Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 3, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 3, 1895
Page 3
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F. W, KINNEY, 313 DE.VM'.ll IX Fish, Oysters, Fresh Butter, Eggs and Game. "STWe dress our own Poultry and therefore have everything fresb. I LI, r cKVKvr it Sows Soaa *.NI> FA K FKO.H CHAFFIXR. SOLD ONLY BEN F[SHER'S DRUG STOR Hi. INCREASE YOUR INCOME I Otn^'-f r • Unlit* Itwnjr not yrm? Uivx.it 4111.1)0 •1n D""»inbHr w .wit Our lyHtmn UmuKurnlfid for <3b» b .ii«n'. in miiiill tniner-. nvr.* yu BI, «xe«l ent ni, rtuiiltj to try It. Writ- ax mil y Tor mil •Inforumniin. I'KKKiNM >i fi>., ai4 Hiwo Hl'lK. rmicmfti.nl. NOTICE FARMKR8- A Fflenili 1 A like Soma four or tiJa vo^r^aeo J. \. Gi.idvuar, a yount,' m in full of life mid vig-ir, left ib^ o il f^rm in Cul boun county, fur ibe mor^ aciive life la the city. Dr.filiitr IntD me tele grapo nu^lno-rt ho necured a position on me C & N. W Rdllroad at lla- pub lo, fyliua as oyerutor. h^ tickets, chuck ID .iddltion 10 i WHS n q ilrcd to Hell M»s<nr-i M: inlr«it Uilv-roi vv II fon lit •!. W J.fl-'rt ItWil -. OM nn Nurtli si''urt Sil nKhiJS to • htmeSlf {Jeaertllv <xh hi* Wir 1-is CII-BK Uuwt-r on wltkli iliey _ ,_„ , „, ..'. Jiuve been ..lluwed a uiitrnt arid eful. the ox(icilD£ offioi-tls on the one side and tho inconsistent publl-i on ihe Othfir, hrt WHS Corked and worried to sjch aa extent th-ii bU hflalib. gave out an I One day be was carried to bid hume after having a aevero nervous spasm; he grew from bid to worse until he bad tu rol.lnquUh bis position, n phvSlcal wrect. Tno doctor oould not cure him aod KhiA L ttiolAl.ii> told him so, but advised him to goto uR F. M. BOZ R'd DENTAL PARLORS. Over .State National Bank, Logansport, Ind. GOVERNMENT CONTUOL OF RAII.KOADS. Cnrroli L) VVritjnk. Tie l-.Dur m,in- mUHtouer, Miys in rtiliitlor 10 me steps taken townrd envf rncneol uoatrol ol rnllro»cU. in ibe Fts^ru^ry nuroier of the Forum, ibil • ib* reHtjoo w-hv t is thnt the Chienffi, si.rikf io exerting «.n lufluence n*> M. Nub" r oioate po»«e of a sileot revolution—a it-vo u ioi p ob- ab'V ia i he i n lerea t of the puni'c ^ei- far*-— JH t>cnu-H it empnH-iz-s tie cimm mat tber-e tnu-<i ne comci n tfi" 1 * lion *niuntfo»li plnce raiientiu era p!o\i-s ot. a i'nr w 11 h the ruilrOnd > m- po>eis In cond csinir the husnies-p aod coniiliions nf emuloymHnt are coai'.erne ; H is r>eu*u-i3 tne evHoii.' of 'hit ptnMe lo^'c-t ly demand thnl another dec'iiro.- tun of law «nd of to^ o lucip'fS of to? Ftjder- nUna (Y'Wru cnea i rinall b^ aitOi-l a neclnrit-i'1'i umi ail wngvs p»id, as well MH 0'nnrtjrH fur jiD.V 6irvh:t) ren dnrefl In inu irio-portitl'Oa uf proper ana jus'. A dfCI ir.alon of tms cnur MCIJT bHClted ny ton aia bi rr\ of t.be ^overnmeol In C'tr'-y It ioio * ffi'Cl. would trlv^io miirond emu oyes ibe si.niu* cf qiiHpi p b'lc Hervnat^t Tbe m icbt o - ry nuc 'in D ^oy 1 n^ ^cb H deC- l-ir*ttit>n sooul ' n^ fQ .fl^lr.d on tne Ifi torstHte O.,in f nd r cu A-^t (t shituM b-i provid- d WIL-I MI me HUtnority b-* ostxbiirthed for t-he regulation of wag-e , COniruCin on railroads IS RBPJttPE!) BETTER ; M P«nnl» M'ibiirn nf I«u rnw.