The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 23, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 23, 1932
Page 5
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SEII'ISMBER 23, 1932 Sutherland Says Its Tu- laue, Tennessee, Vancly And 'Bama In Dixie. EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the first of :i scries of articles hy the rltUbtirgh toai'li ID appear in The Courier News. ttV UK. J. IS. VIOUK" SUTll.CltI.AM> Football Coach, University of Pittsburgh (Copyright, 1832, NBA Service, me) With few exceptions there will be a continuation of the sain- dominating tennis in the country this fall tliat hcadixl the list last season. In tlie middle west, Notre Dime, with a wealth of left-over material, looms us one of (lie most formidable foDtuall aggregations in the country. With Joe Kurth, 1931 All- America, and Eel Krause. of equal ability, in the tackle positions, Coach "Hunk" Anilersou will have nn unusually strong line. The university of Michigan, Ohio Stale and -Northwestern look like leaders in the Big Ten Conference, but with Beruie Biernian taking over the- reins at Minnesota, it is dillicull to make a*ny exacting pre- liictions a.5 to the final outcome. Clor* followers of Sam Williaman predict that Ohio State has the makings of a winner this year and will stO|) at nothing short of a conference title. Carl Cramer is expected to star in the baekflsld. • • » Coach Howard Jones of South- em California seems almost certain to cop the honors of the wes; rosst. with Pop Warner nt Stanford looming as the most logical , -challenger. Bill Ingram, u-ho war ''unusually successful for his firsi year at the University of California, is expected to present an even more formidable eleven than hi; last year's combination. In she nig six conference, Nebraska, always a contender, looks like the best bet to grab oil au- ctiier conference title. Kansas, barely edged out by the "Cornhusk- crs" last year, will be among tl:e leaders, together with the University of Missouri, which will adopt a ne\v style of play under the direction of Prank Carideo, former |L Noire Dame quarterback, yl Tulanc, winner of the Southern conference championship last year, and finishing its second season undefeated, .Cttnuoi be rightfully denied a place among the country's cu'.stancilng elevens. The University of Tennessee and Vatiderblll should be the meat lik«- - ly contenders, shouM any dispute arise as to the conference chain- pious this year. Tulane lias enjoyed a rapid rise in football and it would not te altogether surprising should they retaliate for a third consecutive year. Some wonderful material is reported at Alabama. * • • In tho Southwestern conference, »i likely team to win the con- iercnce title two years in succession. Since the formation of tiy conference in 1915 no team has suc- (eeded m winning it two coiiEicu- tive years. Further interest will be manifested in ti:c work of Coach Schmidt of Texas Christian University, and Head Coach Littlefleld o! the University of Texas. In thc east Cornell, Yale and Harvard will have accounted well to: themselves when the final reckoning ot games won and lost iitc compiled. Carnegie Tech and Navy are bath sitting back ana r -'.nas:n* very little fuss over the iJrcspcct for the coming ysur. u TOUia no; b; allojsthcr surprising " one ot the above mentioned finished ui> in the grid spotlight under the title role of a "dark horse " Summing ui>, I e.scect Ynl= H.i'- One Notre Dame Reasons BLYTHKVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Jimmy Foxx's Two Homers Fail To Win For Mack's Athletics. . The new American league I champs beat (he old yesterday while the new Nullonal league till? holders weie losing to the Pittsburgh Plrnles. The Yankees beat the Athletics 8 to 7 despite Iwo homn runs by Jimmy Foxx. The circuit blows Joe Kurth ... one of tlw Notre Diane ta*les In whom Jot-k Sulh- erlind discerns strength. And Here's Another! FOXS a total of 50 but four Babe Ruth's 1927 record. behind Otters homering were McNalr. Oehrig and lloa^. The Yanks went out in front lu the ninth Inning. Wells was the winning pitcher nnd Mallaffey the loser. Al Crowilcr, Senator rlijhthand- er, chalked up his 25(h victory of Ihe reason In n gnme nt Boston The Nats bent the Red Sox by a score of 4 to 2. Durham wns the losing hiirler. Roy Johnson's home run in the nrst Inning with ft mate on base saved the Red Sox from n shutout. Plrnles blnnkcd the new Chickasaws Round Out Secpnd Week of Early Training Grine FAGBF1V1 'I'he niyllicvllle high school Chlcknsaws will roinui out their «cond week of pre-schedule truln- inic with an Informal gnme be- Iween (wo learns of mixed regulars nnd reserves, 'I'he ulylhcvlllo high nggrega- llon win ulny K S (irsl euiiie hove on September 30 wllh Hoxlu hlfh. Thi' mime may or may not be played at night depending on n diive by a group of alumni and business men to equip the field wllh lights, nut Iherc Is n very excellent chance Hint the game will bf a night nffnh-. The chicks have been siadunlly rounding lulo shape under Iho direction of lliclr new co.ich, Charles Kramei 1 , nnd uppcnr lo be (airly well advanced In condition although their workouts bllll IB veal many early season faults which must be corrected. Tommy In Uniform Incidentally tho most chcnlns news fiom the Chick ciimp since the training grhul started is an- noimceinent of the return or Tommy Shorl, the mainstay of the Chick offense lust year, and llic only experienced Imck on thc icnm. Alter n week In which Ills icliirn was doubtful Short has ngaln donned a Chick uniform and I olrraily apiieiirs to be near his , ----- -.