The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 3, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 3, 1938
Page 3
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THURSDAY, IMS BLYTJ1EV1I.LB (ARK.) COURIHR NEWS PAGE THKfciE redeem the warrants as the directs." Sims' report .said be hud in Jcjdlcn to olllcei'S turning in their frojii the olllee but protested vi^or- onsly against a practice of cashing warrants for others, declatim; that if warrants \vere. cashe<l In proper I serial order by the county treasurer the value of county ttarrasil;. \u«il(l sligw l> decided ii)';ii-ic.e. law I Chevrolet • group, with D. S. j :is cnptnln. ob- ' • ' ' !l:ivi' liiraktusl 1 | David Jones. Miss Uivenie Riddle, j Mrs. Minnie Lester. Mrs, Franris ; Murphy. Mr. uml Mrs. Virill Ulley •ami son, Murlow. all ol H.'llair.l Scoirs "Ciisli Tickets" and Redemntion of Warnnls By Office JJ) tin; .-iiidli rcnort of die, Mississippi county eireiiit elork's accounts fur lUiii; mid I'm, released / vi>5lonla> J. Bryan ,cjin 1Si deputy f ic)!ii':lri>)l<"r In cliar^c of county I audits, contend* ihat. the only 1m- j;orlaiu le-ia) o,iie.sUi»> involved in alleged discrepancies of $38.700/22 in tlic accounts of II. M. Criilv of Osroola. circuit clerk, am] A V. •Smith, Ills Dlythcvtlle deputy, was whether stale, county or certain improvement districts should receive certain funds. 'Jhf audit listed the amount due iuiDiuvpiiiRiil. dl*i rids as 86.129.83 •"Miis amount Ls lefo-rrnd to us due lh« improvement dislricts." the re- ixjrt said, "and dors not include Hi" taxes that the circuit clork had '•olleded for |]je various improvement districts, but is mentioned duo to the fact that the law permits or allows Hie clerk' to i:linr<;e the sum of 10 cents per tract for the recording, where tile have paid the sum of 25 cents nnd the question arises who would recover (lie excess charge of 15 cent.' per tract—whether it would be thr county or the improvement districts That, of course, is ,1 question which will lie lett np to the court to decide, as to who this money belong to. smd the amount which would belong to the county or the im- ./provement district." The report showed that $10,571.4! [ of the amount owed by Craig war "\ for improvement district taxes foi which he had not accounted to the various improvement districts. Other items owed were for advance costs for 1D34. 1(135. 1936 and 1031; commissioner's and chancery fees, and ie:,'.s for recording delinquent improvement district lists. Smith was charged \vith owing J2.249.75 in commissioner andchan- ccrv fees; $2.597.50 for recording of delinquent improvement lists; $10,- GT5 lit due the various improvomen* districts for redemptions; $849.8f due tlie slate Game and Fish Commission for hunting and fishing licenses and S43 due the state Bureav of Vital Statistics. "A?ainst these amounts, these officers submitted cash and oLhe- nsssLs that lliey had on hand or Tlpeeuiljer 31 in the sum of $9.191.17,'J the. repmtr'said. ''If Ihev realize on nil of thr ns:-£ts .submitted to our account- nuts.'' 