Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on July 20, 1964 · Page 13
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 13

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Monday, July 20, 1964
Page 13
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TV TIME PREVIEWS (TV Time critics preview coming television shows by attending rehearsals, watching screenings, and ana- lysing scripts in New York and Hollywood. These are their previews for today): P.M. NBC. MONDAY Night it the Movies, "Treasure of the Golden Condot." (Color) (Rerun). This 18th century adventure story stars Cornel Wilde and Anne Bancroft. Wilde Pdrtrays a nobleman who is Cheated out of his title by a Marquis and is forced to work in the stables. He falls in love with the Marquis' daughter (Miss Bancroft) and, after attacking the cheat, runs away with her to find the treasures hidden in the Mayan temples of Guatemala. ' After finding the treasure, he returns to win back his title. 7t30-8 P.M. CBS. VACATION Playhouse. "He's All Yours." Eve Arden stars as the manager of a staid English travel agency in London whose life is made miserable by an employe who happens to be (he owner's bumbling hephew. She is responsible for the nephew's pet promotion for a South Seas tour which backfires and the travel agency's office is overrun with dancing girls, a chimpanzee and ever the weak punch has been spiked. British comedy writer Jeremy Lloyd plays the hair-b rained nephew. 7:30-9 P.M. ABC. WAGON Train. "The Trace McCloud Story." (Rerun). A mystery western (or shouk that be a western mystery?; with more suspects than "Burke's Law." Super sleuth Chris Hale (John Mclntire) finds himself trying to flush out a murderer from among a group of terror-strick en townspeople who have joine he wagon train to escape the icstial killer. 8*8:30 P.M. CBS. THE DAN- y Thomas Show. (Rerun). The Thomases are in Venice ohlght in what builds into a tal- .ht search as well it might in hat fabled city. The focal, or Vocal, point is a small girl named Maria who tags after Danny and Kathy voicing loud and long praise for her family of entertainers. As is to be expected, the young lady is no mean talent in ler own right. Piccola Pupa and Antonio Pieretti are fea- ,Ured with stars Danny Thomas and Marjorie Lord. 8:30-9 P.M. NBC. HOLLY- wood and the Stars. "What A Way to Go!: An Extravaganza in the Making." Since this half-hour plug was originally shown, the feature was released and turned out to be pretty much of a clinker. The picture is "What A Way To Go." The stars include Dean Martin, Robert Mitchum, Paul Newman, Shirley MacLain. Dick Van Dyke and Robert Cummings. The pure commercialism is 100 per cent; behind-the-scenes insight is nil. However, if you want to see the stars, here they are. 9-10 P.M. NBC. SING ALONG With Mitch. (Color) (Rerun). No guest stars tonight. This one offers just the regular gang, with the particular highlights being Keith Booth doing "16 Tons," "The Peanut Vender" by Jack Brown and Leslie Uggams singing "Who'll Buy My Violets?" DONDI MR. iMUtt tEP SURCH HERE ER, SORRT ID AlfouSE YOU AT THIS TIME OF NI6HT. W-WHAT'S WRON(S?/ IS DONDI WHAT?/ M-MIS5INS? OH, HO' MONDAY, JULY 20, r BEETLE, I'VE NEVER BE6M AS MAD AT YOU AS I AM RI&UT NCJW.' / WHV PCJNl'T f VouJustSLue ( ME AMP SET V IT OVER WITH? •y^9"~--, L<3> BEETLE BAILEY X'MNQTAUOWBD TO SUU<5 you, ANP, you KNOWLJTg^ ' BUT Vt)U NEED ] SOME BRUStflMS / UP OM YOUR ->^JUDO , .