The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 28, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 28, 1931
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Served by the United Press VOL XXVIII—NO. 9 THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OK NORTHEA ST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION Blythevllle Courier, B^th«TUl« Dally News, Blythevllk Herald, MUaUtlpift Valley Leader. B1ATHRV1U.R, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, MARCH 28, 1931 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Most Beautiful nwise to. Draft New Basic Law Wtnle Conditions . Subnormal, Says Parnell <3 LJTTLE ROCK. March 28.—Two; "" of the outstanding measures cn- • acted by the general assembly nt .Its recent session, the McCabe" bill providing for a constitutional convention, and the Hail bill to extend : the taxpaying time from April 10 to October 10, were among 11 meas ures vetoed yesterday by Governor Parnell. . . . • (Would Penalize Taxpayers In vetoing the tax . extension • • measure, Governor Parnell said the I purpose of the bill is meritorious nnd thnt he Is in full sympathy with Its object, but that its provl- [ sions are so conflicting ani con-| Miss Betty Bacone is the most-beau Persian Prince ••{ a Toiler in Oil Fields of Texas fusing that it not only would .not afford the relief intended, but would compel' taxpayers to pay a penalty before they had an opportunity to pay their taxes. •' The veto message on the constitutional convention • bill £?.id the proposal was disapproved, because of the distressed economic conditions in the . state. The governor umvise and inexpedient . to hold a constitutional convention until normal - economic conditions are restored. ''iThe me.isurc was introduced after two rival governmental reorganization plans had ben defeated. On? . of these was sponsored by Cover-! nor Parnell and was based on tiful co-ed In Northwestern U'niver- TURN THIS Local Lawyers Have Nu : ] m e r o u s Ihq uines,i Prompted ' ! by New Law. The possibility that the' recently enacted Arkansas 90-day divorce law" may make Blythevllle aii attractive resort for those seek'tn? easy divorce appeared far from remote today when It was revealed that barristers here. have already i received .Inquiries regarding the] new law from seven 'states. . One law firm 'admitted that the new law had already brought It a client from New Jersey. The name ipf the'client', was 'withheld but ! members of the law firm said their- I client, a New Jersey man,. estab- ' llshed residence here yesterday. The same firm .disclosed that Inquiries regarding the new divorce law and i siiy, according to a. committee of Blylhevllle had been received from artists from the Chicago Art'Insti- i Illinois, Kentucky and New Mexico, tute. She's a native' of Evahston. i Another law firm has' received letters from prospective members of a divorce colony, here, from N£w Jersey and Indiana. A member of the firm said'that, a business'man from a northern state had passed | through Blythevllie several' days 'ago and indicated that-when he had concluded a business trip south he would return here and 'establish residence. He was,: the attor- i ney said,. considering- the possibility of combining "necessity" and business by opening; a "doughnut factory" here. . A man anxious to sever marital Baptism of Ice for Polar Submarine. dent of American League o , o i • .Succumbs at ot. Louis. survey and recommendations mad? rounder and former ireS!