The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 3, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 3, 1938
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TUB DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKAN8A3 AND BOtrrHEAS^ MISSOURI VOLUME XXXIV—NO. 2715. BlythevUle Courier BlythevUle Herald fllythevllle Dully New« Mississippi Valley Leader BLYTHKVIU,!'; ARKANSAS, T11UUSIUY, KKIWUARY !1, SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTt E WHEN NAVAL COLLIDE Swift Will Build $40O **MT WW iM* if W W &JLJL A*Jf V<ft>JLilr \tJL Sfcr ^3h V*^ *b^*j A * j VVii! Crush Coltonsml and Soybeans and Employ Around 200 Seven Linemen Are Lost In California Blizzard QUINCY, Culif., Feb. 3. (UP) — Seven power linemen wore lost today in A bUzzim! that piled ii|i snow six feol deep and Isolated all villages in (Ills mountainous ami. Two of the linemen, Vivian lAinberl and Lewis Oarvlu. ,wt -;iii Monday lo repair communication lines broken by the storm. The last news of them, .sent by u portable telephone, was that Lambert's fuel were frozen and Ciarvln was ir,inj to carry him to shelter. Another Day, Anoih Malional Board -abor Relations Chairman De- Blylhevillc is lo have u new industrial plant which is expected lo provide, as large a payroll as n"v bit'inrss in the city, it was announced today. An oil mill, which will employ approximately £03 men, nil! be erected by Swift on<i Comuany, nationally known firm. which owns a number of meat packing plants and oil mills. 'Die nesv mill, which is estimated lo >'nst about $400,000, is to be erected on the west side of Highway Gl a short distance south of Hie Col Ion Beit railroad. Work will begin February 15 on the new fireproof building to be located .on the H-acre tract pnr- cro'cd ty Swift and Company frrm Hie Blytheville Development iu'd (he Federal Compress and Warehouse company. Negotiations for tin 1 .nurchase. of the land were completed this morning. Pr.lh cotton seed and soy beans will he en-shed by the mill, which vill probably have 12 presses and which will .be one of the largest in this section. The plant will include the mill propel, seed house, meal room, lint room and offices. In addition to employing workmen for the plant and office help, Ibe company will employ a pinup of seed buyers. Tp !)• Completed by September The new business will be In operation September 1. the company i»ns announced. Tills firm has-Us own engineers and workmen and there is expected to be no delay in beginning work within two week. Materials are enroute lo I'lvthevillc and every thing is i *'ndv for beginning the construction it has been announced. Tt was a year ago that It was r 'i"-t ni'>iored that the large packing firm ivas considering Blythe- vllle as a location for one of its neves! and most modern oil mills, onioinls of the Chamber of Com- Governor Indicates Choice For Racing Commission After Milliard Resigns HOT SPRINGS, Ark., Feb. 3.— Gov. Carl E. Bnlley announcer! today that lie favored Ralph Eneland. England. Ark., banker, as chairman of the state racing commission, following a telephone message from John Hllltard of Wynne, slating that he Intended to resign us chairman. After receiving Milliard's message yesterday Gov. Bailey said that Hll- liard had agreed to put his resignation in writing and added: "it will be accepted." The racing commission Is expected lo hold a meeting in Hot Springs before the opening of the 30 days of racing, beginning Monday. February 28. Penjiscot County Relief 1../Allotment Is 'Increased CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo., Feb. 3. -The Pemiscol County Social Security office, which directs relief work in the counties in this state, yesterday announced an increase in the allotment of funds for February relief work. The sum for this month's work is $7200. whereas foi January it was only .55410, It is • estimated that between 2.000 and 2.500 families are dependent upon relief wholly or hi part PIPIT* l-nve hod several confer- In this county, the local