The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 19, 1948
Page 3
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X ; KII)AY, MARCH 19, 10 IS BIATHEVU.I,*! (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Banner Year for Missco Farmers Bilbrey. Predicts All-Time Record Income for County Free Mme. Curie Temporarily From Ellis Island NK\Y YORK, March 19. (UP) — Mme. Irene Joliol-Curie, 50-yenr-old I French atomic physicist nnd Nobel Pri?.e winner, was released today from Kills Island, whore she had been held overnight, her attorney _ announced. County ARont Keith .1. Bilbrey nf I Mme. Cut ie arrived in Ihe Untied Blytheville yesterday (old members, Stales by plane yesterday and was of the Rotary Club thai Mississippi \ detained by ImniigrnLloii anlhorl- Coimty farmer."? can have the- largest! ties. Later .'ihe was tnken to Kills gross Income I hey have ever made' island. Her visit was made under this year because of expected In- j the auspices of the joitit AiHi-Fiiisdfit creases in cotton flrreairc. j ncftiKce Committee and was de- Speaking at mi- weekly meeting scribed ns being Intended to "ac of the Rotary Chih in tho Hotel quaint the American people with J|r»ble, Mr. Bilbrey predicted a si/e- ; ihe immediate needs ol the Span- m»le Increase Iti cotton acreane with 1 ish Remibllcans in nxilf* in Prance." Officers Continue Search for 2 Pemiscot Escapees Noel Edward Wright and Aifolph. Wesley Butter, two of I lie five Inmates of the Pemiscol County j:»ll In Caruthersvllle who- made a bn^k for freedom Wednesday nlRhl. rein EV inert at la rue today. Chief Deputy Sheriff Jake ChixUm of Crv- ruther.sville slated. Search for the two escapees, both white met), f.s continuing throughout- southeast Missouri nnd North* ^ east Arkansas today, tie said, 'The other Ihree escapees were re-cap- j tnred shortly utter their break. ' The five prisoners, three wliMo men and two Negroes, esoapod Iroiu j the .second floor of the Jail by . using plumbing fixtures to pry bars on a window loose. They then Iowere themselves to the ground Denies Holding American Jews Haganoh Spokesman Explains Position To U. S. Consul Increase in cotton acreaRe with accompanying reductions o( corn alfalfa and soybean He also predicted that with fair weather, this county eati finish the year with the greatest cotton pro- fluctloit In Its history. The outlook for soybeans this ye Ish Republicans in exile in France." In Washington, Attorney-General Tom C. Clark announced that lie had ordered Mine. Curie's release—] nt least temporarily. The daughter of the French scientist who discovered radium wns held overnight on a "temporary ex- oti an improvised ro[>e of bed blankets. IR siill good, Mr. Bilbrey said, be- (elusion warrant" Issued by the De- canse tbe world's fat supply remains ! parlmeni of Justice, the lowest in history. i Mme. JolJot-Curie came to lists He Also pointed out the increase \ country as a guest of Uie joint Antl- in mechanized farming ^ lici - sn ' d j *'nscist Refugee Committee, n group tliHt more industries will have to be \ listed as subversive by Attorney launched In thfs county if it ex- j General Tom Clark. She w«s to de- pp.cAs to maintain its population. ' liver a series of lectures appealing Tlie industries are needed, Mr. ' for »J** to SpajiWi Republicans now Bilbrey said, to absorb fru'm work- ! i'i exile in France. firs di,spl;ired by the increase in Mme. JoltoL-Cnrie is a member of farm mechanic Lion. Cotton is one two Krquch. organizations which are of the last major crops to be moc- alleged Communist-front groups, the France—U.S.S.R. Committee nnd the , Franco Vietnam Association. j At the present time, in France there is a move underway to bar her scientist husband, Frederick Jo- liot-Curic, from Ihe French Atomic i Energy Research Council because : of bis alleged membership in the ; Communist party. The other is tobacco which Is still a band-grown crop. He pointed out that 150 yours ago BO per cent of the nation's population was on tlie farms of the country. Today, only 20 per cent ot (tie population remains on farms. Tbe greatest reduction in this percentage has been npticed, he said, in agricultural