The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 3, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 3, 1938
Page 5
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY, s, BMTHKVILLE, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS Blytheville School News IIKill SCHOOL I Girls' B-askcCtnll Klaiilleld CutchUi Is tlic coach, arid Miss Cwll Ciissldy sponsor and assistant conch »f tlic ylrls' Uaskcl- hall learn. Miss Cnssldy conies here from Morlcy, Mo.. \vhcrc she hud a successful five-year record as a couch of Rlrls' liaskelball. 'I'ho lady Chickasaws are captained by Loom McLeod and have Hie following for members of tlic llvsl team: Vcra Lcc PlckcU, Minnie I-ee I,cggett. Mary Katliryn Thompson, Jaimlcc walpole. Dorothy Jean Foster, Alice Sallta, and Juanita Grimes. Other members of the squad are: Ruby Frazicr, Betty Crimes. Pauline Uhn, Cora Bell Britain, Pauline Dim, Helen ],ove- lacc, Odessa McOhce. Katie lumber!. Nannie Mae Craig, LatidysMc- licod, Clmrchill Duck, ncllii Kayc p. \,,,, f.\ro\ Laiulerdale, and Elaine Anderson. F.I'.A. Sponsors Programs Ulylheville liigli school'.'! unit of Future Farmers of America ami its home economics sroup. In cooperation with lliosc from 1»1 and M;i- nlla. liave teen .sponsoring a series of radio programs from the local station. KLCN. The programs arc p,lvon every .'Saturday morning at II o'clock for (lie purpose of rjuaiiHing Hie public with the objectives and responsibilities of these two orgiinlHitions. Plans arc being made for othei departments of Dlythcville higl school to pre.scnl programs showing the relationship hcUvecn their department and the vocational organizations. Freeman Robinson, vocational instructor, is Hie supervisor for the radio programs. Boys' Club Elects Carl Hughes was elected prcsldciv of the Boys' Club in its lirst meet his> of the second semester Fridaj Hughes succeeds James Robertr who was a member of Uie mid-term rr.-idiKiticii class. Dan Wnrrlnelon was elected vice president of tills orcanizatinn. Tom .Simon was elected secretary nnd treasurer of the club. Lexie Haynes and Joe Bartholomew were named sergeanls-at-arms. Certain difTicullics and problems that occur during the school terra are placed in the hands of the Boys' Club to lake necessary measures to prevent sucli undesirable happenings. 'Iho Club seeks to promote a general understanding among Ihr boys and better cooperation with fellow students. worked out under this plan ilrcn had f.crfeH attendance for the son. who wns formerly In school al semester: Ben Abbott. Chester Brownsville. Tonn. Cnliiwell, Wed nnvler. Kandall George Mulr. Hilly Cross, Rtilli Hawks. Bessie Hifhop, Kutl) Man- Him and IKHtyo Rodgcrs are \vork- firum, Pauline Mencrmolt. inua li>u on « program for assembly. 11 Klce, Donna Wimderllch. Miirtlut is 11 comic skll. iKU-IrtiyliiR Billy Ellen Wocdard. re being used In Hie school. Tlic Isit of Miss Terrell and Mrs. Bug- arid was for the purpose of seeing Chester Caldwcll and I'rcd ho students at work on the various ,„.