Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 25, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 25, 1896
Page 3
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SUCH Mince Meat. THE THE RAEROADS Steel Cars Tested and Admired by Car Builders. MAY BE MADE CH EAPLY STATE BAR ASSOCIATION. Benj. Harrison President of New Organization. General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. A hUb stiuiJ.ml ot excellence, Munj users of tlie "Jlunson" consider it THE BEST. You will Hail It n valuable ussilstau: In jour of- lice. Address tor piirtlcaliirs THE MUN50N TYPEWRITER CO 31 .V3> Ul-'ACTUlt K BS. 2-10--M WKSt I.likf St., ClliniKt). '"• L. G. PATTERSON Has opened a Fire and Accident Insurance ofllce at '110 Broadway, up stairs, and noliclts a share of tlie public patronaRe. None but First Class Companies Represented. If you accept a substitute, 3-011 must uot fuss because its not as good as geuuiue HIRES Rootbeer. OAIIY JOURNAL THURSDAY. .ll'XE tilli 1SOO. Hammocks at your own price at Geo. Harrison's. Apply at once to KatilTaia.n &^.Co., if you c:\ii sell shoes. , Don't infos our muslin underwear counter. NocliLug like it. Slun-s srlll go at cost, ovc-n it' it does bother competition.—Stevenson & Klin- siek. We can save you money on frames, as we pay small rent.—C. 31. Hauufl, 424 Fifth street. A young man with sonic little experience with shoes wanted by Kauft'man & Co., at once. C. H. Stevens's gallery at 414 Market street Is now open. Competent workmen. 'Work guaranteed. A No. 1 Sterling bicycle for sale or trade. Call at Parker's grocery, corner. . Twelfth and Spear streets. To loan, a few thousand dollars, special funds, private money, on good individuals or mortgage security. Will buy good notes.—George B. Forgy. Special cut on shirt waists today. $2.50 dhuily ones only $1.00; OSc lawn find percale waists only 50c; also sue new combination collar ami miffs.— Trade Palace. A mjusler car-builder who attended tlie animal convention at Saratoga last week says no one thing of the many hundreds cxu'i-IMirod attracted more at- tc'irt.ioH 1.1 RUI t.lto .steel, cars. Some of these wwc of recent design and models iui way of co-nstnictlon, and some have been in u.se a year or more. Tin.; gondolas are the double-hopper 'type, aud have Fox pressed steel tracks. They (save the Wesr-ing-liousc friclJon buffer. Jaiiney co-uplers annd AYwuliighoiisi 1 air brakes. Tho axles are made of nickel steel, while h is ?o tongli ihiit, it is said, a car will run winli safety even ul'tci' tlie appearance of a well developed crack in'ttlte joiM'tia-1. The hoppers have the I'ulitcr apparatus I'ur opwiing and rIa-Miig. The weight of each ear is ;.'.',)..!)."(! pinmds, wiill i a capm-liy of lOO.OtMl pounds. Tin: sides are ".-Hi inch thick These ears have been loaded with 12", UUO pmtiuls each, which they earned in a snllsl'aelu'i-y III.-IIMH.T. No .-'pedal I'il'nrt w;l,s made 10 reduce the si/.e of part's I'n tile lowest limit*, a.nd tliv de- si.uT.eis say r.hal I hey can easily reduce Ihe weight to about ;>H.UOO pounds, whi'le si-ill ivtaihiing a ca.pacity of 100.- Ot'O pound*, with a suitable factor of satVly. 