areas where median Izcd farming has been instituted. There has been much progress in mechanized farming and farmers have much to learn about new chemicals developed for farm use and available to them. Among these are Din* nnd the Hew chemical weed-killer 2, 4-D. The 2, 4-D is dangerous improperly used and will kill broadleaf plants such as cotton and soybeans, Mr, ^tbrey warned. However, it has J^n worth millions of dollars to farmers in the grain-raising parts of the nation. > Tbe experiment station at Sione- ville, Miss., has hud a successful year in e-xper mentation with chemicals, he said. Mr. Bilbrey said farmers could Illinois Blast Kills Five, Injures 23 More Feared Buried Under Rubble of Tavern Wrecked by Explosion Hy Kllnv Shnim I'nltcil I VPS Staff driesiMiiideMt JRRUSALKM. Murch 10. CUP) —\ Jen'is]) n^om-y .s-pokcsmjiti today d«- niei! re]xirl5 thai, HIK"""" was preventing American Jews from ; leaving Palestine, but lie ackuowl- nluixl lhat ihe agency "took a )xx>r view" ol those who want to go : home. • Michael Comity, official agency ! KiMkesman. suld he had informed 'the United St»tc\s Consul General j thai no American, citizens who wish! ed \o return home wmiki be held - back by Haftiinah, the Jewish Mil- Howe ver. he told a piv.s.s conference, Palt'-sEidJad Jews do not tliluk highly of American ciii/ons who have lived in the Holy Land for year* and decided to &o home dur- iriR the emcrgenry. Arnlxs killed six soldiers anrt 13 Jews in two attacks on .lew- ___ _ WM , Wf ish convoys in Palestine yesterday. [ /" " """*""' V"f •ws \\i-rc missing. Accuse John Smuts Ac/v/ses Frank Talks With Russians GAI'KTOWN. South Afrlc-H, Mur. 19. iU.P.)~-Pmnler .ion C. smuts: powers speak to one Another a.i' 'man to man" In an attempt i»i t 1 1fiir np intRmiderstnmilnRR, • "We do not want to stnnibln In] darkness toward Aiinlhrr world | wiu." Smuts lolcl ihe South Attlean! senate. "We are living under s ihiek cloud, nml cnnnot «-e bnekWAid.s ncu 1 forwards." SnnM.s nhsfi ved that, none knew Russia's poslilon, mid Htlilcd ttmi Hussln wns jusl ft.i muclt )n the dark abiml the Western nations. lie suld Ihe govlclx tnUht have l<» defend (hcmsolves ogalnst the, i\tnt in turn the We.sU-i n l>n\vrr,» Imve snld Ihey must dofencli themselves iijinhist Communism. ;j "U'orlil statesmen have, to clear up this mi.sundcrst finding so wt » will b ( . dear where we stand." he Mild.-"If assurtuu-es must be glim to Hns.sia, jet's give them, if R,/.S- filu Is H'ltuired to give insurances N't her jj'vc them," RUSH DOWN TO DREIFUS Tomorrow Wind Again Cause of Smoke Pall Over City A brisk Southerly wind last night ana today fanned the flames slowly consuming the sawdust pile be: hind the Bark.sdale MamifactDrin^ ; Co on Sooth Broadway and again i drifted a pull of gray smoke over i the city. • Tlie high wind, however, tJiri not fan the names 10 a dangerous point ; . but served Instead to speed the J senicnf ffl CENTRAL! A. Ill —Kesctiers removed five bodies and' searched for more loday in the' ruins of a hvo-.s'ory buiUHng c(e- : mollshcd by mi explosion. ! T'A'enly-lhree jier.son.s were in- \ jured in the blast last niKhL \vhen the roof of the brick and frame: building wos blown off and the \v«llsj cvumblcd. j Shcrill Tib Woolrlgtit said lie • f e a red that a bou t 10 more bod ies were buried uencath the rtcbm. Ho based his estimate on the number of persons believed to have boon in the building. Tlie fcnown dead included four men nnd R woman. A mother and her three sctmll children were the injured. The building housed a invert), a pool room and two upsLnir.s apartments, t Two bodies were recovered shorl- l ly after the explosions. Two others j rive other Jews wi-i'c missing | Nine- Ji-ws were killed whon 30'J March 19. (UP'iAt'Hbs attacked a convoy nenr tbe Je'.vish settlement of Unrluv, IS miles southwest ol Jerusalem, laio in tnc dtty. Five Jews were tni.'is- cxpect to sell their cotton for about 28 cents fl pound this year, based on the expected 92 and one half per cent parity loan for tlie 1948 crop. GET REAL PONTIAC SERVICE IN A JIFFY; OUR SERVICE DEPT. IS COMPLETE! No Waifing YOU'RE SAVING MONKY when you bring your Pontiac