„, t | C(t fo| . second plucc. .rejects, and of making compari- i Dclly vi'oodsrai iiml Nancy ons of Hie method of instruction vltli oilier methods that have been iscd, Gross us a ventriloi|iilst and George Sludenls Knlcrlained ).v Guests al Assembly High school sludniil.s were c'htcr- nlnccl by three guests during the assembly program, Wednesday. The irsl part of the program was presented by Mrs. Marvin Graves who ,ang two songs, '"rrces" aird "1 Want n Wltlc i'aller Dog", after which the Rev. 11, I.ynn Wade, laslor of the First Methodist Churcli, Introduced the nev. Henry aoodloe. of Rogers. Ark. 'Hie Rev. Mr. OocKHoe asked the students three vllal questions—"Wlinl lire vcu going to dov—Whom are 5011 ng to marry?—What Is your religion?" Student CnimeEt Presents Program For UK beueiil of new students in high sdioul, Ihe assembly program tor Wednesday wa:i devoted to ex- pliinaliais of Ihe various chilis nnd organizations of Hie high school 'Ihe student council was discussed by Leon Stafford; monitor system. Thomas scay; girls' club. Delorcs PKilmonds; Girl Bconts. Miss Allycc Nelscu; Boys' club. G. N. Guicc; Camera club, C. O. McKoc; .Science •-•liil). George Greur; Merry Maroons. Cella F.i>a Sykes; Speaker's club. Nedra Berr.vnmn; Red Pepper club, Wynctlc Shepherd; Red Razoos, Tod Harrison; The G'hickasaw, Kar- j line Damon. Frances Shouse had Hie highest Mnir as his dummy. arUhmetlo score:; for (be work, A new dub. culled "Our Thrift Cole- Club" Ims been uip.inlmi by sixth crude pupils hi II. T. Sclmce's llol- room. Karl) pupil Is aske<l to save land Imve been absent for a week something during the week from because of Illness, i his allowance or earnings. On Tues- Jday this amount Is collected by Ihe Fifth Grade thrift monitors, Albnlti nuniuv.iy, In a series of eight geography 1 Hcttj-c Roilgcrs. Hojxt Mils, Cicortte tests with a possible total of !)8 Mnlr, Hilly llognn »tul Jeanne points just completed by the fifth Morris, checked, entered In each grade, (he highest score was made pupil's "bank book" nnd turned over by Becky McCall with » total ol to the club treasurer. Philip Reed, 93 points. Harry Ray Brooks and who makes the bank deposit. Mew- Shirley Barhiim lied for second beislilp Is nol compulsory, mill al place with a lolul of 85 points each. Ihe end of the year the total suv- Jhn smart, wns third with 81 poluls Ings will be returned to (he indium! Irene MtzBeralii fourth with virtual depositors. To date the mem- US points. , hers Imvo saved eight dollars and This class Is glad to hold (he. seventy-eight cents, record for most perfect spelling Basketball practice for both boys allendaiu-c Mips Irom Miss Tuvner, Ihe MiprrvLsur. The followiiiB iHijills Imve been neither absent nor Inrdy lor llici Hist semesler: H-.'u aolTrVom Hun- ford, Peggy Jean Bmlclier, Ncnni Burks. I'iirleiu- Brown, Patsy Ann Travis, and 1-Vanci's lleiune«ard. This thin! 1'iiido room also ranked second highest hi the elementary .scliuol In Kliellini; M-ores. They led (he Ililvil Briuli' mid \HTI> ,',co< lul lo the llllh 1'iinle at ivnlral, Tlir lulkiwliiif pupils lum> inadr IH'i-lec'l spelllni;' s-.