The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 28, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 28, 1931
Page 2
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PAQB.'-TWO:...; - BLyTHKVtLLE. (ARK.T COURIER NBWfr Society Calendar Monday j The .Woman's Council of the First Christian chinch will meot with Mrs. Ij.ib. Waid. Tuesday Mrs.'-, Elton W. Kirby is Invins the Tuesday Contract club. Th?' Tursdr.y Lunchrcn ch:b :r meeting wiiii Mrs. Born.ird G.^c'.i Mrs. Oscar Bailey will enkiuin il:e new Tuesday club. tt'ednr-s'Jay The : Entre Nou? lirldge dub will meet v.-ith Mrs. Tluirmnn C!em:ii?. Mrs. Carrol I!!skti;ioro will .Is; hostess" to the lifiogc club. The]'New Wednesday Biidae rlub will meet wilh Mrs. Ro?co? Cralton. The- Delpl'iiaiis will meet r.l tl.o j Hotel NoWe. The •pre-F/'.stcr Wk cf prayor will be pb;c-rvc<! it file Christian ehurch wiili siu-cial icrvic.-s at 3 p. in. Thursjay Mrs". M. O. Usr-'v is iiavin- Ihe Mid-W(['k Brid:j,> il:ib. Tho Young MMions Eridre club \r. meeting wilh Mrs. W. C. His-; Cinsan. : Friday The au>:iliary cf U:i' American Legion-will meet a', tho home of Mrs. O. W. McCutchcn with Mrs. J. P. Lent! also hostess. The women of the First Christian church will meet at the clnncli for special prayer services. The Name Is Jones 6//s of News Mostly Personal SATURDAY, MARCH 28, I03J. The Rev. Alfred S. Harwell, pis- tor ol Hie I-'irsl Baptist church, returned l.isi nlyht from Llule Nock! whi-n.' he ultcndcd a meeting of thej Aikaims liaptlsls Executive board., Mrs. C. Ulmcr went to HI. Louis I last night lo spend the week-end I with Mr. Ulmcr who is employed ol I Springfield, 111. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. WhiUvorth • had us their guests yesterday Mr. and Mrs. Eric Fletcher of Osceola. | Miss Hulh Wliltworlli is visiting |ln Memphis today. • SISTER MARY'S KITCHEN I!V SISTEK MARY NKA ik-rvici: \Vriler When the housekeeper Is CHRISTIAN SCIENCE CHURCH Services arc held nt the Hotel Noble Sunday morning, 11 o'clock, In room 104. Subject for tomorrow: "Ucallty." Golden text: Isaiah 61:11 "As- the earth bringcth forth her biid and as the garden causcth the things lhat arc sown in it to spring forth; so the Lord God will cause righteousness and praise to spring forth before all nations. Sunday school, 0:45 a. m. Wednesday evening service, 7:45 o'clock. All nr ecordially invited. FIRST CHURCH OF TIIE NA/.ARENK Corner of Second and Vine Sis. •A. T. McAnally, 1'istor Preaching at the church Saturday, 7:30 p. m. The Rev. Hood will bring the evening message. The Rev. Hainion Holt of this city will preach Sunday morning. Tiie pastor will preach at 7:30 p. m. from the subject. "The Unpardonable Sin." Sunday school, 0:30 a. m. We have a class and a leacher that will suit you. Come and be wilh us. C. E. Cobb, superintendent. ; The N. Y-- P. S. will be ren- ! dercd at the church, 7:30 p. m. I Kenneth McAnnlly, president. Prayer meeting each Wednesday evening at the church, 7:30 p. m. Tlie pastor will be in charge of this service. Friday evening. 7:30, choir practice, Harmon Holt, director. =WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LKSSON Jesus' the World's Saviour ; there will be no waste, she «»' FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Jftud it a decided economy to buy ;<i whole ham, The choice middl cuts always are high when bought cameraman probably cried "Fore!", to gel Ihls picture ot the jsepaiately, but if Ihc whole ham Is ..