The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 3, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 3, 1934
Page 6
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*> AfJE Blythevillc Cliickasaws Beat Jonesboro Hurricane,, -\ 20 To 7, At Haley Field from ll |'iV S ^' r<: °'l M E " stn '" e< ! llri V: lmlml l>en " t >'-" No »' U' s 1'red 1'crry, world's foremost uiiialcur Icnnl? from Its 33 ynr.l line and Salilw'.s accurate kick for pohn before tli? half closed. An alert Jonesboro defense, awk- waid eifoits on the part of eligible lorUveis and passes made dlf- -•--„ -J "lloat" had made Iho Chicks' aerial olfensc appeur futile said line Mosley faded back lo pass, fouiKl Tiplon in (he open and niched a spiral lo the wln&juiun on Jonesloio'.s 5 ynrd line. A Jones- noi-o tncllei nttempted to <lrng lu:n down bul Tlpton's inonieiuuni curried them both over the goal line Blylhevllle displayed considerably inert drive than the visitors could gather but the Hurricane deioiw distance of the within scoring Jonesboro uoa! was almost im- pregnnble Blythevillc registered " Hist clowns to •Joncsbovo's 5. Ihe locals tried 13 passes, completing thirc, 0115 fpr' a.:.touchdown hnVlng two Intercepted imd B grounded. Junesboro trictl 11 nass- ES, coinplstod four, one for the only Hiinlcairc touchdown nnd Imd if yards In . look o(T i i first down on Jone.slioro's M •ard line. Locke Ion*] a hole In the line and was through for fi Mills. Mosley added two more uxl Sallba nnotlicr pair nnd then Hosley cut olf right tackle for 5 mrds and a nrst down on ,lon=s- boro's 32 yard line. Jonesboro drew a 5 yard penally or excessive time out and two ilays later Mosley was Ilirouuli In lonesboro's 11 yard line nnd a first down. The licet Chick i ( mu-t°i four bolnij' three Intercepted, grounded. Mosley Offensive Star Moiley, Chick-quarterback a«ain Proved hhnsair. probably the slnnd- O'll tilple threat ace und broken field i miner n , m ni tmsi Atkan . yx llns. stn«ion with a nnc pL-r- formancj riis ball carrying , vns PrH.Hl' Din !.„_* . r S . & "H" added 5 yards to Jonesboro's •nrd line. Saltbn picked nn .' yards and Mosley followed with ,1 t mnl slush civci- (lie (joal line olf right, eiid.. ..snllua's kick (or iiolnl wus good. ' . ' .The two tennis played the fiv emnintni! minutes nf UK- second quarter In Jonesboro territory Soon • g , v ,, s (He best 6f (h c U amc and n \ i i lB wns csci>1 '™t, nlthougl, n blocked boot, cut down his BV- 2° c °" sitle ™ H y- His uasslns, while not up to previous attempt" ?»M ;," lost of '^ tnlllt '" '"»'>v futile eirorts being those of receivers L.ndsey, Chick guard Jensl "r nOUlDr S P CC ">«"»I- <le- Jcnslve performance, and Tip ton Played n S ood game at end. T,r S i,?' WDr 1 Wnlf haci its '«"«•'« Itai ' " fo ™ i <"'We Hurricane line, but did well, especially on defensive Chick" blocking, e S Me oily on the part of n,. backus "ot »P to past, standards Glover wc « 'he nt The Chicks, who have front behind more than o 'we l hvs sen , oni round m the sn ,ne position last come be- F.r,l^^{Juailcr "Vm.l\n s Duel T "e hist quarter was featured Principally by a punting duel be- pITunn 65 ; of thc clllcks ""'1 Caldwcll and Abernathy 0 [ i| l( , visitors with the local hooter having a considerable edge. Neither team £ l,oued anything in Ult , wny of a siistalnetl drive of any length The Chicks opened by putting tw,i first (lOUns lOYfthnr Jjm T^*T-.I..... , midfleld and Jonesboro " succfssion