The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 7, 1944 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, April 7, 1944
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPATEll OK NOHTHEAST AUKANSA8 AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL .XL!—NO. 16 Blythsvllla Daily Hew» Blythevllle Herald UlytUevlUe Courier MlatliElppl Valley Leader KLYTHHVlLLL'i, ARKANSAS, 1>'KU>AY, AI>KU, 1. I'M.) SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS OPEN MAJOR ASSAULT ON 1MPHAL TODAY'S WAR ANALVS/S— New Disaster Faces Germans, This Time At Odessa !!>• JAMKS HARl'KK Uniled I'rexs Stuff Writer Russia's aviny is t'ovciiij; its greiilcst trap since Stalingrad. Throe Ukrainian 'Armies now are iibotit to digest thu German divisions they have swallowed in the lilsit'k Sc<t salient. During the past eight months, the Red Army, in 14 major cumpnigns, has regained nearly 200,000 square miles, tin nroa larger than ijre-Jliller Germany. In thai time, it lias sprung many Iraps. Seventy-five thousand Nazi soldiers were wined out at Cherkassy, another large force at Nikopol. Now the Russians are waging two other battles of annihilation, 15 German divisions in the Skala pocket and a lesser number at Tarnopol. But none of these can compare < • —— with (lie trap being sprung on Gel-' man soldiers in (lie salient centered on Odessa. A lone railroad now sup- lilies the Germans. This single- track line is capable of carrying only 30 trains a day in each direction, representing Hie transportation of 15,000 tons. And that's less than half lite amount required for supplying) the divisions in the Black Sea sa- ' lient. The Russians now are little more than 20 miles from lliis line and, coming in from Hie east, about 13 miles from Odessa itself. Nazi Strategy Seen We noiv have two hints as to why General von Mannsteiii, one of Hitler's ace war leaders, allowed his men to linger so long around Odessa and in the Crimea. The Nav.i Trans-Kontincnt Press said a few days ago; "In the German view, the Crimea is to be regarded as a bridge- Stettinius Has Arrived In England LONDON, April 7 (UP)—Unde Secretary of State 'Slctllnlus ha: irrh'ed in London to begin discus ilons of Anglo-American tovciBi iffairs. He probably will confer with Bril- sh officials about political angles 11 tile forthcoming invasion. Some observers think the Stet- Reds Set Back, Rumanians Say head. It lies on the llauk of the whole southern wing of the eastern front." Similarly, the Trans-Ocean Agency said on March ,30: "The Crimea 'as a whole continues to form a Liiftivafifi base and a bridgehead ol Uie first importance.' From tills, it would appear thai the Nazis clung to the slim liopt that some day they could, drive into the Russian flank fronV-ths'.'prlmea jvist as \vc drove intd^the Gemini flank at Anzio. Also, and this is more important, ihsy^saw. Crimea a a shitlti'to protfet" lho~sui*ply Ppr of Odessa nnd the whole Bulgaria! and Rumanian coast from Russia': Black Scft fleet. As iong as Germany held the Cri mcR, it could keep that fleet from Sevastopol, Us main 1 base, and 'from Odessa with Us torn harbor b'aslns and quays built of solid limestone. -- Also, Luftwaffe planes based there ^ could restrict the tlcet's activities. Once free, thai fleet could repeat its 1S41 stunt of shelling the Rumanian port of Constanta, pipeline terminus from the Plocsti oil fields. It also might sprcahcad an amphibious landing behind German lines in Rumania. When the Russians capture Odessa, Soviet warships based tiiere might prevent a Dunkirk of the five German and seven Rumanian divisions now in (lie Crimea. Jici) Fleet Is Small Russia's Black Sen fleet is not a formidable one. At last repotts, it consisted of one 1914 vintage 23,000 ton battleship, a converted carrier, two modem cruisers, several older cruisers, perhaps 20 destroyers and 50 or more submarines. But small as it is, this flotilla could play hob with Germany's attempts to rescue iUs 95,000 man Crimean garrison. The fall of Odessa would imperil Germany's