Quad-City Times from Davenport, Iowa on March 21, 1861 · 2
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Quad-City Times from Davenport, Iowa · 2

Davenport, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 21, 1861
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IJctuorrai antiQtM. I. X. KlCIIAKDSOIf. Editor. fut'BrfUAV OKM MAKCU 21, 1361. ..'.." Is tt Peace or War I The grand object to be attained is the presetvation of the Union of these States. United io one common family, and bwiod together by itrocg lraternl feelings these States present a noble front to" the world, and insure proves blessings to their children; distracted and rent in fragments all prestige is guae, ail that etresgth and noble bearing which has cballet ged the respect and won the homage of the world, i forever lost, and the stong arm of protection wi.ich their children enjoyed will be stricken down. are threatened with destruction-I-s it p'-ace or war! Let it be peace Throjyh peace alone Lave we the least hold upon hope. War in any form, wil. have, can Lve no other etlect but to wid-n the breach and, drown all hope of reconciliation. The abandonment of Sututer meets the approval of the mas-es of the Un;on. Abandonment of other string points in the secedifg States, wilt have a more direct tendency to calm the fetorm than would the action of armies and nnvjea. It has been demon strated tbt the revenue cannot be collected by Mr. Lincoln at the eeeeled ports it i likewise pretty well understood by this time that the new Presi dtf.t will perform but few of thoe things which the Republican press hah been ndeavoiir. to convince the people that he would pet form, lie hat not arretted the Southern Commissioners lor treason, as it was insisted by the llt-pub-licau press that the late administration ehuld have done. He has ordered the evacuation of Fort Sumter, and soon wt-may eipect to see further acts h'ghly nnpalitable to the Republicans. When he bhall have taken time to look the ground fairly over, and weigh well the result of the different lines of policy pre Bented before him, we predict that he will adopt the peace policy and discard entirely the idea of instituting war to for:e submission. The sober second bought will never counsel the marshaling of armies ace uavies wth a view of perpetuating this government. That noble result will be sought and, if at all, will be achieved through peace. None but ultra Republicans, we think, will object to that course. The conservative, Union loving wing of the party will ac-q 1 esce and Democrats will applaud. With pease wiil return aonfi ience n l business pro-perity ; with war will come disunion, dissolution and national dispaii. With peace men wou'd know wliere thev stood, and could calculate upon the.tnture with a reasonable de gree of certainty ; with war i o man could hope to do so. Let it be peace. sm - Slaughtered bj his Friends. Slaughtered in the Lmiieof i. is friends, even while reposing upon the Abra" hAtwie bosom ws that"er;thnsiat?e German Anti-Slavery ranter Carl SLurz The mere mention of his name to the Sardinian Ministry calie 1 forth the rb-proscriptive f.e!ings of the er.tire ea-tern country. New England Kepub-lican s with one voice, protested aga n-t !-;.ch nn outrage, arid to make room for a i;ve arikt-r, tr bed Sshurz to the heart. "arl was a great man daring the campaign. His speeches in New England n d N.-.v York and all through tie east-trnc -::it y were declared perfect rmr ac es or wis lorn an 1 statesmanship. He is a appia'ided and carressed at every town, his name tor cauip-tign purposes as a tower of strength, and the number of proselytes made by him tLrouh h s incendiary apprais to. Jii fellow cout.trvmen was immerse. IJut arter the election like a worn out trar-meiit he was cast aside. II:s dteirts and pretentions were ignored his service to the party was rewarded with on-feeling rebuffs his incessant labors wt-re tV.i gotten by those tor whom he labored, and he has been jostled and spurned in the rush for office. This is the reward of his lbor. It is a sad warning to such as him. Know-Noth-icg-Ue-nblicans