The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 7, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 7, 1944
Page 5
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FRIDAY, APRIL 7, 194-1 BLYTHEVILLE (AKK.)' COUKIEU NEWS tws Travelers Sign New Qotfielder Ben Cunrrell Will Solve Problem For Manager Bob Seeds 4 T LITTLE ROCK. April 7 (U.P.)— Oulfieldcr Ben Canlrcll, one of the hardest hilllni! ulnycrs in the Southern Association last season, lias signed with the Little Rock Travelers. CantrcU's appearance ended one of Manager Bob Seeds" chief worries, Unit of obtaining seasoned outfielders for liis otherwise given crew. Now ready (o patrol llu 1 outfield for the Pebbles arc Marnier Seeds uml Vcnie Johmon, both seasoned veterans. And Robert Okrie, a former Detroit scmi-pn performer, nncl Howard McDonald, formerly of the West Texas-New Meixto League, have shown goo;l form in the outfield pests. Tlie arrival of Frank Papisli yesterday now pu(« the Travelers ii fine shape with three reRiilai pitchers. And Joe Callahan. ihe fourth memlier of the Travelers quartet which is expected to tea 1 the brunt of hurlini; this season is on the way to Little Rock fron Boston: The Pe!)s are in for some hard drilling for the next 10 days. Seeds says he will keep (lie .squad out in the air daily to prepare for tiic game against the Fourth Ferrying group nine of Memphis at Little Rock April 1C. Three hopefuls were released by Heeds following drill yesterday. They were Norman Lafiltc and Pat Kissinger, Louisiana semi-pro In- fieldcrs. and Robert Brcdy, former University of Minnesota outfielder. DOPE BUCKET BY I. V. Fit! EN I) Knocked Kicking v "BKONCO" IS CJAl'TAIX Remember "Bronco" Drown, the hard driving Chick fullback who used to wear out the opposition when the Tribe, was in the middle of Us sensational winning streak that finally reached 28? ... Of course you do ... He's a captain now In the Army Air Corps and stationed at Port Myers. Pla. lie is an Instructor and must be doing a great job. . . ASSISTANT MAIL CLERIC —Carson (Possumt Alley, sk 3-c, "one of the local post office (sang until his recent enlistment into the Seauecs, writes an Interesting letter from Port Hucncme, Calif. 1 , where lie is an assistant mail clerk, assigned to the money order and registry division While unable to tell the nature. "Poss" said he recently had a thrilling experience, indicating he may have contacted . . . He has Ix'en sent lo Camp Pcmllclon, Oeeansiile, Call!., for further training. . . Al'OLOGlKS— My sincere apology lo Gerald (Corky) Btonicycr and Jimmy .Stafford' mid Joe Neil lintclill for inmlvert-. ently omitting their names from a recent football story about ihe Chicks' Spring training prospects. .. They not only are reluming Icllcr- nien, but arc counted heaylly In; future plans ... I must do some- j thing about tiiat buttered, tired \ lypcwrllcr of mine , . . Sorry! . . . OLD THICKS—A-C Hlclmrcl Roberts Is up lo his old track tricks at,! West Kentucky StMc Teachers Col-' Icge. Bowling Green, Ky.. where he Is in (raining His parents, Mr. Ihe enemy in some way . . . He has meet. . . They we bumped into several former Blythe- races, liis specialties . . . He war. and Mrs. Dick Roberts, have received some excellent pictures showing him breaking the tape during a recent intra-camp track and Held They were In the distance villc people since arriving at Port Kuencmc, Including Hays Spradlcy, one of the better basketball players and an ex-Chick; Don Carter, Ben Slalon, attached to the battalions; also Chief Roy Davis. PECULIAR —They tell me that Steve Pilipowic/, the