'I'hi.s would make I lie deail weight oitly (ine-t'litrd 'l.liat of Hie paying load, a.nd the company state* that on this l>a.sis steel cars can be const mcti-d at a i-ost per ton of earring capacity noit exceeding that of wooden ears. The plait form ears. t\vo of which have been construi-ted. have plank floors iw incites tihick. and their capacity is SO,000 pounds! t .;K-Ii. Xo. 1,00-' weighs 2ii.i!i;0 ponds, ami Xo. 1,007 weighs '-!:",I-'O pounds, RAILROAD NOTES. News: A.bout one liun- ilred lawyer--* rcprcvseiiitang all parts oC tlie S-tswte, mot ait 11 a. m. yesterday in the hall at' the House of Representatives. Tlie meeting 1 was culled to order by S. O. PR-kens, president of tlie Indianapolis Bar Asso-clat-lom. who ox- plained Uhe object of the meeting. It will bo flic purpose of tho State Bar Assoula.tjloii to elevate the learning of •Jioso who como to tho bar, to watch uml iSJifogtiard 'tiho honor a.nd integrity of i!ts inwnbors. John T. Beasley. of Terre Ha:ute was viliosen secretory. .7 ohm I!, \V'Usoni of the Indianapolis Bar AssodtailiiiO-ii then read a prepared coiisri:t.uitU>H for Uie proposed State Bar Assocl-'itilifli of li)d!':ui.i. which deda.n.'cl the objects of (the aissooiaiiim to lie to adva.nce "Cite sukmce o>f jnrisprndouce, promolie 'Hid ad'irw.niis'iTat:i<)iii oJ.' jiiS'lU'e, iipliwlil 't.!ie honor of Uie la-w and promote 1 aeilti.'i.init'.'iiief' aiiioii^' M 1 .* members. T'lie cifin-miifniiMffii was adop.led witli- oiw d'it-'ciiissitni. t'Xecji't upon tiie paragraph wliirlr regulated Hie i]ii;vlitii;a- t.i.uiis u.;' ap|>Ht:a.nTs for ineinbei'sl) 1 !]!, \vltu-h was tiiKiilily ma'de to read "a.n.v lirr.soii->ihalJ lie i'LUrible to membersiiip \vho .slui'lj !»• a mc.'iilior i/ii good .landing of the ba.r o-f l:hie Si:a-te of. Indiana, Oliver I'.n.uuc's (of Waliasli) molioii oa.rtvi'il f.liat «irh MUMitl'Mtg coininiuee s'liiiinl'd eOiiiiS-iW: <r'.' OIIIP member from the presidential nominee on .Tune 20. Mr, Brownlee couldn't miss Buffalo Bill even for Mr. McKinlev. ROSA»;TUCKER. Causes Trouble by Running Away From Home. A fc\v days ago, Et \riill be reinebercd, the PLuoiidOiiltir published aai' account of the expfrtcjice of MJss Rosa Tucker, a tihirtoe-u-yeair-old girl wlio claimed she was driven from her home in Logansport, and who wnlkod part of MIC dis- ta.uce behvoon iihat d.ty and' \Vabash; also 'that tJie girl was given a home at the orphans' hojiic hwe. Rosa was tiU- en siek Sunday and ft .is said had a liigh fever. Monday niom.ijig she was still in bod, unable to Iw up. At 1'2:;!;0 p. in., however, while -t:lic oHiCe.is .-Mid inmates of the lumio we.ro a-t dinner, Rosa who had got tun up, dressed herself aud paelied what clO'lliiLv; aitid tlii.ngs had bi'ou giveJi hot 1 ,-nt the home, left Use promise* ajwl stariod west a-t a lively llochesler lUi>ublic:iii: Tlio first new woman to stride an equine upon the public tuowuifrUi'ares «f Kocliestor, with divided sldli'ts, occiuTOd tli'is. inonil'nft, and about everybody, cxcopt tJic fogrles, complimented i'Uc nc-rvo, tlie ^racc and the cqucsl'.i'lemio praeHcabUlty of the Boston Indy. Joan of Arc, Uie peasant girl, by whose daiinp 'like F.njiish arm- Jes were defeated, the nationality of France (maiiuitained, and American liberty made possible, 'thereby becoming the most rwiowuod H'oniflji of the world be-strod her war lioisc Ui male attire. An ordinance wa.