The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 3, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 3, 1934
Page 3
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8, 1984 Feminine Game Warden Urges Sports Afield as Rival for Man Hunt By NBA Service FARMZNGTON, Conn. —"Hunt• l"g! - There's a truly thrjllin sporting experience for women! H Is Edith Steelier of South Welhersfield talking _ Hie only woman game warden In the United Slntes. will! the five-mile flsh- Ine preserve on the Branford Hlver and (lie 360-iicr" linimii- Grounds especially B CI . lsl ,i c fo ° 1 fair nimrods as her suecial provinces. "Hunting's n inrm most, women still can look forward to. Here in Connecticut, for mslom-o, in spue of the preserve where they can hunt far from the critical masculine eye, only about DO women turn out for the six-week quail woodcock, pheasant and partridge season. Those who come are overjoyed thai the i>an hunt in n r i v acy. Acts as Instructor For Novice Hunters "They don't, resent men's presence but knowing the hunting district j.s- theirs alone is pleasant knowledge. Most of the women are already experienced hunters tut occasionally one turns «„ w |,o' must be taught how to handle n 6«n and lok for game. I have even loaned my dog to several." Miss Stocher Is 'proud of lier warden's uniform. "There is something very intriguing about, 'the brass button-, and gold badge," she laughs "The breeches and high boots all lend dignity to the attire, or course I sew, but lny c ioi| lcs are 1))ost . of the simple, tailored designs After wearing a uniform all day' I suppose 1 should lean toward' fluffy-ruffle dresses, but I don't" . Regards Warden's nuties as Fun When Miss Stocher departs for the -Branford or Farmington preserves she leaves her family home m South Wcthersfield about 4 In Hie morning. "It's fun aird I wouldn't exchange my job for anything," she .sflys, Connecticut's woman game war- ^f" '? "matlle: She rlrtcs a hoi so Mtli perfect ease and cnfovs s)>orts. Golf and tennis she finds are relaxing and pleasant, but here is little time for them dur- - ng her busy seasons. "Music her eyes sparkle when she discusses her favorite art-"has fas clnated me for years" She Ins studied voice and devotes much time tn singing. She is 28.>'cooks, bakes'ana sew , a fine. seam. "And I have a nobby, too" she confesses. "It's raising setters and. pointers." She. insists that with a little practice, undo,. ., competent in- f-truetor, .the .average woman can soon master the art of aiigZIn» a" well. as. hunting. Last So" sn some and old women fishe.i under her careful eye. Many of the "unto were taught? how to cast their files and hold a reel propei- SEVILLE, Spain. <urV_ Maria i Miguej van sentenced to foul- months and 21 days In jail for biting a policeman who attempted to " °" U For .Women Only Kdlth Stoeher...keeps men from poaching on women's preserves. For the Party Menu 11 Bullfights in a IL....,,, MADRID (UP)-j uan Belmont . ace Spanish bullrightcf, and Ar mllita.Chico, Mexican matador le ail bullfighters In number of an pearances with n each during i\\ Co-Ed Punished For 'Red Plot' IRIS OF FIGHT Seal Sale Workers Hear Miss Erie Chambers at: Jouesboro OSCKOIiA, Ark.—Mrs. Joe K. Mitchell, imbllcity elmirinnn of the n tuberculosis Christmas Seal sale for Mississippi county, attended 11 meeting in jonesboro, October 30, of tuberculosis workers in Northeast Arkansas. Twenty-seven workers were present, representing- seven coun- llos. Miss ErI Chambers, executive secretary of the Arkansas Tuberculosis association, presided. .Mix Alltcliell Muted that rei>orts of the meeting showed that more than 4,000 persons have been handled to dale In the clinics of the Tuberculosis association, she staled that the tuberculin testing of children as a mentis of locating not only childhood Infectious bill the homes ;n which there may be at present an open ease of tuberculosis has become a most Important factor in Ihe campaign against Ihe "A crying need of the state s a traveling clinic with portable X-ray to that