'th«y''~can then apply thlf .r^.ini.17 nn the above di.screpan- []»s and reduce their liability to (lie sum of $29.509.05. i ' ''.Some of the assets (hat were submitted to us include cash tick- ; els. Of course those are very hard in recover on. 'flint Is cue thin"; that should m>f enter into tin 1 circuit clerk's oflice—the item of cash lickel.s. ' ' * There is no | place in tbe statutes that permit } an officer to use the moneys lie has collected through his oflice iw- ' sonally. or to lend this money in auy other individuals. "When a cash liekeJ it i>lared in (he file of any county official, who . is on a salary basis, it means mlh- ' lust bill a loan from that, fund in (He parties named on thai ticket. The law sets up n penalty for any , officer lending or usin:; f- ihtic. funds, j "In addition the records reveal • thai dm In™ the past several yeais. 1 all funds turned in to the enint.y. | with the exception of a few tlo!!nr<; : nave been in county warrants. The' means Ihat these officials arc lak-1 in<z moneys which have been collected Ihron^h their department for fees that a circuit clerk should handle and then biivi"? warrants and turning warrants in lieu ot cash. ; "We that the clerk immediately discontinue, the practice. '. of redeeming warrants for othc r L partie-s through his office and (hat- from now on all cash fees collectrjl. In his office be turned over to the treasurer, as those stuns arc credit-1 rtl to the county general account. Then let the treasurer cash and Kidneys Must Flush Out Acids-Poisonous Waste Kidney aliments won't wear awiy —and too dangerous to ignore— .^o^^vc got to lielp these delicate' (•i-gans function properly again. It's! the .same \vay with bladder tvou-l ble. Hrnlthy Kidneys filter the; ncids nncl poisons nnci thru the 1 bladder discharge them from the Ixxly. Backache—getting Til) night; —moist palms scanty, high colored urine—rheumatic pains i"'o .some of th • symptoms. Ask your druggist for TX 35 cent box of safe, ecntte Ramon's Broa- nie Pills for the Kidneys. Be sure you get Ramon's, the original ami Socif tv •— Personal The iiiinunl week of prayir mid si>ll -ill-Dial Kir, foreign mLssions Is ljeln(! dbservnl ty tlu 1 1'ivsljyti'iian Airiifury with si brenlifi^t imi- Iji'uni I'lich inornlUK this week. The LnoK. "(ilorions Llvlin:.." is iH'liu; (iiiitlit liy Mrs. <!i<nw k'driiiKlnii ,.l rudi tni-i'llnii. Sixtten were .-i'-'iiH hi I hi" home u[ Mrs. A. R ^Iinir, |ir>'sUlrni, • (in Momluy ...iin. UK Mr.s. <:. !•!. Hiillewr Inut .'..nsu on 'i'ui'.v.luy inoi-iiliii;, mul iiihdcj! utK'iidcd lji'wikl'iif.t wild 'Mis., llaivlil Olili'iniurl' on \Vfd- •iH-:;cl;iy. 'i'ljtlnys mei'UiiK was '.vith Mr*. Ji. C. ISrj'iifi iiinl IOIIIOITOW .lie t.foiiii will BO I" Uw iMiuiry .oine (jf Mi's. Hoi) (.'rojiiei on Cai 1 - (I'.yulu.s lollop t):ul^eis nnd let Ilii" lnuliiers dli; M|iiln<'ls for IliPin, uround {lives I.iinolii'Oii at I'ralindy Miss-.Virginia J!lnek\n><id and 5)>_s 1 I!«li', iwii biides-clf-ct, .vert- quests of honor at u linu'h- <jn uiv'Hi tit ""' "ou'l I'culiody i Mi-mjjr.Ls Wednesday, by Mi's. tali' Jackson and Mrs. Ida Tucker. _.., \ color motif of pink :in(i lilue I day vas usi):l in Hie di'cci'alifin.s aisd I Mf. li'jt-c cimlK. Tl>e ijuesl H.