office dices with representatives of the having aided 2,200 families In r mrai»v. who were enthusiastic January, or approximately 11.000 nbrut this location. [Persons. MiK-'isplppi county rl whichi for! Beside/;, the increase In till? lias been the largest cot-1 month's allotment of cash, the usual quantity of commodities sucl as potatoes, rice and shortening will be distributed, local, office oftl Inn producing county in the world and which is fast becoming rec- o"iib«l as a soy bean center, l">s 'liven other oil mills at Blv-icials said yesterday. ' tlicvillc. O.sceoln and Wilson. Thej -- -------- ncnr'st mills belonging to Swift!.. r> 11 in • « i !>••.-> 0-onany are at Memphis and i MCCUlHMIgn KeappOHlted tittle Rock. fends Board's Acts WASHINGTON. Feb. 3 (Ul'i Jhairman J. Wurren Madden ol ! he National Labor Relations board, tefending the agency' against barges of bias and iucompctency, inserted today Hint demands for loneressiomil investigation by Senator Edward R. Burke (Dem., Neb.) ire ta.sed on "iiiLsinforiiiatlon, half ruths and trivialities." Testifying before the senate iudlclnry committee, whlcli is considering Burke's resolution for an investigation, Madden admitted hat the NUiB has made mistakes and lias "been, severely criticized" but said much of "that criticism could hove been avoided by com- iromislue the principles; of the Wagner) act." "We have chosen instead vigorously to put into effect the principles of the act," Madden said. •and we slinll continue to do so." "We have seen millions of American workmen avail themselves of freedom which they never had uefore last April. We have seen thousands of employers put their relations with (heir employes upon a basis of equal and mutually self respecting bargaining who had never done so before, We have seen lelling blows dealt at the despicable practice of corrupting American workmen by hiring them to spy upon and betray [heir fellow workmen for exercising their natural and legal rights." He denied charges made by Burke before the committee last, week. Referring first to Burke's assertion that the board and its stall was "thoroughly Incompetent," Madden cited the difficulties of administering the act during the period its constitutionality was questioned. He then pointed oul that the board has been upheld in every case decided by the supreme court and that all but one of the Injunctions against the NLRB now have been dissolved. Oonmcrl By Senate owever Appears To Call Up Farm Bill Ruf-orl In House Tuesday WASHINGTON, I'Vb. :). (Ill 1 )— louse Miijoilty Ix'tidrr .Hum Hay- urn iDi'iii., Ti-x.i said liidiiy ihe oiifcri'iN't! ivpml on llu> hirin 1)111 Vlll l«> CUlll'd up III (he lllllISC HflXt. IMosday. n said (lie omi)mmilM> hill and )i« fiwifiw.s' report wmiW hi! IH lu> bunds in ini'iiiber.s hv Saturday, •ililmslcr in Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt added White House precedents wlien she entered the President's Birthday Hor.w Show at Fort Myer, Va. The First Lady Is pictured on her mount, "Badger," as she competed In the road hack class against the h army and civilian riders in the Washington area. To Game and Fish Board Floodway Gin Employe Loses His Left Hand "LITTLE ROCK. Feb. 3. (UP> — Gov. Carl E. Bailey today announced reappoinlment of E. B. McCullough of Monticello as n C. ('. I,ot.t. 48-year-old employe' member of the slate game and fish of the Floodway Gin near Ma-1 commission. nlln. 'tiki liis left hand in a gin I McCullough's one year lerm on c-iriilenl yeslerday. The hand was, Ihe'commission expired February 1. so hndlv mangled wlien it was! cnii'shl in a machine that physi-1 C'BIIS h!