hold on the Crimea in another way. Long ago, the Russians , cut nil land communications to the H Crimea. Since then, the Germans ^havc supplied Crimea garrisoi: by sea from Odessa to Sevastopol When the Russians tafe Odessa, the I mills visit heralds a new meeting of President Roosevelt, prime Minister Churchill and Premier Stalin. They point out that before tlie Teheran conference, there was a preliminary meeting of State DC:- partment chiefs in Moscow. The silver-haired statesman was Another Battle May Be Brewing South Of Rome New Action Reported At Anzio Beachhead; Allied Airmen Busy tt\- Vrcss Another major lest scein.s lo lie shnulng uy in Italy along Ine Ano beachhead. Today's communique reports increasingly fierce patrol and artillery duels, and both the WUert ami (he German armies appear to be bracing fur another beachhead showdown. Fifth Army artillery mid mobile tank destroyers below Rome have knocked off a number ' of enemy field gnus ntid machine gun iicsls. But Na*i loud range cannon still arc shelling the beachhead nnd no reports have eoine in about fillicd' disunities or damages. Allies (ie<lin& So', Along ivitli l)ie stcpped-up nc livily. the OW1 passes along roimdnimiit reports from Nazi-held England Has 'Em, Too smiling this morning as he alighted from his plane, but lie declined to comment on Ills visit. Tile presence in his party of Dr. Isaiah Bowman, president ol Johns Hopkins University, one of America's top geographers, gave rise to northern Italy that the Tilth Army lias been • muring materiel and picked tioojxs into the beachhead for the past month. These enemy atches claim the long-awaHcil big push on Home itself is expected to be stalled simultaneously with the Allied Invasion of west- cm Europe. But there was something else in the Mediterranean air yesterday besides Nu'u rumors. Allied airmen were out in full force, flying sonic 1200 sorties against enemy posi- 20,000 ihipvard engineering WOIK«H i In BtHolt; 25,000 iWp- building and mg upprcntfccs cut in Tynciide, (rich, Huddcrlficld and Middiobrough oreai ENGLAND Moscow Is Silent On Reports; Main Battle For Odessa Opens LONDON, April 7 (U.I'.)—The Runmnmim claim German iiiid Kimmniun troops have pushed buck the JUmiaiw i:\ Kumauiu. Tho report Ivis not, beau confirmed Uy Moscow, but the Ku.ssimifi have made no mention of progress across the Rumanian plains for four (Untight ilii.y.H. The Rumanian hifih command says the Russians were Umnva l>ad< several miles after driving 12 miles into Rumania above Jnssy, mul Unit one Soviet forc» i.i encircled Is Beaten Off, mid now "is being cut down." •' On the UlacK Sen port, the lliis- 1^(1 •> IUJJ &<-"o> nj J 'K-liJ, ii^ r «- * *>«- fc" , I j-n-.c speculation among newsmen. They UUIK> - sugEesl that the conference may include post war Boundary . ques- lions. -Bawman helped President Wilson" on boundary details at the conference alter the "last Germans will to ship in supplies over a longer, more vulnerable route from Bulgarian or Rumanian ports. •;1ic capture of Odessa may not be easy. It is blocked off from the north by a scries of lakes. It took Hitler 30.000 men and two months lo seize Odessa. The Nax.i General von Wannstcin mortgaged his future by lingering so long in southern Russia. The Red army now is about lo foreclose. BlythcYilie Topped Quota Far Red Cross By $1187 Final reports from the American Red Cross War Fund campaign show Blythcvillc with n quota of $21,200, received 'donations totality $22,387.64, it was announced today by T. V. "Doc" Dean, local chairman tor the drive which has just teen completed. Cliickasawlja District as a whole, with a quota of $3G,000, a f igure more than double that of last year, went over the top, having subscribed a total of S35.2W.5S. Other topics that may come up at this meeting Eire: The Polish boundary—the. status ot the Atlaii- 'ic Charter—the Bnuoglio Regime n Italy—stains of tlte exiled Greek, and Jugoslav governments, and portion of Axis satellite governments. Cost Of living Declared Lower Four Economic