<< passed by the Ko- ko.mo city co-iimc-E wlslcli makes it a misdemeanor Tor a jtmk dealer to buy any old iron or such junk, from a boy iindor Hlxt'oon years old. Tins was done to preveult the jnuk dealers from fraitiiiiig boys of iii.no to (If toen years old to steal. KLOCUIION. Prof. C. C. Anshttnnan, giradunte of Marryn College oC Oratory and Elocu- tiwi, Wasluingion, D. C., Las Just arrived at Michael's university, and will start a class in elocution imnicdin-tcty. Best method. Tei-ms low. See him at once. SUFFERERS WITH RHETJMATIS51 We have obtained tlie agency for a remedy for rheumatism wlilch 1 has had remarkable success. Sold on positive guarantee. You run no risk of losing your..money. We invite you to call at our store and let us tell you about it. B. F. KEESLIXG, Druggist Orders have bec-ji given Lliat all foremen of shops on tilie Vaiulalisi lines iu- sl.riu-f, fliunijtclves i'n tlie Pensylvania Ccnnpauy'is s.viStoiu of book-keeping. Thomas McKwver. of the Wabasli, wMI enter the raalvoad hosjii-tal at: Torn today. Mr. McKcover was injured alw-iit iuyear ;igo aud .still suffers considerably. Tlie parlor cat \vliiolt the Vamlalia h;us put on to run between Indianapolis and South Beaid, al'toruating willi a Big Four parlor car, was designed by William H. JIc-Keen, jr. Pat l-'olleu, night operator at (.he AViilxwh st.'rtiotu, who 1ms been coulined to h.i.s liome for several weelcs froju an attack of intlamumuo-ry-rheumatism, re- sinned his dutitos 1'ifst nigh-t. The traffic depart.nioat of the Pennsylvania has issed JjBtiiictloiis to fi-cigiit jigeuts. conductors and yard- masteis that they pay more attention tn the weiigii/ijuf,' of cai* at the regular weighing sta.tio,i)s. Tlie citizens of \Vabash wlio agreed to pay the BJg Four a cehUvin sum oC money It' they would, rebuild their shops, which were burned at \Vabash, Oct. 2:), ISO-t, have can-led out their agreement, paying off the last $3.500 on Saturday. Geo. B. Rolie.rl.s iiresidcnit; of flic Peausyh-aiua ILnes, ami party of o!ll- ckils ncco-mpariyiiig him, arc slopping a couple of days; at Clricago looking over 1:1 ie extcaiisiivo improvements whicli, with other co-miianic-s, tlio Pennsylvauia is to chare in. By tlie change i tlu«tfiA.d-am$ Kxpress Campany is -making.'Mi-. Hook, cashier of the company at Torre Haute, will be -transferred to the New York dry ollice, and Bnd Mai-sliali, express mes- seugin- on the Yaudalia, will enter tli-e auditor's office at Ci'iicinuiini. General Managed." Ra.mscy, of the 'Wubash, Is car,otng out liife ideas of what a nuilroad track should be. All new rails arc o>f tho heaviest pattern aud the track is being ballasted to tho highest standard. 'Several eonstixt'c- ti'ou 'trai'ji.s arc nmufrng from tihe Attica A"ra\'c-l pit and between Spri-n«ficld and Fort 'Wayne largo quautiaios of gravel ballast arc being distributed. The o/Iid;ils of irbo, reimsyivajiia road nro coBsa'doriaig the cincsfeiiQii of sub- stitU'tiiif,' giis for coal for fuel for Its passenger loeoanotives. The engineer's reports n.ro .said to be favorable to such :i change. Besides the economy to bo derived from tho use of gns, it will lighten tlio burden of the tender and Tlic cousifi'l'ulioiu was then signed, and I'.lie I'O'M'OWJ.Iig otliciMH were eilcctc'il: rmskk-iLi 1 — Beiijaiiniii Harrison. Indl- ivnaiwl-is. Vice 1'resiidenf— .Ti.-lm (5. Will.iams, TI-ITO Haute. Seen'ta ry— .Tc-lni. IJ. Wilson, Jmli.'Ui- apolis. Tri'iisiiTi-r— Xublc C. Butler, ludiaji- apolls. Thv executive com mil,! ee wi-H consist of the president, .secretary anul iroasnr- or and Hie .t'olilowiiig members: Walpoli; G. Coil'L'j.iick. Ft. W;iym>; Cliarlos L. Xuw Albany; Samuel O. I'ick- IiMlftuKijwfe; .Toliin K. Thompson, G, V. Menzi-cs, Mfc. V onion and Allen /ii>l.l-,u-«, Ft. Wa.yne were ohoseii as dcl- egibti's to tilie American Bar Association H-irii K. V. Bcamohamp, Tdpton, and