The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 3, 1955 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 3, 1955
Page 3
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MONDAY, OCTOBER 3, 105(5 (ARK.)' COURIER HEW8 US Stock Market Watched By Millions Around World lly SAM DAWSON NEW YORK (AP) — American slock markcls are watched today by millions of persons around the world who don't own a share of stock. Why? Because they feel in their bones that broad trends of stock prices may foretell what will happen to their business, their job, tlieir savings, their prospects. "So what? I don't 'SEA DUTY IN TIMES SQUARE-^ > frogmen mvuled New Yotk Time SIUHIL but it \ i» i pi ' » tioi Theme to stimulate recruiting and publicize a TV show produced in cooperation with the Navy. Lt. ( Philip Huber. right, records his unique "sea duty" in the "Navy log" as frogmiin James F. Cook, quartermaster second class, wniche* beneath eight feet of water Judging from the crowd, their purpose was fulfilled. Others say: own any .stock." They may dismiss the daily ups and downs of slock prices as the mere carrying on of speculators—the pros 'who constantly tire in and out of the market looking for a last buck. The detractors hold that the old tradition or the market's importance AS barometer or as a direct influence on business is outdated. But the way the market rates the shares of one corporation, or of most corporations, still can be of real importance to many people. Workers tret nervous if the price of their company's stock continues to .sink. So does the board of directors. Change in Pattern Price weakness could mean—al- i thou'sh not necessarily—that stocl: traders believe either that man-: agement is lax, or that the com- : pany's products are slipping public favor, or that its live position is being undo: "if the stocks of an entire Indus-! le:icie1 ' s ' lid Sciturcia >'try rise or full, it may be the public's first intimation that ihe THWM THERE'S A LONG RIDE AHEAO-"Rcjidy for Ibe long trek, pardnerV" Four-year-old Marsha Miller, right, checks her riding partner, Robin Holt, also four, before they leave Kansas City, Kan., for a 350-mile horsebnck ride to Doilgo City, Kan. With 18 other youngsters and seven adult? they were heading for Dodge City to take part in celebrations naming that city as the "Cowboy CnpHal of the World." Two Negro Witnesses In Till Case Taken from Mississippi JACKSON, Miss. '.-P- — Two Negro witnesses 10 ihe kidnap-slaying of • TMMhaichie River and attempt establish ihe age of the victim. Brig Looks Good to Gl Who Fled Into Middle of a Practice War FORT KNOX, Ky. (/I 1 )—The stock- i ade guards were far behind, so the young soldier stopped his running. He could walk his way to freedom now. He might even sit and rest a spell, he thought—just as the first roar of heavy gunfire shook the earth under his tired feet. Then he saw the tanks closing in, and ihe billowing smoke screens being laid down. Grenades burst around him, and the hills echoed the blasts of deafening rifle fire. He was startled to think, he confided after Friday's nerve-wracking experience, that the army would go to this extreme. How could it place so much importance on just one G. I. who had tired of stockade life and had broken away from a clean-up detail What he didn't know was that the 144th Ordinance Company had a unit o( the 3rd Armored Division we,re engaged in war praciice; that they were using blank ammunition. In his :liu>h for Uio open sptitcs, the soldiers Hying feet had carried him to the middle oi a maneuver area. Military authorities withheld the soldier's name ,bui they Have assurances that no place ever looked better to him later than the post stockade. New York City's Church contains a en«l«» °» bells, the largest in i* 1 * world. Emergency Lift Aspirin Users Should know This fat' St. Joseph A«pir!r» is best aspirin relief possible at ' For fasi Help For MUSCLE PAIN TAMPA, Pla. (A*) — MacDill Air Force Base has eiulu fire companies but it had to cull on the Tampa Fire Department for one emergency. A Riant B3fi bomber dropped in with a request for help in repair! nu a I radio antenna wire, broken off near ' the connecting point with the. tail section, five stories up in the air. Since .MacDill doesn't have a B36 | repair stand and iis fire compa- j nics didn't have a ladder tail enough i to do the job. the base had to get the city's aerial truck to hoist the < repairmen up. Priceless Sic ment... The Negro, who asked that his a mature man and that it had been the river longer thnn the three name economic pattern is changing. Thisj two men as Leroy (Too-Tight) Col- can