Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on July 22, 1964 · Page 28
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 28

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 22, 1964
Page 28
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L—REAL ESTATE L-) Houses 30 WED., JULY 22, 1964, lake Charles American Press K—RENTALS AD LIBS by lurry Horb i K 4 Unfurnished Houses MATTERS NOT WHEN YOU'LL FIND BUY 'How about car keys of my own, Dad, to lit one of these cats?" K—RENTALS K-4 Unfurnished Houses FOR RENTALS Call REINAUER'S FIRST HE (>-0;>U;j ti'.O BEDROOMS, rjatu'ic, -lo-r iiy>" s^icen porches, Venetian blind-, v.o - ; 03 South Ryan 4.1Q-5954, <(77<>0,.fl t'HREE BEDROOM unfurnished hotr" <I6 Beouflh Roac). Near school. I n»ie \oulh ol McNcesc. S40. 4.16 I.;.'.' TWO BEDROOM HOUSE. Cornorl newly decorolcd, 1'IQ wiring. \SG V>0 inontM ly. Apply 715 Slxlh Slice! UEAN, WELL finished inside, one bedroom house. Veneliano. water, airpcnl 704 Touchcy. Couple S40. 421-3317. rHREE~ BEDROOM "unfurn.shfd tuj."f 414 Reid. 433-4402. SULPHUR: Slalin Heicilir, thrr, l,i"! room!;. Larqe lot. Dead end Mrc-iM vi Oolan - JA 7-6369 HXCKLLENT LOCATION Three bedrooms $(>7.r>0 SUNSET SALES, INC. GR 7-0353 L—REAL ESTATE L-) Houses WHITE ELEPHANTS HAVE A LIMITED MARKET! Thai v \\liy I hoy lake so lotifj In M-ll MiiiK'limes! lU'sl, nctiiiilly— a while rli'pliiinl ran bvcuine a bargain al a ri»hl price and under I lie fi'^lii utilization! We liave no inaiiii- wand, but you'll liiid our list ills'; are pre-tpslocl lor value' See I'nr yourself by liilliiiL' ItKINAUKir.S first! AN ECONOMY SPECIAL! In n f|0!)d VViV.tloke 101.011011. i.roi th» new Hif|h School loco hem, ttir. loroe .1 bedroom home i- oMt'ted ol only $8,SCO! It's on n beautifully wooded lot, 60' • i/.T! An adioinlnq additional loo lol t.on be purchased also inr a price of only 57,000 odd! tirinoH Only S300 down required lor Nnanclnp! ON THE EDGE OF TOWN! 11 ,ivu sc-k o lol of room on n pinqvbonk budqst, see thi?. uinie 3 bed-room home! IIX Ijrii crt ol only MO,950! In really ">rH|ont condition, II has a : I nolty nine panelled den, cen irn' fH'uffnci. carpelinci, anrf n ruiorif! Only S3SO down FHA 1 tiolhinn down v.'ilh lOO'. Gl lin<m<inn< (4JJ.TS -T) IHRtE. BEDROOMS, air conditionrtt. »»/->. r>i^»\A/Ki r» A \/* » r k IT i i Draperies, fenced yard. 4005 Vandr,hilt (\JO DOWN PAYMENT Available July JO. S9VOO. Call 477-6097 niter i p.m. r f'.VO SeOROOM HOUSE. HM condi lion, excellent location. 130 V/c:,l Pricn l.uke Koad. ',45. 436-9357, 43.1 5/53. ONE BEDROOM apartment cotlaqe. Win tlow unit, water, yard work furnished, Venetians. Couple. 550. Phone 433-3359 ! LLtAN TWO bedioom unfurnished house. Venetian blinds. On Bui line. SiO mnnth ly, 9C5 IBIIl. 477-41JU, .'?:•:) LILY STREET: Twu bedroom 1 ,, hv mq room, kitchen, ttint'ltc, tlen 01 iiimi Ijedroom S65. I-OR RENT: MO monlhly. Pfaciitoiiy • new two bedrooms, unfurnished. Garuuc nnd utility room, fenced back yard and patio. Coll_477-2699. 701 Tallow Hood AIR-CONDITIONED and carpeted, :io living room with 1 huqe bedroom- Lake Charles Hicm orca. HE 3-8516. Aticr_j._p.m. CRV-1388. i-OR LEASE or sale. Three bediooim. built-in stove and oven, wooded tented backyard with patio. 4017 Plco<onl Drive. 477-3431. CLEAN TWO bedroom IIOULC. P u v r cl \treel. Garage, store room, blind v Near tchooli and college. 436-9726. LARGE, COMFORTABLE two bedroom house, 513 Reid Streel, close lo town. Recently completely renovated, dossed In bock porch. Large yuid. Couple only. Phone 439-5245. I WO BEDKOOM, Ihree live panel aoois. , ' i olass door. 135.00 monthly, utilities | turnished. 436-9689. HOUR BEDROOMS, kitchen, don, bathroom, gorocje, on two acres. WS monlh- ly. 436-0881. ; LARGE ONE bedroom house, guruge, , window (on, exceptionally nice. JAO. I Plus utilities. Yard maintained. 2081 West llih. 439-8269. ; UNFURNISHED TWO bedroom" housr ! 3437 Coliella. near Hirghway I/I. ViB iu f-urnistied apartments S48.00. 433 6.10V UtJf'LtX" Very n1lru(.t,ve. f-oui jDO'in ii'icj buin atltc lull. e*'-ellcn' 10'dlrjn Peu'.onuDI'- i en|. 477 JoSO ivC'.Tt AKE. I-or rail ar Suit I nice Ot-droom home on toincf cl N R u i s t'lool. Wired tor cm (.onditionim; A- fk. ton. 1 arqe >r.ud Wi tent ^'?^ C'ri Ov 4.' 1 /-47.'.lf K-6 Rooms ROOM IN pilvolr tiome r.vemng inv-Qi II desired. 4JV-41'?4 ROOM FOR Gcnlleman in pnvate 1101111* Private both ond pnvate enlrame r>o Helen Street fitm Lot-.e Sl'cef K S Wonted to Rent BY COUPLL- H'ree bedroom QI two hrGroom and den imiurnr Hi d Moui** Desirable location 4t7-A'.-ki I VvOULD like lu r«.-ni or buy IU..F uj.