„ I' JUST SLUG MB ...SEE TOISf IT'S A SPLINTER'S STARTING POSITION.' REMEMBER IT IF VOU'(?E 6O1N0 TO PEAL WITH MAYNARD KINS/ MARY DECIDES TO DO A PLAY WITH THE. I NOTORIOUS BROADWAY PRODUCER, MAYNARD KINS' ON STAGE ...1 HATE THE THOUGHT OF DOING- } BUSINESS WEARING TRACK SHOES, / ' BUT IT HA9 BEEN A SLOW ^-^CM, I SEASON, AND I AM ITCHIN6 \l DO, I TO WORK, SO WISH ME LUCK.'/V DO! MEANWHILE. MAWVRD KING'S BODVSUARD SETTLES A DISPUTE FOR HIS EMPLOYER... TV TONIGHT AND TOMORROW (Presented as a public service by the Lake Charles American Press which is not responsible for unannounced changes by stations or similar program inaccuracies.) Channels - WBRZ-TV Baton Rouge 2. KATC-TV Lafayette 3, KPAC-TV Port Arthur 4, KALB- TV Alexandria 5, KFDM - TV Beaumont 6, KPLC-TV Lake Charles 7, KLFY-TV Lafayette 10, and KBMT-TV Beaumont 12. Today's evening programs are listed below. MONDAt EVENING Color cast for Monday are MONDAY NIGHT MOVIES. 4, 7, 6:30. MITCH MILLER. 4, 7, 9:00. TONIGHT SHOW. 7. 10:15. 6:00—Sports, 2, 3 News, 4. 6, 7. 10. 12 6:10-Weather. 2, «. 7, 10 6:15—Esso News, 2. 5 Weather, « Sports. 10 Sports, 7 6:20-Weather, 4 News, 6 TV 7 Report, 7 6:25-Weather, 5, 12 6:30—Outer Limits, 3, 12 Tell the Truth, 6, 10 "Treasure of the Golden Condor," 2, 4, 7 7:Wy-l'veGotaSecrct,W,6 7:30—Wagon Train, 12, 3 Vacation Playhouse, 6, 10 8:00—Danny Thomas, 6 t 10 8:30—Andy Griffith Show, 6, 10 Hollywood and the Stars, 4, 7 9:00—Breaking Point, 3, 12 Scien* Fiction, 10 Checkmate, 6 Sing Along With Mitch, 4, 7 10:00-Night Desk, 2 News, 4, 6, 10, 12, I Weather. 7 I0:05-i\'ews. 7 10:10—Weathor. 3, 4, 6, 12 Sports, 7 10:15-East Side, West Side, 6 News, 3, 4, 12 Tonight, V 10:20—"Lure of the Swamp," 10 10:25-"The Hard Man," 3 Consequences, 4, 7, 2 Search For Tomorrow, 6,10 11:45—Guiding Light, fi, 10 11:55—News 4, 7, X 12:00-Midday In La., 2 Romper Room, 7 Meet Your Neighbor, 10 Famous Play House, 6 Midday Report, 3 "Kansas Pacific," 12 TV Bingo, 4 12:30-Lifeline, 5 As the World Turns. 6, 10 Ann LeJeune Show, 3 Let's Make a Deal, 2, 4, 7 1:00—Password, 6, 10 Bingo, 3 Loretta Young, 2, 4, 7 1:30—House Party, 6, 10 The Doctors, ?, 4, 5, 7 Day in Court, 3,12 2:00—Tell the Truth. 6, 10 General Hospital, 3, 12 Another World, 2, 4, 7 2:25-News, 6, 10 2:30-Edge of Night. 6. 10 You Don't Say, 2, 4, 5, 7 Queen For a Day, 3, 12 3:00—The Match Game, 2, 4, 5, V Trailmaater, 3 Secret Storm, 6, 10 3:25—NBC News, 4, 7, 2 3:30—Trailmaster, 12 Amos and Andy, 10 4:00—Family Theatre, 10 Kartoon Capers, 7 Macabre Theatre, 2 Colonel Candy, 12 Circle 4 Club, 4 The Big Show, 3 5:00—Super Car, 7 Leave It To Beaver, fi 5:30-Ne\vs, 6, 10 Yogi Bear, 4 Trails West, 3 Htuitley Brinkley, 2, 4, 7 I CANT 5WAWAV FROM HER ANY LONGER.' IVE GOT TO SEE HER, DICK TRACY gM GOING TO MEET HER IN ANN ARBOR; SAYS JUNIOR, •AFTER ALL, SHE IS MY FIANCEE." WE Y\ONT FORGET MOON MAID'S HOME, LET US AT THIS TIME TAKE A QUICK GLANCE AT MOON VALLEY. KS THAT DIET SMITHS ABANDONED SPACB COUPE BEING TEST- FLOWN ABOVE ITP AND BY WHOM? YES, BILL WAS ft (JUNIOR EDITOR ON THE MAGAZINE THAT ueeo TO RUN ALL OF J GUESS YOU AND UNCLE OOE HAVE. KNOWN MR. BILL BREVISR FOR. A LO.NQ TIME.' \ ORPHAN ANNIE ALLX BILL REM.LV WflS LITTLE MORE THAN A PROOFREADER, BUT HE WAS THE ONLY ONE ON THE STAFF TO €TANO UP AMD FIQHT TOR dOE, WHEN THE BIQ TROJ JOB WAS AM EXPCf?TOH CRIME AMD CSANCiLAND«TORI6S t WC. LAST SERIAL WA'i FICTION, BUT IT WAS yo ciose TO FACTS THAT QUITE A LOT OPfiOKRSCOMPWlNED' 6QMS FOLKS QETUPGST HAVING TOLD HOMER STANDLY THE TRUTH, BOTH HIS DAUGHTER AN 0 REX MORGAN ARE SURPRISED BY HIS REACTION/ I..IFEELRNE/I CANT BCLIEVE THAT I WWE A BRAIN TUMOR/ .A fHF -t SUSPECTED IT MR.STANDLY...