>cl to amputate it abovcj Stock I he wrist. He is resting very well at the THytheville hosuilal where he was h'oucht Immediately following the accident. rife • W€(LL I'LL T€ LI YOft BY BOB BURNS NEW YORK. Feb. 3. (UP) — A wide open break in American Telephone unsettled the stock market today, sending the averages down lo new lows since Ifl35. AT&T 130 5-8 Anaconda Copper 28 3-8 Associated D O 61-2 Beth Steel 51 1-B Boeing Air 26 3-8 Chrysler 50 3-8 Cities Service 13-4 Coca Coin 112 Otcneral Electric 31 1-4 General Motors 313-4 Mrs, Henley Returns As Telephone Office Manager Ivfrs. Vena Henley, who was in charge of the telephone business office here until she applied for .1 leave of absence three years ago, Is resuming .her duties, effective today. Mrs. Henley will fill the vacancy v.'l'.ich occurred last month when Miss Mary Hires was killed In an automobile accident. Miss Hires had been In charge of the office following Mrs. Henley's dcparlure on her leave. For the past two weeks, the details of the office have been handled by Miss Louise McKay of Jonesboro. Miss McKay will return to Jonesboro. A native of Blytheville. Mrs. Henley Joined the Southwestern Bell Telephone Company 15 years ago and, until her leave, was in charge of the olBce here for 12 years. flew York Cuttnn NEW YORK, Feb. 3. (UP)—Cotton closed steady. open high low close Mar 842 846 842 845 May 851 Jul 860 Oct 871 Dec 875 Internationa) Harvester .. 56 1-2] Montgomery Ward 29 1-21 N Y Central 155-8 Packard Phillips Petroleum Radio Jan. 678 856 865 875 877 881 851 860 871 875 818 852 862 872 877 880ll Spots closed steady at 855, up 3 Corp 37 3-4 S Smelt 66 1-2 S Steel 50 1-8 Livestock 34 1-2 6 Schenley Dist 22 _ . , , n. i I Simmons 191-2 People who are not In the pic-1 g^ony yac 14 1 2 lure business jest can't understand' standard Oil N j 47 why it's so hard to get In touch . with the,stars, f honestly believe j that the picture people are the buricsl people in the world. I I knew one actor who had so many out-side demands made on his lime that he decided to Cake his telephone out. So he went into I.os Angeles nnd went Into nn of- lice and says "I want you to take out my telephone." The man back of the cage says "Well, you've made a mistake—this Is not the telephone office—till 1 ! Is the water company." The actor says "Well, then shut off my water — I'm too busy to ronw all the way In here for nolhlng." 21 New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 3. (UP) — Cotton futures closed steady today, up one to five point-;. open high low close 855 854 870 County Agents Will Answer Questions Concerning Year's Prospects Questions of much Interest lo farmers of the Chlckasawbn district of Mississippi county will be answered in a scries of meetings lo be held next iveck when the form program, (he outlook for farmers In 1938 and 1031 subsidy will be discussed. The county extension agcnls have planned the meetings at which timr; they will answer these questions: 'What will we have as n farm pro- Tain this year if congress fails to pass the new bill? will it actually make any difference whether the icw bill passes or not? What is the outlook for better prices of our main cash crops and livestock? Do we really want higher prices for our product? What docs it mean to be a member of a farm organization? What will r need lo do to get my 1937 subsidy?" These places have been an noimccd for ttic meetings, each of which is to begin nt 7:30 o'clock, at the school buildings: Monday. Pawliecn and Half Moon; Tuesday, ivfanlla and Forty and Eight; Wednesday, New Liberty and Lcnrh- villc; Thursday. Carmi and Cios- ncll; Friday, Dell and Lost Cane. Following these meetings, there will be meetings later In ihc week for Ihc signing up ot Ihe work sheets for all those who did not sign In 1937. Local comnilttcemen will meet at these places: Friday. Pawhocnstore. Buckeye Gin. Armorcl at Lee Wilson store. Poplar Corner, Wliisp at Carter's Gin, St. John's church nt Crane's store. Half Moon at non's store. Gosncll at Crawford's store. New Liberty at Lutes' Gin. ^ Blytheville at courthouse. I Saturday, Dell. Lcachville and Manila at vocational agriculture building.'