The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 24, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 24, 1947
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVH (AUK.) COURIER HEWS Professor Offers Tip for Farmers Chemicals Used to Produce Vegetables With Greater Speed By MORT STERN (TJnH*d Pr«s Staff Correspondent) LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Nov. 24. (UP) — An Arkansas college professor said today he has developed a drouth-proof system with which th« average farmer can make a bumper vegetable orop In record t1m«. "The whole Idea," said Dr. B A. Spessard of Hcndrlx College' at Conway, Ark., "Is to eet the chemical food to the plants In the purest possible form — something like-giving strained spinach to babies." To do this, he has developed what he calls A "hydroponlcimi." The hydroponlciim Is made up essentially of two parts, a planting tank and ft feeding tank. YVmng sprout* • are planted in sterilized sand in tho planting tank, and the chemical food In solution Is allowed (o run in from the feeding tank. Sterilizing the sand eliminates unwanted bacteria and other plant disease breeders. As a result of the plants getting the food pure and direct, they mature in 20 per cent less time. In addition, Dr Sno.ssnrd said, the vegetables are of a better quality. "It's Just simple sirlthr-mctlc that the farmer who acts to the market fustost witli will make the most profit," Dr. Spessard says, Dr. Spcssnrd's hyriroponlcuin farms will be drougth-proof because they carry their own Irrigation systems- According to the professor, nsiy- one can make a hydropontcum. All he needs Is a shove), a hrvmmcr, a saw, a trowel, a v/heelbarrow and a rake. He may have to buy some mixed cement, lumber and about 100 feet of wire. With these, plus some old newspapers, a box of carpet Uicks, a window' screen, and a set of instructions which .Dr. Elpessard has offered to interested persons, the hydroponlc farm can bcrrnrc a reality. The big problem of hydrononlc farmers are likely to run up against, Dr. Spessard says, is the difficulty of buying chemicals In large quantities. Chemical firms tin not like to sell to Individuals. But Dr. Spe&snrd sayx> all Hint can be arranged If hydrononlc farming catches on. He explains that necessary 1 chemicals In 100 pound lots will be us easy to get as' so much chicken feed. Negro Flagt Wrong Car And Gets Ride to Place Hf Wasn't Looking For A "mistake" cost J. Johnson, Negro, a fine of »10 and costs iii Municipal Court this morning—and all because he couldn't find Ash Street Saturday night. •» Policeman Robert Weaver testified In courl. this morning that Johnson was "thumbing" his way down Main Street In > manner Indicating he was carrying a load of wobble water. The officer stopixd and Johnson told him he had been walking five hours looking for Ash Street. At the offer of a ride, Johnston climbed In the nolle* ear. When, however, It stopped at the City Hall Jal! entrance, Johnson looked at the barred windows and at Policeman Weaver. "I didn't know where I was then, but I sure know where I'm at now," Johnson said. Johnson admitted this morning he had been drinking and had flagged the car. 'T Just flagged the wrong car," he ucnc!»ded. "Ten dollars for your mistake," Municipal Judge Graham Sudbury ruled. 7 Fined for Drunkenness; 9 Others Forfeit Bonds Pines assessed and bond forfeitures declared in Municipal Court this morning totaled $357 after 16 public drunkenness and disturbing the peace casts were called for trial. Six persons arrested by city officers were assessed fines of $10 and costs while seven others forfeited bonds of $20.25. One person arrested jby county officers was fined $10 aim and two others forfeited $31.25 bonds POWER 21 French Sailors Die When Truck is Ditched TOULON, Nov. 24 <U.I>.) _ Twenty-one French sailors were killed outright or injured fatally today when a French Army truck carrying recruits cnrcened off a road Into a ravine near here. Motorists Fined $75 Silas Colcuiiiii was lined $75 and costs in Municipal Court this morn- 1ns when he pleaded guilty to a chnrgc of driving while undor the Influence of Uitoxlcntlpg liquor Continued from Punt 1. lend the export controli authority now scheduled to expire next Feb. 29. "Without export, controls, com- pctlUvc contracting hy foreign buyers would so reduce supplies available for domestic consumption that there would be a strong tendency for prices to United Stales users and prices for relief and military purpose* to skyrocket." Rhodes said. William C. Crow, director of the marketing facilities branch of Ihe Production and Marketing Administration, asked .the committee to extend the administration's present authority to allocate transportation facilities and equipment. This authority also expires Feb. 20 The banker's position was outlined In a statement prepared for submission at Senate banking committee hearings on legislation to restore controls on "cnsy credit". Thai Is one of the proposals in Mr. lYuman's 10-point anti-Inflation program. 