^. IIu., Be n T»k. n II..iu.-!!>h n In Uol a Wail. Mrs. Fannie Wilburn, who was struck ny Nu. 5 w^:^l bouod P.in Hrtncle pass njier ut Burrows, ncdr ber borne laet Mooouv, io eaid to be much boiler. Tne aiiencin^ ptyel^ Cia.a L)r C. L Souder, ^u,\ s thai the fractured foreainj i^ slowly meodii g aod tbat the internal [[Juries, 'rum wt i^Q much «as fe»red at firot, j promise to prove ttiucn lecd severe th/tn wnS nutlclpittKU. For Several du>e Ibe ii]..rrO lauy wa.a cured for ut i ibe d c or'o iiffice Fria«y tbe WAS i retunved io her nome near the scene ' of tbe accident Tn^ u.juret toouiaer. | lh« bootrd of which nr« bidly bbal- ie-ed. may >e be menOod. Tne af-m WHS nf)t as was reported, amuu'-Hied, at'hiuiib .^uoh A couroe miv bj reoaered neCtiS-H.ry. A'to- t'ether the ontieni Is doing- a* well, ever} thing cont.idert.-d, as could h e ex- p-;uied. Jii't K- <v ivi'd. rwocarlon.df,'f meiyb- f'Ornthe cele- hraied /uller Bu^^y & S'e yb Oo , alt. come ever> bod\; we have tleitiuh for iDe milnouB Prices belo* the lowest. Call m. GEOIIGE HAIJUISONS, 6 t 7 Kro-i.il wav . THE < I1CKCHE!* •s;! uilst)—Services »'ill b# lield In tu-lr new roonm Hi tl'e ila^ee block, cor.teroC rfi.X'11 n.l tfro,id*w.f. BlOlt? CI;u» al j lf:a-i -nihi^y munilug. All ;ms iMnlialiy In- i Vittf.1 tOil tfUj. | CIMBEKLA.ND PR>SBYTBIU*S Ca'OHcn—Chas. B. • P e uli ng ;n 11 n. in. niul " p ,„ b- me past' r. . frveiiiiu >ubject "Njiturcniia Kxea-lsr ot Merty" Sunda. stti^j uta -T). Ail,ne i.,v,lc.l. ^ J KlKST I'Kli:.BlTKKlx.S OHU CU-IU'V. O. P. l^l-! nani, p ..-lur 1'n-iwbl K ut 11 ii'clnck a. ,u. ] T:it-air, "ili-iiink^ it,.<i ul> ijriitn n t.I > enibO!- ; suipiu t ie i^rr I) trriii, Ouurcb " ALT u'.k, k i In ttir* > vri-Inj; i.ev. D. r,. \ViIliii,i.>v.t, w II "For Charity Suffereth Long." ST. 1 CTKK'S F Ili-v. J. C 11 a in. mill L'TUKKA.N P.i.-.tin. Cu »cu. ;it b.v tin) pi.-tor. funcliiy i at U.'i'. Junior Eii.ieavur Hi. 'J:3u. p. iu .'!'. J JEndeiivor ut G p. 111. i.\vr. 1 Utxiy »V CiilUf. EVASHKUCAI. ClttiHcu —"ev. S. .1. ZeWul pit- tor. en'lc^S t d;i> ,-i- fo li.\\-s: Sabu.itu Scli0<>l ;i 9::ii)iL in preaching nl Hi:J" «- in Dj llif p Mur. K P. <. til li ii.m I'ri'.-iouliu lii tin* nvnlni; «t 7 ii. 111. Snbjt-ci. '"I Ik K se nnd tlltf Lily" All rtT" .oidialb invl : ed. tcitiKil .it 9 3u. a in p4>Hi;lii,,i; tDUS n orul •*• ^. I', b. C- K- tn.-1'inii: ut 0:3-j SuniiL-ers iinO others are co.-Jlully itivitcil tualteilil tllrSr ;ervi(!i-S Mrs. Lmurm C. Phoenix, HilwMukcc, WU. i J »* Kt . v lubOi in mill 7SW p. in. n) tut* p i tin-. ». «:ij .