Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on July 21, 1964 · Page 6
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 6

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 21, 1964
Page 6
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TU E$DAY, JULY 21, 1964, Lake Chorles American Press CAMPERS' CONVENTION Trailers, Tents from Every State By MAE STEPHENS Various chapters brought arti- The small city of tents, travel cles made by their members to trailers, large trailers, and ev- be sold at a projects booth, cry other conceivable camping | Everything from emblems, to rig, took form over the hills, j car tags and camping and cook- Chapters from almost all the states and several of the provinces of Canada set up in as- ing articles can be b o u g h t at their sites. ranger station "Aspirin Alley." its own parade with music, ban- Across the way, the national i ners, noise makers, and mem- officers have their camps set ', bers in costume. They go around up. They call their ridge "Head- i camp roads advertising their nnKjit-Iill't lii i ache Hill. What is a camping conven- i i slate and group. Because of the number of er stes. lional reallv like' It ccause o te n u m e r o My own housekeeping unit isj lo Dln ri own intr, w^V TI?O ! P e °P Ie 'these parades go on well ! to pin down into The! signed areas with chapter iden- from Michigan. Mrs." Raupp, j ™*'" t "JZ" "^' ™.™\* " "! into the night" until they can be tification banners displayed. ! of a frailer sales company, Xh com2ni fn l^k S P ersuaded to 6° lo bed As the mobile city set up .brought it in for me to use dur-lX compares to U ls Maidl 1 Vil clo. housekeeping, the problems connected with handling s u c h a group became apparent. To care for their needs, portable restrooms, portable phone booths, a supermarket under canvas, an ice house, information booth and were set tip. other facilities ing my stay, along with sleeping gear and other necessary equipment. She and I share the trailer which was fresh from the factory. We set it up using a nail file for a screwdriver. Mr. and Mrs. Wells are our Slate flowers sprout around One neighbor compared it to, campsites. Kansas campers an old-fashioned "barn raising" .'have b u n c h e s of sunflowers when neighbors gathered to work together and to eat picnic lunches under the trees and to visit and enjoy each other. neighbors, camping in a larger! of[ icers in the organization trailer. We call our ridge at the WEEK'S CALENDAR TENT CITY IN LANSING, OHIO, IS FILLED WITH STATE 'DELEGATIONS' liintllHllinilllllllllllJIIIIIIII ABOVE US By CARROLL RIGHTER Minimum niiiit ii u IIIIIIMI FOIl WEDNESDAY Pecan Tree Problems Face Growers This Time of Year I5y WARREN A. MliAIKM'S | Aerial application is the most TENDENCIES: YOU j Horticulturist, LSU Agricultural | Extension Service i i Two big problems arc facing you" can quickly realize some very proc- licol onri mnlrrlol Hcn-llls. Gel In touch i , „,„),..„._„,„ with those who cif- {wore of the volue I ailCl \\CD\VOmiS, of property cmcl toiltiw (Heir suggestions. P GCa <! ^06 OWUCrS throughout Louisiana at tlllS time — HlltCS n io w " YOU j B 0 |j] insects cause defoliation - ARIES (\lorf.rr .' iw ^^',» ,.-/ ,, ?»-... prt nd^icc from trie most Influential per- . . . . . . son you know, public duties can be per- | of tile trCC, Which interferes Wllll iormrd more efficiently. Be well-informed, j ... , v-j-i, „.,,.]•,>» nn Mnkr o fine impiession on right people. I plOQUCIIOn 01 nigil quality pC- TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Your I pgu^ tir^irc for security may have you with your nose to the arldestone, IHeroHy, but new situations arise now. Seize the opportunity; make (he most of it. Clever effcdive melhofl of fighting j miles. For detailed information' on amounts and mixtures, see your county agent. i The webworm problem characterized by webs in the branches of the pecan free. Un HD CLUB NEWS CAMERON COUNCIL Mrs. Walter Stanley was elect: cd president of the Cameron . j Home Demonstration Council at ls I a recent, meeting In the Cameron Court House. TUESDAY, JULY 21 Women In Construction regular dinner meeting July 21, Chateau Charles, 7:30 p.m. Anchor Lodge No. 69 (Independent Order Odd Feilows) meets every Tuesday, 7 p.m., 704^ Ryan St. National Office Management Association, Lake Charles Chapter, meets every Tuesday, 6:30 1p.m., Pioneer Club. Moose, Loyal Order of L