1. M. Evans, a governor of Ihe federal reserve board, was cl ,|| c rt to present the government's case. He will leli the committee tlul Ihe board wants to set up the curbs as they existed on their Nov. I expiration date anil not return to the tougher rules In effect during the war. Hankers Offer:; Testimony The wartime regulations called for one-half down payments and 12 months to pay the balance. 'Hie more recent regulation called for one-third down with 15 months to complete paynicnLs. Kcnton R. Cravens of SI. L/>iiIs served ns spokesman for tlic bankers association. He suit! rclmiwsl- lon of consumer credit controls •will not deter inflationary forces low at work" but would force consumers to cash their savings to set goods they need. Attacking the administration's •tatlsttcnl case for the controls Cravens' statement said: "Statistics urc used glibly. It Is commonly said, and Indeed \vns staled by the President . . in his nc* to Congress on Nov. 17, that the amount of consumer cre- dlt ouUUndtng hag during me |)a f t year rom $«,WO,Ooo,o00 in JSMs ^ mo £ than $ll,OOo,ooo,(W), "The i,«i rt 'th e t( u u of »iu!o2K-' > ft" °' lhls ""*• kinrt *!°°' M r eprcs<!,,ta tl, 0 kind of credit w c are talking about when we * ]lcajc o, , l0 cu 5 ^Sr ere- Government f |gur C5 released slnee Mr, Truinni,. s nje-^ag,, lo^ongri, have ptjccd i/istali/nern buying 1 , H £«.COO,<X».000 at t he e^d,.. -rtil, Ls ab ou t twl« flgu,e O f ju'V, ig4i. ' Livestoclr ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, Nov. 24. (UP)—Livestock-. Hogs: 18,500; salable H.OOO; fairly active; uneven. All weights barrows and gilts and sou's scaling under 400 Ibs., steady to 2Sc lower than Friday's average. Heavier sows steady to 50c or more higher. Bulk good »nd choice 180 to 300 H»., $25.25; several loads. S25.35-S25.50; top. $25.50. 160 to 170 Ibs.. $24.50-S2-t:7S; 130 to 150 Ibs.. 522-S24.25; 100 to 120 Ibs.. $19-121.25; most sows, $24$24.15; few heavier weights. $23.75. stags', S11-S21. Cattle: $7,300; salable 6,500; ctllve.s: 2.000, all salable. Supply of steers and butcher yearlings relatively moderate. Market steady on steers, involving a few good steers at S26- and cutters, mainly, $10-$12.50. always ask for with cutter grades, $12.60-$14.50. Medium to good heifers and mixed ycnrllngs, J17-J25. Cows moderately active ami mostly steady. Cannon und cutters .nminly, $10-$12.60. MONDAY, KOVBMBER *4, 194T Needles, piowshmi, piano wlr«, |mad« gf oarbon and Knife handle*; commonly art | steel. Bot »ii oy | y Banking C 0 nimllt ce ;sslo na i Ec^.1 , anri and the nonilc ^g urnd their work or, n,e Inflation pr obie h V The etor>o, nic comrnitUx- called agriculture dcpurlincnt offices t o . Tomorroy 1[ mc e^ w) or the 'rrc asilrl , Jo] , n and Federal nc £C tvc soa^ Chair, man M ar rl n( , r ft. Ecc , es ^ ho what they ^ ant , ( 0 do ( 0 n , a k e . t harder to 6 H bf' n k loaav Eccloj is expocltd U) a.,x Co,,. gress to lnc rPlse the r csei- vcs whl cll member W),^ ^ust keep w ith the federal ts e rvc SJ ,Btern. He hn.s su?.- 5 & u. d ln jhc pwt that t j)«y he doubled. ti )oy now range from in. I, F r ceflt ' <lc P en<J 'ng "Port the she of the pank. A report lmfn comntrollfr o f the currency pro.sto,, Dcl n no snid loaiiii )y ii|it| M ,al ba,,Ks oll o cu 6 to'' Hod »20 08 1.000.000, the hlSli- cst - lilst ory _ Tills «n« a 27 i, cr cent Mosl « V( > r gc|ite nl ber, 10 W, n tl d *"'" .If cent 'usher U, BI , J,,, 1C 30 of t]«s J'ear. Delnno, feclus iinl (h e FMc rn l Deposit in.s llra , lC o Corporation :i rl . drafting a wa ,.,iln B w bankers t o go slow on dirlh cr cxpansioo .Tlifjr statement w!11 call for vo iunta,.y rcstrnlnts t 0 , dl^rourngc i oa ns f 01 speculation. FISTULA MAY RESULT" FROM PILES FRKE HOOK — (;iv t . s F;u'ls On DUI ro coios cased without "doslng"wlienyou rub throat, chest and « fm**l*f back nl, bedtime m« I C K 5 with lime-tested