-clioni ;ii3 v in. IVu-sn-rs' mOi» liii; every v i-tl vfilxy i-v iiiiii;. I'rijer niftnu ve , Th.ir.-(li>y i-v nii'K. Al. am air.il.iilv inv tf J i . nn. T p in .-Hsi'iin rik:litiol in., ('.. N. tiff y tiui.it. Y. P. d. 0 ' l>. Ill Ah Ill'Crtl. OTHKhT il. K. CUUKCII-Ri'V. W. R. . . a. in. and 1 p in. m 1 lb" |j.-|^t"r oiiiilmlj .-C i nl n )':.'»Ji a. m. Ola»in-«-ti .i/ nt 'J:4j a. in. aitd b |). m Junior L«uiif MI l!3U|i in. E wurtn L-.IK'IK III I) |J. HI. I'OulC " TUB Ii0ldi-ll C:ni<ilw!l<:K-." L -a-ier. Mlns it er. s. jeSnru "JIatron of a, J&CKcrolcnt JTotn* and knowing tho pood Dr. Xlilos" Nervine ^^ _ has done mo, my wisb to help others, over- past r. I'rt'iichliiijiit come? ray disliko Jtor t-'t^ V'^'i-olty, thla letter may pivo mo. In ?\i.-.-. :n,u iVc,, 1S33, !7i« ii::naicx had. tli>3 ''LaGrippc," and 1 woiono of tho first. KosuEiing duty too soon, with tliocaroot so many sick, I did not rcpun my health, and in a month Ibfeamc HO dfbilitatctl and. nfrrmim from sic'cpicssncss and tlio drafts mado oa my vitality, tliat it was a question If I could po on. A dear friend advised mci to try •s ,-it 1. :n ftSU K, at The Monon has a HyH'OTi io di-c .»"r mnrtl rult^H r-InTiu op'o^ 1 the kudak | vlivai.O'-H of i's ' *l dr|,,|<i3rrt aro | "WAN'TED! W.iiiHtd U|H i[, CnttiiK.» Fur Sule. Wiiiitn'1 -iniitli Kannu Por -Hie. Wiintmi tu Kxchii'iKO iirmji f» Cltv Property, Wantwl vt«r(ihiinill'n n Tr ilnfor Fur n.s, JLODtttod II. .11. <;<Mll>l)M,.Spr D'unk l.og.iii.spnri, Indliinu. JOSEPH GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS JS EXT1U KINK. FLSK AJiT> 11RO.VD POINTS TO SUIT ALL HANDS. THE MOST PERFECT OP PENS. Ann Arbor and pUce hiontie'f in cnarge of th^t world wid i inS'.Uuiion of learning wbich be did. He con. tlnued with their treatment constantly and faithfully for four lonp y ars, lli,tle, If any. bentfl',. While not tolrtrnr.id bv o ih^y a"« '1l •II. E. TKUAX, M. D. 'Special nlU-nlliin (;W«a to Nose, Lung, LWet and Chronic DI?u"imH. Onimaiiil Ite.HldniHW ovtirStatfi Nntlonal Bunk. Hours I" c > 12 n m , L; to -I p, m., nnJ V EO S p. m. .All atlls pro KKOHJ'iER & STRAIN, Undertakers and Embalmers, G13 Broiulway. DAILY JOURNAL SUNDAY MORNING. FEU 3. Attend tho Bee Hive's dress goods See the 38 inch d-ess novelty at the .Bee Hive for 15 cents. See the n»w laces and new embroid- •erlts at the Trade Palace. A grand dre<8 goods clearance 8ale •will bo opened tomorrow at-tho Bee aivo. An entertainment will bo given by •the Ladies of the G- A R. in the G A. 3J Hall, February 6lh. Admission 10 -cents. See the wash silks at the Trade Palace. New figured silks 25 cents a .yard. For Sale Cheap—A lot on West Mar ketstreot, one block west of at eet •car line. Easy terms. Ii.qulre at this •office. Do you want \o buy' new gooda at less prices than bankrupt price?? If go, seo tbo new silks. DOW fancy wool £OOds and now novelty dress patlarns 4kt half