-most addition to the most famous Jones family in the world. It's! purchased they are not considered. Announcements have been receiv-j ll!C lirs , ., !lolo la!l( , n of Ma ,. } . Ellen Jones, now only a few weeks old,: Dlltt c:i(i ' nock cntl ni "! « n ' cr arc iH hiira nf Ihn lltnrrln'-.i nf \fi:c K-]_ : '1 rrpri I'rif/l o« n ll'lmln (in/I i-limillv BclI-ConnclI. die Clark ' of with her mother, Mrs. Bobby Jones, ut the home of the champion golfer in Atlanta. Ga. Tlioso liny liands look about ready to grip n golf club, don't they? a whole priced at so much a pound. There arc numberless ways ol cooking smoked ham, but i believe that Ihe most meals can be served wilh the least danger ol :hc faml'y becoming tired of the .•-aMie meal, if bolh the ends are boiled and then worked up into interesting dishes. The cenier can be cut '.In slices for broiling. After the mkl- !dlc slices are used, the ends are put A Scries Exiil-iinlm; (lie Conlnct; ma'.irm that his partner holds anj l °sethcr and securely tied and Bridge Systems j ace and a klnj! or two aces. This j treated as-a whole-ham. Plan how • AKTICI.K >:o. 107 ' ' BY \¥JJ. E. McKLNNEV S<rrd:iry Miss.,-'to Ur. John Bell, of S'.. Aii- gustine, Fla., Ihc wedding having been solemnized last Sunday at th? home o! Hie bride's parents, M'. and Mrs. R. E. Coimsli. i The. attractive bride formerly i lived'in this city and later frc-; qiiently visile<l here as the cues: of! Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Hall and Mr. i and Sir's. C. S. Stevens. Many .Attend B. V. 1'. V. MeclUi- ITcrt last Nljlil. Thirtr were 115 delesn'.os frcm five Baptist churriics who attended the ineeling of Ihe Mississippi! In Hie great mujcrlty of ui-uv, ] ci'.ce to i-.n trump, he will show the County.; B. Y. P. U. r.ssorlation j when South has opened the hid-j hlnher ruiikiiit; of his two suits. As riTslary American Brldi'c I.KIKIII: piny the hand In ii sui In itic great innjorlty of u<e.', | ei'.ce to 1:0 triiinp. he wi . may justify him iu colng lo three the entire ham is'to be iised and I no tiimiii. but if lie still desires to then there-.will be. no chance for suit in prefer-'waste. which 'met nt the Second church.last evening.-; BD4ide.^ mem- din;,- with a two-club lorcini; bid. North's proper rcsj'.onsc \vill !?•? (\vo fcers of. the iDseeola, Fftlrvlow, Dell; dinuiohc's, nnd r.iiicmbcr IhatNoith Blythevilie's/'; Fir:?, and Second- 1 Is cbl^atcd to make this response churches, (here were also a mmi-jof two diamonds even though the her oi-iylEitor's from thi Leacliville; hand t!o:s no', contain a card hiijh- cluirch'.; :|l-. " - : c v thun a six spat. The!-prosram \vBS\givcn in. the; North's itto-dlcmoud nspouse is lorm.of a piiyl^ crititleii "A/Cr.ll:ai! srtSMal i and his For Leaders": -in ijhlfli' 'Rnney, l:i;;;i -'.nay 'or u:ny not contain n Chiiin; Hobcrl Pulley, Once Me- \,.; :r.^::.!. jit.: tht iu:ui; us Uia p.ul- Farland, J. T/Ellis, Cl.ira 1!. Kin-jns/'s hand in making nil orislnul ton, Mrs. Honey Chlfm. May B?HL> twu-club furcing bid may or may Priest,'-Bessie'Sue Arv;o;il and Na-jiut contaiii a dub. Tlic" object ot than Kimcs 'took part. . j the two-diamond response is to The iicxi meeting v;ll|.be held at I keep the bidding open as cheaply tlia Leachvllle church with the] as pp;s!ble so tlui partner may Dell Senior union in charge of Hie: show both of his (rut- declarations. Although it is : riot. i ab'sbliit-, necessary to soak all 'hams bcfor: boiling or baking, 1 have found It advisable, to do ,so even though I am sure of my brand and the saltiness of the ham I've bought. An over-night bath in : .