The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 1, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 1, 1937
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JJE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXXIII—NO. 272 Blythevllle Courier Blythevllle Herald Blythevllle Dally News Mississippi Valley Leader B''YTHKVlrti,K,_AKKAN$AS. MONDAY, FKimUAHY 1, I!W SINGLE COPIES FIVE 'CENTS ''•' NO DISASTER MENACES VALLEY--MARKHAM Fighi to Hold Bcss'c Lcvoc Fails "0 vt M KochtilzkyLevels Holding Back Water From Slale Line Breaks A general Imurovcmfnt In Mississippi county flood conditions was i reported on all fronts today except In the relatively : small areas directly In- the':, j.-af jj: of water Item levee breaks:'ot the stale: line; and near the '[lower end ,6f i the west levee 67 the "Little River Hood way. l' The slage nt Big' Lake was down half a' foot from lost weeks record crest. i The MisslsslDpi rive,r wis rlsmj but so slowlj tliat it appeared ; certain the "crest would be far fcelow , I lie'.top of the levcc It seemed definitely -stabhshed j that the area affected b> the I stale line levee breaks will be confined to the countrj east of Big Lake, between Highway 18 and the slate llnr- and to Hie region between the, KochtiUkj levee and the floodwa>, from Highway 18 to the PoiiLsett counts line. National Ditch Falliii- Elsewhere, It appeared flood con tlillons will continue only In the areas along the Mississippi unprotected by levee, and in; the southern part, of the Buffalo creek country, west of the jLiltle River floodway. Surface water., which a. week ago covered much of the central part of the counly, has •-• largely receded. ; Barring a break in the east levee of the Big lake-Uttle River floodway, danger of which is growing less as the Sake sta»e declines, there is little chance of •-flood. , waters In anj appreciable •.''; volume 'entering the area least of ^ the •KffehWzky ditch levee • Harvey ,'McCall made n triplet, foot yesterday from the Kochtitzky levee to Pride, McFerrin Victoria and Hightower in a report to E. A. Rice, in charge of flood rescue ': operations in the Lattle River basin, he said that.he found all of this region fairly dry and most of -.the Inhabitants still in tlieir homes. Water ui the Na tlonal ditch, the ne\t big ditch east of the Kochlltzky is three feet below flood stage and fall ing, he said and expressed the opinion that ditches in the area would carry off any water from the. state line levee breaks which may find its wiy east of the Kochtitzky levee. Kochfilzky WilJ Hold .No serious flood situation can develop in this region so loiw a the Kochtitzky levee.holds! McCall said. He reported that the Lee Wilson" Co., has men at work on the levee re enforcing weak spots nnd bringing it up"to grade, and lhat it appeared able to •withstand a rise of 18 inches between the levee and the. Rood-' wny. The water there is still rising but if the lake and floodway levees hold there is little chance of It going high enough t» put the Kochtitzky levee -in fcrioiif danger. At the Highway 18 bridge the stage of Big Lake this momliis was 250.9, down .3 of a foot over the week-end and half n foot T>elovv the crest. The gradual decline of the water Is regarded as favorable and fear of a new levee break is diminishing daily. ' At Roseland ditch bridge, the • bottle neck through which most of the water from the state line levee breaks crosses Highway 18 a slow rise is continuing. . Tli< water may go as .rnucn as a root : hlghei-, hi the opinion ofi -Sir Nice, but lhat probably would hot mean a rise of that much further south, where the water has a . chance to spread 6ul. Residents are still being removed from the flooded Lost Cane and Etowoh areas. None or those remaining in that region are believed !n (iavigtr. Local Attorneys Favor Bar Integration Bill A majority of the members of (lie Blythevllle tor a-ssoclatton