The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 23, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 23, 1932
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ff.nmd by the United Press BIYTHEVILLE COURIER THB DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST AliKAV^a ^ ^^^f. * *NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOmi HOME EDITION VOL. XXIX—N'O. 163 Blytheviile Dally News. Blythevllle Herald. '— >r. uiythevlllc courier, 1JLYTHRV1J U.lfLANSLEVEE WORK TO SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS/'i 2-YE1R LD TO flEflTI Mrs. Korali III, Hinl is . Trumann Man Arrested Following Fatal Beating of Step-Son 1 . HAKKISBUnCi. Ark., Sept. 23 <UP>— Chief Deputy SlieiiJf C. T. Sullivan said u warrant will Iw Issued totlay .clinrjiij-j Htf-man I.cdbcUer, 31. Trumann, Ark., farmer, uith whipping his 2-ye;ir-o!(l slcp-son to deatli. Sullivan saiJ Lcdbetter brought the child's body, deeply gushed and lacerated, to bis home yesterday nnd told relatives the boy broke his neck in a tall Residents of the Trumann vic- inily telephone the sheriffs office here and when Sherilf Harvu Landers and Sullivan ' arrived at tile f:irm home they found the libellers returning, from a nearby village with a casket. The step-father told olliccrs he whipped t/ie cliild ivitJi check reins because he "wouldn't May out of my nay." While the cl: ! .ld ivus being- whipped, Ledbetter said, he fell and broke liis neck. Lcdbetter, cllkcrs were told, invited the child to accompany him on a ride lo (he woods. The cliild eagerly crawled into (he wagon and an hour later the step-father brought back the lash-torn body. The farmer was placed in Jail here on a technical charge of murder. Officers said the check reins -Ledbcftcr referred to are luig metal-slugged leather lashes Killer Bound .Over to Grand Jury y ' Tnom lK°V negro, . r stepfather. John Thompson ,xSered hem to' the. fair grand Jury Without bond on a cnar>i of murder by Municipal Judge C A. Cunningham yesterday after- The state offered evidence pur . porting to show thnt the negro boy waited in a field near the lamily home and ambushed his stepfather when lie drove by in a wagon. Trouble between the boy's stepfather and Ills mother is said to have culminated in the killing. Sadie Jones, negro, was cleared of charges of selling and procuring liquor at a preliminary hearing. Bill Simmons entered pleas "o guilty to charges of seeding ami reckless driving nr.d was fined $25. Demand Retraction of Price Manipulation Charge NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 23 (UP)— New Orleans cotton exchange today demanded that the Texas Ugislaturo retract charges of ma- !i:ious manipulation of the cotton market which the legislature made against the exchange on September 15. The new demand today was made in reply to a statement given tin United Press at Austin. Texes. yesterday by Senator J. w. E. li. Beck wiio indicated the cotton exchange had asked for a hearing before the legislature. Stricken by psittacosis, or "par- rel fever," spread by a "love bird 1 she had purchased, Mrs. William E. Borah, above, wife of the Idaho i-enatcr, r.ow is recovering al her home in Bo:se. Early In 1830 en epidemic of psittacosis, a disease nhijcsl imknciw before that time in this country, caused 33 deaths Links Robins Mystery With Florida Politks BROOKSVILI.E, Pla.. Sept. 23 (UP i—Mrs. Raymond Kobins, wife of the internationally known social welfare and prohibition advocate V 10 'las been strangely missing •' nee September 1. was under- Etcol tcday lo be enroutc to tin.- KObins estate here, believing hci husband to be held somewhere as * Mi'ical prisoner. *nc Robins. hcmc Is Chensegut. "/•fOO-acro ' estate which they re- «"ty donated to the govern»-">l ns a W nd lite sanctuary. ine Robins have taken an acv '" lhe Iife ° r lhc com ' partfcl "»ly fn a political rcsulted "» lhp 1* Being Revived ' . (UP>it's the fault 0 t" depression or » hearkening ", ck to Ito^iS!