-ori's lor Ihe scmcsler: J. 1). llanry. Binldj- Jo l-iyton, Jimics Murtln. Kenneth I'niltl, mil Williams. l'i'(!Ky .lean Inn nnd Is nblo to bo up, Ills lei! was broken when an automobile run over lilm on htuhway IB. Tills necldenl wcnrred iit'Ioi'o Christmas. Tlic Baeh Coro Music club met Friday, January i8, for R regular meeting. There wero 48 members liiTscitt-. T'lio inogrant was on Am- orlcini I'Vilk Music. Mi'8. Wilson Henry t-aiiK "My Old Kentucky Home." scores In Miss Turner's tests for the first semester. They worked very hard lo get this and hope l:> holil It during the lasl semester. Mary Priinccs Niinn is ill ii'^atn niter only n fev. r day:; tack in school, Luther Wimberley has teen added lo those holding honor p-jtnl.s in arithmetic drill. Al (In 1 class ineetliii' lasl Krkliiy Mi" new ollkcrs presided nnd the following prc;ram wa:: tiiven: "The Lllttlf Old Woman Who Used Her Head." by Harry fiay Hrooks; jokes by Ann nillahunty; "The Lost Kingdom" by Maxino Kvans. president Jim ?marl appointed connnit- ^.'s for the noxt wrek. Neimi liurks. Kranc Uraiiri'mud. .luiiiinc d/'aiiiplu'll, Marilyn Hern. Nanev l>arllow. Mary Miivnaret Koush. Dob Kiilllll. Joan •Shank. 1 ,, Joan J-jht'phej<t nnd I'ollv Vinvrll. Ihi 1 ni'\v Heading Club oHlr 11 !'. 1 ; lur Ihe snuiii! si'inrslrr nrp us lol- lo-,i:.: lli!l Willlums, pvesldent; I'alt.y Ann Travin. vice pivslilrul; Pi'^^y Hrnlcher. secretary; Mary Mae Daniel:;, treasurer; limldy Jo Sixth Grade 'Ilie sixth Ri'Rilc held a reorganization mcetm™ r.'. their Huok Club i Friday, 'flic following 'juicers were de-sled for the new semester: Joe and girls Is being held each day :ifter school. There arc 30 boys find •X) girls who attend these practice iixls. I'vler, names i\re lo be held. so dial, all members of the; i>ch>iul i f t|, ( . 1M . ( <. (-quads will be i;lven an opportunity j M'liis club lui;; lo play nsnlnsl, teams chosen from ; Ulrihdiiys of the boys and girls of llielr .same age ,....( veli'lu class. Miss Marqiiorlte Kllay. Is In clini'ue of the Rlrls and Mr. Sclince Is workhii; with (he buys. The follcwlni- pupils ill i;raitr six, room 209. made per feel, scores cm Ihe entire sot cf spelling tests given by Miss 'liirner during I he first semester: Hilly Hogan, Philip Rocd. Elmo Richards, Jo Evelyn Disinter, Mtl-.ired A. Uf, Kiilli P.'Wlcllson, Bottye nndRcrs and Amelia Suliln. The aUomliuice record iif thes? people In room 209 wns perfect dnr- hv the first, four and one-half Ihr llrst semester olllccrs proved 1 .successful und are bcin^ vi'fy ollk'C'is. •elcbratcd HID children eaeh The room has riM'enlly pm-ch:i:;cLt nine new books for iliclr 10:1111. Tln-> wit' raabled lo do this tin 1 P. T. A. dollars and Ihe riimii Ircusury funds. Tbl:; room rt'xrels lo lose their Icuni'r vU-e pcsldcnl. .Joanne <;ninp- lu-ll. who Is now nUciullnr; Cenlvnl Sprak-; at Assembly j Ltnlnentcli. president; Harry Ilalnes, C.ucr,l Eprakcr al the assembly' vlcc Dresldonl; Skippv Crook, nec.- retafi; yrancellH lusher, treasurer. The vcpcrl plven by Betty Adams, j 'or Monday was the ncv. George W. Patterson, pastor of the First 'Jhrlstian Church. Mr. Patterson iiscusscd various habits and factors throughout life which go to make up good or bad traits of character. O/Fers Driving fours- A course in driving is being Marled in the high school with ,C. O. McKee as instructor. The class is .being limited to a. small number of boys for this semester. ]f the course is satisfactory to the Stale Department of Educalior (here will be one-half credit offered for each semester's work. Classes are held each afternoon frnm 3:30 to 4:30 o'clock Jor the following