The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 23, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 23, 1932
Page 3
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\ FRIDAY. SEPTEMBER 23, 1932 Man Who FlerJ Arkansas Penitentiary Seized by Caruthersvillc Officers. Frank Hnll, who escaped from the Arkansas state penitentiary ,'as[ si>rlij{f while serving a icr.n for killing a man here, \vas cap- tnrrrcl bv officers at Caruliiers- villcfl Mo., (his afternoon, the rlii-rlif's nfticc tec was advised. Hall was sentenced to a term In the stale prison after fatally .stabbing a compaulo nin a brawl in HID Pride subdivision here in J!i27. He csi-anctl bat was captured wlille working In a small set- clement In southern Arkansas ami brounlil to trial litre. Hi" Blydievilfe man was serving ns a trusty at the prison at the ti?ie of his escape last spring. WJUi anotlier tonvict, who escaped at the Kami! linn', Hall visited bor,? but eluded officers wbo sur- loumled u house where lie had hidden and vanished. Osceola — Personal Miss Maxine Brown entertained members of the Osreula Thursday afternoon bridge club to which Elie belongs at her home i n Lux- era yesterday afternoon. Guests besides tfcfi club members were MI'S Electra Buck. Mrs. Lloyd Jmlson and fvfrs. Rutli Carlysle. Mrs. Jmlson was winner of high score prize. • • • The Osceola Order of Eastern Star nt a meeting Tuesday eve- nine paid tribute to the memory of the late Mrs. M. A. p. McCarry of Hot Springs, who was chanter mother of the local Eastern Star organization. The altar was draped in memory of Mrs. McCrary durine the Inlatory work and n record of her work In the order was read by the secretary. Mrs. I,. Howlon One new member was initiated and two distinguished visitors entertained. The visitors were Mr nnd Mrs. Walter Johnson ot Lit- UP Rock, formerly of Wilson. Mr Johnson is a past grand master of th c Wilson Masonic Lodge and Mrs. Johnson was formerly district deputy grand. lecturer to the Eastern Star. • The Osceola chapter has accepted an invitation to conduct irii. tiatory work at a 1 m'eetlng of the Ifennnto Chapter next Monday evening. • • • Mr. nnd Mrs. I,. S.' Mitche! have, returned to Osceola for the winter after n summer vacation at their home in Great Lakes. Mr. and Mrs. Godfrey White have ns their guest Mrs. White', grandmother, Mrs. D. E. Hilen of Everett. Washington, who arrivec in BIytlieville several days ugo for n visit with her daughter, Mrs Aubrey Comvay and Mr. Conwav. She was accompanied to Osceola thir. morninq by Mrs. Conway, who spent the day here. Mr. and Mrs. Oco. Doyle and Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Cromer will siwnd Sunday in Jackson, Ma. with. Mrs. L>o\l?'s parents. Mr. and Mrs. Gco. Wood. Dell and Vicinity Mrs. Boyles has returned from a three weeks visit with relatives in Osceola, Marfred Tree nnd Memphis. Mrs. Noble Gil! and Miss War- rcr.e Brcsralee shopped in BIy- tlieville Thursday. Mis?es Mayme and Naomi Magers ol Joncsborn A. and M. college spent the ivcck-end with thcii parents. Ot'.o Ercidberry transacted business in Memphis Wednesday. Ed Kardin and his mother wen visitors in Dlythevlllc Thursday. Ullen Ray Morgan has beet =dclcil to the regular force at tht I-ell .Mercantile company, and M P. Rrownloc. Jr., nt Brownlce': More. Mr s. Ctto Biadterry and Mrs F1 °yd Carlock vit-re in Blj'the- v "Ie Monday afternoon. Jthnny Erinn left last week It ruler tug], school at Murray. Ky ^Miss Mvide Lou?, student nurse 3'* Seai-cy hospital. Se.ircy, Ark. »|icnt last wcck-enri wllh her par- Hits here. Mrs. Ruwell Grcenway. who iia 1 f rc " seriously ill for several days is no better. Mrs Ea r | PO|ICT a) , d ^ f Erownlee , [Kal Wcdncsda> - „ j.:cmpri )S buying merchandise for I n vvnlte's Noble 0111 attended a principal |«llr, a at Wilson Thursday even- Hainbake Governs Invitation Acceptance SHAMOKTO, Pa~(UP)_rj 0 . 