- l ji es wno n ves m Tennessee, 'has by the National Institute of Public Administration. The other plan, sponsored by Representative Paul "i Clark and several elective officials ^ynose offices would have been abolished under the centralized ' E'ovcrhm'ent recommended by Gov- ernor._parrjell.. yp.uld- fee -abolished many appointive offices, duties o! which would have been transferred to elective constitutional departments. Senate bill 424 by Kimsey to provide for an auditor to assist th? state pensions board In purging the Confederate pension rolls was vetoed, as were two measures for the regulation of domestic Insurance companies. The governor also • killed an appropriation of S-18,500 for a new digest of the Arkansas statutes. Salaries for Teactrs Among the bills approved yesterday were Senate Bills 540 by Pur- attorney' here. Another law firm' reports a prospective client from Missouri. . '••'•• It was pointed out-that Blythe- ST. LOUIS, March 28 (UP)— vllle,. located as'It Is near'the Ar- Princc Kadjir By NEA Service . ' HOUSTON, Tex.-iSm'earai and grimy with oil, a new driller:mingled with tho rough-and-ready crews of Raccoon Bend In Ctw Qll fields near -here.' Fellow -workmen knew him as Don Kafljar and th«y liked him, for he.wss-an agreeable,- N e ill-:KilWh Will ;.'0r\eii His First Session '•"'Mere' Next Week. j .; '^i .heavy docket,- as'aisunl, awaits i tb/;'spring' terbi-.'ol criminal court which.opens .Here- Monday. Relief,I t.tentch would-, eventually clear up! fW'crowded docket ami provide foj. speedy (rial of criminal cases, ws believed. near ':when Senalorl R"; A; Nelson introduced.a measure *t the. recent-session of .the legislature to create;.» new. Judicial dls- trtcl of .Mississippi comity. The! bill: failed of passage and tlie con- iWtcd docket, said, could be|only. slightly.relieved, |f only cases] now • prndln^. were, tried and not I ft-iSlngle 1 hew Indictment returned.I ./.fudge >l9lll Klllough of Wynne.' 1 who.assumed .the .duties of office I on .January lit, succeeding judge !Wi". w. Bandy of Paragould. will preside over a se.sslon of circuit *4lirt here, for the. first time. • Bank Case for Grand Jury *<)f. the forty-two .'transcripts filed .iy.-.Just!cra of the.- peace which ihc tanrt Jury will be called upon to avestlgate .Keill-. Rwd. de—'y prosecutor, about;thirty .are for [rand larcenv and buritlary charges. :.J..'..P.. Roderick.-, president, and Earl .Roderick,, cashier, of the de- unct. Bank . .pf,':Mje»chvIlle, . are .waiting the action of the grand ufy on charges of receiving de- noslls while .thft. bank was In an nsolvcnt condition. Byron Bancroft 'iBan": Johnson, 55,'kansas-Mlssourl- border and co-i-'J hard-working young chap eager'-'to former president' ; of the American venScnt to Tennessee, is ideally sit-[learn, the on drilling'gamt. long illness. Clll. 'VI LUC *»I»4C*»V**« ••-•.••.. »•• v^ -A-UUL^OLI., tij iw^unj -an- l >ere-todj^. after a,«at*4 to prove an attractive 'ipot; - . - - f tnelr 6ttrpr ue -iecentiy " I for a divorce colony. Located on a | when - they learned by" accldent- Dealh came at-8:10 A,M. at St. national north-south, highway and| Then a ' compan'ion fbuhd'hls lost ihn's hospital.; - '' . -1 easily accessible from. Memphis and I identlflcaUon'cl'rd-^that 'the- vaunt John's hospital. Johnson .was. one of .-the most; colorful and in organized organize thi served as His death followed - closely, -that of his successor .-to the received-by - L "-''--' in- lee.gue-presidency-.- Ernest Barnard,;'formation. on 'the i new 'divorce law _iv_ .,.-., ,_ r,— >_._.._ ,..— ,... Du j, seek^ihfbrmatlpn.'' 1 abbu'l- hotels who died in Rochester, Minn.,-late yesterday. •• - ; Johnson had been In ill health since his retirement four years ago. His diabetic condition failed to respond to constant" treatment. He kins and 608 by Counts to authorize had been confined to a hospital short time loans to pay back sala- ' here several weeks. Loss of his ries -of teachers.' Tlie Purkins bill authorizes school districts to 'issu? notes to pay such salaries and the Counts hill Debt Board fight for life was similar In many respects to fights he • participated ...,.. ^...M^J *,,„ t .. t in during his active career as a uthorizes the state baseball executive. His- retirement from baseball came after he'had lost a long fight against the admin- to Issue short term notes, pledging the state school equalizing fund and other school i Istratlon of Baseball Commissioner funds for their retirement. Those i Kenesaw Mountain Land Is. measures will supplement each oth-1 er and plans already have been ', launched to borrow money under j Bandits Flee When authority of these acts to pay past TI u n ci due salaries. I hey near Door Mam Another measure of state-wide | Interest approved yesterday was] CHICAGO. March 28 (UP) — Senate Bill No. 264 by McElha:i-1 Theresa Wagner, telephone opera- and boarding Jibusu, ilea many..years,: r ;_ • .';..