pries—Trade Palace. S M Closson has a few hundred •dollars private local funds, also E»st era mooev in any amount to loan on security. Office No. 319 I re in this condition, a friend tra^e him a bint e of Dr Wheeler's Norve Vital, izar, wlih an urgent req>ies r i to use It. , N it wlshlni: io offend bU friend, be" prntnised to do so, but did not, bnnauge. an he argued with hirneelf • Wb»t is 1 the use of tnklny that -stuff' if the most learned nerve specialists In tne world can noi cure me? 1 ' But us time pa-Heed he would occtiilooa ly think of ibe neglected botileof medicine given him nod bid procni-e to u^e it. Ooe d»y ho plclfed ir. up and mechanically pulled tbe cork, m^.sared oui a dose ana took it; a change neetned to come over him, his nervousness ubued. his mlod b-scame clear and he thought he felt something of his old tltm vigor. He continued talclog 1 the Vit^lizer until he was ablo 10 alt up, then to wulk a few steps; the slug-glr-h blood In.hir veins became native, Cjlor returned 10 bis fle-h and he fell ihe need of more food He noon improved BO that he sought nnd became en paired in lijjht labor and earned the first dollar in nearly two yea-?; ho^e atialned Us lone vacated position in bis brain and his friends rejoiced at the wonderful CQ-ibg-e. Mr Goodyear ia now leadlnga thoroughly active and •he cora.jH.ny and covered ibijy are Bnminiirily dt-prtvt-d of positions and salnrifis. I'< 1^ not uncommon oo^ii- dtvs f.ir «inp o/e^ of the ro^d :0 be called before ibe, suuerinienfleni and lold Ibul ibiv a,r u QOI wanted beC-.u^e of trinlr d-inkioij- pi-nc'lvlcle-i. A de n'nl of tbo cb/tr^e Is met bv 11 neat pho iiarai h taken by Home road de- t>-cilve. displaying ibe offender at ibe bir. pouring down ihe Hq-ior, Ills quilo positive proof aod taere IB little room for n Incursion Auif. Gionenr of the Pin Handle round bou^e force is off duty on au- cinint of n-ti-a^Lii* in his heir). Pan H-indlo condnc'-nr D-in B'irter \f now a full fl-dtrwl K P HM loolc the third rank In Appollo lodge Friday evening. Did You Ever Try Electric K-Metro »D a remedy for your trouble.-? If not., tft-t a bottle new nnd nei re'l-if. I'h s me icme bus been foun. lo bd peculiarly adupr,. ed to tbe relief and cars of nil frm*le C'lroplaTiis, exerlin<r a wonderful di- reCt. li'fl -etice in giving 8lren(fto (tod tone lo the President IJyrnu of the Brooklyn club rocc'n'ly received a letter from John tirim, who for several years was T KI .J, T V EJ.ISCUIV.I, the clcv r caicherof tha Louisville club, and whose release was purchased last frill by the lirooklyn club, accept- in},'- the cl'.lb's terms, and asking- thai a contract be forwarded to him at his home at Indiannpo'is. Inil. HNIVi.KSAt.lST CHUHCIl-K-v. T. S. tilltfirlo l'iu-<liir. ri-r.-iw tiniiiy ut II lu I" a..il 7 p. in. Subjivt in ti.e fnrt'iioiin; "Gi.