The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 23, 1932 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 23, 1932
Page 8
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f AGE EIGHT 111 Mystery of Missing Jurist Two-Year Search Has Brought No Trace 'of Joseph Force Crater. This is the wrona story | n E«ri« of six on the strange <•*•« it Amtrka's mos^ rirwws miss- In^ pt-rsons, » subject made time- lv by th* disappearance of Colonel Raymond Robins, fri*nd of President Hoovtr. • : « • BV ROBERT V NEA Strvfce H'rHer NEA Servlcf WriUr Cooyrttfil. 1932. NEA Service, inc. In n lifetime u-hlcli no shadow teams ever .to have crossed, .Jos- cpli Force; Crnler had woikril Ills way upward from n law clerk to n position of honor nnd trust n s a justice of the supreme court of New York. H? served In that high office Jiysf. four months and then, in August 1930, he did this: Relumed unexpectedly to New York Citv from his vacation at Betsradc Lake, Maine, telling Mrs. Crater that lie haft Just received n telephone 'call relative lo political business. Spent three days In Ills chambers ot the New York country courthouse and on tlie last day seen tearing up papers and putting other papers In n brief case and In four cardboard boxes, according to his secretary. Joseph Mara. Sent Mara to cash two Checks totaling $5100, which Mara did. Took the money and the boxes of papers and Ihe brief case to his a'carlment on Fifth avenue, nnd (hen said he was "going up In Weslchesler county for a swim." He never went (or the swim; at 6:30 p. m. he purchased one theater ticket at an acency in Times Square: an hour later he dined with frlands in a restaurant in W. 45tl> street; wlren the meal was finished he stepped Into a'taxlcab, waved a smiling goodby—and rode away to the Port of Missing Men. *. • * ' Since' that day In early August, 1930, New York" police have conducted the most intensive search In the history of the deportment —»nd the.most futile, ypwnrds of PAPERS ON DAY HE DISAPPEARS JUSTICE CfcATHB DEPARTS IN TAXICAB TO •IVION "V UW * Two years an.l (he expenditure of $200,000 by liu-osilgnlors hv, only Opened the fog of mystery thai veils the straiyo disnpnW- nnce of Justice Joseph force Crater, shown ut the' left -Above Is Sally Lou Rltz. fnlr Broadway dancer, who. with her parents dined with Grater on the nl B lil lia vanished mid was one of the last to sec him. At right Is Mrs. Stella Craler, the mlsslns jurist's wife. (200,000 has been spent, wlll-o- llie wisp clows from many p;ir(s of (he United states nnd even foreign lands have been rim to earth, every known or conceivable avenue of possibility has been explored. And yet, after two years the mystery of Justice Crater lu- day Is as deep as the mystery of the grave itself, Equally baffling is the mystery ot the motive. Whatever this mo- tte was, It has never been disclosed. Of course, there were countless rumors-hinta of clandestine romances with Broadway chorus girls, of secret love trysts, of political scandals.' The latter seemed to be most likely, for Jiiiluc Crater disappeared just when wholesale aratt clmvKcs Involving olhcr New York Judges were uehiB Invciitlyiited. Yet, after long Inquiry. Ilic attorney generals office could find no connection liot-wccn the Crater dls- .ai>|»arancc and the judicial probe. 'Hie papers thai Mara Helped Crater take to his apartment were never found. • • • Tile driver of the tnslenb In which Justice Crater drove away Into -oblivion • never was located, des|i[| e the best efforts of New- York detectives. The single theater ticket lie purchased that evening had not teen used. Every clew led I to a blank wall of mystery. A $5000 reward for Information as to justice Crater's whcrrabouis wns offered by the New . Yoik board of nldciinon. Ten thousaiu! circulars bearing his- pliatogrnnl were mailed to sheriffs, police chiefs and American consulates iu every land. False clews .sent detectives hop- pint' about the country- on wild goose chases—a bnrber In North Dakota had slinvcd him, he Kid been seen In the Adlrondacks, he was n patient in a Virginia sant- Uulinn, ills body had been fount! floating in the water off Kc\v England. Over long distance telephone A THIS GRAND BALLOON IS LIKE A CALUMET CAKE-HE NEVER FALLS! THROW HIM UP IN THE AIR! SEE HIM LAND ON HIS FEET! *« »ltf*n Umlt tn