The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 24, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 24, 1947
Page 11
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MONDAY, NOVEMBER Z4. 1947 J*LYTIIEVH,LF: (AUK.) COUUIKK NEWS Classified Advertisements For Sale— City Property Kour room houo« with hath, nood location. Corner lot. reasonfthlv priced phone 4M5, ll!23-cfc-26 DONUT SHOP — On Account of health, I am offering my Dixie Cream Donut Shop Bt Pftragoulrt, Ark . (or eale. The shop )» netting 1315 & month atjove expense*, fii'e or write J C. Gramllng, 1028 W. Court Street, Lost and Found . , Fara&uuld, Ark. , IH20-iik-23 For Salt, Misc. Hot point table top flee trie range. Can be seen al Home Service & btor- *I!fe Co. Mri. James B. Clark, phone FOR SALE I««ie 30 Inch Full. J5SOO. JOB N. Filth lectrlc trnln. Plioiif 5 poo] tables antl fixtures (or sale, vaiupcl at $1550. A. L Newjnnn. laixoni. Arlc. Phoiin 24. llil9-nlc-26 ApnrlnH'iH size Raru;ctle. bottle peas, table ioi>. White enamel. S35. K Manila. So. Highway 61, oM aid sar 13nUne gas lank, TOGO Kid- Ion, used only few monllis 450 gallon tank, new. Will sell ul big discount. Tom Little Realty, phone 861. II 20-ck-27 ?75 HKWAKI) FOR INFORMATION LBA1J1NG TO RETURN OF Ifl'lG Plymouth 2 Door Sedan, Deluxe. Color black. License No. 1MA850, Arkansiis I!M7. Serial No. 2242714. Motor No. P 1569509. Call Blytheville City Police. Heater, redstriped seat rovers, no bumper guards, approximately 24,000 mileage. 11-24-ck If - . Notice One Warm Morning 2 bottom 14" break! U circulator. One K plow I 1 lion e 14X16 Tenl. 1 luggage trailer North 101 h St.. third house North of I he W singers und hens Cul! 11.22-n)E-12:i Studio piano, excellent Phone 2688. na W. Cherry. coutlLUon II lS-nk-25 For Sale OLD NEWSPAPERS COUHIUR C^EWS UKFiCE 11UU II Rebuilt. Army Shops £3. Army Used •huu paukv Hulluru's bliue <*ILup luu fl. aeconu. nn-i>t-ir* Gigantic Church Bazaar starting at 10 AM- Wed., Dec. 3 AUo: Food Token Up On* rctl nculdlo Heifer, imilry t'cluhl »l>om 351), Or»v HroUieis lion. 606. 33.,,lc.3n Wanted to Buy 'Flu- ou-ner of R \VtitililiiKlon tried II MilltiA* alien In for Hirer years lo locnlo B rare »ot at M«ntllan dull dishes. He plarfrt * Wmit Art In * BpoVnue nrwspftriT Afur ill other fHorts had foiled, Hie nd brought forth the rare Horns. Off>r« Hli S«rc«i DUNMOliE. I'a. (UP) — Albert P. I Moriell, umlcrtiitar nnrl H butt It vi'lernn himsi'lf, hns offcml to handle fire of rhiti-KC I he burlnl of Dunmorr's World War II soldier (leiul rplnriird from oversell ni'RVrs. 'It's tin' least I could ilii tor my lollow vi'ti'i-uns," sniil Monvll. Rend Cornier News Want Ada 1'AGB ELEVEN FltlCCKUCS & HIS KRIBNOS . By AIEHRJU/BLOSSBR Will II Titkev S WANTHJ) i<1 m:u-lilm tlillon. C'h'U 10 Innu iru Wanted to Buy WANTED lama FOUNDS PECANS Don't S«1I Ull you Get Our Bttl Blytheville Curb Market J30 KuM kin In St ' J0i2i-ck-ll.24 : Jllt'flU[.lful handwork, pillow >-a.srs, tnihy nloihos, aprons, etc. Hurnnimdc cakes nnd randl™ j booth with everything frc.ili from the c Jim try LOOK What the Fathers have cooked up! BINGO AT ITS BUST Fewer K*''H-s Better prlzt-s (none than SM ScilikUlonHl new blu^u cards BlnRO stftrtlnH prorniillj' HI ii .00 PM <• Al] flt tile t.e^lon Mill Sponsored by I.ndles of the Catliollc Position Wanted Auto Thieves Trapped By Rtd Light Trick DAYTON, O. <U>>> -Two ntllo- nioblle thieves arc In ]nll bcrniisp quick-willed police telephone op- nnlor tr.t|>pcd tlicin by turning, downtou'ii traffic llglit.s red. Willie Marlon Reoil WHS rcporl- K I lie Iliefl ol his car. lie Rlanced out nf the window of Ills home nnd saw his rar ]>ns.shiK. lie lokl llic 0]>r:rittor. wliu ttimctl (he truffle. llBlils rctl nnd til reeled pollcr cruisers lo the .stolen ,-uilo, which had stopped for ihc red Free Delivery Call PiCKARD'S GROCERY I'hont 20-13 10-1-1 Cblcknaawlm pcrience, prefer a Loti cea. 1 1. At, Cooley. ilox 1C. , R haul. Rrferen- Lvixora. Itt. I. Mi24-p!f-2'; Studio ronch (onens Into bed) and kitchen cfthlnet. Call 2677. il[?Q-pk-27 tefrlger*tof. '46 Wesllnghou** T model. Phon.