vvith- scorln B lerrllory. push reeled oil tno out getting in! Both elevens appeared to I,,, waiting for a break as ihe seconld quarter opjnsd and Joncsboro go' a minute later. The Hurrl one cane couldn't get going with thi ball around Its 30 yard line Caldaell booted to Blythevillc 5'ard Inc. Mosley, Chick safety' lumbled the ball and Bollcn cov. erea for Jonesboro. The Hurrican drew n 5-ynrd penalty for offside, starting lu touch- i oircnsc Innuspiclously. Hea ...... ...u.u tw UV cracking center for 7 yards. Abor- line. Sallba made 7 yards n !nnpch .. " •"• . » Ji**".<a. TMA.1- rt Ik nathy faded back, losscd 15 yards yard to notion and the latter -sped ovcr on n rrvor=,T',,",','; ',""•" ' J " rus he Chick goal line for the nrst bogged iown hr a8 "" 1 the liriv '' •touchdown of the gnnie John-on ' ' ' boforc a ***™«»" lilt the line for the extra point Jonesboro kicked off ovcr the goal line and on the next try Cral" A blasted his way tip the field from pass Blytheville's 15 to Blylhevllle's 36 - ... ™. -UIJIII^YIII yard Ine. Mosley got a nrst ln_twp plays but the Chicks -- --•- r ™^« MUV MAC u/itiCKS Wer° QGeD mm' Jholt- «« i —vr Tha drivp mot ^ A ^..i» n j ,^ .,. ,_. . . _ lc ^ Plijer lecovered nnri The drive thresuted in the Jonesboro's Golden Hurricnno was vanquished by tlio Blylhevlllo Chlckus.iws for (lie first time sjnc-- 1929 last, night at Haley Fielci when Carney Laslle's Muroon nivl Willie clad jjrlddws hurried over two touchdowns in the* lost live minutes of play to break n 1-1 deadlock and emerge with a 'JO to 7 triumph. It was (he sixth consecutive triumph for Blylhevllle high's ebven and gave the locals n big boost toward top ranking ainonL' ft tlock of district tUb claimant:,. The eniue wn:> hard fought ihrii- ont, the score hardly rt>llscllui> die struggle waged U'foren lurife crav.d o[ spectators tuKl partisan loi- lowers of belli tennis. Although ihe l:hlcfc( had bitcu threatening to go places all Hun the third <|imner and the curly part ot (he fourlh period, n draw appeared mure or less Inevitable imlll Blylh?vllle's vnunled acriul attack .suddenly clicked anil i> result wns n loudidown tluu decided the Biniic. Tlie third was only nn extra measure of vlctorv for i lie local.-;. Hiuiti'Mc Scorn Plrst Jonetboro line couiued llrst, recovering a punt In niylhevflle icr- ritory and cashing in on n pass for a touchdown und hitting (lie -line 1m the tulrlcd point early in the second, period. BlythevWo'had ll Has Perry "Gone Bollywood'? First II wns Die LJnli'erslly of SoutlKrn C:illfornl:t's l'tiotl;:rll Kqtir..-| lint wus reported (o Imvc "BOIIB Hollywood." as "toys of some hennn- player, who's linked with movie elly news. Fred, it Is reported, considering Mceplln|. movie oircrs nnd denouncing his raiikiim IIB' ah nimteur. Here he Is shown, n«l with "EOIIIC- heima-halin! branty," but with thai cbissy (jitl, Marlcne Dietrich. ' 3htck territory. Mosley took a loncsbni'o punt on Hlvilii ' nv° the |)lcku<1 "» " ° Mfs ~ Tllc " "' S '"" "" REPORTS'BHIRE' nfler (he Mckotl • Cnldwell's punt was blocked by a surging Hiyth,.- llle line and E'nrllc recovered for he Chicks on Jonestoro's 33 ynrd Inc. The visitors repelled th« Imial, however, nnd threw Mosley tor a 13. ynrd loss while he VVPS seeking n pass receiver. The hall ended with the ball in Jonesboro's losEcsslon on Joncsboro's 39 vnrd inc. 3. (AfttU COJiRiER Minnesota's Mastoi- Mind Shackleton Party In Winter Cajnp In Arctic OTTAWA, Out. (Upj— Pacing one ftar of lonely exile Id Hie vast Arctic wastes, a parly of British explorers, headed by Edward acJiHcn, linfe erected their win-! 