The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 14, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 14, 1952
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVIU.E (ARK.) COURIER NEW3 HAL lOYLI'S COLllMN It's a Long Road Back To Childhood and It's Hard to Find the Way KANSAS CITY <.T>— It is a long road hack to childhood. It is hard to find the way. Coming back to the home nf his boyhood, a man finds It hard to forgive the changes. He has a vague resentment that things don't stay just as he left lhoni,,,ji)Sl as he holds them in memory. He misses the neighbors who have died or moved away. Who cut down tliat tree in Ihe back yard he climbed as n kid? The patch of blue sky looks bare and new. And the elm tree in the front yard. How did it ever get that tall?" Somehow he feels a stranger fh the old house, lonesome because H has changed as much as he has. He has !osL some hair and got a new false tooth. And it has been shingled, papered and modernized with a new sink, another bathroom and a fine gas furnace, A Lost Feeling I always have this lost feeling momentarily when I return to visit our family home here. It is oldj enough to be gelling hardening of i Ihe rafters. But instead il is getting disgracefully younger find younger looking as 1 get more and. more middle-aged. Why should a. man age and a grow young? What kind of a world is that? COMMANDS SUB* — Hear Adm. George C. Crawford, above, will assumt command of the Atlantic Fleet Submarine Force, Crawford, twice decorated for World War II service, succeeds Fear Adm. Stuart S. Murray, Tyho becomes Commandant, Hth Naval District and Commander ot Naval Base at 'Pearl Harbor. The nicest thing in our old home right now Is my 8-year-old niece, Kathy, the prettiest cowboy in (he block. Kathy is at an age when she is losing her belief in Hie Easter Runny but still has a firm faith in the angels. "I prayed you would come back — and you did." she told me. "I usfvl to pray when you were away at the war or somewhere, and you c.uiic ij.-ck then, tor-." A 1'rJvJlcee for Kathy Although Knihy is glad to sec me, tbe thing she really likes best about my visits is that J sleep in her bed and she gets to sleep with her grandma, which is a great privilege. We had a big family reunion dinner thn other eve-mi^. Everyone ale heavtil.v, and aflcr we all went to bed the house; hcgnn to vibrate from the snoring, a Boylo family trait. Finally mother Joined the chorus, Little Kathy Immediately began to shake her. Cirandmii. grnndma. wake up!" she cried. "Vou sound jusl like a lion!" There Is nothing like children to keep a house from growing old, ant! f nuess it is Kntliy who "keeps WEDNESDAY; MAY 14, 80 30 DOUAHS rt» WEEK- STEEL WORKERS FACTORY WORKERS 1945 1947 1941 1949 1950 1951 1952 PAY CHECKS GET FATTER-Workers in the steel industry are receiving an average of about $11 a week more lhan all other fnctory workers. Above Ncwschart shows how slcel workers' wages have set the pace since 1945. Latest Bureau of Labor Statistics reports say steel workers are now averaging 578.36 weekly, while alt factory workers average $68.3G o week. Giant Locust Swarms Threaten Food Supply of Africa, Asia by STAN SWINTON I1O***S I,••">—Giant, locust swarms are tiireatcuinf; the entire food supply of agricultural countries from Africa to Asia in the worst plague in a century. This was reporter! today by the (J. N. food and Agricultural Or- ganisation (FAO>, which gave Ihis \ picture: .._,,,, 'J'ons of millions of desert locusts our house vital and young. She llEWC KW cnt from their East Af- ns hur own room now Ihe room m! iican brcodhig place wllh dramatic which dad and mother slept when] ^pltiity since the slarl of the year. Ihfiy first inovnd Inert; with five Children more (ban 30 years ai?o. One mnrning I awoke*early and went downstairs. The steps still creaked betrayingly, jusl as they had