-tn home wilh snioit oi i roij'" 1 Jm.nni> F Oumi. -477 6J5/ K-12To Colored rin <i pnv^u sh C'.M iti a noort s> hool nnd -jhoppinn location tins Im no honi n is a perfect buv toi an economy hom?scekc-r ! It iKif, n 10' ^?6' don. ond an ot Ui(.M("rf LOi {)(>> I! In reully yoori * ondihon, iff roaov to br moved into imnisdiotrly! Month Iv payment* will bp onlv S51.77 par to <r ', and insurance 1 IN A WOODED WESTLAKE AREA! ^'tillable lor immediate nrcti nancy. NO DOWN PAYMENT ii irquired fa huy this big 3 bcd- looni 'irick home! In a v.'0ode<t '.Vi-slkikc orca on an 80'xl3-*' lot, tnis home hcii ? tull both^. n separate dinlnn room, o fam Mv room type kitchen, on ot Inched carport, ond a I3'x]4' •.vurkshop! With over 1500 tq. ft. of living area, It's carpeted Ihroughout ond has bulll-ln kitchen 'appliancesl This home Is o result ot a most happy blend- mo of quality ond value! Don't waitl Sne It today! (631156-W) N'EAR McNEESE MOVE IN AT ONCE! «i a f>0 , Cyclone fenced lot, HH< tit tractive horn* can b* •0',, i ', without any r.uin at oil! has a seoarotf dming room •• rum it. tilocl bath ond an ot n ncd rarport' Payments wilt tf only VJ7.65 month Iv plus n.-" ond insurant r! (6')°<1-V) AHI! I ry BAfKCD BY YfARS OF FXPFRIFMl F E. I N A U E R' S F.AL ESTATE IIK..M.TOHS '•TTf.R DFf-ILE hfiUR 1 ' '.i-SO VVEEKCNOS i.Al. L 1.16 44o I Miale* 493-4723 , ..'.uj... 436-8110 Bell Keith 437-2S45 V Guillorv 439-863S , J I . Co.. 477-1393 t Manning 477-3361 -ONE. THREt" bearoom hoube, 1!>!I MOC mcj Sired. One 1«o bcdt ooni hou*.- 1SU Moelmg Stret't. 4;i6-IS28 utter 6 p.m. o21 BEAN ST. BfuJuffu! ? hoarooni t>o; Complete batt-, 'j't tJICFLY FUBWMilO. U-'Ji uom- bulti. Luiye IriKirj vuia 4..o 44.^ IHRtl" BEDROOM uiilun,,'li..d I'""". Sf,0 nioiltht/ or SJU i.'^t'l> Iwo V.L-I-KS 927 Mm Sheet. 4jy-8£// IHREE ROOM uniuin, ln-u m.yie. 'S UO v.ceki,' v.uiei p-iij :~<i A oiji'loi. 1 >us :>'. 4JJ-4878. T'AO BEDROOMS, complete butn nn.c mchen. mid l.vinq iooir. 510 ViCcKU Cull 4331281. 2W/ Coinmeinul Stie-cl' K-14 Miicellaneous 1 1 B A; oulicl-., puiKiiij b r i;u'. • C 1 I Lb I UU',.1 'tO I C;::i,*,(, ' '.::l b..: ',6',' „,": I v iVQ' t IIUOU'.I' i:- ! f-J' O'l.jnta M. l .l) V. il. L.-u.t !...-: •1 - I-NGIISH BAYOU. Hew tnrce bedroom ' hou-,e wilh diep v,oter well. 57,500. V.'ili consider tracle Kuihner Lumber Com- IKiny. HE 9-2461. JUST OF'r SALE ROAD: Behind Quoen (i Hcuvon Stnool. tamliy room, three tcdroonisi two bathh A-isumpilon 515. IjuO. ->UI3 HltO',ont Drive 4775809. "IHRlt BLDROOMS, ioparote dminci room Bieezeway and garage. 100 i i','v lot. Completely redecorated 414 i .i-.t Vttaol .Slrect. 4^-5670 SPECIAL BUYS STOP ACCUMULATION OK RKNT RECEIPTS \<i I!id7 Hi'nadiiiooi'Drive i; lii'driioni home on i-ouiTOle slab Ann- Ian. vpiu'ti.-tii hliniN l j avoil street. 'JiiTAI. I'UK'K SS.iKKM'O. HOWELL MOST HELPFUL o-Jfl JKFFERSON DRIVE iVitn dm* on ins hands, the owner ef this budget buy thre« bedroom hem* ho', repainted all fxtcrior woodwork, tctamplished oil needed redexoration on the interior. The poncifd kitchen-dining area tj th» depth! of the residence. Hurricane fcmird loroe rear liwn. I 114 OAK WOOD in University Plaie with o huqe lot 111' x 130' l.ivinci-bining i.ombinalion. Kitchen-den combincition. Three bedrooms. One and a half Iceramic tile baths. Double r.oroort. I orqe More room. Central heat. One coolina unit ond lhr«e •'JO outlet?. ,M a \OM prir.» for the many comforts. 32R RIO RONDO i in Hollywood, (usi off City Service Rood, there l» an excc.ufive s hornr ot rare <horm. large wooded lot. Foyer entrance. Separate lovely livinn and dinina room, Den off the dinina room. Three bedrooms. An over abundance o< <iosets. In the moiter bedroom, a walk-in. Additional doubft clsset, a portion of which is cedar lined for storaae. In the hup» blond paneled kitchen, with oil appliances built-in, there Ir, 0 larne hutch. Ceramic tile flooh solid brick utility room. Rtor wood fenced fawn wifh potto. Attached Qoraqr. Better te* flbout th^t comforts rlaie to the plants. BAYOU OAKS SUBDIVISION HI si lot on th» north side of Jtanine Street, 60' x 153' |dsl olf Bovou Rood, >hii is the Subdivision lust west of McNeese. KATHERINE HEIGHTS , v/mn.e Skirl rirf,l Streel eost of Lak« Street. Four lots r»nmm 109 t \>*>. For too fpw of this desirability left. The price Is riahl. OVERKILL DRIVE Krl:v'n IM onrt PO Overhill Drive, lot 84' X 140' at CLARA STREET i/t K nth Tin** H*irih!i on o rfpod end poved street, l.ot Qr|jd»d, IrfM i pmov»d nnd r^nriy toi building New reduced prke S4,7SO.OO. Ktm ACTIVE SKHV1CE LIST WlTH voi ; H KNCLUSiVK BROKER HOWELL REALTY Co. Charleston Hold Lobby 1 ucill* HowfH V/-6/M l.ouis* Carroll HE 3-906? REALTORS Ot'tice Mrs.Chaloney 439-8105 477-5535 OUR PURPOSE IS TO SERVE N ou — no.t compote with you. U'lieii \ve say "Service" we mean service! I'ick up the phone riglii now and call 433-9447—you will yet a housing specialist on lli<- lint' ;\l once. "At your service." ,U ST I.ISTKU Ook f'orr .• bediooms, 2 bolhs, >-or pcted living room, big kitchen with larci* inning area. Patio at reor Pretty ook^ ono ilirubs and n tine town with n iiontoce. All blinds ond draperies re n-ain. Owner out of slate -- anxious lot o sale. Mak* otter. 