Quad-City Times from Davenport, Iowa on September 9, 1864 · 3
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Quad-City Times from Davenport, Iowa · 3

Davenport, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, September 9, 1864
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DAILY DEMOCRAT. 1;IYv11ICIIARISO; lMItor. PttSIDESTf AL INTRIGUING FOR RE-ELECTION. F2IDAT EVENING. MTI0X1L DEMOCRATIC TirKET. r-. u - , i L. - Si i 3 ' i-. . FOR PREsW-VT, i Some II It Item o i;upulliLiel Facta About Lincoln and Other. ..7-30 LOW CROCERIES. FRESH FAMILY GROCERIES ! ' , From tLe Ii-cbts!r N. Y. l'Bion.3 The plotting and center plotting of Abraham Lincoln dtig the , last monUi ane ahalf to make himself sure of his reelection, furnish mos t disgraceful and humiliating chajr n American politics and at the sam'time forcibly illustrate the disastrous of the President's violation of hU ofl iuaxiin, 4,rot to swap horses whilj crtKing a stream' : We have been furn ished from sources of the hisrhest character facta ihat cannot be denied with refer ence to the intriguing of that period, the relation of one or two of which may ssrve to open the eyes of ary, if any there be, who still have faith in the much-vaunted "honesty of Abraham Lincoln. It will be borne in mind that at the Tery moment Horace -Greeley left New York empowered by the- President to 'o to Nia'- GE.. GEORGE B. McfLELLA.. acTSta b""??, uiair oenior, me iatner or the Postmaster General, reached the Metropolis from Washington. The missions of Messrs. Greeley and Blair, Lad fur closer relations to each other than the former named .rpntlemnn ever dreamed of in philosophy. 'J he facta ; mi, wrurbiuautu upon Gen. JJix and FOR VIsE-PRESIDE.VT, Hon. GEOKGE II. PENDLETON. Democratic Stale Ticket. - - For Secretary of State, ; J. H. WlI.LACE, of Muscatine county. " J For State Treasurer, JOHXB. LASH, of H-nrj county. For Attorney General, CHA3. il. DUNBAR. Jackson cour.tr. For Auditor of State, . C. HENDERSIIOTT, of Iowa county. For Register of State Lan J ClEce, B. D. HOLBROOK, of Monona countr. For J ud'e of thi Supreme Court, TU08. M. M UN ROE, of Dubuque county :o oi;irr. As the last plank that buoys up the drooping spirits the administration pape s , cling to the hope that McClellan will decline the nomination tendered him by the Chicago National Democratic Convention. His delay in issuing tu3 letter, of acceptance, the modest and becoming manner in which ho received hij friend in Orange, New Jersey, on the evening of his nomination, are constructed into absolute forerunners of declination. What so fortunate to abolition cause. Nothing else couM so improve and brighten the chances of the "Hail split- ,ter." But we wai the friends of Lincoln not to lap the flattering unction to their souls, Ar there is no manner of doubt that the nomination will be accepted; nor is but Sir. ma ueiore him his business. It was to se cure a written pledge from Gn! wi !.!. lan that he WOuId decline thr nnminnlinn nf the Chicago convention. . Gen. Dix sue gtstea that if Gen. McClellan gave any oui.il meugc il would be onlv tinon Mia ox. action of a high command or such rirrtnn as the administration would nnt l,o likelr to j J IC1U IU. Mr. Blair replied that Mr. Lincoln him self ha always believed in McUlellan, that had it not been for the "pressure" of the radicals he would never have removed him ; that he detested the radicals and their representative in the Cabinet. Stanton, who was the leading and actual cau'c of all his troubles and the country's military disasters ; that he was now entirely ready to cut loose from the malirrnants. di&misa Stanton, put McClellan in his place, or give him any command he might ask, change his war policy to agree with the several memoranda of Gen. McClellan in the early part of the war, and give the Southern peo ple, uisnnguisjiea iroai their leaders, such assurances as would spoedily divert their support faom Jeff. Davis., - Mr. Blair cspessed his confidence that if such an arrangement could be brought about the democracy and the whole conserv ative power of the couotry would be secured for Mr Lincoln's re-election, and it would be thus insured. Gen. lYix was de- oidedlv The Secretary of the Treasury gives notice that subscription, will be received for Coupon Treas- ory Notes, pajaLlc three jtara from August 15th 1664, with semi-annual interest at the rate of seven and three tenths per cent, per SDnum, principal sua interest both to be paii in lawful money. These notes will be conret tibhs at the option of the LolJer at maturity, into six per cent, gold bearing bonds, payable not less than five nor more than twenty years from their date, as the Government may elect. They will be issued in denominations of f 