Chas. B, Stiiiwr, •I.at'ayett.e, as al-tor- HOW'S THIS! We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for any case of. Catarrh that can not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.' F. J, Cbency & Co., Props., Toledo, O. We, the undersigned. Lave known F. J. Cheney for the last 15 years, aud believe him perfectly honorable in all business transactions and financially ablcf to carry out any obligation made by the firm. WEST & TRUAX, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, 0. .WAkDIXiG, KINNAN & MABVIN, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and icccoua surfaces of the system. Price 75c per bottle. Sold by all druggists Testimonials free. As soon a.s I'iosa's departure was il>- cnvered. several nf die larger boys at Tihe I u i me wore swi.t after her, ti.nd they were gone so lung that tthe nia.tfon be- .^a.n to t.huik t!io \vlio-li' affair wa.s a pnt- up job a.ud that a .'I the ruinates w.-n- rllliiiiitiK away. The boys, however, :-e- ilirni'd home tiboinf -l::'0 o'clnck in l!ie eve.ning. AVord was sour, down town !o the .•in-tlxirities regarding i'!ie girl's escape. and Deputy Cli.-irh-s Lines, in company \viri.h >I, C. Co-ry. cue iff i-iie directors of the hinine, a.nd Mrs. Hall. Uie matron. Starred ini pui'.suiit of her. Kosa. wa.s headed I'm- Itich Valley. She appeared perfectly familiar winh I'.he location of v.he p'.-ici 1 and made the trip tinroiigli. t.lie woods n.nd Holds. \VIwi! tho invircliiiiisr pn-ity arrived at K-k-h Valley they had no trouble l-;i lo- ca-tiing tlie runaway girl, who was at the home uf hur uncle, a man named Selvy. Itosn was luaifh'to t'Oluni to the home, but came back with Mrs. Mail a.m.! is at tlio home -now. 'J"h.i> girl is not p.-u-rii.-ularl.v bad. but her iino-t'lmr died when she was ipiite young tiiiul no RisiniiiM lia.s been placed tilion her. .Tust: what netiwi will he taken by the Board of Diaviflrs in tho mat.fw is not known.—\\'alias;i I'laLii- dealer. Clearance Sale of Ties. Commencing WEDNESD AY. June 2-HIi, and continuing for 10 days, or unlLl closed nut, \v c will sell for CASH, choice of any tie in house, cousistiufi of TEC KS, CLUB HOUSE. FOUR IX HAND, DEJOLNYILLE, BOWS, ot c., for 38 CENTS Cheaper lines of TECKS, TOUR IX HANDS. BOWS, etc., will be sold us low as , .w*^g$^^<j$&fflggj£ 19 CENTS Iu order ;o close out. Call early ami take advantage of ibis great TIE SA.DE \vlille the opportunity Is prcsentcJ, as yon are sure of trotting a ETC BARGAIX, no matter what you buy. STRAW HATS Commencing on same dak-, we will sell any straw hat in stock at cost to close them our. Here is your chance 10 got good values for little money. « \ -j SPECIAL KNEE PANTS SALE Do uot forget the lino of knee pants that wo are closing out for from Oc to lOc per pair. Some excellent things to be had for the pi-ice. All Goods CliargedJHust be at Regular Prices. JOHN D. FERGUSON & CO. 322 MARKET STREET. J. I>. FEUGUSOX. \. P .JENK8 Inventors and Business Men. NABBED A TRAMP. Panhandle Train Crew Down a fliscreant. Runs fr ,-<'#*& "•"•>. "^! *f$;-3f c'ir? v 1 '•'.-' ' '< \^. 'l_ r -~-^-i; .-J-.- ^^m.