a/fect job and earnings pros-i !ins and Henry Lee Loggin. peels, or telegraph a blow to an] He said Collins was sent to Chi- entire community or region. cago Thursday and Loggin. railroad be "withheld, identified the ; days the Till boy had been missing. j cago Thursday and Loggin. railro en te enre mare mills sleeping car porter, was caution around the way it did last week, i not to return to Mississippi. or region. When the entire market mi with a sharp break followed by rallies and hesitance, it could mean either one of two things: 1. That the world and domestic political situation is such a touch- ,ed| He said Loggin remained in St. Louis, j Mo. Collins and Loggm disappeared; after it was publicized they were, scheduled to testify In the murder' Sympathy Letter Wins Widower Wife and Home for 11 Children ALLENTOWN, Pu. i.-'Pi — A letter dak's borne. of sympathy from Mary N. Mulsaiic Said HucUik yesterday. "She fell to widower" Frank Hudak has cul-jin love with the children and I fell minated in their marriage and a i in love with .her, just as the ehil- new home for 10 of Hudak's chil- [ dren did." dren *'ho had been living in anj They were married Sept, 11. orphanage. I Hudak's first wife. Sue, died May | 20, 1954, leaving him to care for [ their 12 children. : Hudak, a $56-n-\veek laborer said' be "couldn't be a mother, father j and provider" for his brood „ tearfully placed 10 of them in an i which Letters Testamentary or of and-so affair that the health of trial of two white men for the one man. the President of the I murder of Emmet Louis Till, 14, States, could color overnight the who whistled at a white woman, prospects of good times or bad. of pence or conflict. 2. That the public is already nervous about "how high is up", and is fearso.. o that stock prices are due for a revaluation anyway. In either case the initial impact i is psycholigical. It tends to 'make The two men, Roy Bryant, 24, and his 36-year-old half brother. J. W. Milam, were acquitted after the jury expressed doubt the body pulled from'the Tallahatchie River was identified correctly as Till's. To Return Them The Negro leader said his work-j j some individuals think twice about ers m Chicago plan to bring Collins \ j their own plans. Paper profits take I and Loggin together in St."Louis, on the look of tissue. I on another phase of the Till case, NOTICE OF NEW ESTATES OX WHICH ADMINISTRATION HAS BEEN* COM.)1ENCKD Notice is hereby given that the and ! following is a list of estates other 1929" as a few may have feared, there was great and obvious relief. This relief was felt by the many Americans who don't own .stock -- , - , , and don't stand to make or lose a orphanage. His youngest, now a yr-nr i Administration were granted dur-] do u ar immediately But many of and a half old, went to live with j ing ihe month of September. 19b5 | (hem Mt that a prolonged market his first wife's sister in Brooklyn, j with the date of the issuance and i bl . enk would make their nmp i oyers The eldest, 17, no longer lives at | the name and address of the ad- nemms cu t W0 rk schedules, per' mini.strator or executor. No. 2.340. Estate of W. Earle Thompson, deceased. Letters of Administration issued to Harp- ic Mablc 1 Thompson, of Leachville. Arkansas on September 20. 1955. Witness my hand and seal as .such Clrrk this the 1st day of October, 1955. SEAL ELIZABETH BLYTHE PARKER, County & Probate Clerk. By RUTH C. BESS, Deputy. 10 3 Another 1929 New York merchants report that in the past a bear market has coincided with a slump in store sales. Elsewhere in the nation this is much less likely, since New York seems more prone to emotional j also was checking the story, ups and downs about business. i Amanda Bradley, the witness, When last week's sharp market | went to Chicago the day after the break didn't turn out to be "an-j trial with two other Negro wit- the Negro leader said, his .group plans to investigate a story that the husband of a Negro witness who testified was beaten last week. Rep. Charles Diggs (D-Mich>, who attended the Till trial, said he Box Office Opens 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 p.m. Admission 15c & 35c At AH Times nesses. The Mississippi Negro leader said next week Chicago physicians would exhume the body pulled from home. . When Miss Alt-Isaac, a Boston, Mass, housekeeper read of the 44- year-old widower's futile efforts to keep his family together, she \vrou? him. He answered and a regular correspondence started. In July, Miss Mclsaac visitud Hu- LEGAL NOTICE Pursuant to the provision? of Probate Code Section 152 notice is given that the accounts oi the administration of the estates listed below have been filed on the dates shown by the named personal representatives. All interested persons art; called on to file objections to sucii accounts on or before tha sixtieth day following the filing of the respective accounts, failina which they will be barred forever from excepting to the accounts. No. 2,270. Estate nf Myrtle A. Robinson, deceased. Firr-t ;md final report filed by Dorothy R. Pierce on September 13, 1955. No. 2,302. Estate of John G. Hargett, deceased. First and final report of Beulah Joan Hargett filed September 20, 1955. Witness my hand and seal ;u- such Clerk this the l?t day of October. 