50, "$100, $500, $1,000 ajid $5,-000, and all subscriptions roust be for fifty dollars or some multiple of fifty dollars. These notes will be transmitted to the owners free of transportation charges as soon after the receipt of the original Certificates of Deposits as they can be prepared. As the notes draw interest from August 15, per- j sons making deposits subsequent to that date must pav the interest accrued from date of note to date of deposit. Parties depositing twentr-fire thousand dollars and upwards for these notes at any one time will be allowed a commission of one-quarter of one per cent., which will be paid by the Treasury Department upon the receipt of a bill fcr the amount certified to by the officer with whom the deposit was made. Xo deductions for commissions must be made from the deposits. KpecialAdraiitnges oTHiix JLoan, It is a National Savings Baxk, offcring'a higher rate of interest than any other, and the left se curity. Any savings bank which pays its depositors in U. S. Notes, considers that it is paying in the best circulating medium of the country, and it cannot pay in anything better,- for ifs own assets are either in government Fecuvities or in notes and bonds payable in government paper. It is equally convenient as'a temporary or per raanent investment. The notes can always be (old for within a fraction of their face and accu mulated interest, and are the best security with banks as collaterals for discounts. Convertible into a 6 per cent. 5-23 Cold Bond. In addition to the very liberal interest on the notes for three years, this privilege of conversion is now worth about three per cent, per annum, for the current rate for 5-20 Bonds is not less than niie per .cent, premium, and before the war THE PLACE TP BCT j FRESH TEAS, COFFEES, SPICES, TOCETIIEIl WITH EVERY OTHER ARTICLE included in the stock of a lirst-tlais Family Grocery Store, Can always be found at North-Wcst cor. llrady Sc I'ourtli Streets. , His stock of CLOTHING. Tea, J'netl ana untied I'ruil, 'ou. IVctiouerioK, It utter, tif.ii, feaucex, Iljrsr. l!ruue. Hollow Ware, Etc., Ate., is the mires, und fi-cei.c4 Housekeepers will Lnd it to their advantage to vw uuu nee me goods. Goods delivered In all parts of the city free of charge. Every Article Warranted! decll-dtf : IMMENSE EXCITeJiENT Competition in Davtcport. ; - Kare tliance fi,r arRalns at- HESS & STERN'S Sew Wholesale & Retail I CLOTHING HOUSE! 9 Metropolitan Block, Davenport, Iuva. THE PROPRIETORS OF THLS L1S&. lishb.vt beg leave to inform the citizeniruf davenport, and surrounding countrv, that thev have just opened the largest and most complete t S-ICLOTHIXG, AND Gents Fitriil&hing Goods Ever brought to tnis city. . Having our own inaiinfViff nrv w on Jar i"m. - ' y- " J CHICACO. MEDICAL. National Hotel. Washington Street, corner of Welles, ChienKo, III. This splendid Hotel is pleasantly located near -le ousiness portion 01 tne citr. and is kept in ch-rant style. 8. H. 0 ILL, Proprietor. tear t Mi o use streets. T S. iQUot t(: Co., Prop"ra, Corner of rUatt 8U(1 Washington fpHLS HOUSE IS XWLY ; FURNISHED, X centrally located. wuhu. )ock or t f u rr 1 ,CrS H1 ht V-y'Vtd contains the largest rooms of any hotel in t hy,,.0 E?"Thi house will be kent i? ..' stylo,-ot,ia price, regardless of Zl mm u f other Chiengo hotels, -t SiV-oV NEW GROCERY HOUSE. Joseph Iloihitn, Corner Front & Brady'Sts., noiesole and Retail dealer in CHOICE FAMILY GROCERIES, Provisions, Salt, Tobaccos A Cigars. ALSO " Choice Wines ami Liquors, Both Foreign d Domestic. I Guarantee to srive Hie Rest equality of Uoodx AND SELL THEM OX THE LOWEST LIVING terras. Cail and examine the stock ana iearn xne prices before purchasing elsewhere Wholesale dealers will find it to their advantage to give me a call. Goods, delivered within the citv limit tree of charge. Theodore Tobias is my duly authorized A ent JOSEPH JIOTIIa'N.' Davenport, Aug. 30, 1S31. mm-d&wly) JOSHUA BURR, Brady Street, Between Front and Second, Davenpnrt, low?. I Respectfully beg (leave to state to the petition, both in assortment and tirice e will be p!eaed to see evervbodvcall and examine our stock, and thev wi"il fiud that we show our Goods with will and pleasure Mtt en lion We of duced SEW REVERE HOUSE. Corner Xvrth ClarJc and Ktmie Slrcctt C'liU-a", 111. mills HOTEL HAS FIRST-CLASS ACCOM JL niodutions for two hundred Cm t : ...... trally located, within three minutes wulk t the priucipal Banking houses, Bourd of Trade, A; is entirely new, with elegant furniture, and H me uepariments replete wilu modem conveuien- Good News for llic Unforlunatc I tiis loso pocant ton DlSCOVERFD AT LAST. Gil EBOKraiiJIED-S Nf , ... nii:itoui:i: i.xji:rrio, Compoimtlcd from Roots, Barfcs, and Lravrs. V AN D1LKLT1C, cures ll di( f tl.euri-nary organ, such o Ineontinetie i f the l iin. Int amuu.tion of the JUaJUw. Inttu.m.u,ti,M, of tluJ Kidneys, St.ne in the liladder. Stii -ttir,. (Jr.vVl Gonorrhea. Gleet ud i CHpccillv r.mn.r'dVi 111 tlioso cusp iif 1 !nr. in ... ...!.. ""," 9 ccs. Having leased the above Hold for n ter i . , . -"". "i one, lit i.i Sd. C 1C "" "ulu-inc.Uv, tl.l l?2rVlTVtd .5n ,,iP,'r roncpt.tr.tcd rin the .lose only being from one u, two tea. nuriT iimtn per mv i I , i I . jtain. m iruMiuKuiai i am sumcietitlv known nnrifx !w il . """" in n action: call attention to our lanre nnH nmr.lot -lr- I t mrnt M.i.i.t..ri;,. r .:..; .... I ! 