children In communities ilist have no X-ray may have the benefit of the service," said Mrs. Chamljers. "The whole tuberculosis program has changed from the shotgun to Hie rifle method. The individual ts Ihe objective. The most modern means 0 I locating these cases arc now employed and the Individual win. has an open case of the disease Is sought so that'he may be taught, segregated and properly cared for, if possible, Every suspccl mid nil positive cases of tuberculosis located by the clinics are referred to the family physician. The 1 uberci ilos Is association is taking the lead In urging the public to go to the family doctor at least once a year for examination. "The parents of children who are found by the tuberculin test to be infected arc taught that such children 311011111 be under medical supervision, should not over-work nor over-play, should have long hours of rest and a lightened curriculum with plenty of good food. With such oversight they have every chance of escaping the disease." Celebrate New Bridge STEELE, Mo.—Opening of a new bridge at Gibson Bayou, built by the county at a cost of Sl.fjOO to link road districts 24 and 17 was celebrated Thursday night with n fish fry and barbecue attended by o crowd estimated at 1,600 The Cllbson Woman's club was NEXT WEEK d Blytheville's Theatres THE CITZ "Madame one of "nvry," heralded Siegfried Rumnmi. llobert Zxn-- Srcnl pictures of "Ihe, Leslie Fcnlon, Ailliur Byroi Stcphi r-Vtchtl, u | s a \ Y ln- Shet'lmn production. the .screen, is wliwimen as the feature attraction at the me,. Ttatire on Sunday and Monday.' with Dolores Del liki iicmii,,,, „,, all-star cast, Kflwnnl Chodorov, the author ]Jl ' 0 " (1| Ws theatrical life ami, ^ V IIIIIIIUI, (.(X,,.,,,,. M.l.l, M %,„_..._ . . "Desirable," Warner muiilc nnd colorful drninn ds- or « u**wm/iuv, 'IMC ntiuinr — I»«ws an entirely new light 'on' co ," l " cl »•'"' Nc, 111.: famous beany and favor "•?,?,'• com( * lo ll « °l Kljig Louts xv, whose numy """'"'W " ll<l *>M I'" 1 .' affairs and imidcrm i,™.,^ stl "' n " it bonded aild madcap p Chodoiov r with DII with New York's social to the Rltz .Theatre on nd Friday, WKIi ail all — .leaded by Jean Mulr, Oorge Brent, verrcc Teasdale and John llallldny. Miss Mulr plays the pnrt of a are llUtl Harry's Intimate U ImrlBwes, nlihmiBh ""* llct>l hidden nwny in „ )ii,) S ),- muny claslii's between ' E ''f 11001 U V I'ur mother, a relgn- "-•" " the Jealous court '"" beauty of Ihe Droatlway stage liHlU's and courtiers who sought, wlln (:elfls ldy fears thn loss of lier la destroy her Influence over |ho own . Popularity If a should be- ll|! - cmw known that she has a Brown T'uu-c- Is an unusually largn and ' l! >"8»t>'>-. i,; 1 "™ ( '" Kl '" Ulc Prlni-lpnl roles „ v errce Teasdale has Die role nf "'!»' hundreds of extras nlavhu. lllc si'tf-cenleml domineering mo- Ihe pan of ladles and courtiers llun ' wl '°. nftc >' reluclnnlly admit and the rast crowds to he scim In -""6 (o tll[ > SM's existence trips prixliicllon. Dolores Del R| (l lo llllu ' r >' '«* off (o • the scoln of the role of Du Harry, \vlin " snobbish family of blue hlotiils Hceliiald Owen playing opposite *' llom Ulu «' rl ''«'* not love licr as King Louis George zirenl po|irays Victor Jory has the role of the m H'e world, mice devoted to owrful d'Algiillloti who befriend- IHO "' CI '..' w'"> '~«lk In love with ed Du Barry, and was made prime ""•' ""spoiled daughter. ' minister for hl.s'attention, denos- Cn ' lrl ™ film-roll is the rich so- 1118 Ihe Due ile Cholseiil, u jmrt : c . ! " lltc wl)0 ls Intrlsuwl hy (lie Played by Henry O'Neill, who had j"-'", 1 " 1 '" "'"I beauty of the girl, but Is sliocked by her otlenintfd tn shear her of power. Verree Teasdnle is lier the .