Chiefs Prepare Report For President Roosevelt WASHINGTON. April 7 ruP) — President Roosevelt has issued a report which shows that the cost of living today is actually lower than it was a year ago. This is just about tho end of the first year of the administration's economic Stabilization Director Fred Viason, Price Administrator Chester Bowles, War Food Administrator Marvin Jones, and War Labor Board Chairman William Davis. Hc said the four economic chiefs reported to him that "the task of stopping tlie rise In prices has thus far been carried out." "As a result, the cost of living, which before the 'hold-the-llne' order wns rising thrcc-fouiths per cent a month, has for a solid year been held without change of sny He added that living lias not been permitted to rise. Indeed, the cost of living as a whole is slightly lower than it was a year ago today. He snid this record—one year of stable living cosls—is unprecedented cither in Ihis war or Ir the last war." Asketl whether Ihe report was a reply to demands for removing the "Little steel" formula limitation 01 wage Increases. Mr. Roosevelt said it was not an answer to anything Targets Kaidci! A relatively small, formation, ol Portresses and into Jugoslavia to' pound -tlie vital enemy rail junction of Za'gicb'"tliai'.i; one of the key paints along the German sending troolxs find supplies American. Flying Liberators crossed \The U. S, isn't Uve imly nation Uv,v\ hns U> wmtcuiA \vitti slriUes in "Industries viUii io tile war eilutl, n:; Iho abtn'e map of -nvilisli Isles iluMs. Despite plt;\s yf vtutav. ulfivvvite ami n jnweynuicnl cvticU- 'down. some ]35.000 men remniNed Knuland's c»id mines and JtMpyaiits In ;v "svovlx w (isW move, Rovwnmenl issued noliecs to report for military draft lo 25,000 apprentices slriltintf ol i shipyards. line to the Important' northern ian front. The Nazis sent up some; 120 fighters to protect Ziiyreb, liut onr bombers got through and shot down at least 16 of the enemy craft in the 'bargain. All in all, 28 Gerinaii planes were downed during the raid on Zagreb I and other (argots in Jugoslavia ' and Italy. Against, tills, 10 Allied planes are missing. In western Europe today, Axis reports say th'at so-culled Allied nuisance raiders again arc over Germany. ^ As yet, there's no official announcement of any daylight stab it the Reich, but 11 may well be hut Allied ptanes are either scout- ng Die results ol recent bombings or plotting out some new ntlacfc. Oust last night, British Mosquito lombers assaulted Hamburg and ndustrinl objectives in both the Ruhr and the Rhincland. Officer Returns Tolocal Field Captain Willoughby Back As PR 7 Q After , Duty In New York After a .seven months absence, 7apt. Geoffrey Willougllby, public etolions officer of the Blylhevllle Army Air Field, lias returned to ils station and resumed his former luties. lie has'been on leiuuQravy iut.v detached service in the Easl ivitli Ihe Second Army J Servlte - - <=-.•• — Command since early In Seplem- ri°Kbtcrily will (jet worse." (hat It. was a statement of fact. Air Plant's 'Wishing Well' SEATTLE IUP)~ned Cross contributions from employees of Boeing Aircraft Co. arc collected in a "wishing well" converted from the lose cowl of a Flying Fortress. Strayed Stowaway livestock ST. LOUIS, April V (UP)— Hog receipts 10,000, nil salable. Top $14,10. 200-270 pounds $13.85-14.05; 140-160 pounds $11.25-52.50; sows 13.15. Cattle receipts 1.000 head, salable 700. Calves 400, nil salable. Slaughter steers 10.25-16.50; slaughter hdtcts 9.75-1G.OO; mixed yearlings nii<5 heifers 12.00-H.OO', stoek- er and feeder steers O.'is-ll.OO. Can- uers and cutters 7.00-8.75. Cows 8.25-11.50, Montgomery Ware Ordered To Obey ] Disputed Decree WASHINGTON, April 7. (UP)— The War Labor Board charges the Montgomery Ward Company with defiance and has ordered the mall order house to comply with a disputed WLB decree. The controversy arose when the MonlEomcvy Ward Company's contract with a CIO union expired last December. At that time the company refused lo recognise the union further on the grounds that 11 no longer represented the workers. The WLB ordered bolh the union and the company to renew the con- trad until the National Labor Relations Board could hold an election among the 7000 workers. The Montgomery Ward Company lias filed two suits for injunctions to prevent the Wt.n from enfovc Ing their order. ._ Draft Expected To Hurt Schools Throughout State HOOK, April 1 (UP)— Arkansas schools are going lo he badly crippled II the drnit tfikcs ttWny,l'|;irtSf;.,';ir^'vi>i!'Klr | '(.V Sf U.Y? 