The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 19, 1950 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 19, 1950
Page 2
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fAGB TWO BLVTHEVn.LB (ARK.) COUKIEB NEW1 Few Seek to Explain Rise in Food Prices; 'Precaution' Buying 1 BY SAM PAWSOtf KBW YORK, July 19—{/Fj—Food pric« are kecpin g several jumps ahead of the war news. And the men who should know are betting that the worst is yet to come. Although Just why the cost of eating should advance so swiftly, few have attempted to explain,,or Justify. The tip-off on what's ahead In the way of higher cost of living can be found 1n the action of the commodities futures markets. Another rush to buy commodities for future delivery hit the markets Monday. Traders say It was the broadest buying spree since the days before World War II. But the significant thing Is that most of the buying for future delivery of the raw materials, from which conje food, clothing 'and the necessities of life, was being done by business firms. Obviously, they are moving iiow to insure their inventories in the winter ahead, when they expect prices to bcjeven higher. Here are tlie commodities that advanced in price Monday on the futures market: coffee, hides and cocoa climbed as. high as trading rules permit. Wheat. Corn. Rye ad- vancecl. Higher were sugar; cotton, rubber, wool, e^gs, butter, onions, turkeys, soybeans, lard, cottonseed oil and soybean oil. Large Percentage Taken all together, commodities In (heir final forms nc- count for a large percentage of the things you use in daily life. But ominous ns these price upswings are, they don't tell the whole story. The price of worsted fabric has gone up from 25 to 30 cent 1 : a yard in two months. By spring that should add afc least -2.50 onto the price of ft man's suit, even more onto the price of women's wollen clothes. Auto tires took another .spurt forward yesterday. Raw rubber has gone up more than 10 cents a pound since the war started and is now at a record 38 3/4 cent. 1 ;. Roasted Coffee Hoisted coffee started its fifth round of price hikes in a month. It's now 10 cents a pound higher in the store* than It was when the Korean war started. Green coffee beans have gone up six and a half cent* hi the same time and are now •t an all-time high. What is causing nil this? Each food Item has its special excuse: hogs have gone up $4.50 R hundred pounds since the war started "because supplies are seasonally short." Coffee traders report "a bad crop In Braiil." And so on. But ther» also M«nr» ,to be * food .deal of evidence of 'precautionary buying!' by food dlstrlbu- t.nrs.-" 'When 3 housewife does 'that it's" called Swarding.**) : "Wholesale grocers had large movements of war scare items." the American instltul* of Food Distri- bution reports. "Their men used this selling talk In getting retailers t o Increase purchases o f other foods." No Food Ratlonrnjr The institute believes there will be no food rationing and no food price controls In the near future. It urges retailing grocers to remind their customers that even if rationing was ordered it would take four to five months to print and distribute coupon books and organize enforcement. Realization of this time lag should stop housewifely hoarding, food distributors think, Uut the Institute advises grocers to "stop selling at prices far. below replacement costs," That Is, grocers should raise the retail price now on goods they already have on their shelves. The Institute argues that "distributors will be partially protected from having to buy Immediately at excessive prices, if they retain some of the stock that they are still moving at less than they are entitled to net." At the same time it warns that "Packers, wholesalers and retailers will lose sales and customers If they become too greedy. The price hikes appear to be-Just "precautionary." Little Rock Woman Dies MEMPHIS, July 19. (AP)—Mrs. Harry Decker Goetschiiis, 77. formerly active in Little Rock club and civic affairs, dice) yesterday at St. .'osepli's hospital where she hart been a patient since July 10. She moved to Memphis nine years ago alter the cieath ol her husband. She lived with the family of her son. James E. GoeLschins. Requiem mass and burial will be held in Little Rock. Arrangements were Incomplete. Boy Admits Firing Ohio High School WARREN, O.. July 19. W)—A 14- year-olii boy admitted today he and a companion, 15. started » (ire which caused $50.000 damage to the GirHrd. O.. high school on Jan. 25. Trumhull County Prosecutor Joseph T. Moh'toris said the 14-year- old