-;.V, .'".• T^,(jfeV young 'fjaaa'* «•—-*story, began'to'.come-.dut^WlieTi h< was '.in. ^chpol .In-Parli,' his -1 anjlly> goyernme^t<;••—-'* ~~ —* w —-— -"'-'-j , ..... realizing',that' the. oil,business is .to bo Ih'creasuigly- 1 Important iii Persia; he*resolved to tearn ltl-;:So"ri icatiic- to"America. '...'.'.-. ••. .-. ." , . Young-K4'djar.might : set himself up as claimant ,to his' countryjs thrbne.'-'Jf -J^ choie,' blit'. he' prefers to leaju'the oil busjneas, He fays he cari'be of inbre service to Persia as 'an experienced oil' man than .as Little Rock Ministers Cpn r !t h .^_.I?? e ™ .-^^^.A f?. sider Circulation of. Ref- erendum'Petition. LITTLE ROCK, Ark,-.A plan, to nullity, by popular petition, the 90[day divorce law enacted by th'e recent General Assembly, will be dls- to levy an additional tax of one cf one per cent on insurance receipts to provide a fund ,„ at lhe fashionable Knicker- Services Held Friday to support public health work in small cloakroom. She shivered as rural sections. ! R cold breeze blew in. She shut —• ! the door and It slammed with a i crash. In the lobby two bandits ! were holdjng up Roland S. Erlck- A M i_ nelson and the hotel detective -and . Murphy, DO | two bellboys. They heard the door OSCEOLA. Ark., March 28.—Funeral sen-ices for William Alfred Murphy, 95, who died of pneumonia nt the home of his daughter, Mrs. W. H. Ashcraft, in Osceola, were conducted from her residence yesterday. Rev. Ely Myers, pastor of the First Methodist church, offlci- nling. Interment followed In Ern:en cemetery. cocker hotel here dlsllk« drafts.: ored „ t ' he MlnUtolal - AI11 . This mornlnj she stepped into a (ance of Qreater LUtle Rock Dr. A. C. Millar, editor of the Arkansas Methodist, said the measure may be nullified by circulation of a pelltton bearing approximately 9,000 signatures. Dr. Millar said: "Under our constitution. If the necessary clause Is not attached, slam, thought It was the report of . . , . , a gun, and ran without obtaining | J*""" 1 " s^ed by one-sixth of the h'ammedan In Persia 'to work trie fields' near Mount Ararat.'" h'e 'says "I expect-to return there and be ol service to my. people." ~ •'•'' Kadjar Is a Mohammedan; a descendant of: the Agha Mohammed who.conquered Persia In "1784. Hts family reigned unUl a : young arm; captain overthrew It In a revolu tlon, making cjtilcs of its "members . The- grand", jury will be called upon to return birt ore Indictment or murder. Doyle Wlrtner, Gosnell ScnrcK For Second Bus,'• Missins Since ;Thursday 3V { ; Slorm SVVCCIDS Eastward..'. TOWNER. CQ\.. March 28. (OP) — A storm tragedy in which five cull- , rtren fro?* to death while huddled • with 10 others In a school bus, stuck' In n 15-foot snow.drill for 30 hbjirs,' ,. I was revealed today. . • -•. • : Ernie Johnson anil Abt Stone- ; . : breaker broke a path to,the.bus; ; v which was stalled on the;Towne»i| . . Holly, highway Thursday. inornlns-! : land found nve of the chlklrcn.dend; ':'•, . HW'rtVlWv.Corl Mnic( t missing an^.t. .' 18 other school cluldi-eifrail^liR *.--—-_In ages from'8 lo 10 years huddled.« j" ': together and Irce?i«s. ... .i i Tlie cnlldron were dismissed from., 'r- the Plcnsaut Hill school- In Kljwa.' .' icounly at 10 n. m. Thursilnyirrftfiir'- I InB when a blizzard threatened, to ', ]. . block the roads. The storm. burst . \ 1 with such Iiiry the bus nr-sotlated i ' i only a mite of an ll-r.-,ile trip to ' take the children home when tho ; i driver wns blinded and the 'bur, ] crashed Intp a ditclvat-lhe tl'J'i'pr the roa<!. . . • ...... ;;.'. ,.. Second Bus' Missing, - . ' TOWNER; Colo., Mnrch. : 2B. (UP)-, , —As n.harrowing story of thc.fre'c?.