* 98 r ' dins ' s Bowing signs of being revived here Jacksonville stores are In? the vehicles al S™ down and *5 ,, month. that "Bicycles n ll as a speedy, eeonomicil of transportation," • FEARS STRIKE VIOLENCE Appeals to Carolina mil Owners to Arbitrate Labor Troubles. N. C.. Sept. „ —.„ the-danger'of violence at RockJngham If three mills reopen there Monday with out settlement of the present strike. Governor Max Gardner today telegraphed two Rocklngham textile executives and again proposed they submit (he issues to arbitration. The telegrams went to President w. B. Cole of the Hannah Picket mills and President George B. Entwlstle of the Entwlstle. mills. A crisis in the protracted textile strike loomed today with an- noi.-ncemcnt of officials of thc , h *t"f?'~ Pick< ' t (mu Sntwislle mills that their plants will reopen Monday for workers who wish to re- •irn to their jobs. The announcement was followed quickly mil, „ s t Btemcnt f strikers that they would block the gates and prevent worker. entering "to take our Jobs" ""less a suitable agreement were icachec; m thc meantime. Tilt ch of ussues ore wages, union rec- °f";i'™'., nnd . cha ^ by the T working condi- 'Vew York Cotton NEW YORK. Sept. 23 (UP) _ •oilon clcted barely steady. open high low dose 130 740 719 ?ia 737 750 738 731 1*3 756 73« 736 150 765 743 743 850 "775 752 752 70S 784 762 702 "2 733 716 71!3 TOIL . Government Scores i n Fight |o Convict Senator James j. Davis. NEW YORK, Sept. 33 <UP> — Donald F. Stewart, editor of the Mocse magazine, admitted at the 'rial of U. S. Senator James J. Davis lwi»v I'^il he r'ij i ;c ^ , stories of Moose charity balls drawings occause :i. ..-..jcd \m- sible violation of (he ixKal laws. It was me governinems second telling blow cf the day in its .Mori to cam-let Senator Davis, •iipremc dicta:or of the Moose, •if sending lottery tickets through the malls and in interstate commerce. Through an employe of the Railway Express agency the government, established a package was shipped by Edward L. McMahon of the propagation department u( .he Loyal Order of Moose, lo J. J. Davis. 'Pittsburgh, Vrcil w. Jones, Davis' financial agent, signal the receipt. The evidi-ncc was admitted after repeated objections from the defense. Stewart repudiated tv.o articles that I mil upucnrrd In his magazine One asserted that Senator D-.ivls appmed every article the magazine- printed. The other described a meeting of Moose officials al which Davis was represented as approving the charity bails the sovernment contends iveru lotteries. Taken over by tile government lor re-examination he <ras made io admit he did not p:int news of the drawings, because "as an experienced editor" he thought -it was "better to be exlremr-ly careful because of postal regulations." Marriage Rujtnors Ply as Chaplin Kushes Divo Oct Dec Jan March May July Oct Spots 735. off 20. ' ; Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANsTsepl. 23 (UP)-. t-otton closed steady. open high low close -; "' 1 733 716 723 T5I 729 732 755 735 737 762 743 743 776 775 775 '84 765 763b Oct )ec Jan March May July 723 739 742 748 759 760 - •-« < u ., |, Spots 724. off r>, steady.' f'loswa Stock Prices A. T. & T 114 Anaconda Copper ' 14 Auburn '.'."" S j Cnternillar Tractor ' it Chrysler .'"" ii Cities Service '.'.'. 4 Ccca Cola '.'.'.'.'. 101 Continental Baking ... General Electric 19 General Motors ]a Middlewest Utilities lUonteomcry Ward New York Central Packard Radio Simmons StandBrd of N. J. Texas Corp {4 Ui 9, Ettel liiiinii;,! 