1 G RKAl/l'OR UILLORY KKAl. KSTATK &• INSURANCE Ed Sullivan Marie Herndon Donna ^aro ... Paul Guillorv . FOR BEST BUYS S100 DOWN call HANDLEY REALTY FIRST HK 9-8'JUH 41!6 Kirby St. SCHOOL BELLS ARE RINGING D ».oo.n no,,.. large living icon. OR hija.j tm ci o" l inexpensive. 1800 Elm Si 4-v 826° C'MMERCI^l COHNEK i. anon. Building en i i ICItV OllufV LEASE OR RENT- flition Melollii: D mon Street cl One block i.urn tor numerous b K M krnun -• M TU|1 I J S » r r el t 11M l«g,on- Flu. „ i)0ilrouiu>, living and uui- ( ,j olj « to schools 1 with dining area. area— Woift*r ond dryer—t-arpoi \torag* room—Reaut ed for quit K iiui.-h OM.Y $7.000.00 ToKe ° 100l< IOdOV " 11; aiea combiued kitchen, u.iili ami glassed in back $65.42 L—HEALESTATE L-l Houses HOUSES"" FOR SALE i , five acres with '.i bedroom, Hcyd Park — At Ihc dsad end, brick home, Iwo barns. Kenral. L—REAL ESTATE L-5 Acreoge Farms DENNIS THE MENACE Realtor. HE 3-5207 Ho'.vord tarter HE 9 5J6S Puth Gabbert i HE 3-74H TO EACH HIS OWN! LOVINGLY PLANNED! mid lovlncjlv constructed, th's 3 bedroom brick ol 1706 Rose Street is o permanent home for your family. BIG, 7 rooms, master bedroom dtsifjned for King size bed, den 21' lonq, kitchen 17', formal dining room: CONVENIENT — larg* i lo'.ets, built-in stove and oven, huqe Inside utility rooml COMFORTABLE — centrally air conditioned: ECONOMICAL: — completely Irtsulated, designed for minimum mnintenanc-: LUXURIOUS - carpeted nnd drjiped. The owner hni moved out of town ond lt> pri,-td to ifII ol ttl,500.00, YOUR CHOICE of ti nanr.lng. FOR BETTER LIVING Immaculate 3 bedroom buff brick al 805 Dolby, 'I ceramic botna with shower stall ond beauty bar, mirror-like floors, 26' paneled kitchen — den, central heal, !'.• ton nir conditioner, lovely landscaped yard, fenced Irl reor with tree", and shrubs. F.H.A. notes about 4155.00 per month. COUNTRY LIVING—CITY CONVENIENCE v,elch and Pripn Elementary Schools — Sparklina Inside arid out wilh new paint, »m 1 bedroom, 7 bath brick on Sarah Lane Is a HONEY! Paneled kitchen, pretty as o picture, with rooper-r.olored built-in stov* and even. BIG utllHV room, double carport, povrd ririv»rrvav, lot 82 Y 1:10', dnd priced at ONI Y *15,850.00' YOUR TERM"-' \ DOC,! nr;d fhe owner knows if And he II do most anything to II you ask -• -so LOfiif see this large 7 bedroom nnd den home ot '}m Rote Slreet and tell us \vriot YOU want done to II 1 It's on assumption, too, wilh n»tes V72.14 per month. BUT coll NOW! Call THE COLEAAAN AGENCY Since 1910 Mariune Reynolds 439-4745 Roland Stine 477-3873 Otllce 433-1015 WHY NOT OWN A HOME? These homes can be purchased for No Down Payment. Very lo\v Closing Costs, ,}Q Years lo pay. IL'O!) Alcacluw Drive, :i Bedroom. S7J.25 Mo. Plus Ins. & Taxes Ki:iU Meadow Drive, li Bedroom S73.19 Mo. Plus Ins. & Taxes 43!) Arlington. 3 Bedroom .$77.24 Mo. Plus Ins & Taxes •1041) Grcimvich Blvd. Brick Yen.. .$07.67 Mo. Plus Ins & Taxes L'9-U) Gon. Doolittle, 3 Bedroom—$63.32 Mo. Plus Ins. & Taxes :V28 \V. School St., 3 Bedroom .. .S71.79 Mo. Plus Ins. &: Taxes 3003 Hoover Circle, 3 Bedroom $06,15 Mo. Plus Ins. & Taxes 1(102 earmark St., Sulphur, La., Large 3 Bedroom S85.1G Ala. Plus Ins. &. Taxes The Seller will pay the Taxes for this year. Taxes lor 19fi5 will be paid by purchaser. LOVE & LOVE j UST LISTED- DOLBY STREET 3 bedroorn, 2 bath brick home. 23' llvlnn S. dininrt, 16.9' kit- carport. Large 110x120' lot. Close • h»n, hos the builtlns. Utility, i.-i school, the children can walk lo i lasses. Excellent financing, d. IIO1KJKS STIIEET Down toivii — a tine brick home, n you <jre employed down-town. ••ee this home. Brick, 3 bedrooms, 2| baths, living room, kitchen, large family room, utility. An older type home with solid wood walls, beautiful oak floors. Make oner. h. CALL US l''OR RENTALS FURNISHED ^ bedroom home, (..lean. ^15 month. «. 1805 R|yan Si. 433-9447 NEW 3 BEpROOM HOME of Paris Street where its safe for children to romp. Three bedrooms, two baths, kitchen- family room combination with snack bar and five bar-stools. Double ear garage, brick vcn- eor — Beautifully wooded lot with large oak trees. Two Air- Conditioning units included. Call lo see this home (oday as (his is one of Lake Charles' most popular residentinl communities. H.? 7'eUkoai Lane -- Will lease or sell this three bedroom, one and one half bath, brick home. Built-in gas kitchen. Can be boiiglil on assumption — for ! S17.500.00 ..