-:,' > Ing to death of five small c'Mldrcn • • Iii a school bus 'stalled on,-a bliz--' j zard-sw'ep f » highway- -ThuAday v;'a3 i j revealed' today rcperts came frour; t Sheridan Lake, 15 miles east of s No champagne nor ginger ale, but a .'liver bucketful of-cracked ice h crn , that another school bus car--.! was used" to -christen the reconditioned submarine Nautilus In which lying nn additional mtmtor of dill-. ; ; Sir Hubert WilkTns expect to sail under the Ice to the North Pole dren had been missing since Thurs- . this -summer. The chrlstc-nlng. ceremony at the New York'Navy .Yardi - da j- Tt" 5 " md bus K(ls drlVen .?? \ •outh has Wn..bound; over to the j Brook i yn , | s pictured above u Lady. Wilktos pulted a ribbon which ury . for the .al.lesred murder of' •'.-.* Paee Boyd, vouns pxiardsmen. John -ell. , Jlnirnle-s .Jon'es,' William Langlej',- I. Jf.' PJllqV and ,"-'ohh'Wilson are arnoh^those who have beam bound o'rer.'tp the'pranfl j^ry.6n,bfiar^e$ of grand;larceny.".'.'.' . ^-'uHi»-'iv^ r«ii^«« relct'sed the iii over the prow of the vetsel. ; Below she Is shown In a close-up with Bh Hubert (lettl and Jules.Verne (fight),' and. namesake of the famous ' Jo!;'n '• Johrispn'. ,' Num^r. i -Nine *- £i "- v -^hpr ;r;<U.'."maictcd'.ln. Oc'S.;for.'the' murder..of D. —,. — Fred. Hlis,' Half :: -Woon ;farirfers~.alj(?ged. to ImYe'rbbbed.-'two Tennessee truck- <tef«-'!*Wlf'- Wrbt'ectecl 'by' ofticers bidiei. : ln' Peb'ruSry,-' 1930 are also slatefl to stand trial.. '- -' grandson 5^\slj^vfcbfp4Slv i i>-lan li 'rm^^tViamrf .-fc*ih«^*15^a^-_V5!j'd^ 'r-s: A. blb^B Rlvthcville G,i r 1 ,- ••VictiVn'pf 'At tack ' : by : ^ol- ': land'.Youth rLasf Night. Huberi;ntky, 22, at. Holland. Mo., was .arrested by Sheriff,Pete; Robinson of'Pemlscot county this'after- Line. Sandit Get* $10.000 : in :lexa» Bank Robbery "PALESTINE. . Tex.. March 28 (UP)—A-lon'e bmdl't held up four person of an 19 year old Blythe emnlove*. of the First National| vllle' girl', the sheriff's office here , bank-herp today and escaped with; staled this /after noon. _ ', and from Lamar, piloted by Jack .Hart, to search for tub second bus and to take the survivors of the first bus |ragedy to hospitals for mrficnl treatment ' ' ' Nebraska Boy Lost LINCOLN. Neb...March 23. <UP> —Three persons lost in the snowstorm which has him? over Nebras- r .„. r r> 1 r ni r - tOr I" 1 "" 1 '" «"» Ke'.ICI r >.^" .ka for two days were accounted ;'.or A/T V II IVlCNellar. was milted ' the to . corn- occnse azalnst the between $5.000 and $6,000. sheriff Robinson conferred with today and search.for a fourth-continued. Hope' for the life of Boyd Edwards^ 7, Max, Nebraska, wa.s?.aj- MEMPHIS. March 28, (UP)—Sen- jmost abandoned as searchers .were unable to find,.a trace of t!:e bpy- lost during a heavy snowfall Thursj day. The storm was abating today. en- j mr> ! u ator Kenneth D. McKellar. Dem jcrot, Tennessee, said here today lli« eral farm board act rests with President Hoover, and that In his opinion the present board-.should !•• abolished. ' ' Slnrm Grips Plains States . . CHICAGO, March 28. (UP) — Snow, sleet and rain were carried I hnve just read the statement on high winds across the country Stock Judging Team Will 3rd State Title With two'first-BUte honors and one first national award .' behind them, members of the" Blythevllle walked in, pulled out his pistol, and • cor near the Holland school house forced Jour persons Into the open last njght. vault. He .did not attempt to lock Tho girl's mother Is said to have them in. Tlie bandit then took • called police when her daughter ! the rn . c * ev anrt .walked out the door: returned to her home here In a to mingle with the mid-morning I hysterical condition last night. Po- any loot. Bar Pig Stands, Radios from Residence Districts number of votes cast for governor, i w K h school stock Judging team will if filed with the secretary of state within 90 days' after adjournment of the legislature, will prevent the measure becoming a law." '• ' Should a petition such 1 proposed by Dr. Millar go to Fayettevllle April to bring back the state honor for the third time.