io Smith tV>titiac Conipuny for service. We maintain a complete service ;md parts deparl- menl designed to give yon ihe lies! service to l>« found anywhere. Don't wnsle lime guessing . . . be sure of your Pontiac car \vilb rea^• Pontinc Service! Smith Pontiac Co. 126 South Lilly St. Phone 4371 who picker! their way; through the rubble as firemen played w tit or on the heap. ; Mrs. Frank Nichols, who lived with her husband in one of ihe npartmeuts. died at St. Mary's bos- ' pHal. She had been blown out of the building. Her husband WHS injured. The explosion, of unknown origin, also wrecked a tavern next door io the frame and brick structure. Fire broke out immediately and caused extensive dnninge. j Sheriff Woolright said it wns difficult to determine exactly how many still were travji't-ii In tlie j wreckage but "from the estimates we have of how many were in there, we figure maybe 10 to 15 persons are still under there." The B. and G. Tavern was crowded last night with neighborhood residents who had gathered to listen Ho a radio report of the .state Jilgli school basketball tournament. Leroy Grimes, one o/ the bar- lenders, was -olown IIHO the street- He was cut by glass and In critical condition from loss of blood. Another person in critical condition was Kenneth Owensby, co- j owner of the tavern. His partner, Vernon Green, was not present when the blast- occurred. Firemen said that a six-year-old girl WHS blown from one of the up- stnirs apartments onto a next-door building which nlso wns damaged. She landed in a sitting position on a beam and firemen beard her crying: "Get me down, get me clown"." Physicians .said sbe wfi.s unhurt but suffered shock. Arabs c:u(. out the last veil ilie convoy. 1-mdcd witn FtagfiiiAh fetiardK, ntirl wiped oiu riding It. The rest of the e<m- vm- jHj^Jn'tJ on .safely. Five British sokiier.s and four Jews were killed in nn earlier ut- laek on EI convoy on the Acre-HftU;i road, on tlse out.skfrt.s o[ Huifa where Jew.s killed 19 Syrians in an attack on an Arab convoy Wednesday. AnoUier UritUli soldier was killed by Arabs ijt Haifa, Tho Jewish convoy continued into Huifn, bringing ihefr dead a net woutided with them, Arabs carried their own cnsunJiie.s back into the lulls. The bodie.s of .seven Kngnn^li iiuin missing since Tuesday night'i battle at licit Keshel in Northern Palestine were found lost night In a Rully w;nr tiie Knduri Atii'lcin- tmal School. Included among" tlie dead wns EH 25. head of the. Beit Keshot Commune and son ol tlie chaiunan ol tlie General Council (•I Palestine Jews. Draft Officials Eye Wartime Registrations So/t Coal Operator* L. Lewis Of Violating Contract* WASiIINCiT-ON". Mar. 19. Soft rouI npei'iilors lodny lionisect Joint I,, l.tfwls nf violating hfft'w»^r I'ontrrtct itncl demanded that he or- fii-r sirlkiwr inrnrtwrs of the United Mine Worker.^ bnrk lo work forlhwUh. Tliey made the nhniye iu K letler to !/>wls which they also mndt* public Charles O'Nei'll. .-spokt'.stnnn for the producer*, told imwsmen lhat ttic qire-stlon of suIU for ilmn- a^e.s aKitlnst the mine workers Vm- ton for the hronch of contract "Is a mailer for (he Individual t:om- piinles mid still Iti (lie future." The Tatt-llLirtli'y law permlU iiiHoiLs to be sued for breoch of coJilracL. "Our mine? lire non- idle tine i ( > a eoncerted refusal ol Lhe mine winkers to perform their duties In the production of eotil." tin: operators wnile Lewis. "Tbls constitutes " strike in violation of the w»ne aKieeniL'iit ot 1<M7." they said. "If, in your mind a dispute exists under (he wa«e flKiwrnenl. ihe tindersteued stniitl rcudy to discuss such subjrct will) you." The letter asked that I^wh l^ll Ills miners lo resume production acid then notify the o&erMors wlicn nnd wliern "you wish to rii.scuss the alleged dispute.' 