-clear, .fresh imot hurt any ham and .tore the moisture through Smith now goes to two 119 curing. If ham Ims been overtrump, Norlh must realize lhat he| K ,vt e d, soaking is 'Imparntivp to is poiug lo be- called upon nt his mtike it tender as well as pnlnt- • Uiird deiliiiniiun lo make a choice | able, between 1:0 lnmi]i and a suit. [ Hints on Ccokiiic Hani Marsh M. Ca!la\vay, Pavtor Sabbath school at 9:45 a. m. Hay Worthlngloli is superintendent' of the Sabbath school. There is a class to fit the need of every pupil. Yon are welcome. Morning worship, 11 o'clock. The pastor will begin his sermons in the pre-Eastcr meeting at tills hour. The subject of his sermon will to, "Three Times in a Nation's History." The evening worship will be at 7:45 o'clock and the subject will ue "Lessons From a Dead Tree." Christian Endeavor will meet al Tlie International Uniform Sunday School Lesson for March 29. Jesus, (he World's Saviour. Golden Text: Acts 10:38. J»Y war. E. GII.KOV, D. n. Editor of The Conp-csationillst 1 The lessons for this year deal during the first six months with the general (hemc "Jesus, UK- World's Saviour." and dining the second six months with "The Spread of Christianity." The quarter's lessons thus far have dealt with the preparation of Jesus and with the period of his popularity. During the coming quarter we shall enter upon the studies which issue in his suffering and his sovereignty. In the 12 lessons of the past quarter we have seen the preparation for the coming of Jesus in the blrlii and brief career of John the Baptist—a career that even in its brevity has left him an indelible figure in history—a man ol rugged strength and directness of character, in addition to a lesson dealing with h-s birth and its circumstances, we have had one specifically devoted to tlu- ministry of John. In o'.ir study of the childhood of Jesus we have seen him growing in stature a::d in wisdom, and increasing in favor with God and man. lHis Humanity We have had occasion 10 sludy his real humanity in the story ol his temptation, and we have fol-1 lowed him as he has gone about doing good, ministering, through his gracious power, help to the sick both in body and In soul, and bringing to sinners and outcasts an environment of love and kindliness that has introduced them to n new realm of grace and hope. We have seen the Master as the world's teacher, giving forth the eternal truths applicable to daily life in such great teachings as are found in the Sermon on the Mount and the remarkable parables. We have seen Jesus himself as n itinerant preacher of the Gos- X 1 !, going about from place to scon as the game bid has been arrived at. North inns; .pass unless he desires a slam. When South opens wilh two clubs and Norlh responds with two diamonds—the negative response deny- water cm: in'j tlie above described slrenjjlh—! \vil| resto and program. Plans' ; 5Iade'For Spring: Activities, W/.cn Noun's hand contains an ! nee and n l:i:\g. or tv:o ace's, he will i iniike the positive response iw de- |s<ribcd in yesterday'a article;. If ss»») G:45 p. in. Every day during the week there will be services both night and morning at this church. The morning services will begin at 10 o'clock an.dlhe evening services will be at 7:45 o'clock. The public is invited latfci'.d these, services. "The Lord will be the hope of [is people." FIRST METHODIST CHURCH Main and Seventh Streets I*. (Q. Roric, pastor Worship and sermon ir a. m. and :45 p. in. Morning service broadcast over station KLCN. Services each day this week except Saturday at 10 a. in. and 7:45 p.m. Every member is urged ils part In this week's revival. Sunday school, 9:45 a. m. Junior. Hy and Senior Leagues, suit headed by nee queen, king queen, or ace Jack 10 is advisable. There is no danger for Norlh in pcnd on it to furnish its own fat j entirely. Always bc'Bin .to- cook |ham at n low temperature and in- bidciini; thej? short suits as he has | crease gradually. Plans for'the mcclin; of the, Nc:t!i were to rcsjior.d with two of j already denied with two diamonds! p "' ll!lm °" lo 1)D|1 i:1 c ° ; d wa- county federation of Women's clubs i ;l majj.