44 Highway Commission Ap- : peals to Attorney Gen. erai for Order. LITTLE ROCK, Sept. 23 <UP>A resolution asking (lie attorney ieneral to issue an order to the ;late treasurer to withhold county turnback funds from the county ges was adopted unanimously "y the Arkansas highway com- :jiiKSion today. The commission's resolution ask:d Hal Norwood, attorney general, to crder the money held up until $7,500.000 hns been paid the commission for -road work. It was explained that amonni as needed by th e department teforc Arkansas can secure a S4- iOO.COO allotment from the government in regular and emergent federal aid. If the money is obtained, nnd members are confident todny it would be, It will he used to close gaps ou Irunk .igliways in the state. The federal aid money has been held up several weeks pending disposition of valid claims of road contractors for work already competed CT federal roulcs and ar- -angement by the slate for proper maintenance cf the federal sys- em. A. Dunton with a cren- of 24 dory from the ship nshore at Onisboro. The Mliooncr feared lost was washed lave, been caught in storm off the coast, was Xnown Charlie Chaplin gave her a fond gootlby kiss and platinum - blond Paulette Goddard. above, ended a gay stay in Hollywood that set its gossips to speculating if the comedian la contemplating .1 lliinl mnr- riage. Chaplin and the girl who divorced a Charlotte, N. C.. lumber magnate to break into the movies, were seen often in public. The camera caught them, below, in earnest conversation al a Hollywood tennis malch. 4 But- Neither Comedian Nor Blond Paulette Goddavd Admits Anything. BV DAN THOMAS T ,,,, , ..HOLLYWOOD, Sept. 23.-Docs I P)T 'l^' Charlie Chaplin have another ro- K ~T f , mane,: in thc offing-his thlrd-or ^^ . fe " h?sn't hn? under a tear Illinois Guardsmen Drive Men and Women From Shaft Near Taylorville. h?sn't he? Hollywood hns been a-twitter with rumor started going things with Paulette. Youthful movie 1-enuly ever since Charlie places and seeing Ooddard, who has — ..^ »,i>uij 1*11U» li.l> been hailed as "Charlie Chaplin's t , mral ,,- c nc5pllc lns prol 'n,,,"^^^.,,^ «' ^te. troopers thnt no prove a thing by either of them. Charlie isn't saying anything. Miss Ooddarcf. who admits that . 111., Sept. 23 (U men and women back In confusion j under a tear gas attack today alter they had defied orders of 113- l:n:al eiiairismen not to Interfere with reopening of the Peabody coal mines nt Langlcyvlllc. Thc pickets had gathered nt the mine entrance despite Instructions of state troopers thnt no picketing would be allowed. More than guardsmen. Including a ma chine about trc property at (j A. M.. Icriay when lhe was riven to 3CO men to return to work. When the pickets failed to heed ; riders to move alo:ig. troops sta- ; ticncd behind cnrs f]itn<? a j barrage of tear gas bombs. Mother and Children Slashed With Razor LO3 ANGELES, Sept. 23. (UP)— A woman and her four small chil- iren ,blood streaming from their badly slashed wrists, were rushed to a hospital today. The mother, Mrs. Harriet Pulp 31, (old a weird story of a female nend who crept into the bedrooms of the children be tore dawn and cut ihe-lr UTlsts with a razor then attacked her, but two ol the children, Questioned separately, told officers that their mother rid inflicted the wounds and then attempted to end her own life, detectives said. Gloucester Fishing Schooner Feared Lost HALIFAX, Nova Scotia, Sept 23 rt " 5:> vmuuara recently obtained \" IT ."" " (W)-Oloucester fishing schooner « a-no divorce from a Charlotte, I S° hav = "?'" 0 U A. Dunton «^3 fear N ' ^.lumber manate. Th sh :lOTCr md ol lhc she kissed Charlie coodby when ployed she dCDAftcd recently for the cnst,' says,"0h. that doesn't mean that we arc Rolng to get married!" And then she added: "Why, I kissed everyboriy gooci- by. It was just a friendly kiss; we arc not oven thinking of getting married. "Anyway. T was married for! nearly two years and now I want gun detachment, were de- arly two years and now I want n 11 c o , vacation. Of course. I like to go KODberv OUSDCCt. SoUitht l. n-IM* r-Ka»-li«. >.* *-i—- .