The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 19, 1948
Page 5
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MARCH 19, FI.YTHRVILI.K (ARK.)' COURIER MOWS Florida Governor Drops Truman State's Democrats Asked to Abandon Party Leadership TALLAHASSEE, Pla.. Mar. 'l9.- ', ?~ G °u\ Mlliiml Caldwell yesterday withdrew his support of President Truman's bid for the Democratic nomination and called .upon Florida Democrats to abandon a party leadership detrimental to the South. At the sain* lime, he refused to all a special session of the legtsla- , "In the heart of a primary paign, (o release Florida Democrats from supporting the Democratic nominee for president. Caldwell. who had supported Mr. Truman's candidacy In the Interest's of party harmony, reluctantly joined the Southern Democratic revolt against the president. He urged election of an "unlnstructcd" Florida delegation to the National Democratic Convention charged with nominating a president and vice president "who belies-e In slates' right s and are acceptable to the South." Warning Hint Southern Dcmo- crals must "neither destroy our party nor surrender it to radicals." Caldwell said the time has come to ."stop temixsrizing and compromising w ith principle." "We must abandon a leadership which is dedicated to jx>licie s whether under the guise of civil rights nr any other designation, which must inevitable entail misunder- .xtp.umgs, strife an trouble." Caldwell .said. Caklwell rnnde Ihe statement in announcing his own candidacy for delegate to thfi national convention- Yugoslav Factories Helping Reds to Provide Arsenal in Balkans as Communists Move West A process for converting paper mi'I wastes into a product useful industrially has been developed. The new method utilizes sulfite waste in the manufacture of laslic acid, used in tanning, lacqxier, and food processing industries. Read Courier News Want Ads. RUSSIAN Alt.MKI) MIGHT was openly displayed in Yugoslavia in tills VK-Day ulinlversarv celebration In 194(5. These heavy Soviet tanks rumbled liy Tllo's revlewlnr staml In Belgrade. N.m reiwrls frum Inslilr Vu(ii slovla reveal iiow Itussia Is linildinr a new arsenal In VugsoUv factories. i Russian ti-sliot "Vlntovkn " rifles in llie. tides, i and nmitumilion. , Sugar Is rationed, although llie Al VisoKhrad In Bosna. llie prod- l)cl -'t siiKnr crop is larger than bc- | net is aircraft, bombs. Liquid nlr for fore the wnr, when sugar was nlnin- lo Albania, Inscribed wllh a rei slur and Ihe message: "With srcet- fnss of the Soviet Union to brotherly Albania." corn %/nder Federal Fire poll Hem. Is now mixed wllh for rationed bread; the "PX|iorl" is taken en re of In military storehouses aliing Ihe Danube, or in shipments to Romania mid Albania which bear innrfclne,s like the shipments of sugar. TninnrrnK': Tito's army and Ms "liberalicti" mission. Dcslruciivt: Corriisioii Five billion dollars of tlio U. S. national wealth Is invested tn underground piping. An annal loss of Grand Dragon Samuel Green, head of the Kci Klux Klan, faces a possible suit in Federal Courl in connection with a cross-burning cerem )nv and Klan parade in Wrighlsville, Ga., election eve. KV Bogdan U.idilsa Ex-Yugoslav 1'ress InforinaUun Chief Written for NKA Servier Copyright. 1948. by NBA Service. Inc.; iso-pomm rockets is being' rtnnl: now big shipments of 11 go A Balkan arsenal for ihe west- , produced in Siska to Albania, ^UbTSeR^.r'in^V^o!. 1 At °»«™ 0 ; '«" B«.,r,dr. a Slav factories that turn out guns and ' war-damaged powder and poises munitions, tents and uniforms. " :> f J )lr " u llrls hccu hnstll V "> Yugoslav Communist leaders, like ! """"' antl ls bftck ln Production. Milovan Dyilas. ghost-writer for Tito Flume's torpedo factory, just and friend of Stalin, still tell the south of Trieste, has delivered -10 people the goal is defense of their [ " ew torpedoes and repaired GO "liberation." But trustworthy sour- [ others of German and Italian nrl- ces—friends who have fled "Tito- : e>». Production has been temporarily slavia" as 1 did before Ihem—de- '' halted because Zenica steel was scribe a different goal in what they ' found unsuitable. When high-grade have seen in busy Yugoslav war In- ! st ecl from Czechoslovakia arrives, dustrles. ! production will be resumed. The arsenal is being built at the i Three factories at Zernun dre sacrifice of Yugoslav agriculture. I turning out training ,ahcinfl; a which once was self-sufficient. Now ' fourth produces the engines for! huge quantities of grain, meat and ! these planes, as well as three-ton' wool are going into military store- i army trucks. houses. More than a half a million ! Textile plants are busy on mili- peasant youth have been taken j tary _ uniforms; some of the work away from farms and put U) work ! * s being done by workers at borne on hi the factories. : a piece-work basis. The out-put These are some of the concrete ! ' !ol -'-i "ot go lo the Yugoslav troops facts reported by my eye-witness \ I10W unitcr arms; it l.s being stored sources in letters which come to i away In military warehouses. Less me I week after week via neutral j 'nan 10 per cent of the Yugoslav Switzerland: . i wool crop remains for the needs A big new war plant has been ] °f 'he jieaple. built at Zenica in ihe steel area of ! To set ihe manpower for this Bosna province. Reportedly des- military industrialization, Tito's lined to become the biggest of its I government is converting land own- kind in the Balkans, ils produc- °d by Ihe peasanls inlo collective tion of guns of all calibres is be- ( farms, forcing large numbers of farmers into factory jobs. For Yugoslavs who resist the idea, there are slave labor ramp* —called institutions of labor. These camps rent out their prisoners at ing boosted by steel furnaces moved in from Russia, one t>t which is now In the Soviet zone of Geimany are In operation. Dismantled factories supplying some of the heavy machinery. The Zenica plant, by coin-: a dollar a day lo whatever factory cidence. is on the new Samac-Scra- | or project that needs workers. When jvco railroad, the so-called "Free- the job is finished, the workers are dojn L-iiie" built Inst yenr by the I returned jo the camps. Youth Movement— some of whom I All d to bolster the technical skills were volunteers from America and needed In building the Yugoslav Great Britain. - | Arsenal, a great many German tech- At Kragujevac in Serbia, a reno- j nicians have been moved in from vated factory is producing 80.000 lne lusslan zone of Germany. If PACK nvk NonCommunistCaruthersville C. of C. to Elect New Officers CARUTHHRSVILLK, Mi>.. Mar,..), Czech Deputies Lose Immunity PKAGUE, Maicli 19. (UP)— 'lite zechoslovak parliament yesleuluy 'liiici'lli'd the Immunity of six 11011- romimmtts deputies, the first to he handed over lo the courts since Ihe Communist coup. '1'liu deputies were Bnhtislnv Deci. Nnilounl Socialist, under arrest tor K to llee the country; Vladimir Krnjlim, OIK Horn and Alois Click, National Socialists reported I" be outside the country; and Fv- dor llmlza and Jnn Urslny. Slovak Democrats. '1'lie HIM four wore clinrgcd wllii orifanlzlng an espionage network Itirauiih the NationalSoclHllst pariy. '1'lie olner two were charged ivlln UkliiK part in a Slovnk consiilrucy iixnlnst the state which the Com- miuilsu claimed they discovered hist Fflll. Porelun officials refused lo mm- nient on President 'I'riunan'ssiX'ecli They culled attention lo a s\xcc:\ by Vladimir dementis, acting loi- eiKii mlnlsier, a lew hours earlier which they said "contained some answers lo Mr. Truman." dementis, foreixn undersecrelnry vim look over the office nfler the dealh 01 Jun Miisnryk last week. predicted defeat lor opposln;; "progressive" forces. "The Hrotl.sing of a war psychosis division among trie niitlons, cleii- Mon of iilllances and blocs to oppose progressive forces both nt home iind nbro.Kd, all will end lu deteiil," he said. Referring to Hie five-power ticniv -signed nl Brussels. Clements saiil the KnMcrn comilile.s conclude-) _ treaties against Gertiuin aggression Rye wheat, another erstwhile ex-l" vvllil e over there they arc excluding Germans among Ihe aggressors and planning close cooperation wilh Franco Spain." BiR poultry dealers need no longer wash CBKS by hand. A ncnv iimdilne has been developed will do«the Job live times as lusl and \vilhont any Injury to ih.-: The Eitklition of n clredihs of one per ecnt of phcnol- ncetic acid the lion of penicillin from . rifles a year, pins German-type 105 these Germans are Communist, thei mm. guns, Soviet machine guns anri ' )ot is better than that of the little "•••-- t|, c y automatic rifles, and ammunition for 75 and 38 mm. glins. At Valjcvo. also in Serbia, consumer goods industry has shifted to Yugoslav; if they are not Communists, they Join the ranks in the slave labor camps. . The shift from agriculture to bombs, shells, compasses and range- industry and the seizure of live- linders. j stock and crops has made ihe food At Serajevo. the 88 mm. am-' s'ttirtfton foi the average Yugoslav munition plant has stepped up its ! worse than during the war. production 42 per cent. I Beef used to be an export item; \ At Uzice, a factory is turning out now only horsemeat is available more than SH2.COO.OOO is Incurred batch of mold, according to through corrlsion. cent pntcnl. prodiic- given a re- j year. The Hoard Is comprised of 18 lumbers, nine of which me elected cadi year. Those eleolcd nt lln> sec- 19.