students: George Boyelte .Icrm Brown, Fred Burgcson, Jtx BiirneUc, James Carney. Canne" Chine, Pat Harrison, 1/?xic Haynes Diaries Martin, Wallace Norman Marvin Nmm. L. C. I'osey, Let Hichardson. Roland Hounsaville Hunter Simms and Claude Stewart At present the class is makin? r classroom study ol the driver and Ins relation to the automobile Since most of the members do nol know how to drive, the lirst in- :;truclion will concern the part' and mechanics of the automobile: then operation and correct contro in starting mid sloppiiiK. After till: instruction the class will have actual practice in driving and particularly in parking. Throughout, th' entire course special emphasis wll 1 i be placed on traffic rules and regu- I U-l'nns of Arkansas. The class is divided into four sections of four students each. Only four students will be taken at one lime for road instruction while Ihe other three groups v.ill d'l classroom work consisting of discussion and reading of material on hand, mak- int' of posters, preparation of scrap- hooks and observation of mistake? and current practices of driving. The class is being furnished with literature afid textbooks for current information and supplementary rcf- t'BNTRAL SCHOOL Perfect Spelling ftrorrs r J1ie follov.-iny Central pupils have made perfect spcllinj scores for the entire semester in the lests given by Miss Winnie Virgil Turner at the end of each six weeks: Grade Three: Martha t.tntzenich, Mar^y. Jo Nabcfs. Martha .lean Nave, Vannie Whitlcy, Charles Ucg- ctt, Robert RiHledgc. John White, leorgc Pollock. Grade Four: Clrestcr Caldwcll, T rcd Fo'.vler. Joe Wallace Moore, lerc Reid. Jerry .scapo. Mary Ell'.i Oarctt, Nancy Holland. Ruth Man- irmu. Belly Wcodson. Donna Wun- ierlich. Grade Five: rsrcgory Bunlin, Bll- •ly Crowder. Billy neljong, l.uthcr Wimberley. Ruth Anderson, Shirley Barham. Lav-erne Bnssell. Ann Dillahunty. Maxine Evans, Irene Fllz- gerald. Bonnie Garrelt. Marguerite Graham, Edna Mae Klllabrew, Mnr- garet Mitchell. Luta Mae Phillips. '"•v Louise Reeves, Mamie Young. Becky McCall. Sara Grace Joyner, Juanita McMulUn, John Bruce Wilson, and Harry Kay Brooks. Grade Six: Bobby Blaylock, Thomas Coleman. Harry Haines, Glenn Sliopliard, Billy K. Taylor, Hal homnson. Billy Wilson, Frances l Sue Bright. Skippy Crook, Constance Dcnton. Francella Fisher. Margaret Gean. Mary Kathryn Mosley. Kay Tliomas, Marie Whittaker. First and Seccnd Gratfts The children of the first grade are writing original stories about the postman in their study of the nostofficc. Tire second grade children have put individual letter boxes in the postoflice in their room. They write letters to one another, mail them am! tlic foiloiving day go to the postoffice and call for their mail. Third Grade The pupil:, of this class had a -Icliahtftil lime at their Boosovclt luncheon last Wednesday. Joan Campbell served as hostess and Gerald Blomeyer us host. Hoscoe Crafton's mother brought a box ot homemade candy. Peggy McMutlin's mother also sent a box ot candy and Ann Callis' mother sent a box of cookies. The children enjoyed all trca.iurer for the first semester, was that the club had a balance of M.2G. The new president appointed committees for (he week. Tile iiieet- ini; adjourned imlil Friday, February 