cx-Fordham Ham football" star who recently signed a baseball con- Irack star here and Murray Stale Teachers College, Murray, Ky. . . NOMINATED—Harry Pclclmnn, the brilliant young plichcr who complied a Northeast Arkansas league record with the Ulylhevjlle Giants in 1938, is oif to u fine start this Spring with the New York Giants. He has been nominated to Portageville Airman Escapes Death In Icy English Channel Iracl with Ihe New York Giants, 1'ilch this week-end . . . Harry, who can throw a baseball but couldn't! compiled a 13-1 record here, was Cagers Again r form Aboard Burros In response lo many requests another donkey basketball game will he staged liclwceii the officers and enlisted men Friday ni^lit at the Blythcville Army Air Base. Lieut. Bill Adams, athletic officer, has announced. The novelty sport was Inaugurated ft few weeks ago'and proved such a hit with the boys and their guests that a repeat performance \vas.souyht. The officers won that fun session, G-4. Under the rules of the contests, each team has five nicaiters, just as in the regular game. Each ride.^ a small liurro and is not permittee to shoot, pass or dribble cxceiV when on the animal. They are permitted to yet off lo relrieve the hall bill must retain contact with their mounts, then j;et back on to further the game., That is where the fun comes. Only loo often the donkey is none loo enthusiastic ahout chasing a basketball. They often take (his particular, time to display their characteristic temperaments, such as balking antl bucking. Especially trained by their Mcin- p);v owner, the donkeys know the t^.*V:s of the trade that serve to enliven the contests, as if anything special were needed. Tlcdge' Snaps Answer liAWKENCE. Kan. (UP)—Marvel Enno, Alpha Omicron Pi freshman pledge at the University of Kansas here, had to have a quick answer recently when she returned from a scavenger hunt on which she was ordered to find a small black kitten as a "iie!l week" duty. The Pledge, bringing back an oversized black tomcat, promptly announced, "He's had thyroid trouble." heave the pigskin due to an unruly nerve ... I was fortunate enough lo sec the big boy in action and he vasn't short on nerve, 'rtily or un- •uly . . . ARRIVES—Scrgt. Tomny Hawkins, who played some pretty good baseball at Blythevillc HiRh School, and could toot a cornet like lobody's business, has arrived in North Africa, according to Ills parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. N. Hawkins. . . He was at Camp Lcc, Va., for i long time. HI'STEIN IN SERVICE Benjamin X. Epstein, whose sports writing, especially column, "Sporls Gazing", attracted considerable attention over the state, has been inducted into the Army . . . After serving as sports editor of the Arkansas Gazette, and unotficial Chamber of Commerce for Arkansas for some ten years. Ben accepted a post on the New York Daily Mirror more than a year ago . . . Epstein made several Irips here to cover some Chick football games and often gave us a break in his columns; also in the annual all- state selections ... He was especially sold on the two Chick coaches, Carney Graham Laslie and Joseph Dildy, the huge hunk of man from Nashville, Arkansas, now athletic officer at Oridcr Field, Fine Bluff. . . "I" He considers the Chick team of 1935 comparable to the Pine Bluff outfit which defeated 15 opponents, including Dayton, Ohio, back in 1925 . . .The Mosleys— Herky, Russ ami Monk—, Mayfield "Sonny" Lloyd. Byron "Ripper" Walker, "Bronco" Brown, Eddie Saliba, Gene Blackwcll, Bill Godwin, James (Bab) Roberts, Bo Coppcdge, James "Cowboy" Cobb were included on his all-state teams . . . Ben liked all the Mosleys —and who didn't?