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The Daily Telegram from Eau Claire, Wisconsin • Page 3

The Daily Telegram from Eau Claire, Wisconsin • Page 3

Eau Claire, Wisconsin
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i -111 Emergency Plans Put in" ThursdajV June i Tks'Doiiy JtUonm 1. g09- Ciotrt, WlKontla 1 I 1, 1 Hospitals Geared to Tornado Hits Edge of Meet Disaster, Here i Barns in Seymour Area Left in Ruins 1 Wednesday night's tomado.Town of Sevmour. tonnlln .1 i 1 1 It. R. H.

HUGHES At lather hospital here, 42 of the" Injure from the tor? nadaarea werenadmttted for treatment Wednesday night. Three were discharged after treatment and the others are still hospitalized, about 10 In critical condition, one Injured Colfax boy died, there morning. Only three of injured. none In critical condition, "are being treated at Sacred Heart hospital. Both hospitals here placed their disaster plans into effect as soon as the hews of the tor nado was received: Both re ported the planar gtverrthelr first real test, worked" smootn At Luther, lour stair ternes, 18, doctors, al 6 the entire student nXirse body of over 60 plus regular a off -duty, nurses pressed into service.

St. Joseph's Hospital i Chippewa Falls' reported one fatality of the 53 people treat ed. Thirty-four were, treated as house patients and put to fbed, 17 were treated and sent back home, and two s. County least five bsrns hefor awin lne northeasterly toward c. aou.

"Sweeping -down from the west the furtnel ripped through ouuamgs on the Carl Peter son. Hank Moss, Leonard Lar son. and Red Jackson farms on -Rf. 1," Eau Claire, about eight miles east of the north city limits. It climbed a wooded ridge and descended with a ven.

geance on the Joe Betz farm before- turning At ine lietz larm, on CTH QQ. the" twister scattered huge barn timbers, like Jack straws, trapping about 15 tie and a team of horses. Hugs trees were uprooted. Betz, who Watched thf de. struction from his buffeted house, estimated the time -at about 8 p.m.

HOLES WERE torn In the root at the. farm7 home and window panes were smashed. The house remained the only. building lairty intact. Some 6f4he cat alive, waited -with quiet pa tlenfce while, rescuers worked- ln sporadic pelting rain and gusty winds to tree them.

One horse kicked feebly, a huge beam lying across its withers, Peterson too, watched the twister from his house while the rest of his family took ref uge In the basement. His foun-datlon held and a bull and calf in the barn escaped harm, un der a tangle of shattered lum ber. The rest oi the cattle were out of the barn. ABOUT AN hour and one half after the wind struck an other deluge of rain hit, flood lug fields and ditches. The Township Fire Depart which spread death and destruction throughout thlsl section of Wisconsin also tore! a destructive path through the Town of Seymour in Eau Claire county.

The "funnel shaped cloud was first sighted-in the Sey. mour Ludington area, at 7:44 p.rn. Persons In the Seymour area were called and asked to call each other with the warning to stay in the house. Lutner Hospital put out a call for help in moving about 30 beds from i the Nurses' home to the hospital as casu alties poured tn from the stricken areas. THE TWISTER tore a de structive swath through the Phone Lines Out in Much of StormArea Heavy damage to telephone Installations in: the area by Wednesday night's torna do was reported today by Frank Sauer, manager of thd Wisconsin Telephone Co, ex cnange nere- Sauer disclosed this morn Ing that 70 long distance cir cults were now working to restore service.

Sauer reported 850 phones out of service In Menomonie SO out at Stanley. 1,600 out at. Chippewa Falls, and num ber less rural phones- use less. All line crews here were Only foundations remain of Clothing, Funds roups Sw Hansen to Have Jurisdiction Judges Decide on Meet Emergency uvenile Court Here Circuit Judge Merrill R. Farr announced today County Judge Connor Hansen will' preside over the" Eau Claire 'Juvenile Court for the time' being.