- wllnso n . , « ^ U1L ., luiconven lonallty and utler fralik- Duchuss de Graiumom, sister of > 1Ms ' Otl "-' re '" tiuporlaut rales Cholseiil and nil Harry's bitterest i'" clml1 ' J(llln "alllday. a theatrical enemy. Osgood Perkins has the "" "' role of Itlckelleu, with Ferdinand Cotlselialk as Lebel, the king's inimitable valet. Dorothy Tree is Adclnldc, sister of the king. Henry King, F OX Film ( | llec(or Is .so Ilioroi Wheeler, Pauline, . Ilarbara Leonard and vir- irlnln Hammond. A comedy .drama that travels far from the beaten path In Its riotous fun malting Is promised In 'us rum director ng s romsed I ly "sold" on his hit- l! Fir;il N "Honal prodticflon " est production, "Marie Galantc " s "•'" ^Wthing," which Is scheduled o He nt the Hit* Tuesday and hi thc f «>ture atlractUm nt, the Wcdiwsdivy, thai be recpntly mndc l *''°" next ' s »l»nl"y. a (lying trip in u,c major cities , Wl "' i ll>c stor y Is largely com- lell exchanue malingers ,,]| l ct| Vi ' Ihcre 'Is . aii UndeHylng ' ' ' est Cnbiucl Officers to Address Farm Meeting at Nuslwille Next Month CHICAGO, HI. <OP)-Sccrctnry of Slalo Cordell Hull and Secretary, of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace will .ipciik on pujgrmns of (iio Ililh annual coiwentlon of tho American Fncin Federation in Nashville, Dec. 10-IS, President Edwanl A. O'Neal announced today. Jlllll'.s subject will be 'Recipro- about It. Immediately on completion of picture, which has Spencer — — •»" uuMui IY 11 IK ro miincc In which Z'at O'Brien, A,,, 'Dvorak and Olnim i-\«,i _., .... Trade Treaties and the American ttmner," "The American Farmer—Today nnd Tomorrow." will Ixi the lltln of Wallace's 'ad- 'ress ul the convention hnmtuiH. Other prominent ivuthorUles • llsl- cd nn this programs Include: nr. Clrorgo P. .Warren, professor of B at Cornell university nnd Intc-rnallnnally knpwn an an authority on monetary subjects, I vho will dlscns-s llu> commodity, lolliir; riov. ,/olm G. Wlnnnl, New lampslitro, reduction nf agrichl- lurc tuxes; Cliester t! .Davis, ng. Irnlltmil Adjiixlmenl Admlntstrn- lon, future liteiw In the AAA U'ograiu, Sen. Klmnr Thoniiis, Bern,, bk- ahoma, lenlalively accepted an nvllatlnn to speak on "A Sound •latlonal Program of Monetary Reform." , . Dr. \V. l. Meyers, governor of he Farm Credit Administration, will explain (ho program through which more than $1,1100,000,000 al- eady has been loaned to the na- llon's fimmHs. . Full anil free debate from ihe convention floor, O'Neal explained, will renliim discussions of ev- ?ry inalor topic fuclni! aiirlciil- .urlsts. . . Entertalnineiil nttrncilaiu offor- id convctitlon •dclcKiitcs will he 'vlps to Andrew Jackson's licrmlt- HBC, Tennessee Valley aulhorlty levclopmenls and other sites of ulcd lilMorlc and current Interest. Old Drinks Ar« Kavoi lies ST. LOUIS, Mo. (Ul')-St. Louis drinkers, after a try at 1'lnk Hobo King Joins Election Fight the Tracy and Kcttl Onlllan for its stars, Klnrj climbed Into his private plane and took off on a one- mau selling campaign. •nk and Claire nod, ,„ irlnclpals of the all B i B r orm the three-sides of the I.adte, Alexanders and fancy con- the ,coctloiis. have setllerr~dosvn lo con- cast, suniliig the old-tlihc favorites Lo- love --•••'• Tliere "Is a rn . cal drinks arc iralng favor 'even with feminine drinkers who siipiwrtuiff .are asking for Old Fashloncds Dry " c "- """- " -'-, Manhattans and riir llkr ._ to the gre hi -audition to the eat waterway. In I form a comedv IH . , ,r ,L stars, It has an k| | 6 " »i™ bid , ' thl ' CC ..,,„,. ;••" •' '-'"" was in miMiuuii ,„ i,, u alarS| u, , ms an, shllls" who 1 rS &5V«?« ffsr-a arMs^-^r m^ , tl-IC Markets New York Cotton Dec.- Jan. Mar. May July Oct. the Dual toninto :is|iic. nidi VPA « * el . G ? E 1 Spl ' inklc Clab mrat with le '"°» NtA Serwce Staff Writer jlIicCj ^ lt and Ad , A hostess needs lots of food 'and and mix ' ideas these nippy days. For if your town's like mine, it's gone party-mad. There arc luncheons, parties to introduce 1 guests, late fall weddings, holiday dances. When it's luncheon. I like to )Ian the meal around my salad, because if that's a success, the other foods will follow. I've found cmiUo aspic salad a grand liead- iner. Pile in center of tomato aspic ring and .serve. This salad will NEW YORK, Nov. 3 «JP)Cotton closed very steady. open high low close 1210 1'213 1210 1^10 1211 1215 1209 r>i4 121 1 ? 