have signed it'petition, directed to the Arkansas legislature, urging pass- ate of the Integrated bar measure now btfore the legislature. The bill would provide a form of control over conduct of lawyers tit the .state through n council which would possess disciplinary powers, restricted by the terms of the men- sure and llui slnlc supreme court. OF .asl Rites for Brother o Late Senator 'Held at P.iggbtt Toclay. night nt-his home here at the ng ot n. He had been 111 for several '.iionths, ; Services were held • at the home yesterday by the, Rev. M. F. Galh- ilght, pastor of.the Manila Baptist .hurch, of which'Mr. Caraway was i member, nnd the Rev. J. M. Hairison, pastor of the Methodist large oil ; and gasoline ' business here for a-time. He was" the in- WILL nil OF LFJ[[ license plates, stamped .'In; .the. outline of the'map of the state Issuing theiii, which -are now -used In t tales. : ' .'-.': ; '::, -- '(•• many was -married.' .in -"' Starve at Carutheisville Up Only .3 of a Fool in 2'1 • Hours I . . ' The rise In lhr> rlvei singe nt I Hnrflcld, cast of . here, continued, over (lie week-end about • as dx- pecled, In, the-24 hours ending this morning the water nd- vnhccd .7 of n :foOt. u slight Increase over the .5. of a foot rise I recorded tn, the previous J4 dangerous conditions have developed and on Iho basis of re- from up river U appeared Ihnt no great additional rise Is to be expected here There K now six nnd ft holt lo eight feel or more of free board on the levee east of here.. At Caruthorsvillc rthe last 24 hours wn.s foot. For Ihe .48 hours since Saturday morning the rise at crirnlhtrsvlltc was C5 of foot. 'Move Men North An nlarm vvns spread last night ' nn allegedly dangerous sltua- the Missouri : levee- near Point. Investigation cvealed, how'evci, that the nrmy ihgmeers were so well satisfied fllh conditions there that they ind. removed man> men fiom lhat eclion .of levee to a point nem 'nlnt • Pleasant, east of Portnge- :llle, where the failure of the Bessie levee on the Tennessee ,lde 'may send cross currents against the Missouri levee Harry. Brown advised the local emergency, flood committee this morning that he was perfecting in .organization of Missouri farmers to supply any need for- labor thtit may develop on the feyee .himedlalcly north of, the 1 Arkan- Enurgency Restrictions Lifted on Highway 61 Emergency traffic restrictions which have been in effect on Highway CI, from lhs> Missouri Male; line norlh of BlythevlUc to . Memphis, . Tenn., , liave been Ilficd; and the highway is now open lo all'normal'trnlllc, E. 11. Stout, nvilslanl supenlsoi In chnino • of the. Blylhevlllc ofllce of ...the slnte revenue .department, announced this afternoon. Mr. stout also announced lhat Highway 70, from Memphis to Little itock, Is now open for nil normal (raffle during daylight, hours, except for u.continued, restriction of the load limit to three Ions net Ollici icitrlctlons which have been In ellcct on tiafllq over Highway 70 foi sevcinl days aio still l'i elfect fiom suudavui to sun-up, it was stated IVavel on 'Highway- IB enst of Bljthevllle Is sllll being icstricled to keep the road In condition for cmeigency tinfTh; BELIEVES LEVEES BESSIE, Tenn.^Hiiridreds;-of;/goyepriutnt"Corkers struggliijg to save I Bessie found fheirVrAaiiy.-ho'urs ofUabor gone',for haught's'Imday'when through submergirfe-th.ejhanile^bflBessie-andaiireateriing to-subject the main Mississippi 1 r"lve7 west "bank .'•'•'''(•• ':''• le Yf e 'i".Missouri to the full force of-'the great'stream. ' ' ' the Mississippi. river levee at (he rampaging stream crashed Pipott.'T;welve:childjeiuwere born tovthem, 1 ; of whom-'eight'" survive. They are: r Fay '.Caraway, "Mrs.' Evk Teague; -' postmistress' ''at"/Manila; Mrs. Pearl Young,;' Horriersvilie Mo.; Mrs. Mary Crowe, now Hv- hig in North Carolina; Adrian and ^ewis Carnwny, Washington, D C.; and Busier and Alan Carawav, Vjfntiiln : n ..i..