Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on July 17, 1964 · Page 15
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 15

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Friday, July 17, 1964
Page 15
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YOUR HEALTH Exercises Have Varifed Effects By Dr. Theodore R. Vai Dc)| e n (Copyright 1963: By The Chicago Tribune) Are Isometric or isotlnic exercises better (or middle-aged sedentary individuals than swimming, walking, of calisthenics? This question cbmes up repeatedly, now that physical fitness has become so popular. The answer is no, but there are good supplements. Isometric exercises ere helpful for young and old. They are done by contracting onu muscle against an opposing ur movable object. Stand in a doorway, raise the arms, and jress the hands as hard as possible against the sides of tte frame. Another maneuver is M put the fist of the right hand in the palm of the left and bush the two together for at liast six seconds. This type of exercisk is convenient, requires no sbeclal equipment, and sweatihg is not excessive. There is a limit to the amount of strength that can be achieved. Muscles enlarge and the abdomen grovs smaller. The body and joints do not move. The purpose of isolcnic exercises is to develop strength. They involve movemek in contrast to isometric exercises, and are done by contracting the muscles against increasing resistance. Usually a gadget, such as bar bells or duirbbells, is used. To gain strengti, the resistance must be ncreased; otherwise it remain, stationary. Muscle mass increases, explaining why those vho follow this program faithfully may become an Atlas, provided all the muscles are exercised in like fashion. Moving the] joints makes them more pliable. Isotonic exercises require great effort for a short perlbd but the rewards include greiter endurance, Jess fatigue, and a feeling of well-being. Walking, swimming, and calisthenics do not enarge the muscles or increase strength above normal. They! are enjoyable, preserve suppleness, and improve the circulation. In my opinion, the middle-aged office DRUG NAMES SUBDIVISION LOUISVILLE (AF) - When Dan Spalding competed a new subdivision recently, he named il "Mylanta." worker can take his pick because no exercine system Is superior to all others. A combination is ideal, particularly for strengthening selected groups of muscles and improving physical fitness. Dr. Van Dellen will answer questions on medical topics if a stamped, self-addressed envelope accompanies request. TOMORROW: Lessen Pressures in Stuttering. PAW ON RIGHT SIDE A. G. writes: Is pain in the lower right abdomen always a sign of appendicitis? Reply No. Pain may come from spasm of the bowel, ileitis, di- verticulitis, kidney stone, or (in women) an ovarian disorder. INFECTED KIDNEYS P. N, writes: Could kidney Infection affect the heart and lungs? Reply Indirectly, by increasing the blood pressure. The heart but not the lungs might suffer in the circumstances. SHAKINESS H. M. B. writes: Could a thyroid imbalance cause an overall bodily tremor? Reply This is unlikely. An overactive thyroid leads to tremor that is most noticeable in the tongue and hands. PETIT AND GRAND T. C. writes: Does petit mal turn into grand mal in time? Reply Now and then, victims of the minor type of epilepsy develop convulsions later in life. Combinations of the two also are noted. TV TEST J. M. writes: Next to X-rays, what is the best test for tuberculosis? Reply The sputum test for pulmonary lubercie bacilli. Today's Health Hint- Be sure you hook a fish and not yourself. Address inquiries to: Dr. Theodore R. Van Dellen Tribune Syndicate Tribune Tower Chicago, 111. That's the name medicine. f his ulcer 4-H Winders At LSI! Short Course L BATON ROUGE Calcasieu Parish 4 hers won first pis the 50th a n n u a sted (Spl.)