biifttt! WITH THE PURCHASE OF A ONE-POUND CAN OF CALUMET The Double-ActingBakhig Powder l«ss than » penny's worth in a cake- but my! - the different »* rnikcal from Montreal came a report lo New YorX police tliat seamed liot A veiT culm voice said: "I can't tell you my name because I don't care to get mixed up In It, aiic judge c'rntcr Is now In Room 761 at this hotel. I am In tl:c hotel now." Hy the time the caller hung up, New York police had "Montreal dttcctlvrs on the phone. A squad ol Ilic Inttcr'ruslied to tlis hotel loudly rapped on the door of Room id, forced tlie occupants to open U — iinn creatly emb.irrasscd a young couple on ilielr lioiuyinbon The Jok.? cost. Die practical joker ?10 In tcle|)))one tolls. Ho too nr-vor was found. • • • Hrpoils tint Justice Orator had tircn kidnaped for ransom or inuidercd for the sr.100 lie Is sup- rmml to have Imrl with hi,,, at lime ol his disappearance ner- tc.!. but they, too, Mill lack con- niinallon. From Ume lo lime bod- llioimht (o Ire his have b-en iiKl at .various places In the United Slates, but none cod id be wj Identified.. .7i!sllc c grater's dinner compnn- ion on (he night he vanished coulil offer nothing to clear Ihc mystery. They were William Klein, a lirondway allorney a show Blfl named Sally u» R | tz an<|, Miss Iliiz's parents, lliey left t}io I r.°staurant nt aliout u,c same time i he drove away In tile taxlcab. He KeomwJ In good spirits nnd there i was mlMnt; (o arouse their siLsnl- olon. Another lactor i,,' (lie case wliicli it scorns would make Cra- (er easy lo [dcntilY, was his un- usiiJil physique. Though lie was six feet (all nnd weighed 185 pounds, his head was so small that ne ore a size C 5-8 hat and de- spile his bulk, he wore a size 14 collar. * * * Further delails of his description say he wore tortoise-shell Bosses for reading, a yellow gold FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER Masonic ring, a square-shaped gold wrist-watch with yellow strap and affected colored shirts. He was 41 years old. * • * Justice Crater was a former law associate of United States Senator Robert S. Wagner of New York, and had also taught law at Fordham. He was appointed to the supreme court bench of New York by Governor Roosevelt on April 8, 1930. on the recommendation of Senator Waijiicr and others. Th- senalor hns .been tin- able to penetrate the fog of mystery that has envelo]K<] Ills longtime friend. Clinging to Hie hope (Hat her husband Is still alive, Mrs. Crater lal Infirmity or restraint " " ' •' I Police Captain John Ayres, head I ol New York's Missing Person Bureau says it | s the strangest case He has ever experienced ln his 15 years In that kind of work. TOMORROW: The strange ais- appfaraiKe of n,. Chirks Brunt»l I. (be ex-jurbtr who bcuame a mllllciuire. ... Did hi write thin* letters and Mtgt, m:i (lu( floated b«k fnr werks afttr he vanished— ur were they written br Ills mnrdi'rers?_ KiTiimiilrr Perjury NEWnuRYPORT, Mass, cut')— 1 While Wnlter I,. lialh-y, 39, , . -— -.-.,, „.,, ,. believes he Is cllher lemtxirarily! '™l in courl here, charged deronijed or is tt'ins held captive.' violating the gam; laws by killing "I know ol no reason why he I three tame geese. Kpsclal Jusin.e jeft me or should have abandoned [ Oscnr H. Ncl.son adjourn«l ccurt his career." she buys. "I do believe he would have done ..„, voluntarily and without cnuslrnlnt I consider" (lie .scrfoiisnws oj iicr- If he was of normal -mind. Nor I jury. do r, believe he would remain ! _ awny, If still nlive, save hy men- '• Read Courier hews Want Ads. COOLEST SPOT IN TOWN RITZ THEATER Last Time Today — "The Painted Woman" with Pojrgy Shannon. Saturday Only Adm.—Mutinec ami Night— 10 ami 2f>c PASSPORT TO HELL ~ oned | ua:iir n. ivcj.son adjourned ccurt not i for 24 Itours to j;ive two prose^u- e so; lion witnesses an opportunity to TRAVEL BY BUS Lowtst Raffs - Fiistest Time =• l!i's( Service From lilythoville To Memphis - New Orleans - Ihillas S!. J.miis - Kansas City - Chicago Tickets Sold Everywhere TWO SCHKI>l)I.FS KACH WAV DAILY Bus Leaves—Ncrlli Bound—1:05 A. .M. and 1:25 P M Soiilh Bound—4:« A. M. and 5:45 P. M! l.arffe Modern Parlor Look for the Name "Egyptian" FOR TICKKTS AND INFORMATION GofT Hotel, Phone 736 Dent Service Station, Plione 555 Egyptian Motor Lines, Inc. 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