- ,.. .- ."' 3teele Residents' Treatetl Here for .Injuries' Received at;H^yti ; STEELED Mo.^pSix ' S teele res'l- lent were, injured! -none appar^ -intly critically, eurly Sunday night .vhen tlieir automobile crashed in- '0. a freight; train Haytl. The train was"n"ot moving but '.he driver of the car said-he was 'ilinded by. tlie lights of other -ars and did" riot see the train in 'line to avoid the accident, which weurred at. ing. Highway 84 cfoss- They were rushed to the Bly- 'h'eville hospital here but only 'hree were still confined .today. The. most •wared to seriously injured ap- be 9-year-old "Ma'xine Williams, _who sustained, a compound fracture of '. the 'left? -leg hear '.he knee. ' • " ' Others Injured .were: . Mr. and Mrs. Lule Williams, Maxlne's parents, Mrs. J. L. German and Mr. ind Airs. John German. - '. Mrs. Williams has a severe scalp laceration while her husband was bruised Mrs, well known Steelc undertaker, Sustained a severely bruised shoulder and other injuries. An X-ray ex- iminatlon revealed that tlie shoul- ler was hot broken as had first :qnvillej and Reelfoot Etulangered by Failure of Sandbag Levee at Bessie Manila. He is also ten grandchildren. MEMPHIS, Feb. 1. (UP)—A call for help'came. out of the "danger sector" iii the 1.200-mile Mississippi levee .system today .as water began to hammer high against the wall that, guards lives-and property at refugees in event the levee cracks and the water comes swirling down on the town. Southward from the Cairo-Tip- tonvllle sector the army was hold. . . ing the levees successfully. Tipttmville, Tenn. Favorable Weather Outlook Army engineers asked that men i WASHINGTON, Feb." 1 (UP) — from all CCC camps in western Tennessee be sent Immcdlatclv to 'lie levee that protects Reelfoot Lake and Tiptonville—where 2.000 refu- •gees are'centered. A minor sandbag dike went out Sunday at Bessie. ' Cairo, 111.; which believed earlier that it vyos safe behind a 63-foot wall,, began 'to build a one-fool splash board on top of the north? ern half of that structure. "It is simply a precautionary measure lo prevent, splashing over the bulkheadlng in. case of wind and waves,-' .said Capt. George R. Clennens. army'engineer. '' flight Cut 'New Channel . i Tlie water th'at was slreamin? through Be.ssie's broken sandbag wall—which once connected two levees—was finding'.its way safely roSrably "'"' T ** k !nt * «»'folwtalppl channel, j i!' olmaiV wife o " Col \,' E " 5en6 i Re >' B ° 1 ?. chief- engi- New York Cotton NfiW YORK, Feb. L (UP)—Cotton closed steady. open high low close Mar. 1287 1288 1278 1279 May 1269. 1271 1260 1201 J»ly 1253 1254 1243 1243 Oct. 1195 1198 1186 1P». D*«. 1189 1194 IJ82 1185 Jan ...... 1189 1190 1185 1182 Spots closed quiet at 1329, oft 4. Spot Avcnjx Is 13.0« _!"«; average price of 7-8 inch middling cotton on tlie ten deibj- nal«d spot markets today was 13 06 »«° the Blythevllle Board of Trade. 'wen thought. Her son, John was - driving : the neck German, who car, sustained injuries while 'his wife daughter ot. the Williams', was bruised and slightly cut. : -.. ; Mrs. J. L. -German, Mrs. Williams and Maxlne Williams were still at the hospital today. Livestock EAST ST .LOUIS, III.,''JVb. (UP).—Hogs: receipts 11,000 Top 10.35 170-230 Ibs 10.15-10.25 Light weights 6.50-lp.OO • Bulk sows 9.25-8.50 '.' -. •' Caltle: 'receipts' 4;50Q . '" , Slaughter st«ers 6.00-12.75 ' Mixed heifers and yearlings . 