laid hiiu out in the cold. Poor Schurz. There can be but little doubt that Lincoln meditates a military coup d'etat somewhere upon something. Not less than a score of vessels, including the Harriet Lane, Cor in, Hibb, Vixen, Pocahontas, I'owhattan, Brooklyn, St. Louis and Cmu!.rlaud have be n, if reports are true, juiced upon war feoticg, i ui prepared ir some emergencv. What it is or where the blow is to U is not knowjj. to the public. There is something brewing undoubtedly, and baiit is weehail probably find out eoon enough. x . Gekman Fouay at Washington. The correspondent of the World says that -!4 about one third of the German population of 'West are -applicants Jcr const' tship." 1 Well, they don't get many thata a sure thing. The stal-wart Teuton mast content himself with standing out in the cold. That suits us. HintgkRowax HEiB,trie infamous aothor of the Impending Crisis," ask to be eenLconsul to' Manchester, England. A-prime ministership to some well reg- t4ated penitentiary, for life, would appropriate for him. V',7f . .J Xf: S."Distbict Court is now in aea- ion at Keokuk. Collects t.e nevn0r-i . f PoI on the pimcnlty. Tbe ontried difficulties of administer ing the Government are now beginning j to be felt by the Itepublican party. Their theories are being one by one laid aside, and policies are being adopted, which but a short month ago would nave stunk of treason in their patriotic nostrils. The revenue question is the last bull they have taken by the horns. How to get rid of it, or round it, with safety, is a question of distre6ing moment. All the difficulties that surround this matter seem to have very lately burst on the vision of our contemporaries, which lately had no other note but "the public property mast be held if in the hands of the secessionists it mast be retaken ; the revenue mus-t be collected ; the laws must be executed." The New York Evening Post has taken the alarm, and points out, with a considerable amount of sagacity, the difficulties which are involved. After stating that duties must either be collected in the ports of the seceding States or these poits be closed to importations, or else the revenue laws will to all intents be ender ed null and void, it proceeds : The Government, without special authorization from Congress, will have no power to create a line of custom houses along the North Carolina and Tennessee frontier, to cover the Aikansas bordei with stations or revenue officers to intercept the contrabandists. The whole country would be given up to an immense system of smuggling, which on near two thousand rn.lcs of coast, wculd meet with no obtacle or interrnption or discouragement. What would Mr. Woodscrew Simmons, the Rhode Island senator, who caused a prohibition duty on wood-screws to bo inserted in the tariff which has just been passed by Congress, in order that a single screw-mid might make all the woodeis screws used in the United States, and that its fortunate owners might grow rich "be vond the dream of avarice " what "wo .ld this patriotic and most disinterested legislator say, if cargoes of untaxed woo l-screws were to be brought trom the Southern coast by our livers and railways and on board of our coasting vessels, and dispersed over all the country, and his hopes of gain disappointed Mr. Simmons would weep tears of hickory. To protect the interests of Mr. Simmons in the first place, and those of the federal treasury in the next, something must be done. The general expectation seems to be that the duties will be collected on board of armed vessels at the different ports of entry in the seceding States. Are our readers aware what a fleet' this would require? The.e are -even collection districts in the little State of Florida alone ; there are four in A'abama, At every port there must be coll otor, with hs army of appraisers, cl -rks, examiners, inspectors, weighers, measurers, etc. ; there- must be a naval officer and his staff of entry clerks. The Morrid tariff law, which we have just enacted, will make a larger number of (hose necessary than would have beeu rquired a mouth ago. Where twenty men would have then answered the purpose, thirty will now be needed. If we eod.