The Odessa American from Odessa, Texas on December 8, 1978 · 30
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The Odessa American from Odessa, Texas · 30

Odessa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 8, 1978
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. THE ODESSA AMERICAN Friday, December 8, 1978 ulf survivors begin testimony on American deaths 4. J! JAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Surviving members of the Peoples Temple cult Vfln testimony today behind the closed dxt of a federal grand jury room, as JitQ-seculors probe the deaths of Rep. Leo .Rian and four other Americans at a Jungle airstrip in Guyana. Eleven of the 17 subpoenaed survivors Ifjrived here by plane Thursday night. One called reports the cult may have con--red to kill Ryan "completely out of the nwestion," predicting the grand jury investigation would fail L'Ryao was discouraged from coming Jape recording Sf Jonestown K-. ... . incident -.JONESTOWN, Guyana (AP) A tape 3&ording has been found of part of the "suicidemurder agony of more than 900 American cultists at Jonestown, a Guyanese police official reports. JCecil A. Roberts, assistant police com-NMtfisioner for crime, said the tape of the Nov. 18 horror was found at the Peoples Temple settlement 150 miles northwest of Georgetown the morning after Guyanese troops arrived at the death camp. But he said the tape was not turned over to the police until recently. Roberts also said about SI million of the temple's money has been found. The New York Times reported in today's editions that American govern-, ment sources said children's screams are ' audible throughout the tapes which also include the sound of gunshots in the background. According to the sources, who were not named, the tapes are dominated by the voice of the Rev. Jim Jones, the cult leader, who can be heard urging mothers to Taim their children. Paraphrasing the tapes, the Americans said Jones "kept telling them: 'Mothers you must keep your children under control. They must die with dignity."' The Times reported one American said: "He kept telling them to shoot the poison down the backs of their throats, to get it way down In there. I guess he meant with the syringes." The sources quoted by the Times said the recording apparently began after Jones gave the order for the suicides. Kool-Aid not worried about losing sales SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) -The companies that make Kool-Aid and Fla-Vor-Aid do not anticipate losing sales due to the Jonestown ' suicide and massacre, their spokesmen say. Kool-Aid was originally reported to have been used to flavor the cyanide poison consumed by many of the more than 900 ' Peoples Temple members who died last month in Guyana. Reporters on the scene said they found quantities of FlaVor-Aid in the camp, not far from the drum from which the mixture was administered. But neither General Foods, the maker of Kool-Aid, nor JelSert, Inc., of Chicago, the maker of FlaVor-Aid, plans any action to counter , . '.ii ! 1 t i I want that b IT ' -I n ifj' fist i Crane High School students Robby Posey, left, Miguel Gonale and Bobby Marshall take a wishful look today at the ' trophies up for , grabs In ."End of the Year Round-up" speech 4- t from the beginning," said Laura Johnston, SI. "We went to the jungle so we would be away from any harassment We were not looking for trouble. We had a community that was flourishing." The grand jury, which meets in secret, is expected to continue Its inquiry for several days. "Basically, we're trying to confirm the identity of the shooters of Congressman Ryan," said one investigator, who asked to be unnamed. Still in Georgetown, Guyana, are 38 of the 80 persons known to have been in the found In San Francisco, meanwhile, surviving members of the Peoples Temple prepared for a grand jury hearing in connection with the deaths of Rep. Leo Ryan and four other Americans in Guyana. Eleven of 17 survivors subpoenaed to testify at the closed-door hearing arrived in San Francisco Thursday night. Ryan, three newsmen a nd a defecting cult member were killed in an ambush at an airstrip near the Jonestown camp Nov. 18, only hours before the mass suicide-murder. Roberts, the police official in Guyana, said the recording has been beard by only a few persons and to bis knowledge it has not been copied. He said he had not beard it and had no other details. Roberts said a total of about $1 million of Jonestown funds, most of it in $100 bills, has bees found. He said about $500,- 000 was found hidden in the settlement, and another $500,000 was found in a suitcase in the jungle where a survivor abandoned it as he was escaping. Hamilton Green, Guyana's minister of health, housing and labor, said the government is considering proposals for disposal of the Jonestown tract, which the Peoples Temple leased and fanned. He said the most obvious one is to continue farming it "Another idea is to keep it as A curiosity, something like a museum or tourist attraction for its historical value. 1 think the events themselves are historic," he said. the publicity, the Sacramento Bee reported Thursday. "It was a tragedy. Kool-Aid is just a small part of the whole story. What on earth difference does it make if it was Kool-Aid or any other ' drink that was used to wash down the cyanide?" said Rhoda Kaufman, assistant manager of public relations for General Foods. At Jel-Sert, Kenneth Lee, president of international operations, said he's not convinced his product was involved, but that he sees no advantage in trying to counter the publicity. "What would be gained? Our product didn't do it. You can misuse anything. If it was an Alcoa pot or spoon that was used, would you call them? It's so absurd," said Lee. ( Stiff Ptwto by MrSwlndttrt- tournament at Odessa College. More than 200 high school students from 14 area schools .are entered in the competition which began today and concludes Saturday. , ' . 