'Sr and 'IeMliKinv tt.c 1.1 1 ...:.... :. Military Clothing wt, M?. "V V'XT U.lit V .k ' ' f' "l- Am,ro,",c. . its rih.l nv 'l ' " ,u lates. Call and no.st vourKli-Ps in ti.n- meiitof t hi "iirl;or ,..,n i r- I ...' ,rVu the v.vlrin n 1 i,i.n,i: I . ., .. , v . , , ..in nr riMULiy Mlllg. I WlllCll IlllVfi it,Jl i 'j-I ' VUIIN'J ct-KiuLTcu;,, nifeMteari, ,. , Touwill fiqd it to your advantage to examineour ' : ' ?r H,s,slit to the CHEROKEE IJKMFD V l' WEBER, WILLIAMS & FITCH, "r--- S&cion - Xok. 10,11 ni Lake Ms., hirago. ZZ; iZX First In fashion. fhPflnMtinr!. "ATS, CAPS, FURS. &c. i-X ISJT.t'iife: Tir C cliran nuack inject i.fiiii """"""" nearly all the HESS & STERN, Iil. FILL AXD AV1MER TRADE. 6I, . vlmr mkuy Mammoth Clothmo- TTili ... .u 1 t!ie o ni...li. No. 9 Second street, Metropolitan Duilding, my30-dtf ' Dareppottjowa. DAKERIES. a'crT,r,licitizeus of Daven- Ill f lll I. ' ' Ll II TJS3AS. fi try dealers through Sfi J'out this part of the State that I nave on liana, and am constantly reticent in the matter of opinion. i?..: i.i. i . . . . . i . . in l r iirnfn I (in rn ruci loci- ih. I t ..n ...... . .. .. . . , .. . T r ri , , ' . , ... I I .v w m.-y moa, lac I iuv jiicuiiuui vu aiA ceill. U. C5. S LOCKS Was ""J ,iJCSt"J" niai .ne win not only i pcnoiuianceana layure ol which were no- accept this nomination but that h will n. "cett at the time, cept the election accept the ofSce of ChitH sooner, was the failure of Mr. Blair's .u- . . . effort to make terms with Gen. MrdelLm IT.. r",e r. Ce, 10"5tlebaSe(1 and in h of thus securing the democrat: ivaUiuu oj Aoe. Lincoln. .-pon this Mc and conservative votes, made known to tne neonre have dptrminl iv .,i..,i: I.;mw,in .1 i- . ....... , i it'-is iig i ""vujii, iiiiiu lie Liiii, iMimwimrp urpna in . a . I .J arrest the Deace nianMiverinf- Lftwi-on tw Dei. No better indication of: the success of Gen. McClellan could be desired than that he is opposed by the Xew York lleral I. , That paper waited "llYr than a nrafiL- ts bought up by McClellan, as it was by Fremont a few years ago; but finding that it is not cared for at any price or any conditions, it turns around to abuse the, democratic candidate. IMTiriCATIO. Every democratic Exchange we pick up fcpeans oi preparations lor ratihcation meetings on the 17th, in all the towns throughout the Northern States. "What is to be done here in Davenport ? ' Surely the democracy of this place, cannot afford to remain quiet, while the entire country is ablaze with enthusiasm for Gen. McClellan. Xi w is the time to come up to the work, fellow democrats ; let us act at once. Greeley and the rebel Commissioners then going on at the Falls. The application of Mr. Greeley for further instructions came just in the nick of time to give a plausible excuse ior interlerence. I he conservative card had failed, and now the' only hope of air. Lincoln was to throw himself wholly into the arms of tho radicals lo set his head on the fate of the negro and stand the hazard of that issue. 'Stanton, who Wl been kept in entire ignorance of all these Xiagara Falls and New York proceedings, was, as Mr. Greeley has partly stated, then called in, and the result was the "To-whom it-may concern" ultimatum. The effect has drsappointed Mr. Lincoln it has lri- en, and is driving from : his support thousands of his former friends who were willing to go his emancipation proclamation declaring the slaves of rebels free, but who are not willing to insist upon the abandonment of the institution of slavery. This result counted with the defection of the Wade Davis element, has frightened .Mr. Lincoln, and h ence we see the renewed over twenty percent. . It will be seen that the actual profit on this loan, at th present market rate, is not less than ten per cent, per annum. Its Exemption from State Or municipal Taxalion. But aside from all the'advanf ages wehavecnu-msrated, a special Act of Congress exempts all bonds and Treasury notes from local taxation. On the average, tlu3 exemption is worth about two per cent, per annum, according to the hite of tax ation in various parts of the country, It is believed that no