- _.._.' e out with _. parlies and e: he takes nis to tennis matches and T i i n- « . ., ^-inii On Js 'and, BlVCs Self Up ™- cc ' lv!cl - who " vc - Kllme >' openines-and just lots of places. 1 PauleMe says she Is going to DmigJas Brumley. object- of a appear in Chaplin's next picture, man hunt by Sheriff Shaver and and for this reason she Is letting a fcrce of deputies on Island 37 her hair return to Its natural several days ago, has surrendered brown, because Charlie likes it to authorities to face charges of Ihnt V.-BV. .lust now. she's a olatin- robbery, urn b.'onrf—but you mustn't oslc how or why. Miss Gortdard recently obtained , magnate. Then she Officers believe Brumley is the LITTI 'E ROCK, Sept. 23 (UP)— I ring leader of a gang of thieves ™ lllroa(I s do not want trucks and who have been operating in the lines out of business, : lower end of the county. .. n ,, f „ , ,„ „,,,,_„ ..... N. C.. came to Hollywood hand tit thc movies. At „ uumvr - •"«." c. . . . „., by Joseph SeiKiick, movie m °st of which lies in Tennessee, Cities Bonus Demands As Obstacle lo Solution of 1'inanciiil Problem. IIKLKNA. Ark., a-pt. 23 <UI') — The mil of the current risen year will find Uie fedora! yovcrn- uu'ijl rantrunlcd with n IrcuMiry tli-llpll Inrutr tlmn [lie cullm cos of the civil war. Senator Joe T. Robinson, vk-e-presiilentlul candidate in 1928, iold ft gntherlng ui neniccrulr. here lust night. 'The United Suites treasury defl- rit fi.'i the year which closed In Juno \vns nearly $3,000,000 000.' Ilcbinson said. "Addilloiml taxes acre lm|K>scd, but with the slight revival of business that has occurred it seems probable that lhe HBsrcycUe deficit will reach COO.OOO.GOO by July 1, 1033." KDUnscin Kiild Hint amount Is a billion dollars mere than the entire cost of the civil wur to the Ui>ilnl Slmcs, mid Hint it rcpre- scnls ten times She nnminl expense- of (he ffdernl government In 1R90. "To iidd | 0 the difficulty of the problem there are j*cssln0 de- maiuls Tor Immediate, cash p«>'- inenl of th c bonus "and tli'e streni- llieniiii! of Hie national defe'nie which aRBregale $3.000.000,000," he said, -u is clear to itiiyow "who simile* (he subject that" 'to at- taiipl lo raise this enormous sum phis the ordinary- and IndUpcu- slblc e.\-|)ciiscs of administering the government would'.'result .'In con- nscation of the people's properly nnd the complete paralysis of every form of business. "Governments, like Individual! must either live within thfirfln- comes or resort lo credit and when it becomes apparent they cennot or will not pay, their credit'is undcimined nnd cnnrint be successfully employed." . . - Roosevelt Strong Bid for Votes of Independent Republicans. SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 23. (UP) —Oov. Franklin D. Roosevelt made a strong bid loiiay for the support of the progressive Republican clement In Cnllfornla represented by Senator Hiram Johnson The Democratic presidential nominee met with parly leaders to outline a campaign designed to nt- tract not only the progressive vot ers of President Hoover's home state but, of the nation ns well. Governor Roosevelt yesterday told a crowd that Jammed the station at Sacramento [hat Senator Johnson hod long been "a warrior In the ranks of Americon progress." While the crowd that had swarmed into the state capital from several neighboring counties cheered Mr. Roosevelt said: "I rejoice thnt he said yesterday 'hat a government that thinks only of a favored few and that •forget." farmers whose homes are bcln? taken away from them, and toilers whose wages have been decreased o the <innger line 'Is unworthy of 'he name and unfit to govern • "I believe In (his doctrine mysjlf 100 per cent-- Chicago Bandit Slain in Battle with elective CHICAGO. Sept. 23 (UP)-One man was slain and three wound- sd In o brief gun battle between detective and five bandits on :P south side loday. Detective Wllllnm KJnney killed one bandit who was unidentified and captured William O'Brien. 