"Judge; Hansehxand I have had several conversations relative to the disposition of Juvenile court," Judge Farr At. i these houses In Colfax after i Ihto lne blood for the injured would be set up if necessary A I a executive secretary of thft Red cnapter here, said chapter personnel had been activated immediately upon news of the disaster. James McDermld survey chairman of the dlsas fer relief committee, spent the night here making a sur vey of sprylcei available A Red Cross mobile canteen was sent to Colfax from St Paul and is in operation at the auditorium there, Miss Han son said. The office here has received, scores telephone calls from all parts of the na tion seewng information on relatives or friends in disaster area, she said. The Wisconsin Farmers Un ion headquarters at Chippewa Falls announced that a farm disaster fund had been estab lished.

and appeals have been sent out to all 250 Farmers Union locals and 130 associ ated cooperatives. The union has made arrangements with Educator to Be Graduation Speaker Here Dr. Rees H. Hughes, presl dent emeritus-Of-Kansas State Teachers College of Pittsburg, Is the speaker at the 42nd an nual f. Commencement cere monies at WlsconsinState Col lege here; Sunday, June 8i The program will be In the college i1d haiisi 4-34aft p.m.

ur. Hughes win use as his subject, "After Graduations After a long career as rural high school teacher, school administrator, and college teacher, Dr. Hughes be- came -president 7 nf Kansas Stat Teachers College in 1941. He retired from that position last year to continue as' professor of education and psychology. During his life, Dr? Hughes has served education tn vari ous other capacities: presl dent of the boar.d of directors of the Kansas State -Teachers Association, president of the tlon.

chairman of tne torn mission on Higher Education of the North Central Assocla tlon. president or ine Amen can Association oi oiieges for cher EducatioilKand a memDer oi me rresiaenvj Committee on Education Be vond Hlch School. The speaker is a contributor to educational Journals. He is listed In- Who's Who. Who's Who In American Education Who's Who in International Education; and Leaders In American Education.

Rabid Wildcat Jumps Two Virginia Boys Va. (UPI) Two 16-year-old boys were at tacked Tuesday by a 23-pound rabid wildcat. Freddy- Rsy Ratcllffe and pave Montgom ery were given' anti-rabies shots after the animal was found to have been rabid They said the wildcat jumped on them from a rock. A po- llceman later shot the ani mal. saldj Vlh the recent elecfionrk pressed Into sendee at a.mentJent mcue tquads t0 the stricken farms, and later some -of the department's sta tlon wagons were dispatched to the Colfax area.

Some were turned, back by; radio before reaching their destination as the Colfax disaster was. rt ported under control. Storm Deluges City with Rain While Eau Claire escaped HOUSES-LEVELLED the twister-struck. Appeals Issued for Re I i ef Action to Within hours after a- torna- do ripped through this western Wisconsin area Wednesday night, steps to provide aid and relief to the stricken area were taken here, Red officials a nounced that centers to ceive disaster 'relief funds have already been a b-lished. The Eau Claire Cham-, ber of Commerce Retail 1- vision, headed by Jim Gort announced "that a disaster relief center has been established in the mer Northern States Power Co, on Barstow St.

Gort said contributions of food, clothing and other cessities re being re delved, and. that milk c'a were being placed the city for contribution's of money. THE RED CROSS announced centers for the reception of funds have been established at the Recreation Hall in Menomonie, the u-nicjpal building in Colfax, the Red Cross office in the Rut-ledge building in Chippewa Falls and at "the Red Cross trafficCases Frank -Sehlumpf. 40. of 417 N.

11th forfeited $2L25 in county court today for reck less driving Friday on Hy. 12 between Fall Creek and CTH Rodney? D. Anderson. 22, Rt. 2 Strum, forfeited $2125 for driving too fast for road, conditions Sunday on Hy.

.53 in the Town or Washington The following motorists forfeited for illegal passing on 'highways In the recently: Jerry E. 'Holstad. 18. Rt. 1 Whitehall: James I.

Hoppe, 25, Wlnthrop Harbor, N.D. Robert E. and Derald D. Schroeder 25, Milwaukee; William A. Millen, 32, Rock-ford Stanley C.