^^n r"" N C V Q MOTHER'S MEETING. Dr. .T. H. Allen will address the mother's meeting Th,ursd-:iy afternoon at 3 o'clock at the Baptist eiiu'rcli- Come and hear wh.y we should have the kind- and kidustrlal schools become of l.he public school work provided for by the State. All who arc In favor of swell 1 a. la.w and will work to have such a law passed come toge.ther and orgajil/.e. The kindergarten asso cititiou, til ID ministerial association anc jilt wjito love tihe j-^ujig ia par-tieula, amd linniaiivitty iiu general, come aud ox press your views. Kokomo Tribune: .Sa.tiirday evening as train No. To on the I'a.uhandle was pulling out of Uie West: end of the siding uear the Jforgaiu brick yard, it was hoarded by icwo traimps, \\lio were put off rluroe ciimos. After btsuig put ofl "he third titn-e 'one of them Iwnrlod a stoue •striking BrakOTiia.n Allison on Uie ja-w. cuttiaig a severe ga,sli. Tlio Ira in was stopped and the crew gave chsi.se to rive num. eaplwing him near ilie pottery works. lie was brought to the train \vblcli was backed to the depot, whore he was turned over to Marshal Bennett. Be.mie.tt look him before Justice De- Havcu who assessed him ?9.,10 wliJcIi amount he is laying out in jaM. He gave his ua.nie as Harvey Brinkerhoof. make lit possible to carry a larger quantity ot water on di visions 'where there are noit track tanks -1o take water as a train moves. Children Cry Tor • tcher's Castorla, THE MODERN BEAUTY. Thrives on good food and sunshine, witu plenty of exercise In the open air Her form glows with.. health and her face blooms with Its beauty. If her system needs the cleansing action of n laxative remedy, sbe uses the gentle nnd pleasant Syrup of Figs. Made by the California F 1 ' ~yrup Company. HAVE YOU RHEUMATISM? Kalamazoo, Mich,, May 5, '90. I suffered greatly with rheumatism for months. I tried numerous rerne dies, with no benefit. A friend who had been helped by Dr. Jebb's E-heumatl euro persuaded me to try tbat. I obtained two bottles. The effect surprised me. The first bottle nearly cured me, and by the time I had used the second I was completely cured. I am carefu! as to what I endorse, but I most unqualifiedly recommend that remedy. On my evidence several severe cases have tried It, and in every instance, so far as I know, It lias produced a perfect cure. W. F. PARSONS, President Parsons' Business College and Shorbhaiid Institute. Sold on a positive guarantee by B. F. Kcesilng and Bon Fisher. Two whcols, cbeap.—717 Nortlrstreet. COULDN'T MISS BUFFALO BILL. Marion New*: Buffalo Bill Coming to Marion Is the reason Mr. McKinley Is to bo officially iiiforiufid o* Ills nomination ou Time 20. The committee select-, cd to perform this honorable duty was divided on 'the date.' Some wanted .Time 2!) 'and some July 3. Hiram Brownlee-ol' Marlon, liad the deciding vote, a-nd he remembered Uiat he had an engagement witli the -children to pay lits-J'KSpects to Mr. Cody'on'July 3, and so he concluded to pay his'respects to WHAT A SCOHCETEII IS. Kocli-cater Republican: "What is the meaning of tlic word 'scorcher* so commonly used in bicycle parlance?" inquires a. .friend. A scorcher is one who rides wi!.li low li.iadleba.r$ on Ills wheel with h>is spinal column curved up like that of a loin cat on a backyard fence, aud wil.li his nose and knees together, makes believe ho is Hying along at a speed only excelled by said feline when pursued, by a vicious canine. But one wlio rides uprightly ;uid much faster is not a scorcher, Therefore, If you want to l>e a scorcher bow your back and look out through your eyebrows. Designs for l3t!ter heads, bill head s prepared for business purpose*. Drawings of all kinds prepared for newspapers, etc. Chums for letters of patent prosecuted. ( • ' ^' - ' ' '• ' ;• |"' ^ BYRON B. GORDON: Draughtsman & Patent Attorney. Spry