!; Lost Cane school. To-' mato school. Huffman school Blytheville at courthouse. WASHINGTON, Felt, :). (Ul>)- Scimlor Hnbcrt F. Wagner M)oin., N. Y.I declared In llio senate (oclny Unit lhi> coiijlllullon prr'.senls no olistnelps lo the ponding iiiill-lyrich- *"•• VII but In fad "makes U lite Implied duty of llu> federal government to take reasonable slops" in wliie out lynohlnys. The Now York sennlor. co-nullior of the bill, which now iippoius doomed by a Illllnisler. presents, (ho iirumnpnl In defonso of lhi> .OHlsUiUon durlnt; a moiilli of tip- ij In whlcli 11 hiis been de"«-d bv Ms foes n» nil iincnn- slllullonal Invasion o[ slulc's rlKhl-s Quothw frcriuently from suprem court decisions. Wnttnnr di'iiletl Hint tlic pending bill would be un Invasion of Mute .sovereignly am said: "CJnmlltiitlonnl Direction" "Far from being an Insuperable obslaclci lo iintl-jyni'hln^ leglsla lion the coustiliillon makea It tht implied duty of Ihc federal government lo lake thp. reasonable jil provided In this measure. "II is Imrd to understand ho\ proposals so just In their term and so humane In Ihclr objective can give rise to such violent crtli cisnis as has been voiced In tht boily. The bill is not limited lo III 'protection of members of the negr rone nor In It dlrectcrl against th Eoulliern states. It socks for all Ih people In all parts of (lie nation t< make a reality of our proudrs mollo; 'Equal justice under lav.'.' '' Task of Drafting Resolutions Left To Chairmen; Two Forcibly Ejected WASHINGTON. Feb. 3. (UP) — The Illlto business men's conference Navy's Worst Air Disaster Occurs In Shiim Battle Maneuvers Musician T a k e n From Clump o( Rocks In Semi- Conscious Condition I.OWKU,. Muss., Feb. 3. (DC)— A man, trapped for nearly elfht hours on a clump of rocks In tho nlcldli- of the swltlly running Mer- I'lmni'k river, ivns rescued In n arccchcs buoy by const jiimrdsmcn lodny. Identified ns Kdwtml J. Olbllii, a musician, about 30. he was hur- rlcil lo St. Joseph's hospital here. He was only partly conscious mid bin condition wna reported jioor. Ills dark overcoat was trMcr Blllf and Ills face tind Iiniirls were almost black from exposure lo 10 degree temuerftlnrc. Not until he was liospHnll/cd wm ClIblln'B Identity learned. The roa of the rapids had prevented inn communication during the rcscui atlomplfl. His father, John J. Oil) lln, iflwoll hljjh school taiulmnstci Joined Iho youth at Hie hosplinl. L. H. Autrey President of District Farm Bureau OSCEOI.A. Ark.. Feb. 3.—L. 71. Autr.v. Kupcrlnlondeiit of Burdc-tte .... school, was elected president of (lie today approved resolutions nsklmri South Mississippi County Fnrm more liberal loans and severely I Bureau federation at. Ihc mcctlni! criticizing many Ni>w Deal mcns-1 held here Tuesday, at which E. C, tires, amid an uproar that led to j Branch, retiring president, presided, forcible ejection of I wo delegates, i Mr. Branch was elected vice prcsl- Tho meeting: (hen adjourned, sine j'lri't mid W. J. IMver jr.. secretary die, leaving to the 10 chairmen of! and treasurer, its discussion groups the task ofj Tho following were elected com- drafllny the mass of resolutions iminlty chairmen to head the mcui- inlo proper form for submission bership campaign beginning this lo President Roosevelt, probably lo- week In their respective commimi- niorrow. Tlic ejected delegates were A. S. Shaffer, Philadelphia building contractor, who also wns ejected yesterday, and Robert Kacmpfer, self- styled "forgotten man" from New York. | Guards dragged Ihe pair from tlic commerce department/ aiidlto- [ "es: .'(in Tompklus, Burdetlc; F. O. Anders, Liisora; It. II. nobln- son,- Kelscr; W. J. Driver Jr., Oscc- olii; E. S. Wllsrty, Ktowali; K. C. Bradford, lltitrhor; .1. E. Teri-y, Dycss; VV.-n, BurkiHt, Bassett; G. A. fjooncy. Whltton; Ira Crawford, Wilson. Mr. Crawford, who has just re- rliim In nn iiprnarloiis scc-nn turned from Washington, discussed accompanied summary approval of' the cotton legislation now pending in all resolutions and reports siihmU- le<l by tlic inopllng's 10 round table groups. Principal points of tlic program: 1. Legislation lo encourage and facilitate loans lo smnll business through the existing banki'.ij system. 