« 3737. ft ft. Warren meal can 3 months old. save 1200 on this box. 1947 Hudson 4 ctoor sedan, a Ueau car. See these ni Jim B Ink ley etore, 6 miles West or Holland, Mo. ll:22-ck-26 Crescent Datls 410 double barrel RVIH. C»L1 2655. ll]22-pk-25 Complete furnishings lor living room, bedroom and kitchen. Phone For Sale HOUSE TRAILER Roomy, a-loot wldt. 33 Tool Inter- Mivto Caravan, lovely Interior, new tfrcs, permanent Beauty Rest Bed. sleeps lour. Electric brakes. «aa mnRc, bea\itllul Studio Coach. Ba- crlTlce price. Jteady to roll. Everett Mathls, South Highway 61, Old Sad S-ne Barbecue. 24-nk- Help Wanted Do»'t miss your big chance to m extra Chris trims money. O'Stern'a • . .. p*y from $10 to $25 weekly In commissions for « it Ira hours work. Bcpln $? ar O'STEEN'S STUDIO ' 115 West Main 6t. Telephone 3208 ' Help * Want ed, Male Private J£ooms In, constant Front bedroom, close ot uaipr, Phone 2062, Comfortable bedroom. Close to tow Men only. 310 W. Walnut. Room nnd Phone 331J5. Bedroom 1513 W. Henrn. 4324, Mrs. Eugene Auten. Armorel HOCP! [ U-22-pX-30 Phone For rent: Bedroom, 212 S. Franklin lli22-pk-25 couplo only, kitchen W. Carolyn, phone ll!l9-plc-2G Bedroom for prlvlle?*s, 2314 2623. FOR SALE or RENT Wholesale • Public Address Syslcms • Inler-Com Scis • I,oud Speakers • Microplioncs • Amplifiers To Cliiirclis-s. Schools, Cl'ite. organi?.atloiis ml bMsinossej. BLYTHEVILLE RADIO SUIMM,Y Phone 4407 112 So. First St. NOTICE David T. Cooly Builder Contractor Has Opened a Cabinet Shop With Russell Musick In Charge DIM, 43f>7 for FUEK KS'l'IMA'I'ES on Work 213 North Franklin Blytheviile, Ark. To Love By ETHEL HAMILL - Ar<ndio Hoult. Inc.; DiHr,b«leJ b) NlA SERVICE. INC S'l'OHY, »lr,lu Sixer Cnw'- Ha Mu IIO>T no loH LscirMhlp. *li nil ,»DI in her crii Joel. Sh« niiikca I* Wltfthlnjctun. pliuiH piilKii M t >l*un SALESMEN Wanted high type men to cftl] on established triule (chemlcn! malmtnnnce supplies) In MlijKoiHh. Must be free to Irftvrl. car essentlfti. Write Hox .^AS. Blylhevllle. Ark. ll!19-ck-2G Good farm truck and tractor mechanic. Well-equipped shop. Good house, rent free: Attractive proposition on percentage basis. Telephone 4141. ll-19-ck-12-3 Tteluble man with car wanted to call on farmers In a. Mississippi Counly. Wonderful opportunity. 515 to $20 In A diy. No experience or capita] required. Prrmnnenl. Write today. Mc- NESS COMPANY. Dept. A, ZreeBOrt. Vounif men 30 to 12 to assist iran- A"r In special Bales work. Must br i^xt fnd free to travel. Anoly hi ner- pon. Mr Witpy. Hotel Noble betwren s nntl 7 pm. Monday tlirouari Wed- Help Wanted, Female Wonderful opportunity for saleswoman, In ft field that Ii entirely new for women. Inleicatpfl In saloswork. Can ejrn 3&00 tiiontlily. Must ne free to IrATel, Car essential. If Interested write to Bo» SS5. Blythcville. Ark ll'19-ct-26 Lost & found LOST - - One 1939 Mercury hub-cap In the ylclnlty of Blyttievllle Sund.y. Finder please call or return to Courier News •nd tik for Rodger*. XXIII /^"AM knew exactly where there was a gap in