- suit and that major hap- j and South will realize thnt he is j tcr ' bli '\S slowly to the boiling the annual -breakfast for members I pcr.s ;o be one of Sotith'j, strong | simply tryinj lo assist him in build-i I" 1 ™ 1 nnci simmer gently until ten- of the, Eenior class of th; city hi=h ! «ills. Sonlh will bid fo'.ir or more | inn up his hand for no trump | dcl '- Tl '< ! Uine -will .vary, biff it school'.and reports of the deparl- of 'lint major according lo tin-• II North camiol assist his 'parl- , "''" lal!c follr or nvc hours for a merits''and-projects occupied the ' strength cf his hand. If the major j ner In this manner, he must ,rc- . Jwelyc-pound ham. II can bo boileci business scsslcn of the exccutlv: !*"" naiuctl by North happens to be six)iiil with another artificia! board of tile Woman's terday. club yes-1 Hie h'.'le or the v:cak sui! in bouth's | h.'.iid, Koulh will jump the bid lo Mrs. George W. Barnaul and | throe no trump, and ns llus is 11 Mrs. W. W. Hawkins were hostesses 1 E-i'-uv-coing dei-iai.uion. Norlh Is for a delicious luncheon «rvcd at'»ot cblisated lo keep the bidding one o'clock to the 12 otlicers prcs-: o^en further. cnt. - - ! ... Tiie county federation will meet) After North's response with Iwo at the Woman' April Itf. j of a n:?.jor and thai particular The : 'breakfast for members ofi"'- r 'Jor decs not suit Soulh'.H hp.nd the senior class of the hi^li school South will Hint sho-.v the higher .1 bid i '" cider, or seasonings can be add- a'nd this bid should be the chtap-i ctl to < Jl e water, to give il a piquant csf< bid ho car. pill in. When South 11 - lvor - Bn y leaves, whole cloves has shown lint one of his real : Pfpisercorns, onlcn nnd carrot arc declarations, no Iriimp. by bidding i ll >e seasonings generally liked. If Iwo no trump in response to Nor- lllc nnm is to be used sliced cold th's Iwo diamonds, North's arli-'j lct " cool In the water in which it ficial reply should be three clubs. | was cooked. Then remove from wa- Ihrtc-club bi:l by North does , tei ' nl «' trim as necessary. Plain not signify that his har.d oes , holds ! lrailc(i Iunl c:! « be in Innurii- will be given late in May. . slrer.nth— he mr.y or may not h.ive j erable made dishes nnd Is excellent club 'strcnsth— it is simply madei to h!lvc *» 'he irc-box for an emer- . talurd of ids f.vo declarations. If'lo give South the cheapest oppor- ]sency. It was voied "/j remember mem- j N'onh's response had been ivo no lur.lty lo nitinti his other real deciders of the club who arc ill. (trump, South now has Hie infor- | nratlon. '.*•'• | ' i If South w;re to bid two of a ' To Have Special I'raycr Meeting When the whole Joint Is to,b° baked It should be boiled first am then baked only long enough to , The women of the First Chris-' to Visit HantUt Prmvrhpsi c;lllrt tian church will obsirv? the pro- U«*ini8>l ^ntil CfK,!> , oum ' /-> 51 Ci 1 ! sll!t nltcr Koftll ' s two diamond*, brown the outside and season it LOllCgC dtUaentS , North would realize thnt IK will be -Seme cooks pour cider or swecten- Woman's Missionary society Monday. 2:30 p. m. "If my people, which are called by my name, shnll humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn irom thoir wicked ways; then will I hear Irom Heaven ar.c will forgive their sins, ar.d will hea' their land." II. Chron. 