The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 22, 1932 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 22, 1932
Page 11
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PAGE TWELVE Nineteen Months Have Re- : vealed no Clue to Fate > : of Mrs; F, Harry Long. The ,pyil«rioiK dtUHKir.tnte •' ~C*k»ei 84Jm<Hi*_, Btblii, friend •f tntlint. JfMwr, fa one of •uny slnrige ' cac« 'of the . kind in' Arntrk*. This' ''is the first of • .. (cries. of nix ftorits drallnc with fuxKH caws ol pntons who «tr to be :1 BV KOpEHt TAHEY : '.'.' ' ' NE A Service Writ" (C«j)*i|;>it, 193J, NEA'StrvlcMne.l. "'Where 'Is 1 Mrs. P. Hsrry Long, 24, daughter 'of a Memphis, T«nn., bank president »nd prominent hi the city's snfartftt 'social set," who 1 - vanished nearly two years »go, leaving behind her no more trice than the flame of a candle which has suddenly been blown out? ' • Her case Is the "perfect mystery" ol Memphis. It Is as battling -today as' It was the moment when the police were first called In to Investigate. • In the 19 months that have elapsed since htr sudden disappearance, detec- tlr« have -been unable to obtain eYtri'a shred of' a clew. Members of the family have at last; reconciled themselves to the conclusion that Mrs. Long drowned 'herself Iri the Mississippi river, but Police Inspector Will T. Grlfl In confidently believes that she Is still alive and »))] be found some day. He believes that she either was kidnaped Is suffering from loss of memory or that she voluntarily sought refuge. In that mysterious haven of oblivion which beckons to digressed souls. : But the pretty young society matron hid no reason for killing herself, even 'less reason for running away. 'She was apparently happily married, wealthy,- active in Memphis' Junior League and the 'mother of a 2-month-old baby. - ....... •' • • •'tiere are tn« known facts: !; l At', 5 P. M. on Jan. 4, 1931, Wps. Long left a Sunday afternoon Brjdge party at the home of a nle'nd'' % saying she had to huny home to '.give her baby his 5:30 P,M;, P - feeding. ,.As l >h* entered her coupe and titrated \ off, her motor sputtered. Her ' ijbsteis, Mrs. W. Cole Early, who had -followed her to, the driwiray, asked her If the otr might-be out of gas. Mrs. Long replied that she put gas In the . car every 100 nilles and that the spjiedometer. then registered only 1 '> ' .She. drove away. • it " '" ' . -eparcd by running through the away? fcod chopper with Hie meat. WJion the flmoimt of merit is very smnll, sandwiches sou nuke the most loncy was still in it. Did Mrs. IXJDJ; wander ...No Irocc of lier has ever been found, Ihough her picture was published in hinulrcils of -^ "•>.- IHUM Muismciury wiy newspapers throughout the United of "sins; it. Even a slice of tacon States and every police depart- Ic " Irom breakfast, can be minced ment in the country had her dc- U ' IM ' '•"•" u - «-.T-- •- > scriptlon. And If she did drown herself or run away, \vhy?.,,.No motive M 1 :'.^';- M:, . her . huband. ?. PWy,;, *o,n«. - •.Memphis' • insii ranee Brjijer, 'Mrjvecl at the r fa»h|qn»bli: ttot i Bbae ^ South,- "Evergreen «WfV louhd: the baby 'still unfed. Ffttinif ,»i» aobldebt had happ>ried tpfttB ^UeNll^.-.Xong-'noilfled-po'- Bee^ijnd; »: «arch ,.«ii begun 'at i'At.-iJilS' P,'_M. a watchman, on the- K«rahan' bridge — which' 1 spans the;/. Mississippi - -river -'• lound Xrj.. Long's , siuto. parked on an •pproath- on the -Tennessee side, headed;'toward the Arkansas end It stood about -15 yards from the Jhiige proper,' »nd near a small flight of steps' that led down to Us*' rim Uuik. '. N««Uy • folded on the seat In • thf jpupe was Mrs. Long's coat. •Ther?. too, were her hat, her gwtes, her'clgarets and her purse containing 17.57. There were no •signs ,of a struggle. The key was in' fhe . Ignition lock, the motor • pold, . The speedometer registered 35 miles, in- u miles more than it had read when she left Mrs. •Early's home. A motorcycle po- llcenum who measured the distance developed th«t Mrs. Long must have driven directly from Mrs. Early's home to the bridge or ';»bnost so, for Mrs. Early's •home was 12 i. 2 mllM , rom th .