6.25-8.00 .!. •" •:: : •- • Slaughter heifers '5.25-10.75 ported. Besides the threat to Tiptonville a'nd Reelfoot Lake, there was some concern • lest the break at Bessie result in the cutting of a new channel which might throw tlie current of-: the river against the'levee on the Missouri side below New Madrid. There is as yet no indication survived bv IS UPHELD The. weather bureau reported to- dtiy "the most favorable outlook' in two weeks for the flooded Mississippi and Ohio valleys. "Generally fair weather for the ic.xt 36 to 48 hours, over the entire Mississippi and Ohio drainage basins is in prospect," J. Mo.xom, chief of the flood warning division, said. Rain, which fell in the area over the week end was light and will not affect the slage of the rivers, Moxom said. Tlie outlook for -the next two flays is very favorable," Moxom said. "Slightly colder weather may be experienced in the valleys by late tomorrow." The Ohio river continued to rise slowly at Cairo, 111. The river's slage was 59.5 feet, a rise of .3 of a foot in 24 hours at the confluence wllh ihe Mississippi. Moxom said the crest about Wednesday would be between 60 and 61 feet. • " • • At Evansville, Ind., the river apparently has reached Its crest and Li "showing a falling tendency," Moxom said. Tlie Mississippi river at Memphis was at 47.8 feet, a new all- Suoreme Court Refuses (o Entertain Tobacco Company's Suit WASHINGTON, Peb. 1. (up)_ The supreme court today refused lo.entertain an attack on the val idlty of the provisions of the 1931 revenue act governing the recov ery of outlawed AAA processln taxes in a suit brought by the Bar lowe-Moore Tobacco Co. of Louis vllle, Ky. The suit involved only $5,119. Tlie j tobacco suit was similar lo one which the court refused recently to review and which Involved floor stock taxes challenged by the Continental Mills of Philadelphia. In the floor stock tax case the suit had been Instituted in the court of claims and dismissed there. The tobacco suit was brought In the federal district court, which upheld the provisions of the revenue, law under attack. Iiivtecn'-Folmer Bolshev- is ( t Leadcis Face Firing Squad sas:jlne. 'T. Markhtim, chief of administrator, and other members of President Roosevelt s flood relief committee are scheduled to pass-through Blythevllle tomorrow, en route ' by automobile from Memphis' to New Madrid Whether they will f stop for a survey of conditions In this county is not known. FHehf Slowing Up A siipply depot for the army en- llneers; operating on,the 27 miles ?f le'vce ' from the Missouri line to. Luxora was established todav Iii the Swearengcr building Walnut .street. .The exodus of flood-frightened residents of the aren near the Mississippi . river levee Is slowing up. J.- Mell Brooks, secretary of tlie emergency flood ; committee said , this , afternoon that he believed the . sale of livestock and poultry at panic prices had been almost completely stopped by the ;losing of roads lo the tnicks 01 buyers who Isst week sought lo take advantage of the friglv which seined some farmers. CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.—.The Mississippi river will reach it& crest here at a stage no higher feet, six feet below :tlie Caruthersville's concrete lime record, 1,2 over the 1913 of enough water going through the stage. It rose .6 of a foot in .tlie Bessie break to bring about any I past 24 hours. Moxom predicted a such result. . . . '. Is'lnge of approximately 50 feel Tiptonville Situation-Critical The situation on the Tiptonville levee appeared to be.critical. Wind was driving the water over the ton of the levee and workmen carried 100-pound sandbags to-the top in an-attempt to raise the height of the protecting..wall.. "The waves 'are throwing off sandbags as fSst as the men pile them on the tevee," said Paul Fair- lelgh of the Memphis Press-solml- Wr. "Tiie -levee can't hold unless the wind abates." .; Huge steel, barges, each capable of carrying 1,000 pel-sons, stood by at Tiptonville to carry 'away the Inter this week. At Helena. Ark., the river was within J of a fool of the 1927 flood crest. . than 4G lop of seawall, it was predicted here to day. The river was at 45.1 this mom Ing, up .3 of a foot In 24 hour: and only .65 of a foot above. Sat urday morning's stage. MOSCOW. Febi (UP)—Thlr- President's Flood Commis-l sion Will Confer With M Bailey at Forrest