-.1, which ' \ih\: ujuheroil only the t\v> ljri<ftil pat- .ies mid sixler-ln-liiws i>l tlie two iu:si.s of honor, inchuU'd Mis. (nth Hale Carlisle, Jnli" I.illartl ait;. Virginia Sinitli, Mi'-<. C. li. Driver, Mrs. James Driver, Mr:;. ii'i'tert fililppon. Mrs. 1-Vunk V/il- .ams. Mrs. D. H. Ulackwood, Mrs. 1. .1 .Hale, Mrs. Hule Jackson, .Irs. Tilii Tucker. Mi:,. M. K. Nlrhul had a:; li Vilest Wiihie.silii.v. Ijer mint, Mr.s. .J. Weiubei>; uf Memphis. Mi', nnd Mrs. Ifale Jackson \v{ v iv (linni-r tjuesis «1 Mr. mid Mrs. Cc'cril Oliver at Proctor on -Siui- iincj spent Sunday tn^hi with John CtKiper ul WeM Men.-- SHOPPERS lloliand -*-,, :ives Valentine I'arty The O.sceola - buxom - lilytiieville j Mrs. ridge club was entertained In the i Pita'. jiuilry home of Mr. and Mrs. It. . Bryan, with a bullet supper on uesday night. High score was .ade by Mrs. Sam 13owcn and L. .'. Walters. Guest prizes went to r. and Mrs. T. F. Hudson ol uxora. Other (juesls were Mr. and Us. James Driver, Mr. and Mrs. . S. Laney. and Mr. and Mrs. D. ',. Wen/, Mrs. \». A. Sinnloi'd eelvbraled hc-r 5bth .birttulay at her IIOJIH- in \ IfolliiiKl JiKHi.'ii'y M «'lieri (he IciJ- lo'.vtnti gtie.sls were proxMil; Mr. and Mrs. Major Samfm-d and cnil- (dren. of Sacrainejiio. C'.ilif. Mr. ! imj Mrs. Ralph Sumford and chil- Ulren of New Survey, and Mr. and Mrs. O. 13. Samford and daughter. il Samford and grandson. Joe fcola-Wilson club Meels Mrs. Guy Bryant was hostess to vo tables of the Osceola-Wilson •idgc club in her home Tuesday ."ternoof], when Mrs. Joe Cronicr on hiyb score award. Second liigh as made by Mrs. Charles Low-.nee, jr. Guests were Mrs. Rhebn avidson of Unioutown, Ala., mo- iei' of Mrs. Lowrance, and Mrs. HUPS Driver. Personal To Fat Girls Now you I'Uti slim clmvn your fac<\ ntul ilgnre wUliout strict dinting or liaek-bnmkltHf orerclsoa. Just pat KC-iislbly and take 4 Mnrmohi 1'rc-- scri()Ui>i\ 'I'alilolH u clay imlll you Jinvo [•i>f>ii^l) fnl—DJOH .slop, MurmnUt 1'i-cHcrlptlon TuljtelH contain tilt' .snino elt>ni«»t t*re.scrll;td by most doctor. 1 * In trofttiug their fat pntHiiits. MilfluiiH of (>eo[)le 1mvo ns*ul them. Don't tr:t ulluT.H lliluk you iiiivc ]io .sinmk niiil (hat yoni* WLll-jiowirr IM aa flnbhy us yotir fko.Hlh Start \v1lh Mitrinuln tfidny inul win Hie slpiidcr lovf'ly l^ure rightfully JOIH-J. ill lylhcville l*a«,lor Sjiciiks The Rev. George \V. Hatlcrs i.stor ol the ChrisUan clitirch lylhcville, was tlie .speaker at HIP rokly luncheon meeting t>f the otary club Tuesday. He used as is subject, "The Relationship ol jiployei'.s and E))ij>loyees". Returns lii'tnigJit their employees as .jccial^uests. The entertainment, Mure of the next inciting is to s.. a .control betweeii tfro groups uo\vn a.s thR Foixl group, with , B, \Voocl as cftjjlain, uncl the KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY .A PL ANT FAMOUS THROUGH75YEARS Tin' Slin-hrock Dlslrilmlino Cincinnati Ohio Oistfil:iiliii^ Sloon