-ct the revenue in this manner, with a fleet at every port, and a corps of custom house officers en board, it will cost us a gre-it dal more then we shall get. But can tli revenue be thus collected I The importers arriving at the Southern harbors will know how to address the custom house officers. "We have a cargo,' they will naturally eay, 'on which we do not care to pay duties just at present ; we must deposit it :n the "Warehouses for the term dining which we are permitted to do so by law," What wiil the officers of the customs do in that case? The fovern-ment has no longer any werehouses in the seceding ports. The hold of an armed vessei would neither be a proper nor a sufficiently spacious repository' for the goods. The duties in that rase can not be collected ; and the collector will be puzzled to know whether to let the ship proceed to her port or to retain Ler. We happen to know that there are importing houses at this m'uient preparing to take advantage of this opening for an unencumbered trade. Thev are getting rea Jy toc nvey their cargoes to Charleston or Savannah ; the goods will be landed there, and then brought coast wise to New York, where, being importations from a p rt within the Union, they v. ill be subject to no duty. The new tariff, with its strange formalities and ingeniously devised delays, f nns an additional inducement with them to take his course. What, then, is left for our government? Shall we let the seedling States repeal ihe revenue laws fr the whole Union in this manner ? Or will the goverp-ment choose to consider all foreign commerce destined for those parts where we have no en torn houses and no collectors, as contraband, and step it, when offer-nz to enter the collection district, from which our authorities have been expelled? Or will the President call a special session of Congress to do what the unwisely failed-to abolish all ports of entry in the seceding Slates ? A hex Francis and his wife ' were leaving Gaeta they actually became locked in each other's arms for an hour. uMy King," she baid ; "My Queen," answered the unfortunate young man, "There's a citadel here," he cried, pressing his bps to her heart, "that Sardinia cannot rob me of." Affecting, vasn't it. Delibekaies. Lincoln proposes to deliberate as to the recognition cf the Southern commissioners. WThy don't the Republican press counsel hanging at once ? What has become of their back bone ? The prospects of a peach crop in New York, are raid to be very" poor in deed. The late frosl3anof?now" storms have spoiled the budsl ' Got a Slice. Stanton, of the Washington (Iowa) "Press. his,1 'obtained.! an appointment to'a Clerkship in the Interior Department at Washington! ! ST. LOUIS CORRESPONDENCE. :'' Planter' Housb, ) t, St. Loui, March 17, 1861. Dxab Dick.: St. Louis, juat now, is in astato-of considerable ferment over the state ot political aflairs, the action of the Convention now in session here, the chances (?) of the return of Senator Green to Washington, and the approaching charter election; and the probabilities are that all of these, different matters will he very thoroughly dUcussed nd canvassed in all their bearings, for the people, merchants and mechanics have little else to do. Some ot the oldest and heaviest houses, in town, which, at this season of the year, have been accustomed to be up to their ears in business, inform me that they have absolutely nothing to do. They have been obliged to discharge one half of their clerks in some cases, all and even now are not able to make their expenses. One firm, who, to my personal knowledge, have, for years past, done the heaviest business in their line in this city, inform me that it it were not for their outstanding claims, the collection of which would be impeded by their retiring, they would close their doors at once, and ship their stock back to New York for sale. The Convention here in seesion is one of the finest appearing deliberation bod ies which I ever taw. Some of their speeches, however, belie their appearance. It is not likely