4. Marie Wliitlaker lias bsen in Mississippi visiting her grandmother for tlic past week. 75illy Wilson has returned to school alter beinw abbent four days on account of Illness. This class has completed I lie his- lory for Iheir grade and started studying hygiene. They arc much interested lu thi:; nc«- ject. very siib- rrcncc work. U is to Imve an apparatus for testing eyes and ears to Ire furnished by the Arkansas Aiilo- inobi!" Chili of Little Rock. Althouch the intcrcsl of the clasr 1s great" the members have beer reassured by the interest and enthusiasm shown by William Mc- C'omb, mannging director of thr Arkansas Automobile Club. Fellow's Forum Vlans Aclivilies Activities for the second semester were planned by the Fellow's Forum Club in Us regular mcclm: Wednesday nighl. Joe Diiraettc. president, of the rornm. named C. Uolion as chair- miiii cf the, program committee Assisting on the committee will bf E-'i Wilhelm and Russell T'arr. Plans were mndc to sponsor Peace Posler Contest, the details o this contest will te announced ii assembly at an early date. The program theme for Ihe moull of February will be "Hobbles." 'Hi members of Die club will lell c their own hobbies. \OCR\ pconle wll 1 be invited to the meetings (o discuss their hobbies with the clur members. The hobby study will be climaxed by an. exhibition of students' hobbles. Visit WiLson Scliooi Mrs Kariucr ?>iglancl Hiid Miss Eflic Terrell, faculty members, spent i '\ TSC'IVV visiliiiir and observing classwork In the Wilson lilgh school. The faculty of Hie Wilson school has done much study of the new! • curriculum plan for schools, and, llicsc nice things very much. The place cards for the luncheon were In the form of the flag, with the program written on the bark. Tlic silver offering amounted lo eighty cento. The children were much pleased o have Miss Rosa M. Hardy, principal, coinc in lo sec them far a few moments. Fourth Grade The. lollon-iiii; fourth s simnDRY NEWS I'irili Oracle Seven members nf the lUlh sr went, to the drn^ store. Friday Buesh of Mrs. Morris, fifth (;r Icacher. These children were- not, tardy or absent liie. first semester. 'Ihey are: Joe saliba. .lack Marsh, Harold Burgeson, Justine Kverctl. Betly Jane Smilli, Freidn .Stinnett and flessic Chism. 'these pupils who ha;l perfect. S|iellitig scores for Hie semester are: Alvin Browning. Harold Bnrgcson, Jack Marsh, nonald Slannil, Acl,i Cavnshere. Bessie Chism, Ann Deen. Until Saliba, Betty Rulh Smith and Patsy Stan fill. Justine Kverctl has moved to Washington, D. C.. and Kilcen Hoggs has moved to Fort, Wayne, Indiana. Two new pupils who entered ths second semester arc Anna Uiis Dobbs and Lula Caraway. Sixlfi Grade Cur attendance record Is now much improved. Kenneth Richard•mi Is absent llils week because ot illness. The following pupils made perfect spelling scores on l.csls given during the llrst semester: Edwnrtl Morrison. EJay Moore. J. B. Stabbs. Jewel Dean Arnold, ncalricc Broadstreet, Bcaulah Chism. Faiinlc \f.K Cavashcre and Bonnie Kirk. 'Ihe following boys have been issued uniforms for nr,? in their work on the .Safety patrol: Morris King Thompson. Grade IV; Jimmy Hudson, r.rade VI: Hilly Crow. Dill Harris, tllwries Slaffoid. Philip Reed. Billy Hogan and John Smith al! cf Grade VI. 