28, not expected -- -j himself was wounded. Want Trucks and Buses Regulated LITTLE ROCK, Sept. 23 (UP)- Win Annulments ef "Whijky"Marriafei UTTI,K HOCK, Sent. 23 iui') —'that "devil corn whisky" was Wiuned by t»o couples h tn > (or Italr inurrliife. They Icsltllcd la court tivhy Itiejr were drunk when they took Hie vows. Aiiiiutinvnl.s wara ^runted. As one of the youths left iliu coiutliai:.ic> IK; named, lit. « clj- "H'lte, turned to his frslwhllc rlde, and. snld: "Well, hcncy. yl; U | to luwe met you." » DF P|IY HERE Robinson, Hays and Futrell Attend Central . Committee Meeting. Senator Joseph T. Robinson mid Mrs. Hoblnson, Brooks Huys, Democratic national cominltltcman for Arkansas. Jmlje j. M . Putrelt, Democratic nominee for governor and other slntj, lenders of the unity were l«re lhl s afternoon for u meeting of the Mississippi county Democralli; central committee at which c»mp»ign plaiw nre to be discussed. , The committee went Into les- ston shortly oft«r 3 o'clock At 6 o'clock tonight there Is to be a dinner in honor of the vls- Itujx parly leaders at the Hotel Noble, to be followed, by in address by Senator Robinson at the courthouse. TJIlEKEMPTi Homestead Amendment to Constitution Argued af . Citizens Meeting'.' - • - - • f> . A citlamt. meeting held 'liisf nieht a t the Invitation of the Anti-Sales Tax Assoclntlon of Mississippi, comity ror"'dlscu«lon of the proposed sales tax amendment to th e stale constitution Indicated unanimous opposition to the sales tax plan, but devoted much or its time lo discussion of another proposal amendment which 1 would exempt from taxation all homesteads, described ns oirnef occupied property, not• e<tc«dln<r 'n acres of farm land or a city lot ISO bv 50 feet-. . • . C. o. smith, who opened discussion of the homestead exemption proposal. Intimated that he regarded adoption of the excmntion proposal to exempt homesteads as of greater Importance than defeal of the sales lax nlan. He urred that those organizing to fight the sales tax irlve their endorsement to the homestead exemption amendment. The meeting took no action on his susKcsllon. A number of others expressed sympathy with the homestead exemption plan "In princlole" but expressed fear that Its adoption at this time would complelelv disrupt the. school svs- t<? mof thte state and leave thc municipal, county and state governments without funds for the can-Ing on of essential functions Sam Herman, vlce-prestdcnt of the Anti-Sales Tax association, presided In the absence of O. W. McCutcheon, president. City Water Suoplv Safe Board of Health Finds Samples of Blytheville'5 water supply laken at several point!! n the cltv and examined by thc state board of health shored the water to be free from bacterh coll onanlsms and therefore fate 'or drinking purposes, nreordln* 7 to a report submitted to Dr. I. R^ Johnson, city health officer. A similar hacterlolo-Mcal exsm- natlon of water samples Is midc ler at regular intervsis of about 90 days. "But," L. W. Baldwin, president . en se• -- u, L. W Balwin oresldent to try her Anticipating possible gunplay 10 cf lhe Mlwourl-Padflc lln« told At a dlnnir a ™ed men scr-urert Island 37, lhe 31st quarterly session of the inr-V mnulo ' mOSt nf trllll-h llr< In Tnnnn.f •.*•.»< 1 -«.i * -»j»>iv<i» ui uic heavy magnate, she met Chaplin. She b "' filled to find Brumley A io, told Charlie of her ambition to short time later lie appeared In ] enter was f the movies—nnd thc rest Hits county and voluntarily gave southwest shippers advisory board, "they want nil forms of transportation placed on the same basis as to taxes and Interstate rtza- tnlloiis," * Missouri Mfn Held to Jury for Grand Larceny A. J. Huddleston and Art Hud- dlaslon of near Tlmver. Mo., waived preliminary hearlnsr h«re this afternoon on charges of grand l«r- ceny and ernwzzlrment «w\ wcr« Will Give Mississippi County a Levee Built ,to Flood Control Standard The armv <n<tlr.