Posackl, 30, and Lester E. Norman, 34, Pauline Landwirth, to start rebuilding lines, in addition, crews were being sent here Stevens Point. Neehah, Sheboygan and AppletoA, All mobile radio units were out dflrlng the night, Sauer said, helping to establish communication with the stricken area. Radio cars were also sent, from Superior Apnleton. and Stevens Point When the storm struck Wednesday night, only eight regular, operators were: on duty, Sauer said, but all operators began reporting as soon as they learned of the disaster.

Within a short time 85 were on duty, with the ex change flooded with calls Unemployment Total Drops in Wisconsin MADISON (UPI)S-s The number of Jobless In Wisconsin dropped to $0,400, Th Majk The number of unemployed was down 12,400 from the high of April. I made the 'Statement on nuirierous occasions that I was willing to handle the juvenile work, and I still am. "The matter of the han dling of this, work Is some thing which is determined by agreement between the judges of the of, record or a county. "Judge Hansen and have discussed a division of the work such as might be neces sltated during the circuit court Jury 'terms. We have concluded that for the time being the county court will handle Juvenile matters.

I would like to say that In ing, it is my feeling that Judge Hansen Is fully quali lied, having had considerable experience with the Juvenile court when he: was 'district-torney." -Judge Farr. saidanpther mutter they gave serious consideration was a. court re vision in final stages of preparation, which will be submitted to: the 1959 LegiSrj Third Time in. Courts the Red Cross thaMhe funds4atrjvmg at this understand the tornado which struck In this area Wednesday night, the city was deluged with .66 of an Inch of rain during the brief storm period. The temperature rose to 79: at about the time the storm broke.

This Iowa of S4 and" 55 were reported at the airport and downtown sta tlons, whjch by noon had cllmbedJo only 60 and 61- Humidity was high at 55 per cent. Fair, and cooler art fort cast for tonight. were treated a nd returned home today, Mrs. Irene Schneider; 40, Rt. 2.

Chippewa died at 6:10 a.m. today. Condition of the patients wrnot released by the hos- pnai. umciais said it was im possible to determine the ex tent of injuries because many were hurt internally. The hospltar was ly without: power for more than an, hour and a hall Emergency power at the ho pital was put Into use imme diately after the lights went out and the Chippewa Falls fire department also provided emergency equipment.

The hospital disaster plan worked smoothly and one sis ter reported that it "helped very Thirteen doe tors plus nil assigned sister and nurses attended the 1 lured. The hospital reported' that the 100 per cent cooperation on the part Of everyone aided the disaster plan. Even the patients ccooperated, the sis ter said. lature. Among other things, the proposed bill" would re move all Jurisdiction of Juve nile matters from circuit courts.

THE BEST Information available to me." he said makes "It "appear that, this bill has a a very good chance of passing the legislature ift'Vlew oi Judge Hansen qualification to act as ajuve nlle Judge and his willing ness to handle juvenile cases and the apparent disposition of the Judicial and the Board of Circuit Judges toward the removal of the Juvenile court work" from the circuit courts." he conciuoea "it-appears- that for the present it is desirable the' Juvenile court remains In the high county court Judge Farr-also announced court and Jury commissioner apDolntments for circuit court. Attorneys George Y. King G. Donald Barnes and Dar rell.O. Hibbard were re appointed court commission ers.

Attorneys Krnest i. Hanson and Edwin "Larkln were appointed to take the pftcesof the newly appointed County Judge Connor T. Hansen andthe late Victor G.jGil-bertson. Watford G. Sequin, Pleasant Valley, and 'Harlan Niebuhr and Victor J.

Figlmlller, Eau were reappointed jury commissioners. at 'the Iron works his father-in-law. But 1 a quit over differences 1 1 Werner about his returning to school. He and his wife separated about the same time. Cummings' father Is a chemical engineer and I parents live In Wyncote, Pa, SPORT SHOP 210 lav Clair il 1 4-4)77 rttn' ladies' 7T I 4ifhtUft Ho(3c' Ih A MATCHED SltsN- fl I 2 WOODS 5 IRONS $39.95 yJ lag Included I Man's I lop Grain Golf Shoes Lj $12.95 II Collapsibi J- 11 Golf Cart mm' Society Couple Ends Marriagewith Divorce VAMDERBIi JEWELERS MOVING 1 tverything fipes! Nothing IkU Back! save! up to mi office here vat 8 1-2 S.

