Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on October 1, 1976 · Page 8
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 8

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 1, 1976
Page 8
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today • • • In Garden City — Capitol Items to Interest Kansans Hospitals ADMISSIONS at St. Catherine Robert L. Armstrong, Leoti Evanna Brungardt, 2002 Cherokee Olive E. Cody, Holly, Colo. David M. Cummings, Garden City Orin Florence Jr., Johnson Brain C. Hackerott, Cimarron Helen L. Jones, 212',-j 3rd John S. Jones, 212'/-. 3rd Norbert Keller, Windsor Hotel Linda L. Miller, 204 N. 12th Mamie Louise Page, 507 W. Maple Penny L. Piercy, 2209 Lincoln Rd. Howard Reiser, 1809 Pat's Dr. M. Ruby Rexroat, Ulysses v Donald A. Richards, 302 N. 4th Mary Lou Richards, 302 N. 4th Michelle G. Rodgers, 2108 E. Fair Mary Lou Sehaffer, 2007 Fleming Sarah R. Smith, 908 Pearl Edward F. Slebens, 315 N. llth Lucille C. Ward, 812 N. 7th William J. Worley, Windsor Hotel DISMISSALS Roxie Lee Baker, Rt. 1 James E. Brown, 405 Laurel Ethel 0. DeCamp, 711 Evans John Doll, Ingalls Andrea G. Flores. 311 W. Santa Fe Mrs. Jacinto Flores and baby girl, 1311 "B" Mrs. Kenneth Giskie, 1102 Pershing Michael Guadian Sr., 201 S. 1st Mrs. John S. Jones, 212'- 3rd Mr. John S. Jones, 212'i 3rd Andrea J. Koehn, Scott City Andrew E. Larson, Rt. 1 Lester D. Riley, 2016 N. 3rd Accidents City — Wednesday, Sept. 30, 6:30 p.m., Kansas near 12th, cars driven by Michael S. Mieser, 10114 N. llth, (extensive damage), and William R. Snurr, Guymon, Okla., (major damage). Wednesday, Sept. 29, 5:25 p.m., Fulton and Hudson, cars driven by Trudy S. Darling, Windsor Hotel, and Ella Cruz, 404 Evans, (extensive damage to both vehicles). Wednesday, Sept. 29, 1 p.m., Bergen Named Regents Officer TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) Glee Smith, chairman of the Kansas Board of Regents, announced today the appointment of Dr. Gerald R. Bergen as the Board's student assistance officer effective Nov.l. Smith said Bergen replaces Dr. Robert Kelly, who has been appointed executive director of the Kansas Association of Independent Colleges. Bergen has been serving as director of aids and awards at Kansas State University. His wife, Dr. Betsy Bergen, is a member of the home economics faculty at Kansas State. "The board feels extremely fortunate to have a man of Dr. Bergen's background and experience to head up the student assistance program," Smith said. J-City Votes Against Tax JUNCTION CITY, Kan. (AP) — City commissioners voted Tuesday to eliminate Junction City's share of the 3 per cent intangibles tax on interest earnings of savings and investments. The commission took action over City Manager John Higgins' opposition. He pointed out that the city stood to lose an estimated $86,501 a year from the tax which represents 2.4 mills of the city-county tax base. The commission instructed Higgins to take the tax out of the 1978 budget which will be considered next year, and to find other sources of revenue or reduce expenses. Higgins said the tax elimination would result in a shift of the tax burden to persons who own property but do not have earnings from savings above the exempted amount. A new state law allows cities, counties and townships the choice of eliminating the tax on intangibles. Geary County, which shares the tax with the city, has similar action under consideration. 5th and Spruce, car driven by Raymond R. Mujica, 208 S. 1st, (major damage), and pickup truck driven by Roger W. Unruh, 710 N. 6th, (extensive damage). Wednesday, Sept. 29, 8:31 a.m., Southwest Carpet parking lot, car driven by Cecilia C. Quint, 1607 Jones, (minor damage), and parked car owned by Donald R. Rouse, Shawnee Mission, (extensive damage). Wednesday, 8:15 a.m., drive way, 2507 N. 7th, puckup truck driven by Aldon J. Nuzum, and car driven by Mary R. Nuzum, both of 2507 N. 7th, (moderate damage to both vehicles). Wednesday, Sept. 29, 7 p.m., Dillons Main St. parking lot, parked car owned by Robin Moreno, 709 St. John, (moderate damage), and unknown hit and run vehicle. Wednesday, Sept. 29, 1:21 p.m., 1000 block Main, pickup truck driven by Gregorio Banda, Deerfield, and