1 base near Utah, on the coast of i Or;enlaiKl, the radio branch of the' Canadian DspMmcitl of Marine has been advised. The party is composed of mem- bsrs of toe Oxford University Exploration Club. The scientists' will conduct a scrle.s of scientific explorations within Die Arctic circle during the winter months and plan to return <o England in Aut, 1035, BERME ID 6RAIM BEIIWP THE GOPHER-? ., FORMER OF AT 1ULWNG, AS/n HAS DIPM'T Washington's Chadd's Ford Headquarters WEST CJIESTEK, 1'n. ((Ji>)_ Restoration of General George Wa::hln!;toii's . licadiinarlcrs -it Clmdd-s /•^jusl like it wns ! fliirliig the revolutionary war f!al- i lie of Drnndywiue — Ls planned Jwiv Dy hlstorinns. | A .sura oi }ID.OOO will be soupltt ivlilcli will he IIECI! lo purchase a len-iicj-t Iract of hind mill t o re . pair the ir.pidly-deeaylne old The historic battleground was i thronged with visitors in 1927 j when a huge celebration was held I I'laivi to j'oMoi'fr the general's headquarters were then discussed, but. nn definite action was taken until recently. CURIOUS WORLD Luxora High Defeats Wilson Bulldogs, 30-18 LUXOliA. Ark.,:Ncv. 3. Hjilicu ISchwart/'s Lnxorn high eUlpn dc- 'enlcd Wilson lilfli Uulldogs in a rte si-urliiB tilt here Friday nf- LTiicnn. The .^corc wns 30 to; 18 Nelson Is High Scorer In Mid-Week Skeet Shoot Ifoy Nelson wa.s hiuh scoici ntnoni; pnrl.^ciiiiint.s in the ml;t- tek skect shoot at ihi- Hlythc- wllc sktiet, club. Nelson .turned in a card of 21 out of 25. Judge Q. E. Keck md- II) out of 25. Aljiliniisc I ci'm.nis-, .ilio\i>. near liarhflolil iierfortuor ol Ci'Ol'go \V;lsllili|;loil l|]|ivcisilv\ Kiiil sfiuail, tiiis rciiorlcd to \tiii- vei-sliy nullirirlifos Hint IIR rr- irivrtl ., l.lioi oriiilni, him ?::i)u In fa lie :.n injury which would l;ooi> liiin oul or tlio rc- f<')il Mine iigiiiust Tnlsn Uilt- \ersl ty. Authorities nrn In- vcsllKaltiiK (lie Jcltcr.. Indians Take Earjej-Jijto Camjji-,26-12' JOINER, Ark., Nov. 3 rSh,t\v-'- iiec's Indians troitnccd !Enrle by n fcore of 2(i to.12 here Friday a(- (ei'noon. Hnrnctfs charges' kept [lie sit, mition well in Imml bid the game was close enouijh :to he intcreslhw threatened first in (lie second half, advancing the ball as far as the Blythevillc 25 yard line before losing the plgski,,'. M<x , lev ticked out to Jonestoro's -10 ynrd me. but. Glover, Hurricane safet" eluded chick tacklcrs and put the ocals in a hole again as he sped back to Dlytheville's 21 yard line on a 33 yard return. Glover pictel IP 5 yards and Johnson got 11 yards for n nrst down on nivlhe- •Ille's 10 ynrd line, Johnson" hit nc line for no gain and a 15 vard penalty for roughln, set the "visl- ors back on their heels. A short 4 yard unss connected bul another ailed. Johnson was rushed fast on nn attempted pass and Salifci ••earnjiorcd up rron , , 1ls rov , position behind the defensive line o grab a wild pnss almost off of Johnson's fingers to give Blytlicvill" he ball on Blythcvllle's 29 ynrd was the most icrtous Hurrl- cnne threat ol tlm second half „„<! o»ce past, the Chicks took the up- »r hand for tlm remainder of Hi,' n 23 and tW. M y »,,| s lls th , bll U ' UI hc n.. ,,, , , " JlcI(l lin ad The » ,„ u lcr llor - v rfn ">Hwd In Mosley °" f °'"'" > <loftn - i to Ulythoville's 45. Glover ran it back nicely but the Chicks \vcr: filtering