Far well St. Gov. Vernon Thomson flew over the disaster' area morning in. a National Guard plane which flew him e. from Madison.

Thomsoriwas accompanied by. Brig. n. George C. Sherrri'an, deputy adjutant general, Phil feeling- nis executive secretary, a Truax 1 1 officer a weatherman, and radio and television representatives.

Thomson called the iornadb smash a. tragic one and said the state would move swiftly to be possible help 'To. hose who suffered losses in their family, I'send my genuine sympathy," governor said. NATIONAL Guards men have also been ordered to the area to assist county and state traffic patrolmen who were called for, duty 4o direct traffic and provide transportation where It is quired. State Red Cross headquar ters at Madison sent eight rehabilitation and disaster workers to the stricken area, and said facilities for provid- RETIRES HZ R.

Wlttren. 2Q, of Altoona, an engineer for the- Chicago North Western Railroadrretired May 31 after as a section hand and shoD worker in 1906.. he was Dro- moiea to nreman In 1909 on the Northern Pacific railroad In19U he 1o the North Western as fireman and in 1921 was made an eh- gineer. serving on passenger. ireignt ana switching his last run was irom Al- tona to Adams and return as engineer of a freight train.

Live Wire Kills Rice Lake Woman RICE LAKE (AP) The violent storm that spawned Wednesday night's a h- dealing tornado in no western Wisconsin also took the llle of a Rice Lake woman. Mrs. Alan Musil was elec trocuted when she stepped outside her. home during a lull in the storm to inspect her television antenna which had been blown down. Authorities said she died when touched fhe damaged ah- anna dangling near the door-wajfDf the home.

GUADALAJARA, Mexico (APf The looted bodies of the 45 victims. of Mexico's worst air I a rivere "through to Guadalajara Wednesday for indentification. AHhe-rala-sweptjnjo -talntop scerie Mve mli a raway, -Investigators sought to: learn What caused ihe Con stellation of the Aeronaves de Mexico line to rash Into El Picacho Peak Monday night uiu ui( wi circuital iurni. i 47, Peoria Leo R. 25, Sand and William A.

Schlientz, Rt. 4 Chippewa Falls." v--. C. Dehnke. 21.

Mil forfeited $16.25 for-ki- Buy for ''DAD," Graduation, Weddings, Anniversaries, ItSTOREIM STOCK REDUCTION SALE attentive" driving May -4-hj52 years 53 In the Town of Wash- raised will be used -to aid farmers in distress "THE WIND CAUSED an unbelievable disaster," Gov, Thomson said when he alighted from a National Guard plane at the airport here-. He reported they flew over the disaster, area. at. about 1, 000 feet starting from Chip pewa Falls and following the disaster pathXjn a westerly direction. "We could Xsee debris strewn all over' the are rtbirsaidr "It must have been a hor rible situation and the dam age is more extensive a many realize.

We will take ev-ery means to see that suffer ing Is relieved and protec tlon Is given," the governor added. The governor said he would first drive; to Colfax and other' demolished areas before taking a definite step. He spent only a fewm I utes in Eau Claire with au thoritles and with Capt. 'Don ald Hall, Menomonie, a Captr Sam Richmond, who were on duty in Menomonie and Coif ax throughout the night, Capt. Hall said when he left Colfax at 3 a.m.

today there were 11 known dead. He re- ported Company Menomo- nie, and. the medical-platoon from" Mondovi were of tlclally called -out by. the governor and guardsmen from Eau Claire were working int area on a volunteer basis. There were about 135 Nation al Guardsmen on duty at Menomonie and Colfax, a t.

Hall said. ONE OF THE first rescue and groups to reach the stricken Colfax area was Civil Air' Patrol units from six communities. There were six mobile CAP units moved into the area whleh were equipped with portable generators and floodlights. Peter and Lloyd Hartman, Eau Clalfe, of the CAP, reported they found a body of an unidentified woman in Colfax in a clump.of trees just before dawn. "She was about 30 years old, they Said.