car driven by Fred L. Bunch, Colorado Springs, Colo., (extensive damage to both vehicles). Friday, Sept. 24, 11:36 a.m., city parking lot at 8th and Chestnut, car driven by Lucille Waddell, 1512 Melanie Ln., (minor damage), and parked car owned by Veda V. Venneberg, Deerfield, (moderate damage). • Courts POLICE—TRAFFIC Fined — Tillie Collazo, 207 Wesley, speeding 32 in 20 school zone, $27. Michael Grimsley, S and D Trailer Park, speeding 43 in 30 zone, $23. Alan Jackson, 1303 Hattie, operating vehicle with no driver's license, $15. Linda K. Foster, Garden City, disobeying stop sign, $15. Monte Mathias, Hays, expired tag, $10. Georgia Spence, 622 N. 12lh, speeding 28 in 20 school zone, $23. Harold L. Nichols, Copeland, expired tag, $10. Mark T. Herrell, 801 Cedar, speeding 38 in 30 zone, $18. Jana L. Skipton, Meadow Lark Park, speeding 33 in 20 school zone, $28. Fray Gideon, Golf Acres, improper lane change, $15, and more than three in front seat, $15. Joe Herynk, 1103 4th, operating vehicle with expired tag, $15. Lloyd Newport, Lakin, operating vehicle with expired tag, $15. Rodney Rohn, Sharon Springs, disobeying traffic signal, $15. Bill Ford, Hillcrest Crt., speeding 40 in 30 zone, $20. Daniel Orozco, 407 N. 2nd, disobeying stop sign, $15. Del R. Mounts Jr., 2424 Belmont, no registration, $15. Ronald Woodring, Derby, speeding 43 in 30 zone, $23. Sherry E. Wornkey, Larned, speeding 30 in 20 school zone, $25. Beulah A. Groh, 912 Anderson, speeding 28 in 20 school zone, $23. Lawrence Flax, 1507 N. 4th, following loo closely, $20. Fern L. Parks, 2002 St. John, speeding 32 in 20 school zone, $27. Brenda Long, 1716 Pat's Dr., permitting unauthorized person to drive, $15. Mark A. Jantz, 1001 E. Johnson, expired tag, $10. Michael L. Hodgkinson, 303 E. Campbell, following too closely, $20. Bonds Forfeited — Cecil Goetz, S. Star Rt., meter violation, $5. Bill Renick, 613 N. Main, meter violation, $5. Earnest Gassett, 501 N. 5th, improper muffler, $10. POLICE—OTHER Fined — Kevin J. Wasinger, 903 E. Fair, transporting open container of liquor, $55. Don Bohl, 2003 N. 10th, allowing noxious weeds to grow to a height of more than 12 inches, $15. Alfredo A. Guebara, 210 S. 12th, transporting open container of liquor, illegal open container of beer, no driver's license, and disobeying traffic signal, $100. Henry C. Cook, H and H Trailer Court, window peeking, $50. David Hauff, 2709 N. 7th, dogs at large, $10. Konds Forfeited — Tonya Miller, 635 N. Main, transporting open container of liquor, $55. Vincente Dozal, 800 block N. 4th, illegal open container of beer, $15. Joe D. Bradley, Lakin, illegal open container of beer, $15. Michael G. Cashier, 505 W. Kansas, illegal open container of beer, $5. Bonds Forfeited — Joe Garcia, 1118 N. 12th, dogs at large, $10. Leta Martinez, 509 Meeker, petty larceny, $100. Jeffery Myers, Valley Center, transporting open container of liquor, $55. Loren Dimitt, Sublette, disorderly conduct, $30. • Leopold Dimmitt, Sublette, illegal open container of beer, $15. Juan D. Torres, Sublette, illegal open container of beer, $20. Terrill Ardery, Copeland, illegal open container of beer, $15. Jay Claussen, 704 E. Chestnut, illegal open container of beer, $15. Sandos Moreno, 301 E. Hillside, curfew violation, $19. Burglaries Between 1 and 3 p.m. Wednesday, $15 in dimes from mobile home at El Rancho Court, 1607 E. Fulton. Thefts Between Friday, Sept. 24, and Saturday, jacket and slacks and a $75 check, valued at $110, from residence, 1602 N. 7th. Vandalism Time unknown, reported Wednesday, Sept. 29, side of city detective vehicle scratched, $30 damage. Between noon Tuesday, Sept. 28, and 3 p.m. Wednesday, four tires punctured, seat covers and roof cut, and television taken from vehicle at 2201 N. 8th, $350 loss. Tuesday, Sept. 28, fence torn down at 1404 N. Main, damage amount unlisted. Fires Wednesday, Sept. 29, 11:42 a.m., fire in basement at Eldon Clemence residence, 1624 N. Center. Firemen said it was caused by a short in the wiring of a washer and they estimated $10 damage. By ANN COOPER Telegram's Washington Bureau WASHINGTON—Here are some Washington items of Interest to Kansans: CAMPAIGN DECEPTION? — The federal election law