<l"s 1' HIT uii.nlp ti-iiUJ-iT Jliiner' Mnnl ami Ujals." J tun ..vi-nint! "Tile Hrll ol lh« Old 'I «»[il- in- lit. W.i>l u -i>ii In li im.»iil in« •> vl.iras 11 .-i inool tif bn '|I*-<N I'nn .shin ." Sun.iay -t:li<>ul at lu 11. in. i).iw .r.i Cam* iupt. id iuu In- VllCll, KCii— Rev. DoiiL-l. ss I llonus, a Ac" S b A c . lod.iy :is f Hol\ Com niinion. U:;tu •.. - nudity h u in, nmniiiiK I nij-er iind . Sul)J«cl. 'I'll lia^ I NutHl.i.f This 7 p. m. nr-nliu in'iij 1 ' r u •« wnivii. . • nif I II ininviii i mvnr Upon l.wf." al vs-i' t'O'ii** fjiveh tuuil. \ took 2 bottles and am happy 10 say, I am iu bottcr health tha-n over. I still centinuo Its occasional «.«•, an a tioi-re fooA, as iay work is very trying. A letter addressed to Milwaukee, Wis., will reach mo." Juno 0, TS04. MRS. LACI^V C. Puonxix T>r. Miles' Ncrrico is sold on n positlvn piiaranieo tbat. the first bottlo \flil tifrncflt. All drugtrlsus sell it at SI, 6 bottles for 55. or it will lioscnt, propaki, on roeclut of prlca ftythoDr. Allies .Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind. Dr. Miles' Nervine Restores Health Til h- It Trinity onurcn. • p u-<l. been temporarily olo-ed for interior Ce:ora iloo8. will fan rp.ouened todiy. T bt vvoted cboir unrlwr the direction o M<-. AleX^oder B vrr. will render H special muslc-il program and the rector will preach an appropriate sermon. Important 'let-tliiir. The offlue-s of tbp Ca-s county Sunda\ Sobooi Unitin will hold a spfi'iial m-ettne o-> Tuesday evening. Fob. Sr.h. at First Presbvierl»n church at 1 o'c ! ock. A'l InterOKied in Sundiiy school work present. Sunday, who was once a sensationally fast fielder and playiid with Chioii go, is a minister a. Indianapolis. John Morrih evidently s-avcd his money while he ivas pla3 r ing- ball. He rec.-ntly bought a residence in Hoston are requested to be of nopBiue, If you have loss coniiipailon, heaaacne fiinilni; spells or are nervous, sleep lens, exclmile, melaneboly or troubled wlih rt'7,7,/ spells. £ ectrio Buiers is the midiulne you need.. Health and Htrerg'hare guarao'eed by its u-e. L-ir^e buttles only fifty cents at B, F. Keeollnfi'ei drug Htor« F n d t*r Fmh Ingr. W F N*.J« ana Henry D-:Maur were fined at Touoj; AuQerica Tnura- day lor indu'gln^ lo a public fi^ht. life wnicb he sa^she Is proud to attribute to Dr Wneiler'n Nerve Yualizjr, tbe greitest nerve builder ever produced for norvous pro-trallon, suasms fi'.s, sleeplejiaess, mentKl depreusioo exhausted vitality, despondonjy and ganeral deoillty. For sale by Ben Fiaber As overheard by our reporter: •John, please get some sugar at ho gtvea more for the money n ihe other dealers; to economize must be c*reful to pet our money'* worth of eTerytnlop—»od Ob! John, don't forget to »»op at Ben Fisher 1 * drug store for a bottle ot Brant's Balaam. It Only coita a quarter aod it oured my cough so quickly before, I have ooatidoace in it. beside* its eco* noaiioul to uae; the bouiea are large. *hlle the dose ia only a Obi'Uttry. Too late El 17. i Uuuli-oo was born In Perry cour.ty, Obio, in 1815. and w«e married to D-tvid B Coupon fn 1S34, with whom sbe cum-.