0) ,,, Gauiefl accepted an InvltatoT ic attend church services to hear B sermon on "The City Beautm.r bat their acceptance was conrlitloii- The councilmen said they vmU day, they jald, had been set slio for their annual elambahT Troops on Guard in Illinois Mine War Zone (AUK.) CQUUIEH NEWS Old Home Is Razed Farmers Establish For Modern BuUding Site! "Swapping Posts" Fallowing bombing of a newspaper plant ami n mine union b-ad-nnrtcrs at 'fuylorvllU. Ill Oovvrncr Eiiimerson on'cred troops ,,,,0 that aren to pr».-rve ud.r. Company c. 100,1, Infantry, is a 0 « a ,,,ro i" fumal'.on on the lav.n of the courthouse. The trouble an,* over the.- new reduced wa-c seii'e op- !?r._I.. |)i '_ rl ° f _ lhe c °^'" h ^ sL *hl'* ™ arfeptnblc to ihc union and favor«l by the ntmlmKt. Governor Seeks Musical Instruments for Islanders PHILADELPHIA. (UP)—If there is an old saxophone in your house, or a flute, or even a "piano Oral Isn't being usetl, Governor Paul M. Pearson, of (he Virgin Islands, would be glad to have it. The governor, formerly of Sv.'ar- thmore college, U In Philadelphia to complete plans for the island's Sal hotel. He asked for the old musical instruments for Ihe schools of A; Islands, as they have no funds with which to purchase such things, toe said. ''There is 4 marked musical Inclination nmong the islanders," he saEd, "and we are doing everything within our power to give them real instruments and proper instructions." MEMPHIS. Term. (UP) — The; old home of Jefferson Davis, rnMi-; dent of thc Civil War Confederacy, i Is being razed and a cojiunercitil, revenue-producing buildina is to be erected on the sit. ; The American Legion had bought j the home In the hopes ol making | U a memorial, bat the Ltsiounaires were never able to carry 0:1; the | plan. i Davis lived In tlie Home several i years after thc Civil War. he moved across the slree:. OERVAIS Oie. (UP)-Thc old . mloon building, which has siood I on llv> alley on P Street for 30 i 5 ears, hus been ordered torn down. It's a Hre "hazard. SHAMROCK, Tex. (01')—Farmers' exchanges, or "swappinf posts." have been established In n half dozen Wesi Texas towjis ns n product of Ihe "denresslon." Farm products, milk pails, pb'.vs, spoons, flour-sifters and nth;r articles are brought to the swapping posts by farmers and hoiueho'd- ers. In the trading that follows there Is seldom any money Involved. Riimcrs trade (heir surplus produce far necessities. BOSTON (UP)—No oni- (•!&•» will commit suicide by plungm;; 4DC feel from atop the Custom 'House lower. After n man ended his Hie in 111!.'; fashion some lime ngo, a 10-foot steel'fence wns Installed .nrouiul ;hc observation platform. Crowd Gathers to View Whale, Jlear Lecturer Whales have legs, Captain David Dfliiiott. veteran wli.illni; jW|>i\>r a Inrijo crowd which guther- od at t|, 0 »|!fcliilly innli .'xlilbi- IN-II on- sWotniukcd neiiv (ho J-'ilM-o .station this alifiiuion In hi-, liist Irctuie on (lie nmmmalh W ton whale ix'iiii! shown liert-. f.'aplaln il-.iinctt L'XhlblliMl nil 18 -li \XUK which lie snkl vvn s mk- from am: uf (he \vh:ili-'i, rudl- 'iumy -lees." with which hu (••'•I I'll v:h:i!.-s are cqulpiMil. 'llicy are of lltilc or no u-f but I I'.!.- bclluvril to tnilicali' Hint; whales wi'ic not nlwuys K'II-,;I>|HS iii:;inn!s, but millions nf years nun («)k 10 the wilier on account of f wnrclly of fooil. Ca]ii-.iln Jiar- in-ll uiM. This was OIH- of a scili's of in- li'ii-Mln^ and unu.snal fads ex- ]'l.