Cily , . MEMPHIS Feb 1 (UP)—Menl- bm of President Roosevelt's lood commission after a quick urvey of conditions here, salri oday they were optimistic that oss of life and propcity could ic held to n minimum. WPA Administrator Harry I> lorkins .then prepared to leave with othoi members of ••the com- nlsslon foi a suivey of coiuii lions at' I tor rest City, Aik The commission will confer wllh dov Carl E Bnlley at Foi rest City rfopklns said he was making daily' :elephone reports lo Piesldeilt Roosevelt. Government I,eve« Hold Mnj Gcu Edward Markliam" chief of army engineers, told newspapermen ( that he believed the water would go through to he gulf without any further mass evacuation of lowland residents ( | being neccssaiy ' sec no occasion foi disaster tn the Mississippi unless Jupllei Pluvhis bilngs moie water,' he added. esn formei Bolshevist leaders, onvlcted of tunson bj the mill arj collegium of the supreme ourl, \vcic bj a firing squad otlny, II was unnoiinced olflc- ally ; Tho other four defendants In he trial were sent to prison They aic- Karl Rnilclv, outstanding Soviet journalist, George Sokolnl- iov former ambassador to Great Br|tnln, Valentin Arnold, former nine manager, nil sentenced to ,en years Imprisonment, and Mll'- lall Slroilov.^ mining, enghiecr, win was sentenced, 1 ' to > eight ve'ars •, of the;c»¥ry\n oilC of< details ' Oil Mill |uJ!d5 Levee ;, .t? Prt^ict Seed Stock If old Man River ever gels to BlythDvllle J,ie t 'wlll nud another levee lo check'him The Blytheville Cot(on pit Mill is building a six- foot levee around a 'six-acre plo where'cotton seed, valued'al $500- Markham pointed out that so far the water has not aflectcd any government-built levees Hopkins was asked how much' he thought would have to bo . spent to clean up tho situation "We Avlll spend whatever 5 is necessary," he replied "All I can say now Is that It will be n substantial sum." Flans Health Clean-Up Burgeon General Charles Parran , reported that Health conditions appeared to be generally good throughout the Mls&tssippl. valley but said that part of his organ- fzalion's task was to "clean up" after the flood abates lhat inoy *' take six months, he said 1t , ' James reiser, vice-chairman of the Red Cross, made a check on relief work done by his organization and snid it was one of the best set-ups he I ind evel seen. After llielr trip to ArkansaT" the members of the commission- will return to Memphis tonight Tomoriow they/probably v<ill go to New ' Madrldj Mo',-by autotno-, bite and Hike a boat fiom there" to Cairo, 111, arrlvl 12 feet' at the basfe and six feet Wide at the top The d lrt used Is being taken from a pail of the 12 acres on which the plant Is located •It Isn't, that we, who are here, think the water will evci do any damage In Blythevllle, but our bankers walit' insurance on 'that seed and so we are giving It to them," snld E. B. Lym'an, manager of. the. mill New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Feb; 1. (UP) — Cotton closed steady in They expect to shington next week Bailey to. Forrest . Cllv LITTLE ROCK, Peb 1 (UP) — Qov Carl E. Bailey left here shortly before noon today for iv>r- rcst City where he l confer with Mnr: May July Oct Dec., Jan. open high 1282 mi 1265 1267 1248 1249 1192 1196 1195 1197 1192 low close 1274' 1254 '1258 1240 1240 1184 1184 1185 1188 WPA Administrator Hairy L Hop-- klns and other members of Preii-'' dent Roosevelt's flood relief com-J mission j5 The £overrwr, accompanied by otTidals of the state flood relief* committee will probably discuss immediate relief problems and rehabilitation In flooded sectors. At the time of the governor's departure ,110 definite hour had .been' set for the discussions Child Bride's Mountaineer Husband Resents Intrusion Urges Flood Appropriation: WASHING!ON. Feb. 1 (UP)—, Senator Carter Glass (Dem, Va i. today urged speedy action on the $934.000,000 deficiency relief bill lo ,• provide funds for flood relief after advising liie senate that existing work relief,, appropriations exhausted by mid-week. C* 7 StOCK NEW YORK. Peb. 1. (UP)—Trad- Ing increased and prices moved Irregularly on the stock exchange today. A T and T ..' American Waterworks Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Steel 184 26 54 3-4 82 3-4 Chicago Wheat open high low close I !Hayl28 1-2 128 7-8 127 1-81 127 I.