1222 1213 1219 1216 1224 1215 1222 1216 1223 1213 1220 1104 1137Z 1187 1195 r, > . -u«». not nb a Spots closed quiet at 1235, up 5. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 3 (UP)Cotton steered a steady course on , S, ° rlea ','; ! . ™*<"W tod»y C'ream of Mrjehroom Soup One-half pound mushrooms „ tablespoons, butter,' 3 tablespoons "our, c cups milk, 2 teaspoons salt, 1-4 teaspoon pepper. mushrooms and chop ,.Kt . . . . ' from f T Sl ', ed R ' Uh Bains °™ serve six per-[crop \"onlte. Trading was ex Urcniely <|iilet In the absence of points for'old Clean ! A rich cream of mushroom soup •' „ '.,,,,?"!?" bllU<!r '" Siulc<! lakes a rmc satisfvinn first.! .....' a<m lullf lhc muslirooms and oursc. •Then comes the salad with orn crofjuettcs,' hot buttered rolls, Iray of assorted relishes' .such s ripe olives and several kinds of tufted olive-s, s|;ee)el pickles and slnmicr over a looms, salt and pe~pp'cr"imd Tcup h,,,i.,,,. , ratc] . nl)d 5tew 3() m(| M low fire for five remaining mush- ules, covered. kcepin Or instead of beginning with ilie oup you migbi decide to have ru t cup. Then chicken croquettra •itli peas would be better than ic corn croquettes. And If you ant. a different dessert try me- !ous« ShC " S " lle " VV " U raa)lle Tomato Aspte One quart canned tomatoes 1 nb.lrspooii minced onion 1 ten won salt. 2 tablespoons sugar ' 1 _:oon Worcestershire sauce' •> blespoons lemon juice, 2 1-2 'ta~ espoons granulated gelatine i blespoons cold water. sauce pan closely rough a stir In flour ,, . - ------- . ....... ..uur and when bubbling add milk, stir- ' • "• mii tkLMCIILt: any Important market factors. open high low close 1213 1211 1222 122.1 Dec. Jan. Mar. May July Oct. 1210 1217 1219 1218 1216 1193 1214 1217 1224 122G 1223 1195 , ? w " kc '* (or •Woitt 'Lei's Pall In Love," starrin Edmund Lowe and the sensallona new screen find, Ann Sothcrn, I coming to the lloxy theater 8iiiv ilay and Monday. Hailed as one of Hit season', most unlne and tuneful nuislca offerings the production has created much favorable comment.' I s entirely different from the rur. of 1 musicales which has 1 Hooded screens recently, as its music L worked Into the story In n loglca anct convincing manner. Even without the music, 11 would stll be an outstanding dramatic pro luction according to reports. .Supporting the principals will tn <:ecn a well selected cast consist ng of Gregory fiatoff, Tala Blrell Miriam Jordan, Betty Furncss Ruth Warren. Arthur Jarrcll 1207 1217 1215 1216 121G 1183 ...... •••" *ioj lioy 1 1 Spot? closed at 1243, steady, nj ff Stock Prices NB\V YORK, Nov. 3. <UP>° tocl <s continued to advance to" light turnover Calm , - r am runs conslantly. Add prepared I ni ",f1 '» a point in the main list mushrooms anrl cnnb 0,1,1 ,11. .... Whip Kiwcl^l 1,0 ..... ,._.. . CG " ' om!tuos ""Ion. salt 'jcr lic-auty failed to xavr *.elcsTi> strack, above, from severe pr-nalty wlieu officials of Ihe University ot Caltromia at .0.1 Angeicn charged lliat slu- ..cnt officers were Involved In a Communist plol. Miss Strapk and four oilier officers were siis- k pended for a year ami a campus riot followed i n wh(cll sevela , w»r* hurt. Ul sugar for fifteen m imiU , rain. Soak gelatine In cold \va- r for five minutes. Rcl flto juice, add softened : B fi-iune and stir mud dissolved. Cool and add lemon juice and Wbrcoster- Turn Into a ring mold to chill am) become firm. When ready to serve dtp mold mlo a pan of hot water. Have Icllucs arranged on chilled platter and Invert mold quickly Into platter. Fill with crab salad Two cups naked crab meat 1 cup diced celery, 1 cup real mayonnaise, I tablespoon lemon Juice 1-2 Icnsponn suit, few eialnr, pen-' P cr - ™, muslirooms and cook and stir until sauce reaches I lie boiling point Serve very hot. , i, « ---- *" ••* nit iiiiim ii^L wlillc special Issues had advances running to more than four points Pcnn Slate Students Drilling for Oil STATE COLLEGE, Pa. !UP>— The rylluulcal '•chunk" of an oil rig soon will be heard'al Ilie Pennsylvania State College here as students In petroleum and naturil gas engineering go drilling aftrr knowledge, Although Ihcre Is no oil in the ill and d.;r- n -- ,.otcd on the college farm cast of the campus. About an acre of land has been set aside for the "oil development." The derrick, was loaned the col- ege by a Pittsburgh manufaclur- ">S company, according to Prof. c - A. Uonino, head of the Department of Geology. Other equipment necessary lo complete the operation has been promised by other petroleum and "alural gas Industries UNI.