- lease S110.00 V>fM' month. Xi21 Center Slrcet -- The buy | of the year -- Three bedroom. ! t\vo bath, brick with large living room, separate family room v.ilh fire place. Double car- porte. patio with Barbecue. This i pi-ire of S 17.500 is a sacrifice. THE WILKINSON AGENCY 477-5172 477-5380 439-2731 4/7-034; 477-3490 477-14S» 436-5900 HE 6-5562 four mites south of Country Club Hoad on Klliotl. Road Twelve acres and 2 thousand hiving liens. Kcjuipmcnt for caring for these layers inciud- ing egg handling equipment. Three bedroom frame home. Kivo miles south of Country Club Road on Lincoln Road. THE WILKINSON AGENCY Office 4:t9-273! Don Salmons 477-2087 SOUTH SULPHUR Forty acre tract 1 to 5 acre tracts NORTH SULPHUR I to 5 acre (pacts PALERMO HKAL KSTATK 'Key,MM; I THINK w mr A» 3«niN' FARTHER AWAY/* JA 7634.1 JA 7-9W7 i LEGAL NOTICES LEGAL NOTICES Gloria LaMoyne Red Wilkinson Office BRICK, Colonial four bedrooms, don, two balds, built-in kitchen. Central o I r, closed potlo. Fenced backyord wilh lovely shurbbery. 730 West Jefferson Drive. Cash for portion of equity and assume notes of J136 plus taxes and Insurance. Phone 436-3315. BACHEL.bR~OR older person. Custom built two bedroom brick veneer. Good location. Lake Streel area. 477-1392. OAK ~PARK: No casn needed. Remodeled two bedrooms. Three notes free. 4M-7415. Wood Realty. Sen 'ON THE RIVER" ; We have just lislcd a beautiful I spot with 300 foot frontage on OWNER SAYS 10 ncr« land for MOO per aorf . TASH Clean, hlah, w th scattering of fr«s, dee" grass. Perfectly beautiful. Call: TYLER ROBERTS RKAL, ESTATE CO. -138-8261 L-6 Colored Property WILL YOUR HOMK LAST FOREVER'.' This home won't either, but II will come nose. The former owner hauled over 20,000 feet of CYPRESS LUMBER to Ltkc Charles lo build thlj home. Even the floors are beautiful clear shiny CYPRESS. For the home eternal you must see this big home with over 1,400 I clol classification. ,,,,.,.. ,„ auare leet under the rool. | Property commenclnq 133.3 feet North ol the Northwest corner of (Catherine REZONING HEARING The Luke Choi los Zonino Commission will hold o Public Hearina, in Cily Hall Courtroom on Tuesday, July 28, 2 p.m. to consider requests for rczonlnq: CASE LC-29^4—Request to rezone from "C-l" to "C-2" Comm. Property ccmmem- ing 106' South of SW corner Pu|o and Ryon Sis., thence West 71', thenc* South 1', thence West US', fhence South 80,6', (hence East 236', thenco North 89.6' to commencement. (918 Ryan St.l. (o'.» I.C-30-6J—Request to rezone from "A-l" Res. to "C" Comm. Properly commencing 666' South ond 200' East of SE corner LaGranqe and Ryan Sts., thence South 155', thence East 76.5', thence North 15', Ihcnce East 60', Norlh 1X0', thence West 1.14.5' to commM/.emenl. (West end of Scorlcll St.). July IS.2227—31. E. J. :,lrcnk, 436-5743 NOTICE Of INTENTION Public notice Is hereby given that th* Council of (he City of Lak« Charles Intends to adopt an ordinance on August 5, 1964, re-classlfylng the following described property, now located In the City of Lake Charles, from dustrlal classification la E" Heavy In•C-2" Commer- NORRIS-RAMSEY ... -IEALTY, INC. i West Fork-. The 3 bedroom brick (8fl , 1rd Av( . , : home is sel back on the large wooded lot which consists of about. 2'/i acres. This is not just a camp — il is a home in a beautiful setting where you will i eiijoy year round living. Make ! an appointment today to see one. PAULEY AGENCY, INC. LARGE LOTS In popular subdivision on Opelausas Road. Near Hwy. 90 and Interstate 10. Just a few minutes from town. 525 down, $15 monthly. ^39-5042. HOUSE ~AND LOT: Buy like rent. S30 per month. No down payment, no closing cost. Lumberman's Supply Company. 304 Goss Street. W-4-422. TWO BEDROOM, living room, dlnlnq room, kitchen, bath, qlassed-ln back porch, paved street. 803 North Lyons, 56,000 436-7070. oi tnc Northwest corner or p,oinermc r- -•• • . -• -r land Norlh Blake Streets, thence West ?""! /-iS.^.?' 700 feet, thence North 66.7 teet, thence East 200 feet to the West right-of-way line of North Blake Street, thence Soulh ofoncj this fine 66.7 teet to tht point al commencement. A hearinn will be granted by the Council at 9:00 a.m., August 5, 1964, prior to the proposed adoption ot said ordinance, at which Interested parties may ALFRED E. ROBERTS, tlvan Street 940 Jack Locke Plau 433-B51fi .HE 3-993V Ch« HE 6-2711 NEWLY REDECORATED one bedroom house. Pnved street. $3,800.00 1417 Martha. 436-7070. 929 NORTH Division: Three bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, two porches. Corner lot. Owner will finance. 477-4M3. _ MOSSVILLE: Will sell, finance or rent. Low monthly payments, 433-6935. 8826987. Blg i, HE 9-4454 ! |__7 Miscellaneous be heard. Attest: FLORENCE N. MOORE, Clerk of the Council. July 10-22-29. Mayor. -3t NOTICE OF INTENTION : Wurren Li imbocker ............ HE 9-1993 Public notice Is hereby plven that the Council of the Clfy of Lofce Charles Intends to adopt an ordinance on August 5, 1964, re-classifying the following described property, now located In the City of Lake Charles, from "B" Apartment classification to "C" Commercial classification. Property commencing at the Northeast corner of North Shore Center Subdivision (Texaco Station) on the South rlqht-of- way line of Southern Pacific Railroad, thence South 170.4 feet to the North right- of-way line of Highway «, thcnc* Easterly olonn this lint 175 feet, thence North 174.5 feet to the railroad riaht-of-way, thence West olona this line 175 feet to the point of commencement. A hearing will be granted by the Coun- SHERIFF'S SALE Fourteenth Judicial District Court, Parish of Calcasicu, SJolc of Louisiono, The Brooklyn Savings Bank, Vs. No. 62,203, M. D. Reynolds, Et Al. By virtue of a writ of Seizure nnd Sole Issued and lo me directed by the Honorable Court aforesaid, I have seized and will oiler for sale at public auction to fhe last and highest bidder with Ihe benefit of appraiscmenl, al the court of this parish In the city of Lake Charles, parish of Colcasiec/, on Wednesday, August 76, 1964. between leqal hours and starting ol 10:0(1 a.m. Ihe following described property, lo wit: The West 13.34 Icet of Lol 6; Eusl 42.33 feet of Lol 5 01 Block Twelve (12) of Sunset Acres, Parts 3 and 4, a subdivision located In Lake Charles, Louisiono, as per revision plat recorded In Plat Book 11, at page 2, logelhcr with all Improvements thereon situated. Seized under said writ. Terms: Cash on Day of Sale. H. A. REID, JR. , Sheriff, Calcasleu Parish, La. Sheriff's Office, Lake Charles, La., July 22, 1964. CAMP, CARMOUCHE, PALMER, CARWILE, BASIN & BARSH, Attorneys for Plaintiff. July 22 - August 24 -21. TRUST~EE'?"SALE U. S. District Court, Western District ot Louisiana, No. 12932, In Bankruptcy, In th» matter of: Arthur Cox, Jr., Bank 58,000 Or. LaFargue'5 eleven room homr Pi A I F D A X S~~\ ''" °t 9:0 ° °- m - August 5, 1964, prior to for sale 211 Lincoln, Sulphur. 527-718^, M A 1 U ly A/\ I ) the proposed adoption of said ordinance, 527-5830; 434-7229; 527-5256. | r\ l_ l_ l\ / Y \ V_y at which interested parties may be heard. ASSUME LOAN, Three Monthly payments 572.30. Sunset Developers. LARGE FOUR bedroom, two baths, ^^ranste^^P^e^^^ COOL AS A CUCUMBER Is how you will tee| in this lovely three bedroom, air conditioned bricK home. Many extras incluac. Central heat Automatic dlsrtwashei Automatic garbaoe disposal Carpet 75'x250' wooded lot 1105 West Burton In Sulphur. docs have il i LOTS — Nothing down, i)5 monlMly ACREAGE - 10'i down HOMES — On • Assumption NEW HOMES Will consider your home as Irode in ond finance balance. PALERMO HK.M, ESTATE & Sunday JA 7-6343 j vord OIlKe MlQnl CAMP FOR SALE an Calcasleu River. Coll 527-5477. JA 7-3242_or_JA_7-7969 TWO~¥EDRobM nous* with both. In • Westlake area. No closing costs. $100 down. »3J_mon|hly._4U9-SO«. BY~OWNER: $17,500. Completely brick, three bedrooms, two ceramic baths, larae kitchen, den combination. Two halls, utility room. Carport, central heat paved street. On lot 81x254 with trees. 3116 Landlair Phone 436-3831. BY OWNER- Three bedrooms. Alr-con- dllioned, central heatlnfl. Dishwasher, disposal, built In appliances. Smoli equity, assume loon. 477-0464. THREE BEDROOM Home. Low monthly payments. Small down payment. Joe Hebert Real Estate Broker, 436-1425. Jane H. Trahan REALTOR 436-6447 bale-Li'ase-Exchanse j Residential, L'cnimcix-ial, Lots. ! Acre : ?2e and income producing properties. THREE BEDROOM, Two both brick home Located at Prlen Loke oreo one , mile tram Southclty Bypass. Paved street, restricted subdivision. 477-4220. 4306 OAKLAWN: Architect designed house, three bedrooms, two baths, aln- infl, calhedral celling, livlnq room, am- LODGE NOTICES Stated meeting of Calca- sleu Lodge No. 400, Thursday July 23, al 7:30 p.m , for (he transaction of business. One E. A. degree will be conferred. AH members ore uroed to attend. Visiting Ercthren are cordially Invited. F. PRIMM ± _W._M. I. STALNEC.KER, Sec. ALFRED E. ROBERTS, Attesl: Mayor. FLORENCE N. MOORE, Clerk of the Council. Jc.>lyJO-2?-29. 31 NOTICE OF INTENTION Public notice Is hereby given that the Council of the City of Loke Charles intends to adopt an ordinance on August S, 1964, re-classifying the following described property, now located In the City of Lake Charles, from "D" Industrial \ classification to "C-2" Commercial classification. i Property commencing at a point on the I West riqhf-ot-way line of Enterprise Boulevard 155 feet North of the Northwest corner of Lawrence Street ond Enter- rise Boulevard, thence West 160 feet, .hence North 50 feet, thence East 160 feet to Ihe West right-of-way line of Enterprise Boulevard, thence South along this line 50 teet to tht point of commencement. , ,. _ A hearing will be oranttd by th» Council at 9:00 a.m., August 5, 1964, prior to the proposed adoption of Jald ordinance, at which Interested portltj may "" ^^ ALFRED E. ROBERTS, Attest: Mayor. FLORENCE N. MOORE, Clerk of the Council. July 10-22-29. -31 52,755,000 Calcasleu Parish, Louisiana, School Olttrict No. n Bonds. Sealed bids for $2,225,000 School District No. 23, Calcasleu Parish, Louisiana, Buildinn and Equipment Bonds will be ] prl th , received at the office of the Calcasicu u communication lor i parish School Board, 1724 Klrkman Lake Charles Lodge No. strecti L ake