•• . • When daylight c&me, detectives round a woman's footprints <nd of the steps . * Pa" of : Wrs. shoes- were obtained ' and *** »«*> , 'the , trades; perfectly. *ii^L?* - S\f»?*at '«>"?* about this was the route 'these' tcot- took Rrom ths Ioot , t' •- rOUBl ' tte t mud to the river's edge * * 0 prints stood even and as '^ I* 150 " ~ . i m * e }*>! hs there .and _ gazed . ^ , the "? 1 Ji 1 "* 'oo'Prfnt* turned . trailed. b»ck toward, the .carl re tht known f » ct «; «H * .conjecture,. Varing: hv in" qn * rel7 up * 8lllnst » i! of mystery. . . : * * * DM -Mrs .ling!' aeclde' ' to : go V 1 * tald «« "0 «*«P.. f «»«.- Mississippi, which tow. up - hls days without re' ransom' ever was ever wm .or 'her family' -n« -'dens : — jTT'T'3 "" BIA ^™VI'^E^\KK.)^OU]nEn XE Vanished Memphis Junior Lcagcr's Fate a Mystery 'WeSf-HARRV 1 . LONG- SHE PLAVED [3GIDG13 WITH FRIENDS '.*-. UMTIL 5RM. « -—-^f PfS. i * i ^* -x_^ IN. Large Scale Printing Cuti Price of Popular Novck NEW YORK (UP)-T/;c first | brge-sca.'e effort to bring down the! price of standard yunllty nev,- bo3ks I to the jmbllc, by printing editions j of 100.000 or more, at. one time anj j setinlin; iinintdiatc natWiiu'ld* dis-! I'ibulioii tliruijgh national maga- j inc channels, lias successfully en- i'rcd its second moiuli, anu.may ishcr In a revolution in book pub- of a struggle In her car nnd her act has ever been tills young mother for either found. Wn)^ QJQ B4,,:, ;vull£ mulIH-'r leare her 2-month-old baby — wlwm she adored — hungry and crying? is all a mystery. There developed Hie mmLs crop of rumors •, that follows every mysterious disappearance, but police Investigation exploded these one by one, until nothing has been left but bare facts of her movements that day. •The son, Harry Long. Jr., has grown to be a healthy youngster walking and talking. The boy'.s father is reconciled to the belief llmt Mrs. Lo n g never win found. He now believes that his young wife leaped from the . Into the river. Why? He offers no reason-there Is no reason, he says. The Longs' mnrrlet life had been happy. He had known bis wife long before her brilliant debut in society. Members of the family of the late Charles W. Thompson, Memphis bimlc president, fattier of Mrs. Long, likewise know of no reason, .why she should C nd her life:'"'Mr.' Thompson died several years ago. Police Inspector Will Griffin alone of the invesduators believes that the young mother Is still alive,- and that-eventually she will be found nnd restored to her family. - • .Inspector Griffin, who has solved' many baffling' mysteries in Memphis,' Is confident that lime will'prove him right—but he admits he doesn't, know why lie holds to his theory. TOMORROW: The strange dls- Ji|»»n>ncc nf Jmiire ]a-xj,h f ant Crater of New York's supreme ccmrt-thouirh «00,000 has boon spent In (he Ivo-year search for him, police have failed to penetrate his secret nr even learn his motive. KITCHEN BV SISTER MARY NEA Service Writer Left-overs, .so often the bane of the cook's thrifty soul, can be used so cleverly that the second dish Is quite as attractive us the original one. The average man likes well-made hash and grow and. this liking well may be the inspiration for appetizing dishes that are created from the accumulation in the Icebox. No matter how left-overs mcnts are' used, infinite care should be taken that all bits of fat and gristle ; are trimmed n«ry and diseard- ed._Rcheat!ng will not make these parts any mow palatable than iJVrf? after thc r ' rst cooMm.. The finding of undesirable morsels in hash or other "rechauffe" dishes soon teaches a family to regurd lefl-over s with disfavor nnd sns- plcian. Sandwiches, meat pies, tlmbalcs and croquettes provide varletv and are rather more elaborate and Impressive than the proverbial n«sh. Tlmbales are an economical dish since they offer an opportunity to use up a number of different kinds of meat to suit individual Ustes. A bit of fish may 80 into one tlmbale, a left-over l»mb chop Into a second, and a slid" of cold roast beef or veal into the third. Stndwlchcs, too, are economical, They may be hot or cold, B re easy to make and furnish unusual means for savory combinations Raw vegeaaWes such as celery, combine well with meats nnd add