-Four 1 club mem- e honors at LSU short course which concluded here Wednesday. Two Jeff Davis Parish 4-Hers also took honors in their respective competition. They were Judj girl's public spearing, retta Verret, report Cormier, and Loir's contest. Calcasieu Paris i winners were; Judy Primeaux and Anthony Zaunbrecher, N a t i o nal Junior Vegetable Growers, Soil fertility division; [JoAnn Smith, dairy foods; and Donna Barras, girls public speaking. Donna Barras iL a St. Charles Academy student JoAnn Smith, Sulphur High; jnd Judy Primeaux and Anthony Zaunbrecher; Bell City High. Conferences Set At Farm Bureau Meet Two conferences to be held at the 42nd annual meeting of the Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation Convention will be of interest to area farmers, ac cording to Gene Wittier, president of Calcasieu Parish Farm I Bureau. Jake ijaetz Jr. of Hartz Seed Co. of Stuttgart, Ark., will speak on "Modern Day Productivity and Marketing of Soybeans" at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday in (he Jack Tar Capitol House in Balnn Rouge. L. 0. Tiedl of Houston will speak on ''Development of Future World Markets for Rice," at 3:30 p.m. Tiedt is from the Rice Council for Market Development. Election of chairmen for the Farm Bureau's Statewide Advisory Committee and Grains Advisory Committee and the adoption of resolutions for the convention to consider will be on the agenda. H. G. Hardee Jr., chairman of the Rice Advisory Committee will report on the year's activities. Cleo Rougeau, chairman of tile Calcasieu Parish Farm Bureau, announces a discussion of the Louisiana supply system and action on resolutions from the parish farm bureaus will conclude the conference. MP.HARPENN... 1><AVEAFATHER AND TWO OLDER SKOTWBRS. WHO LIVE 1NQAKV1U£.»AND DOVOUKNOWWHEKE .THEYWORKEP? J£O_ JOE PAIOOKA & \lki TH6YWEEE IT SALLY... 1 EMPLOYED BY IT DIDN'T KNOW THSOAKVILLE *N YOU* FATHER METAL COMPANY/) AND BROTHERS NEED i SAY .^•'WORKEDTHERE MOKE 7 JK. -BELIEVE ^^ ME... V 1* BUT I'M SURE 1 CAN RND JOBS . FOR THEM IN QUB 2 MR.HAKPENN/ OF MY OTHER PLANTS; 13 r/i£ A.M.A.- 6(:UT<:gM% THIS |S A L£TTEft Of PEANUTS JEST* T.IT •^STRANGELUMP LIL' ABNER THE Bte BOSS Viwe.V0rA SAIfT T\y . HAP A C0MPLAINT\y0U WERE INSUB- ABOUT YOU FPAVt I OKDJNATS AND V.V.VOTA/bNE Of- THE BIG /VW6AZINE WRITERS. 1 - EUPE WHEN HE EXPPE5SBP HIS OPINION OF THE FAIR! IS THIS TPUE?r1 STEVE CANYON CAN'T HAVE UNIFORMED EMPLOYEES POINQ SUM THINOS) LET. THIS BE A WARNING! ALSO SAID THINS HJ HAS ITD TO <3|VK WANTED TO CO TO YOU A VINDICTIVE V.VOTA EVCRSINCSTHS 1939 WORLD'S E'S LEAVIN' ME F 1 GOOD/ ) ' OH,lAM SORRvT MISSUS-/ ANDY CAPP III the blue ribbon group, the j following Calcasieu Parish rep-' resentatives won honors. Wanda j Breaux, Bell City, bread; Larry Primeaux, Be 1 City, garden; Kathleen Guzziro, St. Charles | Academy, NJVG individual; and Peggy Carlin, SJulphur, rice cookery. Widow !s After Tri Charged gedy At Mournind Rites MESOLONG10N, Greece (AP)— The widow who accidentally sprinkled insecticide instead of sugar on a mourning j dish has beer charged with manslaughter by negligence. So have her son and daughter. Twenty-two of the mourners: died after eating the traditional i boiled wheat germ with raisins j which Mariaf Apostolopoulos prepared for them after a memorial service for her husband last Sunday in the village of Styiia. Anclhrr !28 Kc'/.vM!' ill, and 35 are still in the hu.-pi- Ul. Mrs. A[j'J-''t'fWj | -'l<JS fend iit/' children didn't taste the d'n'n She was still lerving the gueais when they bj-gan dropping in agtay. U. S. Spending Listed Below 1964 Estimate WASHINGTON (AP)-The government spent less during the iiscal year which ended June 30 than the $98.3 billion dollars which WES the Jast official estimate, Budget Director Kermit Gordon informed President Johnson. He didn't teli newsmen how much less. To a question, he said it "might be a good assumption" that the budget deficit also will be smaller than the Jast estimate, which was $8.8 billion. Final figures are being compiled, he said, and may be ready for announcement by the end of the week, Johnson told a news ci.infen.ri!:'. la.-i week he ii '''if !.:i:il fibres to ' ".unit: L''«ifi McHs t>f Kapiuga- nidfd. jji faiid Nuku'iro atolls in (he Eastern Ca; oliiiti are Polynesian.-;. BECAUSE EVERY TIME I LEARN THE NEW SYSTEM ) VOU RE-REARRANGE EVERY- i MOVED VOUR SHIRTS AND SPORT SHIRTS FROM THE BOTTOM DRAWER ( SV^ATERS AND A SOCKS HERE- NoW/WILLVtDLJ REMEMBER WMERB YOUR THIMGS ARE-? REARRANGED v.,,YOUR THINGS PAJAMAS, SWORTS, UNDERSHIRTS ARE IN THE BOTTOM DRAWER L fc^/w U— i — rr k-\: i- • I THINK I'LL GO DOWN TO TH 1 GENERAL STORE AN'BWHIM 1 FEEL SO SORRY PER'MV MAN SNUFFY- (SNIF-SNIF) TH' REVENOOERS BUSTED UP HIS STILL RUE TIMES THIS CHEAPER OFF BUYIN' 'EM BY TH'GROSS LOWEeVl! WHAT ARE YE WHIMPERIN ABOUT? f UN SUMMER AHt>J'll BRENDA STARR ' MAY IT H| /ENTER OUR HANPSOME VEHICLE^ \ [ WHAT WltL W£ Y'/TRmiaF Sl^TYlTj "ffl 1 ^^ J f ^.sas^?^. *& .