'Hie uniforms consist cf blue sweaters and white wet belts with shoulder straps, A play. "The Patchwork People.' will fee presented by the following members of (lie fixth grade, roou 203. at Ihe next assembly program Amin Duncan, Jeanne Morris. Bill; Hogiin, Joe liurl Wimberley. Roberta Herman. Hilly Johnson. Am?li Salilia. Charles Bunn. Bill liarri.- Bvelyn Uisingcr and Albcrla Uiina way. 'Hie r.ixlh grade. Riiom 20J. ha l«'o new members. Albert! Dunaway. who came to Sudbury from c.liil- tlic Yarbro se.tioo! and Billy John- Amelia Sallba. lleltye llotlRCi's. Floyd Ellis. Cic'Drue Mulr, Philip Heed and Ruth I'a'Jtllstm. .Second Grade Mildred Bluklcy. Nannie llird Hopper. Betty June Stinnett, Hobby Coleman and Winifred Towii7,on were perfect in aUcnilrmi-e durlin the first semester. John Kverelt has moved to Washington. D. C. I'cmrtli Grade The fourth grade, under Ihe direction of Miss Mnrgiieri(e "!. gave n dcuionslratlon of Choral Reading before the county Parent Tenclicr Associallon meetltir; Friday afternoon. A short lulk on Choral Reading was given by Miss Turner before the demonstration. A new pupil is Hilly nminway from Yarbro. Kico Elliot I has started to r.chonl. He was out all of the first semester picking r.otlon. Ulic following pupils have a perfect attendance record (or (he first semester: r T'lw room surprised Mrs. iii^ with a hhlluluy f'KI, This I'.IIHIP Is working; cm an art unit, 'lliey arc iisliii! the art biiok. •Hranllfiil iMnslerplccc.s" ivhlch Miss Turin. 1 !' ml vised them Ui buy. Miss Tumor hsin contribute;! much. m.iliTla) lu this group. Tliey iippi'C- eiate it. I,A\'(!K SCIIWOI, The sixth grade pupils arc ivmk- tim "Naluri>" dliirles In keeping ivllli llii'lr work on Niillirc, new pupils have entered i.-licinl during the second tonie.sUr. Tlin- arc Kmliviii 1'iirrls, Kiiiiunp Wiill-.lir. Vli(;ll rate und Helen Pupils in Hie slKlli grade who niiulc iicrlect .spelling scores Ihe lirsl semester arc; Cliarlio Clray. r-hiliip Graves, Tally Gibson. Cur- ulyn Jnnl- McLcod, • 1'loy Ann Uam- ple and lilt'/.atelh Ann Simpson. ^ixlii grade pupils who liutl perfect aUunlaiiec the IlixL seincsler were liryce Lnyson, I'tnls Hardy, Orvillf Klkins. Philip Graves, Dorothy Hardy, Ell/nbclh Ann Sini]i:cm and Pally Gibson. The rixlh grade, lins two chll- drrn who have not. iniiwecl a day In :;cliool or heen tardy in tour year". They arc Finis Ihild}' and he Ural grade children lind it'c' ot (lie assembly prognun Wednosdny inornin(j. They dramatized the story of "Tlie Tlnco I>l«s" In H ,sliiK« setting of dls- diM Christmas trees for the woods. The brick house, stick house. Riid straw house, homes ol the Three Pigs wore constructed by Ihe children during their activity period, ', Dr. Dean and Blister Ray presented u very delightful vaudeville ncl, liilroiluoliiK "Tommle", Die dummy In a vcnlrlllomilst number. . Two pet I in lies Imvo come lo live In the nisi yrado room, Tlic children have mimed them "Popeye" and "Winiiiy", ninny .stories haw been written about them. Carol Johnson and . Mary Ann Mcl.i'od brought Iliplr pupplcfl lo rcliool last week lor the children t<p make stories about. Ten children from other schools have entered tlin first (jnulo since Ihe IjcjjInnliiK of (he second semester (unking a total of Ifl juiplls In Ihls Knuliv Two luigc nmrals of the stories "Ulllc '-/lack Sambo" ntul "Tlio nitei- Bread Boy" were recently painted by (he following t-lilldicii. ,!uue Anli-cy, Mildred Lucas, Muty Ami McI.iHid, Mary Kllv.abeth llol- ion. liimiiii 1,011 filimik. O»vld San- (lluc nn;l Jlmmle Powell. irsli and Colleen Keese. The followiag, pupils had a pored sirell'iiK score fur the ririit, eincster: Carl Smilh, Frances •Inrsh. Myrn Ann Ncely. Geneva ihibley. Enrlinc .Sullivan, Ilene 'erk anil Aim Wcithnan. The Halcty Club of Sudbury sch'inl lecled the following ofTiceir. for he second semester: Hill Harris, iresldenl; Uernicc Broadstreet. vie: resident; Jack fUnrsli. sccrelary; Rov cnlviu. treasurer. The Cili'irns Club will elect odl- er!,- for the second semester at their iiccling today. Third r.railc There are eight boys and girls hi .Irs. Flecman's group who made icrfect scores for tlic semester. 1'hoy are: Winifred Miller, James Robinson, Allcrni Copelancl. Hobby Bradshaw, Mnxlnc l-'orbcy. Jane Nicholson Jean White, ami Mary ivrlyn Smith. l''our boys and <mc girl in tills roiir) were neither absent nor lardy :luring the semester. They are: rom Hrown, Bonbv Brndshaw. >lar- vey ISatou. wctha Moody an:! 'nullnc Wicker. J. E. Dnbbs has joined this group, le came from the Annorcl siln Oeorgc Ann Stllwcll has recovered Irom nn operation and Is al work again alter an absence of ttir^c weeks. Mrs. QuellmaU's third grade ranked highest In the elementary school in attendance for Hie fUr>l ncinester. They have received (run Members of the -(th grncle were allowed to attend the picture show "Kbli Tide" us R part of n nilt study on bouts. The library 'ins been Increased by 11 new borjlis. 'Ilia'.c who innili! a itcrfccl score on all ol their spelling lests were: Mr: 1 1 Harbor, llulh Mccullum, Dorothy McCothmi, Hilly Cnlib, ini:l •hmnllH Kvnns. Sevi'ral new pupils linye jiitoveil Ih? Illlli Briidc Ciller lli« lieKlnnliiit of the new smesler. hmklnh' a total of -14 pupils In this grude, Belly Hay Kills lin.s entered Sml- bmy school mid Kulh 1'aimcll Is moving to Memphis. The following pupils imide parcel Rpelllne scurca the llrst scmcr.ter: Albert Al;ci-j. any Burks, ttoberl Wlnlers, Frances Bullion, Clcraldtno Hcnson, Murttarcl Hill tmc(;eiic Moaro, Mary Kllen OveV- ton, Ruth Panncll, Mary Lcc Swill nnd Helen Wheat, Tlic Mil grade was awarded nr nllendnncc cerUlk'ulc. by Mis.' T'nrncr for .having Ihe hlsiiesl pel ceiit. of attendance (liirlni; tin fourth inoiilh. The Milrcl crude Imill n curb in their room. Hovernl notber:; and tcaclierr, bouuhl fruits and iTEclnblcs at Ihe curl) imir- iCt. Iiliuma .lean 'Helm made perfe-Jl 5corc in s|Klling tbe lirst .leniestcr. We think Hint we will have more .mplls making pertctl ;irore Hie second term because every pupil trying lo be here every day. ils second grade children who have not missed a day nor been lardy ilnce school started in Sep- tem'oer are Jlmmie Ilroydrti. ,1. W. Karris, Hcrshel Claim. Gordon Hal- cell, Jack Iforner. Billy Tomlinson. Joe Lynn Wlieal. Helen Buchanan. Juanita Ebrrcll, Marjorie Gibson. Earicnc lloclgc, llctity Joyce Reid. Alviu Lllc nai:us is fast improv- SPECIAL Food Values For Friday & Satin-clay «*f rg, JKI.KKV, ilcirehctl .lurnbu Kxtrs •'niii')- Ort'di, lb i'QTATOKS. Tallin , 10 His ..... OKANflKS, Juicy nicil. sire, dut, UANIlKIUtlKS JUKNII'S Wnshoit, It .............. KKWJ, While nr Illniic «». WIKS ............ KKI.I. rKI'l'IillS (Ireen lloaiilj, lb. I'OltK KTliAKS, Icnn, I.b ................... I'Ki I.IVKK. frciiii lb ............... I.1VKII OIIKKS1', sllccil, II .................. quality Slilc, 11 ........ SALT MI'AT, liollins, lb ...................... sim; Ih ...................... VKAJ. STKAK, loin or riiund, Ih. ; i>OUK CIlOl'H, h-.Tn eul.f, Ib BKKF S'I'KAK l)est K.U ....... j ItEEK S'l'liAK, Ocod Duality, Ih FKKSli COXIN'CKV KQOS, l)ni KHI-IV'S BHF.AKF(\ST SMOKI» IIAC(»N, lb. . FAT HKNS fresh ilreiscd, lb. ..... KO1.OONA STY1.K Pure Pork Snuxtie, lb. CHILI, blouk DAIIY OHIO'K MASH, lb. ... St.irtliiK ..4c i2jc . 16*c lOc lOc Jc 9c .15c I9c lOc 20c ,20c 9k 14!c 25c 2Qc 25c 20c 22c 28c 29c 15c 19c 3c Otlo KANOY KID HWKfi'f KKKI), Sack CA1MWUO UKE8S- W'AY FLOIJU U Ibs. 2'1 lltn. WHITE CRKAM MKAI, 2* IH ... CMHOVA SAND. WICH SPHKAIt, CKKTlFIKn 1!4 lb. cans ,, MOTHER'S OA2S itllli I'mnlum, liox .... JM,U> OK ROYAL llll IlllViltft, I)OX O'UAI'KNUT FLAKES 2 llnxes rOlTRl) WIIKiVT, Oats in 1 Ittci 1 , I'fig ,. t'OI-KEK, 4 lb. pall i Tie, nil for $1,45 50c 44cf . 35c 25c 25c 'inn 1 , 10 Ibs. ......, CANOVA or MAX. HOUSE Coffee, lb, i Uox ..,'. SOUP, Cond. Vfg. l.arf» Z'i cans ..., TOMATO JUICE ii)ili>HV, 60 m. < Illy, bcaiu-, Splnacli, Orefiis .or^ Cum. Tiimatuu:, Kraut, Hominy, Carrots "jl'ji.- 53c 26Jc 14c 12c 4c I'liA RXVEKT ST.\KK lb. Cnns 1'rce lltcraliire for aMng va as rUfilUtml'ii.i ol Happy Mills Kccili ,'nd Dr. Hess poultry ClU'STAL WHU'E KLODII, Z«'lbs SUNKlllNi; FLOUR It's (ii.nil, 24 His. ... I'll I! R I,AK» « flj.«. net COFFEK, C. C. Trcsli 'i, I'nuiuls 1'1'Rlv 1MIT> fiO id, Hex. 85c 75c 88c .. 23c $5.25; in E. MAIN NOTICE lu our f i lends ;mil customers. W c me now IniaUit ;it (he ftvn:u1- wjiy llarlicr Shuji, m'xl dour to J'arnirn U;iDk. Don't fniKvf us. SAM RIIODKS and ABE MCKHISC I let Molor yules keep i (ion. Tlicy liave nuulcrn cquipmetit right. Their Prices aro riglil, loo. ., in A-l (.'(j lo tii) the jol) ^50,000 Stock Of HARDWARE at your SERVICE! i Please call on us for your HARDWARE requirements. We deliver to any part of the city, no " matter how small the order. We want to give you SERVICE! Call Us Night or Day Day Phone 32 Night Phone 435 QUAKER OftTS. says Great American Pilot Murwin Ator, Conmancfcr of/Irnen'cnn Airlines 1 FamDui Flagship! * No wonilcr Quaker Oats i? called BREAKFAST OF GREAT AMERICANS! Jis a w.irm, friendly hrcakfasi, rich in flavor, rich in food energy. And gives you an abundance of Nature's Vitamin B, Ilie viumin your system needs daily <o comhal ncrvousness.constipaiionand poor appetite! Yet Quaker Oats, mainstay of millions, costs only /: cent per serving. You can't Quaker Oats fora breakfast! Many grocers offer specials today! Mill .Sii|>j)lii's d'ii Supplies tlcncral Hiirdvvnrc Heavy Hardware Jifecfrical Home Supplies ffarncsg Material Pipe 1'low Gour Your Every Automobile Need LEE MOTOR SALES, INC. Oldsmobile & G.M.C, Trucks & Trailers Sales and Service (17 K. MAIN ST. I'HONK 329 Phone 32 "19 Years ol Service and Sqiiare Dealing"

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