securities ofier so -great inducements to lenders as those issued by the gvr.rttmoat. i all other forms of indebtedness, aunuj oi private parties, or stock receiving, large and well selected stock of GrllOCERlES; At Wholesale and Retail. Bread, Cakes and Pies '" - AT THE UNION BAKERY, Oji the north-side of Second Street between Brady and Perry, ' 1VrADE F THE BEST FLOUR, BY THE J L most experienced Bakers, and especially prepared For Family Use. Parties supplied on the shortest notice. Send Your Orders and they will be promptly tilled by dec2t;-dly J0C0B IIAIIX. Coffees, ieas, Avails, Dried Fruit, Gun Caps, Candles. Comprising Sugars, Tobaccos, Powder, White Lead. Cordage, Soap, Fish, Dead. Spices, Soda, cotton arn, Shot, Candle Wickinr, " , Tubs, , : Subs in nest3 half Bushels, Half Bushels in nests, 1 ' Wrapping Twine, . '-;,. Broom Twine, . Bag Twine, ' - Pint Flasks, .. , . ....... Buckets. 1 articular attention paid to the Wholesale Hushicss. I buy on the most advantageous terms and Roll Cail and examine. All orders nromntlv .;- mv21-dtf PIONEER BAKERY. DAN. MOO HE, Proprietor. rpiIE PROPRIETOR OF THIS BAKERY j liunujr received reinforcements u ,, pared to furnish his old and new customers with BREAD, CAKES, CRACKERS, &C, in any quantity on the shortest notice. ' Order? troin the country filled with disnntnh ered at the depot, steamboat landing and in ai' parts of the city free of charge. Bakery No. 25 East-Front Street, near Burrow's Mill, Davenport. ocl5-d.twtf c ere now ready to ofier to the Trade from all sections of the west, a Large and Very " Attractive stock of Hats, Caps, Furs, Robes Buckskin Gloves and Mittens, Umbrellas. Ladies' Misses' & Childrens Kats, Skating Caps, - urs,j&c. Sjicciitl Toiler. beg to sta'.e that our Stock is notsur-passed in extent, vuii-ty, styles, qualities or CutCAP.vKSK by any to be found east or west and hat-nig at all seasons a very Law;k Stock ofSta-ri.E Gcons. oa hand, we are furtii.I c.;nu( u..fi. den and great advance, whereby we ure enabled 10 oner muny-gooas nt less than M A.vi'KACTt'KKRs' Pueskst Pricks, which we will do throughout the season. " einiw nt tlm .1.1...... .. . are remold Z 1 M.pr,.,r discharge restored ,o fl, .lVur liZl otYJ"'1 ly EiI"'eM t0 WV l,JrH on receipt AU buch oid,.l8 must be sent l., V. A COOK Chicago, our (ie.u.ral Al(vnl fop 1(ic wf ' iMt. hoUlt. Uriiira sta. imd l.v .11 ii..T ... ei rv .vu. ' ' v ' S(at'e,.,f Vm' C;iji,cll' "'"'rill Agent f,r tho S Indil:hnOIS' l0Wa' Wi-court,?. Wiel.iK"; 1K. W. 15. 3ir.lMVI. tV ViK Sulu troxi irli,, o .! Libeutv Sriiu.T, Nvw York Merchants will promote their interests Iv ex-uining our f tock before buviii" M eber, Wjlliaui Ac Filch.' aur2.-d.3iii FAIRBANKS' -SianiUtrtl THE GREAT HOTELS AF4D BOARDIPIC. UF ALU KINDS. Also,; Wnrchocsc Trucks, tct- Iff I'rcRses. tic. Fairbanks, Grcciileaf & Co., 1?2 Lake Street, Chicago. , f-Be careful to buy only the genuine, aug23-diwly b. . CO coMrornKi moM 'MISSISSIPPI tm V""'-.. tV C II E R O K 1: u companies, or senarate communities .,,1,. - - - - V- J J . pledged for payment, while the whole property of attended to.' the country is held to sscuro the discharge of all the obligations of- the Unite d States. While the Government ofier3 the most liberal JAMES DOOT.EY terms for its loans, it believes that the very ' Family Grocer, strongest appeal will be to the lovaltv- , n.trJ.- T?"?, , CONSTANTLY ON HAND, AT r 1 J Jk. uis oiustanct. corner ot Kifth HOUSE. 11 .ui ii4 Jt'T, PROPRIETOR. HE i irecommenas 11s conveniently arranged hotel to all trut-clerts, and also to citv boai-'Wd. aa- sunng thetn that nothing win 'be wantimr in promote the wel flare of his guests and to make CO m n lie also recommend.-' his well .1juJ;i.41 Imp tri.SM. FRESH FAMILY ; GROCERIES ! 'tot otism of the people. Subsceiptioxswill be RECEiVEn by the Treas urcr of the United States, at Washington, the Curious Republican Ciround. While manj of the Abolition newspape s are straining language, reason, and common sense, to see if they cannot find in the Chicago platform something, be it ever so little, looking to a separation of the Union, the Washington Chronicle (Forney's pa- yerj actually reouKes tnem, as follows : enorts at negotiation which are daily j several Assistant Treasurers and designated De- cnrumcieu in me aespaicnes irom tne positaries. and bv th ' J Falls. Another fact, in illustration of Lincoln's bending of the public interst and endangering the country's life, to further his own personal interests. On a former occasion we stated on good authority, the particulars concerning Grant's suppression of the or- receipt of the order and be fore assuming command. Gen. Smith took a brief leave of abscence to make a short ''Wh,IOr, 1 ..t.i .V.v.. , ' UI cilice retiring xiutier to the soluti;n3cf KSoZZ lT?? Baldy which critir-kP, thp " u".lu 1 u,.e commana line iroops in tne .