^^') F,rs l SSol^?;/ 7 S^TO tJ I IT FSOM HAS NO FURTHfR USE FOR rr/ —,, ' ,'^HOAL a? MEI LOO.' ALL K*S SOME wat SO ONE SO0I6RS/ f/ I *'"\ 1O ave ^^ ,*/ I.I' \ THAT 6OLP RIDAY, JULY 17, 19S4, Loke Chorle* American Press IQ • •"" "''•'" ' ' "- * * n ON EDUCATION Average IQ No Bar to Success By LESLtE J. NASON, Ed. D. University of Southern Calif. Dear Dr. Nason: Although my daughter talked very early, she was not pre- oclous in other things. Her first grade teacher felt hat she was not up to average. I thought the t e a c her was udging her by her shyness and Imldlty, so I bought books and iroceeded to teach her at home ifter school. She overcame her shyness to a great extent and started to mjoy school. Although her read- ng wad still below average, she passed the first grade. She became an A and B student In the second wade without help from me. Because of these marks she was placed in an accelerated class in the third grade. Her last report graded were lower — C in reading, in arithmetic, the rest B's. Tests show her to have a low average I. Q. How do you feel about her be ng in an accelerated class? Mrs. M. R,, Levlttown, Pa. Answer: A child with an average T.Q. cnn accomplish wonderful things if she uses her talents well. The help you provided In the 'irst grade- evidently gave your daughter an incentive and the skill to succeed in necessary school. It docs not seem right to kill this incentive by having her in a class geared to students with greater academic ability. Excellent work in regular classes will assure her a successful tour through the educational system. Some of the most successful college graduates I know have I.Q.'s in the average range. Dear Dr. Nason: The school recommends that I hold back my fi-year-old son to repeat the third grade because of his difficulty with reading. 1 am considering forcing the issue, pushing him on to the fo u r t h grade and tutoring him in rending during the summer. Do you think a better plan would be to keep him back in the third grade and still give him tutoring during the summer? Or perhaps he is too timid to read well in a large class. Mrs. M., Hasbrouck Heights, N.J. Answer: A timid child often gets a slow start in reading when placed with such a large group. The boy js one of those who pay the Syria was once the "bread basket" of the Roman Empire. CHECKED IS COMING DAN FLAGG <* a* SUMMER SUN with the guaranteed performance of the FULL'POWBREO riedrich room air conditioner ^ When the Nat of the sibling summer sun burns down . • . j tnjoy complete and constant comfort with « FULL-POWtREO ' Friedrich room air conditioner at work ... to banish heat and ^ i<cess humidity quickly, quietl/, dependably. Read the amglmg Frtcdrich "GUARANHE.O PERFORM ANCE" bond at cur showroom r.o*! -SHOP BY PHONE- W«'ll handle the entire traiuacilon without you ever having io leave your home! NO MONEY DOWN/ 36 MONTHS TO PAY! WE TAKE TRADE-INS! IGERATIOH 830 E. Prien Phone 477-6664 We are your authorized dedlor for Frledrlch. Air Conditioning Sales & Service in Southwe»J Louisiana. d penalty for overcrowding in classrooms, I recommend that you follow the advice of the school authorities and let him repeat the third grade. Me will still be well within the age range for that grade and not feel out of place. Either you or someone else should provide him, however, with an opportunity to practice reading during the summer so that he can start on an equal footing with the new class. This should do much to relievo his tension and make U possible for him to proceed through school happy and successful. Dear Dr. Nason: I have road your column concerning the training of teachers and would like to know wh*t benefits would be achieved by obtaining a masters degree in English. Would you please include financial benefits in your answer? M. P., Syracuse, N. Y. Answer: A background in Engl i s h gained while obtaining a masters degree should make you a more effective teacher. Whether or not you would gain financially depends upon the salary schedule of the school district where you arc employed. In some cases, teachers with masters degrees are placed a step higher on the salary scale. A higher salary every year of your teaching career Is worth working for. The masters degree is often required for teaching on the junior college level. Having 3m -' earned it, you would have a wid* er choice of employment. (Vou can get Prof. Nason's'. helpful booklet by sending $1 to Better Grades for Y o u, Box 2160, GencrnI Post Office, New York, N. Y.)

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