1.:: v South American nation at the time of the , cult's mass murder-suicide. Many of the survivors were in Georgetown 150 miles away when Jim Jones led more than 900 followers in a death ritual at their compound in Jonestown. Two survivors have been charged with murder and the others are being held as potential witnesses. The Guyanese government said Thursday it was moving to allow more survivors to return to the United States for Christmas. Ryan, three newsmen and an unhappy cult member who had wanted to leave -J m m i i w i ft Ml ill j!r3r Fire scene This is a general view of the tenement house in Newark, N.J., where a quick spreading fire took the Trip may be diplomatic WASHINGTON (AP) - Secretary of State Cyrus R. Vance's trip to the Middle East beginning this weekend could develop into a diplomatic shuttle between Cairo and Jerusalem to try to break the deadlock in Egyptian-Israeli peace talks. Vance's job is to persuade Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin to compromise their differences over the Palestinians and other obstacles to a treaty. Administration spokesmen said Vance expects to return home by mid-week, but privately, VS. officials are not ruling out an extended stay in the region. This, they say, is one of a number of options remaining open. Another is setting up a second summit with President Carter although "that's not the plan at this point," one high-level official said. "We're down to pretty well defined issues and explored them a number of ways," said the official, who asked that he not be identified. "We've tried negotiations, special emissaries, letters, presidential telephone calls. We're at the point the decisions that have to be made to complete the treaty cannot be made by OC enrolls 2,335 students for terms As preregistration for the 1979 spring term and registration for the Midwinter Session drew to a close Thursday, some 2.123 students had signed up for spring classes while 212 students had registered for the Midwinter Session. The midwinter term is conducted between the fall and spring semesters and is scheduled on weekdays Dec. 26-Jan. 5. Classes meet for 5Mi hours daily, from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 to 4 p.m. If classes are not filled for the mini-term, then registration will be held Dec. 26 on the opening day of instruction. A student can take a three-semester- Fire damages Midland home MIDLAND (Staff) - Heavy damage to a Midland residence was reported from a fire early Friday battled by 16 firemen in sub-freezing weather. Fire Marshal Jerry Petry said fire of undetermined origin damaged the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Otis Z. Helmer, 2212 Princeton. Firemen said they were called to the house after Mrs. Helmer woke up and smelled smoke. The fire started at the rear of the residence near a closet in an enclosed patio area. Firemen said they were at the scene for three hours, using 7.800 gallons of water to douse the fire. Temperatures at the time were in the lower 20s. Petry said. The house was coated with ice from the water used to extinguish the fire. Petry said. . ' . . ' Petry said heavy fire damage occurred to the roof . joists and sheetrock ceiling. ' , . ' i .,,, l Guyana were killed in an ambush at an airstrip near the Jonestown camp Nov. 18. Hours later, Jones ordered the mass deaths. Ms. Johnston, who was in Georgetown when the deaths occurred, said she was prepared to be asked "a thousand questions" in her appearance before the grand jury today. Others who said they were to testify today were Paul McCann, 27. and Chuck Kirkendole, 30. The other six subpoenaed survivors, including Jones' two adopted sons, were expected to arrive in San Francisco today 0 .11 3 i W 7 lives of at least missing. negotiators here." Vance will fly from London to Cairo Sunday to see Sadat. He will move on to Jerusalem Monday or Tuesday'. If these two conversations indicate he can complete a treaty, he will consider extending his stay in the Middle East, the officials said. And, even though Vance is not partial to shuttle diplomacy, he may find himself flying back and forth between Sadat in Cairo and Begin in Jerusalem to nail down the "political decisions" required for a settlement. . "There has to be some shaking loose of their positions if the treaty is to be completed," one official said. Could Vance stay on? "If he sees a solution in his grasp, of course he'll cancel a couple of days' appointments in Washington," said the official, on a not-to-be-identified basis. "We would like to make the trip one that brings the two sides close enough so that negotiators here can complete the treaty," said another, equally anonymous official. This would mean a compromise between Sadat's demand for a timetable for Palestinian autonomy on the west bank of the Jordan River and in the Gaza hour course for regular college credit during the eight-day mini-term. Courses offered include biology, drama, English geography, government, history, math trigonometry, nursing, and sociology. During the spring semester more thar 600 courses in 56 fields of study are being offered in both day and evening sessions Registration for those who did , not preregister will be Jan. 9. as classes foi the spring term are slated to begin Jan 11. Students, who preregistered for the spring term Hut did not pay fees, should pay fees by Jan. 4 or their preregistration will be invalid. Midlanders hospitalized for injuries MIDLAND (Staff) - A 24-year-old Midland man was in critical condition in the intensive care unit of Midland Memorial Hospital Friday with injuries received in a Midland traffic accident Thursday night. Ronald Lewis Hodges suffered a broken -pelvis and a chest injury in the accident at 10.30 p.m. Thursday at the intersection of Wadley and Lanham. Rhonda Gail Roberts, 19. of Midland, driver of the car carrying Hodges, was listed in fair condition - at Midland Memorial Friday with a broken pelvis. Police Patrolman Steve Scaggs said Miss Roberts was northbound on Ijnham. and Randall Maloy Hicks. 