that they will come to any definite conclusion at present. They will adopt resolutions expressing their attachment to the Union and desire to remain in it, and then it is proposed to adjourn for two or three months to await the determination of the Administration with reference to the South. The impression seems to have gone abroad that Missouri is resolved to remain in the Union at all hazards. This is a mistaken idea. She came into existence under our present government; has prospered under it, and has grown to be a great and wealthy State, and she desires no change if it is still to be administered upon the principles of our fathers ; but she is by no means unconditionally in favor of the Union ; she will not even wait for some "overt act," but wiil demand some guaranty that the principles of the Black Republican party and the Chicago Platform wiil not be carried out by Mr. Lincoln. It is feared that the approaching charter election will be the occasion of some serious disturbances. The business men of the city have become tired and exasperated at the ruin of their Southern trade, which has been partially accomplished by the votes of the Red Republican portion of the Germans. A collision is anticipated. The great Court House building which for years past has, like Oliver Twist, been continually knocking at the door of the Public Treasury, asking for "mon," is about as nearly completed as it was two years since. It is intended by our unconditional Union men in the Convention to introduce a resolution that Missouri will secede when the St. Louis Court House is finished. The Planter's IJouse, for a hotel of its reputation and pretentions, is the poorest and most expensive at which it was ever my bad luck to stop, 'lhinkof 3 per day for accommodations not so good as those of the Le Claire House or Scott House, fires and lights and everything else extra. The weather for the past four days has been chilly and unpleasant in the ex treme. The season is not apparently much further advanced than at Davenport. Our former fellow townsman, James A. Buchanan, Esq., is still here, engaged in the practice of his profession. He has worked his way into a large business. You shall hear from a e again before my return. Up the River.. ry Mini .Sale Ma hie. Frank Kendrick, Proprietor Corner ol Perry and 3d fets, Davenport, Iowa. --t-. CARRIAGES AND VEIIICLEH, riiiij V ot all descriptions on hand and 4tSS5 roady ,or service at all hours of dny "2eAt& Oar Corses are well known to be the test iu this vicinity, and our carriage ate the latest 8tyleg and beat manufacture octix.itf THE LE CLAIRE HOUSE ! ON THE FIRST DAY OF FEBRUARY TIIKS well-known Hotel wan , opened for the re-oi.iicn of guente. The house has been thoiough-ly -leaned, painted, papered and furnished. A new kitchen, lauudry, etc., have boeu built, and in short, the house is n w in bottercoudi'tion than ever before. The subscribers, Gillett, formerly of tho Scott House, and Jonn ii. Dart, of Chicago, have taken a long lease of the premises, and will ofler superior inducements for tho accommodation of the traveling public. One Hundred nay JBoarders can be accommodated. Families desiring suits of rooms, with privilege of furnishing the iauie, are invited to call and select their apartments without delay. KfA good stable connected with the House G1LLETT tt DART. jan!7-dAwtf DRS. MORGAN & PATTEN, FROM OCULISTS, jfSOULD RESPECTFULLY AN-9fj3 nonnce to the citizen of Davenport that tney are prepared to treat alt disease of the ... , Eyes. Cancers and Fever Sorei, - ... no matter how long standing. Dr. Morgan wUl be found at the , MEW PEKIKSYLVLNIA HOUSE from 6 to 10 A. M. and 2 to 6 o'clock P. M. Satisfactory teferencewill be given of oar ability , to care those disoaseaoHiappIication as above. . I -mca4-d&wtf SPECIAL NOTICES. LAUU,(WEBKK & CO.'S LOCK STITCH SEWING MACHINES. Tho agency-and right of sale for these excellent machines are now in ttie ban3 of COOK, Si OX E k CO, 124 Lake street, Chicago, who, in introducing so desirable a machine to the Jforth-West-ern public, merit the thanks of the entire com-n-ubity. So