- 'T 1 neld Un tne "j paiiiui. musi oe rejoicea to see that important body, representing so large a portion of the American people, solemnly declare that the Union must be preserved. Mark the words in w hich the determination is expressed : 'We will adhere, with unswerving fidelity to the Union and the Constitution as the only solid foundation of our strength, security, and happiness as a people, and as the frame-word of government equally conducive to the welfare of all the &tatac ltstfl. V I. 1 o .1 n. - --.j vui .mi iwci 11 aiiu lauuiuern. 1 w.s expression is probably the most significant admonition that could be presented to the enemies in arms against the Republic These enemies have looked to the Democratic party and to the Chicago Convention for encouragement in their cxpections of separation and disunion. They have been flattered by the idea that because Mr. Yal-landigham, Mr. Fernando Wood, and a few umers, nave preached peace doctrines uctcMj'c una preacning meant dissolution First National Uaiilc, of Davenport, Iowa, " and by all National Banks which are depositaries of public money, and ALL RERPECTABLE BANKS AND BANKERS throughout the country will give further information and AFFORD EVERY FACILITY TO SUBSCRIBERS. ang2(5-dJfc w2m visit lo a relative in this State. He had I jtbEASEs OF THE NERVOUS, SEMINAL nlm.l frTtc, fk: .-n.!, u oEAUAi. 8XSTEM3 new and re. staff, who had remained at headquarters, "tTf- ,pom of the HOWARD im and informed him that he had aw'1fUJ-'n 7 man in sealed letter en ine n Overtook him learned, something immediately after his de parture which beded no good to his interest and demanded his immediate return. Gen. Smith did return at once and was met by Gen. Grant with the announcement that he had imptrative orders from the President to suppress Jhe order from the War Department, and keep Butler in his comma nd ; and further, that he- had cither instructions or an earnest request from the President to do nothing that might displease Butler lest he should turn round and labor with his friends to defeat his (Lincoln's) election ! This we assert as a fact, for which we have the authority of a hicih officer in the Army of the East, whose in- yeiopes, tree 01 cnarere. Address. D .1 KR-tt LIN HOUGHTON", Howard Association, No. 3 ooutu jinm street, rnuadelphia, Pa. apldwly EniToa of Democrat Dear ,Sir With your L. . iu oaj iu iuc reaaers 01 3"our paper that I will send them, by return mail, to all who wish it, (free,) a Receipe. with full direv tions for making and using a simple Vegetable Balm that will effectually remove, 'in ten days, pimples, blotches, tan, freckles, and all impurities of the skin, leaving the same soft, clear, smooth and beautiful. i ' I. will also mail free to those having bald heads or bare faces, simple directions and information and Bradv streets, a large and most complete stock of the best Groceries, comprising TEAS OF ALL KINDS ! Coffees and Sugars, Syrups, Molasses, Candles, Soaps, Starch, Wooden Ware, Dried Fruit, Spices, Soda, Salt, Kerosene, Voltaren tsu el. fin-i and, in short, everything that can be in a first-class retail Grocery. 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"TT NTERT AINMENT PROVIDED FOR THE AJJ traveling public and city boarders at all times in the most satisfactory- manner. The ta- uiu y. m oe suppuea with tbe best the market af- 'JjSrtlAi and COUlIillCIlfj'fl fumn n.l for years made the treatment of private diseases his business and study. Experience, the best of teachers, has enabled him" to perfect remedies at at once sufficient, safe, permanent, and in most cases can be used without hindcrance to business Particular attention given to old standing cases, such as were considered incurable. Syphilis 111 all forms ; Gonorrhea, Gleet, Strictures, Orchltes. Diabetes. lilaHiW nrl I Irii.oi i. ,1;..,.... .... fords, and the beds and room's kept in the most A,so tl10 ctsof solitary habits, both ruinous comfortable style. "Waim Meals at all hours. 0 .bod,v an1 n'"d, und which produce Pome of the w ines a 11 d Liquors of the best quality constantly on hand. jyH ir r .. . 1 : , 11 1 UUIg 1 apt rS aild JLIII CIOPCS An nnfuin,,,, orc Ihr Semin ,1 V,, 1 . 1 tai.iut tmisKions nnd all at " ,uI;'e. iNoC. ' !. -AT W II O h E S ALE: Pollution, t-h m)j!! "t h Sel ASD AT THE LOWEST CASH PRICFS J'"'""' I'ains in tl- b,,,), 'i!i,''Vr-r' l'"iverim Sample packages if deiVe, . IUCES l'.j.iure Old A,e, Wei k . VW,,,, , CLAlilvE & CO., ' i';ltJV, Trending, Wakv ful, . J " "".v oct71r . 1 Lake m.Chiftaao, III "n ,hc '. J'le Com (,,, Ul.tSK- l"l'ti.