1955. „ SEAL ELIZABETH BLYTHE PARKER, County & Probate Clerk. By RUTH C. BESS, Deputy. 10/3 haps imperil jobs. The market's rally the following day just as surely reassured many that the economy appeared sound to the investing semnent of the public. End Advance I'Ms Monday Oct. HELP WANTED, FEMALE \Vtli MMtltti wum;m, who is a j,'ond slum hum! s tenon nipher and keeps linoks. lo nu'i'l tin- public and can :issumr rrspnnslDiliiirs. -Musi be [>ernum.'nl. I'lrasanl working rendition*, hnnus ami opportunity fur advanrrnifni. l-'ull sal.irj while training under experienced pt-rsttn- ni'I. Stjifp salary and experience in own hn ml writing- Imjuiiics will be iii-UI confidential. UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY ll) IV. Main KJythcvillc, -Ark. NOTICE Dr. I. L. Carlton, M.D. and Dr. W. 0. Green, Jr., M.D. Have opened the Dr. Cooper office In Cooter, Missouri. Office Hours are Announced As Mon. -Sat, 12:.'!()-5 ::!0 HF Sour Stomach Makes You Feel like This: j\ Remember— TUMS neutralize excess acid : before f\ excess a f I almost b / it starts! If acid stomach sassy heartburn and ke you lon^-taccd, ir\ this top-speed way to relieve sourness and afier.-eating distress, just eat 2 Tunis after meals — or whenever over-indulgence makes you ieel upset. Turns ncutra)i/e InirnitiK ac^d Can't over-alkalize — can't cause acid rebound. Always carry Turns in pocket or purse. Get a handy roll today! So woncmitnl— onlf 1 0 C c 3-totlfAg. 25 < LAST TIMES TONIGHT Double Feature BIHG - BRUCE i CROSBY-KEttY-HOLDEN ___ AND — "SON OF VENGEANCE' MKTRO D H El FJJ S Muni llraiFus W. Wear Diamonds MOX THEATRE On W. Main St. In Blylheville Phone 3-<N>~l Weekdays Show Starts 7:00 p.m. — Sat. & Sun. 1:00 p.m. The Finest in Cinemos<:°P e Present^ in Optical LAST TIMES TONIGHT Double Feature A!R CONDITIONED BY REFRIGERATION Tl'KS.. WEI). & THLIRS. Double Feature Cinemascope at Its Best With Stereophonic Sound! Llslen to KLCN nl 10:10 a.m. and 1 p.m. for Rilz & Roxj- Program Announcemenls — AM) — "BOWERY CHAMPS" With (he ICnsl Side Kids Carliion "Sninfr Cinderella LAST TIMES TODAY ALSO CARTOON TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY Double Feature ^s^Xsj^^X^^x^^^ JEANNE DMA GRAIN ANDREWS DAVID FARRAR -.,..„„., WARNED BROS. . ....... SAM MARX »U>WRBISH( CHARlTONHESIOfNUUE ADAMS A UNIVERSAHNIERNAIIONAL PICTURE PARAMOUNT NEWS & CARTOON ih@n COLDS Make Baby Cry GIVE HIM RELIEF THAT Does More Than Work on Chest Sermon Needed : COLUMBIA. S.C. <.•?; — A Miii?t j broke intu the study ol" the Rev. i Robert N T . DuBase. MelhodisL iniu- | ister. and stole sevfral silver cid!- j lars and a couple of .sermons. Du-! bose told police one sfnnon was j titled "Good SporUsnimiship" niul that if he had known anyone wanted it he would huvc given him a copy. When a chest cold strikes, use VJcks VnpoRuh - the proved medication that acts i.n:o ir.ays at once. When you rub it on, Vapo- Ruh cjuickly relieves muscular soreness. 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M'U'MS comedy LAST TIMES TONIGHT Double Feature —AND— m HOWARD KEEL POLLY BERGEN" MARJORIE MAIN ALSO CARTOON TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY Double Feature BOFFORD SHOE SHOP REPAIRING - CLEANING 112 S. Bf Mriwa ? * flit by fllCHlflD MAN 1IWMONS w* HOT HUM INS fnjd**d tjr WAR"* KX SKIfm • C"Kiri bj WHO) * PLUS SELECTED SHORTS Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Auslin >VS6ai£ 2if M-G-M, ^^ --, DESPERATE SEARCH ALSO CARTOON "RAIL RODENTS" COMING TO THE RITZ —IN OCTOBER— "Not As a Stranger" Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cuadra Wilh Robert Mitchum and Olivia He Haviland PRESCRIPTIONS Filled by Registered Pharmacists at all times Phone 2-2024 Accuracy and Dependability Are Always Yours. Prompt Pelirery Service OWENS REXALL DRUG STORE ln,livl,lu.-.l«-tiroaps-rarmBur». Blue Cross - Blue Shield C;ill reprt*''" tallve WAYLIN CHKSSBR P.O. rvi, 307 I'hont,

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