2. Repeal or substantial modification of the capital gains and un- dlslrlbiiled profits Inxe.s. 3. Revision of Ihe security exchange act. Congress, while Wclby Young spoke briefly oil the need for (arm- cr organization among farmers. Discuss Plans to Hold Legion "Get Together" The riucstlou of having a get together "/cerl" on Feb. 22 for World War veterans from Kevoral posts In Arkansas and Missouri was discussed by the IB members present at the meeting of the American Legion Tuesday night, Till. 1 ;'orgnnlxallon is milking n sp~cial otlqr! to wind up ltd membership drive' Mils week. IliKh School Trains Driven URIIKKLKY, Calif. (UP) — The high school here hn.'i added an auto driving course to Its curriculum for Hie. purpose of (caching students "lulclllgcnt niul sauc driving." A diml control car constlliitcs the. "laboratory" material. Hot Springs Has Huge Roosevelt Birthday Cake Mar. May Jul. Oct. I Deo. Jan. EAST ST. LOUIS. III., Pel). 3. (UP)—Hogs: receipts. 1.500 Top, 8.75 Heavy weights, 8.60-8.15 Light weights, 7.00-8.25 Bulk sows, C.75-7.00 Cattle: receipts. 2,000 6teers, 6.35-7.50 Mixed yearlings, heifers, 5.75-8.75 Slaughter heifers. 6.00-7.00 Beef cows. 4.75-5.60 Cutters and low cutters, 3.50-4.50 881 885 859' 867 816 ass 887 low 854 863 870 881 885 858 m 874 834 887 Spots closed steady at 868. up 4. Chicago Wheat Mnv Jul. open 937-8 897-8 high 94 3-8 901-4 low 93 3-4 891-2 close 94 897-8 Chicago Corn May Jul. open 581-2 591-4 high 591-4 60 low 583-8 591-4 close 591-8 60 Municipal Water Service Is Discussed By Allen Mrs. Vena Henley, who has rc- (tirnerl here to become local manager of the Southwestern Bell Telephone company. Miss Louise McKay of Ihc Jonesboro exchange who has boon doing relief work here, M. H. Ladd, district manager of the telephone company and a member of the Jonesboro Rotary -"lub, and EUcliard Wets of the Briiikley club, were Ihe out of town guests present at the weekly luncheon meeting of the Rotary club today. B. N. Allen, local manager of the Blythevllle Water rompanv. talked on "\funtclp-.\l Walrr Vr- vice." HOT SPRINGS. Ark.. Feb. 2. (UP)—Hot Springs boasted what probably was one of lh« largest 1 cakes made for celebration of Pres- i ident rtooscvelt's birthday last week. It weighed 418 pounds. Tlic cake, which was cut Sat- ItS Historic Spots ""'ay at the Eastman hotel, nas I decorated with 1.000 separate pieces of sugar trimmings. It was seven feet high, nnd 15 feet In circumference at the base. Thirteen dozen eggs, a half-barrel ot flour and 35 pounds of fruits were used in making the cake. It was "built" In four licrs. Union County Marks Ft, DORADO, Ark.. Fob. 2. (UP) —Two historical spots in Union county will be dedicated here by 'ho Arkansas Centennial commls- ton here Saturday. February 5. Markers will be unveiled on spots where the second courlhoiise of Union county was built, and on the i " site where the cabin of Matthew 1 _ n r T Rainey. first settler in El Dorado. I Remove Dtie tye 10 was localed. Sight of Other Eye Sandy Ridge Baby Dies Marcus Moscr, ol Huffman, underwent an operation today at the Billy Eugene Pierce, month-old Blytheville hospital for the ve- son of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Pierce, j niovnl ol his right eye. died yesterday at the family home.' The operation climaxed a long near Sandy Ridge. Ices were held at Funeral serv-1 Illness during which time the af- Ihc residence j fectcd eye had threatened the this mp:r.i:?g with the Rev. A. M.I sight of the left eye. Bradcn officiating and burial was] The patient Is resting very we! made at Sandy IJIdgc cemetery. [ this afternoon. Tlie baby is survived by his parents, six brothers and four sisters. Cobb Funeral Home was In charge of funeral arrangements. The letters of the alphabet can be arranged In 620,448,401,733,239,360,000 different ways. Record Set In Church AUMSVILLE. Ore. (UP)—Henry Porter began his 63rd consecutive year as superintendent of the Christian Church Sunday School Porter, now 87 years old, was first elected in ISIS and has won