&UTTHE NEUROSURGEON'S STUDIES CONFIRM WE HAVE REASON T0^\ f WHEN DO HOPE THAT IT'S NOT I YOU WANT TO MALIGNANT... AND J \ OPERATE? •THAT YOU CAN BE f RECOVEREtX' J REX MORGAN, M.D, YOU'RE SCHEDULED "f ALL RIGHT..,&UT«\AY^\ FOR EIGHT IN THE 1 1 5PEAK ALONE NOW / MORNING.' ' ~) WITH KATE* ,- "Great Day in the Morning," 12 10.3&-Tonighf, 2 TUESDAY DAYT1MK 6: Oft-Happy Show, 10 6:15--Pass Partout. 10 6:55— Farm Report, 7 7:(iO— Today, 'i. 4, 5, 7 Sunrise Semester. 6 Outlook!. 10 7:20— Funtime Playhouse. 10 7:25-\Veather, 7 7.3U-l'nclu Willie's Club, 6 Popeye, 10 8:00—Kangaroo. 6. 10 9-00— Make Room for Daddy, I 2, 4, 7 ' News, 6 Jack LaLanne, 12 9::5-NBC News, 7. 4 9: 30-Word lor \Yord, 3. 4, 5, 7 Price Is Right, 3, 12 I Love Lucy. 6, 10 9:50— Devotions, 12 9:55— News, 13 10:00— Concentration, 2, i (iet the Message, 3, The McCoys, 6, 10 10 30-Jeopardy. 2, 4. 7 Pole i Gla<J*s. 6, !') Mtssmg LM 3, 12 ;i.uft-lm* oi Liie. 6, lu Say When, 2. 4. 7 Father Knows Best, 3. 12 !1.25-News, 6. 10 11:30— Ernie Ford, 3. 12 TERRY 5, 12 Russia Again Advises West On Germans MOSCOW (AP)-The Soviet government has suggested the Western powers should work for establishment of peaceful cooperation anrl mutual understanding between East and West Germany, Tass reported. i The Western Big Three were i accused of "conniving" with ; militarist and vengeful forces in ; West Germany. I In Washington, the State De! partment had no comment on ! the Soviet statement. Officials j said that they would need to I study the full text before dec-id- jing whether any reaction was j called for. In general, however, authorj. _ ties appear to regard the So-1 -4^ viet statement as embracing a I routine set of arguments and KERRY DRAKE familiar Soviet positions. i The Russians were repiyuig to a statement \,y the United Slates, Britain and France vum:h trific-i^t a friendship treaty Mgned by the U.S.S.R. add East Germany on June 12. The Western p-A.ers said they would c'jntmat: ' s hold the Soviet I'mou responsible for East THEM, F Tr(05E Ml65l^v5 K ARE PACT-ANP TELL .«£ V£ 5AKCCUE FiPN'T KANT THAT rw&E/THE FCLICt! i TlMPEPJFF AT THE TRACMN& STATICtl. YOUR HEALTH Bearc lake Charles Awieritdft Pf«« Drives Suitor Away By Dr. Thcodort R, Vftn tfcllefi (Copyright 1984: By Tic Chicago Tribune) This is th6 feast day ij>t Si. Uncumbor, who was able 1o disencumber herself of an ur want- suitor by growing a Although hagiologists pla:c no credence in the story aiid refuse to include her in the catalog of saints, the legend if her ability to help women rid themselves of unwanted malts has been popular in Europe far SOO years. Westminster Abbe,' contains a Rtfttiie of St. Uncimbcr. This vSpanish girl was icard. born around 130 A.D. Her father, the prefect of Gnlicin, pledged her \ marriage to the king of Silly. The young lady prayed foi eliverance from this betrothal, nd the answer came in the form f a growth of whiskers on her ace. The king got the nies- age and returned home but the athcr was so enraged he had iis daughter crucified. Tapestries and murals of Un- umber were popular In the 14lh and 18th centuries.! A vil- age In Bavaria vonetlates a carved wooden altarpiede, fully equipped with crown and beard, Miraculous events are said to rmve occurred there even though ecclesiastics pronounced the legend a worthless and impossible religious romance