years bctorc whnn any of Die boys tried to creep silently up them self and my brother live together ngnfn n lost morning part of our llvns. •: .Somehow it gtive me the thing of the Nile Delta on one side and the rice fields of India on the olhfir." F*AO estimated that between 500 and COO million hectares tl.l to 1.3 billion acres) of Iran, running from the border o! Iraq to thai of Pak- Vasl areas of French So inn Ilia nd, Eritrea, The Sudan, Aden, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Jordan, Eyypt, Israel, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Pakistan are ; infested. . , , Present swarms arc now breed- aflcr coming home IMe. j ing mill "a new generation of Sitting Blonc in Ihe silent living I y«"nB locusts soon will b« on hand room, a room full of old family | lnrenlonin £ l -- e cotton nml grain memories of quarrels and kindness, j tcurs find wnrintli, I had the feeling of being a prisoner bcUccn two worlds — the restless present anil the lost, unchangeable past. I walked lo the big, old-fashioned front door nml looked out. up ihc s(recl came two young boys, delivering the Sunday newspapers. They looked like brothers, nud they were jostling each other nnd laugh- Ing. Thirty years ago my older brolh- er, Edward, and I had walked through Ihe dawn streets '.his same way, laughing, jostling and arguing as we threw the morning- papers — kerplunk! — on the from porches. I stepped out on (he porch and picked up our paper. The two boys looked at me curiously, then walked on, I watched them go, and H was as if I stood on n little plnlior/n in time — watching my- evrry one come. 1 ; back to find, and when f went inside the door I felt nt home at hist, and at peace v,'ilh the past. DOUAR-W15E1 THEN IT'S MAYTAG FOR YOUl 7k. Moylao Adams Appliance Co. Inc. 2M-20S >V. Mnln Phone 2071 Take a break for a Coke To play refreshed <- Your thirst calls for some kind of refreshment... your taste Icllsyou to be sure it's ice-cold Coca-Cula. SC-mED UNDE* AUTHORITY Of [HI COCA-COIA COATiMY BY COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. OF BLYTHEVILLE islan, nre Infested with desert loc- ist cpgR, That means a new plague ir thn future. So far the Iranian government is been able to clean up only me-tenth of this area. Both the Jnited States and the U. S. S. R. iavc sent in aircraft and experts o help right Ihc menace—a rare example of postwar co-operation between the iwo rival powers, India is helping out, too. Five planeloads of insecticides were sent from Bombay and Jodhpur ;o Iran. Jordan "is one of the most ser- ously infested countries" and has become a dangerous breeding Peiping Lets Tiger Out of Bag On First Year of Big Purge By STANLEY RICH HONG KONG W — Pefping lias tet the llgcr out of the bag. This will be the first year of the l>tg purge within Ihe Chinese Communist party sfnee Ihe Red regime was established 2'a years afio. The death knell for untold numbers of China's unwieldy Rfcd jiarly —List reported at 5,800,000 mem- sounded in a recent Peip! tig's authoritative bers—was edition of H.s'uch-hsl (Study) magazine. The magazine interprets Com- jmimst policy for the people who have to carry out that policy. Us page, 1 ; are regarded as gospel in Red China. Hsueh-hsi reported the campaign "to purify the this year and parly" is "nil our coming c (id res every party member, will receive ground threatening surrounding nations. Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq. Saudi Arabia and Egypt have rushed in experts to help Jordan fight the locusts. FAO v:arned that (he locust menace may be a new threat to the political stability of the Middle East. I "While desert -.ocusls devour the: people's food, the countries of thej Middle East, many of them young i and nnly at the threshold of sound ! economic life, cannot, hope to reap] any of the benefits of their own | efforts or of bilateral or in!erna-j tional programs to modernize or' strengthen iheir economies." FAO has allocated $500,000 of its j .slender budget lo the fight. Il saidt Ibis represents only five per cenii of u'hat nations are spending either! directly or indirectly through such! organizations as the British Desert! Locust Control in East Africa, a lost of a mass character in this struggle." The magazine said the "infiltration of bourgeois Influence" would be the main target. "Every party member." said Hsueh-hsi, " realize the grave threat of bourgeois corrosion to the Communt&t parly. They must know that the evil roots of Individualism, if not removed with determination, will develop :md nourish the greatest harm. We should cleanse the parly of those people who are opposed to the proletarian mentality and are beyond redemption." The magazine hinted the purge would be aimed particularly at political opportunists who Jumped on the Red bandwagon when the Communists wrested power from the beaten Chinese Nationalist regime between February, 3949. and July 1950. In that period it was reported (he party membership climbed from ihree million to five million. Hsueh- hsi called specifically for an investigation of pnrty members "who did not join the revolution and the l«my on pure motives." The magazine conceded the For Sale Soybean Seed Timk's Hybrid Corn .Soybean Inoculation Fertilizer Farmers Soybean Corp. i. Kroadway, Rlylhevillc I'hone 8191 party may h»ve a tough tlmt purging itself, explaining: "Such an Inner party struggle against the bourgeois mentality will be a long struggle, for we shall for a fairly long space of time continue to exist In an economic society compounded of pri- vate capUalitm." a'-?•• Dolrojed Y«r'» Wort Michael Arlen, famous English novelist, one* destroyed the manuscript of a novel representing * year of work becauM he aimplf didn't like tht rMult. Field Tests in BLYTHEVILLE PROVE That the NEtT RCA VICTOR with s«ts •tk+rtl See it* GLENSIDE EntankU. • YoVH «gr«e Ih.t Picture P.. w fret clearer, tlcadier, ifcarpcr pi». tur« than jroM're er«r ma beior*. • H». the "Goide* Throat." • Hindtomc r*li'Hift...Ht, any. where . . . finished in mahogany. Con«,lelle b»e included in price. St. ik. ci.oiid, (Modrf irnsi>, A*k .bm.l ib, RCA Vi^t HALSE.LL & WHITE Main & Division FURNITURE CO. Phon« 609«| (2) 1957, tM€ COCA'COl* COftPAHY Here's CMC's greaf new engine for 2/ 2 -fon frucfcs -delivers more power from less weight than anything m the ma "302" MGH-COMPRtSSIOH 145 H.P. VAlVr-IM-HHD SIX-CYUNDIfi CAJOUNE TRUCK ENGINE Compreliion Ratio 7.2 to 1 M.r. Grois II.P H5 €.V>OU rpm Net lUnkc II.1> ISO S 52111) rpm ( En«ine «'ci|lht (dry) SIS Ihs. ' Bore 4 inchci Stroke -. 4 inchti h'ou< standard et)Hipmritt in all CMC ?S . J Jo« trucli and Irftttvrs. /U.«o This new CMC "302" valve-in-hea4 engine excels any other gasoline truck unit of equal power in high-mileage, low-cost performance—for these basic reasons: Highest Compression Ratio of any standard gasoline truck engine ever built—accelerates faster, delivers higher sustained power output. Develops 23% More Horsepower—from regular fuel — than its famous "work horse" predecessor. Maximum Power-Jo-Weight Rafio — weighs only 3*i pounds per horsepower—as much as 500 pounds less than other engines of equal power — due to new high-efficiency design. More Ton-Miles Per Go/Jon — less dead weight with higher efficiency means more pay load, more profit in every mile with new "302"-powered CMC 2\i and 3 ton models. UP JO 500 POUNDS itss mm means UP TO 500 POUNDS KQRt PH LOAD HIM CASBUNE (DlfSEL TRUCKS Yemr kty frtfttr k** Stt m NfW CMC n 302"-POWf«fO 2'A AND 3 TON WODfIS -AJ WUR NfAfffST DEALER'S NOW HORNER-WILSON MOTOR CO. 309 East Main Street - Telephone 2056 ' " 'i^'' '\ ' ff - : . . You'll do better on a used truck wfffi/yoor GMC dealer .._

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