Hartman was flying I plane In and out of Colfax throughout the night. lie said he landed on the highway out. side of Colfax with state high way patrolman clearing the road. The CAP junlts worked throughout the night In systematic searches of outlying areas around the community. ine cbu iaire lire aepan-ment dispatched, its portable generater-'at 11 p.wr.

and up floodlights around the Colfax bank to prevent possible Capt, Hall reported picked up an Injured woman on the Miller hill Just outside of Menomonie. The force of the wind had driven jt a I Inch diameter stick into her skull, be said; -1 REMODELING DURING inTton. --1 Mrs. Judith Schomburg, 19. Chicago, for passing anothervehiyie on the right side of the oad Mav 29 on Hy.

2 in Augusta. Kenneth D. Kuhnert, 0, Fall forfeited $16.25 for speeding May 24 on Hy. 12 in the Town of. Lincoln.

Earl T. Whitwam, 30. of 212ti Putnam forfeited $16.25 for driving on the wrpng side of a divided highway May 29- on Hy. 53 in Washington Nadine R. Jones, 19, of 621H Bellinger forfeited WATCHES JEWELRY DIAMONDS SILVERWARE Wis.

(UPD A socially prominent couple who married last year despite religious, objections of their parents were divorced Wednesday in Waukesha Circuit udge William Gramling granted a divorce to Mrs. Le- land, W. CUmmings after she charged that her husband used abusive language, was argumentative and would not obtain employment testified that her husband wanted to live off the $200 per month she earned' as a -telephone company employe. She a i Cummings, a student at the University of Wisconsin 'Milwaukee, worked only one month ineethey-were mar-' ried on June 29, 195T. Two court suits were filed by their parents due to-th marriage.

The Cummings ar who raised their son as a Catholic, charged the girl's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Arnqld with alienating th 1 affections and inducing I 'm away from his religion. The Werners, who are Lu theran, filed a countersult. Werner Is president of the Wagner Iron Works in Milwaukee.

THE YOUNGER Cummings did not contest the divorce suit, and did not appear In Court. Judge Gf amling awarded Mrs. Cummings no a 1 1- mony. but made, a property settlement between them. At the time pf.

the, marriage, Cummings took a Job City Nurse Enlists in AF Nurse Corps Miss June Carol a registered -nurse at Luther Hospital here; daughter of Mr. and 'Mrirl: Peter Drolsom, of Ellsworth, recently enlisted In the U.S. Air Force as a 'first lieutenant In the Nurse Corps. Miss Drolsom was graduat ed-, from Luther Hospital School of. Nursing in 1951 and served as a general stall nurse until 1953.

Since that has served as nurses aid Instructor. She will be 1 $15.45 for speeding May 20 In AFTER 45 YEARS 1(1 THE SAM LOCATION; WE'RE REMODELINGrA HEW, LARGER, MORE the 500 block On Fifth following motorists for felted $11.25 for running stop si ens on hichways In- the county: Janis B. Smith, 24, of 203 Whipple St. Gary JN. Lautenschlager.

16, Kokomo, Beverly M. Berghaltz, 21. Rt. 3 Chippewa Falls; Joan E. Lillls, 37, of 3106 Pat- ton and Allyn'D.

Wilsey, 48. of 1710 Hoover Ave. MODERN STORE JUST "TWO Oil THE CORNER OF "BARSTOW STREETS. Otto W. Frank, 67, of 946 Main forfeited $10.45 fox- running a red light Sunday at Farwelr and Grand Ave DOORS AWAY AND GIBSON il 3.

A total $28.50 was forfeited for city parking viola- Included weret-even rfohlWled parking, one ovef. titie, tne improper parkjng and 39' meter violations. ri. effort fo" reoooulat----4Vrav'ln South Atner- 1 hs.ncoi'ra,ed Ir'Ulra-jf 2D7.GD. DnnDlTOn years, it now 4 v-s rnapv Janapese -and Ttal- tan lamum -m new aciucrir i 4.

1 Vf J..

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