7:14. A Review of the Quarter's Lessons Golden Text—Jesus of Nazareth—who went about (loins good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil: lor Gcd was with him. Ac. 10:38. a limitless representation of the horizon the hostility that utimaJs- standard of service and mutual aid, ly was to send J?su3 tu the cicjis. and at the same time we have had : He sees the hypocrisy of t.:Ds: iri Ihe religion of practical goodness Irish places making great proles- revealed in its contrast with the slon but tising even religion^j surH profession of officially religious people, who had failed then, as they so often fail loday, to practice the precepts they proclaimed. Called Them Friends perl the injustices and lyiann-es of the time. Like a true prophet, even thDiigii i lie be a man ol gentleness and I kindliness, he speaks cut in ds- ilace. proclaiming the good words We have seen Jesus among his I nuncialton of wrong; and na man if life, and leaching and training ' friends and his foes, drawing about I can do that without rousing the jthcrs in the work of p'jblishin" him not only discip'.es responsive lo forces of sin and bigotry against he good tidings that we caU the'his teaching, bui friends who were him. It is from this pu:iu I'sat we Gospel. We have devoied the study of one lesson to the human aspect of •ellgiou—Ihe neighborliness and ove for one's fellow- man that mark a religion that puts in the foremost place the message concerning jtxl as a Father of love and mercy. In the incomparable portrayal o! the Good Samaritan, we have had [drawn to him by his personality and by his acceptance of them into his confidence and his guidance. The basis of this friendship he made enter upon the latter period ci" ths life and ministry of Jesus in th? 12 lessons that offer in tne study of the coniiiij.; quarter the most essentially this confidential rela- vital material that could be fo'jnd tionship. "Henceforth I call you not servants, for the servant know- ctli not what his lord doeth, but 1 have called you friends." But we see, also looming on the anywhere. We move toward that csntrel . tragedy ot history in which also :> enshrined for humanity Us huhcsi truth and its hope o! glory. Children Show Results of Hot School Lunches | that the lunches might be main- i part, atked "for separate tained. | nance from the plaintiff for That-the 35 boys an school, who arc fed .. . , ing benefits is very noticeable, i eral relief." Teachers report better grades since | Judge Kartlett claimed the rtt-' ! early in January, tli?rc is a mark-jvorce was granted under thj "gen-" Monday it's bean so::p and cocoi, ed change In their attitude in do- eral reliei" sought ai-.d the comma'. Tuesday it's cocoa and graham crackers. Wednesday it's beef soup and corn muffins. Thursday it's rice and primes and Friday it's salt pork, beans and crackers—.*=o runs the weekly menu for the nnder- and girls in Ihis 'scl! and Children, anil for all oth- daily. are reap- ' er further proper orders and g'en- portment and school activities and between "children" and "and" gave they look healthier and l-.iippier. [him aulhorily to give her a divorce A similar program is tinued in the other two schools of Ihe city. nourished boys and girls of the 3urt-1 r nrmr ., ftfav f.Jvp Woman bury elementary school who are ! . nllna " la " U1Ve " OIlla " although she did not specifically state she wanted it. The case is now under appeal I before Judge B. F. Curler. ASSE.UBLY OF GOD South Lilly Street R. A. Work, i'astor i Sunday school, 0:-!5 a. m. Morning worship. 