-.,s : Iff? "I-... Haiuty; a-id !1 thedinfu J ?, , ',,lf u,,,I'i".lu. All -PrivntDiscasc.s" Curcl 'V''-'11 ',",)' ,f Auf!;!v 8 11,1181:11 L .. ' Without MerCliry. and'one on wfi'XVnW? Vr?S. , 1" r practice for a ur V- T h"vu jfK -r.' WII1TTIEU IS ItEGU- "ls treated, it has J .t'lr 'i UU'1 ' MLM J, laulv educated and legiti- eteaee. Its curative powers !" 'UtKl kmmh'' lUH h -'l: to gjn victory over t e nost "nfi H''" Wt Mnence in all forms of disease, a To those who have i trit! '.rn Vvi'feFt('!i?fkli0W,e -q'"tc ihdespensable stitution until tlu-y think ihJ. .J K ,l,eir n - f ifS:ry iu the prone r treatment nf th reach of inetlicl I1".",v" heyond (il0 -sizt-cpr kS '"' ui;ust 111 an lis vni-iixi Price. 2 t,rr tmU1 and forward Jd 'by ExpreK8 o'Tm "UUr"r 5. world. J- A"l'rt,! w nil parts of the ?..For..fu11 Pwticnlars. L-et iv.. , irug More in flip vinr iroin CARRIAGES. Groceries, Flour & Feed Store. THE UNDERSIGNED RESPECTFULLY IN-fobms the citizens of Scott and adjoining vuuuum, hiul h ui constantly seep in his iNew Store, corner of Second and Scott Str eets, a fmcii sssorrment 01 uroceries, t ipur and Feed, which uk in aiways sen at tne lowest market price. Highest price paid for farm produce. Goods delivered free ot charge in citv limit's. uct. in dAwlyi. riAM'h C. VOUNG. 3IRS. ISEBELLA YOUNG, No. 61, Corner Bock Inland Jb 2d &ls., HAS A LARGE STOCK OF j: .r 1 . . -, or, in other words. Southern independenc Sf Tt Z Z l 1 i?V 1 ? fajIng Tho -..i..: r .1 m . ftwucii. . 1 tnat it ousht to be Dubhshed. and ihat. not that will enable them to start a full growth of FrCSh GrOCCHCS, Earthen W&TC, "Sl Wk-8 - Mostaehe in less iW Wine ami Lia0rS. , Darenport Carriage Repository Ko.UO Brady Street, above Fifth.) j? 1'--' 1 Uli 1 , IU A. J. HOYT. PROPRIETOR, S KEEPS CONSTANTLY nv TT A 'n 9&-3i f ,arKe stock of the most thorough w iv niaae ana most modern styles of CARRIAGES, EFGGIES A.D ' IIARXESSES, Of Kasfern Manufacture, and most uuiaoie quality. 111s goods were bought and contracted for before the great rise in material and labor, which enables hirn to offer the GREAT" EST INDUCEMENTS to purchasers. Call be" imc puiuiiaaiug eisewnere. foll-d&wly - WEltK5S HUOTJ3EI5S, S i MAXAGKKS GP TUB .t . Davenport Carriage Manufactory, CORNER THIRD & HARRISON STREET .Parenport, Iowa; manufacture "all kinds tt Carnages, Bagg;.53a?)d yarons from the bem followin": effects : Blotches. 15..dilv Constipation. Aversion and Uneasiness in Female Society, Unmanlines, Dread -of Future ftveni., nnany a complete prostration of the vital powers, loss of memory, rinirino- in tlm n can bo fully restored to health. , t l)r. . is the publisher of a new work, entillcd "-Nip the Evil in the Bud," which will be sent to an on receipt 01 iu cents to prepay postage. All letters with stamp answered. i Consultation free. Charges moderate and cure guaranteed. Dr. Whitter cures the very worst kind of rupture in a few weeks. 1 r..... vmue ana uonsuiTarion agent, who w mail fr,.,. ,A rl"? 10 " ma, as,! Alitl.iga,,. ' , u ':.mii, Ir.tli- .iM'roprlof,,,.,, Rooms 164 South Clark Street, Chicago. Yo can see the Doctor every day from 8 A. M. to 1J- M , aiig2dAw1v Oil 8 one of the principal parties, if questioned, would dare deny it. The resolutions of the Chicago Convention iiave taken this last prop from under their feet, and they now see that there is no party : so contemptible in the free States as that winch advocates peace on the basis of separation and that all parties in our section are m favor of the unity of the Republic. .bo significant. haa been the action of the Chicago Conation on this subject, that r when ilr. Lon?, oc Ohio, proposed to introduce a qualifying resolution lookin- to reace. hewas ruled out of order, and the ..w.UUVtv rvpunc-M. by Mr. Guthrie, were adopted, as the repousajs .with few dissenting voices. " S1 far fArtrf H i f T-rf ! . . and givea some partisan reasons for Q a- gimlet, sawdust would come out ing, concluding as follows : tt,- it- 1 tt , , ' . "Hence it is, that while we hail the re. StS sas.a &er. UP in Iutiosr of the Chicago fonvpntinn " r.1 a wyiu ten cords or apple-tree According, to Confederate Tnterpretat-tion "C. S." means "Cousin Sal," as "TJ S." stands for "Uncle Sam." The Provost Marshal General has decided that deserters from the rebel army are not subject to enrollment or draft." The Collector of the port cf Xew York $60 000 3 income last year at Si than thirty days. All applications answered by return mail without charge. Respectfully, THOS. F, CHAPMAN, . Chemist, 831 Broadway, New. York. EST Nervous Ielility, Seminel Weakness, etc., can be cured bv one who ,, i- iy cured himself and hundreds of others, and will j uu uuiuiug out tne truth. Address with stamp, EDWARD II. TRAVrci? ; maylft-dAwly Lock Box, Boston. Mass. A CARD TO THE Sl'FTERIXG. Swallow twO Or three ho-shfnHa rf "rtiol,.. " T : f!, . .. 