Charles, Louisiana, untii 10 165, Thursday, July 23, 1964, al 7:30 p.m., to confer Moster Mason's dc- Wedne&doy, August 5, KM Each bid for said bonds shall Matt the pie storaae and closets. Brick patios, slflcallon. invited. BILLY B. ZEIGLER, W. M KENNETH LIVINGSTON, Set. Southwest Louisiana Masonic Certificate Association. A school of Instruction will be held In the Annex. al 7:30 p.m. Wednesday July 22, 1964. All Master Masons are urged to attend theie meetings. LARRY CHRONISTER. Pres. HAROLD H. YOUNG, Sec. LEGAL^OTlCET ""NOTICET OF~INTENTION Public notice Is hereby given that the Council of the City of Lake Charles Intends to adopt an ordinance on August 5, 1964, re-classifying the following described properly, now located In the City of Lake Charles, from "C" Commercial classification to "C-2" Commercial clas- rupt. Notice Is hereby qlven thaf S. S. Holland Jr., Trustee In Bankruptcy, Lake Charles, La., has made application lt> sell at private sale oil rlghf, title and interest which the bankrupt eslotc has in and to the following described property, 1o-wlt: Lot 5 of Block 3 of Groenlawn Subdivision of South Half of South Half of Northeast Quorlcr (S '': ol S '.-.• ot NE U) of Section 33, Township 10, South, Ronne 8 West, together with all improvements thereon situated. Valued ot — w 000.00. To Calcasieu Saving t, Loan Association, ot Calcasieu Parish, La . upon Its bid of 52,000.00 In lull satislai- tion ol claim, plus the sum ol ilM. cash Court costs, sold sale to be m.••••• tree of all liens and encumbrances, except taxes, and except paving lien i'i r sum of J37S.74. all other liens and en cumbronces being referred lo NIP or- ceeds, and subject to the approval uort confirmation ot the Court Referee m Bankruptcy, P. 0. Box 28, Shrcvcnort. Lo. S. S, Holland Jr.. Trustee in IV-.k ruptcy, 0. 0. Box 1108, Loke Charlc;,. Jul L 2J _ _ " ~ TRUSTEE'S SAL« u. S. District Courl, vv jlcr/i DIM; n I ol Louisiana, No. 12741, In Dankrunlcy. in the matter ol: Ray James Colemun, loi merly dba R. J. Colemon Well Service, Bankrupt. Notice is hereby given that S. S. Holland, Jr., Trustee in Bankruptcy, Lake iCharies, La., has made application to sell at private sale all right, title nnd Interest which the bankrupt estate has In and to the following described property, to-wlt: Beginning at the Northeast corner of Lot Three (3) of Block Fifteen (15) of Cutting's Addition to the City bf Jennings, Louisiana, thence West One hundred thirty-eight and three-fourth (138?i') feef; thence South parallel with the East line of Lot Three (3) of Block Fifteen (15) of Cutting's Addition, One hundred forty seven (147') feef; thence East parallel with the North line of Lot Three (3) of Block Fifteen (15) of Cul- tlnn's Addition, One hundred thlrty-eifjht ond three-fourth (138- 3 /i'); thence Norlh One hundred forty seven (147') feet to the point of beginning. Situated In Jel ferson Davis Parish, Louisiana. Valued ot 516,000.00. To Lionel D. Gervais, ot gree. Members urged to ra | e O f interest, not exceeding 5% ner attend. Visitors cordially annum, said bonds are to bear. The bonds will be dated June 15, 1964, of the denomination of Sl.OOO ond will mature serially as follows: 574,000 bonds on June 15, 1965, $7t,rjOO bonds on June 15, 1966, 581,000 bonds on June IS, 1967, SI4.000 bonds on June 15, 1961, 587,000 bonds on June 15, 1969, $91,000 bonds on June 15, 1970, $95,000 bonds on Junt 15, 1971, CT9,- 000 bonds on June If, 1972, $103,000 bonds on June 15, 1973, $107,000 bonds on June 15, 1974, $111,000 bonds on June 15, 1975, 5115,000 bonds on June IS, 1976, $119,000 bonds on June 15, 1977, $124,000 bonds on June 15, 1978, $129,000 bonds on June 15. 1979, $134,000 bonds on June 15, 1980, 5140,000 bonds on June 15, 1911, $145,000 bonds on June 15, 1982, $151,000 bonds on June 15, 1913, $151,000 bonds on June 15. 1984. Interest will be payable Jun* 15, 1965 and seml-annually thereafter on December 15 ond June 15. The award of the bonds will b« subject to the validity of tht bonds being Incontestlblt pursuant to Paragraph N, Section 14, Article XIV of the Louisiana Constitution. Approving opinion of Messrs. W o o d. Jefferson Davis Parish, La., upon his bid of 5250.00 and the assumption of a mort Bane In favor of Rapides Bank & Trust Company in the amount of 511,800.00; a mortgage In favor oi Howard Colemon In the amount of 54,900.00; a mortgage in favor of Richard Coleman In the amount of $1,200.00; and a mortgage In favor of Lionel D. Cervais In the amount of 55, 000.00; said sale to be free ond clear of all other liens and encumbrances, except taxes, Hens and encumbrances being referred to the proceeds, and sublect to the approval ond confirmation of the Coyi Referee In Bankruptcy, P, 0. Box 28 Shreveport, La. S. S. Holland Jr., Trustee, P. 0. Box. 1108. Loke Charles. July 22 •It. SHERIFF'S SALE wooded lot. 5600 equity. 