Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on September 21, 1976 · Page 4
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 4

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 21, 1976
Page 4
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Editorial Page 4 Garden City Telegram Tuesday, Sept. 21,1976 Death With Dignity The California Legislature has passed the nation's first right-to-die law. On a limited basis, it permits a patient who is in an imminently "terminal condition" to end his own life by asking that artificial support'systems be taken away. Against the will of many patients, this country has been keeping terminally ill persons alive well beyond meaningful life. This probably is reflected in a new record for life expectancy, which has just been released. Americans can expect an average of 72 years of life at birth now, compared to under 60 years in 1930. But it is the quality of some of that life that concerned Barry Keene, the California legislator who introduced the right-to-die measure. Several years ago, a cartoon showed a brain inside a tank with all sorts of tubes and other medical apparatus attached. The brain was saying to a visitor, "The doctors tell me I may be up and around in no time." It was a grim, but probably unfair, reminder that the medical profession may have carried artificial life support systems well beyond all expectations. Hope springs eternal, and also costly and dearly to patients and their relatives. If there is no hope for survival as a human being, playing out the long string can be considered a waste of precious — and limited — resources. With all its safeguards, the right-to-die bill is a cautious, careful step toward death with dignity when all hope is gone. Californians should be praised for taking that step. The Distaff Side Withd.h. PICK A slogan. Have it tattooed on your chest, stencil it on your T-shirt, embroider it on an apron, letter it on a banner, stick it on your bumper, scrawl it on a wall. * * * HOW ABOUT — BLESS THIS MS. * * * YOU HAVE a cause? SUPPORT COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS . SUPPORT HARD CORE ESCAPISTS • - ••••-• * * * WANT TO put out advice? ALWAYS BE TOLERANT OF PEOPLE WHO DON'T AGREE WITH YOU. THEY HAVE A PERFECT RIGHT TO THEIR RIDICULOUS OPINIONS. FOR EVERY PROBLEM THERE IS A SOLUTION, EVEN IF ITS ONLY LEARNING TO LIVE WITH IT. BE LIKE A DUCK. CALM ON THE SURFACE AND PADDLING LIKE MAD UNDERNEATH. * * * FOR PARENTS only. THERE ARE ONLY TWO LASTING BEQUESTS WE CAN GIVE OUR CHILDREN — ONE IS ROOTS; THE OTHER, WINGS. OH! TO BE ONLY ONE-HALF AS WONDERFUL AS MY CHILD THOUGHT I WAS AND ONLY ONE-HALF AS STUPID AS MY TEENAGER THINKS I AM. v * * * PLATITUDES on life. LIFE IS LIKE A PIANO. WHAT YOU GET OUT OF IT DEPENDS ON HOW YOU PLAY IT. LIFE IS LIKE AN ONION: YOU PEEL OFF ONE LAYER AT A TIME, AND SOMETIMES YOU WEEP. THE REAL TEST IN GOLF AND IN LIFE IS NOT IN KEEPING OUT OF THE ROUGH, BUT IN GETTING OUT AFTER WE ARE IN. * * * BEATITUDES. BLESSED ARE THEY WHO ARE TOO BUSY TO WORRY IN THE DAYTIME AND TOO TIRED TO WORRY AT NIGHT. BLESSED ARE THE SLOW AND EASY. THEY SHALL BE KNOWN AS THE SAFE AND SOUND. * * * FOR SENIOR Citizens. WE OLD FOLKS KNOW MORE ABOUT BEING YOUNG THAN YOUNG FOLKS KNOW ABOUT BEING OLD. * * * A PRAYER of sorts. LORD, HELP ME TO KNOW WHAT'S COOKING BEFORE IT BOILS OVER. * * * A COUPLE of smarties. THE WORLD IS LIKE A FRUITCAKE. IT WOULD NOT BE COMPLETE WITHOUT A FEW NUTS. IF GOD HAD WANTED US TO SEE THE SUNRISE, HE'D HAVE SCHEDULED IT LATER IN THE DAY. * * * ONE WE'RE planning to cross-stitch and frame. I FINALLY GOT IT ALL TOGETHER BUT I FORGOT WHERE I PUT IT. While my sland on the issues is well known my opponent continues to flip-flop!" Crossword By Eugene Sheffer ACROSS I Space module 4 WWII agcy. 7 Facade II Ancient country 13 English rural festival 14 Moslem priest 15 Opera heroine 16 Sailor 17 Ending for mic or dis 18 Rosary units 20 Tilts 22 Goddess (L.) 24 Ineffectual 28 Having least vitality 32 Defense aid J3 Assistant 34 Strike 36 — bene 37 Theater feature 39 Roman and sulphur 41 Great ' aversion 43 Wire measure 44 Eskers 46 Peers SO Ballet dancer's skirt 53 Young seal 55 Antitoxins 56 Kind of jacket 57 Island, in France 58 Put to the proof 59 Minister to 60 Dad's retreat 61 Beginning for way or ward Avg. solution DOWN 1 Ewe's offspring 2 Lakeport city 3 Member of the family 4 Beginning for meal or cake 5 Lath 6 Fine line of a letter 7 Altogether 8 I love (L.) 9 Public vehicle 10 Uncle (dial.) 12 Center position, time: 24 mil. Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 19 Beginning for the or king 21 Contented sound (var.) 23 Tree 25 Baal, for one 26 Tardy 27 Epochs 28 Obi 29 Yugoslav VIP 30 Jewish month 31 Spasmodic twitch 35 Headgear 38 Dawn goddess 40 Dress coin edges 42 Swift 45 Govern 47 Fervor 48 Scottish Gaelic 49 Japanese beverage 50 Asian festival 51 Indian 52 Ending for cot or car 54 Female swan Jim Bishop: Reporter Vive la Difference Notes of a misogynist . . . Let it be said at once that I am in favor of the Equal Rights Amendment. I want the ladies to get all that is coming to them. After all, I am the father of four girls, the son of a woman, the husband of another, the brother of a seventh. This guarantees a guy all the wound stripes he can use. I am very timid—even with compliments. I have never been quite sure which is the other sex. Nor will I ask. Sex is a bad word in this house. My wife spells it when the dog is in the room. And yet sexual inferiority — whatever that means — gripes many women . in the feminist movement. They are tired, they say, of being "treated as sexual objects." You could have fooled me. I thought that was the goal. Unless men have sexual objects, I could be stuck with four old maids. Females are meant to be pretty and soft and gentle and, most of all, va-va-va-voom. If a girl has no va, women feel sorry for her and call her "poor Mary." God gave her certain lumps, bumps, curves and a sinuous walk which cause males to fracture the third and fourth vertebrae merely looking. Until recently, when girls and boys began to grow long taffy hair and wear dirty flat- chested blouses and jeans, I could spot a male from a female at 50 paces. There are basic differences between the two, and I don't know how Congress is going to equalize two sexes into neuter. Millions of women demand it, and that's genocide, baby. Pure genocide. When it comes, we will need no abortion law because there will be no conception. My old man said that conception was more fun than laughing, but my mother aimed a squinty .eye at him,and, he .shut up. How can it be that girls denounce the sexual aggression of the male, and yet more of them are sleeping with more college boys in more dormitories than ever before? If no sex why no bra? How many women would board a jet if the pilot was Raquel Welch? Are ladies the great chefs of the world? And who are the expensive Jack Anderson couturiers who design their gowns? Women? Well, almost. And what about deceit? Without that, young women are going to have to flaunt their acne. Everyone knows that training bras are a fake. This also goes for the padded kind, which, at unveiling time, has been known to destroy male ambition. Who needs a lipstick? Kick the habit. The women mock their faces with a red or orange container before going to dinner and after coffee. In public. Why a touch of rouge on pale cheeks? It is not required in a sexless world. Nor is it necessary to cover up what the women laughingly refer to as laugh wrinkles..They didn't get those crows ' feet from laughing. And that's another matter. To become equal they are going to have to learn to stop crying (1) when he sends flowers, (2) when he doesn't. I seldom know in advance what face my ladies are wearing. They emerge from the bathroom 20 minutes late with new eyebrows, or the old ones in a puckered position. In a world of equality, men should wear panty hose. Also blue eye liner. High heels do something for the legs. It's them or us, or both. Caterpillar eyelashes should be outlawed for both sides. Except Senator Sam Ervin. He was born with his. In a sexless world, a girl will never have to say no; wives can stop having headaches in bed; and no married couple will have to worry why the children's hearing improves so late at night. Lovers can listen to the whole Johnny Carson show. Elizabeth Taylor will have pimples. Long fingernails will be as dead as the bustle and corset. Fainting spells will be against the law. •Hajir, will; be used only on bearded .faces. The per- manfent, a deadly enemy to straight hair, will be out of fashion and noisy dryers will be in a garbage can. And what have we got left, fellas? Nothing. Nothing at all. You can practice making passes at your dim-witted brother. And yet, as a reasonable human being, I must concede that equality in sex is long overdue. We long suffering men deserve it ... Drug Crackdown Aborted WASHINGTON-Publicly, President Ford has called for a crackdown on the kingpins of the narcotics trade. But behind the scenes, he and Internal Revenue Commissioner Donald Alexander aborted a tough drug enforcement program. Ford's failure to back the program comes at the very time when the heroin flow from Mexico, Europe and the Far East is at a peak and the nation appears headed for a new addiction crisis. Top narcotics dealers rarely handle the drugs. Instead, they rake in lucrative profits from street sales and hide their illegal spoils in foreign banks. Clearly, IRS is an essential agency in making strong cases against the money men. Thus, last April, the President ordered Treasury Secretary William Simon and Alexander to plan an IRS drug crackdown. The "merchants of death, who profit from the misery and suffering of others, deserve the full measure of national revulsion," Ford said in a major speech. Treasury officials thought Ford meant business. They asked the White House for $20.6 million for intelligence operations, much of it to be used in the fight against narcotics. Ford's own budget office turned down the request. Meanwhile, Simon established a Treasury Anti- Drug Enforcement Committee, The panel, headed by Treasury Under Secretary Jerry Thomas, was supposed to develop a plan to combat the drug peddlers. Other members included David Macdonald, Assistant Treasury Secretary for enforcement activities; Vernon