Ihe nudge o( lilacs, a gateway to Ihose few moments ot quiet and freedom which 'she badly needed. She slipped through the narrow aperture hastily, before .someone could come oul on the terrace overlooking the town and witness lier temporary escape Too hastily, in fact. Her dress caught stuhbornlj on a pronged twig and tugged dangerously as she failed to halt. "Drat!" Cam muttered, brought up short. Directly behind her a good- n|tured voice said, "Enemy action? Hermit me!" He was red-headed and medium tall, nnd he wore a uniform adorned with sergeant's stripes. That was all Cam could tell of her unexpected rescuer, until the material over which he had bent came loose with > jerk. Then he straightened. He was no one she evvr had seen before. He was obviously a stranger in town. But his puopy- like friendliness, and m's array of campaign ribbons liberally oep- pered vilh battle stars, told her a great deal about him instantly. Enough so that it was safe to smile. "S:; Waiter Raleigh was kniglit- e<i for service like this. I'm terribly sorry that I don't happen to be- Queen Elizabeth." "I knew that." be grinned back. "You're Cam Austin." "How in the world did you—?" "Your picture," explained the stranger "The picture Joe Had of you. He loted it through the whole danged llalinn campaign, lie used to say good night 16 yon every night. That's where I met up with you." "Joe?" Bui her heart was pound- inK. She knew, already. "Sure, Joel Conroy. We were buddies an the other side. Say, I'd have known you any place. Cam! And the Conroy wasn't lying, neither. In fact, he was darn conservative—for a guy that was boots over helmet in love." IN love? Joel Conroy '. Cam had lo slilTcn her under- lip against her teeth for an instant, to keep it from trembling, before she dared do so much as shake her head in wistful denial. "I'm afraid you're wrong on this one ilem, my friend," she managed to say. at last. "Joel Isn't in love with me. And he never was, not really. There's no girl who's that important to Joel." "You hadn't oughl to contradict me. lady," the sergeant said firmly "I know." His red head cocked forward confidentially, rather like a tanjger's. "Listen, haven't I heard you lalked up so high you sounded betler'n a peace plan that would really work?" "Listen, yourself. Sergeant. I happen to know this Conroy." "Me. too With ano without mud. But, to prove my point— didn't you used lo split a canoe with the guy, afternoons, way bnck when?" "Sometimes." "And din'l the two of you sink straws in a solo .soda at some Jump called the Kandy Kitchen, in them same old days?" "Joel wns always broke, you see. The farm wasn't doing 30 well—" "And did j-ou, or did you not. used to gel yourself up in a red shortie coal like holly b«rrie> when Joe took you skating?" Cam discovered that stie was gaping at him It was a co>i- scious eftorl whicl. drew her mouth closed again. The man was a walking ei:.-s'elopedin ol facts about her. Small, ridiculous fncts he could know only if Joel aclu- filly had repealed them to him, "Since you know so much about me. I wish I trt least knew your name. II cun'l be UrileiBli." WHEN he smiled his face was full of tectli—large, strong nnd white. "Dalrymple. Bccty Dalrymple. Thej haven't let me out yet, hence the Ol zoot suit. But this week tl'.e long-awaited separation furlough, see? And I'm only one slate away at the lime. And I says lo myself. 