- -- •- -• •'• •'•'-.' : • Every, member 6f : the class of 48, thatr filed i , is hoping to be NEW ORLEANS. March 28. 1 piupvKjeu uy ur. .vimar DC IUe-3 i * ,t_ -M ,. - - — (UP) | within the prescribed time the law if 1 " t ' ' ^\^\ "T^, 1"* VU^J .. . . . _ . _ . I IPAm tn vn to tho rTnli-oreltWrtf Ar. —Pig stands and "noise making, Mr. Murphy was born In Dscatur | instruments" were barred from j Bcen , rau «ed by the county, Tenn.. Nov. 1. 1836. and '•• New Orleans residential districts by | a referendum. spent the greater part of his life j the commission council at a meet-1 in that sUitc where re WAS engaged ! ing lale yesterday. Two ordinances In farming. He has lived in Osce-' were adopted by the council to ha'.t U ""' ' l V. to go to the of Ar- crowd. Takes Bichloride Tablet by Mistake; !s Recovering CARDWELL. .Mp.—Alton Tatom. who lives near the slate line about four miles south of here, was.made seriously.Ill last Sunday night when he swallowed a bichloride of-mercury tablet. Mr. Tatom arose In the night to take an.aspirin tablet for a head=^month nl rhi; l ^ m u StS-tt^-™''' ola with his daughter since 1913. operation of radios at pig and soft He is survived by four children, drink slsnds and to prevent resl- Mrs. W. H. Ashcrafl of Oscetfa.. dentlal districts from being mar- Mrs. Lloyd Hill of Flint. Mich., red by operation of such places. Mrs. Martha Mlddieton of Murray county. Tenn., and Nathan Mur- PI l D L ' Dl • " phy of TLpionviiie. Tenn. iscnool Ketams rlace m I Daughter of Dean Noe physician and Is now ap- 'project of this year's class, which '; Is the largest since the work was _. ,, „ .. . I started In the school six years ago. IJlCS Very Suddenly i Tt "sed to'be'cotton, but "dlveislfi- •catlon'Ms the theme; nowTrith spe- MEMPHIS, March 28. (UP)—HI' cfa ' eniphasls on raising one's own less than 24 hours Ellen Morris Noe * _..,,., . . Stock Judging is • the principal parently on the road to recovery, •nWt. nf rhlc i-aoi-'t i'lotr ,i-:,t^^ • lice and the sheriff's office Invcsti- galcd and the arrest of Utlcy followed, Arch Undsey, deputy sheriff assigned to the case, said. bDard. «nd perhrios th; nresen* j tween the.Rocky mountains and't'r.o board should be abolished. He at-j Mississippi river, extending . jhjq tempted to throw the blame for tlr farm board on congress. This can- Texas nnd northward far into Canada. As It swirled across the con- Daisy Wins Her Freedom Pending Appeal Hearing ''LOS ANGELES, March 28 (UP) —After four attempts to obtain her liberty from the. county Joll on bill pending a decision on her ap- j pea! for a new trial. Daisy Devoe, not be done. The truth Is the oresl- j tinenl some of Its force was lost dent had his own way about 1*1- but even In Illinois several Inches farm board act nnd Senator Reed of snow.fell. ',_,-. wns one of his strongest suonarters I Western cattlemen feared many In that matter, it my memory is cattle,were lost. Scores of travel- correct " i ers were unaccounted for. It was McKellar said he was of the opln- : J elle r ed l ^ *' e « marc-Med-. in ion a new act should be passed an-' j farmhouses and Installed autqmo- a new board created to give rel!?f • cs • •' to the farmer. Son of Dead Broker Dies of Ax Injuries The temperature fell to 2 below zero In Denver nnd to zero in pt- lahcma and Kansas. Fear Damage to Fruit LITTLE ROCK. March 28. (UP) —A cold wave which sent the msr- cury scurrying down to 13 degress former secretary .to .Clara Bow, j HONOLULU. T. H., March 28 ta Oklahoma Citv last n! 2 ht rap- was freed today through an order (UP )_DudIey Wallace, Jr.