—but he preferred "Herky" ... He rated him as one of the finest backs ever to be produced in the state ... He slill is scratching his head over the comeback of Sonny Lloyd in the spectacular game with North Little Rock in 1941 ... He isn't so sure that Coach Dildy pulled a fasl one on someone—or everyone —in that conlest . . . Really he didn't, or did he? . . . GETS FIRST STRIPE bothered wilh a stomach ailment last year but has been repoii.Ml okay by the medics after a rigid examination. Keeping Up With The Men In Service Tite U. S. Army can |)urcliase two giis mask for Ihe price of an $18/75 war bond. Edward Cherry, wuo Is with I he Army Air Corps In England, ha^ been promoted to the rank o! sergeant, according to infonnalioi received by his wife, who is making her home here while he is i: foreign service. Sergeant Cherrj las been overseas since December Mrs. Mildred Prenclt has receiv- etl several letters from her' son L tarold Doyle, in. in. 3-c with llu Seabecs, who lias been slalionci n the Marshall's since Fcbruarj r{e enclosed several Japanese bill .vith his letters and told liis moth cr that the ink he used Lo writ' with was Japanese, captured 01 Ihe islands. Mr. Duyle said tha there were several other Blythe ville men In his outfit, includin Jakie Trotter. Pete Taylor, W. M. White and Carl' Hood." Pvt. Eugene Powell now is stationed with the Mililary Police battalion at Cnini) McCoy, wis. Pfe. Delamus H. Wyatt has returned to Camn Bowie, Texas, after spending a 20-day furlough here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. II. C. Wyatt. In service for 13 months, James (Tuffy) Allen, who playcc a prominent role in the championship surge of the Chickasaws in 1940 and 19-11, has finished his Marine boot training and completed the radio school . . . Not only lhat. he i: wearing his first stripe, which gives I him a rank of Private First Class AN AMERICAN AlltHABK IN KNCll.ANI), April 1 (Ul')—It was a simple imillcr of mltlmiollc, There were- 10 men In all nml only five could bo rescued. So five Ami-rlran llic'i-s stayed behind lo die. 11 win bitter cold when a Wy!HB Koidi'ss piloted by l.lvut. Wul- tcr Plcknnl, of Crcslvlcw, Flu., .shod Into Ihe Enijllsh Channel. Soon, a rescue .ship mine out to wet tliu men, but shallow witter kept It (nun coinlti", close. The- ship sent u rowlinnl lo lhc shlvcrlni; men dlnitliiK lo the wrecked dlnuhy, a rowuoal that would hold miiv live. And so five of the ulrmeu pulled aboard lo (he rescue ship, and tho. ivscuoi.s returned for the rest. Hut <icatli had boalrn Iht'in lo It. All the oilier five wen 1 (load. Here's how It Impunit'il, A wintry wind wlilsJU'd Ilirmigli the nap holes of Ihe l'Vrln % »a as UMUCIV.. I'lickiml .slitulcd R down out ol the, (jruy sky. 'I'lie crrwincti braced lliemsrlvt'j. for the shock. There \vus a i;rlud- !i>S crush, inul u mlimte later i vu'iv In mmiblnij Icy wale-r. ell iiKRvd by Claylon Johnson's left, Johnny Resale sails Ihrouuli air i firsl round of 1 Id-pound cliinnpionsmp division of easi-wesl nall'iu Ijouts before 18,0:10 fans at Madison Square Garden. Siuux ily Neyro twice lloorccl Camp Mackall, N. C., paratrooper lo win ^ ,' decision. West prevailed, 0-7. < ill! to a llak-rlddlcd dinghy. A cold wind cho]i])c<l Ihe waves, suffer so nuicli." , ~ As the rowboat pulled away the navigator, one of the five' left clhiKlng lo the dinghy, called out: "I'lekard. Don't lei them go away ami leave us", But Plckaid couldn't hear and Crafton wai so numb lie couldn't ;ut up above a fighter plane circled i '""'• ' f hc rcscuerb in the rowboat lit! wrrckiiKc. so they knew help trlc d l ° toss a rope to lhc five re tiny voitld come. Thin and became a rescue ship. Weakly, the 10 men cheered. HOOII, Ihe vessel lowed out Us anchor und a nwbnnt bobbed over the I'lioppv sea toward Ihe benumbed airmen. There wits no lime lo choose who would KG and who would raiilnlng men so they could-be towed back lo the rescue ship'.',But rowboat transferred Craft; Staff Sorgt,. Harry WON So the Pick ard stay, so five were quickly hauled Into Ihe Icelerltm lllllo row- honl. Tech. fiergl. ICdinuiul Crnflon, of Pordujovllle, Mo., was one ol (lie five taken aboard, lie suy.s. "Tile witves wctv breaking over lhc rowbnnl und It barely sluycd on top of tliu wilier. Two boys In ilia boat wore urn cold. Two others were lying on (he lloor." Crnfton adds: "I had none out myself imtl cuuie lo when I hey put a coat on inc. 1 wKli 1 could liuve remained unconscious, because the cold made, me ford of Fresno, Cnllf., an unidentified staff sergeant mid Second Lieutenant llascom Smith of lake- dale, N, c., to the rescue ship. Then it went back for the rest. "Four of them were dead. The fifth one they never did find. • •,>. Comes the '3-ln-l 1 Ej[g . L Sl'llINOPIELD, Mo. (UP)- Mrs. T. M. Hunter discovered recently Unit one of her pullet liens had laid a thrce-hi-one egg. Tlifi, shell measured 8 ; )i Inches by V'/i inches. It condiliicd a doublc-yolked ct'B In a separate hard shell. '• rlvate Wyatl bus served overseas >r eight months. He is u former oolbiill player with the Blythcvillc tiicks. Eugene Ii. Webb, who is stationed I Port Old. Calif., has been prowled Ici the rank of corporal. The on of Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Wc-bb f Hlyllicville. HI. -I, Corporal Webb cccntly spent a furlough witli his a rents. ItiRht I'.itbcr Way TEXARKANA, Ark. (UP) -While ther hens were laying eggs wilh ami Na/.l marks, a hen lelonging (o Mrs. !!. Ii. Boilltoil ranted to be different so she lalcl in cgs displaying n monkeys face. 'Someone told me Ihe figure was tiller's face," Mrs. lloullon said. 'Bui if it was, 1 would have imnslicd It rlgtil Ihcn ana [here." 24 HOUR TIRE SERVICE Vulc»nliln K — Tire n nd Tnlie Keiialrlnt Tractor Tlrea Oor Mprcliiltj, All Work Gmiraiitetd WADE COAL CO. Alabama Kcil Asli Conl N, Hwy. 61 vi,. z'£)\ MAKE YOUR TIRES Last As Long As Possible! • Rotate Tiros • Check Pressure • Chock Brakes • Chock Shock Absorbers • Chock Whool Alignment Lee Motor Sales I'l'. «9 K»rl Slonc, Shop Fornnim 507 K. 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Won't you please rclurn • amply bottles la. your dciilcr lit once for your dopo.sil or, bettor still, for credit on full bollleu of your favorite iMlll\ves( Hairy rnithicls Oo, Cur;i-('[ilii lliilllini; Cu. Hnj'iil Croun Iliilllhij,' Cu. Dr. 1'eppoi' llolllijiK Co. I'ciisl-t'ola llnlllliii; Co. Saturday "MYSTERY RIDERS^. A I'HC Western Serial and Shorl ' Saturday OWL SHOW "LUCKY FELLOW MR. SMITH" A Universal I'ldlurc C(),Mi:i)Y: "Ills Tale Is Told" Sunday 'I' Thuiiday l''aeh \icok will Ije shoisn I Z'l I'ICTUKKH <)!•' I OVAL ' SISUV1CK BOVS New Crimp Eneli Suiui.i) Snntiay und Monday "THE SULLIVANS" wllh Thcnniis Mitchell & Aim Kaxlcr I'cix Nisirs A Short O'Steen's Studio 105 W. Main 6 PICTU RES and One Enlargement DRS. NIES & NIES OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIANS RECTAL DISEASES a SPECIALTY (EXCEPT CANCER) OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:00 Clinic !>H Mnin Blylheville, Ark. Phone COPYING and ENLARGING a Specialty. 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