'Becly. it's a heavcn-scnl opportunity.' So here I nm. mashing the springs in Joe's studio couch to stc^l wool. . . And I didn'l lust happen lo hump into you either, sec? 1 read in this college paper how von was among those expected al lliis shindig today Well, Joe having to work a stretch In the chem lab. I was a tree agent. So I say- to myself, I'll ankle over there and crash this promenade some way nnd buzz this Cam babe lor myself." "I love you. Beefy!" Cam sobbed suddenly. "The heck you do." Bui Beely looked pleased, just the same. "You love a mug named Joe Conroy. 1 can see it in your eyes. But Joe, he can't see your eyci. Maybe you'll have to tell the big palooka." "Y-you did say he's in the chem lab. didn't you?" "Roger Uul he'll be home lo his boarding house before dinner " Beefy Dalrymple was certainly a strange double for Cupid. As she ran back up Ihc Eta Mu lawn, n few minutes later Cam still fell groggy from the necessity for Ihinking of him in any surli way. A little blind bowboy? A winged angel ol love? 11 would nave been impossible lo have found anyone less lll'cd for the role than a lough-as-nails sergeanl in -am- paign ribbons and battle slars. Yel be hnrl played Ihc part very convincingly. Very convincingly indeed! (To Rt Continued) Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople, OUT OUR WAY By j. R. Williams THAT'S A wict: STAND OP8ROWM C(?EEP|M« K?EUT OM \touE SCAJ.P TOOA.V, FOP/— WHEN -YOU M 3RIVED YOU HAD WO -'"* '"?E FUZZ OM TOP -IUT—DOXOU USE ""ME SECRET TYPE 4 OF FERTILIZER f YOU'RE SUCH - BRteUT LITTLE SHfXMER I'LL TELL. NbO.'~ LM& GOT ALL COLORS i OF THESE PMof-w POMPADOURS AMD T VMEAR 'EM LIKE NSEOCTlE TO «0 WITH rAV SUITS.'-—WHY tXJSifT VOL> WEftR ONE OF fA DlMOTS SO VOL) \MOf\n BE V/E:G& H^T2 Hen-Hew/ TOUCHE',, , TVMIGSS/ :EP A MAM WftRMToo- \n-t{] IF HE EVER WIMS ANOTHEC TL1RK6VIM A EAFFL6 I'LL Rl IM DIDJA GIT CLOMKER VOU BETTER GO 1M-- VvOMEM AIM T 5O liOOPAT DUCKIW. BOKM TMIfeTV VP&C5 TOO SOOM I Tl-IINK I'LL DINNER. NEW IM . SHAOYSIDS/ 'Your grandfather and I lived m n bum for it wliilo allor we VVDIO marrioil—but I guess you wouldn't have much room in n garugo! 1 ' IMHSCll.l.A'S I'OP liy AL VEKMEKR / A-now you do,;'; ///,-e to hear }~^~:~. this;, dear; but sometimes f ' suspect you favor \'tiy, just toddy I ivjf telling fellow on the train about them. I said ive have /ovjti.'c. sweet-natured, ijr/ing l pretty, little girl... think i without thinking of — i possibly 5i?i MICH A HI, O'MAl.I.UY nnd HAM'U I,ANK trainmen examined the wreck of Uicrelia's figure slipped aboard the train. (Jiowl pnoricd me and I went out to viaw what was leflof lucretia Wadtiam. irt A WOMAH// MJ5T 11L SNITCH THE TICKET STUB OF ONE Of THE PAS- StNG[R5 fl»JD GET A FREE RIDE BACK TO THE CITY. BACK ON THE 1KH\H, _ EVERYBODY WASH TllftBS Bv I,I-:SS1,IK TUUNKK WILL VOU X WELL, VOU SEE ,_ MWDLS EXPINM \ HMD ir-AII...OCCURRED TO i*E THklX IDU'RE FEW 5«MP1E6 OF-EK-OUR. LMEST r HE6E / MODEL* MIGKI BE DISTRIBUTED! TH\T 15 THE U6T STR^W! WtAlB Pill UP WITH IHE SHEWWJIflMOS OF 1U05E HOW VOU HORN I!.- HERE, LET WE HWE 'EM! He's a SiiR|iccl liy FHKI) II ARM AN SfteR RZD RfDER f-V\D£ Iris DISCO VEKYtf DUS-fEK •SToKff'S Soor-- ft HAVE fOVOERFilL TROD DIE PROYlrO' It' EVERYBODY KNOWS YOUR DAU A -SHOT AT Me .'• COVERED W HH BLACK PAIMT 50 HE WOULD IOOK . IIKE DU<fEi& HORSE / E6O.>)Y, MsltAD Of ,/ liy V. T. II AM UN- 'X CM. HO.' I'VE BEEN .'JST DING TO "WON DxESS...ASD NOWS MY CHANCE.' L'SEO TO &, CL g™*' liOO'l'S ANO IlKR liUDDIKS Uy HIKJAR MARTIN AO1O&.MY OV4\tW3RMtolo.S<.:\tW:.'. ?Wt'. W MR. &\6 [%liX V suoovo ASW.VM cK>ta ooow \v K\ We. aoGGV VrXOORV lAYJNIrWifc f ut (\j\\\r~ , —=»pj u\\\ \ r nuP OVD WOOO^W SXRttK

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