requiring candidates to file the name, address and principal place of business of people who give more than $100 to their campaigns was designed to open up the whole murky business of campaign finance. But sometimes, the campaign finance reports of file at the Federal Election Commission (FEC) are still a pretty murky business. For instance, Ross Freeman, Rep. Martha Keys' Republican challenger, has received $4500 this year from people whose business is listed as "investments." Does that mean the contributors live off their wheeling and dealing in the stock market? "I don't know what that means," said Ann Alberson, Freeman's campaign office manager. She said when the office receives a check from someone who lists "investments" as an occupation, "that's just what I write down, BEEF FOR ALL OCCASIONS 424 N. MAIN GARDEN CITY MEATS 275-6541 - Paint - Wallcovering - Art & Craft Supplies - « FALL PAINT SALE 70-6 HP Sale no 40 PPG SAVE *2°° Reg. 12.40 32-6 LATEX ENAMEL PPG ^^^ SAVE *2°° $"799 Reg. 9.99 j 30-6 LATEX FLAT WALL PPG SAVE *2°° Reg. 8.75 *6 75 GC Color Center, Inc. 222 N. Main 276-3008 - Art & Craft Supplies - Picture Frames - Paint - too." She said she makes no attempt to find out who the person is. Freeman campaign treasurer Paul Smith said he didn't know any more than Alberson. "I don't know any of these people. I just receive the money and pay the money," he said, pointing out that Freeman's reports do list the contributors' addresses. However, no business name is given for the people on Freeman's lists whose occupation is "investments." Apparently, that's okay, even though it isn't terrjbly informative. The election law is vague on just what's required under the "business" listing, and "We've been left in a quandary," says FEC press official Susan Tifft. To clear up the matter, the FEC has proposed a regulation that would require listing the full name of the contribor's business. But the regulation isn't in effect yet. Until it is, it will be impossible to tell by reading the records that the people in "investments" who contributed to Freeman's campaign are actually top executives in an aircraft firm, an oil drilling company, a firm that owns two large restaurent chains and a company that designs and builds petrochemical plants. THAT PLAYBOY INTERVIEW - The often-tense conference on major grain inspection reform legislation was not without its lighter moments last week. After summarizing his thoughts on the bill, Sen. Dick Clark, D-Iowa, said he wanted the conference to drop the matter and wait until next year to get a bill. One reason, he said, is the possibility that a Democratic administration more favorable to his views could be in power then. Clark gave the odds on a hew administration at 50-50. "Day before yesterday, he would have said 70-30," interjected Rep. W. R. Poage, D-Tex. "Day before yesterday" was the day before Carter's controversial Playboy "lust" interview. SYNFUELS VOTE - A $4 billion bill to guarantee loans and establish price supports for commercial production of synthetic fuels was axed by one vote on the House floor last week ((Sept. 23)), despite the support of the four Kansas House Republicans. Only Rep. Martha Keys, D- Manhattan, voted to kill the bill, which was defeated, 192193. Keys voted to kill a similar measure last year that had a $6 billion price tag. Last year's larger bill was also opposed by Republican Reps. Joe Skubitz, Pittsburg, and Garner Shriver, Wichita. In fact, the only Kansan who voted for synthetic fuels last year was Rep. Larry Winn, R- Overland Park. Rep. Keith Sebelius, R-Norton, missed the vote. Both bills would have guaranteed loans to private industry to build plants for making synthetic fuels, such as gas made from coal. Opponents argued it was a boondoggle for big energy companies and could hurt the environment by encouraging strip mining of coal. Supporters said developing a Page 14 Garden City Telegram Friday, Oct. 1,1976 synthetic fuels industry is a key to solving the energy crisis. Skubitz said he switched in favor of synthetic fuels this' year because the neyv bill involved less mone'y^ and because he thinks conversion of coal to synthetic fuels is a better solution to the energy