W VAPORUB A "™'r Illustrated 40-] )a ge bo o ' on Flshiln, Rc cta| AtBccss, Pile, nnd other to c i tt l and colon d(sord ers Is now FRJ; E to all siitlcn-rs. Wen St., ,' °- ori ino;- clinic, guile 2372, 82 6 McCJo , , clt ,y. FOR SALE or RENT • PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEMS • INTER-COM SYSTEMS • LOUD SPEAKERS • MICROPHONES • AMPLIFIERS To Churches, Schools, Businesses, Clubs and Organizations BLYTHEVILLE RADIO SUPPLY Phone 44GT 112 First Street Ittata/ojittk time to" ts> ... anil that's about all it docs take in our land of plenty. Exercising [heir privilege of free speech, so many of us voice inconsequential grievances whereas, compared with existence in other lands, all of us live in a veritable paradise. In developing an ever finer America, let us not form the habit of harmful criticism, but rather, extol the priceless benefits of otir inherited social order. On die occasion of the one day officially dedicated to thanksgiving, may we re-establish the renewal of thankfulness every day for the Cod arranged circumstance of our American citizenship. John C. & Sons "Your Monument Men" Put this under your Bonnet ...AT YOUR STORE AIRY PRODUCTS THE MEASURE OF QUALITY We Feature: Homogenized MILK GREEN'S DAIRY Distributors Ph*ne 2361 EASY PAYMENTS? Phone 2054 W. H. (Bill) PEASE Local Agent For Hulll* Venetian Blind. Matter Metal Weather Stripping •Xato" Alt Metal Scretni National Window Guards Screen i)oor Grilles Mule Hide Nu-Top Rooflni Asphalt Tile Rock Wool Insulation —Free Estimates— FRAZIER Bus Lines Hew Location 105 North Laks Street PIIONH; 2391 Buses to—• • ARMOREL • HUFFMAN • PROMISED LAND • NO. 9 "fl • STATE LINE v ~ CHARTER BUSES Eat Shop in Connection STUDEBAKERS 5 CHAMBLIN SALES CO. J) Salei * STUDEBAKER * Servie. D ATTENTION, STUDEBAKER OWNERS! Tj* Drive by for t free check on your climatlzer Heater and T> Defroster. Be prepared for winter. jfcj A good selection of ne.7 and used truck*. Also, a number of late model used can . . . »ll guaranteedl T^< Railroad and Ash Slrced — Lex Chamblin Dial 2195 Bill Chamblin TJ S TU D EB AKE RS BEN WHITE & SONS 'GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151., Get 1947 Power and Pep with a Brand-New Buick Fireball Engine T O those whose spirits tingle at the thought of stepping away to the tune of today's flashing Fireball power: To those who dream of touching toe to treadle and unleashing all Ihe zip and go packed in a-JL947 Buick straight-eight engine: Here's a bright and happy idea that makes dreams come true now. We'll put a sleek new factory-fresh engine - identical with the engines going in our 19-t7 cars - right in - -Ju. your present B u jck. We'll lift out the old engine, | 0vv r C r this sleek ncw one in its ph. CC| l, 00 k j t llp> all j there you a r<j w jth a sweetheart ready for (lion smi ds and thousands more in ilcsof th r j|Im g performance end with a c^ r worth n\ iic h more than it was Wfofc. It's t fic next best thing t 0 js ct ijng n ncvv Bukk. How can we d 0 this, M-hen n c\v cars are so hard 1 0 gc t? It's iJiis \ V ay. Sheet steel q n j oilier parts are short. Thai I 10 |ds up bodies and completed cars. But engines are .coming along great guns. So we have these 1947 honeys ready to putin any Buick built in the last 10 years. To do it takes less time than a major overhaul. It often costs less too. And convenient payments can be arranged if you like. Pretty nice idea, isn't it? Why not look into it today? We'll be glad to go over it in detail with you. FARM ^ LOANS Home Office, Newark, N. J. LONG TERM PROMPT CLO91NO LOW KATZ C.U.L. WRITE OR SE* RAY WORTHINGTON 115 S. Third St., HlyUicvllIe, Ark. Serving This Section 25 Tram Aulhortxi-d Mortgage Loan Solicitor lor THE PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE COMPANY OP AMERICA I "^55 ' fi=^^L Lr U\ "Maybe it's the latest thing, but I pot better performance out of my old bus with the SEAY MOTORS ogcrhaul!" LANGSTON-WROTEH CO. Walnut and Broadway Telephone 555 Pride & Usrey General Contractors >. DIRT FOR SALE Phone 517 DON'T NEGLECT YOUR KIDNEYS Sluggish Kidneys can impair your health. They per- ™chy tire""""""' 0 " °' WaSl " thSt ma ^ e y °" <lro " y Don't nciOoct your kidneys. Drink the f. lmo us health wa cr from Hot Springs, Ark., that has been pr«- scrlbod for over 50 years. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOF K»i» MX DfeWM BlTtlMTUta, Alt

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