,U S Smelting ' .88 Arkansas—Mostly cloudy tonight and Wednesday, probably rain in 13 "-»i cv ( r( , mc WCS (. portion Wednesday. 58 5 "° Not quite so cold Wednesday and *? ' ll west an ^ central portions lor 'J 3 ' 8 night. s Memphis and vicinity—Pair and '' "~°!nol so cold tonight, lowest temper- 3 '"Stature 30 lo 34 Wednesday partly "' cloudy, warmer. 70 Tlie maximum , temperature here yeslerday ; Was '36, minimum : 28, partly cloudy, according to Sam- 100 1-8 98 7-8 99 3-i July .1107-8 112 1-4 110 3-4 112 1-8 growing pilothouse produce.. ' ;_ . zonlte ,; ; U 'S Steel ......-....,..' 9fl 6-8|nel F Norrta, official weather ob- Warner Bros •/.......!. 15 5-Ttiserver. Last night the tempeia- ^Anltn '• ' ' -•'- O C Q FII»A rT^AnnA^l IA 'In 8 5-8 lure dropped to 19.

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