to the wholesomeness of the sandwich. Shredded !e«f lettuce, crass «"ly endive and parsley add zest 1 furnish mineral content .u —I »s vitamins. After washing «n thorough drying, *ny of the STARTED HOME IN HEIZ CAIJ TO FEED FR1 SEPT owns or vrt'clnblcs fan be quickly itll tuny ciullvc. wasoned with paprlkn nnd lemon Juice and us">(! as ft illllii gfor R sandwich ncmi. Four tnblosixxms chopped meat combined with (lie same nmoniit of iiiIucL'd vtgelttltos will make several stmdwlclirs Mint arc ap- . .Izlng nnd nourishing. They cuu be molslcncil wllh snlad dressing, lemon juice, tomato catsup or any highly Ffnsonetl sauce. Sandwiches of this tyiw require n'o cookinj nnd nve quickly nnd easily made. Tomorrow's Menu BREAKFAST: Cantaloupe cereal, omelet, crls ploast, milk coffee. LUNCHEON: Shredded FOOTPRINTS^ . ONLYCLEW- AK'u Tnev Tueweo BACK ReOM TI1U WATERS EDGE with cheese bulls, rye bread frc=li lilums. cup cnkcs, milk tea ' DINNRIl: Veal tiinbales ixin- toes an gralln. Rlaco ciirrots m- nmto and cucumber salail. pentlj ciirrnls. cabtane ami lomalws rolls, nillfc, colfce. Hurley Is Army Major LEAVENWOm if, Kan (Up) _ Wrick J. Hurjpy holds thc rank o! nt Port Leavcnwortli, army pest here. He is no relation to the secretary of war. TII.LAMOOK, Ore. cUP)-Lcwl; Smith, Ncbakin, Oro., - S liot an<_ killed a cougar whose licit measured 8',; feet from tip to Up, wlici trie animal invaded bis yard Tor something to eat. A BARGAIN-COME Look at these features: GOOD SPEEDWAY Supcrtwist Cord Tires As Low $4^fc*Bfl EACH AS ^^m9*r IN PAIRS 30x3« ci. R«!, llshlng methods. The man back of thc mv movSc mciil is Sydney M. Blddell. 34, publisher, who has sold In il:e past two years over 2,005,090 new $2 quality mystery novels at 50 c=n(s apiece. During the coming year he plans to sell 5.000,000 standard Si new books at 50 cent^ a copy effecting unprecedented economic' through quantity printings and at the same lime assurina'ninliors of larger royalties tnan -jn th; present limited sales through l>juk _THUKSDAY,_SEpi-Ii:,-\IBER 22, =1932 I stores at $2. j Thc new venture has been' inaugurated with a series of 12 n» w mystery novels by established 1 au- Iliors, one each month. These-will bs followed by three other scrips —general fiction, adrenlure books and historical novels' — all at 50 cents. The largest valley Is the Great Rift of Africa, whicli begins in the JJOrUi of Palestine and stretches Eouth for a distance ol 5000 miles. BLYTHEVILLE rtOSAT Qyr SUN Off &O SEPT^Wft SEPT^t> FRISCO DEPOT Expertly Mounted Free SHOUSE-LimE CHEVROLET CO. Authorized TEXACO Station Featuring Fire Chief Gas TUNE IN- «'JIC Wed., 7 ' I'. .M., Good- vear Rndio 1'rogram THIS MONTH GOODYEAR BUILT ITS 200 MILLIONTH TIRE Reduced Prices - PACIFIC WHALING CORP.; ,^ Children IQc « Adults 15c' <?? ']* Au b6n . . . through Advertising One of the largest department stores in Paris is named "Au Bon Marche." Translated, it means "at a bargain--cheap." Actually, "au bon marche" indicates _ to the French what a true bargain does to Americans -dependable merchandise at fair prices. When so many shops everywhere are full of merchandise on which the "price appeal" is prominent, it is necessary that the wise shopper insist upon products of .known value and proven merit. The clock- that will not keep time is hardly a bargain at any price. Foodstuffs and drug-store supplies must contain pure ingredients and be prepared under hy- genic conditions, lest they become not only cheap, but dangerous Wearing apparel at a mark-down is only a snare and a delusion if it lacks the quality that 1 will result in wear. Wise shoppers,'these days, are refusing 'substitutes, are weighing true worth against price appeal. J-ney are .using the advertisements in this newspaper as a shopping guide. When a merchant advertises ms wares consistently, you may be sure that he is telling the truth about them. He could not afford to do otherwise, even if he so desired; When a manufacturer ot national scope appeals to you through these pages, you can believe and act upon his words. "Au hon marche." Today advertising points the way to the only real bargains!

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