through the Jonesboro lin; and the visitors could get noivherc. Moslcy Sets Stage Another exchange of punts and Mosley got loose on a sparkling Piny from scrimmage racing from Dlythevillc's 24 yard line to Joiws- toro's 30. B run of JO yards. Glover took Mosley's pnnt on Jonesboro's goal line when Joncsboro'? defense forced a kick. He lugged It back to the 11 yard line. Mosley carried n Joncsboro pnnt buck lo JoneMjoro's 30 yard line from JonesboVo's 43 ynrd line. Mosley pulled back, spotted Tipton crowing the field diagonally, and shot the ball to the Chick end for a 25 yard pass, a 5 yard run nnd a touchdown. Salnm's kick for point wns good. Ulythevilie kicked off to Jonesboro and the ball was on Jones - boro's 32 yard line. Jonesboro passers opened up but Mosley Intercepted a Hurricane heave on Bly- llievlllc's -13 ynrd line nnd raced it back to Joncsboro's 1 yard lino before he was pulled down. !i mis a neat run. a change of puce throwing Hurricane lacklers oft stride. Sallba went over in on? Chicks j Point wns bud. d line, i Mosley Intercepted another e | Joncsboro pass on Blythevlllc's 20 yard line I Q blast the Hurricane's World Famous Runners In Turkey Day Race BERWICK, I'll. :<UP)-The 25111 annual Berwick Marathon, a race which had its beginning a quarter of, a century ago as n local affair will bo renewed here Thanksgivhi" Day with a Pi3ld of international .. . • •" .HIIMS IIS UU' tall advance,! the Chicks moved o Jone-sboro-s 35 yard line. Tip Hurricane stiffened bul lnir>rr,-r ence wic M.i.,f iniener- - u.,...™ »,:, lt ovcr ,„ on ,, Blvtlipviifn °" "" "'^'"Dtedjlry for a touchdown, ills try for Bljtlievlllc pass nnd the chicks point wns bud. * Jonesboro r^i ' , c o=lair catch ot Abernathy's mm- on Blythcvlllc's 43 yard hne n the quarter ended. Iliirrlcm-c DMeiisc Stout desperate final bid as Ihe ended. Thc llue-iip; c ousy. earn- ,-<i iiii i . it back and more Too bv aerh "omb', ,,' hc MosIc V-Tlptou ? centpr fm- i •„„**„ ,,."' ""'"'combination was eo«l f.-,r flrst down was good . . Jonrsboro's 36 *> desporate n V, n SC ;v ' 1<l lhc visilors me ball on their own 58 line. 3 JLi Brd P«"».l'y and a bad for a loss of 8 ' by deep Chicks back Blythevlll. IJlflCkivell Rayder Undscy Turtle Lunsford Walker Tlpton Mosley Locke Craig Saliba Substitute."!: ler. Harris; Pos. LE LT LG C KG UT KB QH 1111 H13 PB Joncsboro Feezor Wlmberly Schroedcr Adnnis Summons Caldwell Bolton Abernathy Johnson Glo\'er Hearn (Blythevillc) Bax (Jonesboro) Drcher, Dennett. Mctzlcr. Heferee, Merl- wether (Hcndrlx); umpire Schwartz. (Valparaiso). The flrst man ever to read. Great Britain without coming by water vas Louis Blerlol. whose epochal i ,i ncross Ulc Engllsl) Channel >n 1909 rnrKle him an International hero. ' FROM OLD ERIN HORSEFLIES PREFER TO BITE THROUO" CLOTHING/ BECAME EXTINCT U £« THAlg 3<X> Y£AKS , BUT t^O MUSEUM IN THE. WORLD HA.S COMPLETE crixir/. WHICH is- LARGER.. '. A SEA, OR ft, LAKEf isiiic Stone Gives Up Old Secrets YAHMOUTII. W, S. (UP)-Nova Scotia's famous runic stone, whose mysterious Inscriptions Imvc baffled some or Canada's greatest Runeology scholars, Is at last giving iij) Us secret to a Washington school teacher. The stone, found at the head of Yarmouth Harbor, Is now on ex- lltlbition in Hit public library here Photographs and other data on Die slone were forwarded to Prof. Olaf Stamvood, county superintendent of schools in Bcnton County, Wash., and n student of Ilimeology, who, after studying