Springfield Leader and Press from Springfield, Missouri on September 5, 1962 · 9
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Springfield Leader and Press from Springfield, Missouri · 9

Springfield, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 5, 1962
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SCAMP By Ward Greene . ' 1 i i . . , i' i ' 'i 1 Oil Firm 's Plane Takes 13 to Death RAVENNA, Ohio (AP) - Thirteen persons, including some high oil company, executives, were killed in the searing, shattering explosion of a private airplane that crashed southeast of here Tuesday night. ; The tragedy may prove to be the worst industrial air- j craft accident on record in this country. . The Ashland Oil &' Refining Co.'s twin-engine Lockheed Lodestar was bringing men from subsidiary companies- in Cleveland, Ohio and Buffalo, N.Y., to the Ashland Ky., headquarters for a sales meeting today. It was over Lake Milton about 8:30 p.m. when witnessses heard sounds that indicated trouble and saw the plane go into a spin, crashing in bright orange flames that lit the sky. The tremendous explosion littered Glenn Sickle's 40-acre farm field with human and mechanical wreckage. One piece of the fuselage was found a mile away. The blast dug a crater five feet deep and about 20 feet in diameter. Among those the Frontier Oil Co. said boarded the plane at Buffalo were Clayton G. Maxwell, 60, vice president of Frontier; Newton A. Bricka, 43, transportation manager; James A. Mahan Jr., 37, manager of marketing; James Whittaker, 52, assistant manager of Frontier's oil burner division, and Joseph A. Collins, 64, manager of the oil burner division. An Ashland Oil Co. spokesman said four men from another subsidiary, Allied Oil if Cleveland, also were aboard. They were identified as Jay P. Alexander, 51, executive assistant to the president. Allied Oil; Robert Wulff, 37, manager of retail fuel oil sales; Wayne T. Wiggins, 37, sales manager, and W. H, Parr, fuel oil sales representatives for Allied at Ashtabula, Ohio. s From the home company, there was John W. Drennan, administrative assistant for marketing. Chief pilot Blaine Berkstresser was aboard, and copilot Ronald Roberts of Ashland also was scheduled to make the trip. . First on the scene of the crash 18 miles from this northeastern Ohio city was Richard McKenzie, who lives . nearby. He said he heard a whistling or screaming noise, somewhat like the noise of a jet plane. He saw the red lights of the plane moving in a spinning pattern, then saw a tremendous crash. Flames shot more than 50 feet above the wreckage, he said. William Weimer of Youngstown, who was fishing on Lake Milton one mile to the east, estimated the plane's lights were at 400 feet altitude When, he heard what sounded like engine trouble. ; "It coughed and sputtered, then faded out," he said. Some of the wreckage was thrown onto nearby power lines 50 or 60 feet high, causing a short circuit that left homes in a wide area without power for several minutes. The worst industrial airplane accident on record was Jan. 10, 1954, near Shreveport, La., when 12 persons died. Three years ago an industrial airplane crash near Marion, Ohio, killed 10 persons. U.S. to Resume Altitude Tests HONOLULU (AP)-The United States apparently is planning to resume high-altitude nuclear tests over the Pacific by mid-September. Repairs to a Thor booster launching pad, destroyed on Johnston Island last July 25 by a rocket failure, are almost complete,, a Joint Task Force 8 spokesman said Tuesday. Other indications that the tests Hold Airman For Murder Kills Ex-Wife Over Children MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP)-An Air Force policeman has been charged with murder and is being held without bond in connection with the fatal shooting Tuesday of his ex-wife in the Montgomery Advertiser building. A hearing has been set in City Court for Sept. 12 for Airman Edward F. Dumv?9, Bountsville, Ala., who is charged with fatally shooting his blonde ex-wife, Shirley, 25. - , Detective Capt. E. P. Brown said Dunn told him he was trying to find out wkere his children were but said his ex-wife would not tell him. The couple's children were with Mrs. Dunn's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Underwood. No