--, to Cass county, in 1836, and had rtsided here for almost sixty years. She was the tuoiher of four 'eons and fnur diiujh" ters. but one of whom Ciot. Wasn. Initon C. Coulson. of the U. S. revenue cutter survives her. For forty years Mrs, Cou'Bon bad st-n n fulthful member of the Presbyterian church. Sue- »a3 a g.iod wDman—a devoted wife and an indulgent rnoihar. Kind hoarted and of a peaceful nature, she had no enetnleA. Her friends were numbered by all who knew her. St. Nice L i^dn m >n of Toung America. Kace is said formarlv a liqunr deHler in aao D-M.ur is a young- to baen bidly beaten. A Gir.M.kes $212.16 ;n a Month. I read in your valuable paper how ont of you 1 " flubs jribers m-*d6 money in >he but I Cdn boat thai, and 1 nm only s, girl. I rent and IMII i-ba no* Gray Plater and cleared $^12 16 in on« muntn Can any of ,\our rend-rs Deal th^? You can get spoons, lorkf and j'o-velry to plate at every house. Some bit; articles [ Sent and had plated at toe factory. There ia plumy of work lo do both in tbe cuy and country, aod why s-hould any person be poor aod outof employment "ben Buch ao Opportunity 13 m band. Anyone ca.0 gi-t my plater by writing to Grty & Co P aiiog Worlcs, Colum. bus, UQIO Toey do all kinds i f pie. tlog and will teacb the art. M-y plater h*t a latne, wneais, touls and material* Jor polijhinif — a nice little work- ubou. I nope my experience" will help others. JExlu . itiuu.' Edison's kiaeioauojcs at Fisher's drug-store. Monday Just cay. Don't fall to see them Cblldren all five ocenea 1U ceais. TQU IB tte greateot scieo-tifio woaoer of the J9ih century. Dju't mlts tais. Cy. Farrell has so,d his interest in. the S.nate ottloou lo Ddvld Maurice, who IS now sole owner. A llua»eh,,ltl Trc»»uro. .">. W. Fulier, u i vjaiiojunarie, N. Y., says that he aiwayn Keeps Dr. King's .Ne-v Discovery in tue house afi"U his family Duo always luuud luo very best results follow lit) U3<r; iDat De would noi bo without U, il prucu.ra.nle. •+, v. Dyketuan. Druytlut, Ca'skill, N Y . eaja thitt Dr King's Ne* DlSCov ery i* undoubtedly tbe best coujjh remedy; that he has used it in his family /or el^bt j ears Hnd it has never failed io do all that is clalm-d for it. Why not try a remedy to Ions' tr'.ed andt.es'ed Trial . not»le» freo »t B K. K-eslincr'* drug store. Regu.ar size 50c and $1. BiinAinvAY M. I-:. CHUHCII—Rev, II. J, Xotrl> !'• i-«i:ni a In in.-i'"tui :u H «. in. ;tiHl 7 p, in MIII(!:I.V tirliotH ut !(:!•"> n. ill Tin 1 .-clmol ivll cl ^r ^vlIll ;i leu iiiiiaiH^s inus-t h.-tri iiour.un. . JUUIO- l.l'.-lill- .tt:» II. III. ^MIIUI L-lullnntli , |i in .mi ujtfil ui 1 ilL.s Kinniu. K.lIuU ^li iirn invlteJ. i.ii'nsT ' nuni'.ii -Si-nlfi's iod:i>- at usual nour. 1'rea hi nr iimruiiiii iinl eveiitnx by u-v. F . C -in.tn i.f d'iis Llty. .