them has advised authorities here that .tire runes were made by Nofcmcii more than nine -centuries ngo. of /above, captain tlalway vujOty. loam, is Hearting; a squad of frisli fool tall lilaycrs which is ovt-r llern to Icudi Aiiii>rir,in "nnalpcc-us' bow to play iho Raia.i, Tlie Oalivay Miusid will iilay a scries of mall-lies i:', various cllleu In C. N. MncCrca. veteran football official and promoter of the event since Its inception, has issued an invitation to runners llironohout the world. Last year's winner over the nine and one-third mile course was Scolty Rantcin, of Preston, Canada, n member of the Canadian team which competed In the llri'- ish Empire gnmes in London last year. 15oO--Be«venuto Cellini, Italiaji gpldsinitU, sculp, cbr aM wiiat-a l town. . public really artxisaii SboLik careless driving when aaro mobile runs over toecf fbotbalj star. Piggott Mohawks Beat Osceoia Seminoles, 13-7 PIGGOTT, Ark., Nov. 3.—Pig- gptt high school's football team won a hard fought game from Osceoia high school here Friday. Thc score wns 13 to 7. Idle California Gold Mines May Be Worked NEVADA CITY. Cal. (UP) — Abandoned gold mines in this district, some of them idle for more than a quarter of a century, arc being prepared for reopening; ns' a result of the increased price lor the metal. Plans for resuming operations at the German Bar Mine, closed 30 years ngo, 'were announced recently. The German Bur \v,is the first quartz mine operated in ibis region ai.r, is listed as having pro, dnccd more than $200,000 n raid ore. Head Courlt-r news wain AHS, The O »M Br Kfn EWVKt, IWC. GALILEE = OWLY FOtlKTttN 6V EIGHTMUfS. WHILE SUPERIOR, i AN AREA OF ^ 32,000 &QUAB£ ,..,, 'rhe dodo Inhabited Iho island of Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean, east or Madagascar. When the Portuguese discovered the island in 1501, the birds were numerous. For some time their unpalatable flesh saved them Iioni extinction, but when lings were Introduced, on Hie Wand the dodo XOGJI disappeared. The hogs flic the young and the cges. Now Located at Southeast Carncr Walnut and Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWAKDS. Proprietor 111 makes nf rebuilt Typewriters, iddinit Machines and Calculators Repairing—1'a.rls—Ribbons •Minns 71 "Next, to Advertising Matter HOTEI, NOBLE Is Now Agent For ' American Airlines, Inc. Call B3S For Information and liescrvatlons Plmne 777 At Nljrhl—Sunday—Anytime For Quick am) Dependable Wrecker Service Phillips Motor Co. WRESTLING Armory, Monday Night TIGER JIOORE vs. SPEEDY SCHEAfTER Two Out of Three Falls, Two" Hour Limit El) KANTHE vs. HAD MIKE CIIACOMA two Out of Three I'nlls, On e Ifoin- l,imi( THERE used to be a favorite phrase of advertisers. They asked to have their advertisements placed "next to reading matter" in the belief that such a position would assure more attention. But today the editor might well ask to have his news item placed "next to advertising- matter'/' for very- definitely the advertisements have a tremen- dous reader following. Today's advertisements win eager attention because they help people buy intelligently, quickly, without waste of time, and get full value for the money spent. That is the great function of advertising—to guide you swiftly and surely to wise, economical buying.. The best advertisement is always the one that gives you the facts you want-simply, honestly, without exaggeration.

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