Acree, commissioner of the U.S. Customs Service; and Alexander. Thomas, according to a confidential memorandum, submitted a dynamic 14-point plan developed by Macdonald that called for a strong IRS role in fighting drug traffickers. Under the proposal, which the committee supported, the IRS would annually investigate at least 600 of the biggest drug dealers in the country. The Macdonald plan never saw the light of day. Alexander refused to set up an anti-drug program within the IRS and dispatched a weaker proposal to Simon's office. His memorandum called for a simple exchange of information between the IRS and Drug Enforcement Administration. The document falsely indicated that the Alexander plan had Thomas' approval. Indeed, Thomas was not even invited to a secret meeting between Alexander and top Treasury aides where the final agreement between IRS and DEA was drawn up. Shortly afterward, Thomas wrote another confidential memo imploring his committee members to accept at least a portion of the stronger Macdonald plan. "Without these components," the document states, "it is unlikely that a new program will be. . .successful. . .As a matter of fact, it does not appear that the IRS agreement (with DEA) provides for a separate, identifible program as con- templated by the President." Thomas' attempt to save the Macdonald proposal failed, and the woefully inadequate agreement between the IRS and DEA was adopted. To silence internal opposition to the weak program, the White House quietly moved Madonald from Treasury to a Navy Department job that has nothing to do with drug enforcement. Rep. Charles Vanik, C.- Ohio, will expose the lackluster efforts of the IRS and the White House to fight drug abuse in testimony before the new Select Committee on Narcotics and Drug Abuse. Footnote: White House spokesmen have consistently said that the Administration is doing all it can to fight narcotics traffic. UNLOVED DIPLOMAT: Secretary of State Henry Kissinger summarily dismissed James Akins from his job as ambassador to Saudi Arabia last year without telling the diplomat the reason why. However, the story is told in secret memos and letters Akins sent to friends in the United States. Akins first learned he had been fired when he read it in the newspapers of Aug. 19, 1975. "I checked with the (State) Department early that morning," he wrote to Sen. Charles Percy, R.-I11., "and found no one—not even Assistant Secretary (Alfred) Atherton or Under Secretary (Charles) Robinson—who knew anything. By late that afternoon Atherton confirmed that the story was true." Akins had been sending back reports that the Saudis 41 50 59 51 52 2i 38 42 53 60 39 45 40 46 16" 55 61 26 48 49 CRYPTOQUIP PLANTS CHIMB IMBTYH NMEK; NEYMHP KYPPS PULCMLUAB Yesterday's Cryptoquip — FIFTH CURIOUS CLUE CONFOUNDED OUR SLEUTH. (© 1976 Kine. Features Syndicate, Inc.) j ^ •••••••' . . Today.'s.Cryptoquipclue: Sequals Y The Cryptoquip is a simple substitution cipher in which each letter used stands for another. If you think that X equals 0, it will equal 0 throughout the puzzle. Single letters, short words, and words using an apostrophe can give you clues to locating vowels. Solution is accomplished by trial and error. were dissatisfied with the way the U.S. had been bolstering the shah of Iran. Kissinger, Akins knew, strongly supported the Shah. The ambassador thus felt it was his anti-Iranian reporting that had upset Kissinger. "I've pressed for reasons" Akins wrote to Percy, "and have been told only that Kissinger dislikes me and that certain aspects of my reporting have 'annoyed' him. There has been no suggestion that anything I have written is wrong or that any analysis is faulty—just that my reporting doesn't fit in with what the Secreatary wants to hear." At the time, Kissinger and his diplomatic entourage were flitting through the Middle East in an effort to work out the Sinai accord between Egypt and Isreal. "The Kissinger party (but not the Great Man himself) confirmed that I will be leaving soon," Akins wrote to Treasury Secretary William Simon. Finally Akins spoke with Kissinger himself. "I hadn't really believed I was leaving until the meeting with Kissinger yesterday," he wrote in a secret letter to Simon. "But it has now obviously been irrevocably decided." (iAIIIIKX CITY TKI.K(iHAM Published dally except Sundays and New Year's day, Memorial day, Independence day, Thanksgiving day, Labor day and Christmas. Yearly by The Telegram Publishing Company 275-7105 310 North 7th Street Garden City, Kansas 67846 Fall fr Winter Storm Door Sale Order Your Door Now! Before winter sets in and you are left out in the cold. See The New Safety Featured PANA-VISION STORM DOORS Windshield Work Is Not A Sideline. CALL US TODAY! BAIER AUTO GLASS CENTER PHONE 276-9342 8th & Fulton Garden City Fred Brook* John Frultr Le Roy Adman Mnaiger Edltot Managing Editor Ad and Business WEDNESDAY NiGKT SPECIAL BAR-B-QUE RIBS INCLUDES POTATO SALAD & TOAST SERVING FROM 5 TO 10 P.M. I OF , NORTH HIGHWAY 83 GARDEN CITY TEHMS OF SUBSCRIPTION By carrier a month In Garden City KA3 plus applicable sales lax/Payable to the carrier in advance.

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