'sUtc's ywnigcr school superintendents. Stute S c h » o 1 Superintendent Ralph Janes says these young men have tic«\ deferred ns essential — ljut lie lias been Informed unol- fictaliy llml they probably will nc drafted tills summer. "The school teacher situation," Jones says, "Is almost too bud to laik about right now, hut it 500 French Stage Battle With Germans 1,ONIJON, April 1 (U.l'.l— French pnli'lot.s'' have fougiil n miiKicd luiHlc with the Germans, A communique from llic French Committee of NiUlonal Liberation -•i llin^ 500 Kronen patriots fought off Uiousnml.s of Clnminu troops for two weck.s in tiio Hill Kiivolo District of .southeastern France, Tlie Palrlol.i Indicted 100 disunities before llioy '.succumbed lo DVCIwhelming fwco, nccorclliig tu the conimmilciuc. The French patriot forces were dm; In on n plateau and were )>y officers an<l non-coms ol tin, old I'lcnch • Army. The cuinmnnlcjiic saltl the Oer nuns brauglil up live. Imtlnllon of Alpine infantry, Iwo bnUnllom ol Nurf SS Elite gimrds, two «ra if henvy nrllllery nnd ottii inoini- arllllcry unit, us well ns niti- clitne gun cai'rlcrs and iinll-lunk nul RnU-nlvcruIL''-Bims lo rcduci llic Freiicli position, rnunrplniKS aided lu'tlte nt- lack, mid two of L tliciu'o Mown by French gunners. ' Four ' lujndi'cil, Oi^tiiiiiiis wci 1 killed niui MO \\voimdcd before 111 plnicnii wns captured, llic com iVLiinlo.ue snid, ftdiliuK t^at "local flghllng" was still in proKrc.w in tile ftrcu oiV' April i i. \ Vets Promised her, as a member of the aviation cadet examining boards of several ctlics am! regions. For the last two months Captain Willoughby \vns a\, BiUlnlo, N. Y., his area Including the K!X counties o! the noiUiwcslem corner of the Slate, of New York, to that he was on duty in New York City, nnd in New Jersey, with headquarters first nt, carmien and then at Newark. Captain VJllloUEhby was reliever) of his special Assignment due lo the suspension ol the procurement, program for cntidlclntes for air crew training, because of the large reserve that lias been .established, particularly o! high school slmtan.s who, enlisting at age 17, arc called lo active duty nnd air crew training after they become 18. It was "a homecoming" lor Cn.o- LninWilloughby. who as the twelfth officer to report lor duty at Blytheville, h«s been here, as public chief, .since the early beginnings of Ihc grarllnu nnd prepntion of the air field site. Jones soys Hie only tiling for the schools to cio la to copy the nlr- ilanc plants nnd train women to do llic Jot), if women cnn be found lo work fur Hie wages offered. .mis i (odny. their Ijnlllc for CXlcs- Tlie Rc<l Army Is rnnortcd di'lv- ig Unoiii{h :i)Rcs at. urly Illiorallon of the great Dlnck Die IIIN! Oerimui dc- pni'c wiiicli promL'il's ieii port. Soviet tiuita nnd Infantry arc onvcvglHg on llic city Irom Hire* But Enemy Pressure Described As Great Along Indian Border By VnUed Tlio Arst, big battfe ol the Jap'aii- cse Invasion-. Into India has been Joined. . . ' , ' , (V New Delhi ccmimiriliiue discloses that, the JapV'n&w, are closing In on linphnl. Advance enemy ''columns already have engaged the British defenders of the city, which Is tlio captlcil of MtiHl'iiur province. , TIM <ximmv)i;tn.v;c sivys Uie tnittal Japanese thrusts have been repulsed, Bill there's Uttlc doubt that, this is lliu beginning of R rimjor enemy cftort to Ukc Uw'clty, th'clr flrstini- portnnt objective iHstde' India. Control -fir t ()f Altliougli the communique not say from wtiiil ' -. dlrectlou the irwllons whllo misslnn planes nri j,,,,.. ,,' lc ft ,,,, ro&eMnK lm ,, lHV , , t «itgl«8 the lllnck sw upprouchcs ..ppcnrs lhat they are movlJigsouth n nn cfrortlo fores nil any utin- „,„„, ,| own Uic |, Ighw4y , r j m K!0 . i' cttttloH of Iho Ocrnmns. , llllm , hc Jn , M a , r « ad f u ', vsl BuiTlson at Odessa wns co| ,i ol t , 5 „ flo ' gmclvt % t Ulh lv ,^ on } h , T nl somo '-on'l. A ''J. I" fool 'h*yv« pushed !:. "S "! ?!