-. ....... - ^ ..i.u ...^ National c'inmiis. the Cubs. 7 lo 0 , Ol(l for '»' Short's own tround cov- at Chicago, "al Smith, Pirate crlll S ability nnd his oxpeilcnce D-. ..... *jiim,ii, i iitiii; lookie, let (he Cubs down with six srattcred Buvleteli Grimes should go n long way toward steadying n backfleld Uml sired u]> entirely as a |»ny oulfH wllh lots lo lenui before he roliinied. Short apiicars lo b c considoinbly was the losing pitcher. Manager Orlmm gave most of Ills regulars n rest. Tlw Brooklyn Dodgers bent the! h< ' avlcr tlmn any" other Chick New York Giants 7 to 2 nnd e.iil- ' nslm ' n "d Travis Brooks c<I on Ihe b!g end of the games ! h " vo l)cm gctllng plenty ot work between the two clubs for Ihe I 1 tac '""^flc-ld as has Moslcy. season. The Dodgers won 15 gnities (o serai for the Giants (his Kenson. Shaule was tlic winning Brooklyn hurler although he gave way to Mungo niul Quton. Pnnne- Ice was tlw loser. Wright of The St. Louis Cardinals defeated the Cincinnati Reds at St. Louis. The score was 8 to 5. PiicclnnsllI and Wilson tilt for the circuit to aid the Card cause. Winford, who relieved Johnson, was the wht- niiuj pitcher. Ed Kraust fhis yrar. another Noire D»m e t ac kle erpecttd to be a s Ur (ton, ' - "-j-"i^"i *-vvi:mii;iirt, New York University and the Army having teams on a par with the above mentioned, Xroni thc standpoint ot games .won and lost. -.. ..,„ .j\j,iLiim:aLL-iu Luiiierence, difference in schedule diiricul- Southcrn Methodist looks to te Ihe ties ' il musl be remembered makes ' '"• "• exceedingly hard to judge with l\, • l'° h ' Co! »roJ"a, [round. He started with a bye "' Ver any degree of fairness the performances of any one learn, until the season gets under way. Frazier Tosses Way To Triumph In Shoe Tourney W. M. Frazier moved to the front again last night as the best shoe tosser at the weekly tournament of the Shoe Slingers Frazicr won the singles title in a c.ose final match from Ross Stevens nnd paired with A. H. Jenkins to cop the doubles honors. and oilier parts of western Europe receive ,less rain clinti eastern United States. . at0dddl ""d Bishop to thc fina|s of thc P before losing. Brooklyn got n foni- base smash but Strlup led lhre e hits. the nltnck Brogdon nnd C^ck n^ liandlcnp- pcri by rarly senson injuries nnd Beck hns even Uecn oul oi a uniform Jor several days. The Chirk forward trail Is gains to over n surprise for 501111 lily- llicville fans who Ijclicvo the high school's chances for gridiron hon| ors will liave to await Ihe arrival of a heavier gcnsrallon. Outside r c American • Neiv .York Philadelphia Washington Cleveland St. Lauis Chicago W. L. Pel. - .. jos « .695 9358.616 91 69 .603 85 64 .511 72 74 .493 C2 81 MS 4B100 .324 42109.218 Nutlwul League W. L. Pet. 89 64 .582 Pittsburgh 84 66 .560 Brooklyn 80 71 .530 Philadelphia 77 73 .513 "--'— 7616500 New, York .'. Cincinnati 70 80 .467 69 81 .460 59 93 .388 of two Inckles who arc still an unknown amount Kramer hns tho material for a strong line. Tiptou tit the pivot post, Frllzlus and Holland nt Ihe guards form a center triumvirate that will bo hard to get through. The shirt of l>nr- tle lo end appears one ol the best moves Kramer lias made. Tills boy played u gorxl gam? In tlie line last year mid now out nl end he sccnis lo bo In his natural position. And being a basketball star I'm tic can snug that pigskin, not to mention thc havoc his big hands should play with th u opposing in- (eiferenee. JlmmlD Ue lliooks, on the other end. hns a year's play brn-k of him nnd should tcnm well wllh 1'urlle. I.imsford and Ftnd- ler nre Ihe nrst string tackles nt present niHl bid fair to hold |l» positions. Lunsfonl Is tall and inngy nnd Fendlcr is slroit and vugged. Itcsprves Ciet Humps The erasscuUcrs nre nlwnys tho unsung heroes of football and HID 1). II .S. icici vcs nre no exception to this rjile. The reserves have been playing In front of the first siring llnc-np daily p,ml whew they get n few nrst string backs on their side of the lino they give the ro fnr rocnlnrs n real tussle. IK surprised if some nf thc BHisscuUcrs don't end Ihe season In nrst string regalia, especially In the irar works where anything ran and