--Tin! lloiird of LMriM-tors nf HUM < t( 'ii \Vrlnlil for ilu- Industrial Com- CIlinnlH'r of Comnu'ri'e will meel Id- | nillU'e. mid Perry Cuupcrinnn for day lo ninue olllceis for the comlnt' llll: Ri'tiill Mwcliiinls CommltUe. The principal speaker of the evc- nlnx wjis lj. W. Tri-ster. of Washington, U. C.. dirt-dor of Public Hc. lutloiLs, Ontitaar Advertlslm;, Ine nninml meetlnn Monday nl K hi i member of the Hoard of Dlrec- were \\illle Challln, Owen Pen-In, tors of the UiiKed Sli-.tes Climnber Neal Helm ,,,,d A. 1). Uhmles, re- of Commerce, director of IMiblle I'ol- eU-eled, ami N,u-l Demi, Jeie Kliifs-'lcy of Ciem-rat Outdoor Advi-rtlslue bury IX-lberi Johnson, .1. A. "Perk"! Ine., and Clmlrmim of Ihe Cuininlt- lliiyiten and Harolds, .limes, cli-drdllw on Advert Isinn of ll«- for the flj-sl llDie. .... President Culn denl« progress report for the year, principal spetker March l*h it tea and committee reports were given National Marketln* Goof* by the following: A. H. lihodcs for • - - - •"••>—» the Urldgc ConnnlUee. Ital^h Hut- ulilKun for Ihe Road Committee, Wy- mnn Uillman for U.e Civic Coniinlt- lee, Lyinaii llceO for Hie Agriculture Committee, and Willie. Cluiffin for the Membership Committee. Secretary I'atleisonnead reports u! Oor- ln St. Loul», The subject Ulk WM: 'A. Program for Atnerlsan Oppoctm- Ity," and concerned ttMlf amity with employer-employee retaUou M they afreet buslnew, employer*. ' ••- ployees and the public. He pointed out that our country had hiTiiai great through Its progrun of frw eutcrprlsc, and cautioned hii IMen- crs against a belief th*t "it cant happen here" with regard to Communism, and >Uted that we mint constantly be on the ilert for UKMW H'hn would like to change our form of government under vnrioui pretenses. Tile gas turbine is p»rllcuO»rly suitable for locomotive* beccus* it combines good therm*! ' efficiency with freedom of w«Ur r«- PERMA-STONE of Sikcston build -- INCONVENIENT, ISN'T IT?' everlonrf your wiring lysfero. Wh«n you or mod.rnli. provid. AOCQUAIt WIJtING. Ark-Mo. Power Co. «e mviic you lo inspect ll,is newest Ononsei just completed for llie I'ersidn K".1 (,f>nip ; iny >i CliicaSo mi Slrcci. .(0 f«l ni,le hy SO f«, !„„,(. ;, houses officts anj ««rt ! li u p for thi. prniircssive company . . . , n j i, an cv . ccllcnl example nf tlie nd:ipt.thilily nnd "lihly Ouon<tl ennslruclmn providw al lr>wc*| co>l. I 'n^ auracu've. wtl l-cn ns I rucle<? Ouons.l thoronjllily demonstrales why upon diousandj of enthmi. mile o.vncn rate Ine Onotisel »i Amcricn's ^rcalol nuildinS value. I.ei'! lalt over your bui'lcting nccjs. _ *««. U. S. r.t. Oh. \Vc invilc you to inspect Lhis newest Quonscl. jusl rom- plclcd for the DOYI.K HKN'|)KRSON SOVRKAN CORPORATION on South Highway (>1. .1(1 feet wide and 80 feet long, it. will l,i- used for soybean storage . . . It is another excellent example of how Quonsefs adaptability is being used in industry at an extremely low cost. Delta Steel P"i|ding Co. 404 Burke St. Phone 5445 Jonesboro, Ark. Hour E C V I C E CALL 4438 We Have the Latest Equipment Out to Insure the Most Efficient Recovery of Stalled or Wrecked Vehicles. Call on us day or night! A NEW WRECKER AT YOUR SERVICE SHELTON MOTOR COMPANY Phone 4438 II .s llic Minimi Cun-oli' with wide-range )-M rvi-cjilion and die inilsltnidiiif; Fiiinsvvoilli Hiiloiiinlic rci:ord r:liiinj>cr. ('IHM|I,H:|. iiiiidi'in niliinrt slyling ex|nos.=cd in genuine jniina vria or Anii'nc;in walnut finishes. \Yiilmil finish, THI SUPERLATIVE CHIPPENDAt! CON5OLI fornsworth'i fineil muiEcal inslrumenl. AM-FM and ihort wove receplfon, aufomolic record cKar>ger and a dignified mauivs cahfncl la add di&l!nclion lo yoi)r home. Ruth buFlan luning. THI COPULA* MRNSWORTH CHAlRSini Bringing lo your fJTigerlipi tnfl lonol richnesi ona 1 flow- lei* rajfo reception Ihol ij liodirionally Fornivoilh. In prima vcio or walnut fmishej. Walnut verifon SEE ... HEAR ... COMPARI A fARNSWORTH MUSICAL PERFECTION ... MODESTLY PRICID HARDWARE CO.Inc HOME OF FAMOUS BRANDS 126 W. MAIN ST. PHONE 515

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