± 1 ^" <n :;,"ie "cros. it to .he west In" tho'dltec Tho Nn/,1 'iitluuilcil 3l.r l a^ir' l m,S'i" St t,cm° do'vTr 11011 of Ul « ' rnllr0fl(l froin Ass <"" ™ hi. r i, « «, ,,i 17 n^|l )rovlui - c to Ijcn 8 !l1 60 miles j away. S^n^roToJ^t!! W '<" <"< ricd ^ «*«.. for J German sti|i]iorl base !s 2ouflti\nla, ituniiinlii, sonie 200 o Hie south, To (He navlhwe.Hl— nl the jinckcl In I'oliimf— Clio Russlmi luil- Jc of iiiinllilliition against Implied German forces apparently is cn- tcrltiR <v Hunt singe, The Nazis nvc reiiorlcd uttcinptlnx to oviiciialc bleb raiikiiin iitdcec'K by transport plnnm, Ucd Air Force fiiihlcr.s sliot down ID Ci«ri«an \ilautv; in dog- lils yesturday. The loll of Gcr- inniis kll|«( inside tlic ixx:kcl is c'.sliumlcd til iHWt; limn 12,000. Other Russian forces repulsed Nn/.I efforts lo rescue llie encircled 'gnrrbuin ill Tiirnopol In old. f'o- liuid, wliet'e a fierce street liatllc is In progress. . Tlio Finnish radio snys 30 "enemy" . illvo bombers escorted liy flfililcrs, utliic'Kcd Kolka n port on the Qiilf »t Plnlimil, but no details Were tfivcn. plinl nhnpliig tip inpldly, the Bill Isli defender^ received reinforcements and none too soon U disclosed onlj laic yesterday the cinek Hill Indian rctltnea. oiif-hl Ils way, nut of .Tapanoii ^liclcmciil to reacli Implial an iter UIG defenses, Called. Defensive MovcE Tlie Chinese believe tint tbtf ,, v - l nneso drive Into India Is. a dqftwfe " move, nui an offensive one " —*** WaiiK Chen mill, vice comrr the- Kunming t,ariKnn forces) de' res the encmj could be forced to •abandon his venture If tho B(itls|j; should diive to his rear In the Chin J Negro Child Bums To Death Near Armorel Fire claimed Uic life of a two- year-oW NCRTO girl who wns Implied in Ibe flnmes whk'li deslroycd Ivev home oil Uic Lee Wilson farm, oiic-luilf mile north of Armorel, nl G o'clock yesterday nllcrnoon, 'J'iic cliiW, 1/atlie Woodiii, diiugli- Wr o5 Cns.ler mul Jlelen Woodin, was burled last night at Armorel. OUier members ot the family escaped injury In tho fire. Cobb Funcnil Home svus in charge of nrrangcmcnls. Portugucsc-'born Albert TPor- vcslfo, 16, thought lie was going to San Diego, Calif., when he stowed away on a U. S.. Navy vessel at Boslon, Mass.,, his .hometown. He discovered Jiis mistake far at sea, en route to (hc Mediterranean. Sympathetic ; Yanks took him • xinder their ' wing when lie was put ashore > at Naples ant! Vie doesn't seem downhearted as hc- prepares to .flip Into .'Nn.yyj.d>ow. Asks President To Allow Hero Brief Furlough PITrSnURGH, April 7 (UP) — The molhcr of Sergt. Charles E. Kcltey wrote a leltcr to President Roosevelt today asking (hat he be allowed to "come home on tur- longh for a few days" from Italy. Mrs. Irene Kelly is deaf, nearly blind and lonely for her son, who is holder of the Medal of Honor, and o)ie of the oiK.slandlug American heroes ol the Kalian campaign. Mrs. Kclty dictated Ihc Idler lo her son, Howard. 16. in the kitchen of Iholr home. "Dear Mr. President," Howard began. "I am writing lliis letter for my mother who is deaf and whose sight Is falling. Doctors told Mom that she may never hear again and It is only a mailer of time before her eyes tail her completely. You will make a lonely mother'." licart light.and happy by letting her see Charles soon." Mrs. KeYiy several flays ago re oetvcd letters from William D. Has sett, secretary to the President, an ( Secretary of War Stimson com mewling her lor giving seven o her sons to the country's service Six of U\« Kelly boys art li\ Army, a seventh In the Mcreliati Mirlne, Sergeant Kelly was personall