probably will happen in practice thc new rule changes don't seem (o worry the Chh-ks Just how they will fare under tie watchful eye of officials in n regulation nanic | s nnother mutter And just how officials In different gnmes Interpret Ihe rubs will Have a big bearing on the style of play In each gnme. Penalties nre In order for flying UcklM, union? other offenses, but when its a question ot a flying tnckle or a touchdown for thc oniwslllon Ihe fans will slill get nn occasional glimpse ot Ihls old time thrill for most players will run the risk of n penalty or ]>ossib!j Injury to prevent n score. Hot Lunches To Be Served School Children COLUMBUS, Neb, (UP)—}iot loonday lunches will bo served to school children of Columbus fam- llcs dcnciulcnl nixm Platte coun- y for s»|)jK)rt, under plans reccnl- y completed here. Children oi needy families, In school, will receive Ihe hot lunches each day during the school year, file lunctHvs will be financed out >f llic toenl slinrc of funds raised hroiiRh sale of antl-liiberculosls Christmas seals. The New Football Rules iTIif accompanying article Hie third In a series of six L_ plnininy the cliauBts to be found In Uie \S12, football rults.) Ill' CHESTER I,. SMITH NKA Service Special Writer ; A new'rule on substitutes has been written info (he fooibnll code this year. It permits a player (o return to the gnme nt any time '?xccrjt in the same period In which he hns been removed. : Under thc former rule a player removed was not permitted on the field again during llic entire half. When thc change ivas first announced, many thought it meant that conch or captain could switch their men us often as they cared to do so. Tills was not the intent of tlic rules committee, however, and it laid down stringent regulations to prevent it. Except in case of injury, n substitution cannot ue mnclc unless time is out for some oilier purpose. :r it Is, a time out Is charged against the side nnd since only three such legal intermissions are GO NOW 5SS? Here Until Sunday Night $ 3 50 buys a lot these days SPECIAL FORD OFFER Flush fresh l 7° 1 " lrsain (U - VS fnr smifc °» Jloclc l <> Fords. rYn'lr 0 " ''" f " Onl> S3 ' 50 ' Cha " se cn * inc •>"' ~ 5 ' C ;' an " "" M kCrniC " C "" rc(i " "«» Irt-' ' ,- } " 5 " MnS5 wilh rrtnetralinjt oil. Tu iic ' Ctan d'-' ribUl0r lminlS - a " n " ntl adjU5t Sf "" fc., r , scd 'menl bulb and carburetor. Adjust car- c cr. Tifhlen i nlalic ard w , ialjs , m3r ir 0 i,is. check °»<tcry. Drive In (o( , ny for a ,.,„,„,_ , horons)l jo|)> PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 811 - 810 777 Reduced Prices - I PACIFIC WHAUNGTCORPA Children lOc - Adults I5c cnn bo seen flint no coach will be willing to squander them unless the substitution Is important. The rule was made for a threefold purpose: Firsi, lo save the player. Under the farmer code, n coach often ^,," tt ° an "^» Puerto re, for tl lhnn ntl Now, tho exhausted o slightly hurt man m»y be remowd, allowed to recover «nd return In the fmirth quarter, Second, because of the obvious unfairness of harrlng ths man througli an entire period. Third, to discourage "psycholo- Klcnl" substitutions. Suppose Team A has on a drive. A trick to throw tlmt team off Its stride was; for Team li's coach to piny lor a Jiibsllluiloii. This practice may dime under the heading of smart football, but tha conimllt«c thought It was hardly "cricket." II Die oach of Team n desires to sub- lllWe IhLs year under similar conditions, ho must sacrifice a tliiie ou(, which he mlgh need, badly ntcr In Ihe game. • * • NKXT: I'rotfcll Federal Office to Determine Ownership TEKAMAH, Neb. (UP) —The federal lind office VrUl be upon to de(«rmJn* «wti*nhlp tf -i '• l«-acre tract ot lind on the'b»i)£' « the Missouri rlwr. B«r here?- : Tlie iract Is now held 'under it* ' nime of WlUUm MaoBtth, of Council Bluffs. Clauife BUnkenship, ta s«klng possession of the land u a homestead. He claims thtt MacBeth has not fulfilled th« requi Bients of the-Honw»t«»d Act. BRAINERD, Mien. (UP)-'nu*e Brainerd men have eompo»«d:» Democratic song called "Ko»y witli Roowvfli." Tho «mg »« tried a-" Miuly before local audiencta tod will be sent to the Democratic headquarters. Oourlor Ne« W»nt Adi Dr.FaulF.McCirtchM Dentist STEELE.MO. Phone 85 : WE MINCE NO WORDS • Positively — beyond question — the Gillette BLUE BLADE is the sharpest we have ever produced. This fact U i proved by an exclusive sharpness tester— 1 a scientific marvel See how pleasant shav < i ing can be.'_Try the Gillette Hue Blade. Our New Fall Stock Is now complete and we are equipped to take care of your needs at the lowest prices the market affords SEE US BEFORE YOU BUY Important Announcement We have a big surprise in store for all our customers. Drop in and get the full details. This is important to you! STEfLE HARDWARE CO. A Store With a New Stock STEELE, MO. \

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