machine has ever made ' iw appearance in tke Sewing Machine market which so fully merits the appreciation and patronage which it meet it everywhere. The wjirkmOBbip displayed in its finish the simple, yet scientific principles of its working its great strength, and the absence of friction in its parts the wide range of iU capacity, sewing as it will the finest muslin, or the heaviest leather, moling the ttitch alike on both tides, its eae of management, and iU durability, render it just the thing so long needed, yet so long sought for in vain. We fully reccommend it to our readers. Daily Tribune. - fry21-dAwlm H05TETTER S STOMACH BITTERS. The stoma c i is the fountain head of scores of diseases which infest the human system. Indigestion, bad enough per te, generates diarrhceii,dysen-tery, faintness, vertigo, palpitation of the heart, general debility, etc. Get rid of it, then, at once, by going through a course of HOSTETTER'S STOMACH BITTERS, a palatable and refreshing pret araiion, which as Burely relieves all complaints ot the stomach and its dependencies, as the sunshine melts the snow. A course of the medicine may not perhaps be necessary. One bjttle fro quently accomplishes a complete cure. Sold by druggists everywhere. fryl5-d4wlm Coccus. The sudden changes of our climate are sources of Pclmonarv, Beoncuital ani Asthmatic Affections. Experience having proved lhatsimple remedies often act speedily and cer-tuinly when taken in the early stages of the disease, recourse should at once be had to " Brown' Bronchial Troches," or Lozenges, let the Cold, Cough or Irritation of the Throat be ever so slight as by this precaution a more serious attack may be effectually wardedoff. 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WILSON, Willi amsburgh, octl5-ly Kings County, New York. rpRUSTEb'S SALE. On Monday, the fifteen J (15)of April, eighteen hundred and sixty-one (1861,) will bo sold, for oa;h, to the highest bidder, at the Court House door, in tho city of Davenport, Sco't county, at 2 o'clock P. M., the following described real estate, situated in Scott county, lowa,to-wit : Commencing at a point on iller street, in the city of Davenport, in out lwt No. one (1,) six hundred and twenty-five feet (625) and four (4) inches from the south-east corner of Block No. forty-nine (49;) measuring thence north twenty-five (25) feet; thence running west one hundred and fifty (150) feet, more or less, to alley ; running thence along alley, south twenty-tive (25) feet , running thence east one hundred and fifty (150; leet. more or less, to place of beginning, together with all the appurtenances thereunto belonging, by power and effect ot a deed of Trust, made to me by Felix Kraft and Friedreika, his wife, duly recorded in the records of Scott county aforesaid, in Book " D," ef town lot mortgages, page 537, October 15th, 1S58, and dated the same day. March 14, ISol. WM. HALL, ' mch!4 Trustee. US 3VE PTjO 5T 3VT IE HT T I the svnscniaEiis, DEALING IS V STAPLE ARTICLE, WILL furnish employment to a few active men to act as agents for their house. A preference will be given tw those we'l acquainted in the district for which they apply ; for which services they are willing to pay a salary of from v x Hundred to E Ignt Hundred Dollars per year and expenses. For further particulars address ' W. B. MOREHOUSE & CO.. 3 and 5 Exchange Place, Jersey City,N. J. fryll-d3m. NEAT COTTAGE TO RENT! O NE-IIALF OF THAT NEAT COTTAGE ON BraJy street, adjoining tho residence of - Xj. O. ZDossaiut, CONTAINING SIXE WELL FlUMSHEI) ROOMS, Gas throughout, Cisterns, eto., is for rent on rea-aonable terms. Apply to L. C. DESSAINT. mohll-tf HAVE REDUCED THE PRICE OF THEIR SKWINCi MACHINES, beside adding some valuuble improvements. 