perpetrated by simple people of the early Christian era. This i« where the sto'y stood for centuries, awordlng to Harry vS. Lipscomb and Hebtoftl fi. Hoff. writing in the Bulletin, of .he History 01 Medicine. About 'ivc years ago, hn endocrihd- ogist published an article in fc scientific journal titled "Adreno- cortical Hyperfunctlon With Sudden Onset of Htrsultlsm>" In brief, this paper described the plight of a 2Vyear-o!d Woman who was under great stress because of an extramarital problem. In less than a month's time she developed "a luxuri' ant growth of body hair." Superfluous hair In women fro- qucntly Is associated with various glandular disturbances but the growth rarely appears M rapidly as In the two cases cited. All this proves again that history has a way ot repeating itself. Many of the events that are classified as mythology contained a shred of truth. St. Un- ctimber may yet make a hagiography. Dr. Van Dellcn will answer questions on medical topics If stamped, self - addressed envelope accompanies request, TOMORROW-. Lumpy Palm, Today's Health Hint- Discard food in unopened bulging containers. Address inquiries to: Dr. Theodore R. Van Dellen Tribune Syndicate Tribune Tower Chicago, 111, Give your family big pleasure with this magnificent new | home entertainment VALUE! J STEREO THEATRE • Optically filtered 280 sq. in. Big Screen TV • All 82-Channel VHF/UHF tuning • Noise-free FM and selective MM Radio • Two Stereo High Fidelity Phonograph • All in one beautiful, space-saving cabinet Ale AMSAfK WFCKE... r cuif. in PLOT- ASP THE ONLY Th« Contemporary Slawo Theatre, 1-U 343 in Walnut finish 369 90 pT": : iMr^I^WHO^ -^ < '/U -'4&\ ,'AV WUfJiCA 1 .. Irjt'"^^ *TY'T ^41Bf 6ENiu5.' •J-Tl.r^r; /DON'T ,/ . -f F i>?RIHT.'.. AIL I 5AID VvAS THAT SKIWNY SHOUiDN'T SfcT VvlXFD UP WITH ANY ONE 61RL.'.. NOT TILL HE'S -SUCH A SUCCESS IT VC*iT MATTEI?.' ) JEAIOUS Of THAT -fOUM-r OK OUR WAY I'O A AMP IF- Wt- BtO'W >"THIS I 60 r A YFN C<->f? SK / OHE OF 'BIG FPNir V WIIL PUT YOU A IN THt «.)(! 'v/5 '.irfff^wis , -fgr ' »mw «« COSTS YOU MUCH LESS THAN COMPARABLE TV AND STEREO UNITS BOUGHT SEPARATELY Though modejitly priced, this magnificent Magnavox incorporates |3!1 the features known to electronic science—that make for greater viewing and listening enjoyment—ifiore lasting dependability. Powerful stereo amplifier and two Magnavox 8" extended- range speakers witti coaxial tweeters project sound 1rom both enfis of the compact cabinet—to extend thrilling sterep separation to the very width of your room. Select from many beautifyl styles. Fabulous now MICROMATIC PLAYIR ... lets your records last for a lifetime,.. the Diamond stylus is «*:r::.sfcz ijgHl guaranteed for JO year*. .Nearly •!•:> n(K) (.ier>oiij Vifi'fc •, treattd last >ear ai llie JleaJlh ('enl'-T oi liie InteiTiaUuniil Ladies Ganni'iu Workers Uruun ia Nt'W York C'tU, the first uiiion- sponsort-d hu.- pital in the na' (inll. TOO SHOOK US WHO* VCXj If ViAi VEJW Artf-W- AN' / SUNSHINE. VOU HAVt ME \ WORKED' TEU.USMOHE \ A3.'XiT '/Do* HORZISLE , DREAM' SMILIN' JACK \ *-) /;- TTv] i W*.\ ,-juli MOWsiti HUMOK •I WWK» n*o>'. i .'. •> >OC' » HAlt Mii T- .. */ fC'U TrtAT 1V«O •'> C* iiAfKj' iiX A.V. Uf iSOtt e in—kt m> jxrove why 4Magiavoi L> truly aud your b««t buy,.. on am basis of ctttuparbonl SKKVlNji; 1HK GKEATEtt LAKE CUAKLtS AUfcA H)K I UK fAsl 15 VKAKS RADIO-TV APPLIANCE CENTER OPtN TILL 8 P.M. THUR5PAY 3426 RYAN b|T. 4774619

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