the election every year since (hen. BAN DI ICQ 0, Ciillf., Feb. 3. (UP) - -The nnvy oniioiincril todny lliat 11 men weru killed when two of Its bluest am! fastest bombers collided In midair during a lioayy aln squall last night and sank icnr warships engaged In fleet Ham-livers 70 miles out lo sea. ' . Eight bodies had, been recovered. Of tho four men taken from the vatt'i alive, one died this morning (hoard the 0, S. S. Reserve, the wspltal ship • accompanying the led. The three survivors were ln- urcd Kcrlously. : The two missing wore given up i dead. It wns the navy's worst disaster o heavier than air craft. The plnnes, scouting for a poten- lal enemy Invndor as part ot Ilia nnnciivcrs, crashed during a squall U 8:37 p.m. (p. n. U OUR HursLi Into Flames One burst into flames nnd both plunged lo the water and. sank Immediately. I !_-,'.',• Searchlights from several nearby, batllcships and more than 20 destroyers lighted the iRtca, for miles, Small boats were lowered quickly from Iho warships, the four survivors wero picked up and rushed to the hospital ship'Reserve. All night crevys of dozens of ships searched (or more survivors or bodies of those who were lost. Nothing more wns fount! and ftt rtawii every alrplniie of the fleet "was sent out lo continue the search, Entire Fleet Joins Search AH available croft of the Pacific, fleet were masscdjn Ihe. maneuvers. They Include 98 warships nnd hundreds ot,piemen. Tho. collision occurred, nenr- the. ' drcadnaught Pennsylvania, flagship of Admiral cln'uda Bloch. new commander In chief of the- fleet; It was' a crew from Ihc Pennsylvania xnai; picked up the survivors. Admiral Bloch inferred that the accident was due lo Ihe rain and squnll. News of tlic crash was not given out at the naval base here until after midnight, Tlic planes were two-motored, craft ol the P By lypo, considered the most powerful righting alrbotvts in (he world. Ench carried K. capacity crew of seven men. Them were sleeping quarters aboard for. men not on duty and it was believed that some ot them may have died In their sleep. Dead, Injured Listed Tho dead: Lieutenant Elmer Glenn Cooper, Montlcello, Ark. Lleulcmuit Carlton B. Hulchins, Albany. N. Y. Plying Cadet Erwln John C. Koch. Toledo. Ohio. Machinist's Mate Joe B. Walton. Machinist's Mate Maurice J. 'It7inaurlcc. Machinist's Male George O. Griffin. Radioman Julian Rawls. Machinist's Mate William P. •andgreve. Radioman J. H. Hester, who diet! n Ihc hospital ship Reserve. Listed as missing and presumably dcnrl were Machinist's Mate John Ncidzweickl and Machinist's Mate Marlon W. Woodruff. Survivors, all seriously injured, were: Donald B. McKay, machinist's mate, Vernon o. Hatflcld. machinist's mate and Louis Carpenter, machinist's male. The bodies of eight had been re- :overed. Cinemactress June Lang recently told New York reporters that A. C. Blumenthal, Broadway producer, with whom ' she is shown holding hands, is only her friend. Mr. Blumenthal declined to discuss his emotions in the public prints, Love 01- not, whatever the case, Miss Lang and Mr. Blumenthal apparently •ee eye to eye on (he matter. Fifty Farmers Attend Tri-County Meeting CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo,, Feb. 3. —Fifty farmers from New Madrid, Dunklin and Pcmlscot counties attended a round table discussion oa farm outlook at the courthouse in this city last Wednesday, the discussion being led by Ralph Loomis, specialist from the College of Agriculture. Gordon B. Nance, marketing specialist, also took part on the program, as did various farmers, cotton growers and landowners of the three counties. WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy, cooler In northeast portion tonight; Friday partly cloudy. Memphis and vicinity—Partly cloudy and colder tonight: lowest temperature 42 to 46; Friday partly cloudy. The ffcajlinun! tamperature hers yesterday was 51, minimum 34, cloudy, according to Samuel P, Norrte, . official weather observer.

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