5.-- -v"u, xouic outers. Iwsapariha," "Nervous Antidotes," &c &c and after you are satisfied with the resultthen i 1 , T,r r yuu uuuiu K li u CHAN'S EN-Utrlbil 11 ELS and be restored in .P-,itK vigor in less than thiaty days. They are purely vegetable, pleasant ttake, prompt and salutary m their effects 011 the broken down and shattered constitution. Old and voum? t-oiw.m mm auviuiiage. ed States by (iilOrs. CHOICE CIGARS AND TOBACCOS, AC. AC, which she is selling at very low prices. Call and examine the goods. " mhll-dly : JAMES IIAKKISOX. TTIAMILT GROCER ; KEEPS CONSTANTLY JU on nana tne best quality of Provisions, Hoilow Ware, Kerosene Oil, etc. -Second street, between Bradv and Perrv. Da- venport. , . ;nyU-dly CHRISTOPHER CUL,IN, Horse Slwer & Vttrinary Surgeon,; ..... - 3fei 0-N'E DOOR WEST OF CORNER i'A iuiu ivock island streeta I wishes to isform the citizens oH uaici tat, uuu periecxsatisiaction warrai.tod Repairing done on short notice. Rates moderate. Encourage home mechauics. decl-dtf .-, 1i(lt': . l l-;4viV-' TT"RA&'sqVE8CEN1" .Tn8e" are prepared, in pure bourbon Vrt , Height. Width . r, 4. RMMMJXccti LX 1 .'"y, from a combination of over 20 different C0' 1 21....... V, h fa s .2frriL ?V tipdd of roota, barks and herbs which act in per- 2 ..26... - JK'- C LTZ. Shc fct concert on whh the other. prepared from' the ? t 2 - 0A1 ZL" " " original formula e ven bv the oreat rhif Ttni s f Hi THIRTY YEARS If AS REPP.fVFn mv. 7' " J" "V use v .'.32 51 f S A. in JUS br Sale Cheap AT The Xew Vorfc Safe Hcot, 71 William Street, K W Yo 1; K . , D- B. C II AMBER L AT N . 8ies and Price, of Lillie's FireTroof Hf,. THOR L' tavorabie recommendatron of the PUBLIC $)ftl Vinton imnl - ;i 11 . ' IHitST PHJStCIANS IN" THE LAND, u t'ne B&t J-midy kr.ywn r::.-.' FOR , .- . Sick HeadachE. Nervous HeadachE, P- er- of Davenport and Scott County gpneralily, that ,T. he has permanently located himself in this ciit j Pli5jiI where he is prepared to shoe horses on the KnVn. tific principles, s After twenty veara stedv and ronlcle may stick to its prefer deed he pepple. will adhere to tb practice on the . anatomy of "the foot, cf which Imported and sold in the Unit- j ?ime 1)6 Iias sPent eleven years under the super-JAS. S. BUTLER, j "ltendence of the best Vetriuarians in Europe, he JNo. 427 Broadway, New York. J Wlsues 10 B!v lual uu wm Sl:e satisfaction to all United States I i":iBVUa ' mg uauer me disease racked will be of corns or Co.nstraptions, - common'.yi called I "hough bound," iuterferinjr, over-i eachinsr. ouar- refunded'by tim I ter cracks 8UUli tracks, sprains, spavins, f prains ' i J which b4 w-arrnnta s wrfect cure . if curabie .I earnestly caution all lue greater part of.tj fiistases are caused by Dyspepsia. Sour StomacIL Billious Headache, Ixss of AppetitE E ! XESS, COSTIVEFESS, INDIGESTION. trve Khcnmatic AffectionS, . 1 orpidii of the Liver, PijeS, r. i 1 -iea bickness Heartoarn, Fe?er3. Biiiious Attacks, 4 0. . : : Manufjictured only . ', TARRANT & CO. 278 Greenwich Street . , , ,1T . EW YORK. For sale by all Druggists.- ocl2-y 40,000 .... 4,000 , 51,000 -.. 3S, 000 ...:...40,0i0 2o,000 .....25,000 27,000- .--........54,000 . . . ..103.000 23,000 20,000 - ...20,000 35,000 ence, but the people, will adhere to theirs Troops furnished by the Soutli. a lie louowing statement was made in th$ I vUiiSrcr.s, just Deiore its adjourn, ment, of the troops furnished hi tu several State., since the beginning of tha Alabama r-. -I - Florida ........... Cteorgia Louisiana ...V .Mississippi . . . North Carolina.... , South Carolina J 'Texas.... .;!.!! 4 - Tennessee . Virginia ..V.V.. Arkansas...... . Kentucky ." ilaryland.... iliasouri... . 7tal 488.00ft I his 13 a small number by the side-of the "m4vu4 gaxiea out DT Ldncoin. w young men suffering froui Nervous Debility, Ac, against endangering tLeir health by patronizing received her back paN .t 0 , J I",J "e Bdrcrtls'ag quacks. You can ftf;F re T two years in the Unioi5 "ffiZVft T'T ntau usedb? the rtiserand six of the heaviest ci i .i , l,uodf eda of others- ko othek way ? wasseverel? wSl l,"fe"lUtt 6,, id letter which I will send yoTyoT wS Y W V J I Ik', 1-ooKOUt .Mountain. -.,,. .i ., - ,.,. na-,A 1...