reason was given why the victim would not disclose where the children were. Detective A. L. Herring said Dunn walked into the office where his ex-wife worked as a layout artist, and asked to speak to her outside. Six shots were heard within a few seconds after the two left the office. After the shooting, Dunn went back into the office and handed his pistol to Les Daughtry, the paper's retail advertising mana ger, and asked him to call the police. will resume soon include the scheduled reopening of an Atomic Energy Commission information office this weekend and the re ported return of test personnel to their positions. Cuhai Soviet Warned We, geptV t, 190 9 SPRINGFIELD (Ma.) LEAEE PS An attachment for hydraulic brakes isolates any brake that fails from loss of fluid and permits the other brakes to function normally. It -v . " . I. W M W V v 7 AM.el.tt4 Prcn Wlrrphot. Titri tt fTl A QTT These are some of the larger pieces left of an Ashland (Ky.) Oil ULEj 111 IllVoll Co ( Lockheed Lodestar plaae which crashed and exploded, killing all 1J aboard, about 20 miles west of Youngstown, Ohio, lat night. The plane was carrying flfc pas-, , tengera to a top-level company conference in Ashland. Your Figure BY IDA JEAN KAIN An overly large bosom is often a problem 'measurement wun overweights. To reduce the size of the bust while maintaining or restoring tone in the bust-supporting muscles calls for a three-way program of diet, exercise and improved posture. To begin with, the sue of the bust often tends to parallel weight and to reduce the size of the bust, total weight must be lowered, However, a too sudden loss of weight and reducing on a faddy diet results in sagging. The perfect reducing program combines a highly protective diet with specific exercises to tone the muscles which support the bust. Although the breasts are glands, they are supported by the powerful pectoralis major, a large fan - shaped muscle which covers the chest. As fat is removed, these supporting muscles must be strengthened. Two facts to remember exercise will be of little value unless taken regularly, and the improvement will be graduaL This trio of tone - ups will help improve the bust contour-not only for overweights, but for the flat chested girl as well. Position: Stand with back to wall, elbows touching wall at shoulder height, hands at collar bone level with palms down. Movement: KEEPING ELBOWS AT SHOULDER HEIGHT, press elbows against wall, and hold the contraction while counting to eight, breathing between each count. Position: Standing in good posture, palms touching, elbows at shoulder height. Movement: Press palms together while counting to seven, breathing between each count. You will feel the strong pull in the supporting muscles it's toning! - Next, a variation of the above resistance exercise, adding a rotating movement. Position: Standing, bent arms at chest level, hands meeting about 8 inches out in front of chest, forearms forming a straight line from elbow to elbow. Movement: .Clasp hands' 'together, and while maintaining a firm pressure of the one palm against the other, move forearms from the elbows in small circles, several times in one direction, then the ther This should be done with as much pressure between the palms as possible. Lower arms and relax. Go through this resistance routine DAILY, doing each exercise once or twice. . .results will be gratifying not suddenly, but in a few months. Send LONG, stamped, self-addressed envelope for illustrated exercise leaflets GET A LIFT WITH - POSTURE and TAKE YOUR CHOICE DIET. Address request to Ida Jean Kain, care of this newspaper. Postcard requests cannot be answered. Cardinal Spellman To Guidance Group VATICAN CITY (AP) -Pope John XXIII today named 10 cardinalsincluding Francis Cardinal Spellman, archbishop of New York to serve on a presiding commit tee that will guide the work of the Roman Catholic Ecumenical Coun cil. " The Pope, in an apostolic letter, set down the rules for the council, opening here Oct. 11. WASHINGTON (AP)-President Kennedy's sudden warning to Cuba and Russia the result of a Soviet tit-for-tat switch in the cold war boiled down to telling them not to get aggressive notions. . It was the climax of events