->.il)l>itui lithoul at 12 in. Vuuiu Fttjplo .t uie"tlns ut U 1>. in. A (JEMJINK SKNSATIOX. In of HI:•«!<-.11 t;ircl .< tirfitii-d by Dr Ilurtiuan. 'ne guneruua ullef of Dr. U*rtruan, Coiunjbus, Onlo, to tio«.l 10 000 nit- crenit d a profound Piiousauds of BpplloanlS are ine'r names from even State in the Union. Tne doct-ir requires 'nume . eex, ue.fi, pympiouun, wDeu be SunOS dirt-ciions, aud iDo medleluOD cm be ooiaiued ai ibe nearest druj; tore. Pe ru-na is tho principal remedy ecotumended bv Dr. H*ri.mnD for hriioic oiturrh, nnd many pcOule i>re urjfl by uoiojj H wno never write ihe docior, but use iho aireciions f^lven lu be Fam ly Pcysician No 2, a coco ilete treaiii^e on cmarrb, la (jripep, colds, coughs. consumption, en.. Seni free ny ihe Pe-ru na Dru^ Manu- acturlng; Cooapaoy, Columbus, Onlo. AmnLonr Champion ,tt I^lvo lllrdii. J. K. Palmer won tho anmtoiir live-' bird sliooti^g- cluimpion.ship of thf Uuited titarcsnnd a tidy s« eepstnkcu recenilj' ut Lan-nmout, N, V. He won the match by a suoro of '.in out, of 100 birds, liaviM'jf niaiie tu-onty-iive birdf stniiylit. \\'orlv -vns >ccond, with 9< birds; Davenport third, with tiS. and Fenrii'-on anil Moore tied for fourth, wil h .Sii birds c:ic:!i. Louis Sluart lias n timed liis aniinnls as follow^: Miiiiitonoinnh, colt by Onondajro-Harnie Lee. Sister Kinma, by Sensation Sisicr I/ouise and bay Jilly by Lo fc >ic-Se:iiuo\v. Have You Kidney Trouble? Have ^ou Thr ^at Trouble? Have You Rheumatism? Have You Madder or Urinal Tioub e? £oM by IIBSS t, Urui;gli)t. t.> Wed Jnhn Welch and Ella H-gelna. Warren Saaferand Flora Ru8b. fsa STAT« of Onto. Crrv OP TOLEDO, LUtK.S CdONlV, FBASK •'. Cn-c-:it« in ikes oath Jhat lie Ia the nlnrpiirtn'-r nr Hiellrmor K 1 . .1. CHENKV & Co.. dol .nb i»in«.-ii .0 tn^mtv of TolHl ., C mitt nn.1 Suite itforPSiilil, ii"' that said Ilrm will pay tno sumo. ON'E U 'NDftEO Dui-LAIli fur PA h nnd evrtiy c -se ul CM* rh thn- i-annot be cnred Uj tae use ol HALL'S CATAKIUI Conn. KKANK J. CHENEY. Sworn to before me »'.<! mbscriocd In my DrfSHnce, luls 6th daj ot December A. D. IS.su. ,. A W. <iLE.f.ON, ] SKAI. f Notary Public. hhHV Catarrh Core Is laV-en Intern.'illr and aot-i direct^ <m tbe blood an I mucous su.'facea ot iLesjs>m. 3 mi for'c>Unionlii's Tree. - F. J. CHE >i r.V i CO., Toledo, 0. I3y~Sold by drugglst.1, 7pj. On CAOO, Marcb7, 189L Du BHIIIIMAS. Cinema My UKAH IK— My :n million was (1 st calUvj (o SAN-UK \n-i jcariii tlm iymu or Oint.ln J M. Urn-ins •" TP'Ti- HIIIIIH. 'Ml., wli i M-a.s ntUcked 111 111 :• City »• tli .-tout" noplir t^ and cycliU> (in- ll'iiiiin -tHiii ol n. n blurt. »T :iml lct><n<"ii) Afier |iri-M:riblii|E i UK u n .I rt-iin-illiw 'Iitioutiivall Siin- juk wiiMiuix sluii, mid b . Impior. iiii-n , wan go mur-i" .