decorated In Italy by General Mart: W. Clark with th Medal of llonw for his exploit against the Germans, Including otic-wan' assault during «hich h ):llled 40 Nazis. Arkansas Briefs UTTI.K KOCK, April 7 I UP) —Stale Health Officer Dr. T. T. K«ss, says VhAt thcvc arc live c.ises of meningitis in Afkan- SAS. lie says thrrr. have been 51 cases of llic illscasr in thn state, so (av tins jtat compared lo 10 last year. Hut lie aililcd (hat lliis should tint cause alarm for it is nni all confined to ftixc 'Area. Privileges in Civilian Life WASHINGTON, April 1 (U.I'.) — The War Department told honorably discharged soldiers todny llml "numerous privileges" await them in civilian life. In a •10-pngc booklet designed to help persons separated . from tho army find economic security, the Department Biiir.marizcd Intqr- uiniion on gelling jobs, converting National Service Life insurance lo standard policies, obtaining veterans' licncfiU, ana securing dts- blllty cnrc. The booklet Is tilled "Going Stick •o Civilian Life." U Li being dls- rlbutcd lo Army personnel being ^scluirgcd. Tlie booklet advises Iho ox-saldlcr o apply for recmployincnt within 0 days after discharge If he wauls ts old Job bock. Vclcrnns arb cn- Ulcd to special consideration find ircfcrcncc In seeking civil service obs, the booklet says, anfl mosl slalcs liave passed lows guarflntec- n veterans' i"clnstateincnl In their old Jobs where possible. XOKTCC I.tTTI.K ROCK, April 7 IIJI 1 )—Office a! I'rlcc AduiuiKlriillou Upatinf: Com- niissinncr llnrry L. EInll of Dallas has Rranlcd six suspension crdcrs' and Maycil five olluvs ponilinK compliance lo rules in ciclil <ascs in whirli llir, OM accused business firms of vin- laffnf; radon orders. Five of (lie eight cases iti- volvcii service stations anil lire companies. The others were Iwn rcslniir- siils and n wholesale grocery. Woman Injured; Accuse Husband T. J. Moss Arrested After Wife Is Pound Injured On Highway hills scowr, to. tho .south; F cnsh J. Moss, 20, waS free todny bond after he wft.s nrrcstcd ciuly thbi morning clmrged with nggrnvatcd assault in connection with an attack on his wife in which she suffered a severe vralmtl on Uie back ol Ihe heart nnd n fractured nose. City Policeman Clifford Wnlkliw said that he found Mrs. Moss lying on the side of Bnst Highway 18, between her home ami town, about 2:30 o'clock this morning. He look the imconclovts woman to Blythcvillc Hospital where she wns dl.iml.sscd nUer emergency treatment. Deputy Sheriff Jess Homer snid General Wnngsnys tlio enemy 'in viislmi Is nn attempt to counter the British^ AintiJc.iii find Chinese threat lp Jap iCMiimunleatlons in norllioin l3urinn London radio rc- jiorb this mo! nine that the BritlSli I4l)i Ariny— moving rfotaward toward MJ'itkylim, is widening its grip on main-roads and 'railways far bo- hlnd the enemy lines f-AVs Battle' Haiders fn China,.an American Air Force communique says 32 Jap plmics tried lo raid ail Allied 'airdrome nt Nfliin- Ing Wednesday. But American.P-40 fighters 'went up nnd destroyed or damaged nearly half the attacking force. • .', ;' | Tho Intosl.action In the air war over tlio South Piiclllc islands'Is another Allied heavy bomber assault on Wednesday on tho Jap supply base nl HojliindJn In Dutch New ' julnc'a. Our planes dumped. 320 16ns if bombs, silencing all opposition, nd wiping oul the last .vestige of lie enemy's nfr power at the three ncmy airdromesi there. Aflpr the ximblng, the 'planes, swept iii low nnd'raked '.'the .whole area with a (lunrier-mllllon rounds of ammunl- lon, ' " \vlien hc and Mr. \Vntklns lo Burdcttc Child Dies Ronald TIdwell Gray. Infant son of Mr. aud Mrs. Davkl Gray, died nt 11:30 o'clock yesterday morning at the family Uomt near Butdeltc two hours after birth. In addition lo Ms John JWardesty Fatally Shot At Biggs Field CAUUTHSRSVII.LK, Mo., April T —Military rites were held at tlie First Baptist? Church Tuesday tor Scrgl. John Olen HarriMty, 10, wlio was killed March 23 at «lggs Field, K\ Paso, Tc.f, when slruck by llic bullet