building up for weeks. In a statement Tuesday night Kennedy didn't complain about the kind of military help the Soviets have given, and are giving, Fidel Castro. The kind the President listed as going to Cuba could be considered strictly defensive. But he said plainly enough that if the buildup was of the kind that could be used for aggression like Soviet bases in Cuba or if Castro moved against his neigh bors, "the gravest issues would arise." . . Actually, by giving military help to Castro in America's back yard, the Soviets are doing to the United States what this country has been doing to the Communist world for years. For example: the military help, and even alliances, this country has provided for countries around the Communist perimeter in Europe; the aid to Chiang Kai-shek on Formosa near the coast of Red China; military aid in Korea and South Viet Nam and, recently, troops in Thailand. The United States has approximately 8,000 military advisers in Communist- threatened South Viet Nam. In recent days, as news ac cumulated about Soviet military help for Cuba and the arrival there of Communist bloc pilltary technicians, a number of senators complained Kennedy wasn't tough enough. One senator, Strom Thurmond, D-S.C, called for an invasion of Cuba. Another, Homer Capehart, R-Ind., said about as much. Still another Kenneth B. Keating, R-N.Y., criticized what he called Kennedy's "do-nothing" attitude. Kennedy could have brushed these complaints aside. Other senators on other subjects have had complaints. But what brought the whole business to a head was what happened Sunday. In, Moscow there was a joint Sovlet-Cubaa announcement which promised Russian help to .Castro in building steel mills and In farming. Then it said they dis cussed threats of aggression from "imperialist quarters." It didn't mention the United States. But it added: because Cuba asked military help to pro tect itself, Russia would give it "armaments and technical specialists for training Cuban serv icemen." The announcement didn't list the kind of armaments out n carefully avoided saying the mill tary help would include Soviet troops. POLLY'S POINTERS Real, Smooth Tip Helps Readers to Look Glovely In a statement Tuesday night Kennedy ticked off the kind of equipment he said he knows Cuba got from Russia: Defensive missiles, but not of fensive ones, and equipment to use it, some Soviet-made torpedo boats with ship-to-ship guided missiles having a range of 15 miles. and perhaps a total of 3,500 Soviet technicians for setting up and teaching the Cubans to use the electronic equipment Castro got. But he noted there was no sign of Soviet bases or Soviet combat troops in Cuba, or any other "significant capability" here in Cuban or Soviet hands. If these things showed up, he said, the "gravest issue. would arise. Here are some of the events in the background: On Aug. 20, U.S. officials re ported 15 Soviet vessels, including five passenger ships, arrived in Cuba but they doubted any Com munist bloc troops were landed. At his Aug. 22 news conference Kennedy said he knew mpplies had been landed but he didn't kr.ow that any troops were. Two days later a group of Cu ban refugee students, in two small boats that stood offshore, fired on a Havana hotel. They admitted it. On Aug. 27 Capehart voiced bis complaint. At his news conference last Wednesday, Kennedy said be still had no knowledge that Communist troops landed in Cuba. As for economic help from the Communist bloc, Kennedy said Cuba was in such bad shape it needed help, Last Thursday two vessels, believed to be Cuban, fired on an American Navy training piano near Cuba. Senators Kea'ing sn4 Thurmond bad their say Sunday, and' on that same day the Russian-Cuban announcement came. If you can repay $48.00 monthly... you can get $1124.91 the minute yoMuitit Or, if you want cash in another amount . . . more or less . . . why not phone and tell us how muchl If you prefer, atop ia Well be glad to help. On JO montt reptjmot pun. Beneficial Finance Co. of Springfield, Inc. St. Louis St & Public Square Phone: UNiversity 6-3561 1530 S. Glenstone Ave. Phone: TUxedo 1-5077 BENEFICIAL FINANCE SYSTEM DEAR POLLY- You all know washable leather gloves can be a sorry looking mess if they