crisis than pursuing nuclear power. REED'S OKAY — Kansan Clyde Reed was confirmed by the Senate for a position on the Corporation of Public Broadcasting (CPB) board of . directors. Reed, editor and publisher of the Parsons Sun, was the favorite of Sen. James Pearson, R-Kan., who helped to get the Kansan's name approved by the Senate Commerce Committee. Reed gets no pay from the job, Expert Installation CARPET-TILE You Buy-We Install Albert A. Bayer 1713 Janice Lane Phone 275-5491 Garden City, Ks. Know Your Telegram Carrier Garden City Telegram News Carriers Route 1 Richard Macombcr South Star Rt. 275-f748 Route 2 Jeff Sigsbee 701 (ith 276-2255 Rome 1 Anita Krimn MOT "ilh'?Tr>--V)IIS Route 4 Valerie Gibbs 505 Hazel 276-8578 Route 5 (•ary Davis (>03 12th 276-2543 Route 6 Tamma Futon 32211th 276-7867 Route 7 Joe Franco 207 S. 5th Route 8 Gregg Dawson 902 Hamline 276-3313 Route 9 Shirley Simon 61012th 275-6001 Route 10 Terry Bryan 1006Gillcspie 276-8341 It.. Anil 11 27j-5'i . . Route 12 Trade Hummer 905 5th 276-8196 Route 13 John Hodges 609 Evans 275-6452 Route 14 Valeta Elliott 1703 Main 276-7582 Route 15 Preston Martin 709 Snfford 276-8375 Route 16 Debbie Cruz 310 N. 12th 276-6439 Route 17 Martin Vanzor 801 Inge 276-8534 Route 18 Steve Bender 1606 "A" 276-6933 Route 19 Greg Anderson 2304 "A" 276-8756 Route 20 Steve Kash 1611 6th 276-7102 Route 21 Jim Crook lOOU.C.St. 276-3924 Collection Time Now You can help me (and I know you will) with my training as a young business person. The newspaper I deliver lo your home is bought at wholesale and retailed to you. The profits 1 make are made after I collect from you each month. I certainly appreciate your promptness in paying when 1 call to collect, — Your Telegram Carrier Notice to Subscribers: Telegram carriers have been notified to supply customers with monthly collection cards. Do not pay carrier if you do not have collection card, or he does not have collection card. Pay by check if possible. Make all checks payable to The Garden City Telegram. If you have questions call Circulation Department 275-7105 The Garden City Telegram Route 22 I'.ir' Kirh.ird Route 23 Rudy Hernandez 2117"B" 276-6847 Route 24 . Karl Brungardt 1106 Pearl 276-2680 Route 'J'. Debbie Hi HK)(i<;ill. -in, 270-M-ii Route 26 Rene Kaiser 705 Evans 276-8598 Route 27 Tracy Stoecklein 152312th 276-3320 Route 28 Scott Carlson 128 Meadowlark 276-3749 Route 29 Dee EUiott 1703 Main 276-7582 Route 30 Emmy Frazier 1224 Ridge wood 275-5158 Route 31 Alfred Beltran 1208 8th 276-8335 Route 32 KentGraber 708 E. Fair 276-7953 Route 33 Cole Mason 1604 7th 275-6253 Route 34 Ty Doty 2421 Belmont 275-0022 Route 35 Sheila McKedy 2303 Main 275-5663 Route 36 Ricky Coons 1111 Chestnut 275-6743 Route 37 Roger Bowlby 1609 "C" 276-8359 Route 38 Corey Becker 152712th 275-9320 Route 39 Diane Wasinger 2009 Juniper Lane 276-6447 Route 40 Robert Munoz 201 S. 10th 275-5658 Route 41 Susan Fisher 1303 Johnson 275-1584 Route 42 David Soukup 706 W. Fair 276-2678 Route 43 Tami Knight 2004 Center 275-9378 Route 44 Todd Shingleton 1714 Old Manor 275-4270 Route 45. Andy Husband Route 1 276-6186 Route 46 Mark Berg 1211 Ridgewood 275-4688 Route 47 Kd Larson 200411th 276-2232 Route 48 Barry Fowlei 1602 9th 276-7563 Route 49 Jeff Mock 2318 "B" 275-4416 «. Route 50 Darrell Daniels 2010 Arapaho 275-5442 Telegram Carriers In Area Towns Deerfield 426-6706 Julia and Skitch Lopez Dighton, 1-M Yvette Moore li II LongMr ••! • 397-5804 Dighton, 2-M Tina Moore 641 Long St. 397-5864 Holcomb I Maria Wasson 276-8649 Holcomb II Joel Martinez 275-1321 Lakin I ' Mercy Godoy 355-7660 Lakin IV Brad Elliott 355-6568 Lakin 111 Todd Neese 355-7713 Muiiiic Dunciin 355-6387 Leoti, 1 Bill Wilson 375-4893 Leoti II Kelly Phillips 375-2755 SatantalB Neil Elkins 649-2463 Satanta II Open Satanta • Cindy Ballard ' Hugoton City Service Phone 657-2811 X Scott I Terri Ohlemeier 903 Jackson 872-3139 Scott II Rusty IdinsUn Parklam- AI>(S. 872-3330 Scott City III Debby Stark 1202 Elizabeth 872-2572 Scott IV MikeWatkins 311 Washington 872-5445 Scott City V Terry Wright 1206 Elizabeth 872-3480 Sublette I Open Sublette II Open Syracuse I Garrlet Fecht 384-7486

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