of a .50 caliber machine Rim on a plane which discharged as hc was cleaning It. Tho youth was killed instantly. The son of Mr. nnd Mrs. J. W. Hnrdcsty, lie attended Caruthcrs- vitle schools, iiml entered the service while in his senior year of high school. He had been in the service almost two years and was In the last phase of hts training as lail gunner prior to going overseas. In addition lo his parents, ,hc leaves two sisters. Mrs. T, W. bam- rnn nnd Miss Dorothy Hardesty, both of Memphis, two brothers, Jieruard Hardesty of Memphis and Alfred Hardesty of Carulhersvillc; his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Gus Hnrdcsty of Armorel, and an aunt, Mrs. Byion Nail of Blythevllle. ttic Moss home to investigate, Ihcy found Moss and n companion, SHI Punkcy, In bed. Both mc:\ were arrested. A hearing for Moss In Municipal Court was set for tomorrow morn Arkansas Gains $8,000 Fro mRaces At Oaklawn LITTLE ROCK. April 7. (OPi- Tho stntc Is J8000 richer us the re suit of sales tax collections during th6 30-day O.iklnwn Jockey Clnl; racing meet nl Hot Springs. Assistant Uevenuo Conimlsslonc Wltll Morgan says the sales Ux collections were in odrilllon to rcc°tuts from the parl-niulLic) system, wliicl lotnlcd almost 5599,009. Claiming rnccs produced the higlv Ml sslcs tax revenue. The state re- delved $5000 from tills source. Convicts Are Paroled li. A, Jackson of Osccola, who has served two.years of a five-year term ri tiio state penitentiary for..the fatal stabbing Feb. 28. 1942, of Shelby Nnsh, was among Ihe ,51 prisoners paroled, by the Stfltc Parole Board, It was announced yesterday. Jackson was found guilty of second degree niurder for the knife nttnck on Nash and was sentenced March 16, 19K in Mississippi County Circuit Court. Another Mississippi County convict paroled was Clara May Jackson, Negro woman who was sentenced March 16, 1042 to five years in the nenttcntlniy on an assault with Intent to kill charge.. She was found guilty o( firing tv shotg\>p nt Jerry Evans, a Negro man, on Feb. 29, 1942. parents hc leaves a sister, Carol Gray, age 18 months. Services were held nt Snndy Ridge Cemetery at 4 o'clock yesterday nf- tcrnoon with the Rev. O. W. Pnd- gett, pastor of the Church of Christ of, BurdctU;, officiating. Cobb Funeral Home wtvs In chnvgc of arrangements. Cravens Seefcs House Seat LITTLE ROCK, April 7 <O.P.) — Congressman Fodjo CraveiV) of Fort Smith will seek rc-clecMon to tlie Fourth District House, scat. Cravens filed his Corrupt Practices Pledge with oci'ctflty of Mrs. Short Re-elected Missionary Union Head LITTLE ROCK, April T (UP>— President Nfrs. J. E. Short ot-Gould o( the Arkansas Baptist Women's Missionary Union \.vns re-elected at the closing session ot Ihe 56th annual, meeting of llic Baptist union would be held at the Immamiel Baptist Churcb in Little Rock. More Cons Needed ATLANTA, April 7 (UP)— Housewives of Ihe Southeast are badly falling down on the Job of salvaging tin cans. War Production Board salvage manager L. E. Wallers says that Ihc housewives of Hie southeastern states are saving only one-third oMIie cans tlmt should come from this region for ivar needs. At least SO per cent of the cans go to Incinerators, despite the critical need Negro Dies For Crime . In Georgia Prison Today ? RBIDSVJLLE, Oa., April 7 (OP)— Herbert Rozler. a Negro who was convicted of murder in .Laurcns county,'has been executed at Tatt-. null State Prison. Warden A. C. AdcrhoW fays, Rozier entered the death chaiilbcr about 11:30 a. m., and was pronounced dead at 11:45. Rozicr was convicted of slaying W. O. Dunn last April. He requested ft new trial recently but tills was denied by tho State Supreme CoUrt. .. Weather „_, ARKANSAS ,T- ihis Stnle C. O. Hdll this morning. for thfs iiiatcrtel. Mostly cloudy tonight and Sat- lurday. Scattered ! thunder showers Ithis a/iernoon ja.nd In east and ^south portions .tonight and sat- iturday. Cooler to-'night. Fresh to THREATENING 'occaslonali y • • strong winds.

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