436-6826. FIVE ROOM HOUSE. Ten acres of land. Fruit ana pecan trees. Deep well. $3,500. 8','j miles north ot DeQulncy. Turn Property commencing 211 feet North of the Northeast corner of Ryan and 17th Fourteenth Judicial Districl Court, Par ish of Colcosieu, Stale of Louisiana. Consolidated Credit Corporation of Crowlev, Inc. Vs. No. 61,741 Rubton Benoll, el ux. By virtue of a writ ot Fieri Facias issued and to me directed by the Honor able Court aforesaid, I have seized and will offer for sale ot public auctin to the last and highest bidder with the benefit of appraisement, at the court house door of this parish In the city of Loke Charles, parish of Calcasieu. on Wednesday, August S, right oft Hwy. 27, one mile oft. Soulh 1M feet to 1he poin | ot commence HOUSE "FOR>ALE: To be moov_ed.,We ™ Antheor , wi|| „. oranled by 1he Coun . ell at 9:00 a.m., August 5, 1944, prior lo the proposed adoption of sold ordinance, at which Interested parties may ?L1 ¥ ?". s A re , e 'Ll h « n , c . e E a och bid must, bt accompanied by. buy houses to be movea. Call G. Daigle. 433-2323, House Moving Contractors. be heard. ALFRED E. ROBERTS. Attest: Mayor. FLORENCE N. MOORE _ Clerk ot the Council BV OWNER: Three bedroom home, good | July 10-22-29. -'.'I neiohborhood, extra small downpay- — - ment. S70.08 monthly. 477-1140. ! NEW TWO bedroom frame home In Moss Bluff on lor 100x300. $8,500. Cash,, terms, or trade. Moss Bluff Lumber Company. 155-7711. V.'ESTLAKE: Will sell finance, oi rent Low monthly payments. 4j:;693i 882 6SJ7 otter 5 p.m. ASSUME NOTE Three bedroom I Neai Greinwich Shopping Ccnlei 'It'll. •u l.'m M Tnit beouhiui i oeaiooi: includes insurance and 1-2 Lots ROYAL OAKS: wooded lots, rapidly ae- veloping area. West of Hollywood, lowest terms. J750 up. 4334947. NOTICE OF INTENTION Public notice is hereby aiven mot ne Council of the City of Lake Charles in tends lo adopt an ordinance on August 5, 1964, re-classifying trie fallowing ae me i -' ribed property, now located In the diy 4/7 j ot Lake Charles, tiom "B" Apartment classification to "C Commei'Liol classification. Property commencing Ho feet South 01 Ihe Southeast corner ot Kirkman and Iris Streets, thenct EOit 133.3 feet, thence Approve opinion otmessrsw 000, b , :COQ| h6u 5nd starting at 10.00 CH7'on D re S Teaamy of 9 this°lUu. e ^m 0 be!^, '^ ".lowing described property, ishcd to the purchojer at. the ex-, to ^' e G E Televtblon Sel . Seized under said writ. Terms: Cosh on day of sale. H. A. REID, JR. Sheriff, Calcasieu Parish, La. Sheritt's Office. Lake Charles, La. July 22, 1964. MCLEOD S. RICHARD, Attorneys for Plaintiff .July 22 It Buffalo Is Captured By Two Trucks cashier's or certified check for J'l of amount of the bonds, payable to the Calcasieu Parish School Board. Checks of the unsuccessful bidders will be returned Immediately. Check of th« successful bidder will be held until bond delivery Is made and payment Is received. In case successful bidder doej not comply with his bid, check will bi forfeited as liquidated damages. The riaht Is reserved to relect any • and all Elds. A circular containing full information may be had upon request. H A. NORTON, Secretary, Calcasieu Parr.,11 Vhool Board Juiy i 15 /.' Jl nonif has '1 tile baths ono year around Move in flOW. No monthly pay- j LOTS" FOR ^INVESTMENT. Priced "low. fj.OuO uq It A I .-'iaing en LJ-,lo: 1 . P tut,- ua idf' i .tnlt ''I' 1 - , .!. hiYATL L 1 Houses OUT OF CUT LIVING ENJOYMKVr > '^n Le VOUM In tit !• -room, aen o'l ft 1 ' ha f . built in funi: *tfl* /it-., "o<. a home. V iirh d even. On . il, ntrei '.;j & DOLAN KKAl. KSTATK i."..VERSITV PLACE her iu.e b« o.-.u •' Hi! Lfre Street I'.'C.- u-. f JrOuinv t,M.K, laige iCtonii. 'tntiul ti>-ut .n lulrjitd, d^po-ai enuc-.cif Suragt. 14' x to' -JHOP oi if&tciae, fcn-ed !<aijs. vurd. 4/7-4W2 f'LASSlFlED"ADS -CLICK". •JJJ \urUi Bilbo :') lonin liuUM. 1 . SHAUK AND I I! t I T THKES. PRICK >i rill no KASY TKRMS! CHAVANNE (K^l, KSTATK AGENCY 4:i9-'^354 439-4768 SALES—HK.NTALS iHHtt LAKtE bearoom tioute in Kaa If, on Htghrto^ 190. Deep wfll, twj luigi- Loriii. 19 ocic^ ot loud, two airr-i ieo^t-d to Evangeline Station. E. Co'jlv men 64V2 Beircnwood Drr.e. Buton K'ourti', F.I. S 0541. Ro : iiey. ,;i ,M4. HOUR BEDROOM l,0j-,e. room. rji<-hen. dining aico ond aen /26 Ur ban Stiftl. Sulphur. Large lol paved Mrc-ei Ha.ctn.o Heo! t"-,la'f i'.'^-i^j. £;7 9I7/ k.lchen-Lorge living room with torpet- inq-Famllv foam-Plenty oi c 0 b e t 'ouce - Fully Insulated - Double cur niriI — Washer ond dryer room--i ou mu'.l '^e* this horn* to enioy ttis inunv Ituturet.— 190* 12tn St. inis S ocdioom UricK vent-ei honit is a reel good buy al •"«~>™- Will :iii>itlor trade. SUNSET DEVELOPMENT INC. South Lake Charles. 