a k e Charles Lodge No. 1378, meets every Tuesday, 7:30 p.m., 420 Ryan St. SPEBSQSA meets every Tuesday, 7:30 p.m., Broadmoor Building, Highway 14. Duplicate and contract bridge played every Tuesday, 7-10 ! p.m., High School Park Recreation Center. (To play duplicate bring partner). Both bridge games open to the public. Ceramic classes held every Tuesday, 9-12 N, and 1-4 p.m., High School Park Recreation Center. WEDNESDAY. JULY 22 help campers to park. Neighbors share lights, chairs, food stuck into lent poles. Chapters from Florida have sea shell j displays. It, is easy to decide where the campers come from by their campsite decorations. Chapter members wear colorful jackets, caps or vests of and wood. An $8.000 trailer own-. the same color with their em- er who may well be an cxccu-1 blems displayed. live, goes over to sit and visit with his neighbor who may come from any walk of life. Louisiana is one of the small groups. By diligently searching, I have found two families, Mr. Everyone dresses in camp; and Mrs. Ed Roberts and Mr. Civitan Club meets every clothes and avoids mentioning and Mrs. Norvel Moliason, all Wednesday, 12 N., Lakcvicw' !^ e ' r occupations. They are all i of Houma. We seem to be the Restaurant. jjust one big camping family j entire delegation. They have a L C High Noon Lions club !~ members of thc " gang '" 'supply of Louisiana coffee and meets'every Wednesday 12-05 Thc snint of slate pride is ; sulphur samples to give to vlsi- p.m., Pioneer Ciiib jvery evident. P:ach state has!tors. Toastmistress regular meeting at 1:30 p.m., July 22, First Federal building, Moss at Kirby Streets. Last meeting until September. Mrs. Xenia Nail, acting Camp Fire director, to be special guest. THURSDAY. JULY 23 Kiwanis Club meets every Thursday, 12:05 p.m. Adult ballroom dancing class held every Thursday, 7-10 p.m., High School Park Recreation Center. Frank Blackburn, instructor. Ceramics class in stains held every Thursday, 6:30-10 p.m., High School Park Recreation Center. Like Money From Heaven... Get Gash For • REFINANCING CAR NOTES • VACATIONS • MEDICAL BILLS Pay All Your Bills With One Friendly Loan. See Pexfa Dupuy or George Hudson. PORT FINANCE GO. 1106 Kymi ME 6-7271 like the mites, tiie webworm actually cats the leaves from the limbs. For control of webworms, use Mites on pecan trees is rather j D °T at the rate of two pounds serious. They are first noticed I of 50 P<?r cent wcttable powder when a certain branch and its j P cr 10 ° gallons of water. For leaves have a "scorched" ap-1 smaller quantities, follow manu- pearance as though they been burned with a torch. had These mites will start on one spread all over the whole trees, i can bc P ullcd from the trees. rapid rate and hurt the tree by thp I" 1 - To control these mites, winch normally .show up in hoi. dry weather, homeowners should use a makithion solution. Commercial growers should consider the use of parathion or a para- CEf/.lNl (f.'.oy "1 to June 21) That practical p;an v ou have in mind for increasing prosperity ran now meet with real succcjs. Be sure to qct the finest experts to Give vou advice needed. Follow it scrupulously. MOON CHILDREN (June 22 to July 21) Go olonq on',y with those persons who are sincere in wanting to help you with your ideas, plans. Be practical. It today. LEO (July 22 to August 21) Work UD enthusiasm (or the work ahead of you nnd completely Stripping it of its ; c an it well (or easy, ctlicicnt perform- ; . ' ' . ' ' ° once. See that state of health Is im- I leavC'S. The mitCS multiply 3t a proved and wardrobe modernized. Is • • - abode meticulous? VIRGO (Autiusi 17 lo September 22) You can make arrangements to make vour most cherished activities a part cl ICiiVCS, your life now. Friends will toin you <" favorn^ tiobnips latrr. Don t stay out loo late. LIBRA (Srprmbnr 23 lo Oilober 2?) You can art devotion ol km now il you heiome Ir'uly int'-rested Iri IrVir welfare (intl happiness. Th*y will In turn back vou iovaliy. A more secure financial strui turn is needed. SCORPIO (OdoDcr VI In November 51) Others will Qlodly come forth with data you need now, so don t be forceful. Have ( communication with responsible people, j tnioil - SlllpllUr Be sure that statements are properly i ' filled out, llc-mlzcd. I ' SAGITTARIUS (November 2? to Do- ! IM - - M. - rrmbcr 21) Anything you want to clo 'not will make you more prosperous ' must be handled exclusively