«iin'(l liy Cajitiiln Hiirnvit, who I-' s[VM,t pr.icllcally nil his lift- In ll'.ii whalini; liHlusdy. The e.xhlbllton cur inriird here sli'irlly lii-lore noon nml was made iraily for Ihe crowd Immcdlatclv. C':,]i(aln niunctt's llrst U-rliiro was !:ivni nl i::io o'cloi-k nml In luldi- ti'ii (o tils inslruclive information u! wit tin; life nml linlilts of th'.' I uhiilR ho onlertalncd Ihc crowd I wilh brief j'nriis nfcoiit (he tlnvs I cl hand-haiiiooning in Email i)>fn lionts "wlv?n whaling was whaling." AlthiniRh Cnptatn linrnctt and (!:e whale are the major ullrac- tlun there arc also ollr.'r tnlev- "UiiK displays Including a IniKC w.i eleplinnt. n nioctcnt Imriwon «U]i, ohl .style hnrixjons and n\i- iiK'inus photographs showing how wluiles are cnptnred. Machine Gun Banditi Get $25,000 From Bank UKDWOOD FALLS, Minn., Sept, 23 lUP)—Five iiiaehlne gun bandits WWMxl.,.Uie..^Sim t ^g 4 ;ik of R«lv,ocil Fulls today'of approximately S23.COO anil kidnaped iwo employes. I'AGE THREE" 114 Iwnd on H,!85 forms. Actual registrations, mostly nmlcs, account for only a small part of the number of pur? bred livestock, owned. On 17,081 oJ Iht 130.000 farms In tho state there are 3,781 regis- tcrcd, pure'brcd tarsia; 81,11* pur*,'.' bred cattle. 32,621 pure bred swtnaV onl 2873 pure bred jhecp. 'V* Read Courier News Want Adi 1 Scrub Bulls and Razor Back Hogs Disappearing LINCOLN, Neb. (Ul'l - Scrub bulls ami raJm-back hogs are dls- nnp?nrlii g from Ncbrnska hnns. liCBlstcrnl, pure bred llvcslock now may be found 0:1 17.681 fauns of the state, or nearly 14 per will.' "f all the farms, ticcurdlnj 10 n survey l;y (he slate unit feilr-rul division of awlcultnrnl stntlsllc.v I'lire Incd rallle load all ly pM , of quality faun unimuls, with 81 - I 2,636,530 Bales Ginned Prior to September 16 WASHINGTON, Sept. 23 (UP>- jTlic cciicus Ijiire.ui repelled todus lh:i( 2.G35.MO rnnniiii; Imlcs nf .miton wc-ie litiinnl from the 11KI2 i c-iop prior In Siuitomlxir IG. ! 'I'hc Arkansas number of bah'; ; was 257.503. Courier News wani Ar)« F»». OU would be astonished loo, if you could sec this machine that turns nut 750 Chesterfields a mimile. ..ami every one as near perfect as cigarettes can he made. THEY'RE MILDER THEY TASTE BETTER But please bear this in mind. Il is what happens before the tobacco goes into this machine thai mailers most. Rolling am) packagiii" are important, but not nearly as important as the selection, bleuJiug ami treatment of the tol>acco. © 19)2, I KT.trr & MVIU TOMCCO CO. Tliai'swhy we keep telling you about the tobaccos used in Chesterfields. They're fine, mild, ami pure tobaccos. \Vc lell you about ageing nml curing thc tobaccos ... about Wcndirg ami cross-blending them ... because they are things lhal count. Chesterfields are mildrr. Tiicy taste belter. Prove il for yourself...Just try a package. Ctialcrfrlil Kndin iVnjrnm — Kvrry night ex> rq>l Snmlay,Ci)lmnliin^lNetwork. You Get More -but You Pay Less FREE DELIVERY PHONE 603 McMULLIN'S CASH GROCERY SPECIALS for SATURDAY and MONDAY TOMATOES Nn. 2 Cans for 22c Corn Flakes 2 PkKS. for ]5c LARD GREEN ONIONS; ^V MAYONNAISE Kr;<ft. Pint Jnrs 19c Bananas Nice Jumbos I'utind „ KtD BALLOON w 'th (ESga FLOUR Optima 2.1-Kb. Sack 79° BEANS 1JlytheviI!e - No - POTATOES 15Ibl ^29 c SAI AH I)KKS S'N(J Dairy ire 0/\L/\1J Mnid. Pints ID TOII ET TISSUE I'urpk Cross 1 U1LE 1 moo Sheet, 3 Rolls Milk Eagle Brand Condenced Canl7!c BUTTER J'lirc Creamery i'ridi; of Arkanp;)s Lb. 22c MALT SYRUP King of Them All ;t-l'ound Ciin 55c Sill I Hising jAC PIG BRAINS 1,1). or Macaroni 1AC Sterling. 3 forIV CATSUP BEEF ROAST ,b. 10 C Salt Meat Best light Bellies Ib.Sc f lire Pork Ib. Mixed pound GROUND BEEF -- FRYf RS A N D OYSTERS FRESH PICNICS Whole Piece Lb.8!c HAMS Sugar Cured Picnics Shanklcss Lb. 12c

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