4875, S975. Mary Byrne Elliott f ~ ' 4369)14, M2-6238 LARGE WOODED LOTS located clo^e in. Just eight minutes la Ryan Street. Only 125.00 flown and $20.00 monthly. Norrli- Romaey Really, Inc. 609 3rd Avt. 439- South 90 feet, thence West 133.3 feel to the East right-of-way line of Kirkman , Street, thence North along this line 901951 leel to the point of commencement. A hearing will bt granled by the Court- ; NOTICE lain Judaicil District Coyrr Ponsh ot si. Mory, State of Louisiana. No. 29,145 Stale Mineral Board Vs. Marit B Ab oalc. Et Al Your attention Is uallcd lo int tollowing ttoiement- RtCiipU From Slot* Mineral Boara M.^12. Deductions M. ...... — .„, v..-.. ...-., - ,„) i Coils ot court ond Attorneys Fees ior , i n(1 mllf-ll fnr Byrne ; ""EIHoW.. Real Estate Company. :-{'I ot 9:00 a.m., Auoust 5. 1944, prior to ! Aitorne,5 to represent .absent ond an- l °° mlltl ! '?'. home is u i cui yuuv wui **• * i^,»«(.»w • i •* •» • i* Has larne living room - Kitchen has, 4401 Uiuisiana Avc. 477-0353 L-3 DUSinCSS Property plenty ot coblnets — Comfortable den—' I ^ . _ _. , r . J__ 2 window olr-condilioners — Attached ga raae—Large yard with trees ond thrubs, -You will ice fht valu* wntn y«u Inspect this home. ; U bedroom tiouLf oa Ron '->' w»l treat I ; tor olhei property—iois oi oueaoe > Bob House Agency Ki-aliiir Insiiraiite UK 3-7344 JIK 9-5l9o ; or Da\ COMMERCIAL PROPERTY for soli by owner on Hwy. 171 between First National and Csoro« Therlot'i Grocery BY OWNEI air condl monthly r FOR SALE Six room: pay i. Thre* btdroom, panel oen, laned, entras, no equity, low otts. 477-4399. By owner. 1707 12th itreei. and one batn. $14,000. Somil nent. Call 43^-^73 or 436-!62o Start. 1C09 Hwy 4 30 pm 171. 433-5025 otter CONTRABAND BavOJ trick home, 4J!I i Oaklawn. Reauttd tor QUICK sale. Thre* Bv u.'.NLt' Univeis'i, PiQi-t mre« | bedroamj, t*9 ceramic botns. Air con- t-orooi! Hi u.*,, Lorpeled. cm i.ondilion , d,lloneis dropenes. tireplatt, utility ">f yood Etoragt. enclosed oorag* 4'iV | roam, ttor« (txmii. tS2,tHX>- 4/? l'll< Quit*, 4// j/»'9 lor appointment </jQ PONDERCOA: V.ooaed lot, lireplo^.t o.cj biic.k| three bearoams, rwo botn-- birch puneUcd aen, carpeted, drapei'u bu!it-in3, centra! heat 477-1816. ASbUME I1.OAN, .nree bedroom hoaif monthly notes, }7I.QO. Sunset DeveiOp ers. 47?JjiJ. t JUST COMPLETED. Fivt btflioom, rv,o den French Cpjonial. Located 202* 22nd Street t'.dd't Austin (Bji.d«rt 433 7X5J. I For Fast Results' DIAL HE 9-2781 tht proposed adoption of said ordinance ot which interested parties may be heard. ALFRED E ROBERTS. Attest Mayor FLORENCE N MOORE Clerk o* tne Council July 10-72-29. t NOTICE OF INTENTION Public notice is hereby given that the Council of the City of Lake Charles intends to adopt on ordinance on August 5, 1964, re-classifying tht fallowing described property, now located In the City of Lake Charles, from "D" Industrial classification to ''C-2" Commercial classl tication. Property commencing 220 feet South of ] _,_,"""„,»„«.:• me Southwest corner of Ninth Street and I »'P. S _ WANTED Highway 14, thence West 108.4 teet, •nence South 120 f«> thence East 108 4 !eei to the West right-of-way line of Hicin AUGUSTA. Kan. tAPi - A wayward butfalo proved to be •ses and his pursuers had to resort to trucks known co-Owners' - S33.657.22. Amount paid James C. Henriaues. Jr. i ; . , . according to Judnment of the First Or- • 10 Capture Illlll cult Court of Appeal of Louisiana - S10I - 02 ReIerved for futurt co;ts - Tlle liu'Jalo liopped a teiice at Totoi • $144,656. 7?. thp home ni his nwTipr OWHII Net For Distribution • 41,069,304.97. I.J OI Ills OWlier, UWeil All interested Co-owners ore fllven un- 1 McLweil, and led POllCe and f,IAu B «t 15, 1944 to oppoit ony ot these j ^1^^.,; On a five-hour Chase. If no opposition! art modi, tht Court tht " <ost " po " lt>lt fo pav ' 'I Franklln, Louisiana, July 13, 1W4. RENE 1 H. HIMEL, , the 1,- i July FOR 0.Uriel Judge. fOl SUTANE CAS PARISH SCHOOLS. thence No"nn"along tnis "lm* 120 P usl >. '" 4 for furnlshlna ond deliver : teet lo Ihe point of commencement A heoiing will be granted by tne Coun .il ot 9:00 am. August 5. !9b4 prior 10 me proposed adoption ot i.0'd cfdir.ancc. ot *nt h interested parfie;, muy oe neora ALFRED E. ROBERTS Al!e:.l M.OvOi H.ORENCE N MOORE jJji'ia.MV*' C °"" ul -,, : CLASSIFIED ADS "CLICK". 800-pound buffalo was anchored between two pickup trucks and given two tranquilh- r»* « tt «,«: U r*«,,« , t « O gL S . <* shots. Then he was loaded ce^e' CO b1c J \\ P n^, i 1 0 ^rn 0l wSdS ytl ;u--i lnt0 » h ° fSe ^^^ {OT ^ ^ »» t > c ' turn to Mctwen S i iig butone gas to Vincent, Storks ond' HomiAood schools in Calcasiej Parish Louiiiano. for the 19ci4-19i5 school se:'.ion. Tne ncint is reserves) to reject tne . -tor oiy H. A. NORTON, 4,.,.,I A f i K70 : beciesarv. talLOSieu Parish School (oord. j "Olal 01 1.0/0 juiy r-25-a '•*<•! figure includes 221 square miles Cameron is the largest par- I is IC^CIVCV IO IC1CLT IOC .... , - • '., one or on schools luted, ish in area in Louisiana with a . This of water area

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