olona prac • iical lines Don't deviate troni v°ur In tercet. Pcrservcrence wins out. i CAPRICORN (December J2 to Jonu j ary 70) Oy sfatlna, your aims honestly, . without pride or prejudice, allies help | you net personal aims. Getting about so( icily Is helplul. Worthwhile new contacts possible. AQUARIUS (January 21 to February j 19) Gettlnn rid of what has lost its use- i fulness and getting down to specifics is beneficial. Seek new outlets that ore ideal tor you. PISCES (February 70 to March VOI By concentrating upon the older element, you find you make real progress in your career now. Seek wisdom, advice. Show that you have real understanding and ilni.ere ambition. IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN TODAY, there will be much abillfy for ornaniza lion In this chart and Ihlngs hapn-ti in thcr quickly In this young life. Be sui r to teach your progeny to come to fast decisions, otherwise many of the oopor tumiies In this chart will siln by. Understanding Is very Important to your pro- (jerw and fairness from others u [••peeled, since this Is an Inherently honest nature. "The Stars Impel, they do not comptl." Whut you moke of your life Is largely up to YOU) Carro'.l RirjMcr's individual Fore,.a',1 tor your sign for August is now reaa*. For your copy sf>nd your birthaaii- a"rt il to Carooll Rii7hter Fore-cast, (Lake Charles American Press), Bo* NZ1, Hj; i/wood 28, Calif. Distributed t/y McNauonf Syndicate. >ri. i facfurer's recommendations the package. on Other officers named to serve during the coming year are: Mrs. Nata Hebert, president- elect; Mrs. Harold Carter, first vice president; Mrs. Garner Nunez, second vice president; Mrs. McKinley Broussard, third vice president; Mrs. D. W. Griffith, secretary; and Mrs. H a d 1 e y Fontenot, treasurer. You'll get this relaxed at the Ever use stewed tomatoes iu- of ' the • slcaci of re § u ' ar canned tomatoes when preparing Steak? Extra flavor? S w i s s and Sweet Lake. Mines. Charles W. Hebert, Stanley and Griffith were named delegates to the Louisiana HD Council meeting scheduled Sept. 29-30-Oct. 1 in Baton Rouge. Service When You Need It... Thrift/Nifty ^^~ that's the kind of service counts the most, and It's the knul of in>ur,ini r M'rvire \ oil i:.tu j;ot only ti'oiu .1 home town n^t'iir win i is always nearby, iM^i-r and able to serve \Wie inck-peiid<Mit husi- ni -smcn — not cmployoes i'! .111 insurance roinpanv. \\ >• .uivisi- \ on according I'or the inoiection and i c-!\ r, c \ou need, see your Itxal independent agent ... who serves you first. John L. Wasey, Inc. INSURANCE AND BONDS Kepreseniiug 'Jhe Travelers, Hartford 1032 RYAN STREET HE 9 2/67 WERE ARE 2 KINDS OF ROOM AIR CONDITIONERS YOU CAN OWN- The OR THE FULL-POWERED Iriedrich KIND! • l r ree Home Survey • Liberal Trade-in Allowance • Terms to Suit Vour Budget • YOU CAN HANDLE YOUR ENTIRE TRANSACTION ON THE PHONE. YOt : K COMP1.K 1'K SMIStAl 110N IS 01- 1'KIME IMl'OKTAN'CE IO Us! \VE ARE YOUK AUT1IOK1/EU FRIEUR1CU DEALER. THIS IS YOUR ASSURANCE OF PROPER REPRESENTATION, HONEST AND RELIABILITY. 1400 Broad P.b. 436-14&0 America's Most Complete Resort Hotel. .. "... here's a new peace of mind. ThanJks io The Arlington, my wife and children are happily busy. I'm on my own. Mo noise oftraffic. Calm, lazy. The mountains bewitch, and relaxing is wonderful. Can't wish for more." "The kids were full of pep at luoch, on the patio deck. Junior hostess plans water skiing for the afternoon." "Never saw anything like this! Two cascade swimming pools in the mountainside! Get there from the 7th floor. Perfect for swimmers or splashers. Real refreshing." "A great extra at The Arlington—country dub privileges, with PGA golf courses, ten- rws courts. Fishing around here can be great, too, in three big. clear blue lakes." "A parkway walk like this is just right for me, but there are plerty of mountain hiking trails nearby. Fine day-long sight-seeing trips, too." "It all adds up to total relaxation, thanks to the great facilities and superb service ol a complete resort hotel." Bring Your Family to Picturesque NATIONAL PARK THE Arkansas Low Family Room Rates Children Under 12 FREE Summer Rates From June 1 HOTEL BATHS For FKiL Color Bfochute and Reservations WRITE or PHONE: EDGAR A MAY. Mrfiid^.f Area Code 501 NAf.onal 3/771 100 FOUNTAIN AVEMJt HOT SPRINGS NATIONAL PARK, ARKANSAS

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