- . y " J""- u.ii.in 1 7 ",v-" i'iu cuciuptj oeai-msr vour ad- ! I ilrux 1 1 1 FAft .. . - . O J A divorce was wnntnA - '. .1 ' L deofAmesbuCn:Tu Wt;Crk' d on the following day hetLr. ned a Mrs. Maria M'Gusso,,. iUZ.. ' rfS1,?" -count of ; Kuch lite, "m.T. ' " I"?" " "8a,n t necessary." This ; 'MUUWrBO contemplation for Ma- . uuuyw an Indian wajrii r- -"-"-v .""cuuea in rocKsaftv four feet below the surface, in fWi. , rf Id SPTnSKKx&d: The body W .,n a state of complete preset?: a drts. tblllAwlyJ EDWARD II. TRAVER, Lock Boa:, Boston' Mass. ration, the flesh perfecHv dr 7; perfectly saturated wif , :i. t,:t s 1 la iiir:. v 1 1 n 1 1 rim ! Tented its dev - -"T"J?V' Sexual Debility and i Impediments to Marjiafff generally Nervousness Consumption, Eilepeyi and Fits Mental and, Physical lucanacitvr.'rej r IO i'OU WISH TO BE CURED I suiting-from Self Abuse, kc. by Robert J. Cvl4 J ill, BUCJIAN'S . i I vkrwkll, M. D,, iuithorof the Gresn Book, die. K.VUM3H SI'ECIFIC PILLScnrcin less than SO "A Boor to Thousand of Svfferers' llt -der seal, in a plain envelope, to any ad- analltfr n. 7vV.i .7j v:".r.l?"?1,J'i " jww. on receipt ot six cents or two no mutter Z T ? 0; l' : C. KLINE, 127 Bov P'.r oox. h,.nt post-paid, by raaiL on receint of an order. e j,ox . pfict the cure in most ,v. uuremi JAM. S. BUTLER, p General A gt, 427 Broadway N. Y. Vll-dAw3m . . - - , - ! anoemg or want 01 pjoper treatmeui. jnci 1 I Cj5e5 "' ' ' - How Lost! IlowKesforedJ ' ' feS ?'Jt Vi 7ot in staled En vclope. Price G cent fW' - ' A 1 IFCTURE ON THE NATURETREAT t1 U S 1 1 Wfv A. MENT and Radical Cure of SpermrrrhceaJ , JMl or Seminal Weakness, Involuntary Emissions. 1." .-7.&!:.i-si.- i sia, Liver Complaint. Co.'is"tinatin Sir t a,wt i- vous headache, Fever and Ague, and allJ iscaseg arising from torpid liver or indigestion. Persons su leringfrom either of these lAtlome diseaHct will find a sure cure by the use of these Bittern wuil-h ure peneciiy pure ana Tree from all those drugs and poisons usually put up iu' such prepar. ations, and palmed off on an i!rniu.,,.,.t n ,..,r,i: One trial will convince the most skeptical that in Red Jacket is virture which none other jiossess. They strengthen and invigorate the system. They are unequalcd for general debility. They era a sure ci:re fur dyspepsia. They -Ave a cood and heaiilTv u.r, r tj j . . , viiivtlWi They assist digestion., Jhey are the beVtimnlent in existence f hey are a preventive of ferer and-ague.' -They relieve consiiation. They cure nervous headachn. They are perfectly pure and palatable , Aged persons and delicate females will find thev can save large doctor bills bv-use of these Bitters Beware of counterfeits. Red Jacket Bitters are v... B.u lu uuuies, wun our name blown on the Trr 1 .. "'gniu. 17.... vi.. 22... ' 24... 81... IVHM.f Width. 'II febl8-kly Iepth. ...lu... ...la... 'It'"'- J-'.'.' . I 1 A.- --'. .21 .15....:;. Price. .t0 00 . 72 00 , 31 00 . loo 00 IU 0!) 130 00 ukivwick & CO., Mll .DEALERS COXPRISI.VO . ' Framing: Timber, Clear sniff, Fencing, Sidiiiff, ratli, S'iiiiigrics Sc VlcUcts, IN siae. - - ? OCR- - r . a" of which is sold ot the rcrr 1 mm Don't fail to read th rH , in this paper, headed "Important to Ik fremnlaa 1 fl.. 1 ; i ir, , v , I'r'ce io female ; vompiamis. ! ilia puis act like a charm. "They are reliable and safe py, kewYork Post Oflice boq 4SSB. , jelO-rasM. For SaJeP ; ; HOUSES AND LOTS nDaFenp ort, LcCIaire & Iowa City LANDS IN J OHNSON, U USCATINE; IO WA Poweshiek. .T3n inn. t,.,; t IhcounUea ' Carroll Cerro 6wwf GEO. L. DAVENPORT, Executor Or, JOHN L, cOFm, For Huts. Hlfce, Konclies, AnfM, Hed Iliisrs, UIotIi jn Funi. U nl. ens, Aco. AuKectM on lMauts, I'ovvlfc, ' Put un in 25y. 50c. arid L Flasks. 3 and $5 sizes for Hoteja, Public Insti tutioos; etd." -i -'"'-"'-- - - i . "Only infallible remedies known." "Free from poisons.". ' "Not dangerous in the Human Family." "Rats Come out of their .holes to die' f"3o!d Wholesale in all the large cities. !"-SoId bDruggisis and P.stailers everywhere l-si" 1 U Beware! !iof aM worthless imitations. " g-See that "Costards name is on each Box. Bottle and Flask before you buv. -1. ; Address ; , HENRY li. COSTAE, ; Principal Denot 1 482 Crodwav. N. Y. : l-Soldby--' .:r';pi ;:E. S. BALLORD. fE f : - - r , wfloioaaie ana itetau Agent, -Jja 9 iwtt . Dayenport, Iowa. " For-Medical and iable nses," which : are perfectly pure, and neednly be -tried to be appreciated. None ffenuiixs unless they have our tn,LL Inhei . .5 -e. ! each boftla, and our initials pressed in wax over the dirk. Sold by all druggists and dealers throughout the country. Call for our goods and on application to BENNETT PIETERS A CO ' t, S,oldr,bT i ' ' 21 KiTer y t., Chicago.."' E. S. Bailord at , wholesale by Beiderbecke & Miller. - 4 " iune2o-diwly . t ' Sold at wholesala in Chicago by Fuller Finch & fuller, Bushman & Van Schaack, Wtf JJar ris k Co.; and G.'Fi Smith, druggiaiai i xn' ijaT enport by Beiderbevk & Miller - JueUdjy inrket reatly UUCiT WESTLItxY BiiKVEUlF ULUr j " j - TIic Fropriclors V'ESSVEsronT or Cream ami Amber tics and Porter At the foflowln 0 TTtnta T . Sorter by the bXl , . Lalf bhT L 9? A,e nd aPerfJMla.tzct.K Painter. Glaziei-"n.i ' .

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