««rs office at Memphis will «jr bids within ft few drws on fortv miles of work in . den coimtlM, ia rrv p^^ if new for the St.. Francis r«« nlstrict. has Informed the Courier News. . , -• - . t < The work, while oart of UM Rood control, program provided for In *«' "' »«. has' b«n xh«d- ' for immediate construellon to * unemDJovmenk duririT th« coming winter. Mr, Pharr minwt- es thit »s many as 4.000 or fi 009 men will be furnished employ- Mr. Plurr, accompanied bv ' V . Pfllt. uslslant r-nsinrer of the St. Pr«ncla level! district, and W WHarrls and C. .f. Little. Democratic . nominees for representative from Critfenden and Ml»l«. liy". <-«*i)ties, drove to BarOeid vestcrday Vo. In^iwct the pi^ ^ new levee, built by the io«m ment.t>«rs this summer. The work to be dohn 1 this, fall ; and winWr will five ;Mta«,lppl. county and Crlttenden county v f« r «oulir«s Mnrion » MUBlsrtppl river 'lerei built to .the aime ; wade u the r-ew aim . at B^rfleld. exctDt for s few plKM wh«t« the present 'evoe li riot MmiWrecl to be on oermanunt'. Ipestion.' There rtw will tebiilll- i,ur. W. Kabe Lerri .- ,, Th« wo*-wlU coruiiit of rn^iiKt "M! levtl. of th r '. oW ICTM about fctt. bro«« ) nin?.the: crown « a threffntdon* half on the ri«t slue. . The le»e^ dltWct Is raw enes«- ed in Qbtalnlni! tK-> iwte«s«ry "liihts of wiy. The povernmtnt will tiav all expense of construction hut, Mr. Pharr estimated that It will cost th, levee ijlslrirt J75000 to •provide necessarv rights of wav to pay for crop datnase; provide local dralnajw where necessary and to mnve .buildings. . " While the .number of men to 'h- used on the project will depend largely noon the Ivpe of enulp- mcnt contractors use. Mr.' Prfarr. expressed the opinion that 'it • would -not orove economical tff -use large draeline machines <m~' the tob. He predicted thnf. most 'con: tractors would probably use if«t- ; ons and tractors to move the' dirt,' and that between 4.000 and SUM '/ men would be elven employment on the forty, miles of work. Completion of the work scheil- ulerl for this winter wlll,grhre Mis-' slsslnpl county a levee btillt up to the . flood control act standard except for four gaps where relocation . of the levee Is planned. Leve e setbacks are planned-" near Huffman, in the vicinity' of Rosa, where the levee is to'.n/S moved back from Lontc Lake aid Mill Bayou, and between Luxona and Off Kit. where engineers 're-' sard the present levee as toq close to the river. New Levee at these points will possibly be bunt : next ye«r. . • . V«e I. F. C. frnit The work will be paid for. out of J15JOO.MO -recentlv allotted" Yor Mississippi river flood control work by the Reconstruction Finance corporation. This money Is In the nature of an advance against • regular appropriations under the flood control -act. and was ma'de available in. order that" the car- . rylng out of the flood control pro- . gram might help relieve the unemployment situation during the' coming year. . , . •• •' . Memphis Night Cluti • Crooiwr Takes Poison MEMPHIS. Sent.- 33 (UP)-J. B. Mosely. 27, of Memphis, night club crooner and self-styled Inventor of the rumble seat, was nor death :oday In a Memphis hospital. Physicians have abandoned hope 'or the m»n who told police 'he swallowed poison because oT .d*i- IMndency over financial stress. WEATHER AHKANSA3 — Pair, somewhat cooler tonight. Saturday f»tr. According to the official witter observer, Charles Phillips Jr., the . v .- .... ;—.:" " v*^!":!, vxiuu^jes rniuipsjr., uv wdered held to the grand Jury, mtxlmuai temperature Krt vtsttt They mn released unfer »500 j day WM M c^grecs »nd (he mlWi. *• . . 'mum 13 <J«p««s. clear. T;<l»f'• " u f atslronsT «en «rrtst«J ,S«ar xo the m«lmum t*mper»tura coropltlnl of John Thompson, j >« M *gr«s »nd the minimum ' ««ed local property owwr, 7S ««r««*, cl«<Jr. «' u " 1 ™

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