was arrested Monday night. His companion had not yet apprehended. Moiitoris 5vould not disclose their names. Arbyrd News W. L,. (Bill) L»tW received third degree burns on his (Hce mid led arm »nd hand Saturday when his truck caught fire. Mr. I^add said he WM waslilng the motor with some gasoline that had been scttinK out In the open for about three days. He wa.s using A brush for this and the meUl on the brush came in contact with some wiring and causprt (he explosion which resulted in the burns. Mr. La<!d said his hat kept him from being burned more He »-as blinded by (he (tre and backed away about 30 ft. He said he fell to the ground and scooped amid over lli.s face to put out the fire. A fire extinguisher was used to put out the blaze in the moUir. Mr. Ladd wa* rushed to Dr. M. C. Gla.scow at Cardwell, where he received treatment. WEDNESDAY, JTTLY It, 1M0 *~ ^••^^••••••.^•^-^-r^T^SBC*' -c^t ' ' -* 1 --.*-. r frf '*trf--*- -• iiiiTtfi KKl) HANDWRITING OX THE WAI.|,-A Communist propaganda sign, lettered In while paint on . wall in the Russian sector of Berlin, ••warns" the Un ited States: "Ami (German slang for Americans), keep hands of/ Korea." (Photo by NBA-Acme Staff Cor respondent Wern«r Kreiuwlv) Nylon Hosiery Manufacturers To Allot Fall Production Schools Opens ' The Ai-hyrd School opened this week. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were spent in registering students and Issuing books, classes started Thursday. The faculty is as follow. 1 ;. Marshall Fullbiight. superintendent; A J. Burnett, principal and agriculture; Mrs. Fredia Burgess, home economics; Mrs. Virgil Harris, English; Mr. Hollinseed. general business and typing; Ned Penny, music; Gerald Adams, physical education and basketball coach; Mrs. Ned Penny, mathematics. ! Mrs. Fullbrighl. English and I science for 1th and 8th grades; Mr. I Moore, history. The grade faculty members are MJ-S. Junita Lofton -sixth; Mrs. Lonn. Barnett, fifth; Mr.s. Vera Pollard «nd Mrs. Mary Hugslns, fourth: Mrs Elsie Faulkner, third: Mrs. Verona Jane Sclby and Miss Virginia Haddock, second; and Mrs. Cary Johnson and Mrs E. S. Thompson, first.' Mrs. Tommie Clark l« substituting for Mrs. Pollard, who underwent an appendectomy operation last wrek. Baptist WMIJ Meet* The W.M.U. of the Baptist church met at the home of Mrs. Elzn Lincoln Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Charlie Hedgepath ns co-hostess. The Royal Service program, "Hope of Glory," was led by Mrs Hubert Fortune. Those with the program were Mrs C F. Ada/ns, Mrs. R. K. Fortune, Mrs. P. H. Allison. Mrs. Kathryn Thomas, Mrs. Justin Huggiijs, Mrs. L. H. Scott, Mrs. Mabel Hugging, Mrs. Norma DaVaull. Mrs. cleo Scoti NEW YORK, July 19. <AP) ._. Some major manufacturers of p.y- lon hosiery, many of them faced with heavy orders from retailers, have announced plans to allot their proitiKtinn during September. The producers' action accompanied a reduction ranging from 7 to 20 per cent In the amount of nylon yarn (o be made available to them ilurini> August, by the E. I. Dll Ponl DC Nemours and Co., supplier of nylon. Several cHies have reported "v-'ar scnre"biiyiiig of nylon hosiery in retail stores. These stores are st-ck- Ing to assure themselves a large supply tor future month*!. I A number of major firms produc- | ing branded lines were reported to | have informed customers that no abnormally large orders for hosiery would be considered. With reduced offerings of nylon yarn for August, hosiery producers said they adopted an allotment system for September "to protect regular account-s." At Wilmington, a Du Pont spokesman said the reduced August offerings were the result of normal fluctuation in supply. Arkansas Okays Paving In Craighead County UTn.K ROCK. July 19. M>.— The Arkansas Highway Department today authorized the start or work on B.3 miles of asphalt surfacing on che joiu'.sbpro south road, Highway 1, In Craighead County. Contract for the Job was let July Jimmy, Linda Jaggert To Appear in Contest Jhnmy and Ltnda Jaggera, son and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Jaggers, will appear tonight at the 1 Amateur Contest to be held at the Gem Theatre in Osceola. i Jimmy, who Is six and Linda. • seven, will sing solo numbers of j popular music. They appeared on I the Kiddie Hour from the Osceola radio station Saturday »nd were awarded prizes. 