11 o'clock. Christ Ambassadors' meeting, 2:30 p. m showing great improvement in their physical tind mental condition. The menus, served daily by the Parent-Teacher association with Mrs. C. L. Stubbs chairman' ot the ccmtniuec, are simple and inexpensive, but to children who were going all day without food, or wilh cold potatoes and black-eyed poas for their lunch, the warm, rich fo>i for a king. This school started the lunches c;lllrtl upon ln clloosc on tho ll - ini : c<1 vinegar over half a ham and Easter week of prayer with tpcciull services Wednesday and Frid.iy af-' ternocns. 3 o'clock, and Sunday; nomine; at the church. It is-an annual event in this congregation to have the special prnv- cr meetings. Entertains Gallon-y i ueuvccn Uvo M , ils „ North, bake it in a self-basting roaster in ing. 8 o'clock and Tvcsday and Friday evenings, 7:30 o'clock. FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH E. K. Kilimer, Pauslor Bible school, 9:45 a. m. Communion and Devotional, 11 a. m. There will be no evening, church "rvice. Christian Endeavor societies. G:30 ^ . ; lias Icnstli and strength in the first j a very slow oven for four or five students ol Central college. Con-1 r ral suit n:uncd by South, and ! hours. This is actually "bralsin^" v.ry. Aik.. Mill visit Baptist diur- knows tliat hand will be wc.ik In'rather than bnkin-. or nMstimr nn-1 of MIM i.-.siiuii Sunday UK- ether suit lii.u fioull: is go;:ig Is an c.vccllenl way lo cook a slice to chc member:, of lii:^ Civ-.cmlna- ! to name. Ncrth s\:ould iiuhontc hi.s cut two or three inches thick or ;u-n iiifornulion co'.i'ci.-.n.j tii:' choice ul onrc by raising Suu'h's The half cf ths joint. '''••""'• llwo of u iiut b'.d'lo three or lour.- Ham loaf, 1-am o. Ivo-Ol's. ::r ; . ul . :? • • a * J. .:hcu:.ii:a a !) iif Minlents will ' when Noiih. 0:1 Ihe th:ra rou:',d „..«:,:„:; chHrcl, | or bldciln-,.. is rolled mousi?, ham sandwiches, ham salad, ham cro- •s. ham and chicken combi- iiam and Mrs. six rier he Miss Ark.. fprinj vacalicn of Ga!lov,-f.y col- i lege, Scarcy, A"rt:., where they fix: ' ,-.- • Etudertf. ' - 1 - Thc centerpiece of J:>r,q,:il?: a:;-l green iapcrs \var, onhjintvJ «i'j: '.::green gbisware -d.~.ea UiTo 1 ;'--]:^-^ tho scrvlne of the delicious i::lrni Later bridge v.-as cnjoytcl. China Posls Rules !or Foreign Fliers ast crumb South two spades. North's cho.i|)- ;can be used to ns good advantage rst rcspsutc wa- r.m no hump, as the flr.n ported slice. South then showed his oth"!- real ; .Mill by bidding thirr hearts. If: nii | y MfI)M j Norlh p-cfcrs the lunrtr. ho f ho:ild . BREAKFAST-Halvrs ol r-.r: Dclpbiani i'lan Brief Mccliiij. Tr.e meeting I : .'• . ' v...« • »KtAiM'Asr—Halvrs ol r-racc- ?-AM-:iNn. ,1:1-, - :'„,,,;,. : ,U- | "^ '-'-" °™ ! >f"r «1« . he pn-:(,„;,. Km] crcam _ ^ A ^'^ :•>:-, lo lly s ,i «,r fcrs s P auvs alu1 ll:i 1: »"'l ls «ry miii ,n. new maple -yru-, iiii'kcol -.-r. Chnif.c '.criituiA. :,m,t „„. I weak, he should simply bid three fco ' J '''' " 1Lk - c01 I;' .'-.r .: i..-, ;ili t lo d.i •„ : -,t I IM .V, i I -l': 1(ks ' "owevc-r. i[ his hand con-. ,',.,.;,..„.. „ ..... l::i:h card trick, I-USCIIEOX - Cream of scuii. ham sal.->d. baking p. I*, vanilla cookies, DIN-NF.R- naked sain PILGRIM MITIIKliAN' CIIl'UCH II. J. Klclndiensl, Pastor Services arc held at the St. Stephen Episcopal church. Sunday school and Bible class. 0:15 a. m. Divine worship, 10 a. m. Sermon subject: "The Lenten Sacrifice of Mary of Bethany." . I tains a: leas', ox IK- siioiiid bid lour f.p.,dcs chapter at the Hot:! Kcli'c V.'r'dr-:- to Give Radio Program no ii;t::niit should be nude to use j :'. until II has iv.