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City Stocks, Ac Railroad Stocks, Ac, Mortgage Bonds, Real Estate, unincumbered, Miscellaneous items, Cash on band and deposited on call and in agents' hands, 82,000.00 394,746.25 $2,191,100.02 Claims unadjusted and not due, $179,957.6 Fire and Inland Navigation Risks taken atlib-eral terms and rates. Especial attention given to Insurance of dwellings and contents for terms of OBe to five years. IIENRT R. HOFFMAN, Agent, Davenport. Offick Room No. 1, Hoffman's Block, Main julyS dtf NORTHWESTERN INSURANCE COMPANY. OF OSWEGO, NEW YORK. CHARTERED 1832. CASH CAPITAL AND SURPLS A3 PER Statement to Auditor of State, January, 1860, $363,914.36 Total Liabilities, 37,216.79 HENRY B. HOFFMAN, Agent. CONNECTICUT MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY. Accumulated Capital, $3,870,000.00 HENRY B. HOFFMAN, Agent. july6-dtf Piicenix Insurance Company. OF HAR1F0RD, CONN. Cash Capital acd Surplus, $582,325 30 ASSETS, JAN. l8T,1860. New York Bank Stocks,..-, 146,862 00 Hartford " " 165,175 00 Other Stocks and Bonds, 58277 00 Cash in Banks,. 87,379 92 Cash in hands of agents, Loaned ol. Real Estate and Bank Stocks, 121,625 38 $582,325 30 Total Liabilities, 40,704 5S lICNttY II. HOFFMAN, Agent. Room No. 1, Hoffman's Block,Main street july6-atf ROBERT SIMPSON'S Fire and Life Insurance Agency, OFFERS TO INSURERS ALL THE AD VAN- V tages that may be obtained in any way by Insurance. 1st. Rates as low as aay Retpomible Company. za. fair ana nonoraoie adjustment f losses. 3d. Prompt payment o los.es. 4th. Policies in which the holders participate n tne pronis. Capital Rupkksekted, ovkk $8,000,000. As Follows: Continental Fire insurance C,, K.Y., Cash G'apitcdand Surplus, $1,000,000, SletrepoliUn Fire Ins. Co., S. , Cash Capital and Surplus, 384,665. State Fire Insuraoce Co., New Haven, Cash Capital and Surplus, $225,000, Security Fire Insurance To., N.York, Cash Capitnl and Surplus. $544,891. NewCngIand Fire and Marine Insurance Company, Hartford, Cash Capital and Surplus, $225,000. Itlutual Life Insurance Co. Sew York, i Accumulated Cash Assets the Property of tlie Assured, f 6,000,000. JOHfi VAN T IS, Solicitor for the above named Companies, is authorized to take Risks and issue Policies. REFERENCES IN DAVBNPOKT. H.H. Smith, Esq., James McUosh, Esq., Messrs. EldridgeA Williams; C. G. Blood, Esq.; Hoa.R. Linderman ; Hon. James Thorington. t3?0ffice over Smiths' Dry Geods Stere, corner of Brady and Second streets. r june23 tf. REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE. JOIIJJL. SUITS, General Real Estate Agent, Loan and Insurance llroker, COM. OF DEEDS FOR NEW YORK AND OTHER STATES. New York Insurance Agency CASH CAPITAL REPRESENTED,. S3 000 000 WITH LARGE 8URPLC8. PHtENIX FIRE INSURANCE CO. OF N. YORK AND BROOKLYN CASH CAPITAL, $200,009 STEPHEN CROWELL, Pres' Philanber SHAW.Soc'y Atlantic Fire Insurance Comp'y OF N. YORK AND BROOKLYN, CASH CAPll AL, $150,000 JOHN D. COCKS Pres't Horatio DoRR.Soc'y Lamar Fire Insurance Comp'y, OF NEW YORK CITY CASH CAPITAL, , $300,000 E, ANTHON Y, Pres't J. R. St Johm, Sec'y. Fulton Fire Insurance Comp'y, OF NEW YORK CITY, CASH CAPITAL,. .' $150,000 WTLLIAM A. COBB, Pses't J AMKi M. RaNKiNS, Sec'y. II urn bolt Fire Insurance Co., OF NEW YORK CITY. CASH CAPITAL, $200,000 JOnNRANKIN, Pre't William Mulligan. Sec'y. New York Life Insurance s Co., OF NEW YORK CITY. ACCUMULATED CAPITAL '.. .$1,500,000 MORRIS FRAN KLIN, Pres't, PlinktFreimam Actuary. a PPLIC ATIONS FOR INSURANCE AND i ,.:,.;.. wnrl in fh above old and re- - Jfc J MHlV. . v - . , sponsible Companies, on first class risks only, by JOHN L. nWlls, Real Estate and insurance azbui. NICKOLLS' BLOCK. -UP STAIRS. octlQdtf 1 GitEtT UtHGiI ! FARM' OF"' 122 ACRES, fllKN MILES FROM DAVENPORT, WELL 1 reused and unler cultivation ; tionte, tjbu i i...... ii . ... it f Fruit Trees, hnaae Trees etc. Alo eight acres of timber land, six mil., off.? Price $13 per acre, ui terms easy. 4 vr,ua'ovi', toehia-dlw Lan Agent. DRY, GOODS. UHE1T IjrnUCEJUEJTTS or FX KID AT ELDRIDGE & WILLIAMS IN TBI WAT OT CBEA IT. JD 8! ! CALL AND SEE THEM THEY HAVE A large WINTER STOCK OF GOODS ON HAND THAT Must be Sold to Make Room for Goons. BE SURE YOU GET THE RIG LIT PLACE, Tic. 23, nrady Street, ELDRIDGE Al WILLIAMS. fry4-dAw SILKS AND FINE DRESS GOODS. wad m o riTii H AS JUST RECEIVFD DURING THE PAST week, large additions to his stock of r i . v js a o o n s , And has now a splendid assortment of PLAIN AND FANCY