1 to the Btic Ton Construction Co., Hazcn, for 136,500. The principal export of Nicaragua is gold, more than S7.0M.OOO worth, annually. and Mrs. Llllie Huggim. A short business meeting was held and the following officers were elected for the ensuing year: president, Mrs. Hubert Fortune; sec- iclary. Mrs. p. H. Allison; treasurer, Mrs. Justin Huggliu, Young p c o-1 pies director, Mrs, L. H. Scott; first and second vice presidents, Mrs. C. P. Adams and Mrs. Cleo Scott; and mision study ohalrnian, Mrs Guy Brasher. ' -THE LIVING ROOM IS ABOUT THE ONLY ONE IN THE HOUSE WITH A WALL SOCKET/" Don't overload your llictric circuitl. When you build or modernize provide ADEQUATE WIRINO. Ark-Mo Power Co. Mr. Link Robinson, 519 Llndsey, is the .most content and satisfied man in Newport. Ky. In fact, he says there Isn't a thing in the world that can Irritate or upset him now that he is on the HADACOL band wagon. If there ever was a man who thought HADACOL Is the most wonderful thing in. the world, it is Link Robinson, since he learned that his system lacked Vitamins Bl. B2, fron. and Niacin. Here is what Mr. Robinson has to say about HADACOL, which is now supplying liberal quantities of these essential clement.*;: "I have been a steel worker for over twenty years. When you are a steel worker, you have to do plenty of good, hard work, and you need lets of good, substantial food. But when a stomach is in as bad R shape as mine was ... I couldn't eat. T had gas pains, stomach bloating and nervousness: well. I just couldn't eat the proper foods I needed. My boss told me about HADACOL and I started taking it Immediately. Alter the second boltle I could tell a definite Improvement. Now I can eat anything I want to. I am not nervous anymore, cither. Best of all. 1 haven't got those terific gas pains anrt no more stomach bloating HADACOL Is the best ever, I recommend HADACOL to everyone." irADACOIi Is Different Countless thousands arc bene- . filing from HADACOL . . . even hundreds of doctors are recom- .mending HADACOL to (heir pa; llenls .whose systems lack Vila- mlns Bl, B2, Iron, and Niacin. HAD- ACOL Is so wonderful because HAD- ACOL helps build up the hemoglobin content of your blood iwhen Iron Is needed) to carry these precious Vitamins and Minerals to every orgnn, nnd every part of your body—to the .heart, liver, kidneys and lungs, even to the eyes, hair and nails. Give remarkable HADACOL a chance and If you don't ftel better Kiln the first fey bottles you take—you get your money back Only $1.35 for Trial Size; Large Family or Hospilril Size. $3.50. Copjritht ISM, The t,(Blanc Corpora Here's POWER Power that's right for your job! Your Dodge truck will have plenty of power—and then some! Eacti Dodge engine is a high-«fficiency engine — "Job-Rated" to provide ample power for the weight range of the model in which it's used. To give you this "Job-Haled" power, Dodge makes available 8 different truck engines. Power (hat's tops for economy and long life! Dodge truck engines are "Job-Rated" to give you high compression, better carburetion, and efficient ignition for low operating costs. Valveaeal inserts, four piston rings with the top ring chrome- plated, and many other advanced features, contribute to economy and long life. hi is home... POWER vou oer IT ONLY IN VRUCKS (Mi-Yin. Point POWtR: .,. B g rCA i truck engines — each "Job-Raicd" tor PLUS power. ECONOMY:... price,] »ilh Ihe lowest. "Job-Rain!" for dependability and long life. HCGER PAYLOADS: . . .carry more without overloading a*1e* or *.p;in£5 because of "Joh-flated" HEIGHT DISTRIBUTION. ...for lew-cost transportation EASIER HANDLING:...tharper turninfr! Parlt in tifht places. "Jab-Rated" mancu^erabililyl COMFORT:... widwt scats... windshield wiih besi vision of any popular imck. A IT-cushioned, nJjnsubfe "chau-height" ncai*. SAFETY: . . . flncu UucV hraVcji in the irutuslry . . . hand brAe operating indeptn«.icnl1y on mopeHer shad on ail models— V^-ton and up. NOW! FUND DRIVE! , ?i- and 1-ton models. Saves wear on over 80 vilfll parls; lowers upkeep cost, prolongs truck life. Ask for interesting Fluid Drive booklet. TOynfCoja P Miii4titttw BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR COMPANY tfROADWAY & CHICKASAWBA Phone 4422 Kirby Drug Stores Main at Second-Broadway-Divltioii Ardcn't BliM Gran Deodorant Plasfle Spray Bottle $1.00 Solid Cologne New Purse Size Lucille Lelmy All Fragrance* $1.00 Blue Grass Cologne free atomizer $165 D.D.T. 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Guaranteed to lower your temperature 10 degree* lOe Banana Split 19c Orange Pineapple SHERBET None Finer Sure Tastes Wonderful lOc Pint25c Royal Hawaiian Rainbow Ice Cream lOc PintBOc Ice Cream Sodas lOc Chocolate Sundae lOc Kirby Drug Stores Main at Broadway-Second-Division

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