-! Jill 112 112 1-4. Ill 111 Chicago Corn open high low close MJiylOS 5-8 106 3-4 105 1-8 105 1-8 Jul 101 1-4 10) 3-8 100 100 Chrysler m 1-2 Cities Service 41-2 Coda Cola General American Tank General Electric 63 3-1 General Motors 66 3-4 International Harvester 105 5-8 McKcsson-Robblns 135-8 Montgomery Ward 58 1-4 New York Central 41 7-8 Packard 11 1-8 Phillips Petroleum 54 7-8 Radio Corp 11 5-8 St. Louis-San FYanclsco 3 3-8 Simmons Bed 54 ! SNEEDVILLE, Tenn, Feb.,, 1 !(UP) —Raw-boned 22-year-old ! Charley Johns — bewildered , and angry because of the widespread Interest attracted by his marriage to" 9-year-6]d golden-haired Eunice WInstead—today barred .reporters from his father-in-law's three-room cabin where ho was •honeymooning." Standing in front of the crude mountain dwelling In north Tennessee's Clinch mountains, tho husky 'six-foot, mountaineer bellger- ently told gmphers: Standard of N J 70 5-8 Studebaker 16 1-8 Texas Corp 65 3-8 U S Smelting 86 1-4 O S Steel ...'. 95 5r8 Warner Bros 15 5- reporters and photo- "There ain't goin' be no more pictures and stories about this. It ain't agoln' to keep up." The slight, blue-eyed girl bride, who looked even younger than her nine years, cuddled a doll which Johns gave her for Christmas and wept while her husband ordered, away strangers. Johns and the girl's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Winstead, considered the marriage their own affair and were amazed that anyone would Intrude. They openly were... alarmed by reports that clergymen and social -workers Zonlle 8 1-2 planned .' to/'attempt annulment Wade Victor in Suit Over Furniture Truck and to place Eunice, under.'a guardian. Tlie dlstrlcty-sollcltor.-. general, J. W; Wolfenbargcr, 'studied law books to • determine n legal' means oi-annuling the marriage.'He was In' Newport where court was In session. Those attempting to force annulment, however, apparently were blocked.. ' W. H. Eagle, 'assistant Tennessee attorney 'general, in Nashville, said there Is no minimum age specified hi 'the code. :Eunlcc's age was given as 18 on the marriage license but' Her- parents admitted she Is only nine. Clergymen and social workers in Knoxvllle, 35 miles southwest .of here,. immediately protested when news of the marriage finally leaked out of this sparsely settled CaU houn county community, which coasts but a single telephone. Johns and the Wlnsteads demanded "furrlners" to : keep away. "This thing's gotta'? stop,'! trie girl's lean, large-boned/father emphatically told reporters. "Tlie girl will lose her mind if strangers don't stop comln' to see her," The state supreme court, In n decision handed down at Little Rock todaj, upheld a verdict rendered In circuit court here, holding th'at' a ' truck was Included as part of the second hand furniture store biistriess sold by R. J. Dod- sori to'R. L. wade. Dodson had claimed that title to the 'truck did not pass with the 'business to Wade. P. C. Douglas was. attorney for ! and Harrison. Smith and WEATHER Arkansas —.Partly cloudy and colder, severe freeze tonight. Tuesday fair, slowly rising temperatures in west and central portions. Memphis and vicinity—Rain and coldei tonight Tuesday generally fair with rising temperatures. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 52, minimum 34, cloudy, according .-to Samuel P. Norrisy .' oiTlclal vveather observer. Rainfall for» Saturday totaled • .46 of 1 an! inch. night

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