Distriblltlnj; ('"., I idle Hock. Arh. Wralmi Arkansas DislrihiUiiiK furl Mniln. Ark. ONLY $185.00 1935 Deluxe Ford Fordor Tliis is our Kxtra .Special for (lii.s \vcc)!. Do not vv;iii —See tliis one now. Only SOH.Ofl dmvii aiui SKS.OO por month. r.lh & Walniil 1'linnc Sin HeStokes7,500oWeek on ttis Knowledge of Tobacco... Robert W.Barnes —independent Buyer— one of many tobacco experts who smoke Luckies " T OFTEN invest $2500 a week A in tobacco — $2500 of my own hard-earned cash," says Mr. Barnes. "So you can sec that the only way I've stayed In business 10 years is to know tobacco. "Now I know Lucky Strike tobacco and it's top-grade. That's 'why I've smoked Luckies for eight years now. "Lots of othcr independent buyers, auctioneers, and warehousemen I knowsmokcLuckies for the same reason." Yes, sworn records show that, among independent tobacco experts like Mr. Barnes, Luckies have over twice as many exclusive smokers as have all the other cigarettes combined. QUALITY FOODS MEATS GROCERIES We pay highest prices mi poultry at all time.s. S SAVB C» MONEY AT V GAINES MKT. US W. Main fhone M f OUR CANNED FOOD SALE Draws to a SENSATIONAL CLOSE! The Prices Listed in the big Four-Page Utandliili You Received This Week Are Also flood all This Week. a\«3.^M«frJ^ French, LI). 21c Country Club, Lb. 25c Spotlighl.SLb. Bag52c CORN. Slil. No. •> I'Jins CUICKN HKANS, Slil. No. 2 C Kit All'!'. Avomlnle N». 2'/, C'nns KIDNKV IUOANS. ('. ('. .SPINACH, Ark. S|iwi:il. No. 2 C ,MII,K. ('.. ('., Tiill Cans AI'I'l.K SAUCK. ('. No. 2 dins I'KAS, Mlsst'o No. 2 Cuns 1'OUK * HKANK, C. ('. No. 2 Cans TOMA'I'O ,IH!CK, C. C. No. 1 funs TOMATO SOUP, IJarlmrn Ann 4F8R CMJHACK TOXJIS (irccn, lilJOCCOI.I, Krosh Jirivii, liiincli .... TUHNir (.'KK10NS :| SJiiui'lic's 10 COI.I.AItDS Uniiclt 5' I'MI! HA US Krosli, 1,1). (,'liAl'lCKKUIT TCXIIH, (i l''nr . 19' CAUI.IKI.OWI Ik'iul I'M AS, Sid. Nit. -> Cnns, .'i Vw ..... 25' OH AN (IKS, •Itilcv, Do/. Klu. CARROTS Itcd. TOiMATOKS Stil. < Net. 2Vi Cims, .'! for^ Ik'liciotts' Wiiu-Hiii) Uome lii'itiily t _ t\ (Jiliinuitt't'd Fi'osli Delii'linis I'Mtivors 3 for13c Ai'Kii Aprionls 'i i/ 2 Clinrt k Avondalt" >No. 2'<> ('HIIK ixsesxsKaa Avoiululp No. 2'/2 ('ans 2 t' 1 !)!' Bread Clock 20 O/. l.OKVCS 2forl5c Pickles Hciu/ Pvcsh C!n<?imit)cr r 19c C'oiinlrv Clllll' No. 2 din k.CJ, WITH MEN WHO KNOW TOBACCO BKT-1TSIUCKIES2T01 HAVE YOU HIABD "TK£ CHAHT Of IHt TOBACCO AUCTIONEER" ON THE RADIO ? Whan you do. E*me m ' )er ^ of Iw^i"' u>« th« tint I loba«o And ol>o Iho) ll» "Toglting" fiooil c«mov«l «'l»<" ha " h l"H<"ll» 'o»l"l I" gll lototw So luiki" o" Un* '» V<»" Ihrool. Ilctl ' 1(1(1 IJi. )S1-li>; l.d C'litnn 2 Cans AI-KO <>rccn No. 2 dins , 2 Vm \ Lb. Grt. 45c 8 Lb. Crtn. 89c \Vis. No. I, Ih. . 1'ril. ('ream 2 I''or PICNICS Tender Made, Lb. 19c ••HBHMBSa Pork Loin Rod Cuts Uonst or. Chops Lb 17jc Cnucli 1.1). Round -Slildr. I,!). l'(H'e Quarters >\'linl<; U>. Plain For Lb. I.oaves Rih Shoulder 1.1). BACON Sliced Squares, llj. The Nest Rindtess, Ib. . 20 C 29 C Sausage Pure Tork Country Lb. me

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