•iin-rtiiHiirs .ionium « o DI|)|HL o ire f...iow n so -piviiil), time i ;n oniv i-oinin-ncerl na In -Hi l.Jiuo ot us ni^iit< iinii li ive Kiiicn prd- wrlbe'i It In ;Uinos "Very known form ..I Kidney blMOiInr, uri-ihr J. VIL<|I.»I .m.i c<t iirrlml iroublea, loi.i wf.i in •- ch ln^tji c. tiy i|j" li:i|),.i<^tr'V'Q;ts. A .•Mt-oOimrcsi.-tuivoliiii'iir. II .wororluc) In my D»-i) f;i>nl y WA- vi-ry m-idi Imp ov-U by n few do-es. HII.I i;i(Jli:HllycureJ In li-.sn tlia a w<- It. fruin imicn alrxpHiifiiivln a nu.i.'icr or I):i4 CH esof I.-UCO 11 m«l i nil) fier> t.isay tntit ( Dave round "u remedy tniit Is.qu I toS^V JAK. ,i,d while i n.venevtfrb.-fiiw K ivfn » profes- sloniil ln<|..r.-<eiii«'it to ••<. |irnp.le ary ri'in^.Jy, I nar Unl.cSllntlllKl' I/id llno'it rwive llllit con- fi .ii-r .-JAN- UK .1 vnritrtblf b'Hjii (o liiiuninltr *nd a/ eniprhl u It to UiKfiUr.-1-t uro ftM,(Q .H! te.v», cin-:i «l li riMifldciicc. Ills teller tb;m it m recommended 10 be, l MI .llcuminii" to piwno<»lt In all CIROJ ot SPnlt'i-urlniin'orciiMirhH. nouuies. In profer- eni» to n! "t: er kn nvii rein-dies. '«» NERVKTDN1C. ,St > J lKcH'1 brt rplll^l Op1|l Ta'lynnd i-ntlr-ii. The d I cioiin t-ntn of the in-ill HiBls JK)ln ft- IWvur. in i.rw-unblnif It f.ir cnlldr--!!. I inn at . refill u>l KS*N-J ,R iw in i iitive in fUn ii!xOiv>-s. aim in sever 1 c.u*s ot n.r. IIIK i-czi'm* Iwvc y i-idi-d «.i re.diiy 1 1 lt-< m- !l<«no-th!it I stmil C"'iili!HiHtousK it in similar OI.SPS t i-ollni; roiillflt-Ht mut it \»i 1 me«t nil t&« ludlcji loim in i,uch c:i- •> Vturs.-!!!;? rely, (Signed) i, x o. W SNTDKH, 1[ 0. flL ^ BEX FfSHER, DRUGGIST fVFEW L « teatpoonful. 11 Got Brant*i of Ben *, '*->'vjded. Prioa 25 cenu per box. Flib«r. I *iL i bj B. P. KftOillnff. H T.-nnplar. Jobn Oommvodery. Wo. 24 Templar meets in regular session tomvrow, (Vliaday) evening. Work ia Temple degree. Backlen'* Ai-nica 8«lv«. The bent salve in the world for outs, bruises eoroa, ulcers, salt rheum fever aores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and all skin erup. tioDS, and positively cures piles, or DO required. It ia guaranteed to perfect satisfaction or money re-! court, complaint on note, demand. At 4 o- r ceut , o par cant, 6" per cent. and S per cent.. Ions cr abort time, Consult J T. COCKBCRS, Rooti 3, Sory Building. A .''le-iine for Men. This afternoon m. 3 o'cloclc the men will hear an address by the R*iv. T. C. StnUh or G«m City. In the R E. Y. M. C A rooois. All men are cordl»lly Invited. S. M. Cioj*on has filed suit against Kistler, at al. la lh« circuit For | $?<>0. Maffee and Funk are hit aV- I tornej». •- { f "' The JoarnaUhas a few of the beautiful birds-*ye viewg oflLogaosport left. Parties desiring them, can if they wlshj get fthem io| papt^board tabes for ^mailing or preservation. Size 28 z 44 Incbea. FRIGE 5O CENTS.

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