19, of Midland, was eastbound on Wadley when the two vehicles collided. or during the weekend. Meanwhile, federal authorities said they were aware that Social Security checks totaling $500,000 a year were being signed over to the Peoples Temple, but were powerless to stop the practice. "Our only responsibility is to see that a person gets his Social Security check and has the opportunity to cash it," said Ed Kramer, external affairs director for the Social Security office here. 'It's up to him whether he wants to spend it, throw it away or drink it." , "fx-1 ii (AP Wireptioto) 1 1 residents and at least one more is Strip and Begin's refusal to even accept a target date. Also, Sadat is trying to rewrite a treaty provision designed to keep Egypt out of any future Arab-Israeli war. Begin has accepted the provision, along with all other treaty articles, and wants it to stand. Inevitably, the two leaders will take up with Vance their requests for post-war American aid. And Vance may be drawn into negotiations over the details of Israel's relinquishing Sinai's off-shore oilfields. Formal high-level peace talks here have been suspended for three weeks, but Odessa driver OZONA (Staff! - A 25-year-old Odessa , truck driver was listed in satisfactory condition here Friday, admitted with a head injury received in the rollover of his truck loaded with oil drill stems Thursday afternoon north of here. Billy Dale Nelson. 1102 Terry, suffered the injury. in the accident at 1:35 p.m. Thursday at the intersection of State Highways 137 and 163. Texas Highway Patrolman Bob Bailey said Nelson was southbound on SH 137 when he lost control of his truck on a New York NEW YORK AP - A tentative settlement of this city's seven-day private garbage strike was announced today, suggesting an early end to a walkout that left toll piles of garbage throughout the city. Bernard Adelstein, secretary-treasurer and business manager of Teamsters Local 813, said he was recommending ratification of the proposed contract at a 2 p.m. meeting of the 2.000 drivers and helpers. They walked off the job last Thursday night, idling r J V V. - . , if r.5600. .. J Retirement party 70th District Court Judge C.V. Milburn, holding his grandson, Jeffrey Correa, receives congratulations from District Clerk Wanda AAcMann this morning at a retirement party In his courtroom. During the party, Kramer said. In Sacramento, it was reported that the manufacturers of Kool-Aid and Fla-Vor-Aid say they have no plans to counter the publicity resulting from the Peoples Temple deaths. Kool-Aid was reported to have been used to flavor the cyanide poison consumed by many of the cult members. And some reporters on the scene said they found quantities of Fla-Vor-Aid in the camp, not far from the vat from which the poison drink was administered. 11 die f in vir.o Ml III V ! NEWARK. N.J. (AP) - Firemen found; 11 charred bodies in the blackened rubblej of a tenement and looked for a J-yearold boy also believed to have perished in a blaze described as "a roaring inferno." j Fire Director John Caufield said Thursday authorities had no hope of finding the child alive after what Fire Chief James O'Bierne said was the city's worst blaze in 25 years. "The bodies were burned beyond recognition, right down to the rib cage" said Eric Langemeier, an investigator for the Essex County Medical Examiner. Eighteen persons escaped. They were placed with relatives or in nearby hotels by the American Red Cross. . A mother and her five children were found huddled together in the burned-out building, and authorities said intense heat cut off escape from the third floor before the roof collapsed. "I've been driving ambulances for 20 years and I've never seen anything like this," said rescue worker LeRoy Smith, who described the fire as a "roaring inferno" when firemen arrived. The cause of the morning fire was under investigation. Security guards at a nearby city building said they saw a man run from the scene shortly after the fire broke out. shuttle despite the deadlock there are continuing contacts between Egypt and Israel. Egyptian Prime Minister Mustafa Khalil, for instance, was on the longdistance telephone regularly with Israeli Defense Minister Ezer Weizman late last week while Khalil was here for talks with President Carter and Vance. And yet, hopes for completing a treaty by Dec. 17, the projected target date, are fading fast. On Sept. 17, in the ebullience of the successful Camp David summit windup, Begin foresaw completion of the treaty within two months, by Nov. 17. overturns truck curve. The truck went into a broadside skid, traveling 200 feet, rolled over onto its top and skidded another 400 feet. Bailey said. Nelson, pinned in the cab of his truck, was freed by Ozona firemen and taken' to Crockett County Hospital. The intersection of the highways was blocked until it could be cleared of the pipe thrown from the truck. Bailey said. Bailey said the truck is owned by the T. E. Mercer Trucking Co. of Odessa. strike ends private carters that collect garbage from the city's hotels, restaurants and commercial and. business establishments. The settlement was reached after an all-night bargaining effort at Gracie Mansion, home of Mayor Edward Koch. (Stiff Photo by Bob Johnwo) arranged by the district clerk and her staff, Milburn was nuf?? microve oven. District judge for more than 19 "pillburn wi" retire at thl end. of the year.

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