-cn thoroughly j CIIDKCII or GOD Wrst Clicrry Street The revival is continuing with increasing interest. An added attraction for next week will be the presence of the Rev. C. B. Cox. of Sc- nath, Mo., who will direct the sins- Ing. Sunday school. 10 a. m. Church 11 a. in. and 7:30 p. in. There will also be church tonight 1:30 o'clock ty the Rev. James Hooten of Hllham, Tcnn.. evangelist. The motto for the meeting i: "Back to the li:ble for the Wholi Tiulh and Nothing But the Truth.' FIRST BAPTIST ritKKCH 'Alfred S. llarivrll. Pxstor Sunday school. 9:15 a. m. Church, 11 a. in Students of Ccn Iral college. Conway, Ark., and the president. J. S. Rogers, uill be In charge. B. Y. p. u.'s 0:15 p. m. Church. 7:30 p. m. Sermon by the pastor. Subject: 'What Is a Christian? How May I Know I Am a Christian? How May Others Know I Am a Christian?" .Members arc asked to remember their weekly pledges. Evening praise and sermon, 7:30 i' s o'clock. [ Prayer meetings, Monday morn- j for tnc poor children when the 113' onal ilcd Cross appropriated mon- y for Mississippi county January in the droulh relief program. Vhcn this aid was wllhdracn .larch 15 the local American L-j- ;ion i»st, realizing the need ol ontinuing the feeding of the undernourished chiUlrcn, announc.-d liat the sum of S50 would be giv- •n monthly until school closes so Unmasked Divorce RENO, Nev. (UP)—Upon a comma may hang the fate ci the marital life of Mrs. Sarah Schwartz who was granted a divorce by Judji 1 George A. Bnrlleit although she claims she did not ask, nor want a divorce, Mrs. Schwartz filed an ansv:sr to tlie divorce complaint of her husband, William Schwartz of New York City, seeking to have tr.e complaint dismissed. Tlie answci 1 , in Head Courier News Ti'r.nt Ads.' MATERNITY HOSPITAI^-Fcr unfortunate girls; secluded, piivate ,_ I rates reasonable. For infonnalior. ^ I write Fairmount Hospital, 4811 Eas; 27th. Kansas- City. .Missouri. LIQUID OR TABLETS Cure Colds, Headaches, Fcvt-l' 666 SALVE Cures Kahy's Cold TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY WANTED—To rent. 2 mules to work 0:1 farm—Cash In advance. Work Ugh:. Land already broke. H. A. Smith, 518 West Main St. 28P-K1 ANNOUNCEMENT I have unc-liiif interest in the E.i:;t End Harbcr Shop and invite my fticnils .iml ruslomcrs to sec me tbcrs for 15arbor Work. KOR C'UOCKtIK FOR RENT—Four room house ar.d garage. Newly papered, on pavement. Garden planted. $12.50 per month. L. Fowler, I'hone 450-J. 28C-KTI- 1 i TULL JOHNSON Xoiice lo my Friends On March 2Gth the Memphis Evening Aprjejl carried a short article stating thai I had teen arrested 0:1 :i liquor char;;:and that a considerable quantity ol iiquo; bra! boen lake:* from my home. This Flnterr.'.'iit was abrolittely fal^e. I have lived in and about Ulythevllle nhcul cifihlcen years and i never arrcilcd here or anywhere else in my life. I do not understand the error of the Memphis paper: lhat crrcr has been very cmbarrass-ing lo me and I want- my friend.; to know that Ihe slalcmcr.t in that paper was entirely false. Tull Johnson. i i«ad Courier Ncwo Want Ad.i. Condensed Statement Sliowimr Condition of the FIRST NATIONAL BANK Blythcvillr. Ark. al Ihr rlosc of business March 2oth, 1931 KKSOrilCFS: I.COTIS and Di.scounls Overdrafts Stocks, Rends it Sci-urilu-s .... Huililini; l-'utnilurc ft t-'i\lurcs Ollirr Itcal F.slatc Oilier ASM-IS CASH & due from bank.s C.ipiUl SlmU Surplus A fRilivittc Kc.,trve for I'ulillc Funds Ollirr Drpnsits .. DEPOSITS. Tola! 2I.SS9.S3 479.23 70.000.00 15.00? .03 19,500.00 T. J. Malian, tl«ir;ii.ui of Hoard A. tl. I.ltlle. Executive Virc-1'rcsid.-nl John ^V. Snvdcr. C'a.sliivr Hoy W.illon, A^s't C.ishicr

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