1 * 1847 ROGERS BROS. * HOLMES & EDWARDS * W M ROGERS & SON Limited An elcctronie. chemist, developed for industrial and research assignments, is so sensitive. It, can detect traces of one gas so tntmilc (list they represent only lil(K),ftno part of another gasV Read CouriL-r News Want, Ads, rate with which the fire ate through the snwditst. Fire Chief Roy Head said this morning. The fire lias been burning for nearly 20 days and is believed Lo have been started by cuiUlron playing on the pile of sawdust, shavings and old tent stakes. To dfltc, It is about two-lhinis consumed. Chief Head said, and h is expected itinl auathrr two weeks will be required for it burn itxftjf out, ' Ily Jiuiics C. Austin (United t'U'ss Staff Con {\spnnili-nt) VVAS>1]NDTOK, AUtr. 1!). 'UP>— Selective Service officials took ft ; lo])g look a i tlirir old wartime- re^is- j -trillions todrty to .spe vh^lher they! might be used wn\i\ if Congress resiores the Draft Law, | Williout faninie. national head- j quarters of tlie office of Selective I records, pulled a "pilot test" of ! some 225. flflo Washington registrants of the last tlrutt to sec ho\v mncli lime nncl ninney ««cli R draw on n national scale would require. Btvsl unofficial opinion i.s ihftf both time and money would he saved if selective service—operating tinder a revived Drtift Law—would set up a brand new rr^istiation of U. S, males 18 to 25 years of age. Tlie alternative in to flieek through yoiue 50,000,000 Draft [ile.s spread through -18 stale offices to sec what eligible manpower would be tut lied up. The pilot te.s( was conducted by Lt. Col, Mirhacl R. l/iiidon, Cliiof of OSSfl's rcconKs nnri re.searcJi. Ji was made nt the suggestion of Mnj Gen. Ixiwis B, Hershcy. CSSn director nncl the man who super vised (he draft of 10,000.000 "merleans in tho last war. The was simplitied by the fact that London's staff was looking only for buff colored rpRlstrn- ton c .ids. represented tbr youths of 18 to 20 yiMrs otrl who re (•;.•; t ere*! in the fifib Dm ft en I) lo of Jimo 30. 1042. and in the subsequent, .sixth call for ;ill malr* whenever they reached 18 years ol age. The olde.'t in Iliese ealcRorles would now tic 23 or 2-). London suld that his sampling should not extend buck to the fourth rcRlnlmllnn u'hlch' wns for men hetwepn 4S nnd 64. ON EASY CREDIT! Not for ye<m huve you i«*n *uch a juporb »«t*cfion of high-quality si'lverplaf*, but th« suppiy Ii limltad. We urge you to shop «arly to auur* younell of Hn«r selection*. Thrill lo the exquisite palterns, the gleaming beauty of hSii fVi« iilveiwar« designed lo enhanc* your grociovi tobU, Cheil included, Chooi* yours o»> easy terms. Easy Monthly Terms OPEN AN ACCOUNT TERMS ARRANGED NO EXTRA*CHARGES Community Silver Also Available In Small Quantities /847 ROGERS BROS. s " vl " <<" * .i:Lnliv of 1 pflt- fl knlvc*. forks. , IniiterhhUfl, au«nr Ahetl fiiiooiiB. f(J.95 flown, Holmes & Edwards l^ivt'ly [mltfrdii to clioosc (rain In in IK nno S2-|ic. HOI ot. ullver- plftip. Kluht cniixplpii; nincc unt- titr«s, plus Bti«nr nln>ll, liutter knllc nticl 2 tnh)CR|ioouR. *7,00 down. WM. ROGERS Si>i your Inblo with Wm, Ronera rtinl ynn ?rL 11 wiUs Hid ilnirst. Ml iiitvvi Service Inrlutlea 8 place fti s uiiitfB (tlvis 2 tablespoons. I3.SQ flown, T $64.75 f«r ft $68.50 Sfrvlrr for J $29.75 ITC-'tl IK MlMPHIt, LET'S GO TO WORK FOR OUR SCHOOLS VOTE FOR R. A. NELSON FOR SCHOOL DIRECTOR To The Voters Of The Blytheville School District: My wife, the former Mary Blanche Gay, and myself were both born and reared in Blyth*-- ville. We both attended the public schools and graduated fron: the Blytheville High School. We have three children, the oldest entered school this year. We are very much interested in the welfare of the schools in the Blytheville District, not only because we are citizens, but be- cause of our special interest as parents of young children who are now and will for many year* he students in the Public Schools of Blythevilic. My purpose and desire is not to tear down and disrupt, but to improve and better conditions and to that end I will co-operate with all who are interested in the welfare of our schools. I believe I can help better conditions; I want the opportunity. I will appreciate your vote and support. Yours for better schools R. A. Nelson R. A. NELSON FOR SCHOOL DIRECTOR 1 \ Voting places: City Hall, Goodyear Store, and Fire Station Ho. 2 In Blytheville; Clear Lak« School and Yarbro School. Time: 2:30 to 6:30 P. M. Saturday, March 20th

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