are left to dry hard and stiff without any rubbing to soften them. I add a few drops of glycerine to the last rinse water and when the gloves are still slightly damp, rub until they are soft and pliable. It helps to then put them on and smooth to a nice fit. Remove, and let them finish drying to look good as new. . PARTICULAR DEAR POLLY- At last it happened. One of the children broke the glass top to the black iron table in the eating end of. our kitchen. We replaced it with a white plastic laminate top which POLLY CRAMER . is better looking and certainly more practical I recovered the chair seats with a black and white striped material. What seemed a tragic accident was really a blessing in disguise 1 MRS. S. MORRIS Girls I think Mrs. Morris has come up with a good, practical idea and a whale of a good decorating tip. POLLY DEAR POLLY If Mrs. E. D. R. still has those lipstick stains on the white satin headboard of ber bed, I suggest that she rub petroleum jelly into the stains and then sponge them off with tetrachloride. . BETH DEAR POLLY I was scared almost to death a few times when fat in a skillet or meat in the broiler caught fire, until I learn ed that throwing salt on the blaze will put it out EMILY KATZ Safety is no accident Almanac Br United Pren htematkraal Today is Wednesday, Sept 5 the 248th day of 1962 with 117 to follow. , The moon is approaching its first quarter. The morning stars were Mars and Jupiter. The evening stars are Jupiter, Saturn and Venus. Those born on this day are under the sign of Virgo. Z On this day in history In 1670, William Penn was arrested for holding a Quaker meeting in London. In 1774, the First Continental Congress assembled in secret in Philadelphia. In . 1882, 10,000 workmen took part in the first Labor Day parade in New York City. In 1945, the United States flag was raised on Wake Island following the surrender of the Japanese. A thought for the day Ber-trand Russell, theEnglish philosopher said: "It is preoccupation with possession, more than anything elsevthat prevents men from living freely and nobly." I "-' VJAUT- i j TOAVOLUilG j I $25 up to $2000 for j vacations, bills, other j needs. Money quickly, on sensible plans. Payments I you can afford. I mom. mm ot com in roMn I PUBLIC TlUAUCE loonvlllt UN 1-7282 yJOl loonvllls UN 1-7282 PEAT MOSS LAWN SEED AND FERTILIZER Popular Price Ozark Plant Farms -M30 SOUTH LENSTOHI EXCLUSIVE "FROST GUARD" GIVES YOU AUTOMATIC . CAR fUJI V A DfrJMV A I1AY nFFRnTINfi RFFRIfiFRATOR AKiri PPFF7FR lUll UIILI iCllN I ft Uftl I 'n""n I- r-T t I HOLDS II I - Jg ., rgfTS FROZEN " P2S Ml'TMOJY roooi j Ml III If M or Xa FREEZE! with GENERAL ELECTRICS exclusive ... !EnHCCTATOK SECTION FROST GUARD 2-DOOR Refrigerator-Freezer In Beautiful Decorator Color XCLiVSVf G-fOST GUARD" Frost never form-r-ot even in the freeier. GE "FROST GUARD" it especiaii'deiigned to banish frost forever . . . because frost is never allowed .to form. It's faster . more efficient . . . more economical. than defrosting systems. 2 porcelain vegetable drawers . . . straiaht-line design . . removable egq reel . . . Come see, G-E Frost Guard, never again will you have to pry ice trays ooso or scrape away frost to read package labels. UNDER THE NEW G-E "Valid Value" TRADE-IN PLAN COME IN-SEE THIS BIG REFRIGERATOR BUY-TODAY! Open Friday Evenings G-E Non "Frost-Guard" Refrigerator with Zero Degree Freeiers and Automatic Defrost Refrigerator Section (TA-3422) only '239 Vain Trede Floa FREE! Across The Street . mum 301 E. McDaniel Did UN 4-1844 WHEN YOU TIIIHK OF lOTAIXE For Ycur Home, Your Car. Year Business Whether It Do Fire, v Casualty, Liability Or Any Other Kind In Good Strong Companies With the Lowest Possible Rotes. Think of the JOHN W. SQUII3 INSURANCE AGENCY 309Vj College Phone UN 4-5271 NIGHT SCHOOL SHOW THE BOSS YOU MEAN BUSINESS Many office workers have more than doubled their abilities and have increased their earnings greatly by Attending Night School. Phone, write or visit Draughon's for complete Infor mation on this self-Improvement program. ENROLL NOW FOR SEPT. 6 CLASSES Springfield Draughon Business University P.O. Box 1095 SSS Phone UN 6-1926 VYIihoit Building Springfield, Mo. 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