DRESS SILKS, EMBROIDERED OTTOMAN VALOURS, PLAIN AND PRINTED MERINOS, BEAUTIFUL ALL WOOL DELANES STRIPED AND IIAII REPPS AND POPLYNS And many other styels of nm:ss Goons. We positively assert that there ii no tioek. of goods the city that will compare in point of BEACTY, KIKTT or 8TYLI, QUANTITY, QUALITIES, and uniform low prices with this. The Ladies are invited to eall and examine these Goods CLOAKS AND SHAWLS IN GREAT VARIETY NO. 29 WEST SECOND STREET, NEXT DOOR TO STATE BANK. ot9-dtf NEW GOODS. TTTE ARE NOW IN RECEIPT OF OUR FALL STOCK OF GOODS Among which are RED, YELLOW AND WniTE FLANNEL, BROWN AND BLEACHED SHIRTINGS, SATINETS, JEANS, DELAINS, BROWN k BLEACHED COTTON FLANNELS, TICKING, SHIRTING STRIPES, CHECKS, CALICOES, GINGHAMS, SHEETINGS, HOSERY, GLOVE8, COATES' SPOOL THREAD,, LINEN THREAD, BLUE MIXED, STEEL MIXED, BLACK, RED AND WHITE WOOLEN STOCKING YARNS, BATiING, And almost every other article in the staple Dry Goods and Notion line. We have also a good stock ot choice Urocenes of all kinds. All of which will be sold as low as the lowest. Call and see our goods, and we win give yoa good bargains. rrvvT,D ,. nn Brady street, bet. 4th and 5th streets. Daventokt, Oct. th oct-dtf 3r O O AT COST! HAVING PURCHASED OF A. W. BAILEY his stock f Dry Goods, we shall frem and alter this date offer the same ,dfT COST1 ' Those ia want of anything in the Dry Goods line will please give us call, as many goods will be sold at XibtS XII AN COSX PRICK. . D. P. WHITE,1 ' dao4-tf Opposite Cook k Sargent' Bank. DEMOCRAT & NEWS. liiciiAunsoN. ui m a. to PfcraiETOBs. w 7,r:f,'?.'"..:.:k- ' M ls'Ht-arirr.. I, 7able in advance. I VV-LY.-t2t00 per annum, in advance. TERMS OF ADVERTISING IV DAII y NB 8 Q C A K K OF TIT HVI L I M 1 OK OKI o j n n r A (. E ne dav. $0 lb 1 00 One uionth, Wo diiva. 00 I'O 00 00 Th rue days. Two months. Terse Months, ri-ur months, our 'Jays, ivc Jys, ne week, . wo week. 00 Vix month f, ie Oo ' yar, r,o charge, 1.'. 00 2 squares, 1 year, 25 00 8 o0 4 00 Three weekpj Career ernce ehartr..,) . each , ,i .al.qna?e7 r"ie 01 7-60 'or rat " ha'f PqU're' U-thi of the ab.ve Forcach changean additional charge ol r(tj er square will be made. cu"reoi .(.tftU em, charged doable .he ..me din.ensiom rf SMte. v' -f the the adverser wiifbe cbd ! rT " . noi accompnn ed with intrnr- 10ns will be inuartA r Al ; . '""true- oordingly. ,l rD,a sna d'rUed at- Editcnal notices chsrged fr at the rate of U cents ner ine. r,r Bl,if j . . '". . . ' .. """"i no viivcinl noticaa ,u , - . "'" nu Denevo vnt i ur- HZif "k,nd btocver, r f ordinary length, except sinir e Ann, ,i, .. . ' deaths.charged 25 cu i" Md At'ents. ' lroni "iproved Contracts fnri...i. ,!,.,-,, - nv4.Cn,inK lernnnaule at the option of advertiKors, they paving an advaroe- Ad vertiseinentji in. ,..i ..... . 50 per cent. advanA nn .i ... . . r ii nI rme. anu Rent on h t or 2d paCe,, 25 per cent, advances reKu'Ir All transient ad advance. "l uc ''",a ,or ,u Advertiseniftnta in.orto.i : ble terms. " week,y cn "w- RICHARDPON, WEST & CO. SANDERS uko. H. LISCIIER & CO. Pacific lUilroad to California!! Sixth Graiid Quarterly Distribution or w 100,000 ARTICLES WORTH .300,000, AyillCH WILL BE SOLI) FOR loo.ooo TO vv the purcnasers of our CJOI.DIO TFIVS at30cts. jior box. Our GOLDEN PEN is 'tho best ever ued and is warranted not to corrode in use the GOLDEN PEN. The following list of articles will be sold to onr patrons at ONE DOLLAR KCHnd need not be paid for until we inform the purclmerH which of tho articles may be had for ONE DOLLAR, and then it is optional whotht-r they send the DOLLAR an 1 take the goods or not. Lixt of Gaodt lucluded in the Distributional $1.0' Each. Gold Watches, Silver Watches, Guard and V"t haiis, Coral aud Opal Set?, Cameo Set?, Chatelaine Chains, Cameo and Lava Breast Pin, Mo.