- 111 cold wa no utes. Reheat to- NlUnn >' Valley, the dril softened ; gnlatiiir. Ls tcil| K conslruct ' Head Conner Dews Want Aas. Anaconda Copper . "«»'• Steel ......... • Oiry.sler . Coca Cola ..'.'.'.'.' Gen. Am. Ta nk Gen. Electric Oen. Motors ... Int. Harvester ....'.I'. Nfonlgonicry Ward N. Y. Central . . Packard . " • 1,03-4 10 1-4 • 261-8 o. o 0 ,„ " 33 ,. 8 ,« ,.g 29 5-8 33 ' 27 7-8 2 0 7-8 Simmons lieds n 1.4 St. L.-S. P ,5 I Standard of N. j. '" 41 7 _ P Texas Co. .... ^ U. S. Steel 32 i . U. s. Sinelilnj .. "113 a j Zonite _" 4 f'hfcaan Wheat. open high l ow close .fay Be 7-8 97 3-8 96 M 96 U4 Chicago Corn open high low' close DPC. 78 3-4 78 1-2 16 3-4 7(5 3-4 May 78 1-4 18 3-8 17 5-8 77 fi-8 . Greta Meyer and Anderson Law or. ' The direction Is by David iurton from an original script by feruert Fields. The Screen Guild, an organlna- lion formed In Hollywood for Ihe purpose of sponsoring the finer type of photoplays, has Issued its first certificate of excellence to "Man's Castle." the Columbia picture showing Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at the Roxy. The story has several of the qualities of "Seventh Heaven." It has a squalidly romantic background, and deals with a boy and S'rl gripped by an overpowering :ovc. Spencer Tracy and Loretta Vomit; are the two players who play these Important roles. A nalchless supporting cast appear featured pails . . . Olenda rell, Arthur Ilohl, Waller Con- lolty, Marjorie Ramtoau, and ISekie Moore. Several popular favorites of the nlkies are Included In ibr. lnr»c upporllng. cast of "The Night, Rider," Harry Carey's latest staring vehicle, which will be the eature attraction at the Roxy Theatre next Friday and Salur- lay. Elinor Fair, who rose to sudden FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE imminence through her wor k In The Volga Boatman," will - nri et'" In the ]eartlr, K feminine rote 9IH)o.slte Die star. , Tom London, one of the several Western bad-men In the story has been appearing before the hi" 10 ™"""' 10". when he made his first picture for Universal He was slurred hy Universal''for .sev .civ years after • this ' first effort' Among his recent pictures are "The Storm," "The Woman Racket." "Under Texas' Skies," "p 0 r- rowed Wives," and "TIic Third Alarm." Iris I'lanl Ilhmim Twice HOI8K. Idaho <UP)—Winter may be approaching In Idaho but that doesn't mearl a thing to an Iris aiy Motors ot Ann i lea arc .wri'lnu nolku Iliinuglt Jrff Duvb, atioMi. louj, ilini' piosi- dout nf llielr iinlna, ibat lliej'io In iho Ihlck of (lie imiilnK elec- tlpn flriht Thc> want iicnii) i m'llo mil fau', a fedeial lecita- ' (Ion department to put Jobless actois at work, and n coast to const Biijicr-hiehvay, Dads an- plant lu the gal den of Mm T. DM'lri Lewis', home, The plant blossomed", \] hist spring. Now it Is In full flower again >"\"t . nn 1 TEXA FIRE CHI tF JOYNRR& TEXACO PRODUCTS NOTICE WILLIAMS Collector. A Letter to the People From the Governor Vole for'proposed Amendments Nos. 19 and 20, and protect yourselves against further or future increase in your rates of taxation, and against the sale of stale bonds. These are known as "Fiitrell. Amendments." Leave it to the people to say wlielliei^or-not taxes shall he raised or bonds issued. By pulling these amendments into the Constitution., the people mil take into their own hands the powers that have been used lo wreck tin,-.; slate. If these amendments are adopted, Iliis state will never again become financially bankrupt. GOV. J. M. FUTRELL

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