- 13. died Id , y was app^ing Arkansas' tS- of presiding Judge Nathaniel Con-; ,„ „. hospital here today from In- d ' rcy of the district court of P j: lr ios Inflicted by his father a . Approves Extradition Rumanian Grown Prince of Burke to Michigan. ih two sons with an ax. _ in- i iii' ^ u ' lilm ' 'he other son. wp.s re- RepOlied SenOUCty III; ported In a critical condition. JEFFERSON CITY, Mo., March LONDON, March 28 (UP)—An Stuttgart Man Held as n i \1 t f> t •• uespite a snarp curiRiuneni in Bank NCte Loiinteneiter! expenses the Blythevllle high school Mary's Cathedral and Gatlor Me-[first honors In the'National Stock mortal Episcopal church, died here Judging contest In 1928, today. Five Perish in Fire i has retained Its position in - the STUTTGART. Ark.. March 33.! North Central Association of Sco- (UP)—John P. Bell, 45. was taker, j ondary Schools nnd Colleges for| LOYAL, WIs., March 28 (UP)— Into cusleoy today charged with ' next year. , nve persons were killed here early manufacturing counterfeit S3 and ] Placed on this roil in 1923, the I today In S10 bank notes. He will be taksn to city high school has never lowered Little Rack for questioning by fed- .Its record. Graduates of this school erftl offlrprs. ' ftlflv nnf/tr onv pnllpyp nr nttlupr- 10, the daughter of the Very Rev.! After winning tha state honors; 28. (UP)—Governor Henry Caulfle'.d Exchange Telegraph dispatch from Israel Hardlnj Noa, dean of St. j twice the four local membera won; today approved extradition papers; Bucharest .reported Crown Prince Michael, severely 111 of influenza. SANDUSKY, O. (UP)—Not satisfied that.she Is the oldest passcn- iger ever lo have flown by airplane ! between Sandusky and Kcllcy's Is- jland, Mrs. Fannie Sannlc, 78. now ' Is determined to ride In a usb- i marine. She made a statement that sh? WEATHER High School "Prom" Chairman Can't Dance for the return of Fred Burke, fugitive gunman, to St. Joseph, Mich., where he Is wanted for the murder of a policeman. may enter any college or unlver- Dell served a term In the fed- slty In the United Slates, without eral penitentiary at Atlanta about [examination, unless special requlre- flve years ngo, officers Ea!d. 'ments are made. . SUPERIOR, WIs, March 28 (UP) an. explosion and fire;—The three high schools of Super Wheat Acreage Only 3 Per Cent Under 1930 ', which destroyed three buildings in lor .will hav« their annual prom- WASHINGTON, March 28. (UP) wouW never be happy until she had th; center of the business district, enade dances as usual this spring, l —The Department of Agriculture ' All of the victims lived above!but something first, may have to announced today the total wheat stores In the buildings. Other res- be done about the. ttre* newly acreage Indicated for harvest In idents were forced to the street In I elected chairmen.. -Not one of i 1931 shows a decrease of about 3 per- Kj-UI-*l«.IV<l«i. I i.V._ _..:•_'__ . . - -- J , . ^ . L'-,.- - r 'nlzht clothing. them can dance. I cent from last year's acreage. ridden In a submarine Just afler she alighted from the piano. Mrs. Sannle now Is faced with Oie problem of finding a submarine In which to gratify her desire. crops v;es expressed by agricultural observers here. H. S. Cole, local meteorologist, . said a heavy freeze visited the i higher portions of the hi'.l country ! In the western and northwestern ARKANSAS—Fair, colder In east parts of the state. Further damage portion, freezing or lowrr tempera- : to crops-will depend on wind veloc- lurcs tonight: Sunday lair, slomly ity.and moisture, the weather ob- rlslng temperatures In western por- ! server stated. A high wind would I far In pro'teclins fruit, while n low 1 wind accompanied by moisture would result in serious es, he said. tlon. According to the official woathf- observer, Charles Phillips Jr., tim minimum temperature here todav . up to 2 o'clock, was 40 degrees and 1 the maximum yesterday, 62 degree. !• cloudy. It rained a. -total of l.t* i Th Inches In the past two'days. On thr frr n ..:clng steble was set In 1823 same day a year ago t v .e minimum- when Ifavry F. Sinclair's Rancotas temperature was 36 degrees and tt> string of thoroughbreds won a to- maximum SO degrees, partly cloudy tal o! 5418,849. Accord Turf Earnings cord "season's earnings

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