Block. Logansport. GOES TO DKLPI-H. Fran.k Hii.Ulebrandt, tiie cigarmakcr has )wul Ms goods .shipped to Delphi where he will In future lie located. Mr H'iildebraudt lias long- been a. sufferei from rhcu-nwtiism and has boon at a great 1 number o.f .resorts for euro of that disease, a.nd he thinks Delphi lias the best sa.miltrt.iium. For She purpose of treating hiiusc-lf, he has made the change. Natural and Artificial Gas Bills due the Firs of each month, ten day's grace. AH bHIs payable at the office of the Company, 317 Pearl Street. Special—Low rates on heaters during the months of May, June, July, August and September. OF INTEREST TO ASSESSMENT ORDERS. A. Knight of Frith-ias who had paid Iris assessments, but uot his regular dues to -the order, died, and the order refused -to pay his'insurance money. The case finally found its way to tlie United Staites Supremo court, a.ud that court-held that his widow was entitled to recover. Persons who have a coughing spell every night, on account oC a tickling sensation in the throat, may overcome t at once by a dose of One Minute lough Cure.—Jno. M. Johnston. Geo. Harrison has the finest line of lammocka In the .city. Pitcher's Castori? Children Ciry for EXPENSIVE MIRROR. Will ThJrty- Brlng the Moon Within Elgbt Stllei of the Kyo. A special train, brought into Paris a lew days ago, wrapped in heavy felt blankets, bound with soft wood hoops, n cough block of crystal, which is to form the mirror of the hug'e telescope at the 1000 exhibition. In its present (state, tho piece of glass weighs 6,000 pounds and has already cost $20,000. It will cost $30,000 more and take 30 months of polishing' by a novel and secret mechanical process before it is finished. Its diameter is iiecrly seven feet; and it is expected to bring 1 tho moon within S3 miles of the eye, but the chief experts of the Paris obscrva~ tory say that its iiivig-es^will not be BO distinct ns theirs are now at 04 miles, which they believe is the utmost practicable limit. Puy of KDEllsh Ulnhopii. English bishops receive ££,5tO to £10,000, and. each is provided with a pulace in which to reside. There are s,aid. to be considerable pcquisitcs at- tacliiDjr to tie office. Even the Prisicc of Merchants seem. 1 to be bothered with our cheap prices on shoes'.—Stevenson & Klinsick. A FRUIT 1XDUSXEX RUINED. Pretly marly everybody who happens ;o visit tlic city in the poach season has bought a basket of delicious-looking, rod-ripe poacJies. Of course the basket is covered with a red mosquito nertio? but wlio would think t.bat tJuu. had anyffliLng to do -with the looks of the fruit Of those who buy peaches in baskets at the frail stands, nine-tenths kick Themselves whon they .i-etnrn, remove the pink mosquioo Mctting and find that tlic fruit which, bcne;lith Hie colored ira.iuc, looked ripe and tempting, -was either in a.a advanced sUto of decay, or so grcoii it would have given a cigar store Juidiaji an attack of the "gripes." That littrle piece of gauze has sold •honsaiuls of bushels of interiov fruit at high prices, but tlie little trick of the vendors which lias worked so well, is a back number, in Cho-cago. The common coiuucil of tho big town i.-is. adopted-a-u ordinance making it a nisilemeaiior 'to offer ripe fru.it packed wider Tlio deceptive netting, and' it is retorted that tlw street trade iu poaches ia.s been ruined. Kauffman.'.t Co., want lave had experience. clerks who

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