-aic and Jet do., Gold Pencils, Gold Pens with Silver holders, Landscape Sets, Revolving Breastpins, Sets Studaand Sleeve Buttons, Infants ArtuIeU, and Neck Chains, Lockets all sizes. Gents' llreast Pim, Mosaic and Coral Bracelets, Enamelled lireant Pins, Mourning and Jet Sets, Garnet and Carbuncle Sets, Mosaic Seta, Medallions, and as immense variety of other articles. Plan of Sixth Grand Distribution, HIGHEST VALUE OF ARTICLES 100 DOLLARS, LWK88 2 DOTLAK. Certificates stating what we will sell each person for one dollar are placed in sealed Envelojies, with a Decimal arrangement, so that in each hundred Certificates there is one for a GO I. MP UMTCMi, and there will also be a valuable article in each ten certificates. On receipt of SO cents we will send you one Box of our Gulden Pns, and a sealed notice of tho article which we sell for $1. TrLY" TJO ! TIT "ST ITS ! PRICES TO AGENTS, POST PAID, 4 Boxes Pens with 4 Certificates 1 V " 9 " a 25 " " 25 " 6 100 " " 100 " 18 N. B. With each package of 100 boxes we present the purchaser loO Certificates, one of which is guaranteed to contain an order for a FINK WATCH, or by ordering 50 boxen in one package yo'T are sure to receive 5t Cer ifirwite containing anordcrfor a splendid SILVER WATCH. besid a large number of other very valuable artie.ns. One rer,inate sent gratis, upon application of any person dt siring to acta agent, which mayen-blo him to procure valuable article upon the payment of f 1. Extra Inducements ! Extra Indue emets! We hava also on hand the following splendid articles which wil, be void to the purchaser of our GOLDEN PENS in like manner, for TWO DOLLARS EACH. Gold Chronometer Hunting Cased Watches, Gold Hunting Cased English Lever do. Jewelled, Silver Lever and Lepine Watches.Upen Faced do., Hunting Caaed do. Duplex, Gents' splendid Vest Chains, Ladies' Guard (bains, Lad ion' Neck Chains, Gents Breast Pins, (very fine,) Splendid Gold Pencils, Fine Medallions, Gold Regard Kings, Gold rings Plain and lingraved. Gold Pen and il-rar Holders. Enamelled Leal Seu. liracdets. ( newest style,) Enamelled Coral fcets, Gents' Seal Rings, Enamelled Gurnet Sets and the.latest style of Ladies' Jewelry. nxtra Induoomoiitia I With every box of Golden Pens purchased "f us we will present ur patrons with a Certificate for which en remittance of two dollars they may obtain one of the foregoing splcudM articlos. This will be in addition to the Certificate given in our one dollai Grand Distribution. Pianos, Melodeots, Music Books, Sew-ixg Machines, etc., Bought and sold on commission. Any article will be sent to the country at the lowest wholesale prices with the addition of 5 percent, comuiissioa for forwarding. N. It. Aytiti wanted in every town. Cifctdari ent On application C. S. COLEBERT A CO., CommUtion Merchant and fjeurat A'j'U, No. 123 South Fourth street, bolow Chestnut, Philadelphia, Pa. tif For our integrity and ability to fulfil our engagements, we beg to refer you to the following well known gentlemen and business firms ; M. II. Horn, Esq., Cah'r Catasao.ua Bak, Pa. Mkbsks. Kemmkhku A Mookb, Philadelphia. , Bbkton A Btto., Chestnut abv9 4ht St., " J. C. Fullbb, Esq., Jeweller, " A F. W a bd, Esq., Publisher of Fashions, et., Philadelphia. : Hon. L. M. Burbon. Eureka, California. rBcbl5-dAw6m TMMK S C O TT Mi O US ;. ON THE FIRST DAT OF FEBRUAR this well known Hotel changed pro prietors. One of the undersigned, the owner of :ne premises, and the original proprietor, win oe n the office to weloome all old and new friends flatty, tViaf with nnr ezoerienoa and our superior accommodations we can oiler to .. ... .1 .1. - t. . c n tne traveling puonc an me cuiuiwro wmi tcg-ulated house at the low price of Quo Dollar por Xo-y X Wn are determined that this shall be the beti Dollar House in the State. r - One Hundred and Ten Day Boarders . 's . 1 i i ... run he accommodated. Families deiirics rocmr. are invited to call and make their selections. A Large and Commodion Stable eonneded with th House I Tn Aitrfirmlnvrrianila wt wnuM nromiflB that the same liberality will be extended to them as heretofore, ana the Highest prices paia to mem for that part of their produce used by the House. , , J. J. HUMPHREY & CO. jan22-dAwtf' ' " ' FOOD: WOil TlfE . JtllLLlJf I CHOICE BRANDS OF SPRING AND WINTER Wheat Flour, jut reoeived at No. -17, W Second street. J. D. RUG OLE 3, lrj20-dtf

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